Petition of Augustus Christian George Elholm, 1792 Dec. 6, Augusta, [Georgia]

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Decbr [December] the 6st '92
To The honble [honorable]
The Speaker and Members of the Representitives [Representatives]
The Petition of Augustus Christian George Elholm respectfully Sheweth.

That the People of Nala Chucky Watagau, Holston, and Fransh-Broad, anxious to Assist their Suffering Brethern [Brethren], (by the Invasion of the Creek Indiens [Indians] ) in
1787 Sent your Petitioner as Agent. (to negotiate with ful [full] Power;) to offer their Service was entered into between the Legislature and your Petitioner that the said People who would act as Volunteers in Consort [Concert] with Georgia, against said Indiens [Indians], in such a Manner as the Commanding Officer of said Volunteers Should think best for the safety of Georgia, and themselves, and that they should be recompenced [recompensed] with Land Laying in the big Bent of the Tenasee; in the same

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Proportion, as the then Raised Soldiary [Soldiery] in Georgia by Virtue of an Act of surpressing [supressing] the Violence of the Creek Indiens, with an Addition of Fifty pr. Ct. [per Cent] for Sending themselves.
That the Creeks in a Secret Alliance with the Cherokees, in order to discover the defencive [defensive] place of opperation [operation], Sometime after this: -- fell jointly with the Latter, on those Friendly Citizens, who in Consequence thereof; for their Own safety and that of Georgia; destroyed Several Chiefs, and many Towns of those Hostile Allies: Besides a considerable number of Common Wariours [Warriors], and that they conteenued [continued] a defensive opperation [operation] until they received Orders from the Genl. [General] Government to desist: -- That they faught [fought] the Creeks at sundry Battles on the Tenasee, and Fransh-Broad, and that a Body of 300 of the said Enemies burned a Station on the Fransh Broad.
Your Petitioner hope that Georgia will reward those Friends, and himself in such a Manner as the Wisdom of this Houses, when searched the Records shall deem just.

Prosperity to the State!
[Signed] Augustus Christian Geo: [George] Elholm
The endeavour [endeavor] of Your Petioner [Petitioner] not to detain the attention of this Assembly from more importent [important] Matter has occasioned the Petition, too brief to Convey all necessary information which

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He shall be ready to give whenever he may be indulged the honor to wait on a Committee Yet he can not omit Mentioning, that it was a Secret commission from this Government in
86, that obtained him the acquintance [acquaintance] with those brave Citizens, that the Confidence of those industrious Patriots Confered [Conferred] on him as a Stranger among [added text: them ] Claims the more his utmost exertion to acquire them that justice which their Conduct entitles them to, and that the greatest satisfaction the magnanimity of this house can afford him, is to grant on investigation of the Stated Claim.
Prosperity to the State.

[illegible text] not presented

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To the honble [honorable] The Speaker and Members of the Representitives [Repesentatives] Augusta Georgia