Booth Williams home movie collection, Reels 12-16 (hm-will_0025)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Booth Williams home movie collection, Reels 12-16 (hm-will_0025)
Williams, Booth
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Monroe
Williams family
Utah--Description and travel
Family vacations--Utah
Salt Lake City (Utah)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Utah--Salt Lake City
Nevada--Description and travel
Family vacations--Nevada
Reno (Nev.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Nevada--Reno
California--Description and travel
Family vactions--California
San Francisco (Calif.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--California--San Francisco
Anaheim (Calif.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--California--Anaheim
San Antonio (Tex.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Texas--San Antonio
Lexington (Ky.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Kentucky--Lexington
Kentucky--Description and travel
Family vacations--Kentucky
Charlottesville (Va.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Virginia--Charlottesville
Hyde Park (N.Y.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--New York (State)--Hyde Park
Family vacations--Vermont--Bennington
Bennington (Vt.)--Description and travel
Québec (Québec)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Québec (Province)--Québec
New Hampshire--Description and travel
Family vacations--New Hampshire
Lincoln (N.H.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--New Hampshire--Lincoln
Boston (Mass.)--Description and travel
Family vacations--Massachusetts--Boston
Delta Air Lines
United Airlines
Salt Lake Temple
Buildings--Utah--Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City (Utah)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Utah State Capitol (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Quarries and quarrying--Utah
Salt flats--Utah
Great Salt Lake (Utah)
Bathing suits
Signs and signboards
Neon signs--Utah--Reno
Mural painting and decoration
Trolley cars
Alcatraz Island (Calif.)
Coit Memorial Tower (San Francisco, Calif.)
Buildings--California--San Francisco
San Francisco (Calif.)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Boats and boating
Vacation homes
Farmers' markets
Service stations
Asian American women
Farm equipment
Church buildings
Bodies of water
Pagodas--California--San Francisco
Parking lots
Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, Calif.)
Palace of Fine Arts (San Francisco, Calif.)
Oil wells
Architecture, Domestic
Stacks (Hay, grain, etc.)
Citrus fruit industry
Railroad trains
Disneyland (Calif.)
Amusement rides--California--Anaheim
Passenger trains--California--Anaheim
Disney characters
Canoes and canoeing
African American women
Flags--United States
African American men
Cranes, derricks, etc.
Water skiing
Swimming pools
Carriages and carts
Alamo (San Antonio, Tex.)
Keeneland (Lexington, Ky.)
Racetracks (Horse racing)--Kentucky
Sepulchral monuments
Monticello (Va.)
Historic buildings--Virginia--Charlottesville
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Historic buildings--Vermont--Bennington
Ornamental hedges
Maison Kent (Québec, Québec)
Conveyor belts
Château Frontenac (Québec, Québec)
Customs administration
White Mountain National Forest (N.H. and Me.)
Hunting lodges
Forests and forestry
Massachusetts State House (Boston, Mass.)
United States, Georgia, Walton County, Monroe, 33.7948364, -83.713229
Moving images
Title screen. Black slug. Segment one: Travel to Salt Lake City, 0:12. A Delta airplane. A packed parking lot full of cars. An airplane with "UNITED" on the side. A helicopter flying above. Stairs to climb onto the United airplane. Clouds above in the sky. A shot of the Salt Lake Temple. A downtown street where lots of cars drive by. Mountains rise at the end of a street. Tall buildings. A large white building with columns on the front. Looking from the building back toward the city and the mountains in the distance. Many large temples stand above the city. The mountains are tall and rise high over the valley. The Utah state capitol building. The camera pans up from the bottom with columns to the dome on top. A stone monument with statues of people on it. The statues appear to be early settlers. The mountains are barren and have only shrubbery. A rock quarry with many levels dug out. It looks like an amphitheater. There are pathways for vehicles to go in and out of the quarry. Men walk around and look at it. A building that collects the rocks or salt that they are mining. Nearby, there are salt flats at what appears to be a beach at the Great Salt Lake. Women in bathing suits walk on the beach. There is a road behind the beach with mountains on the other side of it. In a garden area, there is a memorial and bright flowers. People walk around. A tall building's spires. People walk on the paths through the garden. People stop and read the memorial. A statue of a man high in the sky with a church building as the backdrop. Sign: "HOTEL UTAH." Busy city streets. In an airplane, flying over salt flats and the Great Salt Lake. Black slug. Segment two: Travel to Reno, 7:43. Clouds and land below. Sign: "HOLIDAY CASINO ENTERTAINMENT." A bridge. A long building with cars parked in front. Sign: "HOTEL RIVERSIDE." Sign: ""Riverside OLYMPIC ROOM CASINO." Sign: "WORLD FAMOUS SKYROOM." Sign: "MAPES DENNIS MORGAN BETTY KEAN LEW PARKER MAPES SKYROOM JACK MELICK." Sign: "WALDORF." Sign: "HAROLDS CLUB." There are a lot of cars on the road. Many more illegible neon signs and advertisements. Sign: "HARRAH'S CLUB." Sign: "HAROLDS CLUB." A large mural painted on a wall. Sign: "RENO." Clouds up to mountains. Black slug. Segment three: Travel to San Francisco, 9:52. In a city, cars pass by on busy roads. Sign: "STARLIGHT ROOF." Sign: "OLD CROW." Trolleys stop to let people on and turn around. A large ship passes by on the water as people wave goodbye. Alcatraz can be seen in the distance. The shore is getting farther away and Alcatraz closer. San Francisco rises up a hill. Coit Tower is easily visible. They pass by the large ship. The Golden Gate Bridge is partially shrouded by fog. People gather on the boat to take pictures of it. People on the boat look at the landscape of the hills. Black slug. Most of the hills are covered in trees. A boat speeds by on the water. They are approaching land and another bridge. There are sailboats on the water as well. There are businesses on the water. At a cabin with a bus parked outside. People talk outside the bus. Small sheds and cabins. A man fills his car up at a gas station. Sign: "FARMERS MARKET GROCERIES MEAT CLOTHING FEED." Sign: "GROCERIES VEGETABLES FARMER'S MARKET DRY GOODS FRESH MEATS." Sign: "Mobil." The landscape surrounding the gas station is mostly farm land. Two Asian American women stand talking with a man and woman after they fill up their car. A tractor works in a field. A grove of trees. There is farming equipment on the side of the road in the grove. A woman kneels down with two young children. She poses with a young girl. A tall temple. People walk around a cemetery with beautiful flowers that looks like a garden. The top half of Mission San Francisco de Asis. Next to it is a newer church. From a hill, looking over a town. There are walls surrounding a courtyard. Beautiful flowers inside of a greenhouse. People are walking around to look at them and take pictures. There are flowers growing outside in a garden as well. People walk over a Japanese bridge by a pagoda. A statue of a woman. They are walking through a Japanese garden. People stand outside of a bus. They drive past a pond. Animals graze in a field. Water crashes on large rocks. Birds fly by. There is a large viewing area to look out onto the water. Sign: "Cliff House." The parking lot and area stretching toward the water. Cars turn on the curvy road next to the building. Rocky cliffs drop straight down to the beach and water. There are cables across the beach. The Golden Gate Bridge is mostly hidden by fog. A woman stands by a pond. The Palace of Fine Arts building by the Presidio in San Francisco. Mist shrouds everything. Children feed birds. Columns surrounding the pond at the Palace of Fine Arts. Fields of crops in valleys formed by mountains on the sides. Oil wells in the fields. The train they are riding on passes by a road. Large towers in the distance. The beach on the side of the train. The insdie of the train. Buildings atop a faraway mountain. Cliffs leading down to the beach. People are parked and are camping on the beach. Black slug. Segment four: Georgia, 24:51. Long piers over the ocean to fish on. More fields of crops and small cities. There are small houses on the side of the road. Some fields are filled with animals, others crops. There are mountains in the distance. Train: "ATLANTA & WEST POINT." People walk around trains. A line of cows eating from a trough. A cow looks at the camera. There is grass on the other side that they eat. Men stand watching them. A man with a megaphone speaks at a group of men. Many stacks of hay under coverings. Segment five: Back in California, 26:41. A crowd stands together in between buildings and a fence. There are cows grazing nearby. Sign: "Sunkist ORANGES." Sign: "Sunkist LEMONS." Two men in suits stand on the steps of a building with the signs on it. Sign: "PLACENTIA MUTUAL ORANGE ASSOCIATION." People sort through a conveyor belt of citrus. It is dark inside. A factory for workers to work with the citrus. A crowd of people outside mingling. A train is parked nearby. Some people are eating pieces of citrus. A group of men stand under the shade of a few trees. One man with a megaphone addresses the group of people. An African American woman in a white dress stands on the porch of a house and talks to the camera without looking at it. A grey house covered by plants in the front yard. Flags cross a busy street in a city. Sign: "ONE WAY." Sign: "6TH ST." People walk on a corner with a park. Tall buildings on the far side of the park. A large fountain shoots water up in a green park. Flags fly from the lower levels of a large building. Men and women sit in the shade around the grassy park. Sign: "State Mutual." There are sprinklers running. Sign: "WESTERN AIRLINES." Sign: "NORTHWEST AIRLINES." Cars drive down a busy street. Segment six: Disneyland, 31:05. Sign: "Disneyland Hotel RESERVATIONS TRAM STATION METROPOLITAN BUS." A parking lot full of cars. A helicopter in the sky. People waiting outside ticket kiosks at Disneyland. The entrance with a sign: "DISNEYLAND." A sea of cars in the parking lot. Pathways through trees to rides. Riding on a train. Waterfalls from Matterhorn bobsled ride. People everywhere. A tram through the park. Painted on a train "SANTA FE & DISNEYLAND R.R." A horse pulls a trolley through the streets. Vehicles are full of guests. Beautiful flowers for sale in carts. The Matterhorn bobsled ride towering over Disneyland. A quartet riding a bicycle together. People and vehicles on the street of Disney. The Castle. Tomorrowland. Gondolas in the sky going through the park. A pirate ship. Large umbrellas and tents. Dumbo ride. Sign: "EXIT." Two swans swimming in the moat of the castle. A steamship. People paddling a canoe. A railroad ride. Sign: "GOLDEN HORSESHOE." Sign: "GOLDEN HORSESHOE REVUE." Crowds walk through the park. Sign: "MARK TWAIN COLUMBIA." Tables with umbrellas being cleaned by an African American woman. People walking on rock surfaces and standing in a fort. Passing by people everywhere. A burning cabin in the woods. A Native American village with teepees, statues, and canoes. Moose at the edge of the water. A train on land passing by slowly. Waterfalls crashing into the river. People in native dress dancing. Tomorrowland with lots of people and rockets. A skyway tram. Sign: "GEORGIA ADMITTED JAN. 2, 1788 4TH STATE MOTTO: WISDOM, JUSTICE, AND MODERATION." The Georgia flag flying at the top of a flagpole. The American flag. Rockets standing in Tomorrowland. People sitting on a trolley. A marching band coming down the street. A trolley drives behind them. American flags and banners everywhere. A train is stopped at the station area. Sign: "DISNEYLAND'S NEWEST ADVENTURES NATURE'S WONDERLAND FRONTIERLAND." Entrance and exit gates. A trolley to take people to their cars. Flowers and plants at the entrance. Black slug. Segment seven: Gardens and garden tending, 39:33. Blurry views of a garden with yellow flowers and a small waterfall. Pink flowers and green plants in the distance. A white bridge crosses a river and leads to trees. A lone swan on a small body of water. More blurry flowers. A woman walks out of a greenhouse past plants as tall as her. Yellow plants on a bush. Lily pads and flowers on a pond. Pink flowers in bushes. Ladders for tendrils to attach to. Two African American men working in a garden. Black slug. Segment eight: Heavy machinery and factories, 41:39. A bundle being lifted to a truck by a pulley. A man supervising the operation. The bundle of plants in the air. A man drives a tractor down a path. A grand white house with many windows and columns. Blurry grassland. A crane lifting more bundles of plants. A factory building. A tall building with gardens in front of it. Columns of metal with steam coming off of them in the distance. Cars pass in the foreground on the road. A factory with chimneys. A large white house with columns by trees with Spanish moss and with cars parked outside. A pond flows gently in the yard. A house with detailing around the windows. Black slug. Segment nine: Baseball game, water skiing, and airplane travel, 45:50. People get off of an airplane. Sitting in a booth at a baseball game. The stands behind home plate are completely full, but the outfield is not. A large and intricate fountain. A man water skis behind a boat near the shore. A couple of men stand on land to watch. A small crowd is watching the water skiing. Segment ten: Loading airplanes and airplane travel, 47:16. A city with tall buildings and street lamps on the corners. Paper is blowing in the wind. At an airport, things are being driven around to load onto airplanes. Sign: "NORTHWEST." They get the airplanes ready. People board the airplane. Sign: "GATE 6." A pilot speaks on a telephone as a boy looks on. A crowd stand by the open door of a bus. Sign: "TAXI ZONE." People walk down the sidewalks. A small building. A small dam in a fenced off area of barren mountains. A crowd of people stand by a fence to look at the water. A large concrete dam from one side of the water to the other. Large mountains on the far side of the valley. Telephone wires connected to each other and tall structures. Water flows swiftly below an overlook. It comes pouring down the side of a dam. People walk around by the dam. Telephone poles and wires stand before mountains. Darkness so that only the raging water shows. Up high, looking down over the river and mountains. Water flows in a river. There are houses on the side of the water. Cars parked on top of a bridge overlooking the dam and telephone wires. Driving alongside the water. A lot of dirt and stone, as well as structures on the hill overlooking the river in the valley. People walk around at a viewing area of the dam. Water moves slowly through a canal. Barren land everywhere. A canyon with a small amount of water and green plants, but mostly rocks. Two men stand in front of a railing overlooking a canyon. Cars and buses parked in a parking lot. A crowd of people mingling and looking at the view. Old buildings stand nearby. Fields of emptiness. Black slug. Segment eleven: Docks, cranes, cattlemen, 55:01. A boat on a large river comes toward the shore. A man walks around the docks. A tall tower around a crane that is lifting something from the ground. A pool with tall diving boards. Many lawn chairs are set out around the pool. Only one person is in the pool. A tall building nearby. People walking in and out of the covered area by the pool. A woman diving off the lowest diving board. A man on a horse in a field with his cattle. They are long-horn bulls. Black slug. Some white cows in a field together behind a fence. A field of bulls. The man on the horse stands by them. In a corral, there are bulls and cows. A man stands by a large one as a crowd looks on. White bulls in a large clump. Men on horses stand and watch the bulls. A horse runs in the distance. A man leads a horse into a ring. Three men stand by a fence. He shows the horse to the men assembled. People walk up to a white building with a Spanish-style tiled roof. Some of them stand together on the steps. There is a cannon outside. Bulls in a pen eating from a trough. A man rides a horse around a ring. Two men lead horses around the ring. People gather in a crowd to be shown some of the bulls. A man with a microphone speaks to the crowd. A woman and man pose with a bull. A man leads a horse in a walk. Outside, there is a buffet-style dinner served. People sit together at a long table. An old stone building with statues carved by the door. Archways hidden by plants. A small fountain. Posing by a wooden cart in the middle of a mission. The old stone work of a mission. Walls creating an enclosed area. Segment twelve: The Alamo, 1:04:31. Cars parked outside of a building. A stone monument in the middle of the road. People walk around outside of the Alamo. A boat pushes a barge down a river. A very wide river. The barge is floating under a bridge. A small house on a hill overlooking the river. Black slug. Segment thirteen: Kentucky and horse country, 1:06:01. A small two story wooden cabin. A small wooden cabin. A road surrounded by a wood fence. A building with a gold dome. Overlooking large buildings and trees. The name "Keeneland" formed by hedges. People walk down to a platform by a racing track. A statue of a jockey. The people stand in a group in a dark area. The building overlooks the track. They are inside. A man puts a horse on display outside of a barn. People walk toward buses from a large building. They board the buses. Horse pastures can be seen in the distance. People walk down a lane by the pastures and barns. The buses still stand ready to be loaded. Four people walk away from the barn. They walk to the buses. Gravestone: "DOMINO." An African American man shows a black horse to the assembled crowd. A statue of a horse, "MAN O WAR." Different angles of the statue. Black slug. Segment fourteen: Monticello, 1:10:41. Sign: "MONTICELLO The House of THOMAS JEFFERSON." Women standing on the steps of Monticello. People walking on the paths around the field. Looking across a grassy field at Monticello. Panning around the field. People walking below. A statue of Thomas Jefferson. Looking between two hedges at a house. Women and girls walking out of a small house. Looking through the hedges at the statue. Looking from the top of a mountain down into a valley. A large monument of stone. Overlooking trees and a valley. A stone monument with statues of women on it. Sign: "VIRGINIA MEMORIAL." The memorial with statues of men fighting in a battle and a soldier riding a horse. Segment fifteen: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Hyde Park, New York 1:13:37. Sign: "FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT LIBRARY HOME OF FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE." A statue of a soldier by a monument similar to the Washington Monument. Segment sixteen: Old First Church, Bennington, Vermont, 1:14:12. Sign: "OLD FIRST CHURCH VERMONT'S COLONIAL SHRINE." The white wood of the Old First Church in Vermont, with a tall steeple. A ship in the middle of a large body of water. Girls looking into their car while on a ferry. Sign: "ROOSEVELT." The blue water behind them. Stairs with intricate wooden railings for people to use to walk. Walking alongside a river. Two horses and a carriage. Overlooking a city and river from up high. Black slug. Segment seventeen: City scenes, 1:16:10. A city with tall buildings and a long bridge crossing a river. Women pose on the hill overlooking the city. They sit in a carriage. A large church building with multiple staircases leading up to it. There is a statue on a monument in front of it. There is a park with a long building covered in ivy behind it. A stone building with lots of landscaping and gardens. Flowers of every color planted around green grass and bushes. A clock made of hedges with "TEMPUS FUGIT" written below it. More gardens. Women walking down a wide path in the middle of the garden. Women on paths amongst the flowers. Three nuns sit quietly on a bench. A fountain in front of a building with both brick and stone. A girl runs by the fountain. A hill of dirt or stone. Black slug. Segment eighteen: Forts and gardens, 1:19:52. A large boat on a river. Houses and land on the far side of the water. A guard with a large gun in military uniform pacing back and forth in front of a building. Cannons in front of a stone fort. A large building like a castle on the other side of a wall. A cannon roped off. Walls of the fort overlooking the river and land across the water. There are many buildings upon the hill. A large building with a courtyard. Walls overgrown with plants. Steeples in the distance. A statue of a person over a fountain of water. Statues laid into a house between windows. A blue flag with a white cross flies at the top of a building. A garden with a statue and buildings surrounding it. Women walk through the garden. The statue of a man on a horse stands in the middle. Stone altars and memorials to "AVE MARIA" off to the side. A cemetery with many rows of white crosses and large bushes of flowers grown up. A dog pulls a carriage with two girls in it. A white house with green shingles. People walk around the paths and gardens outside. People walk on a trail to the bottom of a waterfall. A conveyor belt carries a cart up the mountain. The people ride in the cart up the mountain. Segment nineteen: Kent House, Chateau Frontenac, and Quebec City, 1:24:38. Sign: "KENT HOUSE." A fountain outside in front of the house. A long bridge crossing a wide river. Rocky cliffs by the waterfall. The water cascades into a large pool. The camera pans up the middle of a cathedral. There is a gold statue on top. Cars are parked in a parking lot nearby. They drive down a narrow alley where children climb onto the car in front of them. A ship sails down the wide river. A shot of the Chateau Frontenac with its many towers and gables. A grassy hillside. There are small houses dotting the countryside. The fields cover the hills. Sign: "STOP AND REPORT CANADA CUSTOMS." A man walks into the customs building. Sign: "U.S. CUSTOMS." Two men sit under the overhang. The flags are at half-mast. Segment twenty: White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts 1:27:43. Overlooking a large river with deep blue water and a mountain in the distance. There is a recreational area covered with trees by the water. A car parked on the side of the road. A waterfall filmed from up close. A woman and two girls wade into the pond. Sign: "GLEN ELLIS SCENIC AREA WHITE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL FOREST." A tall mountain in the distance obscured partially by clouds. Sunlight dapples the surrounding hillside. Sign: "OLD PEPPERSASS." An old train sits outside of a souvenir shop. A steam engine comes down a mountain railroad. People get off of the small train. A large lodge in the middle of the forest before the mountains. A curved hill with snow flurries coming down. The sky is mostly covered by clouds. People walk on a bridge overlooking a river. Sign: "ADM. 50C FLUME OF ALTITUDE 1404 FT." People walk along a bridge next to a small waterfall. The water flows between rocks. They stop to look at it. The water crashes over rocks as it falls down to the next level. A covered area provides some shade on a roadway. Sign: "INDIAN HEAD DISPLAY OF INDIAN WORK." A tall mountain in the distance. A row of identical buildings in the foreground. A car parked by a waterwheel below the mountain. A shot of the Massachusetts State House. People walk through an old cemetery. Black slug.
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Booth Williams home movie collection, circa 1942-1960
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection