Georgia Folklore Collection

The Georgia Folklore Collection consists primarily of field recordings made by Art Rosenbaum and was created when he donated these tapes to the University of Georgia Libraries Media Archives in 1987. However, the Georgia Folklore Collection is currently an open collection and also contains associated collections of sound and video recordings from around Georgia, including those made between 1955 and 1983 by volunteers from the Georgia Folklore Society. The over one thousand hours of music, interviews, and storytelling include one-of-a-kind recordings of the Tanners, the Rev. Howard Finster, the McIntosh County Shouters, Doodle Thrower and the Golden River Grass, Neal Pattman, Joe Rakestraw, Jake Staggers, the Eller brothers, Doc and Lucy Barnes, Nathaniel and Fleeta Mitchell, R.A. Miller, W. Guy Bruce, Precious Bryant and many more.

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