Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-54 to HM-61 (hm-bla_0032)

Georgia Home and Amateur Movies
Dupree Blankenship home movie collection, HM-54 to HM-61 (hm-bla_0032)
Blankenship, H. C.
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Blankenship, H. C.
Blankenship family
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Amateur films--Georgia
United States, Georgia, 32.165622, -82.900075
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Descriptive information on file: 0800-20-54, Building House, Halloween parade, Camellias / 0800-20-55, Baby Cheryl / 0800-20-56, Cheryl-Carol Christmas / 0800-20-57, Cheryl 1 year old, Carol / 0800-20-58, Parade, Baby Cheryl / 0800-20-59 / 0800-20-60, Church, baby Cheryl and Carol, Pumpkin / 0800-20-61, Mamie-Hamp Twinkle and Tweety Pie, Carol (3-4)
Black slug. Segment one: Halloween parade, 0:03. People walk in a crowd over railroad tracks. They are following a car and riding bikes. Kids are dressed up in costumes. Back at the house. Black slug. Segment two: Flowers, 2:01. Sign: "EVERYONE IS MOST WELCOME HERE ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, EXCEPT THOSE WHO CUT OR BREAK FLOWERS OR SCIONS. THEY ARE NEVER WELCOME." A woman shows off flowers for the camera. A boy sniffs a large flower. Women look at large flower bushes. Black slug. Segment three: Baby, 4:08. A mother holds her baby and feeds it baby food and a bottle. The baby cries a lot. They put the baby in the crib and whenever someone tries to reach in the dog jumps up at them. She is propped up on a pillow in the crib. Various family members hold the baby and talk to her. Black slug. Segment four: Christmas, 8:01. A toddler holds a teddy bear as big as she is. A dad and boy play with toy guns. Empty and unwrapped boxes are all over the room. Family members watch while others open presents. The little girls tries on her new dress and drinks out of a toy cup. The boy pretends to be a cowboy with his holster. A parent and child walk down the sidewalk in town. A train drives down the railroad in the middle of town. People are walking around. A Christmas parade is happening across the railroad tracks. There is a marching band, a tank, and other cars. Black slug. Segment five: First birthday, 11:55. It is the baby's first birthday, and she is sitting in a high chair with a cake. An older boy stands behind her. She eats the cake some, but mostly plays with it. The baby walks around the house in a dress while people watch. Black slug. Blurred windows. Toddler is dressed up in a pink dress and plays with a hoop. Black slug. Segment six: Parade and celebration, 15:48. A car is leading another parade through the main downtown area. It goes by the train station and right in front of the camera. The children are wearing masks and Halloween costumes. Black slug. Segment seven: Family, 16:37. A boy is dressed up in a suit and talking to the camera. The baby is in her crib smiling while holding a bottle. Later, the family is sitting down for a large meal that looks to be Thanksgiving dinner. The baby is in her crib smiling while holding a bottle. There are various scenes of her holding her bottle and lying down. Black slug. Segment eight: Vacation, 19:01. Women stand outside looking out onto a large river as the camera pans across it. Children play on the swing set. Family members chat together and catch up. Family photos are taken in nice clothes. Food is laid out on a long table over a covering and people help themselves. Toddlers walk around. The parking lot is full of many vehicles. Black slug. More scenes of the family eating together at their picnic. Black slug. Segment nine: Around town, 21:16. Women and girls walk out of church in long white dresses. People walk around the parking lot and by the church in their Easter best. There are a lot of cars parked everywhere. Segment ten: Baby, 21:55. The baby girl is exploring a pumpkin that is more than half her size. Her brother takes it from her, but she keeps paying attention to it. He then picks her up and holds her on the pumpkin. She cries, and then is given a snack. A woman walks around a flower bush outside of a house. Views of the different flowers. Black slug. Segment eleven: House, 24:08. The camera pans across a kitchen with empty shelves and a refrigerator. A man lies down in a reclining chair. A large home-cooked meal is spread out over a table by the kitchen. A woman pets a dog while sitting on a couch. A bird alternates between landing on her head and on a lamp. A boy laughs as a bird sits on an adult's glasses. A woman waters the plants in her landscaping outside the house. A bird digs around in a potted plant. They are feeding birds on the porch. Segment twelve: Downtown, 26:45. The downtown landscape is shown. A wall of a building strip is painted with "SIMS FOOD STORE." Black slug.
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H.C. Blankenship and John Scott home movie collection, circa 1936-1967
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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection