Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 1926 August 19


B. A. HANCOCK, Acting Director
Established by J. J. Brown, Commissioner of Agriculture, March 1, 1917.

State Capitol, Atlanta, Ga. ae :

Entered as second class matter Feb 7
ruary 15, 1922, at the Postoffice at Atlanta, Georgia, under the act of J 19
Accepted for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in section oe. Act of October 3, 1917. a

patrons of Market Bulletin should b
motice repeated, send copy: The Bulletin goes to gecas ee Oa oe ae SO ee



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The great value of the eres bureau of casters coadieted by: the eke Sdisbereient of agriculture has been ab
tested i in the case of watermelon marketing by Georgia growers this season. The work has been done largely in co-
operation with the county and district farm agents and according to the records farmers who have utilized the facilities

of the bureau of markets and cooperated with the farm agents have reaped splendid results on their watermelon crop
as compared to those who have acted independently.

Owing to the enormous volume of fruit production i in Ciena opathos with the vast watermelon crop, it has been
practically impossible for the markets to absorb the offerings and unless the expert service of the bureau of markets
and the farm agents. was utilized many of the farmers failed to receive even enough money on their watermelon ship-

ments to pay freight. The situation reached such a bad stage at one time until the railroads refused to remove water-
_melons unless freight was guaranteed.


In striking contrast to this, the baat fone agents and burcug of markets succeeded in handling prachieally all

offerings submitted through them so as to net the producers from $75 to $150 per car for watermelons, depending on
the size wae location, while their own offerings could not be moved. *

In view of the fact that the melon crop of Georgia must ee amounted to between 30,000 and:40,000 carloads, it
naturally follows that the amount of money really made by the farmers in this work was tremendous. It was not only
a saving but was an. actual gain, making money inspead. of losing it, as was the case of some of thane who. did not use the
market bureau system. ce .

Q If the Georgia farmers can fake this much money out of the bureau of markets, there seems to be no reason hn wie
the work should not be carried on and greater use made of it in the future. The records and the reports from all over
the country indicate that where the bureau of markets operates and is extensively patronized by the growers and pre
ducers, magnificent returns are recewed therefrom. (Editorial, Augusta Chronicle, [oes 8th, 1926.) eS :



aie alk mail to o STATE BUREAU OF MARKETS, State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia
_ Prices below are those which wholesalers were paying. F. O. B. these consuming centers, the day this Bulletin
- went to press Aug. 14, 1926, REMEMBER, THESE ARE NOT RETAIL PRICES.


Sweet potatoes, K. D. 4 pk. Cates si
Irish Potatoes, No. 1, new 100 ib. sacks.

Cabbage (Green cvated New) --------
Field Peas Mixed Whipporwills

Black Eye Peas .

Eggs, Fresh candled


- Friers and Broilers 146 to 2 Ibs.

Turkey (Hens) ~------------ Joo--es
Turkey (Toms) :
Country Butter (Best Table)
Country Butter (Cooking)

- Georgia Cane Syrup (Bbl.) ----------
Sorghum Syrup

Corn Meal, per 96-Ib. sack

Corn, No. 2 (White Western) sacked ne
Oats, No. 3 (White) sacked

Peanut Hay

_ Peavine Hay .

s Shucks Ie ata es cates eieeca pee nee rn



2.25Ea. _




.61%6 Lb.
.30 Doz.
~22 tab.
.23 Lb.
.12 Lb.
- 25-.30 Lb.
320. Lb.
.15 Lb.
220 Lb:
.20 Lb.
.35 Lb.
23 Lb.
.60 Gal.

| ore 2 a 200, 000 Georgia farmers


2. 40Cwt.

- 2.00Cwt.

614 Lb
.29 Doz.
21 Lb.
.23 Lb.
12 Lb.
.30 Lb.
.15 Lb.
.10 Lb,
22 Lb. >
"22 Lb.
.35 Lb.
.23 Lb,

-616 Lb.
.29 Doz.
ae Lb.
.22 Lb.
-11 Lb.
.28 Lb.
16 Lb.
.10. Lb.
.19 Lb.
.19 Lb.
.38 Lb.



.644: Lb.
.30 Doz.
.23 Lb.
.25 Lb.


61 Lb.
.21 Doz,
21 EES:
121 Eb.

ackshear Ca is nalz| J:

ry pull 22 mo old $20: One full blood

ey buil calf 1 yr old $20; One large

ed bloog butt ~head cow $40; aaa
400 Ibs butchered

W-D Williams, Ramhurst Ga Two

Red Polled bull calves

Miss Ridie Martin, Willard Ga Milk

ow 8-4 Jersey freshen in Oct $380. One

ovng heifer 3-4 Jersey 18 mo.old $15

A A Furst. Bremen Ga Reg Jersey

s old medium size; sell or exc
.L_ Dobbs, Almon. -Ga Jersey cow
n 4 gal day. $90; algo 3 as Jer-

te for prices _
rs Pecan ee Cp. lintside

2 and hea AVY producing grade

Holstein bull calf en-

to; reg; bargain prices es :

J. Hogan, Hogansville Ga Car}

-springers: and milkers; Car grade Jer-
sey heifers |

- Lawrence, Middleton Ga Reg

bull good condition and- gentle

ed Zellner, Forsyth, Ga 5 good grade

milk cows fresh in; write for prices

Sunny Slope Farm, Forsyth? Ga 5

Red Polled cows and heifers; 2 Reg

Polied Bulls; write for information

Y Bryant . Sun. Ohttey: Ga Reg |

COW. Se Secgne walt, R es Jersey

prices. ap

well Jr. Siloam Ga Reg Here-
cattle both sex
J Owens, Canon Ga Pure bred
yernsey bulls

B Glawson,. Bradley Ga One pure
sey bull 1000. lbs 4 yrs old light |
or good breeder from 5 gal cow
e from. butter. strain. $100; selling.


Je. Monticello, Ga-50: head

soy fatarid Farms, R 2 Columbus:
x T'Sey bull Leyr. old, registered Als,
F cows: both fresh and heavy
ngers; also some heifer calves
rs C B Johns. Woolsey Ga One fine
r _ with young calt 2 wks old
Ri 1 Meanavitle Gra. Fine
we pull calt 5 mo from Reg stock
1D :
A J Strickland, Valdosta Ga About
100: head peef cattle; also 500 head im-
proved stock Gatbie: <<:
M Brown, McRae Gd Cream teas
ey bull 6 mos old; exc for 20 bus
000 seed: oats
W S Sparks. Fiuieclon Ga Pures pred
Tolstein pull 3 yrs old, kind and gen-
150 or BO ere for, information
: ae 2 2 Chipley Ga ? milk
3 Calves reserved
<o Barnesville Rh

aad. 401 Hiowieud Nove es

I wks old Jerse;, heifer from
ow giving 21 ats daily: sell or exc for
fch heteh. Br Leghorn ae Cornish |.


nes: R 1 Hortense Ga 2 sows
5 shoats 6 and 8 mo ola. $75 fers

Eg Gritti Ss. Axson Ga 8 pure bred

pshire sows 4 mo old $10 ea or x

or ail
W D Williams, Ramhurst Ga. Spatied:
pigs $20 ea.
Roberts. Pendergrass Ga 7 Hamp-
and Duroc pigs 6 wks old $5 ea

Hag E Bonat: Pecan -Groy es Co., Flintside
One: Reg Duroc boar; also one reg
sell or exc to. ot in-

: emith: Cuthbert Ga 7

May 25th out of Spotted P C sow

re: Duroc boar; make: best offer for,
er part

R Sitton, R 1 Sargent Ga Pure bred

i one Guinea Digs 8 wks oll $8

Picurst Plantation. Hamilton Ga)

petted P C pigs $10 ea with pa-,
ire and dam best blood and no

: Draper Jr. Baxley Ga One Du-
Jersey gilt 4 mo old $15
ES eS Thrasher, McRae Ga Spot-
: C gilts 125. lbs; also 6.pure bred
Ces. farrowed Aug 8rd, $40. for lot f o

if Elberton Ga, Pura bred
pigs 8 wks old $7 Bar,
McRae. Ga Haptied 8

| One Spanish Jack 3

pigs far-|

{25 bus Native gee rye a 50: ot 10

entitled to reg wks old le ea or
for let fo b

roc. pigs. wks olg.$6 ea fo b
WARY! Brantley, he
Berkshire pigs 9 wks old, boars
gilts $140 for lot


W..H Mitchell .& -Co. Barnesville Gu
| Pure bred spotted | eRe a pigs 8 wks old; bs

several PC grades 10 wks old; 4 pred
sows; all on farm near Zebulon

day & Mason, Madison Ga Re gBig
Bone P C best breeding; any size or sex

LL Wallace, 401 Highland Ave At-
lanta. Ga 10 or 12 good. pigs. 4 to 6 mos
old; cheap at called, for; would exe for
bred heifers or cow near by

eB: Bix Keown, Tunnel Hill - Ga Fine 6
yr old mare mule; exc. for, young. blood-

ed mare 6 to 8 yrs. old about. 1200.1bs-

within .25 miles my station

fp Faw, Harrison, R.2.Surrency Ga Bay
mare 850 Ibs 7 yrs old gentle and work
anywhere $125 f 0b

J M Wheatley, R 3 Washington | Ga

M'C Padgett, R 1 Stilson Ga Pair 850
Ib red farm mules; One horse mule 13
yrs old; one mare mule 16 yrs old good
condition - $125 pair or exc for-hogs. at

10c. Ib or sell separately at $80. and }

$45 ea90

W -H.Townson,-Talona Ga.One $8 yr
old black, horse mule 900 Ibs $100 or
exe for good yoke of Ome.

S H Miller, Box 565 Valdosta -Ga- Bs
horse wagon and harness; Horse 9 or
10 yrs old $69 or exe for beef cows or
milk cow -fresh. in. =

A Aawirvin, Ro Buena. Mista Ga. a
black and white shetland..pony 7 yrs
Ga : Ee

BRL Dixan,

Blackshear. Ga Several
kids $3 pair: or $1.25 -ea- for, entire lot:
Large eee goats suitable for work
$3 ea ;

HR Bacien. Buford Ga. Shropshire
rams and Ram lambs ;

W B Williams, Ramhurst aG One 3
yr old Shropshire buck $45; 4 Shropshire
buek lambs $20 ea i

Folkston Dairy Farm, Folkston Ga
About 16 head goats all grown $25 for

oats, WHEAT, RYE & BAY.
H-E Bowman, Ree: 3 Buford: Gas Abruz-
zi rye'$2.bu
@: EB, Knight, Oakman Ce, 60 bus Ga
Rye $1.50 Bu

.j -P .Aaron, Mineral Bluft Ga Good.

Rye $1.40 bu f o b ahy quantity |

J H.Palmer, Tennille Ga 50 bus, Coker |

on Abruzzi , Rye $2.25 bu, in new 2 .bu
bags: also 100 bus Cokers Ped. Rute ie
cats $1 bu. in new 3 bu bags

M F' Lewis, Adairsville Ga Pure
cleaned Abruzzi Rye $1.80 buf ob

A P Clemons, R 2 Madison Ga Pure
bright Appler oats 60 bu

J C Ware, 2, 1 Royston Ga Pure Ap:
pler oats
than 10 bus 75e bu tf ob

Empire Cetton Oil Mills, Atlanta Ga


Loose and sacked hulls from Ga seed|

GH Martin & Sons, R 12 Commerce
'Ga 2 tens wheat straw bale 14-18 aver-|
age 60 to 65 Ibs; 2 tons oat straw same
size bales; make: best offer. ob Mays:
ville (5a.

RC Couch, Turin Ga Goad beent Po
| straw baled;

make best offer
-V Cook, Hemp Ga Tall. growing Mtn
Ree $1.40 bu fo b Blue. Ridge Ga

A J Owens, Canan Ga Select lot Ful-,

ghum oats 80c bu fo b- 5
GC. Nunn, Perry Ga Sreletnn oats 5
bu bags, 85e:-bu; Blue Stem and Rarly
May Wheat 2.1-2-bu, bags. $2..bu;~Ab-
tuzzi rve 2 1-2-bu. bags 32, LO bu AAs

D Goepper, R 8 Mina Station, Atlan-

ta Ga Loose and sacked cottonseed |

hulls any quantity: |

M.A King, Arnoldsville Ga 1500 hus
Fulghum oats new and yee 7T5e bu
fob :

J.T Dennis. Eatonton Ga 1500 -or
more bus rustproof oats, Ga raised 90c
bu; 50-bu Blue stem wheat $2.50 bu

G W. Heard, Box. 136 Atlanta Ga
Sound clean new crop Gaorye in 2-1-2
bu bag $4.15 bag; Abruzzi Rye $5; bright
recleaned bearded winter barley $3.50
W H Mitchell & Co. Barnesville Ga

e"tula Ge P Cpe
$25 |

niel, Griffin. Ga 8, P.C and Du-

1 Atlanta Ga 16

yrs old 700 Ibs;

work any where ney f eb Mauk |

~ |.Leghorns or Buff. Orphingtons;

1@ bu or less -80e bu; more.

of 80. 3 fo 5 ship bu lo



Ee Cc Mooney, Quill Ga
box del

ROE Bower. Bull

Dixie Ga _Faney 100 weekly .

Do J Vieddox.- Te 2 Buford {Ga old
fashion red. ghellots $2 bu-

M oMooncy Jr., Quill Ga Yellow |

ing and cooking apples $1 bu del.

ley and: Winesaps - Sept and Oct del

crookneck squash-7ce Jb f 0 b~

J H Leverette, Rl 1 Parrott oa Good
fresh figs for eating, canning and pres
serving 50c gal fob 9%

EL Holt. Rd Hlijay- Ga Nice grapes:

make best offer in. regular- size market }

J He: Call; R 4 Ellijay Ga Nice cook-
ing and eating apples 90c bu; also sun-
dried apples 10c Ib large. Or small lots.
fag bic
IW D Vaughan, R A Point Peter. Ga
Several bus nice pickling peaches T5
bu f ob; Large pears suitable for pre-
serves. and pickle $ APU EOD 2;

(Mrs cS Douglas, - Rd Alma Ga; Dried |
peaches | 1926 crop: make best offer.

A P Redmond, R 3 Rome Ga Limited
amount nice dried apples; exe 12, Ibs. for

TJu-lbs comb or extracted honey

H J McCorvey, -Hawkinsville Ga Sev:
eral acres. squash: make best offer ;

J-H M Weaver, Diamond Ga Few bus
nice Detroit red apples ($1.60 bu f.0 b

Mrs \J > P Smith,
R 1 Grapes both black: a
Belt ae Oe

and canning apples $1.25 bu f.o b;
jay Ga or-$2 bu del; also: Shockley and
Winesap apples for Sept and Oct del
same price; shipped in bu crates =

W.U J Draughan, W higham Ga: Gooa
grade tender roasting ears 20e dz :

L. EF Harrison, ha ore Ga. Large sweet
bell pepper $1. as $2.50 bu f ob; Black
Beauty Ege : an
size not. less than 25 lbs and up 6e IL
f0"b i

Mrs Taura Noble, Trenton Ga- Ben |
Davis and Black Ben apples ae bu or.
exe. for S Ril Red chickens, S CW
fresh dried apples 20c lb or exe

H Gall Re Ellijay Ga Nice chukene 2
and eating apples 90c bu large or small
lots; also nice sundried apples 9c Ib
large or small lots.

R B Crowder Jr. Sunnyside Ga Green |
butterbeans $1.25 hamper fob

perta - peaches fancy grade $2.50 crate~
S1t6h! P20 De,
-QO.C iM -Lawrence, R
Seedling peaches yellow.
bu hasket. TO os
J J Mooney. QuilkG -
cooking apples from well sprayed stock
$1. 50 standard bu box del =< -

Mrs M Poe Willams. a 8 _Bloyeer a

va riet 3S


We aD ~

ie og ade 3 Pike Ga. 100 bus Detroit |
red. at CS $4.25 ba fu oe
-W Kelley Jr. Demorest Ga ine Das

vid | Delicious | ae Gao apples $1. bu

basket. 0 20k
Te Steint

Effie NM, Leatie.
Cornfield beans - $1 bur.

Wooler: Ga 10 Ibs}.

Roasting ears

ly 1$1 and $1.25 .bu; Pears for preserv-
ing SL bu; Grape for jelly 25 Ib; to-
matoes 15. 1b; now ready. ye
Sunny Prook Farm, Abbville Gal
Nice tomatoes: make best: offer per
Ciaie foe Bs. 7
A J Collins, nR Ae Demorest cra Drop
apples at orehard 50 bu; Eating and
cooking apples: $1 bu packed. in. shu
boxes: also apples of. three orchards
for fall and winter del:, make offer. on
any one or all of them s

PM Herndon, Bowman Ga: re 4,
well eleaneg turnin seed: white globe,

purple. top. white globe and yellow. globe

ee 25 Yb del: 25 Ips or more :15 lb
e b
DJ Maddox, R 2 Buford Cia Old fash-

us | fon red shellots $2 bu

We Li Prickett, Crawford Ga 300 to
-seed.oats Tic mu 07 bi

a, Prompt shipment

Apples a) Bh

Nose: pepper . $1 bu- crate: can, _tarnish |

Mountain apples large. striped good eat- :

M M. Davis, Quill Ga Good eating.
cooking and canning ready
$1.25 bu tob Hilijay Ga; Also Shock- }

Yr gia rane ena hes sh yellow pg sell or @xc something

SP: Homerville Ga. :
Lay rhite s$2) buy

MM Davis, Quill Ga" Safin: cgotine :
EM | Oy

ts medium. to large |.

JW C Tumlin. Gainesville Ga Fine | 5D
good: canning grade for Oe us |

4 Molena Ga ;

Good eating: endl

| Straw *
| seed $3: Ib; Crystal Wax onion seed $5)

Ee Geoesinecie

0c dz: nice apples for: eanning and: jel: |.

j Muy sake
Clover seed hand cleaned $1 bu

500 bus new. 1926 crop North Ga. tall
growing seed rye in 812) even wt
Lags $1.50 bu *o~b

BOSE Armistead, ee VE sunipison Ce
Rape. seed 25ee Ab ae or 20 Ib when ee
Ped for. o

A; G> Camp, -
Bes bbage seed, N 2@ : Buneum | anal
Earl : Vaketield; write for price Peak

oG WwW Sanders, ~~ Buchanan
punch and half runner = beans BC.
Ib :

WD. Vaughan; Rk A Point Peter. Ga.
value ee

I H- Levyenbete, R 1 Parrott Ga 5 hs
rape seed $1 f 0b
ie Lewis, Adairsville Ga. Piteasber
recleaned seed wheat $2bu f 0b; also >
pure tecleaned | fbrugal. rye .$1,80 pu

WwW. Williams, Quitman Ga Seed
oats; Fulghum and Rustproot be bie St

a Adams, ?resley Ga Seed rye
any. seemtity; make est / voffer f 0 bo
Helen G "3

(fe end Bonaire Ga 1 bu Black-
eye peas 8c lb f o b. Wellston Ga

Mrs Rose) Danvers, R.5 Buena Vist
Ga Little white mush peas 25 (Ib this

rie-Quintrell, Blue Ridge, Ga

Seed rye $1.50 bufob -

ae rAN Fambrough, R gl Elberton Ga

arr Clover. seed $1. bu; 5 bu or more

ae bu: screened, ff ord A
Thomas Bros. Stephens. Ga 200 pus ~
Rustproot _ seed ats: 850-bu=f: o- bivor -
exc some for Abruzzi rye, 2
so. 22 Ibs Seventop. turnip seed=40c
ID oS :
A H, Chappel & Son, .Milmer Ga tAb-
i seed rye 82. bu, sample On re-

Mrs | Y) ae BV Breedlove, Campton. Ga 20.

Ibs home raised turnip seed mixed pur- |

ple top, Flat. Duteh, Yellow Globe, Sev- 4
rentop, Mustard and kale'35e db |

Asbury & Stewart,
North. Ga. raised select seed ve. 1926 a
crop. $1.40 bu fob

4M Thomas, Morganton Ga Mrth:
Ga seed rye $1. 50 bu f o b Blue Ridge

Cwen, Barnesville Ca. Good Blue
Stem: iseeq wheat. ETO eDU YE 0. bs,

We Bush & | Co. Albany
trian winter peas; Hairy Vetch;
ghum, Appler and Rustproot
Cra son Clover, Italian Rye grass: ane
Abruzzi rye

- WU J Draughan, Whighanr Ga Good

grade dry limius 20e 1b; w hite: spine cu-

|-cumber seed 0c Ib; g00d grade yellow
crook. neck squash seed 50 1b aHer ob
BRE: Couch, Turin Ga Choice lot pure

| Bancroft seed oats 95c bu

Gas Seed

lbs mixed turnip seed 40c 1b or 5c _

bus for

Ga Aus: | e
Mul- 7
oats; ~

eras eck Gum Ga. 300. 3 =

Swainsboro Ga 4 eD: varie- be


Burr Clover seed-$1-bu f ob) =

Clarkesville Ga me =

0G Martin & Sons; oR 112% Commerce

Ga- Purple straw seed wheat and appler.
seed eats, 100 or 1000 bu lots; Sell ONT
exc for pigs or shoats

Empire Cotton Oil. Mills, Atlanta: Ga

Ga Seed wheat $2 buf ob 20

Mrs H Reaves, Nelson Ga Tur nip a s

for. fall planting. mixeq 10c tablespoon.
Cottengims Seed. Store, ;Atlanta Ga |
color: or white Bermuda onion

lb: White: Pearl onion: seed $1:50-1b; Alb;
kinds cabbage seed $1 Ib; Alb kinds tur-
nip seed 40 lb; Southern Giant Curien
Mustard A0c 1b; all postpaid


Mrs J GL Johnson, Rome Ga 100 pus 3

Burr Clover seed $1 bu f ob: Lyerly Ga.
Mrs PB. Rathbone, R 1 Tignall Ga

Multiplying onions: for fall planting. 85e.

DK or $3.-bu-.
sa ee Harwell, Ra

pure Abruzzi Seed rye $1.75 bu: 500 bus

pure Easting 100 to 1 oats 75e bu; 50.

\elean and\.well matured, prices f 0 b -

bus purple straw wheat $2 bur all seed
os Kirk,- R 2 Madison Ga Crimson ~

Clover seed; make best offer

-D. Goepper, R 8 Mina Station, Atlanta.
Ga Ga seed wheat $2 bu;.Fulghum and ~
ADI ler seed: oats. 90e bu; all f ob

1 Winder Ga. 100. ain ae

MeEver Seed & Plant Co. Braselton

Ga Cabbage seed $1.50 Ib: Collard 60
lb; Seventop turnip seed Tic Jb; Rape
25 lb; del: special price on large lots -

S M Stout, Manchester Ga 1 ton or
less 1925 crop dry seedling peach. seed.
3c lb

Wilson. Minorea Wards. R2 Martin

Ga Abruzzi seed rye best quality. $2 bu;

Appler seed oats nice and. clean 90 bu
Mrs W C McCranie, Milan Ga. New

crop turnip sted clean and sound,

pore variety 85e Th eo ag oe
J W . Chastain, ;

Beventop turnip

Thursday, August 19, 1926

WC Waldrip,

more 30c lb del

G N Streng; R 8 Newnan Ga 20-Ibs
well cleaned sventop turnip seed; make
- Pest offer
A J Owens? Canon Ga Rape seed desk
=than > lbs lie! Wy. 5 to 25 lbs 226 1b;
del i

Mrs G Hackle, R 1 Uvalda:Ga 35. lbs
bunch butterbeans white or colored also
yunning butterbeans 20c 1b; Mustard
- seed 25 1b t

W Cc Yumlin, Gainesville Ga Fine
new Ga seed rye $2 bu in even: wt bags
' Oabbage seedy Barly Jersey Wakefield,
+ Duthess and Succession $125 th al,
5 Ibs or more $1- 1b; Turnip seed lead-
- ing varieties 65e Ib
~ C Armistead, Williamson Ga Rape
seed 25c Ib del or 20c lb calld for.
- - # J Datitzler; R4 Dalton Ga 159 pus
* tall Ga seq rye $1550 buf ob
~ -C A Wilbanks; R 29 Commerce Ga
150 bus tallGa seed rye $1.50 bu f 0 b>
Seventop and purple top Globe turnip
seed mixed 40c 1b, 5 lbS_or: more 35c Tb
~ del

Mrs i; S Vaushan, RK 29 Commerce
Ga 8 lbs pure Seventop turnip seed 40
kh or entire lot
globe 40c Ib or\5 lbs at 35c 1b del
2 We Ri Payne,
bus sed rve $1.75 buy 40 bus Bracing
oats 90c bu

IW E Hampton, Mineral Bluff Ga Ga
Tall seed rye in lots 2 1-2 bu or more

$1.60 bu; less thar 2-1-2) bu -$4575* bu)
to" b
W. H: Smith, R 2 Martin Ga, Burr ;

at. 3de lb; Pure white:

R 4 Ball Ground Ga 15 |

R Lb Flowery Branch |
Ga Seventop turnip seed 40c lb 5 Ibs or


EW. feroemnae Blackshear Ga Straw-
berry plants 40 Wiundel*

L J Waldron, Lizella Ga 1000 or more
Oct peach trees lyr old for fall deliv
ery. ive a

W W Williams, Quitman Ga Cabbage
and collard $d. - ME

Naticnal Pecan Groves .Co. Flintside
Ga Certified pecan trees, best: varieties
Write for prices ~

Major Crow , Plant Farm, Flowery
Branch Ga Wakerield and Plat Duteh
cabbage; also tomato and collard, all
now redy same price $1.25 M dl $1 M
i 0b; prompt. shipment

lilizbeth Waldrip, R 1 Flowery
Branch Ga Cabbage, collard and tomato
Zoc hun. $1.25. M; a M or more $1 M
prompt shipment :

. Miss Vinnia Ruth Waldrip, R 1 Flow-
ery Branch Ga Cabbage, collar and
tomato 26 hun $1.25 M, 6 M or more
$1. M

Cureton. Nurseries, Austell Ga Apple,
pear, peach, pluin, cherry, grape, fig,
pomegranite, crepe myrtle, spirea, Deut-
ala, Vhiladelphus, Althea, Abelia,; Weig-
elia, Forsythia, Umbrefa: China, Red

vzier, Dogwood, Lombardy and Sim-
oni, Junipers; poplar, silver leaf and

sugar maple, spruce, Arbor Vitae, ~Bio-
taS, - cypress, . cedars, cannas,; irises,
roses, hedge plants, peonies; write for
prices: ;

S Ty, Smith, Cuthbert Ga Napier
a plants and roots $7.50 M

L A Crow,' Flowery Branch Ga Lead-

ing. varieties cabbage and tomato, col-
lard 25c hun $1.25 M del, 5 M or more
GioMe ft 6 b 3

vergreen Plant Farm, Hi Flowery

Clover seed free from other seed 4c lb Branch Ga Harly Jersey Wakefield ana

: CM Crow, Rt Flowery Branch Ga:

49 lbs Early purple top turnip seed
$2e.Ip del or $10 for Tot del
Mrs J S Yoemans, Swainsboro Gal
Olq fashion multiplying, onion *sets 1d
* qt or 50-galf-o'b, or 20e. at 60c gal del;
jJarge goose peas 20 lb new crop del |

J Pierson, Culloden Ga Burr Clover
. seed new crop recleaned:and free from |
other seed $4.50 for lot

A Dye, R'1) Elberton Ga Pure Hast-
ing 100 to 1 seed-oats $1 bu fob

Mrs J O Stokes, R 6 Fitzgerald Ga
1926 cron curley mustard seed; 96 Ibs;
make best: offer

J R Harper, Sweet Gum Ga 300 bus
seed rye new crop; North Ga tall grow-
ing rye $1.50 bu in 2 1-2 bu bags fob

Curry. Arrington. Co. ome Ga Are:
tie Grass 7c lb; or $6 hun Ibs

B F Wilson, Hosehton Ga Burr Ge
ver seed, $2 for guano sack well fille
or 80c bu fo b

BH Li Corley, R'l Mauk Ga White seed
bunch butterbeans 25 lb} dry sage <0c
ib; sGullion onion buttons 2 gqts: 2c
or $3 bu; Collard salad, English peas
seed 2 lbs 35 Ib; White neSt onions for
sed 10c Ib; Sage plants 10e ea; Six

weeks blackeye peas 6 1-2c Ih; yellow
~ 60 day crowder peas seed 15c lb

Mrs C@ R -Sorrells; R 1 Monroe Ga
Old fashin red onion buttons 30e at;
Old fashion Red: June cherry seed 15
fteacupfull old fashion scullion buttons
20 qt; English peas Dee planting Zac

CF Maddox, R 2 Buford Ga Red old

onion shelits for
8c Ib f 0 b or 10c
$2.25 prompt ship-

fashion multiplying:
planting now ready
cel: tT bu of" 32 1bs
A James, Pearson Ga New crop Six
Weeks Black Crowder peas 10 pt del .
C R Ray, R 3 Ellijay Ga 20 bus

choice new crop tall seed rye $1.60 bu-

: 7 \ Wilson & Co, Villa) Rica Gai
Southern Prize turnip seed 45c Ib; Pur-
ple top, white globe, white egg yellow | $
globe and sev entop turnip. seed 40 Ib;
Ga seed rye $2 bu; Barley $1.80 bu; Sed
wheat $2 bu Blue Stem |


D J Maddox, R 2 Buford Ga conara|

pret. Lowe, Cass Station Ga Late lat
Dutch cabbage 20c hun; True Ga collard
20e hun: add 5 postage

PO McClung, R 5 Carrollton Ga
KlondyKe and Lady Thompson straw-
berry plants $2.50 Mofo b or $3M del
exc for quince

Woodliff Plantafarm, Flowery Branch
Ga Leading varieties Charleston Wake-
field ang Flat Dutch cabbage; New
Stone and Greater, Baltimore tomato
30c hun $1.25 M, 5.M or more $1 M;
Collards same price
* Pewiston Plant Farm, Gordon Ga
Cabbage grown for aoe pee 40
hun M; 5- MM $7:

tt ens ioe Calhoun Ga Collard 20
hun. del: prompt shipment
ay s Ly me ed R 1 Cornett Ga Cab-
bage lic hun ae

J W- Wricht, Alto: Ga Livingston
Glohe tomato well rooted <a hun: or
. $1.25 M del prompt shipmen
8 BH Waldir, Re? 5 Galuesville, Ga Cab-
bage Early Jersey and Succession 25
hun me 25 Me Temato same price del

Succession cabbage; Stone and Greater
baltimore tomato, Ga collard 25e hun
$1.25 M alel, 5 M or .more $1. M fob

McEver Seed & Plant Co. Braselton
Ga New Stone tomato and Late Flat
| Dutch cabbage: Ga Blue Stem collard
jall 80e hun $1.00 M del er $1.25 M fo
b; Iceberg lettuce 40c hun del prompt

Mrs P B Rathbone, R 1 Tignall. Ga
Everbearing strawberry plants 25c hun
vr $2M

W-L Harrell Nursery Co. Fitzgerald
Ga High evade budded papersheil pe-
can trees; 3 best varieties Schley, Stu-
art: and Mop aiken budded: from
iested bearing trees; write for prices

J Nix, Flowery Branch Ga. Charles-
ton Wakefield and Flat Dutch cabbage
New Stone and Greater Baltimore to-
mato; Heading variety collard all $1.25
wi del

O M Crow, F lowery Bupnel Ga-R 2
Charleston Wakefield and Flat Dutch
cabbage; New Stone tomato 25c hun
$1.25 M, 5 M.or more $1 M f 0b; col-
tard same price

Obie Crow Plant Farm, Flowery
Branch Ga Leading. variety. cabbage;
New Stone tomato: Ga and N C Short
stem collard. 25 hun, $1.25. M del). 4
M or-more $1M fo b

Mrs Rosie Crowe, R 4 Cumming Ga
Plat Dutch cabbage 15e hun $1.25 M;
ecHarg loc hun $1.25 M

Thomasville Plant Co..
Ga Good cabbage and collard now ready /
500 for $1. del or $1 M 0 b; also Sat-

suma Orange trees. and 3. color Radi-
ance Rose Bushes. 6 for $3, 12 for $5,
call and winter del

M Bennett, R 1. Flowery: Branch Ga
Leading varieties cabbage, collard and
iomato now ready $1.25 M del, or $1 M
820 by 10 DENS iy

EY G Wingo, Rt Flowery Branch

Ga Cabbage, W. akefield and Flat Dutch
now ready; also tomate and collard $1.25
M del or $1. M fo by.5 M $3:75'10 M


G Walatip; Flowery Branch Ga pes
ing variety cabbage, tomato and collard
$1 "ME del 5 M or more -85c M fob

Ww O Waldrip, R 1 Flowery Branch

Ga, Wakefield and Flat Dutch cabbage;
New Stone and Greater Baltimore toma-
to; CoHard heading variety $1.15 M, del
3 M. $4.78, 10: M $9: f-0.b

G T Waldrip, Flowery Branch Ga
Charleston Wakefield, Late Flat Dutch
cabbage; New Stone and, Greater Balti-
more tomato; Heading variety collard

M,5.M $5 f0b
Pe rerio, Dublin Ga Cabbage,
Early Jersey and Wakefield and Early
Hlat Dutch 25 hun $1.40 M.

Wee Tumilin, Gainesville Ga Gabbake
and collard leading varieties of each
$1.25 M del, 10.M or more $1 M-f'o bj
Tomato: several varieties ves 25. M dl 5
an d10 M lots $1 M del

A Jo Nix Rel Flowery Braneh Ga
Charleston Wakefield and Late Flat
Dutch cabbage 20c hun $1.25 M del,
Tomato. and collard | same price; now
ee 3 EW Ga Stone to-

Tilson, R EI ijay
ets ee Late Flat Dutch cabbage 15c
ee phen, R 3 Etija Ga Late Wat
Dutch cab

$1.25 M del

Thomasville |

ne /Pink: bees 30 :


J M Nix, R-1 Flowery Branch Ga
Charleston Wakefield and Late Flat
Dutch eabbage 20 hun $1.25 M del; To:
mamto and collard same price; now
ready: :

Mis: Dinah Eller, \R 3 Ellijay Ga.June
Pink tomato and Late Flat Duteh cab-
bage 20ec hun; Stone tomato 15 hun

Miss Lee Crow, R 2 Flowery Branch
Ga Charleston Wakefield. and Flat
butch cabbage 25e hun $1.25 M del; 5
M or more $1M f 0 bs. New Stone to:
mato and collard. same price

C ..Waldrip,.R..2

ready 25 hun $1.25 M; 5 M or more
$1 M; Stone tomato same price
,, Clayton: Nursery; Mtn View, Ga Col-

lard large stocky plants 7dc M

T C Bennett,. R. 1. Flowery Branch
Ga Suecession and Flat Dutch cabbage;
New Stone tomato and collard 25c hun

B. Bennett,.R 1 Flowery Branch, Ga
Succession. and Flat. Dutch . cabbage:
New Stone tomato and collard 25e hun
$1.25 M del .

CF Maddox, R 2 Buford Ga. Large
variety. white stem Ga collard now
ready. 20e.,hun $1.20 M, 5 M or more
86e iM, all del: prampt shipment

Green Mtn Farm, Gainesville Ga To-
mato $1.20 M, 10 M or more $1 M; cab-
bage same price

Plant Co. Gainesville
$1.25 Wy 10 Me or
same price Bee te
G@ Crow, Gainesville Ga Tomato $1.25,
M;. Cabbage same price. del

C M Byrd, R 6 Tifton Ga Strawberry
plants $1:50 M f0,b

W C Clonts; Douglasville
lard Hasting variety. 20 hun

S White Leghorns
Hill Crest warm, Orehard Hill Ga-

xa, Cabbage
more $1 M; Tomato

Ga. Col-

Pullets Wyckoff strain 10 to 12 wks:
old from heavy layers $1 ea
T V. Pitts, R 1 Danville Ga 3 Ferris

strain Feb hatch cockerels $2.25 for lot
Or.-8be, ea:.f: 0 %b 5

C A Fiveash, R 3 Hahira Ga 40 hens
ang, 3. cocks 1924 and 25 hatch $1 ea
or $40 for lot f-o-b

T E Kirkland, R 4 Swainsboro
00 to 100 pullets Mech. and. Apr


Ferris strain; also 25 to 35 hens $1 ea

W_ Sanders,



Buchanan Ga Hens


Mrs..J: H. Leverette, R 1. Parrott Ga
15 eges for hatching 75c

die D: Atkins; RK 1. Aracom: Ga 41> full
bleed cock 10 mos old $1 f o b

Mrs. C i Howell, Roekmart.:'Ga~ 10

-cockerels Tancred. strain selected foi

stock from Hillhouse- Breeding Apr
hatch, $2.50 ea f o b or $20) for lot f o
b; also eggs same: strain $1 for 15

Crest Hill Farm, Ocilla Ga Several
choice cockerels 4 mo old from prize
winning stock $3. to $5 ea

Mrs i -T Peed, Butler
bred hens $1 ea

Cora; Williams, R 3 Witzgerald Ga 10

Ga 150 pure

or 12 pure bred hens Apr hatch $1: ea

FC Smith, Chickamauga Ga 15 Tan-
cred strain pullets 5 mo old fr om heavy
layers; exc for S L Wyandotte pullets
or Mch hatch Tarbox strain pure breed

O P. Shirley, Jefferson Ga 100 pullets

12 wks old Tancred strain $1.50 ea

J Carden, Seville Ga 35 Ferris
strain hens 18 mo old: $35 for lot; 3
young cockerels 18 mo old $1 ea

Peach Poultry Co. Ft Valley Ga Pure
bred trapnested Tancred strain .pullets
3 and 4 mos old $1.35 and $1.50 ' ea

Mrs KE H Nelson, Devereaux Ga
Choice. Meh hatch. cockerels from Ala
Leghorn yards. $2.50. ea

F J Dantzler, R. 4 Dalton Ga 2 Ferris
strain cocks:$1 ea or both for $1.50

J D Cash, Flowery Branch Ga Pul-
lets College strain 6 mo old now laying
$2 ea lots\10 or more or 95 ea lots 50

Mrs J.T Berryhilly R 5 Coehran Ga
10 Ferris strain hens i yr old $1.25 ea
goog layers; also one cock 2 yr old
$1.50 g

Mrs J R Gibson, Midland Ga Hens
Duncan strain; sell or exc for hogs

Mrs L G; Sanders, Dewy Rose Ga 2
cockerels: Apr hatch Ferris strain from
good layers. $1 ea or exe for 2 pullets
same strain and age

Mrs M E_ Meadows,
layers $1.25 pair

C H Davis; R 1) LaGrange Ga 6 Mch
hatch cockerels nice size. Ferris strain
$1.50 ea |

J P Williams, R C Griffin Ga 10 to
25 good. hens Wyckoff and Tancred
strain $1 ea or exe-for wheat or oats,
peanuts at market price or exe for S C
Red pullets

J Cowan, Douglasville Ga 8 pure bred
cockerels Apr hatch $1.25 ea

CM Keene, Tennille Ga Several high
grade Tanered strain cockerels Write
for prices, or exe for pullets same age
aeET EB Denham,


coke strain

Gainesville Ga. Suc: |
cession and Early Jersey cabbage now

15 pure bred Everla yv strain

se R i Layreneey ive Ga:


J' Robinson, Wiley Ga Ferris strain
12 hens 1 yr old $1.25 ea; 12 pullets' Apr
hatch .75. ea; 1 cockerel lL yr old $1.25
6 cockerels, Apr hatch 75e ea; entire lot
Sut fo. b

E M Causey; R 2 Rincon Ga Fertis
strain, 6 pullets May hatch $3:25;' 4
cockerels May hatch $2; entire lot $4.86
all f 0 b; exe the lot for 4 ducks and 1}

drake White Indian Runners not. ever
1 yr* old \
iy Lo Camp; Villa Rica Ga. tenes 15

mos old Hagan strain $1 ea*
Mrs /E HH Smith, R5 Cochran Ga 16
hens\ and t cock Ferris strain gt ea
C.F Abbott, Warrenton Ga 20 pullts
Apr hatch and 5 cockrels same age
$7 cs 9 hns 1924. hateh arid i cock
1925" hatch $1 ea or $32 for lot; exe for
ark Brown Leghorns, Bl Leghorns r
SC Buff Leghorns :

S: Brown Leetioris :
Mrs GT Trulove, Rod Stockbridge

tea Eges from Pormohlen strain $1 tor

15, 9 wks old cockerels$1.50 ei or 4 far


J B Loudermilk, Gainesville Ga Pub

letS 10 wks old 75 ea

Mrs E G Wood, Rockmart Gad pure

| bred Everlay strain pullets laying and

ready to lay $1ea fo b

Mrs GB Palmer, R 2 2 McDonough Ga

Apr hatch
75c ea fob

Mrs: PB Rathbone, *R* i Tignal Gee
Pure bred pullets Meh hatch ol ea or
5 pullets and 1 cock same age $5

Mrs H 'T Lumsden, Talbotton Ga,
and 10 wis old pullets Tormohlen straim
Everlay 65 ea; one cockerel free with
every 10 pullets

Bote: Legtorns

het Young; Box 927 Augusta Ga
Cockerels from Mammioth Farms 4 mo
cld $1:50 and $2 ca

Mrs J P Smith Sr. Honervitle Ga R }

Mens and cockerels $1.25 ea Hees $1.45

for 15
SC RV Reads aie

Home Nursery Co: Baldwin Ga
Owen strain pullets May hatch 75 ea:
25 May hatch 50c ea f 6 b or exe for in-
cubater, corn or wheat

Cae Fiveash, R3 Hahira Ga 20 hens
and*2 cocks Mech 1925 hateh Donaldson
strain $2 ea or $40 for lot; also few
young pullets.ang cockerels

Mrs R D Thomas, R. 2) Cathoun Ga
2 cocks $1 ea or exc for 2 hens same
breed ~ :

Mrs W N Davenport, Aworth Ga
Extra, fine cocks; exc for W Leghorn
pullets; One cock for 2) pullts

Mrs W W Trimble, Adairsville Ga

-Cockerels 75c ea

R D Thomas, Nahunta Ga-10 Apr
hatch pullets $1 ea; 5 good hens $4:50

Mrs Rose Danvers, R5 Buna Vista.
erels. 75c ea; also 16 same breed 3 wks
old 35 ea; fo b

A R Epperson, Commerce Ga Good
color Mch hatch pullets and cockerels
$1.50 ea ;

Two hens Mch 1925 hatch $4:25 ea or
exe for trio White Leghorns:or Ancen-
as same age; Address P O Box: 72, Pal-
metto Ga. :

Miss Belle _ Timmerman, Rronwoed
Ga Prize stock Donaldson and | Mahood
strain young cockerels $3ea; 2. for $5:
Hens $2 and: $3 ea, Eggs from, fancy
matings $1.50 setting or $5 huno

Mrs F R Vincent, Fruitlana Ga Hens
$1.50 ea

Longview Red Farm, R 6 Carroliten
Ga Dec and Jan hatch coekerels, aise
cocks good size and color; mated pens
in young and: matured stock alt grown
birds blood tested; also hatching eoge
$6 hun

Mrs H B Cox, RC Cordele Ga Wew
cockerels from Rushs Special Ege
strain 4. mos old $2.25 a: f of
| Miss Florence Horne, Grovetown Ga
25 hens 1925 hatch dark red good Jayers
pure breq $2 ea; 2 select cockerels Feb
and: Mch hatch $2.50 and: $2 ea

Mrs H G Brown, R 1. Stone Min Ga
Donaldson strain eggs $1.25 for 15 $2. 25
for. 30 or $6 hun del

Mrs D_ Donaldson,

Rl Decatur Ga
Fine early cockerels

from. trapnest

stock deey red $5 ea; pullets $3ea; Eggs:

$2 for 15 del

Mrs W G Hill, Butler Ga Hixtra fine
pure bred cockerels Donaldson strain
$3 ea :

Mrs J C: Doster, R 2 Campton Ga 19
Pullets Mch. hatch and one cockerel
Mch hatch $20 for lot or exc for Thomp-
BO Imperial Ringlet strain B Rocks .

D A Asbury, Jenkinsburg Ga Donald-

son best pen: 3 cocks $2.59 and $5 ea;
4 hens $2 and $3 ea; also Owen strain
cocks and hens

Mrs J E Sikes, Chester Ga Tack red. Bs
pullets from goog year-round layers Ape
ane a a ea; Jan hatch ae, to, eee


20 Apr hateh, 16 pullets and4 cogk-

Miss Gena Arnold, Rayle Ga Pullets
and cockerels spring. hatch. $2 ea fob
eaten Ga

eee Barred Rocks
Mrs A J Collins, R 1 Demorest, Ga
rks bred to lay strain cockerels for

reeding Mch hatch $1.25 ea; also few.

Holterman Aristocrat strain $1. 50 ea

Mrs W W Trimble, Adairsville Ga 8
fine chickens; 3 cockerels and 5 pullets

mos old $5 for lot
Mrs J D McIntyre, Ousley Ga Parks
strain cockerels Feb Mch and Apr
hatch $2.50 $2 and $1.50 ea; Three 1925
-Mch hatch $3.50 ea or $10 for 3; One
fine cock 2 yr old $5; all Parks strain;
exe cockerels for nice pullets; selected
eggs $1.50 for 15 from prize stock

Cc C Brown, Ousley Ga Parks strain
extra nice Feb, Mech and Apr hatch
cockerels $1.50, $2 ang $2.50 ea, Two
1925 Mch hatch cocks $3.50 ea or $6.50
for. the two; One fine cock 2 yr old
$4.50; exc for select pure bred pullets;
Select eggs $1.50 for 15

Mrs I L Sowell, R 5 McDonough Ga
10 cockerels Thompson strain Apr
hatch $1 ea fo b

G W Sanders, Buchanan Ga 1 cock
Apr hatch 3 or 3 1-2 lbs $1.20

R McNeal, Green. Bush Ga Spring |

hatch cockerels Thompson strain $2
ea; two or more $1.75 ea
W P Jarrett, 750 Simpson St Atlan-
Ga 75 Parks strain pullets just be-
nning to lay; 40 one yr old hens same
breed with cocks and cockerels $2 ea
Mrs E G Wood, Rockmart Ga 8 choice
Thompson strain Apr hatch pullets and

. 1 cockerel from blood tested prize win-

ning stock $1 ea or $8 for lot, fob

Mrs N L Cook, 86 Jackson St New-
nan Ga Imperial Ringlet prize winning
Thompson strain breed coops 4 hens
and 1 cock $8; also 3 pullets and 1 cock-
erel 3 mos old $5
Mrs J EB Steadam, R A Bainbridge Ga
Thompson Imperial Ringlet strain eggs
-85c for 15; large lots 4 1-2c per egg; Apr
hatch cockerels from prize pen $2.50
ea; from second pen $1.50 ea

Mrs Eula Steadam, Brainbridge Ga
= Thompson Imperial Ringlet strain eggs
75e for 15; large lots 4 1-2c per egg; Apr
hatch pullets $1.25 ea; _cockerels $1.50
a same age
ET Boswell Jr. Siloam Ga Eg ges from
pure Thompson strain $1 for. 15 del;
Cockerels same strain $1 ea crated for

-F J Dantzler, R 4 Dalton Ga Parks
strain cockerels 3 mo old $1 ea
- Mrs L G Sanders, Dewy Rose: Ga One
Thompson strain cockerel Apr hatch

| Mrs O E Smith, Warthen Ga Pullets
and cockerels 3 mos old $1 ea

Cc Cantrell, R 3 Grantville Ga One
-eockerel Apr hatch $1.25.

Mrs A J Collins, R 1 Demorest Ga
Parks bred to lay strain Mch hatch
-cockerels fine breeding stock $1.25 ea;
also Holterman Aristocrat strain fine
eockerels $1.50 ea

White Rocks

r Mrs B Gordon, R 2 Rochelle Ga 4
pullets and 1 cock Fishel strain over 4
mos old $7 for lot; Cock alone $2
_J P Johnston, R 6 Dallas Ga Five 3
SS 2 mo olq cockerels Miller Strain. $1
ea fo b or $1.50 ea: del

Mrs C H Logue, Stapleton Ga 10
hens 2 and 3 yrs old; also one cock

ee 2 yr old no akin, Fishel strain $16 for

Mrs L P Mills, Brooklet Ga 1 cock
and 6 hens pure bred, no akin, $1. bo

= Partridge Rocks

Mrs Jesse Mixon, Ocilla Ga 20 hens
and 2 cockerels $1.75 ea 1925 hatch; 12
Meh hatch and Apr. hatch pullets and 1
cockerel $12

RW Clark, 358 Spring St Macon Ga
_ Bird Bros high scoring stock $3 and up
from show flocks

Mrs C E Richey, ochete Ga Nice

lot May pullets-and cockerels selected |

from special matings $1.50 ea; sons
ond cocks $2 ea :
Sete Anconas :

Mic: H C Carter, R 6 Valdosta Ga 200
hens 18 mos old $1.25 ea

ng aoe: hens, pullets, cocks ane cock-
ese at Savage, R 1 Lula Ga 5 cockerels

oe Batt {piohinous cae
Mrs | a P Myrick, Haddock Ga Fine |

pure bred cockerels $1 to 50 ea dur- |

ing Aug

Mrs W Giddens, Kirkland: Ga 30 pul-

Jets Mch hatch pure bred $1.50 ea or].
$39 for lot; exc 2 cockerels Cooks strain |

or sell at $3 ea :
. M Taylor, Ft Gaines Ga 25 pullets

2 1-2 Ibs ea pure Cook strain $1 ea f oO

kb fe lots 10 or more.

J J Fuller, Clarkesville Ga Pure bred
stock $5 pair

J M Owen, Fender Ga Pullets ct
hatch $1 ea; May hatch Tide ea

Mrs W E Webb Sr. Oglethorpe: Ga
Pure bred early hatch cockerels $2.50
ea; May hatch cockerels $1 ea; 5 hens
$2 ea; one cock $2; eges $1 for 15

Silver Lace Wyandottes
J E Allen, R 3 Forsyth.Ga 15 pure

bred pullets Apr hatch $1.25 ea heavy |

laying strain

Golden Lace Wonton
GW Sdnders, Buchanan Ga 11 Apr
hateh cockerels from prize stock 1 1-2
to 2 1-2 Ibs ea $1.25 to $1.50 ea or $15
for lot; Also few smaller ones $1 ea

White Wyandottes
Mrs J S Yeomans, Swainsboro Ga 1
cockerel 20 mos old, one eye out, $1.50
Mrs Janie Wainright, R 2 Hickox Ga
Regal Doreas strain hens and cocks
Martin strain $2 ea :
Mrs J E Steadam, RA Bainbridge Ga
Regal Dorcas strain eggs 8dc for 10;
larger lots 5c per egg; Meh hatch cock-
erels $2 ea; Apr hatch $1.50 ang $1.25
ea; May hatch $1 ea :

Mrs W A Sargent, 306 Fifth Ave Cor-
dele Ga: 10 cockerels and pullets Ger-
man strain Apr hatch $4 pair

Jersey Black Giants

G C-Reed, R 3 Flowery Branch Ga
50 pullets and 6 cockerels Mch hatch
Marcy strain $2 ea or $100 for lot

E A Lambert, Denton Ga Extra large
fine cocks Feb hatch Marcy strain $3
ea or exc for pullets and yearling hens
same strain

W Wright, Cairo Ga Select breeding

eockerels Marcy strain $2.50 ea f 0 b

Mch hatch

Mrs C West, Lilly Ga 20 hens 16 mo
to 2 yrs old Marey strain $2 ea; Two
16 mo old Cocks $3 ea same strain

H W Whitworth, R 3 Lavonia Ga
Cockerels Apr and May hatch from
prize stock Marcy strain $1 ea

Mrs W C_ Barham, R 5 McDonough
Ga Few choice Feb hatch cockerels and
pullets $2 ea

Mrs J C Thrasher, McRae Ga 5 cock-

erels $1.50 ea; 6 pullets $1.25 ea Mch

hatch; exc for wheat

W M Whited, R 2 Avera Ga 7 pullets
and 3 cockerels Apr hatch $1.25 ea or
exc for pure bred, Big Type Bi Guinea
gilt 60 or 70 lbs

C M Keene, Tennille.
18 mo old $1

Ideal Poultry Farm, Blythe Ga Sev-
eral Mch hatch pullets and cockerels
Marey strain; reasonable

Ga One cock


J D Atkins, R 1. Aragon Ga Two
Blue Game pullets Apr hatel fas eeere

J R Gardner, Lowist Grave Ga Pure
Dark Cornish Indian eggs $1.25 for 1d;
Cornish cockerels $1.25 ea

R Roberts, Ball Ground Ga Pure
bred Red Pyle Games crossed with pure
bred Red Clayburn Game; Mch hatch
pullets and cockerels $2.50 ea

H Sanford, Cartersville Ga One Red

| Quill cock $5 or exe for Fantail or Red

Carneaux pigeons

Mrs W T Brantley Jr. R 1 Ps ane

Ga 5 hens and 1 cock 14 mos old Corn-
ish Gmes pure breq $10 for lot or exe
Reds, Jersey Bl Giants; also 8 pullets
and 3 cocks $1 ea or exe for same num-
ber S C RI Reds or Jersey Bl Giants;
all young stock 4 mo old

A E Wammock, Harrison Ga Dark
Cornish Indian Game hens $2 ea; Apr
hatch pullets and cockerels same breed
$1.50 ea; all pure bred

sc Black Minorcas

Mrs E G Wood, Rockmart Ga. 15
choice pure bred Pape strain pullets
and 1 cockerel $2 ea or $30 for lot fob

R Rowe, Alvaton Ga 5 cockerels $1.25
ea_or $5 for lot Apr hatch

Wilson Minorca Yards, Martin Ga 4
cockerels Pape strain 6 mo old from
prize stock $2.50 ea or 4 for $8, 19 cock-
erels 4 mo old extra nice $1. a0 ea. or

| $13.50 for the 10
OH a ht, peers Bldg. Atlanta Oe 5

same number pure bred SC RI.

oF Fowler, R 3 eu = 7 eockerels

Bade strain 2 mo old $1 ea or $5 for}

lot; also pullets same strain
f G Thornton, Union Point Ga Cock-

erels 3 mo old 75 ea fob

Buff Minorcas _
Mrs J B Cullars, R 2 Daisy Ga Trio
about 15 mos ae $2 ea or $5 for the

H W Law, Fastman ie 5 hens and
s $12 lot :

i eaiitants

R W Clark, 358 Spring St Macon Ga

Gee ee Golden Sebrights $5 and up;
gs $5 for 15 ,

H Wright, Peters Bldg. Atlanta
Ga Buff Cochin eggs $1.50 for 15

H W Law, Eastman Ga Golden Se-
brights. cockerels $2.50 ea

H Sanford, Cartersville Ga Golden
Sebrights; exe for Fantail or White
King pigeons

Mrs C R Sorrells, R 1 Sashae Ga
One ee mixed Sebrights Apr hatch
$1.25 pair; Young bantams 2 mo oF
same breed 25c ang 35c ea

Light Brahmas

Villa Viscaya Farm, Doerun Ga 195
hens and 1 cock $1.50 ea or $20 for
lot; exc for pigs

O H Wright,.Peters Bldg Atlanta Ga
Giant strain eggs $2 for 15

C P Colclough, Maxeys Ga Eges
from Balch and Brown strain $1 for 15

'del; Young stock 6 to 12 wks sea) reas-


Blue Andalusians

J E Watkins, Ball Ground Ga Few)

cockerels = ea; two pullets and 1 cock-

-erel $6

MIXEDTable Use

JR Harvey, Lumpkin Ga Fat frying
size chickens 1 to 2 lbs ea 30c lb f 0 b

R Cousins, R 3 Greenville Ga Nice
fat .friers 40 Ib

LH Cousins, Greenville Ga Fat. fry-
ing size chickens 45c lb

J H Leverette, R 1 Parrott Ga 10 or
15 dz eggs mixed; market price |

Mrs E G Wood, Rockmart Ga 8
healthy fat mixed hens $1 ea or $7 for
10b fay :

Mrs F R Vincent, Fruitland Ga 75
hens mixed, part R I Reds Donaldson
strain $1 ea for entire lot

Mrs G Hackle, R 1 Uvalda Ga 35 or
40 hens; make best offer

3 Baby Chicks

Woodlawn Hatcheries, 51 Williams
Mill Road, Atlanta Ga Pure bred B
Rocks and.R 1 Reds $14 hun, $7.50 for
50; Pure S C W Leghorns from fine
laying strain $11 hun or $6 for 50 del;
hatches each week

Ideal Hatchery, Riverdale Ga SC R
I Reds, S C Barron strain W Leghorns
from trapnested stock; blood tested

Blue Ribbon Hatchery,
<nconas and S C W Leghorns $11 hun;
RI Reds, B Rocks and Buff Orphing-
tons $15 hun, Sept 1st delivery; All
from pure pred blood tested stock

Mrs E H Smith, R 5 Cochran Ga Day

cld mixed 10 ea

Mrs T J Ray, R.1 Stone Mtn Ga SC
R I Reds Sept delivery 15c ) Donala-
son strain

J lL York, R 1 Demorest Ga 2 hens

and 1 tom, also 2 young ones Mch

hatch $8 for lot
E L Dixon, Blackshear Ga 2 hens
2 yr. old, 2 hens 1 yr old, one tom 2 yr
ol 11 Mch hatch, 11 Apr hatch $150
for lot; one hen now setting on 12 eggs
OL Andrews, eee eee Ga Bourbon

Reds; 1 tom ang 2 hens 1925 hatch; alse}

10 young ones 3 mos old $25 for lot
f 9<b-

M J White, Tugalo Ga One White

Holland tom and hen $10


Atlanta Ga


Mrs W B eat wa Gas 2 ME=
turkeys 3 wks old $5; Six one wk old

$3.50; Toms and hens 4 mo old, I

$5,-4 hen $3.50

GL Freeman, R 6 Forsyth Ga Gen-
uine wild Mallards $2 ea -

Mrs Esther Lewis, R 2 Rydal Gai 4
ducks mixed, ducks and 1 drake $5
for lot or exc ao B Rock chickens or
turkeys, young stock ~

: Mrs J T Berryhill, R

ea or $20 for lot
Folkston Dairy Farm,
large Muscovy and one
drake $5 for lot or exc for pig
Mrs W McL Edson; R 1 Tiger Gas
Pure bred Indian Runners heey: laying

young. :

strain. $3 pair

K Potts, Gabbettsville Ga Buff Or-
phington ducks last year hatch and this
year hatch; sell or exc for young tur-
keys or White Chinese Geese

Mrs J A McCale, R 2 Fitzgerald Ga

|4 hens; sell or exc for R I Red hens


G J Tyson, R 6 Wrightsville Ga 25

head full feathered $1 ea f 0 b

C C Brown, R 1 Ousley Ga 12 pure
bred Red Carneaux pigeons, fine layers.

$6; exc for 7 B Rock pullets well mark- =.

ed Mch or Apr hatch
(Mrs J D McIntyre, Ousley Ga 12 Red
Carneaux pigeons fine layers $5 or exe
for 6 pure B Rock pullets Mch or Feb
hatch; or exc for 6 nice pure duck hens
grown stock
-R A: Underwood, Milledgeville Ga 4
grey buck full grown $1; One grown
white pinkeye doe $1
LN Patten, Abbeville
singers $5 ea or $6 pair 5S
Mrs L D Fulghum, Lavonia Ga 12

Ga Canary

spotted guinea pigs 4 to 6 wks old $1 :

pair; 3 male 3 mo old 7c ea

F -I Baker, Box 244 Columbus Ga 15
pedigreed: New Zealang Reds does, z
buck 8 to 18 mo old; exc for broilers
or hens for table use; state weight of,
brboilers and hens

R'B Crowder Jr.
Zealand Red rabbits 2 1-2 mos old $1
pair fob

GA Palmisano, Athens Ga 4 New
eZaland Red bucks 4 mo old nice type |

and color fram. reg stock. $2 ea or exc
| for canaries

D B Scott, R 3 Adairsville Ga 1 eo vape
Belgian Hare buck $1

C Harman, Stovall Ga 3 white rab-
bits, 1 buck and 2 qoes 50c ea fob. .

F Shirley, Alto Ga White pinkeye
rabbits; 1 buck 15 mo old $1; 2 bucks

2 and 3 mos old $1.15; 2 ones, es

mo old $i or $3: for lot


J M Pitts, R 2 Valdosta Ga Green
peanuts for boiling $2 bu f 0 b 2

GC Nunn, Perry Ga ane all varl-
eties sau delivery


_ Manor Trading Co. Manor Ga Pure
Ga eane syrup in 35 gal cypress bbls_
$20 bbl for A-1 grade, $18 bbl No 1 fo b

W S Booth, Manor Ga Pure Ga cane
svrup in No 10 cans 80c ea, No 5
45c ea lots 1 case and up, fob

P B Phillips, Quitman Ga Pure Ga
ribbon cane syrup in new cypress bbls
60c galfonh

LH Edenfield, R 3 Stillmore Ga Fan- :

cy Ga sugar cane syrup 1924 run bright
ang mild flavor No 5 cans 85c ea, small
or large quantities, all del

G C Nunn, Perry Ga New Sorghum _
syrup in gal cans $1; in half gal cans

| $1.10 gal

AJ Sisicidend. Valdosta Ga Pure Ga~*

{cane syrup in new 35 gal bbls 50e gal





(Georgia Farm Lands For SALE, WANTED or RENT)

2 wanted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This saoilenent will be issued
once a month and will only be sent to those who request
it. No Ad will be repeated unless sent in each month.
All ads must be in before the first for that months issue
Full description should be made and price must be giver,
either Sale or Rent, otherwise not elligible. . _ %
REMEMBER we have no permanent mailing

supplement, reanett Pius t he made | i EACH ISSUE as

list for this

5 Cochran Ga
112 grown colored Indian Runners $1 ea,
an layers; also 14 young ones We :

Folkston Ga

Sunny Side Ga New 5


. 1 Uvalda Ga 8 or

erop peas $3 bu_

Farm, Abbeville Ga |national Corn Shredder, 4 roll size good|

white Blackeye peas

JB Sedberry Co. Atlanta Ga Inte:


te, Rex Ga Cotton gin out-
poeins, DB Press; 40. P
Lummus -air
rery good condition Write

H P boiler,

iams, Millen Ga Two 600
incubators; exe for yellow
_ or good heavy Fulghum

- Williams, R 3 Flowery

Farm tools and
one man saw

ywnson, |

1-2 in. $65

scke, R 3 Hartwell Ga One
hattanooga cane mill, three
ightly weather worn but

on $25 f0b

en, R 2 Royston Ga Cut-

fit cornplete with power on
ruck wagon; sell or exe for
Yhevrolet truck or 1 1-2 H P


Hogansville Ga One com-
tfit consisting of 60 H P
' P engine, 4 60 saw Win-
$300 cash balance one year;

Rev Press, shafting,

ed not over 2500 bales cot-

-E Chastain, Montezuma Ga

ectric churn $10
T Thens, Butler Ga Putnam

d condition. $3.25; exe for
dried apples or 4 dark red

rain R I Red pullets
nes, 73 Milledge Ave Atlan-
d feed cutter and attachment
forage into meal; sell on terms

Gabbettsville Ga One gar-
ood condition with ail attach-
0 f o b; One Prairie State in-
00 egg good condition; write
One Daisy churn 10 gal ca-

ood condition, capacity 16 No
or exc for rye, honey or oats
itcheH & Co. Barnesville Ga
ller $20

own, McRae Ga Combination
os anq traction engine


lia Hodges, Manassas Ga 390

bator, Cyphers make $25 or
Leghorn pullets or Hens or

) b or exc for oats, wheat or

ewberry, Wellston Ga One 40
ho eld boiler and 35 H P engine
inch & Drumgo sawmill outfit
logging equipment, blocks,
chains, snaking tongs and drays,

xler, Fitzgerald Ga One 6 H
engine with boiler mounted
S; sell or exc for good two
on; also triple power Hercu-
p puller practically new; sell
or Ford truck cs
apleton, R 1 Douglas Ga Set
hh tools practically new; set
rims; 3 sets wagon rims; several
gon and buggy spokes sell or
ht Ford truck good condi-

Jements, Folkston Ga Set to-
es 18 x 20 ft barn, also patent-
urnace, used one season and
dition; sell cheap :
1 Youngblood, Waycross Ga
ground Acetylene light plant
S; sell cheap :
ck, Riverdale Ga Interna-
orn binder complete good condi-
, or exe for seed wheat or

wn Flatcheries, 51 Williams
Atlanta Ga 800 egg Wish-
ic egg turning incubator
condition oe
V Polhill, Hawkinsville Ga
e 10 acre skinner overhead ir-
ystem fitted for. assembling;
ngine, air compressor ,centri-
bp, gcod condition, cheap
Ancona Farm, Thomason Ga
uckeye Mammoth incubator
heap for cash-
ke, Hiram Ga 5 H P Hercu-
ce ngine, new -mag-

*s y

mle Offer 5 4

Talona Ga Avery

good condition $12; One}
ver hcilled turner good con-
One two horse wagon prac-

tt, Box 1516 Atlanta Ga 25
ar rig on wheels, 5-A Far-
1 with 48 in. saw and helt lo-
Roberta Ga; write for price

condition; One Williams No 2 Feed Mill
complete with fan; One Letz Feed Mill
No 244 with elevator and sacker; One
Letz Feed Mill No 180; One Meadows
24 in. grist mill; all good condition and
cheap ero ae S

J M Torrence, 110 Cooper St Decatur
Ga 6 H P Gray gasoline engine; Several |
circular saws 16 to 36 in. Several valves
for 1 1-2 and 2 in. pipe

Estes Mfg Co. Rex Ga One Empire
6 ft bolter or short log sawmill; Amer-
ican Mchry Co make, good running con-
dition, useq 6 mos; write for price

A S$ Jones, Dexter Ga 44 in. cornmill
top runner, 12 H P engine, 20 H P boil-
er, shingle mill, feed mill, bolting saw,
drag saw, lineshaft, pulleys and belts,
all complete; bargain ee

HO Williams, R A Millen Ga 2 Buck-
eye incubators 600 egg ea; bargain

S C Adams, Tugalo Good Fairbanks-
Morse 15 H P engine; cheap Moy

J H Levereite, R 1 Parrott Ga Fair-
banksMorse gas engine 6 H P without
magneto $50; Benthal Peanut Picker
5 ft long $275; Alamo 6 H P' gasoline
engine good condition $150 |

J Cureton, Austell Ga One Ottawa
Log Saw and 1 Sanders pea thrasher;
exc for good milk cows or 100 to 125
bs shoats :

National Pecan Groves Co. Flint-
side Ga Complete 2 70 Saw Continental
gin outfit; 30 H P Stationary steam en-
gine; screw press, complete with tramp-
er; 3 Oliver Bottom Plows for Tractor;
3 Sullivan-Towson Disc Tractor plows;
One 15-27 Case tractor 1922 model good
condition ,

W W Williams, Quitman Ga Two big
power cane mills, Golden No 36, also
two 16 ft copper evaporators

J J Mims, Boston Ga 24 in. Grist
mill $60 or exe for 20 in. mill

A S Crosby, Macon Ga Box 892 1200
egg triple deck type Oil Burner New-
town Giant incubator; sell or exc for
Tancred strain S C W Leghorn pullets

HF Shaw; Covington Ga 75 H P
Gen Electric motor and starter

R S Anderson, Hawkinsville Ga Lil-
liston Peanut Picker used very little;
Also steel corn crib crated, 500 bu ca-
pacity : Ries

J L Taylor, Talbotton Ga Two 60
saw Continental gins, D B Rev Press,
tramper, belts all complete; ginned less
than 2500 bales $225 cash

G-Garmany, R A Savannah Ga 120,
Lamp 32 volt Alamo lighting unit and
set 220 Amp and batteries; also 2 H P
Foos Horizontal engine, burns kerosene
or gasoline, 500 Watt 32 volt generator
with switchboard; cheap e
A P Clemons, R 2-Madison Ga 2
horse tooth harrow, Jno Deere make
$10: One 2 horse Rev disc plow Chatta-
nooga make good condition $10; One 2
horse riding cultivator Moline make
goog condition $10 One Woodruff shin-
gle mill complete with 2 saws $25

GM Shearouse, Guyton Ga Two 50
Hi P Boilers; One 50 H P Engine H S
& G; One 30 H P engine, Atlas; Qne 20
H P engine, Atlas; Fordson Tractor and
Houston Skidder with 400 ft cable; 1-2
ton 12 lb steel rails; Lumber truck; two
52 in. circular saws; one 50 in. circular
saw; one cutoff saw mandrel, pulley
and belt; No 2 Lombard Mill and Car-
riage and saw; Good belt feed; sell any
part of this machinery at sacrifice

Miss Ida Mae Billings, Dover Ga
Pair Dayton Computing scales, cheap

Villa Viscaya Farm, Doerun Ga Imp
Oliver two. horse transplanter $15 or
exc for pigs :

Wilson Minorca oe Martin =
Old Trusty incubator. egg size
condition S10 or exe for 12 Bl Minorca
pullets Apr hatch pure Pape strain

j% T Boswell Jr. Siloam Ga Peerless
engine high pressure 20 & mounted;
Vance 20th Century sawmill and belt
feed; Tom Huston Skidder with 700 ft
cable and necessary pulleys, hooks ete;
Fordson Tractor practically new; Mo-
line Tractor good condition; New Wes:
tern Electric 32 volt generator; Delco
plant with 16 batteries; Ford truck good
running condition; Sunlight Acetylene
Lighting plant with house fixtures

GB Palmer, R 2 McDonough Ga One
Blue Flame. 500 chick brooder goed con:

iti 19. f 0: )0r: EXG. : :
Tee Adairsville Ga 8 H P Mogul
International gas engine good comm
tion, burns: kerosene. or gasoline; one
24 in, Meadows grist mill steel frame
used short time, newly dressed; also.
20 in. Meadows grist mill wood
poth good condition; one corn sheller,

ers all good condition; also 10 HP a
tan International gas engine burns
sene; make best offer for

lineshaft 1. 11-16 pulleys, pelts, hang:

J H Harp, Blakely Ga One 2 horse

_| three roller cane mili and 100 gal kettle
L Wallace, Bowdon Junction Ga.

1927 model sol hot brooders; write fer
prices and information ay

L Maddox, R 3 Hoschton Ga One
good spreader good condition 12 in.
re operated by hand or power $15-

oO 5 %

T B Thomas & Son, Thomasboro Ga
One Fairbanks-Morse 28H P kerosene
oil engine, and one 30 in. Meadows grist
mill $200;-also one Fairbanks-Morse Z

type 3 H P kerosene oil engine now in

operation with magneto $40

Mrs O N Sloan, Moultrie Ga One
Primrose Separator good condition;
exc for 75 W Leghorn pullets, ne culls

C M Crow, R 1 Flowery Branch Ga
One 41-2 H P Olds gas engine good
condition $42.50; exc for corn or baby
chicks :

M W Pournelle, Vidalia Ga 60 H P
boiler; 40 H P engine now in use, good
condition;. make best offer

J V Braswell, R 2 Rockmart Ga One
Chattanooga syrup mill No 13, and 10

ft copper crimp syrup pan good condi-
tion $25


H E Bowman, R 3 Buford Ga Good
wool unwashed 40c lb i

Home Nursery Co. Baldwin Ga 56
No 3 tin cans Elberta peaches cold
packed $6; less quantity $1.50 dz

J C Dodd, Cleveland Ga 36 qt jars
peaches; 6 half gal jars peaches; hand
peeled and in heavy syrup; 6 half gal
jars huckleberry 25 qt

JI T Stafford, Bonaire Ga 200 rods
of wire 32 and 38 in. 6 in. mash

M F Lewis, Adairsville Ga Whole
wheat Graham flour $5 hun lbs f 0 b

W D Vaughan, R A Point Peter Ga
10 cords good pine suitable for stove
$3.50 cord at home or $4.50 on car; exc.
for goog shoats 5 ;

A A Hurst, Bremen Ga About 200
cottonseed meal sacks; make best offer

H A Butler, Tiger Ga 200 Ibs chrone
tanned lace and harness and shoe leath-
er 65 Ib

MeGarity & Rodgers, McDonough Ga
150 white oak cotton baskets 90c to $1

T L Timmerman, Bronwood Ga One
Studebaker two horse wagon practical-
ly new $90 cash.

R C Moore, R 3 Rockmart Ga Hand |

made white oak feed baskets 3 peck size

-60e ea del

L E Harrison, Dublin Ga Vinegar
white and red in 50 gal bbls 15c gal
f o-b ; re

J B Saye, Newborn Ga 50 cords wood;
make best offer f o b Broughton, Ga

G T Sasser, R B Cairo Ga Hang made

rockers $4.50 to $5 ea; stool chairs $1.75
ea; Baby rockers $1.75 ea; Baby table
chairs $2 ea; all bottomed with cow-
hide, f o b

C M Crow, R 1 Flowery Branch Ga
200 ft 3-4 in galv pipe used very little
Te ft or exe for baby chicks

W D Pearson, Willard Ga Good white
oak basket 85 to 100 lbs cotton $12 dz
or $1 ea; Corn baskets 5e ea; all f o b
-M F Barnes, 73 Milledge Ave Atlanta
Ga 100 oak fence post 7 1-2 ft long

Mrs M E. Williams, R 3 Flowery
Branch Ga Canned berries 25c qt; can-
ned peaches 30c qt; canned tomatoes
25e qt

WA Smith, 102 Bay St Savannah Ga
Ground oyster shells for chickens $1
hun lbs, $18.50 ton f 0 b ;

Mrs J R Olliff, Graymont Ga 31 Ibs
wool in the grease, no burrs; make best
offer . ;
C B McDowell, Texas Ga 40 rods
second hand garden anq poultry wire
5 and-6 ft high good condition and
practically new; write for prices

The Roller Mills, R 4 Franklin Ga
Bridge lumber, weatherboarding ceiling.
flooring, framing and shingles

EB Parker, Quill Ga Roots, herbs,
barks and leaves any quantity; write
for prices : :

W H Mitchell & Co. Barnesville Ga
3 extra good wagons Slightly used bar-
gain; Tenn 56 in. track; Set dbl driv-
ing harness, no collars and no bridles.
good condition; sell or exc

J B Miller,, Gainesville Ga Heavy
two ton wagon, log or wood, two ton-
gues oxen or horse good condition $40
f o b or exc for good cow,


I, H Edenfield, R 3 Stillmore Ga New
crop honey in 1 Ib sections 24 to stan-
dard display shipping case $6; with
ease; chunk honey in comb No 10 buck-
ets $1.85 case of 4 $7; comb in bulk
about 70 Ibs to can no less shipped in
bulk 15 Ib_ sa

la IN Hodges, Oliver Ga 5 cases section


honey 24 each; one case 32's


|comb honey in cans 40 to 70

Ib fob
erat Pont RL
Ibs nice red honey in white comb Make
best cffer cu pies Go

J A Crummey, Doctortown.Ga Pure
extracted honey; 6 No 10. pails
$6.40; 12 No 5 pails to case $7:40 f 0 b;
10 lb-pail postpaid $1.75 including third
zone; 5 Ib pails postage $1; 5 large bbls
about 50 gal ea $1.10 gal in bbl lot
only |

DN Smith, Toomsboro Ga Two cans
A-1 comb honey average 70tbs i5c Ib

M D Hay, Hinesville Ga Choice ex-

tracted honey in 60 Ib new cans 10c
Ib f 0 b; Faney chunk comb -honey in
shallow supers or in new lard cans 15
lb f o b; also both extractedand comb
in 16 oz jars of 24 to case, and in 16
Ib cans of 6 to case _
_ A G Oliver, R 1 Meansville. Ga See-
tion honey 20c Ib de} from 50 hs and
up; Nice bright honey cut out of see-
tions in lard cans 50 to 75 Ibs eaxlbe Ip
T0:-b :

P E Johnson, Manassas Ga Bright
honey in 24 Ib shipping cases: $4 case;
bright honey in 60 lb cans 14c Ib; amber
honey in cans 12c Ib f 0 b

Mrs F R Vincent, Fruitland-Ga Nice
ne_whoney in 5. Ib cans $1.35 det 5

Mrs M E Williams, R 3 Wlowery
Branch Ga Good new honey in glass
cans 25c Ib :

ry honey in 5 Ib buckets; extracted 18
Ib; Ty Ty honey slightly re@.t5c Ib
fob e

B F Giles, R 4 Doerun Ga. Amber
comb honey in cans 60 Ybs 12 1-2e.
Ib f 0 b : : :


J H Lawrence, Middleton Ga 4 corn
fatteneq hams smoked and nicely cured
35 Ib

Crest Hill Farm, Ocilla Ga Nice coun-
try cured hams*smoked 6 to.10 Ibs 30e
Ib 0 \

R Rowe, Alvaton Ga 2 hams smoked
with. hickory wood 37 Ib del
C G Oliver, R 2 Barnesville Ga Nice

corn fed country cured hams 40e Ib del;

|}2 country cured shoulders 24 to 26 Ibs

82c Ib del

-Womans Department

Mrs G Conner, R 7 Gainesville Ga
Rooted, red, white scarlet and pink ge-
raniums 20c ea or 2 for 5c; Boston,
sword and mixed ferns 20c ea~Carmine
Fuschia 20c, salmen pink orange and
red sultanas 20c ea; dbl petunias alk
colors 10c ea, salvia 10c, colons. all eol-
ors, also trailing 10c, begonias att kinds
25c ea; cactus 10c rooted
Mrs W L Guillebeau, R 6 Lineotnton

|Ga Ostrich plumes, sword anda droop-

ing boston ferns, large plants ea 50e;
6 cuttings fine dbl geraniums 30c giant
snapdragon seed, all colors; pke 10e;
blue roman hyacinths bulbs 40ce doz;
mixed sizes 30c; will exc blooming size
bulbs for white roman hyacinths

Mrs C L Hamby, Greenville Ga Daf-
fodil bulbs and zennia seed, exe for
flour sacks at 6e ea; bulbs .28e doz,
seed 10c pkg .

Miss Grace Carte Lake..Park Ga
Red sultana plants 25c ea; white, sal
mon and red sultana cuttings 3 for 25e;
pink justischia cuttings 2 for 25e;
Thurston, mapleleaf and guinea wing
begonia cuttings 2 for 25c; trailing
queen colons rooted 25c ea; cuttings 50e
mixed color perry winkie plants 50e

un -

Miss Cuba Carter, Lake Park Ga
Boston, sword, Roosevelt, fluffy raffles,
ostrich. plume, dwarf sword and lace
ferns 35c ea; 3 for $1; blue wonder
lilly, Jong. narrow, dark green foliage
30c ea; red, white and salmon sultana

ton beefsteak and maple begonias 35e
ea; cuttings 2 for 25e; guinea wing, alba
picta, sarndersonia chicken. gizzard ang
grape begonia cuttings 2 fer 25c: large
pink cannas -green foliage 2 for 35e;
giant red cannas 4 for 35c :

Miss Pearl Brewton, R FE Statesboro.

finger cactus 5 ea; pincushion. cactus
5c ea; or any kind 6 for 25e
Mrs J F Bennett, R 2 Carnesville
Ga 1-2 doz sultanas, pink red, ete., be
ea; also 3 doz chinese lantern plants
15 ea ane
Mrs J F Tilman, R 1 Glennwoad Ga
Red canna bulbs, 20c ea; also salmon
color cannas 20c ea
Miss Willie Butler, R 2 Quitman Ga
Red, yellow and variegated canna bulbs

yellow and purp:


Ellijay Ga Several hun.

case _

J M Goolsby, R 3 Baxley Ga Gallber- |

plants 25c ea; cuttings 3 for 25; Thurs-~

Ga Blu and white dbl lillies 25e doz; .

Be ea; or 50c doz, Kudzu, well rooted 10c
jea; yellow jonquil bulbs 30c ea; orange
lantana 25c ea; purple Jantana 5c ea;*

BF Giles, R # Doerun...Ga: White
Ibs #2 B-2c

i kind of




: "Weenie s Department

Mrs T C Floyd, Chipley Ga R 2 Sev-
en rooted blue flower boxvine plants
35c; Six white flower German Iris bulbs
35; Four white Chinese Sacred lilly
bulbs 35: Four white March blooming
Star of Bethlehem bulbs 35c; 25 Apr
blcoming Star of Bethlehem. 35; Jon-
quils, daffodils; white and yellow nar-
-cissus, butter and egg bulbs 20 for 35;
Henderson white bunch lima beans. for
fall planting pint cupfull 35c; all post-
Miss Ida Mae Watson, Rd Pitts Ga:
Roosevelt and Teddy Jr fern large
bunch 20c ea: Rattlesnake fern 10 cut-
ting;,, mas, Crabclaw, Rattlesnake
bevil Walking Stick and Tree cactus
Se cutting; Large leaf pink: and white
oxalis 10 "ea: lemon. and mistletoe. ge-
fanium 10c cutting; St Bernard lilly
20c ea; Old rose color and pink with
white stripe Justischia 10c cutting; Um-
prella palm, 20c ea: will exc any of above
for pink or rd conk begonias or beef-
_steak begonia; add postage
Mrs L Aderhold, Lavonia. Ga 1. or-
ange sultana, 1 pink begonia, 1 unbrel-
la palm, 1 spengeria fern, 1 sword fern

all large size plants 20 ea or 6 for
& D Aderhold, Lavonia Ga 1 water

lilly;; orange. -sultana; pupen BrORe>
jew.-all for #25...

Miss Minnie Williams, Guletiahhe Ga
Ger aniums. rooted, pink, red,. white 20c
ea 6 for $1 or $1.75 dz; Large asparages
fern $4 all f o b ;

Mrs J S Yeomans, Swainsboro: Ga
Angel Trumpet big white bloom Oe: LNs
across 200 ea del

Mrs EL. Rogers, RB Griffin Ga
Sage plants 10c bunch; sweet violets ;e

25e hun; Iris lillies bloom white and
Javender mixed 50c dz or $3 hun Add

Mis. WE El Withite;: Re oth Commerce

Ga DbI red geranium well rooted 25e
ea Nmas red May and rattail tactus
well rooted 20c ea; Nmas Cherry well
rooted 20c; Maple and white
gonia well rooted 25 ea; mistletoe ge-
ranium. rooted 20c; Orange lantana well
rooted 25c; pink and white oxalis 10
ea: Boston and Spngeria fern 25c ea;
nickle and dime plant rooted 5c ea;
dusty miller 10 buneh; blue violets 20
dz; boxwood or dwarf evergreen 25 ea;
well rooted jonquils 20 dz

Mrs R Wilhite,, R 11 Commerce Ga
One dbl red 25; well rooted dusty 10e
bunch; yellow cannas 5c a; fire plant
10 ea; calladian 20 ea; Dollar plant
10c ea; white cone begonia 20c; lantana
orange olor 25; xmas Cherry 20 ea;
Xmas cactus 206 ea: spengeria fern 25
a; Green wandering jew 10 ea} big
green jw 15c ea; poxiwood 25e ea; pink
and white oxalis 10; rubber plant 20c
ea; Boston fern 25c ea; all well rooted

Mis A J Cotney, R'1 Butler Ga Wa-
termelon pink crepe myrtle well root-

-ed 25 ea; olg fashion velvet ross 10

ea; sweet scented cr eam and white. hon-
eysuckle vine 10c ea; Easter lillies 50
dz: add postage

Miss L M Davis, Silver Creek aG R 1
Blu flag lilly bulbs 25 dz; $1.50 hun;
Jonquils bulbs yellow June lilly bulbs,

Hutter and ese plants (not bulbs) gar-+

lic, ming and horehound 20 dz, 90
hun, $5 : add postage

Mrs Florence Robison, Jackson. Ga
White oleander rooted 15 ea; Red ole.
ander rooted 20 ea .

Miss Mary McIntyre, R 5 Fitzgerald:
Ga 20 asparagus ferns from seed plant-
ed: in. spring: exc one for. one of follow:
ing: Maidenhair fern, Moss fern, as-
paragus _plumosus fern, lace. fern. or
Boston fern, sultanas, any color except:
orange or American - Beauty, salmon,
orange or dark pink geraniums or ied
DESO ous

Mrs Olive Butler, R 1 Armuchee. Ga}
Nice size sword fern and date palma
25 ea: mistletoe geranium 10c or exc

for crested fern, rex Begoni 1a or ivy |-

geranium-any color

J E Jackson, Gainesville Ga Chrysan-
themums leading, varieties 5c ea; Verbe-
nas red, white, pink 2 1- 2c ea: Sultanas
4 colors 5c ea; Dahlias our selection
ecod varieties 5e ea; Dwarf Ageratum
2 1-2c ea: Snapdragons 4 colors 5c ea;
Coleus all kinds 2c ea: Geraniums 10c
ea $1 dz; Butterfly push 5, 10, 15 and
25e ea; add postage at rate lve dz

Miss Lue Etter Harrison. Dublin Ga
Nice well rooted water lillies 250 ea or

.B for $1: del
Mrs Lauren. Noble, Trenton Ga |
Gladioli- ORs War 500 dz; dbl flower:
ssus frag

2 ee Cuba. Garter, Tore Park | Ga
Boston, sword,. Roosevelt and dwarf
sword ferns 35 ea, 3 for $1; Blue won-
der. lilly, coral. plant, Thurstoni, grape
leaf and Alba Picta begonias, umbrel-
la palm | and blue hydrangia all well
rooted 30c ea or + for $1; Red, salmon
and white sultanas. 2dc. ea, cuttings $
for 25c; Giant Pillow of fire crimson
Bedder, Queen. Helen, and Req King
Humbert cannas $1 dz or L0G, 6a, <3. 10r

25; pation ae cannas, green. foli-
age 2 for 25c 5 for 50c; Spanish Palms
Wde ea

Mrs A Hudgins, R3 Rockmart Ga
Grape leaf begonia large rooted plants
15 ea; Dorothy Perkins roses well
rooted 20c ea; Hasting New Stone and
Redfield. _Beatity tomato plants 25 hun

del; Ruby King pepper green 60c gal

Miss O Tyson, R 4 Acworth. Ga White
striped jew euttings 3 for 5; White

Aug lily 15; Begonia cuttings 10c; pink

June cactus and red rooted 10c; pink
rooted hydrangias 15; pink and white
hydrangia cuttings 10; pink Justischia
rooted 10; Ice plant rooted 10c; pink.

| Fairy lily bulbs 10c; 6 colors dbl and

single Portulaca 3
of dbl red geranium

cuttings 10c; 3 shades
rooted 15; dbl

n,j| White geranium rooted 14c; apple blos-
som pink geranium rooted 15e; single

red geranium cuttings 5c
Mrs W M Jones, Lyerly Ga eed

stock of flowers consisting of large va-

dahlias, chrysanthemums
flowers suitable for

riety Poses; *
and many other
beginner: florists - stock}: waite for:
ther information

Mrs J C Morgan, Rm 4 Fayetteville
Ga Single blue Hepes 45c d or ext
for white or single.

Mrs C H Stamps, 16 whira St New-
nan Ga Caladium bulbs, wandering jew;

xe for sultanas, lantanas, begonias

Miss Lizzie Adams, R 1 Plains Ga
Rooted s cactus to exc for Ivy Ge-

Mrs Olive Butler, R i. Armuchee Gee
Nice size -sword ferns, date palms. 20
ea; mistletoe geraniums 10c or exc for
cresteg fluffy ruffle or Big Four fern
er umbrella palm, or Rex begonia

Mrs Dessie Hughey, R 1 Ranger Ga
Fountain fern, sword fern, Beston fern,
new shaking fern 20c ea or 6 for $1;
Begonias Gloria de Chattaline 20c ea
large size in bloom, 2 for 30c: begonia,

Rubra 200. ea or 2 for 30c; lantanas 15

a; fuschias 15c ea 2 for 25c; sultanas
old. rose color 15e ea; fire bal geran:
Som large size in bloom 20c ea; Rosebud
geranium old rose color plooming. size
20e ea; Angel Trumpet or wedding
bells 25e ea; all well rooted and deliver-
ed; any 8 of above $1 and 10c for pos-

Miss Cora. Turner, R 4 Cleveland Ga-
A. spotted Fuschia rooted 15; Pink ge-
ranium 10e bunch; 3 req geranium root-
ed 10e ea; one dbl petunia rooted 10c;
pink hydrangia 10c ea rooted; blue Aug-
ust lilly 10e ea; Mistletoe geranium 106
buneh; pink. oxalis 10 bunch; white
oxalis same price; joint vine 2 for 10;
add postage; no order filled for less
than: 25e :
_ Mrs Sallie Watson, R41 Pitts Ga Dark
purple and bright red verbena well
rooted 2 for 15e;, milk and wine lity
L5e ea; large dbl red canna with green
leaves 2 for 15c; solid yello wand red
and yellow variegated cannas 3 tor 10c
pink sand verbenas well/rooted 5 ea;
pot plants, St Bernards lilly 20 ea; um-
bella palm 20 ea: large leaf pink and
white oxalis 10c ea; exe any of above
for. salmon pink cannas; add ete
on orders for less than 25

Mrs Mary Ricks, R 2 Moultrie Ga
Mlephant ear bulbs 10c; wandring jew
Sc ea} purple verbena 5c dz; milk and |
wine lillies 5c for small. ones 20c for |
large; Love tangle dC} pink oxalis 5;
chrysanthemunis Dor dusty miller 5;
four: o'clock 10; carnations dark red
hl 25e; all well rocied exe any ofabove
-or lace fern rooted or geraniumsS roots
Justischia rooted; add postage on lil

Mrs $5 A: Nix, R 1 Fairmounut Ga
Blooming house leak 15c ea} red herry
pin cushion cactus 25c ea; Thunderbolt
has white blossoms 15c ea; snow on
}mountain 15e ea or exe for red dbl
paniuny or hydrangia. or dbl shaipavaein

Mrs Lb G@ Sanders, Dewy Rose Ga
Daffodil, butter and ege, cups and sau:
eers, white narcissus bulbs mixed 6 dz
$1; red, orange and rosebud dbl gera-
niums rooted 2 for 25c; Boston, Teddy,
Jr and Fishtail ferns 15c ea; white ev-
wrblooming begonia, orange *sultand,
May, Thanksgiving Star, Night Bloom-
fing: and Alligator tongue eactus: Pe-eax
Mall well rooted; white an reen and
green jew. 10e dz; larkspu: ea white:
pink: and: purple. mixed 10
ad postage on orde

/ Salmon eolor canna bulbs 20 ea; also

seeqg for fall planting le a :
Miss <A Butler, R 1. Armuchee
Gaillardias, . Jacobs Ladder,
Shasta Daisies 40c dz; wild ferns 30
dz: Boston Ivy 5 ea 6 for 25 Damsor
Plum. sprouts 12 for $1 fall del; Purple


white oxalis 4 for 25; Xmas cactus 2 Aes
15: Tree cactus wax plant de cutting
add postage

Mrs. E M Butler, Armuehee Ga Har-
dy white Achillea 50c dz 3 dz $1 or $1.50
hun; Bride Bouquet purple lilac 4 for
50ce, 10 for $1; Purple. and white iris

$1.50 hun; Yellow oxalis 3 for 25c; He-

liotrop 25c ea 6 for $1; Ginseng plant
6 for 50c;.15 for $1; Several different
kind box flowers and ferns reasonable
add postage en orders for less than 25
Mrs Bettie Roberts; R 3 Tallapoosa

Ga Creamy Gladioli pulbs: 30 dz: yellow
perennial snapdragon 20e dz} well root-

ed palms 40 ea; Feathery fern 25 ea:
exec some of above for late flat dutch
cabbage plants, and purple top white
globe turnip seed

Miss Maggie Couch, R 6 Gainesville
Ga Nice porch collection; one young
rooteq yellow lantana; 2 asparagus spen-
geria ferns; one white geranium one
bunch white striped jew 3 kinds oxalis
$3 for collection s NE
Mrs G T Thens, Butler Ga 1 large
lemon geranium 50 one. large white
conkshel begonia 50c; one large blue.
Plumbago 50 or 3 for $1.2 25: 3 dz large
size bulbs paper white narcissus 1-3
dz. cluster blooming yellow narcissus
bulbs 80c: lemon lilly bulbs 40 dz.
Miss Salena Hilliard, Fruitland
Sgl red geranium cuttings 10c ea; ne
gel wing pegonia euttings 15 ea; sweet
violets 19 bunch, Boston
rooted 25c: umbrella palm 20 bunch

Ga Red dbl ceraninms rooted 10c cut-
ting 3 for 10c: Xmas Snake. and May
cactus 3 for 196 red oxalis 3 for. 10c;
Justischia euttings 53 plumbago 5e
bunch; several colors blooming mess
10c; Aug lillies 5c; tuberose de; well

rooted black walnuts. 10 ea or 3 for
25e Reta : Ee
E Parker, Quill Ga Mixeq hoHyhock

seed colors dark red, pink, purple red
and orange 10e pkg; yard lilly seed color
violet 10 pkg; all del

Miss Masena. Hughey, | Real Ranger
Ga Carnations largexdbl red 20 fa cut-
tings 10c; Lantanas 20 ea cutting lie:
Mistletoe geraniums lic ea, euttings |
10; Gloria de Chattalaine Begonias 15
a; Fuschias 20c ea euttings 1c; Xmas
cherry 2 for 10; wedding bells 80 eas
Grape begonia lic ea; white blooming
begonias 20c;, little green Jeaf jew 5
for 10

Miss. Florie Hughey, R 1yRanger Ga
Blue sweet scented winger, blooming:
violets 15 dz: Carnationgg 0c. cuttings
10; Lantanas. 15 2; deep old rose col: |
or sultanas 20 cutting Ja a uschias
0c cutting 15;: Large:
yow in bloom Gloria. de j
gonias 20 ea; wedding bells 25, ea:
Grape begonias 15e; Xmas Aherry. 2: for
10c; Fountain fern 20}: Lange leaf jew
cuttings 5 for 10; Little 5 for 10

Mrs R P Steinheimer, Brooks Ga
Blue Roman hyacinths bulhakssingle 40
dz 3 dz $1 prepaid

Mrs C LL. Youngblood;

\ cay eross Ga

Tic and $1: well: rooted; Menas eactus
10 to 25

Mrs ME McClendon, Piften: Ga Cot-
ton mill hydrangia 5 colors.wh ite, pink
and purple iai*ge kind well: rooted: 10e
ea; ferns, Big Boston 10; ine. burr ge-
ee yell reoted) 10; alae Jilly Loe

: add postage

Ae Jeffie Ham, R 6 Feggyth Ga Db!

butter and ess bulbs; Powis, early

yellow narcissus,~Apr blooming white

narcissus; singlesHeht yellow narcissus
short cup variety, "ene epQor butter-
cup, all dry bulbs mixedenge: dz or $1
hun mixed varieties [RUNES

Miss Hildah Williams, #2. Moultrie
Ga Rooteg abl red gerantums 15 ea.
Single rooted geraniums | 10c; jew both
large and small 5e; purple -stripe jw 5c
cutting; elephant ear 10; amills cand wine.
lillies 15; add posti#te; ex for coleus
or red, white or purple one.

Miss Pearl Brewton,, Reis-Statesboro
Ga Blue and white dbl ltybulbs 25
dz; night cereas chetus and finger cac-
tus Be ea ory 6cuttings #er225; beef-
steak begonias, cutting siade; -ehicken,
gizzard beg gonja: ioe, Sas cose), fern 200

Miss. Lian Wright, Zebulon Ga
Large yellow winter blooming oxalis'
bulbs 15 dz:.add postage | :
Sultana. scarlet orange salmon pink,

Mis J F Tillman, R 1. Glandweee Gail:

red ones 20 ea; variegated four oclocks


and, pink verbenas 3 for 25c; pink and}

fern well).

Miss Maggie Martin, R 1 Gainesville |

on elo: ean out. each y

fants wear, carriage sets

Two yr old plants, Cereus, Granditlora t

vanity set $2; Embro

blooming white cluster n: rciss
25 .dz or $1.75 hun, $15= M;
pulbs early blooming long trump
dz $1.50 hun or $12. M; W 5
iris lilly roots 75e dz $5 h
must be added to all orders
than 100 bulbs
Cherokee Farm, West Be
{tings from. 45 different
Hardy blue hydrangia a
seme. root 25 ea; rooted. la
spirea 25c ea; cream garde
lies for winter 3 for. 50c, D
butter and egg: mixed 5
25 dz; milk, and wine li
Blanche Woodruff, Green
and pink sultanas, well
o0 well rooted boxwood :

crepe ABS trees, 1 to 3 i
eg 7D a or = ipe an dele:

Mis WN Davenpo:
Feather bed; exe for 20 \V
lets Mch or Apr hatch:
lows to exe for W Leg
pullets. for 1 five lb pili

Mrs GT. Trujove, BE 1 Ss
Ga New quilt - scraps; sell or
pullets or quail size turkey

Miss fda Baker, RI N
Ga. Patterns for working :

Mis eet Williains,
Apple jelly $3.50 az a '
$2 dz qts EOF Dae
Miss A Wood, 401 Highla
{lanta Ga 15 lbs n wsmooth
and linen quilt straps; 15/lbs
ored. silk and crepe scraps; e
package for 1 dz Meh or A:
pullets any pure breed, or fo

Gary C Griffin, Rocky Face G:
needles for making hookeq eye
yarn or rugs

Kittie Ledford, Blairsvill
needle baskets 50 to, $1. 50 e


Mrs Mittie Shropshire
Ga Nice tatted yoke; rea
Birdie Paul, R 1 Carlt
ee 18 1x ae in. oma

oF _Pesker a flower
fox: asks: ald rose and! yel
$2 del

* Miss Iara aoe 5s

sigh, any size $1.50 of 0 OE
Mis 1 GC Conner, R.7 G
Novelties of all kinds, ae

pillows, table linens and to
tor prices g :
Mrs Jl Wallace; R-4 Canon
broidered bedspreads | and p
to match. large size butterfly
set or-exe for chickens A HH
ed and hmstitched: table clotl
tt and 4x 6 ft $4 ca or AG a
Mrs Rosie Crowe, R 4
Crocheteg cap in lavendr tf
baby $1}:Cream and whit
ends 6 in. wide and 18
oe J L a R3 ce

eee write ae Htitee as

Mrs J H Stapleton, R1 Doug)
Sofa pillow top 22 x Bos
goed grade pillow top el
broidered: in Lotus leat,

= JeRE Flowers, 450
Apt..2, Atlanta Ga Lin

ners and center pieces $1,50 |

Miss Mirian Dewberry, 218
St, Savannah Ga; Eating

Miss Ruby Ca
Embroidered be:
in. sheeting wi
top to cover pillows
ed pillow cases in colors
$1.10. pair; Dresser scart
in colors $1; New quilte
Dbl tatting 40 yd; aprol
sheetingenibroidered in col
. Mrs A D Brinson, Cai a
and embroidery; write for
tatting for W Leghorn pullet
chiks:: customers send desig
siructions and state width -

_ Miss Ethel Lee Bers

R 2 Rydal, Ga 2
ea or exc for, baby

pullets, Parks strain | s
g back covers, chair |

sonable; dso 2 bed-
esign bowknot rose

e tulip. worked - in lavender;
r young turkeys, hens
rong healthy stock

: elrmdon, at 2 May-
pidered bed set
ae Hg coe has

Eehelea? edge; 2. scal-
Boe. ea.or xC er house

ae at spllenie thr ead. eae

i fe -alSo door panel partly
cine wide without tas:

ery s-
color. beaa thread re-
1B Jong Tne hss at

: boekct lions Seas with
or white done With color-

nen - table runners _em-
eolors*$2:50 ea;

: colors, tufted in

rs $2.50 ea; Kimonas. dit-
rs tufted in white $45 ea;
Beer Ons: ea in

Rising Fawn
handicer chiefs

ie Ghaiion: Norwood Ga
i $0.25 10r exe for 6 W.
sl yr old or not over <2

sasegegionn ' Bronwood
fi SBP S, WEICe, large en-

> Reavis, - niciien Ga 1 em-
edspread and pillow cases

1 with crochet edge $5;
oo embroidered bas-

R 1. -Yatesville- Ga
atting baby cap with ro-
ne sheet: hemstitched and |
it and . flowers embroidered

ie Ww cases to match 2
2a - |.25e; medallions for table runners, -cen-

phone 1 Woodstock Ga

"982: x 386 avorked .. on

embroidered in

nter design 27 in. dia and
_ ones. giet

re crochet of. white thread
one bedspread 80 x 90. in.
1 wreath and basket design,
r, also pillow cases to
) good size quilts $2.50 ea

eems, R 4 Talbotton - Ga
atting 15 yd. or: 3ayas
1 white tatting 20c yd or

Summers, tonechuse Ga 5

S $4 ea; one Windmilk de-
ilt. $12. 50; one Log - Cabin

Seay, R 4 Marietta Ga Sev-
embroidered with cel-

- crochet around edges;
pillow Cases,

pene 1 1-2

One nice collar made of ecru thread
grape design. ool.45;


: guaranteed

ix thread basket of}

|. Hand made chats for
| med -$2 f 0 p

just. finis

Mrs_C \ win, R 2 agebrsenus Ga

bed spreads different

colors and desis: ens; exe one gs ead ft
+| pair of 3 or 2 Be ee

4. mos old

Mrs As Wallace, R

4 Canon Ga N Nice

2 | embroidered bed. spreads and pillow

cases to match; worked in butterfly de-

sign; worked | in 7 colors of .fast color
thread 90 x 95in..$6 set oer exe for Mech
or Apr hatch -pullets pure bred; | _also
embroidery and, hemstitched. table cloths |
worked Mm. , pretty design | $40 ea. or exc
for- pullets

Mrs Mae Turner, R 4 Cleveland Ga

}One dresser scarf with star design white

lace on sonds and side, -one side about
in. and ends about. a in, $1. 5.0;

One rounding table
cloth lace crochet around it 9 or 10 in.

| wide $1.50: One doily made of white
erochet thread 10 in. B0c. or all for

Mrs Dessie Hughey, Red. Rang er Ga

Tufted bed spreads Magnolia design

tufted | thread

not to fade, washed and
| fluffed $4.25 ea del; Crochet. yoke aver-
age size old rose eolor guaranteed | not

in green an old rose

to fade, round. yokes for Princess. slips
: 92 25-.ea del |

Mrs M Ricketts, Ry Fairmount
Ga Tufted bed spreads made by .experi-
enced woman in following patterns;
wild rose, chain, border, basket, magno-
lia and, cirele basket in white or colors
on 87 in, unbleached sheeting $4. 7b e
add. postage: Embroidered all kinds
made to order; write for prices; Also

-tufted belster covers or pillow cases.

curtains, table runners, scarf, chair
tidies, cushions: to mateh. above spreads,

reasonable; Set of 2 fancy ribbon ros-

ettes for baby caps -
Mrs oC 46 Witleane. R .6 Dallas Ga
ppene, tufted hed spreads. tulip. design

$6; Sunflower design . $5; Basket leaf de-

sign: $4; Table cover 36 x 36. in. $1; .So-
fa pillow tops 55c; hand quilted | quilt
$4 or 2 for $6 del
Mrs SA Nix,;R 1 Fairmount.Ga Will
tuft bed spreads and furnish material
at .$5 ea; table runners and . bolsters
according to. size s

Mrs H L Huey, R 3 Decatur Ga 1
dress to fit child 2 to 3 yrs old made
of gold voile and smoked in black. nice
quality. material, neat werk $2 del

Miss Maggie Couch, R 6 Gainesville
Ga Single tatting anv color, crochet

/ doilies; crochet yokes of medallions with

different color edge $1.50 ea or make
on halves ;
Mrs Oliye Butler, R 1 Armuchee. Ga
Large size tufted bea spreads good
quality, unbleached cloth, basket and
rose design $3.50; white or colors, acorn

design $4.50; rose and medallion design


Mrs J A Johnson, R 2 Daisy Ga Ging-
ham pieced quilt tops Good News
full large. $3 del -

Mrs F J Dantzler, R 4 Dalton Ga
Hand tufted bed spreads; 1 set twin
spreads,_ rose, lilly pattern $8 set; one
set twin rose sunflower pattern $8 Ser,
Negro- Mammies 12 in. long Te; Tufted
Kimonas $5 ea

Miss Bevefly Hilliard, Fruitland | Ga |

Tatted yokes pretty designs $3 ea sin-
gle tatting 15c yd; dbl tatting 20c yd:
Dixie edge 30c; Hen and Biddy edge

terpieces and dresser searfs 10c ea

. Mrs LN Smallwood, R 31 Commerce
Ga Home made burlap rugs mixed col-
gr 24x 36 in. 75e ea del or a for

Mrs HE, ghadwick, mel Orange Ga
girl. nicely: trim-

Mrs J.C Adams, R
One set. crocheted table runner and
ecru color 14 k 12 tassel and all butter-

Tf fly. design; write for price -

Mrs J. L Hall, R3 Cumming Ga. Tuft-
ed beq spreads on bleached = or un-
bleached. sheeting; -polster spread to:
mateh; white or. color thread in. differ-
ent designs $6 to $12; write for de-
seription and price

Miss Pearl E Hyde, .R 3 Ellijay Ga
Hand crocheted neckties 50c ea; add

Miss Bonie acetate. R 1 Nicholson
Ga 6 yds single baby tatting | $1

Mamie Freeman, R 1 Nicholson . Ga
5 1-2 yds double tatting 20c yd or es: 10
for the piece

ittie Ledford, Blairsville Ga Hand
made lamp shades Nc 1, 2 and \38 made
in all colors crepe paper . BA: all eolor
voile $5; all color satin 45;. lace $6; silk
$8; Traveling bags made of. matural lin-

-en embroidered in cross stitch $2; nat-
ural linen table runners Poe

$2; OK fag i0 ee, ugs

mae ol
ed thread $5
ere ate


. : "Wbc
yd: one , bleached | bed an enibrold-
ered in colors | Re Three yds wide tit:
ting suitable for Sheets _ and pillow

| cases made of white thread No 30 $1

_ Miss Rosie Merrell, ,R 1 Reopyille Ga
Unbleached sheeting bedspread hem-
stitched and embroidered in | beautiful
design, -polster esign also in all colors
5; "One. natural linen table. runner with
punch work in pretty coors | tatting on
ends -$2.50: White table runner hem.
stitched and embroidered in pretty eoi-
Crs Toc, one pink centerpiece with
crochet euge- and puneh work flowers
$1; one 34 in. tan centerpiece ;

Mrs I Covhran, Adainsville Ga Ey-
erything in needle work line; write
Stating kind of work desired

Mrs T TW Diggs, RL Douglasville Ga

kinds of _tatting; Gingham quilt tops,
$1.25 ea

Mrs Liona Mathis, R 3 Cumming Ga
Large new. gingham | guilt | tops. St. 50

Womans Department

Miss A Butler, R 1 Armuchee Ga
Will tuft bedspread, pillow eases, dres-
ser scarfs, curtains and other tufted
work, any sizes and colors reasonable

or on Shares

Mrs Olive Butler, Rui. Aceaaieaae Ga
Will tuft bedspreads, pillow tops, scarfs
reasonable or on shares

Miss Juanita Butler, .R 1 Armuchee
Ga Embr oidery work or-crecheting on
halves or cheap for cash

Miss Elsie Kerce, R 3:Rome,Ga With
er tufted or. embroidered bedspread:
table runners, dresser and Jwash-stand
scarfs according . to. amount . of work

Mrs JP Owens, jt 8 Roopville | Ga
Will do embroidery or hand.tufting bea
spreads, pillow eases, or polster covers
to. match; scarfs, _table runners or any-
thing to he embroidered . or tufted; par-
ty furnish material thread and Seqign
and I do work on halves

Miss Nellie Hopkins,. RA Canon . Go
Will embroider bedspreads work |
lazy daisy stiteh $2; solid gs
$2.75; also work other pieces; write for
prices _

Miss Annie Dean McCart, R 4 Logan.
ville Ga Crocheting all kinds reason

Miss Adelle McCart, R 4 Loganvillc
Ga Crocheting or piecing quilt scrap:

Graduate dressmaker 13 yrs experi-
ence in dressmaking and milinery will
do plain and fancy sewing reasonable
state. what you have and what you are
willing to pay; Address Mar GS care
State Bureau of Markets, Atlanta. Ga

Mrs Belle Goddard, Goggansville Ga
Will make hair switches from combings
or bobbed hair; One stem switeh $t
three stem switch $1.50; Transforma:
tion $1

Miss Abbie Phillips, Clem Ga Tuf:
bed spreads; piece quilts; make tatting
or erochet reasonable

Mrs M H Ricketts, R 1 Fairmount
Ga Home sewing of any kind, also
-embrodery, . reasonable; write for prices

Mrs RC Fussell, R 2 Columbus Ga
All kinds sewing, embroidery | and cro:
cheting; ; reasonable

Mrs * Laura Baggett, R 1 Lyerly Ga
Tuft work, embroidery, crocheting, fan-
ey quilts: reasonable or on halves; .al
so. sewing done reasonable

Mrs T .W -Farmer, .Gainesville Ga
Fancy work of any : okind; bed Spreads
and bed room sets made to order; chil.

4 dren elothes made and. embroidered all
2: Biietion Ga-

work reasonable; write-for prices,

- Mrs E N Whaley, Mayfield.Ga Hand
made baby clothes. crochet | pootees |
searf ends, center pieces, ete., embroid
ery work; make children dress ance
aprons; reasonable z

Mrs G B Palmer. R 2 MeDenough Ga
Quilt scraps to piece on halves; also
make tatting at 20c yd for plain ang

Mrs Lauren Boble, Trenton Ga Blea-
ched muslin, sash curtains, etc; em.

|broidery or exc embroidered goods

Mrs C'L Howell, Rockmart Ga d2m.-
broidery and sewing of all kinds; reas-
onable: write for prices

Mrs A L Hudgins. Rockmart Ga R 3
Crocheting and sewing of all kines
reasonable: write for prices

Mrs i, Huey, R 3 Decatur Ga. will
make- baby caps or or eaieibe hang em-

Mrs Mittie Shropshire, Round Oak
Ga Sewing and tatting done reason:
iprboidery. ada lace pebrnilit from Tbe
ees rabies | of need! ewer

Single w hite tatting 20e yd; also other |

Woven rugs;

oats: exec. Wee:

Mies Teter: pikes
Ga Will embroider center pieces, fg,
towels, pillow cases and bed spreads
cheap for cash or.on halves, any, Gee
sign; reasonable _

Miss A Butler, R 1 Armuche Ga. will
tuft bed spreads, pillow cases, dresser
scarfs, curtains and. other tufted work,
any size and colors, reasonable, or work
on halves

Mors UG Sanders, Dewy Rose Ga Sew-
ing to do any kind, plain or fancy;
write for price and information

Mrs J.B, Cullars, R 2:-Daisy Ga Any
kind family sewing; infants lay out
according to quantity and work on

Mrs C Raburn, Ideal Ga Will cro-
chet for dresser scarts, table runners
and edgings and insertions; reasonable

MrsJ L,Hall,.R.3: Cumming Ga Dress
making; make dresses, shirts, or almost
anything; ; experienced

Miss Bonie Hreeman, R 1 Nicholson
Ga Will make crochet anq tatting reas-

Mrs 'S A Nix, R1 Fairmount Ga Will

tuft bed spreads and furnish material

at $5 ea: Table runners and bolsters
according. to size


Mrs Ge Manone ES osboed Ga,.Pur-

ple, lavender and white iris, flag lilly
} bulbs; Exe red canna. bulbs, slips from

exhibition strain -chrysanthemums. or
pay cash for same
FM Ellis, Griffin Ga Red crepe. myr-
tle seed, for delivery when ripe at .$1 1b;
no color but red wanted; also Camellia
Japonica seed; no cutting: S wanted
Miss Marion Allen, 313 Connally Bldg

}Atlanta Ga Goo size plants. of Leopard

Begonia (with soil) no cuttings, No e@X-

EL chs Huey, R28 sensed Ga
furnish material ready

to weave

Mrs. CA Gate LLANE face Ga
Hooked rugs :
Mrs J W .Hewey, R 3 Decatur Ga
12 good straw brooms; pay eash OP exc
for same

RS Anderson, Hawkinsville Ga One
car yearlings
oe Cooper, Perry Ga Car Black An-
gus yearlings; state price and loading


Mrs R-L Hudson, Camilla Ga Milk
cow; exc W Leghorn pullets and cock-
erels. for same

Methodist Orphan Home, Macon Ca,
Few good registered Holstein calvs


E GL Dixon, Blackshear Ga Full pblocd
}ampshire male shoat

JC Vaughan, 22 Suwanee aut Bor
3 Big Bone Duroc. silts pure bred -pre-
fer. gilts bred to pure bred boar of same
stock; also pure bred Duroc boar ready
for service; quote best prices f 0 b Du-
luth Ga . ;

M EF Lewis, Adairsville Ga 2
Duroe sow pigs; state weight and breed

Villa Viscaya - Farm, ,Doerun Ga Pigs
and feeder shoats; state wt. age and
orice ;

al ob Harp, Biakely Ga One P C boar
not over 125 Ibs; pay cash for same

H Bunn, Midville, Ca - 25 or 30.pigs
any breed; state what you have, age
and size

Mrs Della Hodges, Ma nadeae Ga Reg
Duroc gilts

A J Knight, Jesup Ga One Little Bone
Guinea male pig

H Cavin, Menlo Ga Real high pred


| trotting or pacing mare not over 6 yrs

old; give full details ang price

FS Anderson, Hawkinsville Ga 1 car-
load stock sheep
HE Bowman, Buford Ga 1 large Reg
Shropshire Ram about 2. yrs old
J B WDockins, Rabun Gap Ga One
earload Ewes

D Joseph Co. Columbus Ga 170 tons

well baled oat straw; delivery to begin
Oct Ist and continue at rate one car

per wk :

Johnson Co Live Stock & Produce Co.
Wrightsville Ga 500 bus Fulghurn oats
in even wt 5 bu sacks: 300 bus Rust-
proof oats; 50 bus Abruzzi Rye; 25 bus
Ga tall growing even wt sacks;
send samples and: prices

-R P Steinkeimer. Brooks Ga Rye,
nd ae Boll cotton

ne 1s ee oo ee


ET Baker, Box 244, Columbus. Ga
: Squash, snap beans, butterbeans, toma-
toes and all kinds vegetables; state kind
quantity and price

Mrs J H Rogers, Manassas Ga 1 bu
jold fashion horse apples; exc {opu tert;
fer pears ripen in Oct for same


Johnson Co Live Stock and Produce
Co. Wrighteville Ga 100 lbs Rape seed

~P S Knox, Thomson Ga 100 bus Ful-
ghum seed oats; prefer Vetch seed mix-
ed with: them; also 1000 Ibs screened
Burr Clover seed

Graham Bros. Baxley Ga 50 bus seed
rye; reasonable

VR Bush & Co. Albany Ga Genuine
Abruzzi Rye and Fulghum seeq oats

Mrs C Douglas, R 1 Alma Ga Burr
clover seed

Coleman & Chandler, Tifton Ga 100
bus Abruzzi seed rye; send samples
and prices


Mrs J ke Wallace, R 4 Canon Ga 1
large W.-Rock cock about 1 yr old with
yellow legs and practically no tail:
must be from good laying strain and
large size;-reasonable for cash |.

_ Mrs 'F J Collins, Lyons Ga Baby

chicks to raise on halves; any large size

Peach Poultry Co. Ft Valley Ga Hens
for tabte- use; also friers; state age, var
riety and price

Mrs R Birk, R 2 Madison Ga Rose

- 2omb WwW Wyandotte pullets 6 mos old
pest. price

oR & Heyl; Poulan Ga 2 Br ieehors
cashes: tyr old; must be reasonable

Woodtawn Ilatcheries, 51 Williams

Mill Road, Atlanta Ga Eggs from pure
bred flocks B Rocks, S RI Reds and
g CG W Leghorns; 100 lots and up for
fall season; also eges from flocks with
trapnested records above 250 eggs-

Ww A Reese, Tallahassee Fla 50 baby
ehicks to raise on 8 or 10 wks
old; any large breed
> Mrs W C Johnston, Goggansville Ga,

- One Light Brahma cock 1925 or 26 Feb
er Mch hatch; must be pure breed fyom
heavy laying strain; state age and)

Mrs J A Kell, Calhoun Ga 100 pure
pred eges from gopd stock to set incu-
bator em halves

: Mrs Ti W Bennett, Hazlehurst Ga 200
baby chicks to raise on halves; R I Reds
and BuffOrphingtons preferred :

W G.-Dobbins, R 4 Marietta Ga Pair
pure bred Golden Sebright Bantams
about 8-mos old; must be cheap

Mrs Della Hodges, Manassas Ga W
TARP ORE: pullets Mch or Apr hatch
1 C Somes, R 3 Elberton Ga 500 or

seen: White or B Rocks, Lghorns to
raise on halves |

Mrs: Sybvia. Williams, R 1 Oak Park.
Ga 150: Plymouth Rock or RI Red ba-
by chicks:to raise on halves to 12 wks


Mrs Jo R Gibson, Midland Ga This

year hatch turkey hens

Mrs. J R Gibson, Midland Ga This
year hatch ducks

J P Cooper, Perry Ga se guineas; 11
hens and 1 rooster si :

K Potts, Gabbettsville-Ga 1 or 2 pure
White Chinese _ganders

> Woodhft Plant Farm, Flowery Branch

Go Pay cas hfor. peafowls
TL. A Palmisano, Athens Ga Pair can-

aries sotiq yellow preferred; give de-

aS scription and best price; will exc rab-
bits for same

Fow female canaries: give full descrip-'

tion, age and best cash prices; Address a

P O Box #999, Atlanta Ga.

Mrs J J. Wallace. R 4 Canon Ga 1-2
or 1 hu. 1926 crop Lady. Peas or mush
peas; pay-cash or exc nice dried apples

for same
# {1 Baker, Box 244 Columbus Ga

Lady peas any quantity; state price per
Ib or bu, also quantity

J C Vaughan, R 2 Suwanee Ga Mower
and Rake slightly. used; MeCormick or
Deering make; must be good condition
and cheap; quote vest De fob. oe


and b ice Pree :
H T Shaw, Covington Ga 100 H P

steam engine and boiler good condition.

and cheap

H W Barge, RA Hazlehurst Ga Mow:
er 4 1-2 or 5 ft and 8 ft rake; good con-
dition; state make; must be cheap

rs W. Taylor, R 1 Pelham Ga One
600 egg Buckeye or Wishbone incuba-
tor gooq condition and cheap for cash

G Turner, R 3 Macon Ga Force pump
for irrigation to be used with 2 in.
supply pipe; state make, condition =

C Geiger, 510 Bond Bldg. Washing: ;

ton D C Dry Fertilizer Mixer; Pecan
grading and pecan cracking machines;
International Tractor 10-20 aE 15-80;
Ford truck S

Cy Siler, <3 Warrenton Ga. Good
second hand standard cream Sepa
for cash

A W Askew, Folkston Ga. Second
hand condenser for cotton gin, 60 to
80 saw; also second hand belting 8 in.

|rubber or canvas good condition

RF Dowdy, Hagan Ga {-or 2 Hill-
side two horse turn plows, Vulean make
preferred; exc corn for same or Hagan
peas .

W McL Edson, R 3 Tiger Ga Small
cider mill; also cypress tank .

The Roller Mills, R 4 Franklin Ga
Good planing machine; must be LEaeOn:

eK Chauncey, Screven Ga Large
three roller cane mill. good condition
ready for use; One 80 to 100 gal boiter;
Good two roller mille, smalelr size boil-
ers or evaporators of any size consider-
ed; state condition anq best cash price

E Parker, Quill Ga Second hand Ford
truck; state What you have and best

S W Brown, Ashburn Ga One three
row Cole oat and- fertilizer drill with

discs; must be good condition and cheap

H J-Owen, R 6 McDonough ~Ga One
International corn shredder; exc one
W & W Feed Mill 18 in. size hammer
type for same; also in market for one

Farquhar boiler and engine 15 to 25 HPI
Alma Ga Two.
{roller cane mill; also 60 gal kettle to

Orange Stock Farm,
cook syrup on


Peach Poultry Co. Ft Valley Ga Sev-
eral Junior simplex -brooder stoves;
state - how long used, condition and best

D I Griffin, Ragan: Ga All grades
wood; green salted alligator skins; green
and dry cattle hides; all kinds roots,
leaves and herbs; state what you have
ang quantity .

F Pp Latimer, Savannah Ga 1306 Sa-
vannah Bk -& Tr Bldg- Deer tongue
leaves; send sample, State quantity and

BC Nease, Marlow Ga One 30 ft x 6
in. rubber belt;
cheap for cash


J T White, Dublin Ga Beeswax and

honey; state grad and price

W W Sampler, Ramhurst Ga Posi-
tion as principal of consolidated elemen-
tary school, or Junior High; 30 yrs ex-
perience; Elementary life certificate:
an do two or three Te eS
54 yrs old

eds Cavin, Menlo Ga oYung man. de-
sires position as manager of darge farm
life time experience; can operate any
kind of: farm machinery; also handle
labor; begin at once; would consider
good position on dairy or poultry farm

T W Farmer, Gainesville Ga Experi-
enced dairyman desires position at

dairy; understand sterilizing, caring for |

cattle and all work in. general married
man with one child j

Two sisters desire positions in same
school, older has high school] training;
first grade license, 2 summer courses,
5 yrs experience; younger is graduate of
State accredited high school, and pro-
fessional certificate;
Dillard, Wrightsville Ga

B Barton, Gen Del, Savannah Ga Mai
and wife desire positions as gardner
or small farm, gather crop, or overseer;
wrefer work near Savannah

EH MeDaniel, Jefferson Ga Middle aged
man sober and honest, life time farmer
desires position as overseer of farm at
$50 mo and home furnished ;

Miss Frances Wheeler, Bostwick Ga
Young lady high school graduate | -with
one summer course desires position as
teacher for prim:

good condition bra


school ]

Address L ouise i

or intermediate de- |

Middle Ga; also drive truc

ter months ~
J A Bryant, R 2 Pendergrass Ga: Po-

sition running farm on halves; also
work to do all time when not busy on
farm; have 4 boys 11 to 20 yrs old

Miss Jewell Taylor, Powder Springs
Ga High school graduate; 9 mos teach-
er training course desires position as
primary teacher for 1926-27 term; pro-
visional general otis sang S certificate,
Class A-

A ba Woler; Bishop Ga. Pesition by

good gin man; number years experience.
| with all makes of Soy moderate salary

expected -

Position on poultry or truck farm; 20
yrs experience in poultry; can milk and
look after stock; Address N EH W Rid
2, Box 27, Barnesville Ga

GH Drexler, Fitzgerald Ga- Position

as superintendent of farm; 4 yrs experi-
ence with poultry also experienced in|.
dairying and hog raising

Mrs E> N Goweder, R 5 Marietta Ga
Young man and wife desire positions
on farm; can drive truck

(Miss Mabel Everett, Guyton Ga Ac-
credited High School graduate desires
position in small town, rural or consoli-
dated school for 1926-27 term; one Sum-
mer Normal training and experienced

Married lady desires position as Prin-

cipal of good rural school, or third and

fourth grades in good town school,
State certificate several . yrs experi-
ence; Address A M care State Bureau

fof Markets, Atlanta Ga

Married lady desires position

teacher for Aug and Sept; Begin now;
State Certificate Class A; 10 yrs experi-
ence; Address X care. State Bureau

of Markets, Atlanta Ga

D I Roberson, R 1 Rhine. Ga 41 yrs}

old with small family desire position
as overseer of large farm; life time ex-
perience; can operate any kind of farm
machinery; must be near church and

Miss Agnes Johnson, Wrens Ga High
school - graduate; one summer Normal
training Course; one yr experience Class
A license desires position in small town
or rural school; intermediate grade pre-


Aad Grizzard, os Dublin Ga Position
as overseer of any size farm; 30 yrs
experience; can handle labor

W A Patten, R 12 Commerce Ga Mar-

{ried man 26 yrs old desires position; has

knowledge of truck, tractors, station-
ary engines; several yrs experience

Miss Rubie Vandiver, 122 Napier Ave
Macon Ga Position as teacher in town
or consolidated school for 1926-27 term;
Graduate of GS C W, 5 yrs experience
first grade professional license _

2 oO McClung, R 5 Carrollton Ga Po-
sition on poultry farm near Atlanta; ex-
perience in incubating and brooding
young chicks; consider Share basis

W J McLaughlin, Jesup Ga Position
as overseer of farm; begin at once sev-
; yrs Seen sober and hon-

E B DuBose,- R 3 Valdosta Ga Old
expelienoed poultryman desires position

1Sept ist- .

Alice Wise, Re Jackson Ga Young
lady high school graduate, Normal
training, State-certificate Class <A; at-
tended two summer schools; 4 yr ex-

perience teaching desires position for

1926-27 term; primary or elementary

- work preferred

L & May, R 1 Mitchell Ga Position
on farm for wages; do any kind farm
work; commence work at once .

se EB Swilley, R 1 Meansville Ga Man
with two boys desire position with dairy

and trucking on halves: begin at once-

prefer near Macon or
Experienced | ;

G Doss, Nashville Ga Position a's
overseer of large tobaceo farm in oSuth
Ga, Several yrs experience in growing
and curing tobacco; can operate any

Thomaston Ga:

king | farm machinery; can handle labor,
jbegin Oct 1st

G J Browning, Nashville Ga Position
as working foreman of overseer of to
baceo: farm; experienced in tobacec
raising; begin in fall

B F Morris, Davishoro. Ga Position
as superintendent large farm; 45 yrs
old; lifetime experience: would like to
begin with good man for 1 to 5 yrs
can also handle labor; begin at once

T BStephens, R 5 Calhoun. Ga Posi-

tion as overseer on farm with heavy
one horse crop for my family with stock.
would accept a

and. tools furnished;
crop with stock and tools furnished
without position as overseer; must be

: dad. house a5 pas-|


principal and assist :
1 xr} ence; best of license; Address |
during Wine

pal Red 1, Conley-Ga. 7 =
Danna. Belle Sykes, iMetter
tion as teacher, elementary grad
school graduate; one year.
course; first grade license
& B DuBose, R-3 Valdost

| perienced poultryman desires

to begin Sept. ist; practical ex
operating incubators and b |
tle chicks :

P C Reid, Bremen Ga Po:
ing after poultry or truck f.
1927; must be near market;
share basis

Miss Lexie Lamb, Swai (
Position in Grammar. or High
as teacher; College graduate;
cense; one yr experience

J B Adair, Swords Ga Po
ing lumber by thousand or true
party to furnish mill and timb
pick and weigh cotton

EW Powell, a3 3 Elberton G
tion as ginner

Young lady high school ge
summer school training, 5 yrs
ence, first grade State certific
sires position as teacher of 2
4th or 5th grade for 1926-27 te
dress Teacher Box 97, Dacula G:

Miss Adie Maynard, Barne
Position as teacher in Grammar
High school graduate, one yr
ence; two summer Normal
State Class A certificate |

J H Roquemore, Forsyth
married man desire spositi
after small farm, or working
or poultry farm; prefer Middle Ga

Miss Elizabeth Ross, Gray.
Position as teacher of Int

grade or high school work for
term; Have diploma from G |
Provisional Normal Teacher's
cate =


-F G Black, R1 Cleveland Ga :
men to cut wood and attend
board tuition and expense mc

T,A Gordon, R'B Lumpkin
or boy to work for wages balal
and 1927 at $20 mo and board;

ried can furnish house to liv

pay $25 mo; must furnish ref

.G H Martin & Sons, R 12 Co
Ga Men to run 4 or 5 two
on halves; we furnish stock
lizers, houses and fuel; near cht
school; on graded road, dwellin
desire cotton pickers, hay men
_ AS Crosby, Box 892 Macon G;
married man willing to lear
business; Farm with 1000 le
000 egg incubator and bro
chicks; must be willing to ~
low salary with an increase by

Harms Dairy; White Bluff
vannah Ga Well paper n
force to run G0 or 80 cow .

G Ww Thomas!
for rural school

C Newsome, R B Gibson
teachers for Hdgehill school,
cipal; send application - at on
salary expected -

Chamber of. Commerce, Quit
Brooks Co. Desire more than -
lies for share crops; also g00
for blacksmith shop and hors

Ix Barnes, RB Millen Gas
running 2 or <3 horse farm ;
on shares: owner to furnish
for family of 8; all old enough t
except one =.

T L Holeman, Rfd Leslie Gi
cotton pickers; furnish House
and water; prefer North. Ga

~Man with stock to run 8 ho
on halves; fertile farm adapted
eral farming; near church and
Address Box 585, Garfield Ga

Mrs A A Butler, AR ib: West &
Several hundred cords wood cu

R 3 oye a

to take one-third as paymen

Methodist Orphan Home, L
Good christian man and wife vi

take charge of boys cottag

do. utility work; cannot use cou
children, man must not use tob.

L A Cooper, R 6 Rome Ga T
sober men good cotton pick

board and lodging

R A Jump, Empire Ga c

Mrs F M Bailey, Jefferson.
able man and wife who wu
poultty pusiness to raise po

jarge seale; house, garden ani

veniences; must furnish referen
J , Cato, Avera Ga Some

nance poultry ape hog arm

particulars: PE