Affidavit [of] Isham Ward, 1777 Aug. 11, Wilkes County, Georgia / sworn to before John Coleman

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Wilkes County }

Personally appeared before me Isham Ward & being of full age was Duly sworn and Declareth that on Tuesday the
22 of July Last About seven Oclock in the morning Capt Thomas Dooley of the 3d Battalion of foot for this state with three men and Lieut John Cunningham of the second Battalion of foot with Seventeen Men where [were] attacked and fired on by A party of Indians A few miles [added text: No. [North] ] of the Oconey River that Capt Dooley and his Men were in the front where the Attack began Lieut Cunningham and his men in the Rear that After About two Shots being Exchanged from the Whites he the Deponant [Deponent] Saw Lieut Cunningham at the head of about 4 Men Running of and at the same time he the [added text: sd [said] ] Deponant [Deponent] Saw some person who he Expected was An officer Say boys make Your Escape upon which Capt Dooley Discovering Call'd [Called] out to the men in Loud words by no Means not to Leave him, this Deponant [Deponent] further Saith that he thinks on the first fire, Capt Dooley Recev,d [Received] A wound which he thinks Disabled him so Much as not to Stand as he the Deponant [Deponent] Saw Capt Dooley fire [added text: twice ] in A Sitting posture on the ground this Deponant [Deponent] further saith that Capt. Dooley Calling to Lieut Cunningham & the first party that was Runing [Running] Availed Nothing but that they still Continued Runing [Running] upon which the Whites Continued to [unclear text: break ] untill [until] this -- Deponant [Deponent] saith he thinks there was not more than seven or Eight White men Left on the Ground upon which this Deponant [Deponent] made his Escape and further Saith not --
Sworn to before me this
11th August. 1777
[Signed] John Coleman
[Signed] Isham Ward

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Isham Ward Affidavit resptg [respecting] Lieut. Cunningham