Letter, 1793 Sept. 8 [to] Edward Telfair, Governor of Georgia / Maj[o]r Gen[era]l John Twiggs

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8th. September 1793
I have recevd [received] a letter from General Irwin, which I have sent you an Extract. the Indians Cam [Came] to a Mr. Cribs in Green County and- Plundered his hous [house] of a number of articles, and to a Mr. Hills and took and distroyed [destroyed] every thing in his hous [house], and took of [off] out of the Neighbourhood [Neighborhood] 10 head of horses-
Colo [Colonel] Milton persued [pursued] them as Over the oakemulgees, the waters being So very high made it dificult [difficult] to follow aney [any] farder [farther], the Inhabitant below [illegible text] bluff Near Colo [Colonel] Pughs dont think themselves Secure with out a Block hous [house] and a guard Established there,
I have Inclosed [Enclosed] you

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an affidavid [affidavit] of the galent behavour [gallant behavior] of Capt Stokes in Persuing [Pursuing] of the Indians as far as the Oakemulgees- and from the acct [account] he must have killed three of them and recovered his horses and one of theres [theirs] and three Rifles and one Shot Gun, [deleted text: belonging to ] Mr. McGee has Brought three Expresses from General Irwin thirteen day in all and a Mr Far fours days with an Express from General Irwin, which your Excellency will be discharge Mr McGee will [unclear text: Recept. ] for [illegible text] to Deliver to General Irwin

Sir I am your Excellencys Hml. [Humble] Servant
[Signed] John Twiggs

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His Excellency Edward Telfair Governor of Georgia --

Majr Genl [Major General] Twiggs

8 Septmr [September] 1793
Order taken 9th instant


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