Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reels 2-4 and 8 (hm-kalis_0057)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, Reels 2-4 and 8 (hm-kalis_0057)
Kaliska, William
Greenblatt, Sidney
Date of Original:
Amateur films--Georgia--Atlanta
Football--Connecticut--New Haven
Football players--Connecticut--New Haven
Football players--Georgia--Athens
Football teams--Connecticut--New Haven
Football teams--Georgia--Athens
University of Georgia
Yale University
Bands (Music)
African American women
African American men
African American household employees
Signs and signboards
Pet owners
United States, Georgia, Fulton County, Atlanta, 33.7489954, -84.3879824
United States, Connecticut, New Haven County, New Haven, 41.3083, -72.9279
United States, Georgia, Clarke County, Athens, 33.960948, -83.3779358
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
Moving images
Advertisement: "Kaliska-Greenblatt Home Movie Collection Reels 1 and A [c.1930-1939] Preservation transfer funded by a grant from The National Film Preservation Foundation and Film Technology, Inc., contributing laboratory." Advertisement: "Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection." Black slug. Advertisement: "National Film Preservation Foundation." Black slug. Test pattern. Segment one: Georgia-Yale football game, 0:39. Advertisement: "PHELPSFILMS, INC. presents the GEORGIA-YALE FOOTBALL GAME YALE BOWL, OCT. 10, 1931 Copyrighted 1931." People sit inside a full stadium. Sign: "Leathers intercepts Taylor's pass and scores for Georgia." The aforementioned interception is shown. The section of the crowd that is shown is cheering. Sign: "Booth receives the kick-off and runs back 70 yards." The play just mentioned is shown. Sign: "A pass, Booth to Taylor, places Yale in scoring position." The play is shown. Sign: "Georgia holds on the 2-yard line." Georgia holds off Yale on the two yard line, to a cheering crowd. Sign: "With perfect interference, Key runs 74 yards for Georgia's second touchdown." The player mentioned zigs and zags through players all the way to the end zone. Sign: "Third Period Booth passes to Taylor for a first down." A few plays are run. Sign: "Booth to Barres for a Yale touchdown." Yale scores a touchdown. Sign: "Georgia 13; Yale 7." The crowd is standing up and cheering. Sign: "Fourth Period Booth kicks out of bounds." The ball is kicked out of bounds, a short punt. Sign: "Downs passes to Key for another touchdown." Georgia scores another touchdown. Sign: "Dickens intercepts Booth's pass." Georgia intercepts the ball. Sign: "Key to Dickens for a first down." A few plays are run. Sign: "Gilmore scores." Georgia scores another touchdown. Sign: "The final score- Georgia 26; Yale 7. Phelpsfilms New Haven." Segment two: Party, 3:21. Women stand in fancy dresses by a table decorated with flowers. They chat with each other and pose for the camera. A small table is shown up close. The table cloth flutters in the wind. A table with flowers on it is set up outside. Men in white uniforms stand behind the table. There are a lot of trees and some other tables as well. Tables are scattered through the garden. Women in white dresses and cloche hats stand beside and sit on a bench. A woman in a darker dress joins them, as well as a man in a suit. The trees of the garden are shown. The women all chat slightly away from the tables. A band plays live music from beneath the trees. The women walk around and chat. At a table, women chat and look at the flowers. A woman is shown up close smiling for the camera with a lace hat on. Another one puts her hand up like she doesn't want to be on camera. All of the women are shown up close and talk to the camera. They are all wearing hats. A group of women stand beneath the trees holding flowers and purses. They greet one another and chat. The women approach the table and look at the flowers. Some of the women sit down, while others walk around. Two women pose in front of bushes and shake hands with women as they pass. An African American waiter in a white uniform walks around with food. A large number of women are in the garden. They stand everywhere chatting with each other and moving around to find new women to talk to. More women are shown up close, but it is too dark to see them. A woman shows off her shoes. The women are primarily in light colored dresses, but there are some in darker ones. Segment three: Flowers, 11:41. A white flower is shown up close with small pieces sticking out. From the side, there are less pieces sticking out everywhere. It is in a large pot. A boy stands next to the flower and smells it while talking to the camera. Someone bumps the flower so that it sways. The boy is wearing a striped shirt. He pokes the flower. The flower is shown up close again. The center of the flower has many small pieces. There is more than one flower on the plant in the pot. The flowers are shown from many different angles. A man sticks his nose in the flower and talks to the camera. He poses behind the flower. Black slug. Segment four: Dogs, 15:53. Two small dogs bite each other and fight playfully in a pen outside. Segment five: Home, 15:57. Boys stand in a line with their hands on each other's shoulders. Their dad walks in the back with a picket sign: "SALE TALLEY HURTZ BUILDING." They stick it in the ground in front of a house and play around. The boys pose individually for the camera and talk to it. They are all wearing uniforms. They play on the ground by the sign with the father. The five of them pose on the front steps of the house. Segment six: Pet dog and family, 17:09. A boy plays with a dog in the yard, likely a schnauzer. He is whistling and making the dog bark. A young woman squats and pets the dog. An African American woman in an apron comes outside with another woman in an apron and talks to the woman who had been petting the dog. An African American man poses in the grass. An African American woman poses in front of the fence. The boy who was petting the dog talks to the camera. A young woman talks to someone and laughs while posing for the camera. The African American man poses for the camera. A house is shown, but the footage is poor quality. Someone is playing with the dog again. The camera quality is poor, and it is hard to see what the dog is doing. The dog is outside in the yard walking around with some paper. The dog's owners play with the dog. Segment seven: Family, 21:20. A little girl in a dress and a bonnet poses for the camera. She waves. She is wearing a hoop skirt. He mom fixes the dress. She twirls it, spins in circles, curtsies, and more. She raises her bouquet toward the camera. Two boys in nice shirts talk to each other. They shake hands and wave at the camera. They have dogs outside in a fenced in area. A girl in black shoes pretends to tap dance with a dress and hat on. She dances a whole routine and spins in circles. She talks and smiles at the camera. A woman walks away. One of the boys poses with the dancing girl. Their mother poses with them. She smiles at them and hugs them. They all wave. The children pose on top of a car, with the younger boy on the hood. They all wave and jump on and off the car. Black slug.
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Kaliska-Greenblatt home movie collection, circa 1923-1937
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection