Pebble Hill Plantation Film Collection, Item 16 | pebbhill_0016

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Pebble Hill Plantation Film Collection, Item 16 | pebbhill_0016
Newell, David McCheyne, 1898-1986
Bray, John Randolph, 1879-1978
Date of Original:
Animated films
Cartoon characters
Submarines (Ships)
London (England)
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
United States, Georgia, Thomas County, Thomasville, 30.8365815, -83.9787808
England, London, 51.5074, -0.1278
Moving images
Descriptive information on file: "Col. Heeza Liar, War Dog". Original release August 21, 1915, part of Pathé News No. 39. 28mm release would have been out a few months later.
Black slug. Countdown. Black slug. Segment one: Fishing, 0:20. Title screen: "Colonel Heeza Liar War Dog." Title screen: "The Colonel returning from a long smuggling expedition allows his thoughts to run upon the submarine danger." There is a cartoon man on a boat smoking a pipe and fishing. He turns to the camera and begins talking. A fish walks up to the bait and swims around it. He then tugs on it a couple of times. The Colonel pulls the line but does not get the fish. Another fish teams up and talks to the other fish. The second fish splashes the Colonel. Both fishes take turns jumping over the boat, and eventually the Colonel falls over and then gets back in the boat. He's confused so he starts looking around and speaking to the camera. Title screen: "Time hanging heavy upon his hands, he determined to while it away in fishing." There's something pulling on the line and it pulls the Colonel along. Through the waves, the Colonel is seen flying through the air and being pulled along with the boat. Segment two: Submarine, 1:59. Title screen: "For the first time doughty Colonel felt afraid for in front of him he saw an enemy submarine." The Colonel stops flying through the air and comes to a stop where he sees a submarine come out of the ocean. There is a man on the submarine and he begins speaking to him. Title screen: "His honest mien secured an early release and Heeza Liar returned to his ship to ponder over ways and means for doing away with the submarine peril once and for all." On the deck of another boat, the Colonel and other sailors are looking into the distance. One of the sailors points to something in the distance; the submarine comes out from the ocean again. They all look at each other, frightened. The Colonel's knees begin shaking. He stops shaking and calmly tells his men something. Title screen: "Seeing that the enemy persists in his nefarious schemas, the Colonel determines to teach him a lesson." One of the sailors takes off his coat and jumps into the ocean. He begins swimming towards the submarine in the distance. As he's swimming through the ocean, he docks many fish on his way. He then comes across a submarine bomb and hangs on to it. It begins to take him towards his boat, but he is able to turn it around just before it hits the boat. He winks at the camera. His men throw him a line and pull him on board. Segment three: Pelican, 3:34. Title screen: "Back on his ship we see him tread. There's nought he fears alive or dead. But from above the Colonel's seen A bomb is dropped upon his "bean." The Colonel is back on the deck of his boat pacing back and forth. He takes out a pair of binoculars and looks out into the distance. A boat is dropped right next to him. He is knocked over. He curses at the sky. Title screen: "The Colonel flies into a rage and beats it hotfoot to the cage. From me and my old pelican can he escape. Like hellican." The Colonel is on the deck of his boat pointing at a pelican next to him. The pelican says something and then winks at the camera. While holding a large stick, the Colonel gets inside the mouth of the pelican. The pelican with the Colonel is seen flying through the air. An airplane passes by. The pelican with the Colonel inside his mouth flies after the airplane. The Colonel is swinging the stick. The Colonel begins beating the pilot of the plane as they fly around. The pilot of the plane tries to shoot at the Colonel. He gets the pilot out of the airplane, and the fly around holding the pilot. Segment four: London, 4:48. Title screen: "The Colonel has mighty fall and finds himself in London." The Colonel is running around the city. He then looks up and sees a blimp flying in the sky. There's a sign that reads "Ye Red Lion Inn." The Colonel comes out of the building the sign is next to. He runs around and eventually a small bombs drops on top of him. He gets bump on his head. Title screen: "So the Zepps, are here once again! Let them harm a hair of my head and I'll tell Wilson!" The Colonel curses at the sky. He continues to run through the sky. A search light coming from the sky looks for the Colonel. He sees a sewer hole on the ground and jumps through it to escape. A bomb falls from the sky and drops straight through the hole. The blast shoots the Colonel out of the hole. He flies through the sky and lands on pole far away. Title screen: "The Colonel was obliged to take refuge in a coal hole while the bomb fell thick and fast around him. Title screen: "Path éscope Approved Slow-Burning Film Inspected By The Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc." Black slug. A screen appears saying "Finish" upside down. Black slug. A screen appears saying "Foot" upside down. Black slug.
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Pebble Hill Plantation film collection, circa 1917-1976
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection