Ralph Tabor home movie collection, Houston Co. Centennial Reel #2 (hm-tabor_0022)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Ralph Tabor home movie collection, Houston Co. Centennial Reel #2 (hm-tabor_0022)
Tabor, Ralph
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Warner Robins
Tabor family
Tables--Georgia--Houston County
Boys--Georgia--Houston County
Wagons--Georgia--Houston County
Men--Georgia--Houston County
Horses--Georgia--Houston County
Women--Georgia--Houston County
Cameras--Georgia--Houston County
Postal service--Georgia--Houston County
Crowds--Georgia--Houston County
Girls--Georgia--Houston County
Children--Georgia--Houston County
Stairs--Georgia--Houston County
Fans--Georgia--Houston County
Older men--Georgia--Houston County
Firearms--Georgia--Houston County
Books--Georgia--Houston County
Older women--Georgia--Houston County
Older people--Georgia--Houston County
Church buildings--Georgia--Houston County
Rites and ceremonies--Georgia--Houston County
Sermons--Georgia--Houston County
Balconies--Georgia--Houston County
Painting--Georgia--Houston County
Stained glass windows--Georgia--Houston County
Infants--Georgia--Houston County
Toy horses--Georgia--Houston County
Methodist Church--Georgia--Perry
Signs and signboards--Georgia--Perry
Dinners and dining--Georgia--Houston County
Food--Georgia--Houston County
Photographers--Georgia--Houston County
Carriages and carts--Georgia--Houston County
Hats--Georgia--Houston County
Desserts--Georgia--Houston County
Benches--Georgia--Houston County
Signs and signboards--Georgia--Houston County
Drive-in facilities--Georgia--Houston County
Beverages--Georgia--Houston County
United States, Georgia, Houston County, 32.4590071, -83.6662426
United States, Georgia, Houston County, Perry, 32.4582066, -83.7315723
United States, Georgia, Houston County, Warner Robins, 32.6130, -83.6242
Moving images
Descriptive information written on can or label: "Ralph Tabor, Houston Co. Centennial Reel #2, Methodist Church"
Segment one: City events, 0:00. People stand outside together around long tables. Children play. Boys climb into an old wagon. People are dressed up in old clothes. Two men ride down the street on horses. Children follow them. A woman with a camera. Behind them is the post office. People stand in a crowd. Some enter a building. Adults talk to each other and children play. People walk up a set of stairs into the building. A man with a large musket arrives. A group sits in the shade and fans themselves. Women walk up the stairs and look at the camera. A man points the camera out to an older man. People help elderly people up the stairs. Black slug. Segment two: Church, 2:57. People are crowded into a room together. Some are holding books open as they sing. There are extra chairs set out in church for the large crowd. A choir leads the way. A man stands at the front to give the sermon. There are some people behind him. There are a lot of children in the upstairs balcony. In a room, a woman stands with old bibles. There are note cards on some of them. The stained glass windows have books on them. Sign: "W.S.C.S." A table with thin books and publications. A painting of an elderly woman. Tables set up with books and objects. Segment three: Children, 5:09. A baby lies in a crib as a woman feeds it. A girl holds up a baby. A boy bounces on a toy horse. Girls hold babies and show them to the camera. Segment four: Church, 5:32. A hat sits on a post. Sign: "PERRY METHODIST CHURCH." Sign: "WELCOME FRIENDS AND VISITORS." Three men stand by the sign and chat. The man with musket stands outside. People sit in the shade. People sit on the front steps. The tables with food on them are still set up. Women walk around with children. A man with a camera walks around. People sit together and enjoy their company. People come and go. A group of boys pull and push a large wagon. Sign: "The Soul Buggy." People hold fans to keep cool. A crowd walks out of the church and down the stairs. There are people everywhere. People stop to talk to each other. A man takes pictures. People use fans to stay cool. A man has a camera. People pose for the camera. They stand around and talk. A man directs a horse pulling a cart. A man tips his hat to the camera. A girl sitting alone on a bench smiles shyly at the camera. People surround the tables with food. They fill their plates. They fan the tables to keep bugs off. There is an enormous crowd. A lot of the plates of food are dessert. The camera views the event from across the street. Sign: "DRIVE-IN ENTRANCE." Everyone gets food before going to stand together again. There is a long line for food. There are cups set up with drinks in them. People sit on make-shift benches of wood to eat.
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Ralph Tabor home movie collection
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection