Petition of [the inhabitants of] Franklin County, to Governor [of Georgia] George Mathews

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To his Excellency George Mathews Esqr. [Esquire] Governor & commander in chief in and over the state Georgia

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We the petitioners of the frontier Stations of Franklin County --
Humbly Sheweth that your Petitioners being confident of the Abilities and fidelity of Ben Easley Captain of a Militia Company of Dragoons lately rais'd [raised] for the defence [defense] of said frontiers requessteth [requesteth] that your Excelency [Excellency] would take it into your most serious consideration that said company should take place as a standing company being composed of single men chiefly that intends to continue in service during the disturbances if need requires [deleted text: it ] such a company we the petitioners consider to be of great strength to our frontiers as they upon an invasion or necesary [necessary] call are ready without weakning [weakening] our frontier Stations besides being well equipt [equipped] in arms and Good horses -- All which we hope will be considered by your Excelency [Excellency] as tending to the safety and security of your petitioners lives and property against the depredations of the Savages by whom we have suffer'd [suffered] great Injuries before these Horse troops took place --
Your Excelency [Excellency] granting this our request your petitioners as in duty bound Shall ever pray
Bushes Station

[Signed] John Easley
[Signed] Jno. [John] Holland
[Signed] Shadh. [Shadrach] Garrison
[Signed] Danl. [Daniel] Bush

Williams Station

[Signed] Clemt. [Clement] Wilkins Capt [Captain]
[Signed] Thosn. [Thomson] Epperson
[Signed] Jno. [John] Silman
[Signed] Nathn [Nathan] Arendall

Nailors Station

[Signed] Jas. Nailor
[Signed] Dixon Nailor Lt. [Lieutenant]
[Signed] Jas. [James] Petigrew
[Signed] Geo. [George] Petigrew

Blacks Station

[Signed] [unclear text: Mat. Wether ] Lt. [Lieutenant]
[Signed] Jos. [Joseph] Gates senr
[Signed] Geo. [George] Christian
[Signed] Jos. [Joseph] Gates Junr.
[Signed] John Black
[Signed] Jas. [James] Black
[Signed] Henry Black
[Signed] Josiah Gates
[Signed] Wm. [William] Flemming
[Signed] Ben Gates
[Signed] Adam Lyner
[Signed] Henry Lyner
[Signed] Henry Hardy

Iron Works

[Signed] [unclear text: Christer ] Lyner
[Signed] Sutton Green
[Signed] Henry Strickland

Sandy C. [Creek] Station

[Signed] Ben [unclear text: Vermalion ]
[Signed] John Hill
[Signed] Henry Ledbetter

Norris Station

[Signed] Needm. [Needham] Norris Capt
[Signed] Will Norris
[Signed] John Dimond
[Signed] Archd. Norris
[Signed] Hardy Norris
[Signed] Jas. [James] Norris
[Signed] Josiah Norris
[Signed] Robt. [Robert] Dimond
[Signed] Jas. [James] Harvell
[Signed] John Goodman
[Signed] Saml. [Samuel] Knox
[Signed] Ben Knox
[Signed] James Knox
[Signed] David Luckey
[Signed] Elijah Strong

Sparks Station

[Signed] Nathn [Nathan] Sparks
[Signed] Ben Rice
[Signed] John Hart
[Signed] Absolom Sparks
[Signed] Will Sparks
[Signed] Jesse Sparks
[Signed] Nathn. [Nathan] Sparks
[Signed] John Lane
[Signed] Simon Lane
[Signed] Thos. [Thomas] Nichols

Barnetts Station

[Signed] Jno. [John] Barnett Cap [Captain]
[Signed] [unclear text: Mull ] Barnett
[Signed] [unclear text: Clatn. ] Barnett
[Signed] Wm. [William] Barnett
[Signed] John Ross
[Signed] Ben Parr
[Signed] Henry Hamilton
[Signed] Walter Tarvin
[Signed] Ben Barnett
[Signed] John Lassiter
[Signed] [unclear text: Asa ] Hamilton
[Signed] Jno. [John] Hamilton
[Signed] Will Strong
[Signed] Isaac Hill
[Signed] Wm. [William] M Stokes
[Signed] John Strong
[Signed] Isham Strong

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Petitions from Franklin County
[added text (appears to be different hand and ink): no date ]