Contribute Your Collections

DLG's mission includes supporting Georgia cultural heritage institutions with all aspects of the digitization cycle from selection to delivery. In addition, we host four portals (Georgia, Civil Rights, Civil War, and historic newspapers) and funnel metadata to the Digital Public Library of America.

If you have existing digital projects and metadata to share, let us know using our DLG Collection Harvesting Request form. We are happy to ingest metadata that meets our minimum metadata guidelines and can accept records via harvesting or spreadsheet submission. We are harvested by DPLA quarterly (March, June, September, and December).

Don’t have online collections yet? Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll need to consider before starting. We’re happy to help you get your project started.

  1. PLAN - Think your library wants to digitize materials? Get an overview of the process before starting any project. Check out the DLG's digitization resources. Need help securing funds? Investigate DLG's Subgranting program or consider partnering with us on a grant application. If your institution is a public library, consider working with GPLS Archival Services and Digital Initiatives.
  2. SELECT - Do you have historical materials that you'd like included in DLG? Check out our collection development policy and nominate a collection today. You may also need to get permission from copyright holders to display online. Our Securing Permissions to Digitize and Display Collections Online document includes form templates.
  3. CONVERT - DLG can help you with deciding how to digitize your materials -- partner with us, convert yourself, or work with a vendor. You'll want both master files and access files created. Check out our digitization resources to see our recommendations.
  4. DESCRIBE - Make your materials discoverable by creating metadata that conforms to DLG's metadata guidelines. Don't having the staffing or expertise? We can help.
  5. HOST - Upload your access files to the Web. Need help with deciding what platform to use or need help hosting? Contact us to discuss hosting and display options with you.
  6. PRESERVE - Make sure your project lasts over time by creating master files and storing them redundantly. Need assistance with archival storage? DLG can help. We provide limited free web and archival storage. See our Service Cost Recovery list for details.
  7. SHARE - Promote your project by sharing metadata with DLG and the DPLA. If you've got collections already online, let us know by using our notification form. DPLA harvests quarterly.