Mackle Construction Company Photographs, 1916-1920

This collection contains images of residential, commercial, and governmental property most likely built by the Mackle Construction Company in Atlanta, Chamblee, and Augusta, Georgia, and in South Carolina. The collection contains photographs of schools, hotels, apartments, stores, an office building, and a military base. Among the photographs of buildings in Atlanta are images of the J. P. Allen Building on Whitehall Street, the Cecil Hotel on Luckie Street, the F. J. Cooledge and Sons warehouse on North Forsyth Street, Crew Street School, Elmwood Apartments on Peachtree Street, the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Company on Peachtree Street, the Hotel Dakota on North Pryor Street, the Imperial Hotel on Peachtree Street, the Moore Building on Walton Street, the North Park Apartments on Piedmont Avenue, and the Third National Bank Building on Marietta Street. A rendering of the Norris Candy Company by artist Wilbur Kurtz is also included. In addition, the collection contains 48 images of the construction of Camp Gordon in Chamblee, Georgia during World War I; renderings and photographs of properties in Augusta, Georgia, and Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and several unidentified images.

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