Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-70 to HM-72 (hm-bla_0034)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-70 to HM-72 (hm-bla_0034)
Blankenship, H. C.
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Blankenship, H. C.
Blankenship family
School buildings
School buses
Birthday parties
Dinners and dining
Cigar smoking
Amateur films--Georgia
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
Moving images
Descriptive information on file: 0800-20-70 / 0800-20-71, Carol about 4-5, Fall Scenes, High School / 0800-20-72, Verna Hide Birthdays, Dinner at Buddy's
Black slug. Segment one: Snow, 0:05. It is snowing very hard outside, but the ground is not yet covered in snow. The camera pans around the street, yard, and house showing everywhere that it is snowing. Cars in town are starting to get covered by the snow. Some businessmen walk around in it. Now the ground is beginning to be covered and some men are throwing snowballs. Many dressed up adults stand under the cover of a building. The person with the camera drives around the neighborhood to show all of the snow. Everything is covered in at least a half inch of snow except for the roads. House after house and building after building have snow all over them. People in front of a house are making snowmen. Everything in sight has snow on it, even tree branches. Back inside, people are warmed in front of a fire. Black slug. Segment two: Family, 3:03. A woman places a bowl on the kitchen table. Outside, she tends to her flowers. A man joins her in tending to the plants. A boy comes outside onto the porch with a toy and looks at the camera. The family walks down the sandy driveway from the car to the house. The inside of the house is shown before they walk to another house. Segment three: School, 4:21. A school bus is parked next to a school building with a lot of windows. The camera shows the school from the road. The building that looks like a gymnasium has the letters "WCHS" on the side. A newer school building is shown in the middle of a large dirt lot with some cars parked outside of it. Segment four: Fall scenes, 4:49. Fall scenes are shown from the top of a hill. Down the street, some leaves can be seen changing colors. Out over a white fence more changing leaves can be seen. A road and then a lake with trees changing colors. Various fall scenes are shown. The sun is setting with trees silhouetted against the sun. Trees are shown in a neighborhood, but the leaves are not changing much. The bushes in front of the house are still green. Only a few trees on the road are yellow. Cars drive down the neighborhood road. Black slug. Segment five: Outside activities, 7:14. Two family members have a picnic at a table on the side of the road. A boy plays with a cat outside of a barn. A dressed up family gets out of their cars to visit friends and family. A boy cries at the back of a car. The women chat with each other next to the cars. The whole group commingles together. There is a table with birthday cake and other food spread out on it. The family gathers around the table to get food and eat. They have chairs spread out for people to sit on. A boy sits on a bench drinking a soda bottle that is half his size. After they have all eaten, they open cards and presents. Two boys try to roll a barrel across the yard, while other family members climb a ladder up a tree. A man walks around the house to the door and is followed by children running after him. He walks out over to the camera. People come out of the house after him. Another man is smoking a cigar and leaning on a car. They carry chairs out of the house. Other things are brought out of the house as well. Children play by the cars and smile for the camera. Black slug.
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H.C. Blankenship and John Scott home movie collection, circa 1936-1967
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection