[Letter] 1814 Aug. 5, Flint River, [Georgia to] Mr. Mumford / Tim[oth]y Barnard

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
[Letter] 1814 Aug. 5, Flint River, [Georgia to] Mr. Mumford / Tim[oth]y Barnard
Barnard, Timothy, 1745-1820
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Creek Indians--Claims against
Great Britain--Foreign relations--United States
United States--Foreign relations--Great Britain
African Americans--Relations with Indians
Creek War, 1813-1814
Creek War, 1813-1814--Participation, British
Creek War, 1813-1814--Participation, African American
United States, Georgia, 32.75042, -83.50018
This is a letter dated August 5, 1814 from Timothy Barnard, an Indian trader and sometimes assistant agent to the Creek Indians, to a man identified only as Mr. Mumford. Barnard warns Mumford that he has heard news of trouble on the Ocmulgee River. Chiefs from Aumauculle (?) sent word to white settlers in the area to expect trouble, but promised that neither their people nor the Hitchetaws (Hitchiti Indians?) were responsible for the trouble. Barnard also reports that a Chehaw man crossed paths with four men headed towards Hartford who admitted that some of their business there included stealing horses. Barnard goes on to warn that the British have joined forces with some Indian groups, as well as several hundred black soldiers, and are building forts in the area and near the junction of the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers.
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Flint river
5th Augt [August] 1814
Mr. Mumford
I write you this in consequence of Some allarming [alarming] news got late last Evening from two of the [unclear text: Aumauculle ] Cheifs [Chiefs], they Say Mr Kenerd Sent them on to bring me the information and also to request of me to write down Express to the Citizens of Hartford to put them on there gaurd [their guard] and also that if any mischeif [mischief] is done on ockmulgee that their friends the white people in that Quarter may not Suspect the [unclear text: Aumuculle ] people or hitchetaus for [illegible text] its the report the Chiefs being [illegible text] as follows four men from the hostile partey [party] that has Joined the Brittish was Seen by a Chehaw man crossing flint river at the old feild were [field where] the old Chehaw town

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was formerly the Chewhaw man asked him were [where] they were goeing [going] there [their] answer was to ockmulge they were asked if there [their] business was to Steal horses there [their] answer was that was not the whole they meaint [meant] to doe [do] the man that Saw them he Sayes [Says] he Said Every thing he could to Stop them but to no purpose they crossed the river and pushed [added text: on ] yesterday was the fourth day Since they Crossed flint river therefore I fear before this they have commited [committed] Some murder or Stole of Some horses perhaps both the Aumauculle Cheifs [Chiefs] has appointed Sevin [Seven] men to way lay the river and if they return back the Same way and bring horses to take them from the robbers and have them Sent to Hartford

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it is time our Citizens on all our frontiers were better prepar'd [prepared] to meet hostilities as from the Brittish [unclear text: mariners ] we must Expect ravage and murders the Chiefs here presant [present] also inform me that a red man that has been down at the mouth of these rivers -- were [where] the Brittish are landing Says they have landed 300 negroes as soldiers and 300 white troops wich [which] he Saw on the Shore and that they are busey [busy] -- [deleted text: [illegible text] ] building a fort and are also comeing [coming] up to the Junction of the two rivers flint river and Chattahoche and build another fort there wich [which] is 70 or 80 miles from the mouth of the two rivers the Indian report is that they counted 70 Ships layeing [lying] near the mouth of these rivers and that they have landed Sheep hogs turkes [turkeys] geese ducks wich [which] is a proof of

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they mean to trye [try] to hole [hold] that countrey [country] I have give you here an account of Every thing I think necessary to put my friends in Hartford or on any parts of [added text: the ] frontiers of Georgia [added text: on there gaurd [their guard] ] wich [which] appears to me to be too much Exposed in the presant [present] Situation of affairs if you and the other Gentlemen in Hartford See cause you may Send this information on to His Excly [Excellency] the governor of Georgia as its rite [right] he Should know the presant [present] Situation of his frontiers if my Sons has not left you that went down with Mr Harris, plese [please] Send me a Quire or half a Quire of paper by them if I hear any more bad news Shall rite [write] you again

remin [remain] Sir your most Obdt Sert [Obedient Servant]
[Signed] Timy [Timothy] Barnard
ps if any mischief has been done before you receive this plese [please] write me
[Signed] T B [Timothy Barnard]