Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793 - 1999, Subject Numeric Correspondence Files, 6/14/1914 - 6/1926

The correspondence, divided into 36 broad subject areas and 92 sub-categories, contains exchanges between the Superintendent and the Commissioner and other officials of the Office of Indian Affairs, other Federal agencies and employees, officials of the State of North Carolina and the counties containing and surrounding the Cherokee Indian Agency, private individuals and business firms, officers of social, civic and philanthropic institutions and associations, and individual Cherokee Indians. Typical subjects covered are the accounting and distribution of monies to the Cherokees; the operation, staffing and improvement of the Schools; hiring, terminating and transferring of teachers and staff; enrollment of individuals as Cherokee Indians; trespass of Indian Land and cutting of timber thereon; arranging for Cherokee students to be admitted to other Indian schools such as Carlisle; military service and conscription of Cherokees during World War I; concern over the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic; the economic, physical and moral well-being of the Cherokees; and the settling of disputes between individual Cherokees by the Superintendent.

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