[Letter] 1819 Jan. 23, Washington City, [D.C. to] E. Jackson, Jr. / James Wilson

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Washington City,

Jan. 23, 1819.
I thank you, my dear Sir, for the many agreeable things, so agreeably said, in your last letter.
You have enquired who composed our [unclear text: mess ] . I answer, Gens. [Generals] Heister, Wallace, [added text: Paterson, ] and Ogle -- Col.Whitesides, Major Rogers, Judges Ellicott and Hoestetter, Dr Moore, and Mr Boden. Mrs Ogle, is also one of our mess, a pious, sensible, and pleasant lady. On the whole, a sociable and friendly company - and Dr Moore particularly of a turn very congenial with mine.
The House of Reps. [Representatives] have been the whole of this week exclusively occupied in a discussion of the merits and demerits of Gen. Jackson's conduct in the Seminole War. This discussion will probably continue through the whole of next week. The final vote will probably exhibit a large majority in his favor. The General and suite arrived here last evening.
We have a great mass of business before us; much of which, I fear, will have to lie over until another session, owing

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to too prevalant [prevalent] a disposition in some of the Members to speake [speak] often and long, even on the most trivial subjects.
The family and [unclear text: mess ] are all well- and I am myself in the enjoyment of usual health.

[Signed] James Wilson
Mr E. Jackson, jr. }