Ralph Tabor home movie collection, Houston Co. Centennial Reel #1 (hm-tabor_0021)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Ralph Tabor home movie collection, Houston Co. Centennial Reel #1 (hm-tabor_0021)
Tabor, Ralph
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Amateur films--Georgia--Warner Robins
Tabor family
Church buildings--Georgia--Houston County
Spires--Georgia--Houston County
Signs and signboards--Georgia--Houston County
Benches--Georgia--Houston County
Men--Georgia--Houston County
Women--Georgia--Houston County
Stairs--Georgia--Houston County
Tables--Georgia--Houston County
Crowds--Georgia--Houston County
Girls--Georgia--Houston County
Hats--Georgia--Houston County
Firearms--Georgia--Houston County
Women's hats--Georgia--Houston County
Boys--Georgia--Houston County
Bowler hats--Georgia--Houston County
Motels--Georgia--Houston County
Cameras--Georgia--Houston County
Automobiles--Georgia--Houston County
Buildings--Georgia--Houston County
Houston County (Ga.)--Buildings, structures, etc.
Infants--Georgia--Houston County
Dinners and dining--Georgia--Houston County
African American women--Georgia--Houston County
Food--Georgia--Houston County
Older men--Georgia--Houston County
Rocking chairs--Georgia--Houston County
Service stations--Georgia--Houston County
Car washes--Georgia--Houston County
Recreation--Georgia--Houston County
United States, Georgia, Houston County, 32.4590071, -83.6662426
United States, Georgia, Houston County, Warner Robins, 32.6130, -83.6242
Moving images
Descriptive information written on can or label: "Ralph Tabor, Houston Co. Centennial Reel #1, Meth. Church"
Segment one: Around town, 0:01. Sign: "WELCOME FRIENDS AND VISITORS AM YOUR STANDING PLACE DR. LEONARD COCHRAN MORNING WORSHIP 9&11 CHURCH SCHOOL 10:00 NYF 5:45 EVENING WORSHIP 7 PM." The steeple of a large white church. People stand outside the church. There are wood planks on cement blocks outside to make benches. A man walks with a large musket and a raccoon skin hat on. His wife and children are dressed historically as well. A man and woman in evening dress walk together. Women chat on the steps of the church. A group of people outside the church are dressed up for an event. People walk by and look at the camera. Two women are setting up the tables. A crowd of people walk out of the church. Everyone is dressed up except a large man in overalls. Another camera is filming everyone. Some girls and women are wearing bonnets. A boy wears a bowler hat. People stand around outside the church to talk with each other. Across the street there is a sign: "MOTEL." People walk out of a side door. Some go down steps toward a basement. Women and men hurry back and forth to wherever they are going. A woman carries a camera. On the lawn, there are more people. A girl stops her younger sister to pose together for the camera. People walk up and down stairs. Sign: "NORTH 341." A man and his son walk up together. People walk by and smile for the camera. They walk from cars into the buildings. People walk up the brick stairs into the white building. A baby and a little girl with bonnets on. There is a constant stream of people in and out of the buildings. Some bring food. A group of men shake hands with each other. People stand around and chat. An African American woman carries a jug of something. Women are setting up food on long tables in front of a building. They rush to keep the food covered in foil and put it all out. The women chat with other women and men as they show up. Everyone stands outside near the tables. Women come out of the building together. They pose at the base of the steps for the camera. Sigm: "GULF." Sign: "ROBO." Sign: "FREE CAR WASH." Two elderly men sit in rocking chairs in the shade. A woman sits in her car. People stand about in front of the tables. Children play.
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Ralph Tabor home movie collection
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection