Letter, 1831 May 16, Milledgeville, [Georgia] to Rev[erend] Samuel A. Worcester / George R. Gilmer

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[added text (appears to be different ink and hand): H. ]

Letter from his Excellency George R. Gilmer, governor of the State of Georgia, to Rev. Samuel A Worcester, dated at Milledgeville,
May 16th, 1831.

It is a part of my official duty to cause all white persons residing within the territory of the State, occupied by the Cherokees to be removed therefrom, who refuse to take the oath to support the constitution and laws of the State
Information has been received of your continued residence within that territory, without complying with the requisites of the law, and of your claim to be exempted from its operation, on an account of your holding the office of postmaster of New Echota.
You have no doubt been informed of your dismissal from that office. That you may be under no mistake as to this matter, you are also informed the government of the United States does not recognise [recognize] as its agents the missionaries acting under the direction of the American Board of Foreign Missions. Whatever may have been your conduct in opposing the humane policy of the general government, or exciting the Indians to oppose the jurisdiction of the State,

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I am still desirous of giving you and all others similarly situated, an opportunity of avoiding the punishment which will certainly follow your further residence within the state contrary to its laws. You are therefore, advised to remove from the territory of Georgia, occupied by the Cherokees.
Col. Sanford, the commander of the Guard, will be requested to have this letter delivered to you, and to delay your arrest until you shall have had an opportunity of leaving the State.

Very respectfully, yours, &c. [et cetera] [added text (appears to be different ink): (Signed) ]
[Signed] George R. Gilmer. [added text (appears to be different ink): N.B. [Nota Bene] Letters similar in [unclear text: purport ], except so far as the fact that Mr. Worcester held the office of postmaster occasioned a difference were sent and on the same date to Messrs. [Messieurs] Butrick & Proctor, at Carmel; Mr. Thompson at Hightower, & Dr. Butler, at Haweis. ]