Letters to Georgia, v. 14209, 1737 June-1739 April

Volume 14209
1 (1)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thos. Causton de.ted at
Westminster the 11th, of June 173?.
The Trustees on the 6th. instant received Yoirr Letter dated the
24th. of March last with the Copys of the Correspondencys therein
inclosed. The next day Mr. Simond presented Sola Bills with Your
Certificates of having receivd the Value of Messrs. Samuel Montaignt
and Co. to the Amount of t 1,01?. v;ch. with the L 433 You before
advised of having paid away makes together L 1450 of the 1500. tha.t
were sent over. The Certified Accots. already received without Sola
Bills attending them will therefore now he examined and reported upon
for Payment, and as it may he hoped You have before this time received
from Gapt. Dymond L 1000 in Sola Bills sent You by him You will thereby
be Supplied for mahing Payments for Provisions and the absolute Uecessltys of the Colony without having Occasion to send over any more
Certified Accompts for Payment in England; Yet Copys of Accots. must
Continue to be sent to Satisfy the Trustees of the Particulars for
which their Sola Bills are paid.
The Trustees will continue to send over their Sola Bills for
Psjments in Georgia, and Your Corresponding by every opportunity will
inform them of Your foreseen Occasions in Order that You may be
regularly Supplied vn.th them.
Since my last Letter to You the Trustees have Settled the
inclosed Directions relating to Mr. V/ptsons Affair. And I shall send
a Duplicate thereof and of this Letter hy the first Opportunity which
shell Offer. I am, Sir
Your most humhle Servant
(5) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to The Reverend Mr. John Wesley
dated at Westminster the 15th. of June 1737-
The Reverend Mr. Burton has this day laid "before the Trustees a
Letter from You to them dated Savannah March 4th. 1737, Wherein you
express a concern that th^ should receive an Accusation of Your
imhezzling any part of their Goods, and likewise a Desire to know the
Name of Your Accuser.
The Trustees have ordered me to assure You that they are vdry
much Surprized at any Apprehension You teve of Such Accusation "being
brought before them; No Complaint of any kind has been laid before them
relating to You; They have never as a Board nor any of them privately
heard of one, nor have they the least Suspicion of any Ground for one.
They would not (if they ha,d received any) form a Judgement of You
without acquainting You with the Accusation and the Name of Your
Accuser; At the ssme time they ksdtx beleive You'll think it rea.sonable
to let them know who has informed You that any such Accusation has been
brought before them, and that for the future you will only regard what
may be sent to you from them and that You will not beleive nor listen
to any private Informations or any Insinuations that must make You
uneasy, and may lead You to distrust the Justice of the Trustees and
the Regard they have for You.
Thft Trustees are very sensible of the great In^ortsnce of the
work you are engaged in and they hope God will prosper the Undertaking
and Support you in it, for they have much at heart not only the Success
of the (6) Colony in general hut the Promotion of Piety amongst the
People as well as the Conversion of the Indians. They are very glad to
find that Kr. Causton has seconded your endeavours to Suppress Vice and
Immorality, and tha,t a Reformation gairxs Ground as you observe it does.
I am
Your most Obedient Servant.
(9) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thos. Causton dated at
Westminster the I7th. of June 1737-
In my Letter to You by the Peter and James dated the 23d. of
March last I acquainted You that a Particular Benefaction had enabled
the Trustees to direct You to furnish to each Man of the third Transport
of Saltzburghers a Cock and an Hen and to every five heads of the said
Transport a Sow a Turkey Hen and a Goose, conputing the said Transport
to 55 heads I am now to acquaint You Tha.t the Benefactor kaocxac has
extend his Benefaction to the Supplying to every five heads of the sak
said 55 heads a Cow and a Calf; Which the Trustees desire You will
provide them with and send a particulsr Accot. of the Charge thereof
4 (9)
Signed by Mr. Bolzius to discharge the Trustees of the said Benefaction.
I am
Yr. Most humble Servant
(13) Copy of a Letter from the Trustees to Sir Eobert balpole dated
at V/estminster the 226., of June 1737*
Having in April last Presented a Memorial to You, and as there
was then a great hurry of Business and this is a time of More leasure.
We hope You'll permitt us to remind You of it since every days Advices
confirm the Necessity of having a speedy Resolution taken thereupon.
We therefore telce the Liberty of giving You a Copy of that Memorial
which is as follows.
The Colony of Georgia being Intrusted by His Majesty to Our
Care, We think our Selves Obliged to inform You of the Situation of it
And that the L 20000 granted by Parliament this Year will not maintain
the Colony further then Ladjr Day 173*
The Expences of the Colony at first Saakxxiatxg looks large but
if You consider tha.t the Trustees have hitherto Protected as well as
improved the Colony out of the Parliamentary and other Money; You will
find that it has not been so escpensive as other Colonies
The Military Defence of Nova Scotia and Asa Annapolis stands the
King in L 13,000 yearly; though there is no Improvement Made in that
5 (13)
Most of the American Colonies are at least as expensive as ITova
Scotia and Annapolis; The Charge of vhich is either paid "by the King
for Troops Artillery &c or by Taxes Raised upon the People of the
Colory, or by both. Thus Jamaica stands the Publick in L l4000 a Year
upon the Estimate besides the Governors Salary out of the Civil List,
and the Taxes raised by the Country; (14) So that the whole Expences of
Jamaica are near L 30i000 yearly.
We farther think our Selves obliged to acquaint Yoti. That seven
Thousand pounds a Year will be necessary to defray the Expence of the
Civil Government maintaining Persons newly arrived, Preserving a good
Harmony with and Supporting the Indians, and Carrying on the other
Improvements of the Province such as raising of Silk, Wine Oyl and
other Produces. The Sxpence Whereof priva,te Persons are not able to
bear, and which the Trustees apprehend is the reason why the English
America ha.th not Yet Produced any Qaantity of them, though their Climate
and Soil are very proper for them.
It will be expedient also that the Sam intended to be Granted to
the Trustees be put into the Estimate laid by the Crown before the
Parliament; for it will be impossible for the Trustees every Year to
talce upon them to Proceed by Petition, nor can they be expected to
hazard the making Contracts for Men Provisions &c (which is necessary
to be done the Year before) upon the Precariousnesa of their Petition's
being received or a Sum Voted upon it.
We likewise think o^ir Selves Obliged to represent to You the
Situation of Carolina and Georgia, which Provinces are almost Surrounded
by the Erench and Spaniards (who lye upon the same Jjontinent and
6 (14)
and can March into the former thro* the latter hy land). The many
In5)rovements here made and the Earhours now discovered, Occasions those
Powers to he Covetous of them; And the More those Provinces improve the
stronger their desire will he of getting them, for Georgia is the Key of
all North America. And if (15) they possessed those Ports they conld
hy Cruizing from thence Search all the Carolina and Virginia homev/ard
hound Ships and would prohahly Confiscate many of them. Since they
generally bring Spanish Silver home which is the only Coin Currant in
America. For these Reasons the Trustees humhly apprehend that it will
he e3Q)edient for His Majesty to Order a Regiment of Seven hundred Men
to he raised which being properly Posted upon the Islands and along
the Rivers, will protect both those Provinces from the Spaniards And
which seems to he more immediately necessary, since the Trustees have
Informations from Eye Wittnesses and Men worthy of Faith, That the
Spaniards are fitting up Barracks at St. Augustine for a Regiment of
500.^ Men which they dayly estpect; and which with those already there,
will make up Eleven hundred regular Troops; And that the French have
Two Thousand Five hundred regular Troops in their Province next
adjoining to Georgia and Carolina. We are.
Tour most humble Servants
Thomas Frederick
Roht. Tracy
Ja. Vernon
T. Archer
Roht. Cater
I. Page
Sawd. Dighy
Stephen Hales
Henry St. Apostre
John Laroche
Roht. Hucks
Geo. Heathcote
Wm. Sloper
Thos. Tower
Chr. Tower
Wm. Heathcote
James Oglethorpe
H. Archer
B. Chandler
7 (17)
Copy of a Lettor from Mr. Verelst to Mr. John Mattliias Kramer dated
at Westminster the 24th. of June 1737*
I rec*d yours dated 26 Instant N. S. and will lay it before the
Trustees next Wednesday; But in the mean time I thought Proper to
acquaint You That I heleive The Trustees will not increase your
Instructions which are Confined to 60 Servants and if that certain
Number cannot be complied with for Mr. Hope to engage in to send a
Ship to Georgia your Sollicitation will be at an End and therefore
inroroper for You to Stay at Eotterdam at Expence I shall si write to
You again this day sevennight which may be sent after You if You go
from Eotterdam before.
I am
Your Most humble Servant.
(21) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to Mr. Philip George Frederick
^ de Eeck dated at Westminster the 13th. of July 1737*
Mr. Vernon has this day laid before the Trustees for Establish
ing the Colony of Georgia a Letter from You dated Wind Hausen June
28th. 1737 Wherein You desire to know whether the Trustees will enable
You to Subsist in the Colony without Land. In ansv^er to which they
have ordered me to acquaint You that it is an Established Eule with
8 (21)
them to Subsist none Wio do not intend to cxativste Lands for their ovm
Suhsistance They therefore desire to know whether You intend to return
to the Colony, because if You do not return thither within Six Months,
the Grant of Land which was made to You October the 7th. 1735*
will be Vacated.
I am
Your most Obedient Servant.
(25) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn Mr. Thos. Causton Dated at
Westminster the 3^* August 173
The Trustees have received the Packet of Letters which You
forwended to Mr. Svelei^, and in this Packet Your Diary, with which
they are Ki well pleased and e^ect You will continue and send it every
Opportunity especially since You have received as they hope a Youth
Named John Pye whom they sent to You for a Clerk by Captn. Dymond They
have sent You another, vizt. Samuel Hurst by Captn. Thomson; with whom
likewise comes one Samuel Smallwood, who is to be sent up to Prederica
for the Service of the Storekeeper there.
The Trustees approve of Your Care in managing the Stores and Your
Striking off the idle persons who have not performed their Covenant of
Cultivating their Lands according to the time expressed in their Grants;
which had they done, they would by this time have been able to Subsist
them selves, and for want of this Ability they have put the Trustees to
9 (25)
very great Sxjjence, who are determined not to Support any longer in
Idleness those, who have so little Regard to the Trust and themselves.
The Trustees desire that You will see that the Arms "be kept
clean and in good Repair, and you must tell the ConstaMes that they
earoect this from them.
(26) They hope that the Officers in Savannah (as they expect
any favour from them) will cooperate in their respective Stations with
friendship and Unanimity to maintain the Peace of the Colony, and give
good Example to the Inhahitents.
If ever there is any Attempt to introduce Martial Law, the
Trustees do hereby Order You always to Oppose it; for no Martial Law
can be declared without and Express Order from tiie Trustees or some
Persons authorized by them for that Purpose.
In relation to the Moravians taking up Arms, the Trustees
think You should only have called upon them for two Men that is to say.
One for each Lot of Mr. Spangenbergs and Mr. Nitchman's, And on their
sending two Men whether Moravians or others provided they are not
Servants, it will be a Discharge of them from that Duty, As to tiieir
Request of the Trustees giving them Leave to remove from the Colony,
You must acquaint them that no Application has been made to them from
Count Zinzendorff, thro* whom the Trustees have always treated
with them; And till they receive such an Application from the Count,
they can say nothing to it. But the inclosed Articles have been
settled with Count Zinzendorff, which You must put in Execution in the
most favourable manner to them You can, and treat them on every
Occasion with a Brotherly Love and Tenderness.
10 (26)
The Trustees have observed with Satisfaction that Mr. (2?)
Jones the Surveyor has provided himself with hands for carrying on the
necessary Work of Suiveying the great Lots towards the West and they
hope he will go on to finish the Surveying and running out the whole,
tha-t those, who have made his ITeglect of doing it a pretence foi their
Idleness, may he left without Exduse if they continue in it.
Mr, Stephens, who goes over hy this Ship is appointed Secretary
for the Affairs of the Trust within the Province of Georgia; You must
on all Occa-sions give him what Assistance You can to enable him to
discharge the Trust reposed in him. You will see by Mr. Verelsts
Letter what Allowance is to be ma^e him.
I am
Yo\ir very humble Servant.
P. S.
The Trustees have ordered that Mr. Robert Howss House be
rebuilt (as it was before it was burnt down) out of the Fund for
Religious Uses, in consi6.eration of His Services.
(29) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to the Bayliffs and Recorder of
the Town of Savannah dated at Westmr. the ?d. of August 1737,
There being Reason to beleive that in a Course of time some
Neglects may happen in putting in Execution the Laws tha.t were ma,de
here and approved of by His Majesty for the Peace and Welfare of the
11 (29)
Coloiay; And as the Trustees are determined to see the s-ae panctnally
Obeyed, They do hereby repeat their Orders that You do in your several
Stations use Your utmost Endeavours to make the said Laws effectual
And in particular the Trustees do expect and require that the Con
stables and Tythingmen upon Duty do never fail giving their Axx
Asistance in Staving what Hum may be brought into the Province, and
they do farther hope and expect that as You will an Example to the
People by a Strict Obedience to their Orders and their Laws, and by a
vigourous Maintenance of them so the People will likewise pay a dutifull Regard to the same and that all the inferiour Officers will be
assistant to You in Supporting and executing them on every Occasion.
I am
Your very humble Servant,
(33) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to Mr. Thos. Hawkins dated at
Westminster the 3d. of August 1737*
The Trustees have ordered me to acquaint You that they hsve with
great Concern heard of some Differences at Frederica among the Persons
in Commission. Tliey do expect that You inform them as soon as possible
hov; the same began, and wh=!t has happened thereupon; And they hope You
will continue keeping a regular Accot. of all Occurrences and send it
hy every Opportunity that offers.
As You are sensible the Trustees can govern themselves in their
12 (33)
Care and Provision for the Province only "by the Accot. which they
receive from thence. You must know tha.t the readiest way to gain and
keep their fj^vour is to he punctual end veiy particular in writing to
As the People mast not depend upon the Trustees Subsisting them
beyond the time Allotted in their Grants (unless very good Season
shall appear to them for doing otherwise) they must know that they
cannot be to early in the Cxiltivation of their Lands you must there
fore omit no Opportunity to Press and Sollicate them to tnis and
Assure them that as Industry will prove their greatest Happiness, so it
will be the surest Secominendation of them to the Trustees.
As the Tr\istees have passed some Laws which have been approved
of by His Majesty in Council; And as (34) they are preparing others for
the better P.egulation of the Colony, They do expect a due Obedience
be paid to the same, and that the Magistrates will do their utmost to
Support them, and preserve good Order among the People.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant.
(37) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thos. Causton Dated at
Westminster the 11th. of August 1737-
Your Letter with the Accompts of the Remain of Stores the 22d.
of November 1736, Youir Receipts of Stores since that time to the 31st.
13 (37)
of Decemoer following, Your General Issues thereof for the sssfie time,
with Your particular Issues from the 22d. of Hovember 173^ tlie 31st.
of January following; And the Several Persons Accompts taken from the
Leidger from ffwbw Tehruary 1735 to the 23d. of November 173^. were
received by the Trustees. It would have been more Satisfactory had
Your General Issues shown what part thereof went to the Southward, You
having been directed by Mr. Oglethorpe to Supply the People there
according to the Quantitys Stated the 5th. of November 1736 which would
be wanting to cojrpleat their Establishment of Provisions for a Year and
a (Quarter from November 1736 to Eebrusry 1737; and a Copy of the said
Establishment and Qoantitys of Provisions was left with You for that
The Trustees desire You will continue the Copys of Yoxir Day
Books Receipts and Issues of Stores; And they direct You that at the
End of everj'^ month a Copy of the Day Book of Your P.eceipts during the
said month, and a Copy of the Day book of Your Issues in such Month
may be made out And that You (38) will send a such Copys inclosed to
them by every Opportunity, taking Receipts from the Boatmen for the
delivering them to the Mercht. at Charles Town You send them to, to
be forwarded to England; That the Trustees may know what Merchant they
are to ask after their Letters, if not received.
In your Letter of the 24th. of Eebruary last You mention Tha-t
the Querys on Your Accompts before February 1735 should be answered as
soon as possible. To be sure your Want of proper Assistance was the
real Occasion of those Defects; but as a reexamination Kzi^ will k set
every thing Eight, I hope from Yoor Answers to State the Expences of
14 (38)
the Colony aoroad Tiiider their proper heads.
I have inclosed You the Accom^ts Currant of Persons ahrcaA taken
from the Trustees Leidger here, to compare with their Accots. in the
Leidger You keep In Order that such Accots. may he Balanced except Mr.
Bradley's whose Accompt at Present is to he kept open( or what is
due there on when it is a proper time to demand the same may he re
ceived. And if any of the Persons are dead or have left the Colony
Please to Examine if they accoted. for or discharged their Ballances
at all. But the Trustees would have no hardships put upon Industrious
Men hy Oppressing them for their Debts; For th^ direct You to he kind
to the Industrious, at the same time that You take Care that the Idle
do not in^iose upon the Trust.
Mr. Cookesey's Accot. is come to hand, and the (39) Trustees
are willing to give him twelve months time for Payment of the Ballance
due from him, and they wod. not have You lay any hardship on him no
more than on other Industrious Men nor to take away such Men's Effects
to he an hindrance to their Improvements.
The Bxpences of the Colony, being hy Estahlishmts. limited, the
one made up hy Mr. Oglethorpe and Yourself, for the Northern Division
(a Copy of which has been formerly sent You and another is now sent
jf You;) and the other for the Southern Division, which is herev/ith
send You. The Tiustees hope that no exceeding has been made, and they
direct that no exceeding shall he of the said Establishments. They
have extracted from that made up at Savannah the inclosed annual Esqjence
of the Eorthivard-, and the Southern Establishment is the Annual Expence
of the Southward. Which at those Rates are to he continued from the
15 (39)
Receipt of this Letter to Lady Day 1738; and there is no Addition or
exceeding to he made on any accot. whatsoever But as unforeseen Acci
dents may happen, hy which whole Familys may he ruined for want of
some small Assistance, or that strange Indians may cone in and require
a Welcome, or Strangers, Or other unforeseen incidental Charges may
arose; The Trustees fekanraiirg therefore confiding in You, You may eaqjend
in such Contingencys not mentioned in the Establishments a Sum not
exceeding Twenty pounds Sterling a month in the northern Division of
the Province hut they recommend (40) to You not to exceed Five pounds
a Month in such Contingencys \anless in Cases of very Urgent necessity
as above; And You must talce Care to give a particular Accompt of Such
Contingencys and in your Diary which You send the Trustees (and which
they desire you will continue to do monthly) You are to give Yoiir
Reasons for such Contingent Expences. And You are to f\irnish as far
as Twenty poTjnds Sterling a Month to Mr. Horton for Contingencys in
the Southern Division, upon his Certifying to You the Occasions.
The Trustees are resolved to bring the Expences of the Colony to
a Certainty and to send over Cash in Sola Bills sufficient to -^ay those
Expences. If that Certainty is exceeded, there will always he a want
which they can mahe no Provision for, and it must end in the Destruction
of the whole. To prevent wiiich they have pursued Mr. Oglethorpes
method of the before mentioned Establishments. Buf if these are not
Perfect, as nothing can be expect to be so at first You may apprize the
Trustees of such Articles as there may be savings upon, and of such
other Expences if any sliall be as you shall see necessary. Yet You
must not make any Expences or any Alterations in the Establishmt.
16 (^0)
until the Trustees return you an Answer to such Proposals as you shall
make. But You must go on until those Answers axe received upon the
Rules of the Estahlishments, For should Essences arise in Georgia
larger than what the Trustees ea^ect and what they have calculated to
Provide for; It will create the greatest Confusion since it (4l) may
exceed what they have appropriated for that Purpose.
In the northern Estahlishment there is a Provision of Three
hundred pounds Sterling, to he advanced in Provisions on Credit to
Freeholders for clearing their Lands, hut not exceeding Four Pounds
Sterling to any one Freeholder; Which You are to use in the Application
thereof in such manner as to keep the Industrious People from dispersing.
And You are to have a particular Regard to those who cultivate Lands in
the Villages. The Trustees think it is better not to advance above
the value of Twenty shillings Sterling p Acre fenced and planted in
Corn. Which Credit is to he repaid in Corn in two Years after.
The Trustees have sent You Six hundred and fifty Pounds Sterling
in Sola Bills, they are Letter C; Ro. 201 to 330 of i 5::- each, which
are to he applied for three months Pay to the Persons in the inclosed
List, if so much is due is due to them at the Receipt of this Letter;
And what is more than due will he Cash in your hands for the Service of
the Colony. The said Sola Bills are in the Box hereafter mentioned,
which contains also a Seal for the Town Court of Savannah and the
Trustees will send by the next ship more Sola Bills to Supply the Colony
with, according to the Expences they have allowed to he made by the
Estahlishments before mentioned; And they direct You to encourage those
Inhabitants who raise Indian Corn Pease or Potatoes, by hying from them
17 (41)
for Supplying the Colony, to Lady Day 1738> and to allow them the
grwttiTTiMYBr Premium of one SQdqcz: Shilling a hushell if they have raised
sufficient "before You "buy of others. The Trustees desire to know
whether You took from Mr. Stirlings and Mr. Baillie at the Ogeeche, the
Corn tha.t grew there; And if You did not, the Reason for not doing it.
(42) The Trustees desire to know whether the House is "built at
Cooanoochi Ferry and the Boat "bought for it whether Thoma.s Mouse's
House is built and how much has been advanced to Andrew Duchee, and
whether Walter Augustine and his Assistants have been Supplied with
Provisions while repairing the Saw Mill, and to wh^t Value.
The Trustees desire You will send them an Accompt of Persons on
the Store pursuant to former Orders, whose Year or time for being
supplied is not eacpired., and who are not Provided for by the Establish
ments vdth the times when they will be off the Store. And they direct
that the Maintenance of such Persons should be continued until their
time of Maintenance is expired, or until such Account is received and
the Trustees Orders thereupon.
I have enclosed You a Copy of Mr. Bradleys Agreement with the
Trustees, and they desire You to keep his Accompt open, for at Mr.
Oglethorpe's Instance they intend to ta'ce into Consideration the Damage
that may ha.ve arose, by his not having the thirty Servants to cultivate
the Land according to their Agreement; And I have wrote to him a Letter
to that Purpose,
The Credits to Mr. John Brown and the other Familys who want
such Credits, tho' sent at their friends Sxpences; whereof the Widow
Polhill's is one, must be further carried on by subsisting them at the
18 (42)
Freeholders Allowance p v;hole head, snd their Servants at the Servants
Allowance; And their Accoiapts mast he made up and Signed hy each Master
or Mistress of the Fajnily, to produce to their (43) friends here ths,t
they have been so supplied with Suhsistance; .And to he a Demand upon
them, if exceeding the money they have alrea.dy contributed.
When Captain Thomson arrives from Scotland the Servants (over
and above the forty, for the Trust which he shall bring and dispose of
to Masters in Georgia, may be supplied on Credit to the Masters of such
Servts. iv'ho shall really want it v;ith a Bushell of Corn p Month for
each Servant for the first Year; and the Servants Indentures to be
Security for the Eepayment thereof in Corn in two Years; And You must
send the Trustees an Accot. thereof, Captn. Thomson will bring you a
bale of Tartan for Plaids and Short Cloaks and short Hoes and will
bring you I50 pair of Highland Shoes and each of the Servants which
remain to the Trust and B.re to be sent to Lietit. Moore Mackintosh at
the Darien (as mentioned in my Letter by Captain Thomson) are to be
f-ornished with a Plaid a short Coat and short Hoes two shirts and tv;o
pair of Shoes a year vrhich must be sent to Lieut. Moore Mackintosh for
that Purpose and the same for the other Highland Servants belonging to
the Trust under Ih*. Hugh Mackay and please to acquaint Lieut. Mackin
tosh that one of the forty Servants sent at the Ejcpence of the Trust
whose Indenture will be particularly assigned is to be daiixaaixia;
delivered to John Mackintosh of Lenlwilg in lieu of a Servant he lost
in the Trustees Service.
You are to Supply Tomo Cha.chi and his Indians and the fibrat
Savannah Indians, and the Indian School with Provisions Vliich the
19 (43)
Trustees ceoinot now bring to a Certainty for want of sufficient Inform
ation; But they desire that You would bring it to a monthly (44)
Certainty in such manner as the Indians may be entirely Satisfied, and
the Trustees know their E^qsence, and that You would by the next Ship
give them an Account thereof. You are to give the Indians that Come
to Savannah when sent for and not otherwise while they stay such Wine
and beer as shall be absolutely necessary but not exceeding a Pint of
Wine or a Qiaart of Beer a day to each Person. And the same Proportion
you may send to Tomo Chachi in case he should send for it upon Account
of Sickness amongst his Indians.
In my Letter by Captain Dymond You was desired to Supply the
Southward with Gun Powder, and was acquainted that 49 Kegs were on
board consigned to Johnny Brownfield. If you have not boxaght and
Supplied the Southward with that Quantity, You are again desired to
send so many Kegs to them.
The Trustees hope tha.t all Demands of Expences abroad to ^ady
Day 1737 are come to hand, and by the Certified Accompts received since
that time they observe that You and Mr. White have received in Store as
follows. Vizt.
Provisions and necessenys bought at Savannah of Lawrence ^
) 215:18:5
Wessells that 17th. of April 1737 to the Amount of )
Seventy Pipes of Wine bought of Robert Ellis and deli- )
vered at Frederica the 21st. April 1737 to the Amount )
of i 13:1:6 a Pipe )
915: 5:-
Orders dne from Dr. Htmoss Rnd Adrian Loyer certified at )
Savaanaii to Messrs. Minis & Salomons the 4th of May 1737* )
to the Amoimt of )
And Provisions hoToght of !rhofflas Ware at Savannah the )
) 181: 7:3
27th. of May 1737 to the Amount of ) wwaj-.;r-.-Ta^3affl;
Carried forward It 1,319:10:5
(45) Brought fonvard i 1,319:10:5
And the Trustees now know You have received the Sola
Bills they sent in March last hy Captain Dymond to the
Amount of i 1000. (2 of them having come hack.)
) 1,000
L 2,319:10:5
I have hy the Trustees Order wrote to Mr. White at Irederica,
that if he has not sent forty of the Seventy Pipes of Madera Wine to
You at Savannah for the Store there; That he would send so many; And
have acq.uainted him as well as I now acquaint You. That the said seventy
Pipes was not designed for the daily Consumption of the Inhahitsjnts on
the Store; But was intended and must he given out as Pay due or to grow
due to the Officers Souldiers end Labourers in the Trustees Service
and therefore as Money and to he at Prime Cost which is at the rate of
L 13:1:6 Sterling a Pipe Or given out as an Allo\yance of a Pint a day
to those that work for the Trust when there is no strong Beer: But
the Lying in Women are to he supplied with the usual Allowance of V/ine
out of this Wine, and also the Sick Persons with what shall he pres
cribed hy the Doctor.
21 (45)
All the li 1,500 Sola Sills are come lack and paid except the
4o You paid Captain Sarnes; and and several Certified Accompts have
teen received and paid after deducting of Errors in Confutation. Those
now under Reference for Payment which have Errors in them are as
Jemmet Cotley*s Accot. certified the 28th. of March 1737 to te
I 369515510 Currency due to Balance, is tut L 368:15510 which in
X'b sterling at 750* p Cent is ii 4952:1 (46) to te paid his Attorney here
the Difference in Currency is ^ D 1:10:0
The 4th. of May 1737 You Certified i 75:9:11 Sterling due to
Messrs. Minis and Salomons on their Accouft Cui-rent and two days tefore
you Certified your receiving L 50. of them in their Accompt Currant
for L 50 in Sola Bills and no other accot. Current teing produced the
said li 50 will te deducted from the 7559511* snd will reduce the same to
Ii 25:9:11 which should have teen taken Notice of in the said Certified
Accompt that on the Payment of the said ii 50 Bills no more than
li 25:9:11 was due to them; without there is any other Acconpt Cui'rent
for the said ii 50 not Yet Arrived.
Thomas Wares certified Accompt of Provisions You tought the 27th.
of May 1737 amounting to 1 181:7:3 Sterling is over computed 130f and
thereby reduced to L 179:17:3 hut the other Copy cone to hand is right
and therefore the whole will he paid and Lawrence V/essells Accot. of
Provisions ^d Necessarys You bought the 17th. of April 1737 amoting.
to L 216:11:5 sterling is over confuted L 0:13;0 and thereby reduced to
L 215:18:5
The Trustees are apprehensive that the Espences which have been
22 (46)
rijn into unon Account of tiie fort will exceed tiieir Estslslisluneiits snd
as such the People were very much in the V/rone for thinking of putting
them to Expences, which they think improper, you was in the wrong to
coEiply at all in the beginning hut wh-=t makes is something excusable in
you WPS the Terror the People might have been under; and You was much
in the right to Insist upon not going farther in it. The Cutting
dom the Wood was a great Folly, for that Wood was a better Defence
than any Fort th^ could erect by the Garden. (4?) Such a Port would
be of no use but by Commanding the River which mi^^t have been better
defended from the Guardhouse Battery and Guns in the Wood. The Toto
would be as open to an Enemy over Land as if no such Port had been.
The real Defence of the Town is the Woods and the Swamps and a few men
who know the Comtry assisted by the Indians might have mane a much
better Defence in the Woods than in the Port; Since thereby they could
have prevented an Eneny from coining to the Tovm which they could not by
defending the Fort. And Savannah is as Strong by the Swamps and the
River which Surround it, as any Town in America, though fortified. For
Fortifications without a Gai-rison are no Defence and the same Garrison
as would Defend a Port, can keep the Passes of the Swamps. Captn.
Mackpherson judged extremely right. And the whole Scheme of the Port
Seems more to be a design to draw money from the Publick Store than any
Defence against an Eneiiy. For the Cutting down the Wood which commanded
the River and where Cannon and Men under the Shelter of the Trees might
have been conveniently Posted, is a real weakening of the Place The
Trustees therefore find themselves obliged to give You positive Orders
not to make any Expence beyond the Bstablisbments, nor to be ruled by
23 (^7)
People to expend the Trust Money contrary to their Orders. And they
direct You not to suffer any Trees to he cut down hy the Spring.
The Tov?n of Savannah being now grown considerable and having
withstood the Atteiipts of their open an private Enemys; The Trustees
have thought Proper That in order to give more weight & Distinction to
the Court, and to show their Favour to the Tovm; to send (48) Gowns
for the Magistrates and Eecorder to wear in Court, and the same are to
be kept in a proper Press locked up in the Court. And they have sent a
Seal for the To\m Court of Savannah to Authenticate the Proceedings of
the Court sent over to England, and all Affidavits Certificates and
other Material Papers which require a Testimony to them And they have
sent an Engine for the Seal which affixes to the Wooden Table sent for
it's use, and fastens with a Bar of Iron underneath, the Nutt on the
Top of the Engine unscrews to let in the fly, and then must be screwed
on again. The four Screws at the bottom of the Table are to Screw the
Table to the Floor v/hereon the Seal is used, to keep it firm. The Seal
is put into a Small ^ag being first covered with Mutton Suet to keep it
from Bust, and before it is used it must be wiped with a Cloth very
clean before the Fire or in the Sun; And after it is used must be
covered with the like Suet or Sweet Oyl to prevent it's Eusting. The
Seal will put into the Socket of the Engine either way, for being
affixed either at the Top or Bottom of Papers as Occasion shall be, and
there is a. small Pin which goes through the Socket and Neck of the Seal
to keep it tight, and there are proper Wafers sent to put under squire
Peices of Paper to impress the Seal upon, but before impressed a Quire
of Prown Paper or Something of a plying Substance mast be laid upon the
24 (48)
plate the Engine falls on and under the ^aper to he sealed to Strengthen
the Impression if at any time you have Papers to annex to what the Seal
is affixed to some green Eihhand (of which the Trustees have sent You a
peice and a Needle to use it) will he proper to annex such Papers with
and the Eihhand which goes thro the Papers so to he annexed being also
put through the Paper the two Ends (49) of that Eihhand must he put
between two of the Wafters and then covered with a square Peice of
Paper whereon the Seal being impressed will Authenticate the Papers
annexed as well as the Papers Sealed; And as a Specimen you hs=ve
inclosed an Impression on the Top, and at the Bottom of a Sheet of
Mr. Stephens who brings you this, comes over to settle in G-eorgia,
and is appointed by the Trustees Sectary, for the Affairs of the Trust
within the Province of Georgia. His Constitution and Instructions he
vdll show you Himself and two others including his third Son are to he
suppliBd for the first Year with Six poTUids of Beef a week eaSh two
Pounds of Eice tv/o Pounds of Peace, and two Q^oarts of Flour a week
each a pint of strong Beer a day each, a CJpart of Molasses a Week
each four pounds of Cheese; two Pounds of Butter, two Out^ces/ of
Spice, two pounds of sugar, a Gallon of Vinegar, six pounds of Salt,
three Quarts of Lamp Oyl, and three Poimds of Soap a Quarter each; and
a pound of Spun Cotton each And his Woman Servant and each of his ten
Men Servants are to he supplied for the first Year with Tviro hundied
pounds of Meat and three hundred and forty two Pounds of Eice Pea.se or
Indian Corn; together with Contingent food for the said Eleven Servants
to the Value of Eight Shillings Sterling each.
25 (^9)
You are to Supply Stephens with fifty Pounds Sterling in the
first Year after Ids Arrived in Georgia at such times and in such
manner as he shall find Occasion for it, with part of the Sola Bills
that will he sent You hy the next Ship.
Mr. Stephens comes over in the Many Ann Captain Thomas Shuhrick
for Charles To\m and brings with him one (50) Woman Servant qnd four
men Servants Mr. Jenys is wrote to to dg&aoDckkg defray the Charge of
sending him and the Passengers and Goods with him from Charles Town to
Georgia and Mr. Jenys is to draw upon the Trustees for that Expence
The Passengers which come with him besides his o\m Servants are as
follow Vizt.
Mary Smallwood Wife of Samuel Smallwood whom the Trustees sent
on board the Two Brothers to be a Clerk to the Store at Frederica and
herewith You receive the Agreement with him under the Sea.1 which Please
to deliver or send to him and his Wife must be provided with a Years
Provision a.s a first Settler.
Samuel Lander ivhose Indenture is herewith sent You and another
Man Servant whose Indent-ure Mr. Stephens will give you he being to be
put on board at Gravesend Both these Servants The Trustees direct
should be sent to Cooper the Millwright to be einployed in the Trustees
Service \inder him.
Eichard Warrin and Elizabeth Warrin two Orphan Children of the
late John V/arrin by Elizabeth Ms Wife both decea^sed; their Father in
Law James Wood having brought them to the Tmistees to take Care of out
of the Eents a d Profits of their late Fathers House and fifty Acres
Lot You are therefore to take Care of the said House and Lot and keep/
26 (50)
the Children out of the Profits thereof the said James Wood having more
to do with the Lot or the Children.
And there will he five Eecruits and the Wives of two of them put
on hoard at Gravesend for the Independent Company now under Mr. Oglethorpes Command; who mast he sent to the Southward with the other things
hereafter Mentioned.
(51) And Mr. Wolley and a f^an Servant who at his Fathers
Expence is going to settle at Frederica.
The Parcels shipped are Consigned to Paul Jenys Esqr. at Charles
Town to he forwarded hj?- him to You and consist of the following pauticnlars,
A Case containing an Engine for the Toxm Seal the Fly Spring
Turn Screw and Iron Key.
A Case containing the Table a^nd Frame for the said Engine and 4
Screws to fasten it to a Floor a Box within the Frame containing the
three purple Gov/ns for the three -Bailiffs and a Black Govm for the
Recorder of Savannah the daily advertizers from the 13th. of Septr,
1736 to the 17th. of June 1737 hoth included and fifty of the Printed
Act for maintaining the Peace v;ith the Indians fifty of the printed
Act for preventing the Use of Negroes. Some of which Acts are to he
sent to Frederica.
A small Case directed for Tono ChacM containing a peice of red
Cloth, which the Trustees have sent him a Present of and You must
acquaint him it was made hy Mr. Oglethorpe's Order for him at Godaiming
in Surry.
A Box directed to Yourself containing the Town Seal, four
27 (51)
tiundred v'aiers for SesliTig with a peice of green Ri'bhand to annex Papers
with a Needle to use it and i 650 in Sterling Sola Bills, and several
Letters for Persons in Georgia.
A Box with Caper Plants and herewith you receive Directions how
the Gardener is to manage them.
A Trunk directed to Mr. Richard lifhite at Frederica.
(52) A Box directed to John Welsh at Frederica; Both which
please to send to them.
Fourteen half Berrells of Gun powder, whereof 8 is for Cannon
and 6 for Small Arras, the Cannon Powder and two of the Half Barrells
for Small Arras ai'e for the Independent Company end must he sent with
the Recruits, and the other 4 Half Barrels must he put into the Trustees
Store for Small Arms.
Tv;o Bundles and a Scane containing one hundred weight of Match
one half thereof is for the Independent Company to he sent with the
Recruits, and the other half for the Trustees Store.
A Cask containing an Union Flagg to he sent to the Independent
Company vfith the Recruits.
One hundred Cannon Balls of 2 pd. weight each and fifty Cannon
halls of 3 pds. weight each for the Independent Company to he sent with
the Recrxiits.
Five Pigs of Lead containing about 6 1 weight v^hereof 2 I
weight must he sent to the Independant Company to make hullets with,
and the rest must lye in the Store at Savannah
And three Casks containing about 5 ^ weight of Cheshire Cheese
v/hereof 1 I wt. must he sent to Lieutenant Moore Macld.ntosh at the
28 (52)
Darien to be divided "by him among the ^^eople there 1 i v;t. to Frederica
to he divided hy Mr. Horton's Order aisong the people there 2 I weight
to he equally divided among the Magistrates Constables end Tythingmen
at Savannah and the other 1 i wt. to he seat to the Store at Frederica
to he disposed of according to Mr. Horton's Orders for the Boats Crews
Conrpanys Service.
(53) The Trustees Observing in your Diary That John Venderplahk
John Penrose and John Lyndall had endeavoured to Convict Sailors of
Selling Hum; To encourage them for such Endeavours they have directed
You to Pay them the Moiety of the Penalty hy the Act provided as if the
said Sailors had been Convicted to he divided equally between them.
The Trustees having taken into Consideration that Men Servants
who serve faithfully in the Colony all the time of their Several Inden
tures deserve encoioragement at the End of their Service on Froof that
they have behaved well have agreed to grant to each of Such men servants
who are or shall he out of their time before Christmas 1737 Fifty Acres
of Land instead of the Twenty first Agreed for and to give him a Cow and
a sow; And that their Lend he set out in the Villages as soon as they
are out of their Service and Proof given of their Behaviour.
If Hosse the Surveyor has not surveyed at Ehenezer You must
vacate his demands and put his Agreement in force.
I am to exhort You to take all the Care you can to manage the
Trust Store with the greatest Frugality and to have at the same time a
Care not to discourage tlie Industrious and not to he imposed upon hy the
Idle who are ^ Drones eating upon the Puhlick, and at the same time
evil mouthed even to their Benefactors. There are great Humhers of
29 (53)
very honest and industrious People in the Colony who are silent and
easily contented and these the Trustees hear little of; These should
meet with the greatest Countenance and not to stretch any thing so as to
malce them uneasy But rather to Interpret all Orders in their favour as
far as the Woords will hear it.
(5^) You are farther to encourage the Villages, Those who live
upon their Lands and raise Corn and Provisions will he usefull Memhers
to the Colony and also serviceable to themselves. Consider ^ow much
money has been laid out in Provisions and if there was raised within
the Colony so much as to sell to the Store wha,t was wanted; what an
Advantage it would be to the whole, and to the particular Ifen who had
Produce to Sell Since that besides the Trustees Bounty of One Shilling
p Bushell, he would have the Advantage of Carriage over Strangers.
I must Conclude by recommending to You to be carefull and tender
of the Poor and Sbcsk Sick and to take care tlia.t the Clerks of the Store
behave with Decency and Submission to the People who come for their
Allowances; for thej/ are paid by the Trustees for attending upon the
people And as they are not to Injure the Publick by giving petulant
People above their Allowances, they are to give with civility and dis
patch, that wiiich is allowed.
The Board of Trade have consulted the Attorney General upon the
Act for maintaining the Peace with the Indians in Georgia And his
Opinion is entirely in fa.vour of the Proceedings of Georgia under that
Act, and the Determination of th^t Matter will be in their favour.
The Trustees desire You will send over some Acorns of the ever
green Oak from Georgia and let them know what Soil is best for them.
30 (54)
You are desired to send over a Certificate of the Life of
Elizabeth the Wife of Joseph Sniith in the nev/ V^ard and first JJything
thereof at Savannah in Lot 202 la case her Maiden Ifane was Parker It
being necessary here to prove her Living on Accot, of some Estate held
for her Life.
(55) Mr. Stephens has seen the Contents of this Letter, and
will explain any Article to You, which may v/ant any Inqtiiry upon,
I am
Yr. most humble Servant,
(57) Georgia Office Vfestmr.
My Lord.
The Memorial to the King was presented by the Consent and
advice of Sir Pnbert to the Duke of Newcastle But there v;as no Cabinet
Council yesterday.
Inclosed is yoTor Lordship's Simmons, I am
Yr. Lordship's Most Dutiful Servant
Harman Verelst
12 August 1737
(61) Copy of a Letter from lir. Verelst to Lieutenant Moore Mackintosh
dated at Westminster the 12 of August 1737*
31 (61)
The Trustees hare hy this Ship Two Brothers sent over 40 Men
Servants to he sent to ^ the Darien One of whoin, whose Indenture will
he particularly assigned, is for John Machintosh at Lenewilg in lieu of
a Servant he lost in the Trustee Service Others of them are for Free
holders at the Darien upon Credit, one to each who sha,ll desire it; and
those that remain to the Trust You aie to en^loy in Sawing Boards for
the Puhlick use Mr. Causton will send you for each of them as well as
for the other Highland Servants under Mr. Hugh Kackay, a Plaid a Short
Goat and Short Hose two Shirts, and two pair of Shoes a Year. He will
also send You 1 i wt. of Cheshire Cheese which you are to divide among
the People at the Darien.
The Musquets ordered to he sent You for the Darien could not he
finished in time, hut hy the next Ship they will he sent which is
expected to Sail next Month. But lir. Causton will send You some Guns
tha.t went hy the Ship Tv;o Brothers.
I am
Your most humhle Servant.
(pages 65 throng 71 cover accounts of Expences for the two Sstahlishments and are not copied here.)
(73) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Wm. Horton dated at
Westminster the 12th of August 1737-
Voltune 14209
31a (65)
12 Augst.
Sterling Carolina Currency
Mr. Aospettrger Engineer and Surveyor
p Annum i 5^:15:-
4 Labourers at 10 Currency p month.
p Annum 480;-:-
Eichard Vnaite en^loyed in the Store at
14 p month
Samuel Clement's Gunner at 10 p month
p Annum
Elisha Dohree en^loyed in the Store at
2. p diem to 25 March 14; 2;-
Ditto from 254h. March to 5th. November
1737 at 14?* p month 103:-sEenneth Stewart Master of the Pettiauguas
at i 12 p month 144:-;-
n?wo hands when enployed in Ditto at
la 10 ea. per Month 240:-:-
John Dalton in lieu of John Colwell who
Copy of the Ezpence of the Southern Division of Georgia
Establishment of Frederica
assists on Surveying at L 10 p month 120:-:-
3113 (65)
Sterling Carolina Currency
And Cloathing for the 4 Lahourers at
L 1:10:- a year each 6:-:-
L 71^-: 17:- i 1375:-:-
Provisions for Frederica for a year and a (Quarter
Meat Rice Com Flour Beer Molasses Cheese Spice
Ih. Ih. hushs. Ih. pints Quarts Ih. oz.
30,670-1/4. 23,289-3/4. 928. 2,551^-1/2. 3,666. 3,608. 391. 585
Sugar Vinegar Salt Oil Soaji Butter
Ih. Quarts Ih. Quarts Ih. Ih.
292-1/2. 390. 585. 214. 292-1/2. 292-1/2
Besides Mary Smallwood as a first Settler.
Bstahlishment of St. Andrews.
Ensign Hu^ Mackay I 9 Sterling p Month i 24;-;-
IId Ditto for overseeing the works 8. pm.
Ten Men I 80 p m.
One Storekeeper I l4 p m.
One Surgeon i l4 p m.
Nineteen Servants Cloathing at D 1;10;0 a year
each 28:10;-
T^fo Carpenters at D 10 Currency each p mo.
to find himself Provisions
Carolina Cxurency
Total p Annum L 52:-:- ^ 1,632;-;-
31c (66)
Provisions for St. Andrews for a Year and Quarter
Meat Rice
It It
10,296. 53-^8.
Corn Plotir Beer
bush I'b pints
103. 400. 1600.
Cheese Spice S-ugar Butter
Ih oz Ih Ih
200. 64. 150. 200.
Establishment of Darien
A Storekeeper at ii 24:-:-
A Cattle keeper at 2:-:-
26;-:- a year
Provisions for Darien for a year and (Quarter
Meat Corn Cheese Butter
4678. 282. 129. 2672
And for so many of the 40 Servants 'by the Ship Two Brothers
which shall remain to the Trust 4 pds a week each a "bushell of Corn
and 2-| pds. of Butter a month each and 7 pds. of Cheese a Quarter each.
(67) Carolina Scout Boat Esta'blishment
John Latter the Pahroon at L 18 Currency p Month L 288:-:-
a year
12 Men at 9 Do 1.296
3M (67)
On the
ProvisionE for the Caroline Scout Boat a Year and Quarter
Ceorgia Scout Boat Estahlishment
John Bay the Patroon at L 18 Currency p mo.
10 Men at 9 Do*
i 216:-;-
Provisions for the Georgia Scout Boat
Meat Eice Bread
Ih Ih Ih
3936. 1918. 2500.
a Year and Quarter
(68) List of Persons to he paid three months Pay with the Sola
Bills sent hy the Mary Ann fe,ptain Thomas Shuhrick the 11th. of
August 1737
To Mr. Hohn Cuthbert and 6 Eangers.
To Mr, Willey and 3 Eangers
To Captain Machintosh and 10 Men at Port Prince George
To Thomas Jones and 2 Men for half Pay.
To the 2 Lahourers in the Store House
And to the Cooper employed there
And to the Captain, Lieut, and 15 private Men at Port A^ugusta
31e (68)
On the To the Persons on the Bstahlishment at Frederica.
Estahlishmt. To the Storekeeper end Cattlekeeper at the Darien
To the Persons on the Bstahlishment at St. Andrews.
To John Latter the Fa^oon and 12 Men helonging to the Carolina 4cout
And to John Eajr the Patroon and 10 Men belonging to the Georgia. Scout
12 Augst. (69) Copy of the Annual Expence of the Northern Division of the Province
of Georgia
If a Si:^ply ha,s fiap
been voted at
Charles Town C^tain Mac^herson and 25 Bangers at Fort Argyle
for Mackphersons
Bangers there will
be a saving on
this Article
Mr. John Cuthbert and 6 Bangers at L q Mo.
Mr. Willy and 3 Bangers at Do.
To the Storekeeper at Savannah
This by the 2
Clerks sent Kxh
will be reduced
lower and answer
for the advanced To 3 Clerks at 1 40 Sterling a year each
pay of Cuthbert
and will above
that of the
To 2 Labourers at L 20 Currency p month
L 629:14; 4
168; -; -
96: -; -
50; -
120; -; -
35: -
To 2 Cooper at L 20 Currency p month 35: -
To the Smith for B^air of Indian Arms 25: -
3lf (69)
To Do. for Sundry Repairs
Ror the necessary S\3pport of the Sick the Widows and
To a Messenger to the Southward
Por the Hire of 2 Pettiaugpas at 70Currency p Mo, ea.
Por Half Pay to Mr. Thomas Jones whose whole Pay is at
ii l6 Currency Per month and 2 Men imder his Command
whose whole Pay is at 24 L
To 2 Millwrights for huilding a Saw Mill at 9j4;0
Sterling p Month
To 10 Labourers for their Assistance at ! 10 Curry, p
Month each
Por Provisions to the 4 Magistrates 4 Constables and
15 Tythingmen at Sa.vannah at L 7il0;0 ea.. 172:10:-
To the Constable and 6 Tythingmen of Ibenezer
at Do. 52:10:-
To the 7 Peace Officers of Hampstead, Highgate,
Skidoway, 5^bee, Abercorn, Thunderbolt
and Port Argyll at Do. 52:10:-
To Captain Ma,ckintosh and 10 Men at Fort Prince Georgia
To a Cowpen keeper at Ebenezer at I* 182 Curry, a year
25: -
100; -: -
100; -: -
113: 9: 5
35: 2; 8
100: 8: -
241; 7: -
24:12; 7
Carrd. Over L 2362; 2; 8
3lE (70)
Those are
Brot. Over
To the Captn. of the Fort at Au^sta 50:
To the Lieutenant of the said Fort JQi
To 15 private Men in Garrison at I 10
Currency p month each 244:
To the "^talian Silk Winders. Yizt,
400 pds, of Eice at 8? p 100 pds. 1;12;-
1600 pds. of Flour 10 p 100 pds. 8:
4 Bushels of Corn 2 p Bushel 8:-
2 Quarts of Wine p Week is 26 Gallons
at 3^ a Gallon
20 pds. of Sugar @ 3^ a pd. -I 5i
12 Gallons of Molasses @ l/6 a Gall. 5I8:-
8 pds. of Butter at 6? a Poxmd ; 4:-
2 pints of Beer a day is 9I Gallons and
I at 1! 4;11;3
Cloathing for the said Italians 5s
1560 pds. Meat at L 4 Currency p 100 pds, 8; 9!-
Wages 3O! 0;0
Washing end Bedding 5t
Lamp Oyl One Quart a. week 26 G^ll. at
1/10 2: 7:8
not 1450 feet Sawed Boards at 6 4:
2 Machines for Winding 4; -s -
L 2362: 2: 8
324: -
3lh (70)
s A
To Frsjicis Piercy for Work in the Publick Garden at 1^/6
a day 23: 9: 6
For the hire of 10 Men at 10 Currency a month each
in making the Western Road 162:
L 2,950:12:1
fo he advanced in Provisions on Credit to Freeholders
for gVviCTv clearing their ^ands hut not exceeding i 4
Sterling to any one Freeholder 300
To Tomoj^Chachi end the Indians and the Savannah Indians
aad the Indian School Provisions
To the Indians th't come to Savannah when sent for or not
otherwise a Pint of Wine or a (Juart of Beer a day to each
And the same Proportion to he sent to Tomo Chachi If he
should send for it on Accot. of Sickness among the Indians
(71) To Persons on the Store whose times for being supplies are
not Expired.
For Provisions to Mr. Stephens a Woman Servant and ten men for one Year
And for his extraordinary Expences in the Colony 50
To each Servant who is or shall he out of their time
before Christmas 1737, and who by his Behaviour shall he
intitled to a fifty Acre Lot, a Cow and a Sow.
The Charge of rebuilding P.ohert Hows*s House as it was before it
was burnt down, in Consideration of his Services.
32 (73)
The Trustees having Sent Mr. Causton Estahlishments for regulat
ing the Expences of the Horthern and Southern Eivision of the ^^rovince
of Georgia, v;hich he cannot exceed. Yet as unforeseen Accidents may
happen to create an incidental. Expence, The Trustees have directed Mr.
Causton, that upon your certifying to him the Occasion he should furnish
You with Ability to defray such Contingent Expences as may happen in the
Southern Division of the Province, and which are not provided for hy
the Sstahlishment, hut not exceeding in the whole the Sum of i 20
Sterling a month which Contingent expence is not to he made unless in
Cases of very urgent Necessity.
Ihr. Causton has Directions to send to the Southward 2 I w. of
Cheshire Cheese whereof 1 i v;t. is to he divided hy Your Order to the
People at Erederica and the other 1 i weight to remain in the Store at
Frederica to he disposed of according to your Orders for the Boats
Crews Company's Service.
The Trustees are much obliged to You for Your good Services in
Georgia and hope for the Continuance of them.
I am
Your most humble Servant.
(77) Georgia Office V7estminster
Last Thursday the Council considered of Geraldino's Memorial for
33 (77)
two hours, and adjourned the further Consideration to twelve yesterday
noon at the Duke of Newcastle's Office where they Satt till near five.
Ihey have resolved not to regard the memorial. And Mr. Oglethorpe v-tis
desired to hijnt with the King and Sir Eohert today, he went at seven
this morning. I hope every thir*g will he satisfactory. I am
1-^ Lord
Yr. Dutiful Servant
Harman Verelst
20. August 1737
(81) Copy of e Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Causton dated at
Westminster the 22d. August of 1737*
Herewith you have Copys of the Letters sent with Mr. Stephens;
And the Trustees having a sudden Oportunity of sending some Sola hills
in a small Box Consigned to Paul Jenys Esq.r. hy the Ship Charles
Captain Jas. Reid, They have made out the Sum of One Thousand pounds
Sterling in those Bills of L 5 each being Letter C, and Numbered from
331 530 both included.
As Mr. Oglethorpe is in England and his name is necessary to the
Bills these Bills are made out issuable in Georgia for Value JdJESCK there
to be received either by himself Or his Order; And Mr. Oglethorpe on the
Back of these Bills has directed You to Issue them for the Value
thereof. Therefore You are to fill up the days of Issuing and the
Person to whom; and Sign the Issue Yourself, filling up the Checq.ues
34 (81)
S^t. 1737
also That f You may know hereafter to v/iiom each Bill was respectively
Issued. For v;hich purpose You are to keep the Cheq_ues after the Bills
are Indented from them when Issued.
On the Eeceipt of this Letter The Trustees desire You will xts
send them an Accompt "by the first Opportunity what Eemands rejas.in
unsatisfied at the time you write next That they may know the State of
their Cash, and Provide for anEwerir.g the Estahlishnents to Lady Lay
1738; by sendir^ Sola Bills in time sufficient for that Purpose: and
they again repeat their Lirections for Yotir (82) Conforming to the Rules
of those Bstablishments, without making any other Sxpence whatsoever.
I have sent Mr. Eveleigh the Daily Advertizers from l8th. Jime
1737 to 20th of this Month, both included, which when he has perused
I have desired he v;ill forward to You.
I have sent You two Locks and Keys fastened upon the small Box
to put to a Chest to be made in Georgia for keeping the Seal for the
Toim Court in and Books end Papers of Record; which Keys are to be kept
by two of the Magistrates. I am
Yotir most humble Servant.
(85) To the Right Honble. the Lords of the Committee of His Majestys
most Honourable Privy Council
My Lords
1. Pursuant to yotir Lordships Orders of the 8th. of Leer. 173^
4th. of Febry. last We have had under Our Consideration the humble
35 (85)
Petition and Sepresentation of the Coiincil and Assemhly of His
Majesty's Province of South Carolina dated July the 17th. 17^6.
"Complaining of Several Ohstructions given to the Trade of that
"Province hy the persons en^iloyed in the Government of the Nev;
"Colony of Georgia And also the humhle Petition and Eepresentation
"of the Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia. Containing
"a Complaint against the Lieutenant Governor Council and Assembly
"of South Carolina for having Opposed the Execution of an Act
"Aproved by his Majesty in Council the J6.. of April 1735t Entitled
"An Act for Ifeinteining the peace -with the Indians in the Province
"of Georgia And also for having passed an Ordinance in an illegal
"manner for raising 2000. Sterling to Indemnify the Traders from
"Carolina in Conten^jt of the sd. Act In Consequence of wch. Act
"Several Traders came from Carolina into Georgia. And in particular
"Thomas b'right a Transported Convict was enployed as a Lycenced
"Trader from. Charles Town to animate the Indians Inhabiting within
"the said Province against His Majestys English Subjects by a great
"many Villainous Reports & Suggestions wch. Occasioned the pulling
"doxra of an House within the Bounds of the Province of Georgia and
"the further Endangering the peace of the said Province.
2. Upon his Occasion having been Attended by the Agent for South
Carolina and several of the Trustees for Geirgia and heard Co-uncil
as well for and against the Petition of South Carolina as for and
against the Petition of Georgia.
3. We take leave to acquaint Your Lordships, Tha^t the (86) Co'uncil
for Carolina, in Support of their Petition insist That they and all
36 (86)
Ills Mejestys Siibjects had a right to Trade with all Indisms in
Amity with the Crown of Great Britain.
4. That there vxas a Law then in Torce in Carolina hy which all
persons going from that Province to Trade v;ith the Indians were
Obliged in Order to preserve the peace with them to take Lycences
& give Seciirity for Observing Certain Rules laid down for Regulat
ing the said Trade.
5. They likewise insisted that the Navigation of the Plver Savannah
ought to be Tree to all Majestys Subjects.
6. And then prodiiced Several Affida'vits to Shew that several
persons who were regularly Lycenced in Carolina to Trade with the
Indians had been disturbed in their Trade and Driven by force from
the places where they were Trading And some had their Goods
Seized, under pretence that they were within the province of
Georgia, end were not to Trade there without taking out Lycences
at New Savannah in Georgia from the Commissioners Appointed for
that Purpose.
7. They likewise gave Evidence that some Rum had been Seized and
Staved on Board a Vessell at New Savannah To in Georgia, that
Stopped as they alledged only to deliver Letters and was proceeding
up the River to Old Savannah To in Carolina; And that a Boat had
j5 been Obliged to bring to as it was passing up the Savannah River on
pretence that it was in^jorting Rum into Georgia Contrary to the
Lav/s of that Province.
8. In Answer to which the Council for Georgia insisted that by
Vertue of the aforementioned Georgia Act for maintaining the peace
37 (86)
with, the Indians no persons whatsoever were to Trade with the
Indians within the Province of Georgia without first taking out a
Iiycence at Savannah in Georgia.
9. And that hy Virtue of another Act passed hy (87) Georgia
Trustees and Confirmed "by His Majesty to prevent the Importation of
Rum and Prandys into the Province of Georgia no person to Import
Evim into the said Province
10. They then proceeded to Exsmne some Witnesses and read some
Affidavits, to prove that some of the Places (mentioned by the
Council on the other Side) from whence The Traders of Carolina had
been removed, were within the Limitts of Georgia between the River
Savannah and Alatamaha, the North and South Boundarys thereof as
described in their Charter.
11. They likewise Produced other Evidence to Shew that some of the
said Places were on the South Side of the Savannah River, and they
concluded from thence that they were in the Province of Georgia at
least if they were not it would be Incumbent on the Con^ilaints to
prove the Contraxy.
12. They Admitted that Rum hs.d been Seized at New Savannah.
13. And likewise insisted tha.t they had a Right to Stop all Vessells
going on the South side of Hutchinsons ^sland in the River of
Savannah to Search for Rum it being in the Province of Georgia and
therefore lis.ble to Seized by Vertue of the aforesaid Act.
ih. Having thus given your Lordships a Short State of this Case vre
take lea.ve to observe.
15. That the trade that is carried on with the Indians is of great
in^iortance end Advantage to His Majestys Subjects.
38 (8?)
16. That the said Trade has encreased Ann-ually since the Province of
Carolina has "been in His I4ajestys Hands,
17. \Je must likewise Observe That its of great Consequence to all
His Majestys Settlements in these parts to preserve the Frendship
of the Indians (88)
18. And therefore it is with Concern We see these Disputes between
His Majestys Subjects and unless care be taken to quiet them V*e
fear they may endanger the loss of this Trade and the French or
Spaniards may thereby gain the Indians into their Interest.
19. For We ^4 must Observe Eiat Laxfs made in either of these pro
vinces cannot bind the Indians, and if they are put under Difficultys in Obtaining such European Goods as they have Occasion for
from His Majestys Subjects they will easily be Tempted to Trade
with the French or Spaniards.
20. We are of Opinion that this Trade with the Indians should be
Free to All his Majestys Subjects.
21. And that if the Act passed in Georgia for Maintaining the peace
with the Indians is to be taken in the Strict Sense that is put
upon it, it may be highly prejudical to the (cannot make out next
word as it is ca.^lght within binding) of Great Britain, and be
Attended with Inconveniences vhich Vie think could not be intended
at the time of passing the same.
22. And instead of being an act for regulating their Trade it ma^'-
give them an Exclusive Trade and be of Dangero'^s Consequence.
23. And to Shew your Lordships what the Opion of the Board v/as on a
Case of the like Nature We take leave to (binding obliterates next
39 (88)
word) a Copy of a Eepresentation to the late Queen dated the 6th. of
Sept. 1709- relating to the Seizure of Goods in Carolina belonging
to some Indian ^Traders of Virginia.
24 V^e must Observe that as yet the heads of the Eivers tha,t are
given for the Boxtndarys of Georgia are Unknovm and no Western
lines can therefore be Settled
25. Tis likewise certain great part of the Indians lye on the South
Side of the Alatamaha Elver the most Southern Eound of Georgia, and
are Still within the province of Carolina.
26. So that were his Majestys Subjects residing in Carolina Obliged
to go to New Savannah in Georgia to tai-3 out a Lycence under that
Government for leave to Trade not (89) only with the Indians that
are said to be in Georgia, but also for Crossing that part of his
Majestys Dominions to Trade with the Indians Actually within the
province of Carolina, it would be a Hardship could not possibly be
intended by that Act
27. And yet V/e find His ejected that every person that goes to
the Southward of the Savannah should take a Lycence Agreeable to the
Act of Georgia.
28. If that Eule is to take piece We must further Observe that there
will be no Obligation on the Governmt. of Georgia to grant Lycences
to any Persons they please to Object to, and then the Inconveniencys
may soon happen which are mentioned in the former Eeport.
29. Nor these Eeasons We are of Opinion that all His I'fe.jestys
Subjects in Carolina as well as in Georgia should be at Liberty to
Trade with ell Indians in Amith with the Crown of Great Sritain.
^0 (39)
30. And that those Traders which so from Carolina should t^he their
I^rcences at Charles Tovfn and give the Security there Agreeaole to
the Law of that Province; And those Traders that go from Georgia
should take their lycences at Jlev; Savannah and give the Security
there Agreeahle to the Law of that Province.
31. As to the Navigation of the River Savannah e think that the
Northern Branch of it ought to Le free, and no Vessell should Le
Stopped going up either side of Hutchinsons Island (a little ^sland
in the said Northern Branch Opposite to New Savannah) on Account of
having P.un on Boai'd unless Offering to Trade at any of the Settle
ments in Georgia, For with respect to the Indians We are Apprehen
sive that if e dont Supply them with Rum they will get it from the
32. WaVir-y With respect to the Coroplaint of the Ordinance passed in
Carolina we do not find that its against Law, or against the
Governors Instructions or goes further then a Resolution to raise
a Sum of money to Indemnify the Traders who took out lycences there
in Case they should (90) suffer for Acting under those lycences
whilst this Dispute v;as depending.
33. Nor do V/e find the Thomas 'vfright the person mentioned in the
Complaint of the Georgia Trustees was a Transported Felonsor that
he was employed to Animate Indians in Georgia against his Majesty
e are
I!y Lords
t/hitehall ) Your Lordships Most Obedient
) and most humble Servants.
Septr. 14. 1737.)
T. Pelham
R. Plumer
Ja: Bruonell
41 (91)
Copy of a Eepresentation from the Conmissioners of Trade & plantations
to the late Queen relating to the Seiziires of Goods in Carolina belong
ing to some Indian Traders of Virginia.
Dated the 6th. Septr. 1709*
To the Queens most Excellent Majesty
May it please your Majesty
Having received a Complaint from Edmund Jennings rsq.r. President
of your M3,jestys Council of Virginia and Commander in Chief there That
the Governmt. of South Carolina had lately Seized some goods which the
Ineian Traders of Virginia were carrying to the Western Indians to the
great Interruption and prejudice of that Trade We acquainted the Lords
Proprietors of Carolina there with and desired to be informed by their
Lordships whether the said Seirnore was made by Vertue of any Orders from
them and on what Account.
In Answer whereunto they say that a Law was lately passed in
Carolina for the Support and Maintainance of their Clergy wnereby a
Small 3>uty is laid upon all Skins exported out of that Province And
that by Vertue of the said Lav; some Skins were Stopped till one said
Duty was paid but on payment thereof, were immediately Discharged,
whereupon We humbly take leave to represent to yoTxr Majesty the
State of that Matter as set forth in the Minutes of Council in Virginia
of the 28th. of April 1708. And in other Accots. Transmitted to Us
from thence whereby it Appears that Several ^ndieu Traders Innabitants
of that Colony having in September then foregoing been Trading with the
Western Indians and having purchased a. Considerable Qtiantity of Skins
and Purrs which they left in the Tovms of a Certain Nation of Indians
42 (91)
called the Usherees the Govermnent of South Carolina caused all (92) the
said Skins with other Goods belonging to those Virginia Traders to he
Seized and Carried to Carolina and at the same time gave Orders (as one
of them was informed) to Seize the said Traders in their Return, to
Strip them of all they lia..d and send them hack to Virginia That one of
them went afterwards to Charles Town to know the Cause of the Seizure,
at last after an Attendance of several weeks and a Consideraole Bxpence
in presents to the Govr. and other Persons upon his Sntring into Bond
with a penalty of 500.^ pound Sterling never to Gross Santee River again
he procured restitution of some of the said Goods hut the rest were
detained without any Satisfaction made or reason given for s\ich
It further apoears hy the said linutes and Accots. that the
President and Coimcil of Virginia Writ to the Governor of South Carolina,
to Compla.in of such unjustifiable proceedings desiring that the Bond
so finding obliterates next word, hut it may he Extorte^ might he
Cencelled and the above mentioned restriction taken off. But we do not
find that the same has yet been Conplyed with.
herefore Me humbly Offer to Your Majesty that the Western
Indians with whom the said Trade has long been carried on by the
Virginia Traders are not under the Government of Carolina and Conseauently that Government has no power to lay Dutys on Goods carried to
those Western Indians or brought from thence that the levying Dutys on
European goods Carried through one plantation to another has ever been
and ought Still to be discouraged That the Goods Vended in this Trade
being Course Cloths Guns Hatchetts Beds Powder Shott (93) and
43 (93)
other Europes'ii Manafectures which the Inligbitants of Virginia Imported
directly from Great Britain. The Consumption thereof will he much
lessened if the Trade between that Colony and the said Western Indians
is Interrupted and Ggrolina permitted to engross the same in regard the
Inhabitants of Carolina, have a Constant Clandestine Trade with Currace
and St. Thomas and Import European Goods from those places which they
purchase with Bum and Spirits Nor have they such Conveniencys of Shipping
from Great Britain to Supply them with European Goods as Your Majestys
Subjects of Virginia have for which reason those of Caj:olina cannot
Export from Great Britain so great Q^antitys nor afford to Sell what
Goods they do Export at so Cheap Rates. To all which We may Add that
the Sbia^^uasg Stopping the Indian Trade from Virginia and permitting it
to be Engrossed by the few Inhabitants of Carolina Concerned therein
will be Attended with Consequences very dangerous to your Majestys
Service and to the Peace of Your Colonys in America Eor the Inhabi
tants of Carolina not being able to Supply the Indians with European
Goods (for want of Conveniency of Shipping from Great Britain as has
been observed) when they shut out the people of Virginia from Trading
they will raise the price of their Goods as they think fitt. The
Consequence whereof will be that those Indians who are next neighbours
to the Erench at Missisippi will be Supplyed from thence whereby the
Trade will be in Danger of being intirely lost and the Erench have it in
their power to make Use of those Indians to Annoy Your Majestys Sub
jects in those parts Whereas on txie other hand if this Indian Trade is
left Open, The Cheapness of British Goods (94) will not only Secure the
Erendship of the Indians already known but give an Encouragement to
Hk (94)
Your Majesty Stibjects there to Attempt the Opening a Trade with other
Indians Yet "undiscovered.
Tor these reasons We look "upon this Duty (which/ix We are
Informed is heavy end equal to a Prohihition) or any other Eestriction
on thal Trade v;ith regard to the Virginia Indian Traders to he highly
Injurious and prejudicial to Your Majestys Sp-hjects and are therefore
of Opinion thal the same otight to he taken off and the Trade left Free
and Open to Virginia
In Order whereuiito V'e humhly propose that Your Majesty will he
pleased to Signify Your Eoyal Pleasure to the Lords Proprietors of
Cs-rolina that they give directions to their Governor not to Demand or
Le"vy the ^ said Dirty upon any goods or Merchandizes which shall he
carried hy the Virginia Indian Traders to the Western Indians or which
shall he brought hack from thence hy way of Trade. But tliat the said
Trade he permitted to he carried on without any Lett hindrance or
Hilestation whatsoever And that the said Governor of Carolina he
required to transmitt to the Comiiiander in Chief of Virginia the Bond
so Extorted in Order to he Cancelled.
All which is most humhly Submitted
Phi; Meadows
J. Pulteney
^5 (97)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thos. Causton ds-ted at
Westminster the 17th. September 1738-
Several German Familys having indented themselves at Cov/es as
Servants to the ISrustees, Captadn Ihinher who went down on that Occasion
will inclose You the Indenture wliich they ell Sign and a List of eech
Fenily end the Heads contained therein These Familys are to he deli
vered at Tyhee hy the Ship Three Sisters Captain Hewitt who will send
You Notice of his Arrival That you may go and receive them in such
Craft as is proper to bring them from thence to Savannah You are to
call over the Familys by the List computing the Number of heads the
whole amount to; and then You will find if they all arrive or if any
shall have dyed at Sea. Those that Arrive and are delivered to You
are the Heads the Trustees are to pay for, and You are to give the
Captain a Heceipt for the Number of Heads you receive.
If the Passengers have no just Complaints against the Captain in
the Voyage The Trustees wou'd have you be very civil to the Captain
whereby he may be encouraged and like to bring Passengers for Georgia
and you are to be very kind to those German Familys to get dry Lodgings
for them, to ftrrnish them with such Potts ns shall be necessary and to
let each Family be kept together and let them have the Liberty of
working for themselves on Saturdays. And what Baggage or Necesssrys
they have belonging to them are to remain their own.
(98) If there are two Familys in which there axe four or five
young Men, You are to send them to Captain Gascoigne to serve him; and
the rest are to be imployed in going on with the Farm for the Trust
46 (98)
under Mr, Bradleys Directions if he is in the Colony and in health so
as to he willing to take the Charge upon him But if not Then Mr.
Henry Parker the third BpHiff is to Oversee them, and they must he
employed for the Trustees Service in Clearing and Cultivating some of
their Parms, untill Mr. Oglethorpes Arrival.
Each head of these German Families is to he Supplied with five
pds. of Meat half a Pound of Butter and Six pounds of Bread kind of
Indian Corn Bice and Flour a week, and You are to take Caue that their
Victuals are regularly Given them, and that neither they nor any other
of the Inhabitants of Georgia have any Disobliging Behaviour Shevm to
them to make them uneasy.
The Trustees have heard That Camuse*s Family are at Charles
Town; and if it is true they desire to know the reason of their going
from Georgia.
The Trustees have also heard Tha,t there is Scarcity of Provisions
at the Southv'ard which they are surprized at by reason of the Orders You
have had for the Supplying them from Mr. Oglethorpe and by the Trustees
Letters; And they again repeat their Directions that they sho-uld be
supplied according to those Orders, and to be sure that you do not let
them want Bread kinds at the Darien nor any where else to the South
ward. If Indian Corn is not to be had at a reasonable Price Kice which
is the Product of Carolina sure cannot be wanting now the Harvest is
(99) Coming in. And as great Quantitys of Provisions have been bought,
how came the Southward Settlers not to have their full Supply.
The Trustees are sending the Georgia Pink Captain Daubuz this
month to Ireland for a Cargo of Beef & of Butter, And they have Shipped
47 (99)
60 Barrels of Beer aiid 20 Casks of Flotir on Board the said Ship here.
IThe Trustees have sent You in a Small Box hy this Ship (the
Bill of Lading for which Captain Ilunhar will send You) One hundred
Sola Bills of L 1;-:- each A No. 1501 to 1600 towards defraying the
Expence of these G-erman Families. And they will send Four hundred
pounds more hy the Minerva Captain Nicholson, of which You will have
Advice from
Your most hTomhle Servant.
If you have Occasion for any Provisions for the Colony and
Captain Hewitt has what are good and can spai'e You any he will deliver
You what he can spare and You want on your Eeceipt to him for the same.
The Trustees again Eepeat In Relation to the Moravians taking up
Arms That they think You should only have called upon them for two Men
That is to say. One for each Lot of Mr. Spangenhergs and Mr. Nitchman*s; And on their Sending two Men whether Moravians or others,
provided they are not Servants, it will he a discharge of them from
that Buty.
(101) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to his Excellency the Count of
Zinzendorff and Pottendorff dated the 23d. of September 1737*
My Lord
The Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America
have received Your Lordships Letter of the 19th. of Atigust from herrenhut, occasioned as they observe by Complaints sent from Your Bomesticks
in Georgia,
48 (101)
The Trustees, always attentive to ftilfill their Engagements cotild
not he guilty of Inattention for those contracted with Your Excellency
for whom they have the greatest regard and to convince You of this
Truth, They need only appeal to the Inclosed Extract of the Orders sent
by them to their Officers in Georgia some time before the Receipt of
Yprur Letter, by which it will appear that it never was in the Intention
of the Trustees tha.t the Moravian Brethren shotild be obliged to beer
Arms for it is a fundamental Maxim with them to preserve the Eights of
Conscience inviolable within their Jurisdiction. In the Present Case
one Man is required for each Lot who may be either one of the Moravian
Brethren or any other Person fit to bear Arms, provided he is not a
As the Trustees (who ere the Governors) look upon themselves
under an indispensable Obligation to provide for the Security and
Defence of the Kings Subjects inhabiting their Province against Violence
in any Shape; So the Trustees will never attempt to deprive any of the
Liberty of withdrawing out of their Province or of continuing there
while they are conformable to the Eegulations (102) ITecessery for the
Preservation and Good Government of the Whole.
The Sta,te of the Case My Lord is this. The Colony being under
an Apprehension of Common Danger by an immediate Invasion from the
Spaniards, the People were put under Arms and then the Moravian
Brethren were required to appear in Arms (as they in their Letter
appriz'd Mr. Causton) to which they made a very just Answer. That they
were not Freeholders. And as they are your Servants and not Freeholders
they cannot Legally be compell'd to bear Arms; The Trustees therefore
49 (102)
hope tlit since they have given Directions to their Officers, there
will he no occasion of any Complsints for the future.
The Priviledge of going up among the Indians and other Priviledges were allowed to Yonr People out of Regard to Your Lordship, and
to their good Behavio\ir being Inhabitants of that Province; but if they
cease to be Inhabitants there than those Privilidges cannot be con
tinued to any of them and with respect to wanting them as Missionaiies
to Instruct the Indians, it would be a Reflection on our Country as if
there was not sufficient Humber of good ^en fit to Preach the Gospell
of Christ. Hot but that while all Your People continue Inhabitants
there the Trustees will rejoice at any success among the Indians which
their Labours may be attended with.
Upon the whole my Lord, The Trustees hope tixat the Directions
given and which they have required their Magistrates to see performed
are agreeable to the (IO3) Conversation which they had with your
Lordship when you did them the Honour of Applying to them in England.
But if Your Lordship has alter'd Your mind or Your Views with Relation
to Your People so as not to Admit of the Ereeholders Dutyj( to be done
for the two Lots which may be done by any two Persons tho* they are not
Moravians provided they are Ereeholders the Trustees will give them
Leave to depart, & xirill write to that Purpose, vhen they know Your
Lordships further Sentiments on this Occasion.
, I am
My Lord
Your Excellencys Most
Obedient humble Servant
50 (105)
Copy of 8 Letter from Mr. Verelet To Mr. Thomas Causton d^ted at
Westrainster the 10th. day of October 1737*
By the Mary Ann Captn. Shnbrick and by the Charles Captn. Eeid
You received the Trustees Resolutions of limiting the Expences of the
Colony, and their Derections for Your Conforming to the Rules of those
Establishmts. sent You by both the sd. Ships which they still Continue
to Repeat.
'Ey the three Sisters Captn. Hewitt the Trustees Letter mentions
their Surprize to hear of a Scarcity of Provisions at the Southvvard
when by the inclosed Accots. of the Rems, at November last and
Receipts Since taken from the Certified Accots. such Qpantitys appear.
You had a List left with you in Novemr. last of the Inliabitsnts at the
Southward and the Proportion of Provisions to be delivered to each, a
Couy of which is now sent You ihich Inhabitants being those that Mr.
Oglethorpe left or Provided for Coming who amounted in the whole to
22h Heads, v^hereof at Frederica 153 ^'3- Darien 68. And the
Trustees fearing That the Proportion of Bread kinds estsblishd for them
in the said List is not sufficient. They have ordered that from the
Receipt of this Letter to Lady Day next each head of the sd. Inhabi
tants both at Frederica add the Darien is to be Supplied after the Rate
of 24 Po-unds of Flour or Rice or a Bushell of Indian Corn p Month so as
to make the whole bread kinds 6 pds. a week to each head, whether all of
one kind or part of one kind and part of Another; whereby a. months
Flour or Rice or a Proportion of each be 24 Pounds together, or a
Bushell of Corn in lieu thereof
51 (105)
Captn. Dgiibuz will Sail next Week to Cork end from thence to
Georgia with 600.^ S^xrels of Beef 200.^ Firkins of Butter, (106)
60 Barrels of Beer, 20 Casks of Flo\ir, 60 Firkins of Tallow, 516 pair
of Shoes, and another Saw Mill,
Mr. Stephenss Son who "brings You this is accompanied with the
following New Settlers at their own Expence. Vixt. John Araory His
Wife and 3 Children with two Men Servants. He has a Grant of I50
Acres of Band and is recommended to the Trustees as understanding
Surveying, in Case there should "be any Occasion of his Assistance;
He "brings over a Circumferenter and Case of Instruments, if he should
"be found usefull and fit to "be employed, he has a Copy of the Terms
made vvith Eosse; And if he is at all employed it must "be under proper
Agreements from time to time as he shall "be used. The Memorial of his
Great to "be Eegistred with the Auditor will "be sent "by the next Ship;
Mr. Anory has an Estate in England of 53: ~ s. yr. the Bents of which
are engaged for near 4 yrs. to Pay some remaining Belts of liis, and he
and his Wife have executed a Deed to the Trustees for Georgia for the
Payait. of L 50* Sterling after his Creditors are paid in Case that he
or his Wife should want Assistance in the mean time with either Provi
sions or Necessarys in Georgia, to that Amount, for which they have a
Particular Letter of Credit
Issaac Gibbs his Wife 2 Children and a Man Servt. to Settle on a
50 Acres Lott, and Samuel Wathey to Settle on a 50 Acres Lot for which
they have Particular Letters
You will receive by this Ship forwarded from Charles Town 2
Cases of Musquets 2 Caggs of Bulletts & 2 half Barrells of G^ln Powder
52 (106)
which, imist he sent to Lieut. Iloore Meckintosh for the use of the Darien.
There 8X6 also 15 Barrels of Herrings sent You five whereof must
he sent to Frederica, five more to Lieut. Moore Mackintosh for the
Darien and the other five are for Savaniiph; and the whole are to he
divided to the (10?) People at each Place hy Heads, whereof Mr. Horton
and Lieut. Moore Mackintosh are made Acq.uainted
, Ih
And in a small Box to You the Trustees have seat You 400. more
in Sola Bills for the Service of the Colony. They ere Letter A- No.
1601 : to 2,000 and they will send more hy Ceptn. I^ers who Sails this
The Ship Three Sisters was to Sail from Cov;es last Saturday with
109-^ Heads of Forreign Servts. in tne Better hy that Ship You were
directed That after Captain Gascoigne had two Farailys the rest were to
he eaiployed in going on with the Farm for the Trust under Mr. Bradleys
Direction hut the Trustees have wrote to him That You aie now directed
to employ of them Servants, Men and Boys sufficient to Supply Two for
the Store, such Bspourers for the Millwrights as they went Eight for
the Crane and Garder and Loading and unLoading &c. And the Fgmilys
belonging to them are not to he Seperated from them hut to he with tnem
end ea^loyed in such manner as You shall find most Convenient for the
Service of the Trust; and the rest are to he enroloyed in going on with
the Farm for the Trust under I4r. Bradleys Direction if he is in the
Colony and in Health so as to he willing to teke the Charge upon him.
But if not then Mr. Henry Parker the 3^* ^ayliffe is to Oversee them,
and they must he employed for the Trustees Service in Clearing and
Cultivating some of their Farms untill Mr. Oglethorpe^s Arrivall
53 (10?)
according to the said Letter. The employing of these Servants in such
Lshour which is nov paid for will he a Saving in that Article of
Expence. And the Trustees desire That every Saving may he made where
there is any Room for it; and You cannot recomiaend Your self more to
them than hy acting in that manner, and at the same time having a
Regard not to permitt any read went among the Industrious People.
(108) The Trustees now acquaint You Tliat notwithstandg. any
Rumours concerning Spanish Claims and Intentions against Georgia, the
Colony is to he Supported; For the King has upon full Consideration
took the Measures and made Mr. Oglethorpe Captain General and Commander
in Chief of all His Majestys Force's in Carolina and Georgia and has
ordered a. Regiment of 600. Men besides Officers for Protecting his
Subjects in Georgia and his Possession thereof, and given the Command
of the said Regiment to Mr. Oglethorpe; Men Whereof will soon
Arrive with the Lieut. Col. These Troops will not in any manner Inter
fere with the Civil Affairs, hut the Power of the Militia and Guard
Houses will remain as they are; And sci All Priviledges & Libertys will
he preserved. Vfnerefore You are to he Assistive in every thing to make
Your Protectors easy; And to remember the great Obligations You have to
the King for his Care of You.
In the small Box sent herewith You receive a Grant and Counter
part of 500.^ Acres of Land to Mr. Robert Hay who Sailed from Scotland
for Georgia with Mr. Anderson Bie S. 1:1:0 Consideration Money and
L 0;10:6 more for Registering the Memorial of the Grant with the
Auditor have been Advanced for Mr. Hay by the Trustees, which You aa-e
to receive of him on his Executing the Counterpart of the Grant and
54 (108)
Charge Yotirself therewith; and when received and the Counterpart
Executed You are to deliver the Grant to him, and send the Counterpart
to the Trustees; And the Memorial thereof Eegistered will he sent Mr,
Hay hy the next Ship.
The Trustees have also sent You their part of Sami, Landers
Indenture who went hy the Mary Ann Captn. Shuhrick and was Ordered to
the Millwrights which Please to Lett him have.
(109) Mr. John Crokatt having agreed to deliver You at Savannah
for the use of the Trustees Servants in Georgia 1,000. Yards of the
hest Oznahrigs at 8. Sterling a Yard, he has wrote to Mr. George
Seaman for that Purpose, and You are to give yr. Receipt otf for them
to he paid for in England, the Trustees have pd. Mr, Crokatt for the
2 Hhds, of Molasses delivered in Georgia hy Mr. Oglethorpes Order in
August 173^
Mr. Jenys being dead, the Parcells hy this Ship are consigned to
Mr. Joseph hragg at Charles Town to he forwarded to You and he has heen
desired to draw a hill upon the Trustees for the Expence thereof
I have sent Mr. Eveleigh the I)a.ily Advertizers from the 22d. of
August 173? io the 8th. of ^ctoher instant both included, which when he
has perused, I have desired he will forward to You.
I am
Your most h-umhle Servant.
55 (113)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Vfilliam Bradley dated at
Westminster the 10th. day of October 1737
By the Ship Three Sisters which Sailed from Cowes last Saturday
several German Familys are gone Servants to Georgia, and Mr. Causton
was by that Ship Directed That after Captn. Gascoigne had two Femilys
wherein 4 or 5 Young Men, the rest were to be esi^iloyed in going on with
the Farm for the Trust under Yo'ur Direction if You were willing to take
the Charge upon You. B-at if not, then other Directions were given
concerning them.
Since which the Trustees have by this Ship the Minerva directed
Mr. Causton to en^loy of the said German Servants, Men and Boys suffi
cient to Supply Two for the Store, such Labourers for the Millwrights
as they may want. Eight for the Crane and Garden and Loading and
unloading, &c. And that the Familys belonging to them were not to be
Separated from them/ but to be with them and employed in such Manner as
he should find most Convenient for the Service of the Trust; And that
then the rest were to be en^loyed in going on with the Farm as above.
Wbereof the Trustees have directed me to Hcq,iiaint You.
I am
Your most humble Servant.
(117) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to William Stephens Esq.
Dated at V/estminster the 10th. of ^otober 1737
56 (117)
Your Son who "brings You this will let You know how Your Comple
ment of Servants has been made up, there ha-ving been only three Shipped
from Scotland for w^hich a Bill has been drawn and will be paid next
Thursday. I hope you had a good Toyage,
The Trustees for the Conveniency of a safe Correspondence beWeen
the Inhabitants in Georgia and their Friends in England have directed
You to give Eotice to the Inhabitants that they may bring or Send their
Letters to You once a fortnight to be forv'srded to England by every
Opportunity that next Offers; which You are to forv/axd accordingly to
the Care of the Trustees with a List of the said Letters, keeping a
Copy of each List to send by the next Opportxxnity after them with an
Account how they were forwarded.
You are further desired to acquaint the Trustees what Horses
Cattle and Stock are in the Colony belonging to them, and what Quantity
of Trees there ere in the Trustees Garden.
The Trustees by their Letter to Mr. Causton have directed that
the Inhabitants at Frederica and the Darien which Mr. Oglethorpe left
there should from the Receipt of that Letter which comes with this he
supplied with Bread (118) kinds until Lady day next at the rate of 24
Pounds of Flour or Rice or a Bushell of Indian Corn each heed p Month
so as to make the whole bread kinds 6 pds. a week to each head whether
all of one kind or part of one kind and part of another Vfhereby a
Months Flour or Rice or a proportion of each be 24 pds. together or a
Bushell of a Corn in lieu thereof Which Direction is given for fear the
Proportion of Bread kinds on the Established Allowance for those
57 (118)
Inlisi.titents was not siifficient. -^nd the Trustees Ordered me to acquaint
You of this Direction that You msy Si? Enquire how they are Supplied.
The King has ordered a Eegiraent for Georgia of 600. Men "besides
Officers and made Mr. Oglethorpe Colonel Csptn. Cochrpn Lieut, and
Captn. Cook Major; Lieut. Col. Cochran will soon "be with You with Part
of the Regiment, he going to Gibralter for Men from thence.
Last Start* Saturday the Ship Three Sisters Sailed from Cowes with
109-1/8 heads of Forreign Servants for Georgia; Two Familys whereof are
for Captn. Gascoigne several others to "be employed as La'bounerE in the
Store, for the Millwrights, for the Crane and Garden and for loading and
unloading &c. And the Residue are to he enployed in going on with the
Farm for the Trust under Mr. Bradley's Direction, if he is in the
Colony and in health so as to he willing to take the Charge upon him.
But if not then Mr. Henry Parker the 3d. Bayliff is to oversee them and
they are to he employed for the Trustees Service in Clearing and Culti
vating some of their Farms (119) until Mr. Oglethorpe's Arrival.
I am
Your most humhle Servant
(121) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to V/m. Horton EEq,r. dated at
w'estminster the 10th. day of October 1737-
The Trustees fearing the Proportion of Bread kinds on the
Established Allowance was not sufficient for the Inhabitants at
58 (121)
Frederica and tlie Darien, have directed Kr. Causton That from the
Receipt of their Letter to Him which comes with this to Lady Day next.
Those Inhahitants wch. Mr. Oglethorpe left at the Southward or Provided
for their Coining who amo-iuited to 221 Heads whereof t Frederica 153
at the Darien 68 as hy the inclosed List should he Supplied at the Rate
of 24 pounds of Flour or Eice or a B-ashell of Indian Corn each head p
Month So as to make the whole Bread kinds 6 pds. a week to each head,
whether all of one kind, or part of one kind and part of another;
Wherehy a month's Floior or Eice or a Proportion of each he 24 pounds
together or a Bushell of Corn in lieu thereof.
The Trustees have sent hy this Ship 5 Barrels of Herrings which
Mr. Causton is to send to Frederica to he divided to the People there
hy Heads.
I am
Yovir most humhle Servant.
(125) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Lieut. Moore Mackintosh dated
Westminster the 10th. Day of Octor. 1737
By this Ship the Trustees have sent 50 Musquets in 2 Cases, 5 ^
wt. of Bullets in 2 Caggs and 2 half Barrels of Gun Powder for small
Arms which they have directed Mr. Ceuston to send You to he under your
Care for Service at the Darien.
The Trustees have also directed him to send You 5 Barrels of
59 (125)
Herrings vMcla come ty tMs Ship to be divided to the People at the
Darien by Heads. Whereof I hereby Acquaint You ana rm.
Your most hunble Servant.
(129) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Gauston dated
at Westminster the 12th, day of October 1737
Herewith You receive Copys of the Trustees Letter Da-ted the loth.
Instant, and the Papers therewith inclosed.
Inclosed You receive the Invoyce and Bill of Lading of what was
Shipped in London on board the Georgia Pink.
The 2 Casks of Shoes You are to keep in the Store until Mr.
Oglethorpe's Arrival and also the ale of Cloth and Basket of Hour
The Box of Medicines must be sent to Mr. Hawkins at Prederics.
The Saw Hill in the 2 Casks and Peices loose must be preserved
until farther Orders concerning the Setting it up.
And the other Parcels to be delivered as directed. The
Passengers on board this Ship are,
Mr. Thilo a Surgeon going to Ebenezer.
SpJDiiel Goff whose Indenture I have indorsed and inclosed to Mr.
Harry Buckley at Frederica in Georgia, and whose Passage lias been paid
in Fngland; He must therefore be sent to Frederica to Mr, Harry Buckley.
I reced, some money for sending this Servant and for his Maintenance in
60 (129)
Georgia v'hereon I have a Balance for Mr. Harry Buckley end his Servant*s Use in my Hands of 6:13:0 which if You please to Apply
in Maintenance and ITecessaxys for him and his Servant; It shall he made
good to the Trustees on Mr. BucltiLey^s Certificate that he has been
Supplied to that Amount. And (I30) I have wrote to him for that
Thomas Wehh and Edward Haymes two Servants hound to the Trust
hut assigned over to Wm. Stephens Esqr. to Coiapleat the 10 Servants he
was to take over; which if hy any other means are Corapleated, his Son
Mr. Eaomas Stephens who has their Indentures, has Signed the inclosed
Hote to deliver over the Indenture or Indentures so Assigned to remain
for the use of the Trustees.
And John Evan a Servant hound to the Trust whose Indenture I
have inclosed and who is to he employed in such Lehour as is at present
paid for, or with the other Trust Servants on Cultivation.
The Trustees parts of the said 4 Indentures will he sent over as
soon as they are Sealed.
I am
Your most humhle Servant
(133) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thoina,s Hawkins at
Frederica dated at Westminster the ^th. of November 1737
Major Wm. Cook having presented the Colony iirith Sixteen
61 (133)
different Sorts of Vines Cuttings from France. General Oglethorpe
directed me to send them to Your Care, they ere in a Basket in Mould
and each Sort have Notched Sticks fastened to them; Which when taken
out must he planted seperate and new marked. The Sticks Notched as
follow, descrihe each particnaar Sort of Vine Cuttings as hereafter
is mentioned.
No tch
No tch
No tch
1 \fnite Frontinac
2 Blew Frontinac
3 Grizlin Frontinac
h White Sv/eet V/ater
5. tfiaite Muscadine
6. St. Peter or hlew Kisperian
7. Red Kisperian or Hamhro
8. Blew Hamhro or Warner
9. Chiants or Greek
10. Red Eayzon Grapes for Wine
11. Rhenish Grape
12. Avernant the true Burgundy, or Pino
13. Avernant Tent, Red Wine
14. 'White Avernant
15. Toca Grape from Hungary
16. The Miller, called hy Mr. King and others the Burgundy.
(134) Note. If the Soil is strong gfeiiBxSrsgg white Grapes is only
proper. But for Blew a light Sand especially the Avernant which does
hest in Sand.
62 (134)
ChaErpaign and most of the .Vines in France is made from the
Avernant, as well as the Burgundy Wine.
Eie Vine Cuttings sent are to their proper length and must he
planted so. That the Top Bye is even with the Ground. The Ground must
he kept very Clean when they are planted; And no other Plants must he
suffered to grow near them.
Which Instructions You are desired to have purs\ied
I am
Your most humhle Servant
(137) Extracts of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Causton
dated at Westminster the ^th. day of Movemher 1737*
The Trustees now not only repeat their Directions for your being
very kind to these German Families; But they Order You to acquaint the
said Familys of the Instructions You now receive, vrhich are That all
the said German Families hound to the Trust, who can within Six weeks
after their Arrival on Your Eeceipt hereof repay their Passage and the
Charges of their being brought to Georgiasnounting to i 6:2:6 Sterling
for each Head, either by their own Ability or by procuring themselves
Masters who will pay it for them Provided that each Family do continue
to remain together and are not proposed to be divided; shall be dis
charged from their Indentures, and be at their own Liberty to Settle
themselves in Georgia or to go from thence as they shall think fit.
And tk The Trustees direct You to be very Carefull in your Conduct to
63 (137)
them, that they may have no Cause of Complaint.
These Familys were hy Compulsion contracted with Messrs.
Hopes at Eotterdam to carry them to Philadelphia were ill used in
their Voyage to Cowes, and complained thereof to His Majesty a Copy of
whose Petition the Trustees have herev/ith sent you. The King referred
this Petition to Genl. Oglethorpe to examine into the Allegations
thereof, who took great Pains therein; and made a Eeport, whereof a
Copy is (138) also sent You Whereupon the Merchant having consented
to alter the Voyage and several of the Germans being inclined to Go to
Georgia,, Captn. Dunbar was sent to Cowes to indent so many of them as
were willing to go to Georgia vdth an Agreement for such Families to be
discharged from their Indentures as could Eepay their Passage and
Charges as above
The other Families on board the said Ship go to Settle in Caro
lina, among which there is Hanss Jacob Ham and his Family who had paid
a considerable pa.rt of his and his Familys Passage in Holland consist
ing of 4 Heeds whereof John Jacob Vanomaker his Servant was one, who
with his masters Consent indented himself to the Trustees; And for whom
you are to Pay the said Hanss Jacob Ham D 2:12;6 Sterling for the half
freight of his said Servant which he paid in Eotterdsm, and which the
Trustees will deduct from the Chmer here out of the freight they are to
Pay; And You are to Discharge the said Hanss Jacob Ham from being lyable
to the Owner for the other half of the said freight, which the Trustees
are lyable for in Case the said Servant arrives in Georgia.
64 (141)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst To Captn. Gascoigne dated at
Westminster the 13th. Decemher 1737*
Your Letter to Mr. Martyn dated the 10th. of Angst, last was
received, with the Copys of the Govr. of St. Augustine's Letter to You
and your Answer, for which the Trustees thank You and very much approve
your Conduct. It is a great Satisfaction to them that so Zealous and
prudent an Officer as as yourself has the Protection of their Colony;
And as Succours are now going from England to Strengthen the Colony hy
Land the Trustees hope they will arrive soon enough to prevent the
Designs of the Spaniards. But in the mean time they are highly obliged
to You for Your Care end they doubt not the Continuence of it.
I am
Your most Obedient
humble Servant.
(145) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Terelst To Mr. V/m. Williemson Dated
at Westminster the l4th. of December 1737*
The Trustees received your Letter dated the 9th. of Septr. last
with the Affidavit and Copys of ^apers therewith sent relating to %.
John Wesley, and they have ordered a Copy of Your Letter and your Wife's
Affidavit to be sent to him for his Answer thereto; That the Complaint
65 (1^5)
and Answer may be considered of at the same time. It is very right
that the Trustees should be acquainted with every Proceeding but very
wrong in you to Order the Presentments of the Grand Jury and Your
Wife's Affidavit to be printed; which is tahing a Remedy and appealing
to the World at the same time that You are applying to the Trustees of
the Colony to consider your Case.
If You shall have any further Conqjlaint to send for the
Trustees Consideration either against Mr. Wesley or any one else. You
are desired to let the Party complained against have a Copy of such
Conplalnt; Thft they may at the same time send their Defence, For the
Trustees cannot determine on hearing one Side only. I delivered Your
Letter to Your Uncle and Sister as you desired, and am
Your most humble Servant.
(l49) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to the Reverend Mr. John
Wesley dated at V/estminster the l4th. Day of Deer. 1737.
Agreeable to the Trustees Resolution communicated to You by Mr.
Maxtyn's Letter of the 15th, of June last, that they would never form
any Judgement of You on any Courplaint whatsoever without first
acquainting You with the Accusation and the ^^ame of Your Accuser. I
have by the Trustees Order inclosed You a Copy of a Letter they lately
received from Hr. Wm. Williamson at Savannah and an Affidavit made by
his Wife which relates to You to make Answer to. And the Trustees hope
66 (149)
thst You will "be able to justify yomself, having in the mean time
Suspended their Judgement until they receive your Answer that they may
consider of the Coupleint and Aiiswer at the same time.
I am
Your most Obedient Servant.
(153) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thoma.s Causton dated
at Westminster 14th. day of December 1737"
The Trustees have received your Journal from 25th. April 1737
to the 24th. of I'lay following and also your Day Book with the several
Copys of Letters and Papers therewith sent. They have also received
your Letter of the 22d. of August last with Your Cash Books from the
2d. of ETovember 173o to the lest of Jure 1737* But Your Casn Books
from the last of July 173^ for the months of Augp.st September and
October 1736 have never been received, nor year Diary mentioned in yoirr
said Letter. Therefore Please to send them or Duplicates of them in
Case they have been sent and miscarried.
The Trustees on reading your Jcornal, approve of your Conduct as
You h.ve there Stated it; and acquaint You that You are not obliged to
ts>ke notice of an^- Persons alledging they have a Commission from the
Trustees, without their Producing it to be Recorded.
Herewith You receive another Copy of the Agreement with I4r.
Bradley, whereby You plainly See he has no Powers given him to Act as
67 (153)
You represent him to have done in the C3,se of the Cattle; And the
Tr^Jistees have wrote to him, tha,t he has no other Charge of the Cattle
hut -under your Order, And that You are to Communicate the Trustees
Orders to him which he is to (15^) Obey. Which Orders are Thrt You
take from him what Cattle are necessary for the Settlers =^it Higligshe
and such other Settlers to whom the Trustees are under any Promise to
Supplj'-. But at the same time Yoti are directed to leave Mr. Bradley
sufficient Cattle for the Improvements of the Tiust Parm.
It was very right in You to prevent the taking up Land without
the Trustees Grant, and You are to take all proper Measiires to continue
to prevent the like in any the least Instance.
As to Captn. Mackpys Use of Negroes, the Trustees direct that
the Act for Prohibiting the use of Negroes be duly put in Execution
And in that Act there are Sufficient Powers end Penaltys enacted to put
an End to such Proceedings of Captn. Mackaj'-, for no one is to be
spared that will not obey Lew, nor any one indulged in their Endeavours
to evade the Law.
The several Bills you drew on Genl. Oglethorpe to enable You to
Settle jOMT new Farm are now all cone to hand amouiting in the whole to
L 200 Sterling. Which the Trustees ordered to be paid in Consideration
of Your Services in the Colony from February 1732 as Storekeeper and
one of the Magistrates.
The f following Advices of and Certified A.ccots. have been
received by the Trustees amounting to L 3>293il9:^ Sterling Vizt.
(155) Bates of Certificates
21. July 1737 Messrs. Sami. Montaigut & Co.76:5il0*Sterl.
68 (155)
23 Bo.To Me. Prsncis Johonnot.3^11 5 Bo.
26 Bo.To Mr. ^enjsjnin Appelbe.l48: 2:11^ Bo,
1 Au^rust. . . To Mr, V?illi?Tn Bellinger.14?: - Bo.
3 Bo.To Messrs. Woodward and Flower. 266;l4; 7 Do.
6 Do.To Mr. Eodert Sllis.^9^: 1; ~ Do.
8 Do.To I^ir. EoDert Williams & Co.48:15: 4 Do.
10 Do.To Messrs. Minis and )
) 317:15:11
Salomons .)
.459:14:9|' Bo.
17 Bo. ... To Messrs. Sami. Montaigut & Co. 285: 3? 9 Bo.
22 Do.To Mr. Samuel tlacy.166:19: 4 Do.
6 September . To Mr. William Clay.149:16; 2 Do,
9 Bo.To Mr. Samuel Eveleigh. )
Note the Currency certified due in )
) 197:13: ^ Bo.
Letter of Advice was said to be )
Sterling instead of Oarrency )
7 October . . To Messrs. Minis and Salomons 393:18:4
.472;7:10 Do.
!> 3.293:19; ^
These Accompts being for Provisions and ITecessarys supplied the
Colony; and the Trustees having sent You since Captain Dymonds Arrival
with > 1,000 in Saia (156) Sola Bills, the Sum of A 2,450 more in Sola
Bills by the following Ships. Vist.
In August 1737- By the Mary Ann Captn. Shubrick . . . 650:-;-
By the Charles Captn. Eeid . 1,000:-;-
69 (156)
In Septeifllier . By the three Sisters Captn. Hewitt. 100;-!-
In October . By the Minerva Captn. Nickleson. 400:~:~
In November . By the Zing George Captn. jSyers. 300J~J
1 2,450:-;-
and they have now sent yon i 200. more in Sola Sill of I> 1:-:- ea.
A 2201 to 2400, and they are the lest Supply they can send you until a
new Grant is made by the Parliament; Which 200. with the former sent
You as above and tne before mentioned Accots. Certified since Midsummer
last amount in the whole to the Sum of L 5 943:19:4. The Trustees
therefore now rest Satisfied that You are fully Supplied to answer the
Demands abroad to lacy Day nezt according to the established Allowances
and Orders sent You; TiiOiich Demands You are to Discharge with the said
Provisions Necessarys and Sola Bills without Gertifz-ing any more accots.
for the Trustees will not nor cannot Pay them. A^d they are resolved
that no other Method shall be used of supplying their Demands abroad,
but by their Sola Bills; to Prevent any larger Purchases of Provisions
and necessarys being made, or any larger Bspences being at any time
accrued than there are Sola Bills in the Colony to Pay for and Answer;
and thereby pre.serve their own Credit (15?) snd tlr^t of the Colony at
the same time in having the Expences thereof regulated agreeable to what
the Trustees sloall from time to time appropriate by sending their Sola
Bills to Answer.
In the Trustees Letter dated 23d. March last You were directed
to expend L I6. Sterling in building the Ministers House and a School
House at He;? Ebeneser exclusive of the Expence of Hogs and Poultry; But
70 (157)
Mr. Bolzins by his Letter dated 28th. of July last writes, thst You
told him some of the i l6 should he applied for buying the Hogs and
Poultry; Which sure must he some miste-ke in him, for the Letter makes
the sixpences distinct the one from the other, the Benefactor having
enabled the Trustees to do both. And the Trustees now direct You that
the said L l6 should be increased to i 30. to be expended in building
the said Houses as Mr. Bolzius shall approve of; Besides the Charge of
the Hogs and Poultry which is no part of the said L 30, nor was
intended any part of the L 16. Aiad at Mr. Bolzius's Request and Genl.
Oglethorpe's acquainting the Trustees of the Rules prescribed to the
People at Old Ebenezer before their Removal, the Trustees have con
sented that the Crop got at Old Ebenezer at their Removal should not be
accoted. as part of their reduced Allowance, but shall remain to their
OTO use over and above the said reduced Allowance to September last.
The Ereinds of John Stone hewer to Skidoway have applied to the
Trustees for Leave for his Alienating his Pifty Acres Lot &c for his
R|turn home, his said Priends being desirous (158) to provide for him
in Eni_,land and his V/ife being here and unwilling to Go to him; Which
the Trustees have Consented to, on Stonehewer's Producing a Proprietor
for such Lot not having Lands in the Province of Georgia in Possession
or Ibsaixacacs Remainder. V/hom Wm, Stephens Esqr, the Secretary for the
Affairs of the Trust within their Province shall approve off.
The Queen being dead the Trustees have received an Instruction
from the King to Cause his Order to be Published in Georgia for praying
for "Their Royal Highnesses Frederick Prince of Vales, the Princess of
"Wales, the Duke the Princesses and all the Royal Family" And
71 (158)
herewith You receive a Copy thereof, that the sene in?^y be Complied with
accordingly by sll the Minister's of the several Congregations in the
Province of Georgia.
I am
Your most humble Servant.
(161) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to m. Stephens Esqr. Dated
at Westminster the l4th. day of December 1737*
The Friends of John Stonehewer at Skidoway having applied to the
Trustees for Leave for his Alienating his Fifty Acres Lot and his
Ret-urn home, his said Friends being desirous to provide for him in
England and his Wife being here and unwilling to Go to him. The
Trustees have consented thereto Provided he produces a Proprietor for
such Lot not having Lands in the Province of Georgia in Possession or
Remainder, whom you shall approve the Character of; Whereof I have
acquainted Mr. Causton and him.
The Queen being Dead the Trustees have received an Instruction
from the Zing to cause his Order to be Published in Georgia for praying
for 'Their Royal Highnesses Frederick Prince of Wales the Princess of
Wales, the Hike, the Princesses and all tiie Royal Family. And here
with You receive a Copy thereof that the same may be complied withaccordingly by all the Ministers of the several Congregations in the
72 (161)
Province of Georgia. And I have sent another Copy to Mr. Causton
I am
Yo\ir most humhle Servant
(165) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. William Bradley dated
at Westminster the ^ l4th. Lay of Lecemher 1737-
The Trustees are very much Surprized to hear that You tahe upon
you an Authority which You are in no manner intrusted with. vizt. The
Care of all their Lands; And that You pretend to engross the Cattle e.s
if you have a. Title to Serve yo\ir self first to the Letriment of others
who have the Trustees Orders for Cattle.
The Trustees on this Occasion acquaint You tha.t the Charge of
the Cattle under your care is under the Orders of Mr. Causton relating
to the Disposition of them; And that he is to Communicate the Trustees
Orders to You which You are to Ohey.
It is yo\irs and every one's Duty in the Colony to Act in their
Proper Stations, and mind their own Business to raise a Maintenance for
themselves and Pamilys; and hy a peecefull and orderly Behavioiir to he
quiet vrith each other and enjoy the Fruits of their Labour with Com
fort; Which will best conduce to their own Hj^piness and the Favour of
the Trustees.
And Sir with respect to your own immediate Dependence on the
Trustees they have ordered me to send You a Copy of your Agreement.
73 (165)
Siiey have personsily to You very kindly given favourable Orders relat
ing to You, and they hope for a suitable Eeturn by being easy under
Governmt. and Settling a good Exa,i!rple, and applying to the Trustees in
Writing your self when any thing material shall require it
I am
Your most humble Servant
(169) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. H\jgh Anderson dated
the l4th. day of December 1737*
The Trustees have Considered of Xa your Request for a Grant of
Land for one of your younger Sons, and they think it will be most for
his and Your Advantage to have a Grant in such Younger Son's -ame of
Five Hundred Acres of La,nd under your Care to Improve for him, which
they have s^sreed to. Place therefore to send me such Younger Son's
Christian Name that the Grant may be made out accordingly; Your own Lot
will descend to Your Eldest Son, the Five hundred Acres therefore cannot
be granted to him.
I am
Your most humble Servant.
74 (173)
Copy of 8 Letter from I'4r. Verelst to the Eeverend Mr. Bolzius dpted
at Westminster the l4th. Lecemher 1737
Eevd. Sir
Yoar Letters to ^^r. Vernon of the 28th. of June 8.nd ry self of
the 28th. of July lest v;ere reed to the Trustees And this ncqup.ints
You th^t hy a Letter dated the 17th. of June last and sent hy the Way
of Charles Tovm to Mr. Causton hy the Seaford Man of War, the third
Transport of Saltzhurghers v;ere ordered the Supply of a Cow and a Calf
to every five heads.
The Trustees are sorry to hear there is danger of the People's
losing their Crops this Year, and if there sliould happen so genera.1 a
Calamity, You may he assured the Saltzhurghers will not he excepted
from partaking of such general Assistance as will he necessary on such
an unhappy Occasion.
When the People's Farms are run out at New Ehenezer You will
then See how each Family will Possess a Proportion as near as may he
of Some good Land in their respective Lotts w'herehy they may raise
their Suhsistance from. But as to have leave to exchange the had
Garden Lots with better Grounds The Trustees cannot alter their Plots
hut must leave it to the Possessor's Judgement to first Cultivate tlia^t
Part of his Lot which is good Land. And if Part of a Fifty Acre Lot he
good whether laid out for the Garden or the Farm such good Land must he
taken as it falls in the Setting out. Tliis Removal to New Ehenezer
was at the (174) Request of the Saltzhux^ers granted, and an Indul
gence given to none else in the Colony; For were the Trustees enter
into or give way in the least to suffer the exchanging of Lands, their
75 (174)
vrould 1)6 no end of Applications.
IThe Orders the Trustees geve for huildir^ your House & School
House at He^f Ehenezer were with a Benefaction of L l6. for that Pur
pose, And the Orders for a Cock and Hen to each Man and a Son a Turkey
Hen and a Goose to every five heads of the third Transport \fere to he
Supplied besides with a further Benefaction. Vhich the Trustees have
again repeated to Mr. Causton, tho* it could never he appre
hended thrt L l6. was to do the whole hut on the Contrary the Trustees
have been so kind on your Representation of tlie Eifficiency of the l6.
for building your House and School House to send Orders to Mr. Causton
by this Ship to increase the l6. to 30' to be ejqpended in building
the Houses for the Ministers and School House at Hew Sbeneser as You
shall approve of. And they have further Consented at your Request and
Genl. Oglethorpes acquainting then of the Rules prescribed to the
People at Old Ebenezer before their Removal, and have sent Orders to
Mr. Causton accordingly; That the Crop got at Old Ebenezer at the
Saltzburghers' Removal from thence should not be accoted. as part of
their reduced Allowance to September last.
These Concessions of the Trustees they hope will fully (175)
Satisfy and encourage the Saltzburghers to that Industry and Content
which n^^turally flow from a Satisfyed Mind.
I am
Your most Obedt. Servt.
Mr. Vernon sends his Service to
Your self and Mr. Gronau, and will
be allways ready to do you any
Service in his power.
76 (177)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Causton dated at
Gravesend 6 January 17'^7-8
The following Parcells were Shipped for the Trust Accot. to he
delivered as underiaentioned. Vizt. On hoard the Amey two Boxes for
the Saltzhurghers at Eheneser Markd E.P.B. end E.M.T. end on hoard
the Lightfoot 2 Casks for Wm. Eigden at Savannah which will he deli
vered to You. The Mates Receipt for the first Col. Cochran has, being
Shipped with Copper Ealf Pence for the Regiment, and for the 2 Casks
the Quarter Master has the Mates Pueceipt.
The Reverend Mr. Whitefield on hoard the Whitaker with Mr.
Tolly and I4r. Hahersham his Assistants a>re going to Frederica, his
said Assistants are for instructing the Children; And when Mr.
LeLaMotte shall Go to England to See his Friends, one of the said
Gentlemen will Supply his Absence.
Mr. Tolly and Mr. Habersham are to he Supplied for one Year
with the following Provisions, vizt. 312 pds. of Meat lOh pds. of
Rice 104 Pds. of Pease 104 pds. of Flour 39 Gallons of Strong Beer,
52 Q;uarts of Molasses l6 Pds. of Cheese 8 pds. of Butter 8 Ounces
of Spice 8 pds. of S\jgar, 4 Gallons of Vinegar, 24 pds. of Salt, 12
Quarts of Lamp Oyl, 12 pds. of Soap sind a pd. of Spun Cotton.
Joseph Husbands Mr. Whitefields Servant, and John Dohle a
Servant to Mr. Charles Wesley are each of them to he Suplyed for one
Year with 200.^ pds. of Meat and 342 pds. of Rice Pease or Indian
Corn, with Contingent Food to the Value of 8. Sterling.
As to what Provisions Mr. Whitefield may want You (178) are
77 (178)
-fenr-g-s desired to Supply him with them at Prime Cost and plsce it to his
And to Communicate the foregoing to the Storekeeper at Prederica.
I am
Yr. most humble Servent
(181) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Causton dated
at Westminster the 11th. Janry. 1737-8
The Trustees having sent You Sola Bills for L 2,650:-:- by the
following Ships, vizt.
In August 1737 By the Mary Ann Captain Shubrick.L 65O:-:-
By the Cha.rles Captain Eeid. 1,000:-;-
In September By the Three Sisters Captain Hewitt . . . 100;-:-
In October By the Minei'va Captain Hichleson. 400:-:-
In llovember By the King George Captain Ayers. 3OO:-;-
In December By the Content Captain Thurnsm . 200:-;-
L 2,650;-:-
i 1,650. whereof the Trustees have been informed are arrived, and they
hope the remaining L 1,000 will also Arrive; Which were sent You for
the Supply of the Colony to Lady Day next.
And the Trustees having received the following Certified
Accompts since the l4th. of December last; Which the said Sola Bills
78 (181)
would have answered the Parent of vizt.
Days when Certified
15th. July l?^? To Da;vid Provost for Provisions & )
10th. August 1737 - To Thomas 'Jare for Provisions . . . .
20th. Septemher 1737-
28th. Do.
29th. Do.
2d. Octoher 1737
4th. Do,
l4th. Do.
17th. Do.
To James Searle for Pettiaugua/kijqfci; .
To Benjamin Appelhe for Provisions . .
To Wm. Vander Spiegel for Provisions)
and STecessarys )
To Captn. James Maclspherson for Pay )
of the Southern Rangers at Fort )
Argyll .)
To Samil. Montaigut and Co. for )
Provisions and Ifecessarys . . . )
To Captn. ASneas McKintosh for Pay )
end Provisions at Fort Prince )
fturenirg* George and of Expenses for )
the Indians ..)
To Eohert Ellis for Provisions and )
Kecesssrys .)
43:16; 4
226; 4; 9
62:17: 1
293: 3:11
425; ^
166: 3:11
221:10: 6
384: 7:10
S, 1,961:17: 7
They have therefore sent Back the said Certified Accots. to he paid hy
You in Georgia. For the Trustees having Appropriated Money to Answer
their Sola Bills, cannot Apply it in any other manner.
The Trustees therefore give you Notice thereof. That You may
79 (182)
reserve Sola Bills for thpt Porpose; aad they further acq.uaint You,
Thp.t no more Bills of Parcells or Certified Accots. for Provisions or
Kecessprys hought in the Colony or for Money due or to grow due there
will he paid in England. (I83) For that all E^q^ences and Charges of
the Colony in America- must he defrayed with the trustees Sola Bills to
he Issued there, and must he limited to the Amount of sucii Bills from
time to time as they shall he sent.
I am
Yr. most humhle Servant
(185) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Causton dated
at h'estminster the 17th. Febry. 1737-8
The f follovdng is a. Copy of my last Sec. Page 101.
Since which Letter two more Certified Accots. have been presented
to the Trustees for Payment transmitted to Messrs. Pytt and Tuclswell
from Mr. Brownfield, the one for L 111:0:3 and the other for 1. 90:9:0
both of them are Tonpaid, as well as the L 1,961; 17:7- 1 heleive
the Merchants possessed of those Certified Accots. will Chuse to keep
them here untill the Trustees hear from You, what Sum in Sola Bills you
have reserved and will keep by You unissued until the Tiustees furtner
Pleasure shall he Imown thereon. Which Sum the Trustees fear will not
he great, by reason of several of the above mentioned Sola Bills being
already come home for Payment.
80 (185)
You see the Confusion creeted by your ingking E35>ences before You
had Sola Sills to defray them, and thereby are now unprovided for; and
You must regulate Your self to the Contents of the Trustees Letter by
Mr. Stephens. And The Trustees direct You not to Certify any Accot.
for the future to any Person whatsoever, nor Contract any Espences but
those You are ordered to make, & have Sola Bills to Defray; v;hich You
will be Supplied with to the Amount of all E2q:>ences You are ordered to
make. And for that Purpose You will receive the Established Expences
that are to be made for the Year I738, as soon as the Trustees loiow to
what Amount they will be enabled to make those Sxpences Go; and one half
of that Ainoxint will be sent You in (186) Sola Bills for that Puipose at
one time and the other half at another time; And no other Payments
whatsoever will be made by the Trustees here, but those for their Sola
The Trustees direct You to Send them a Remain of Stores at Lady
Day next both at Savannah and Frederica, and also an Accot. of what
Credits have been given by the Stores to any and which of the Inhabi
tants that have not been repaid at Lsdy Day next. And if eny Debts due
from the Store at that time more than the Certified Accots. reed, as
beforementioned. You must let the Trustees know.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant.
81 (189)
Copy of a Letter from The Trustees To the Eight Eonourshle Sir Eohert
Walpole dated at hestminster the 1st. May 1738-
Whereas His Majesty lias been graciously Pleased to provide for
tne Defence of the Province of Georgia and Carolina on the Military
Bstablishaent. And Whereas the Parliament have this Year granted the
Sum of Eight thousand Pounds for the Civil Establishment &c of the
Colony. The Trustees beg Leave to acquaint You That until the Province
is better Settled the yearly Sum of Eight thoiisend Pounds will be neces
sary towards the defraying the Expenses of the Civil Government,
Affording a Provision and Maintenance to such Persons p,s shall from
time to time come to settle in the Colony for Preserving the friendship
of the Neighbouring Indians (of great Service in time of Peace, and much
more in Case of a War should break out withat Country), for carrying on
such Improvements as the Province is capable of Producing such as Silk
Wine and Oyl (the Ezpence whereof private Persons are not able to bear
without some Assistance).
Tliey also beg Leave to acquaint You That as these Sxpences for
the f Civil Government &c. will be necessary to be defrayed by the
Publick, until the Province is Settled and in a Capacity to Support
them themselves; And which in their Present Circumstances they are
utterly incapa.ble of doing. They therefore Earnestly desire That these
Expences may in future Sessions be put into some Estimate, to be laid
by the Crown before the House of (190) Commons; since it will be
impossible for the Trustees every Year to take upon them the Labour of
Proceeding as Petitioners nor can it be thought reasonable that they
82 (190)
shoTold hazard the making Contracts for Men Provisions &g. which is
necessary to he done the Year before, upon the Uncertainty of their
Petition's being received, or the Sum they expected being granted them.
We are
John Laroche
P. Eyles
Chr. Tover
Thos. Tower
Geo: Heathcote
m. Sloper
James Oglethorpe
Eobt. Hucks
Eobt. Eyre
Your most humble Servants
Wm. Eeathcote
E: Ai-'cher
Eobt. Tracy
T. Archer
Jacob Bouverie
(193) Copy of a Letter from The Trustees to the Eight Honourable
Sir Eobt. Walpole dated at Westminster the 1st. May I738.
V/e think our Selves obliged to acquaint You with the Services
Thpt Captain James Gascoigne Commander of His Majestys Sloop the
Hawk hath Performed in the Colony of Georgia.
He hath been Indefatigable in viewing all the Southern Inlets of
that Province, and hath continually either Cruized upon the Coast, or
staid with, assisted, and Protected the Southern Settlements; and
83 (193)
cheerfully londergone the Eifficultys and Hardships which attend s\ich
severe Services.
e therefore desire the favour of You to recommend Captn. James
Gascoigne to His Majesty; That Ee may he advanced to the Command of one
of His Majestys Ships of War.
We are
Hoht. Hucks
E. Eyre
Geo: Heathcote
Eoht. Tr'^cy
F. Eyles
John Laroche
Jacob Eruverie
James Oglethorpe
Chr: Tower
Thos. Tower
Your most humhle Servts.
T. Archer
Wm. Heathcote
H; Archer
(197) Copy of a Letter from I^Sr. Martyn to Mr. Hugh Anderson dated at
Westminster the 19th, May 1738.
The Earl of Egmont laid before the Trustees your Letter to his
Lordship dated August loth. 173?* They are very well pleased with the
Care you Imve already taken and v?ith the Observations You have made in
your Memorial concerning the State of the Publick Garden. Chey are con
cerned that the Garden has been so strangely neglected by those who had
the Management of it, and that it ha,s been so much prejudiced by the
Peoples cutting down the Trees which were a proper Shelter of it from
84 (197)
the Winds. They heve no doubt however but by Your care and Industry it
may soon be brought to Answer their edtpectations, and they will give
Orders that You shall have such Assistance as will be necessary for it.
The Trustees have 8,lways designed it as a Nursery for Such Prod\ictions as it is the Interest of the Province to Cultivate, such as
Mulberries, Vines Olives &C, which were to be Delivered out to the
People as they could get their grounds ready to receive them. They
have Still the same View, and therefore desire that You will let them
know by the first Opportunity how many Days a latch Surrounding the
Garden of four feet deep and propertionably v/ide, together with a
Hedge on the Inside of the Pales will take up; Also how manj days in
probability the making a Pump or bell in the Garden will take up, and
how m3,ny d.ays to make proper Devisions by Hedges in the Garden by two
The Trustees hear tliat it is best to raise the Mulberries from
the Seed, they recommend it to You therefore to (198) raise as many as
you can from the Seed at the Properest Season, as also Plenty of Vines
and Olive Plants.
In the mean time when the Grapes ere ripening, the Trustees
think it necessary that no Person be admitted to enter the Garden,
except the Magistrates or other Persons who have a right to inspect it;
And they hope th^t due Care will be taken for the Preservation of all
the Trees and Plants in it. And they recommend it to You, that the
Growth from the Stocks of the Trees next Adjacent to the Garden on the
North and North Vest Side be preserved, in Order for a Shelter.
You was acauainted in December last that Lord Igmont had
85 (198)
comrauaiGated to the Trustees you desire of e Lot for one of Your
younger Sons; And that the Trustees thought it most for your's end your
Sons Advantage that a Grant should he made to your Son of Five Hundred
Acres of Land, which You may take Care shall he improved for him.
I am
Your most humhle Servant
(201) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to I-Ir. Ahraham de lyon dated
at Westminster the 19th. of May I738.
Your Petition and Proposal for propagating Vines in Georgia
having heen read and approved of; Your Self, Dr. Samuel Hunes, Mr.
Daniel Ifunes, and Mr. Moses Nunes axe to he hound jointly and severally
and to Sign a Bond in the Presence of two Witnesses to the Trustees for
estshlishing the Colony of Georgia in America and their Successors in
the Penalty of Four hundred Pounds Sterling in Six Years from the Date
without Interest, \fiiich Bond You are to deliver to General Oglethorpe
now going to Georgia, and he will Pay You the Two hundred pounds you
desired to he advanced.
The Trustees do this in Confidence that You will perform every
Part of Yoirr Proposition as well as the Repayment of the said L 200 And
they wish You Success therein.
I am
Your most humhle Serva.nt
86 (205)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to Mr. Thomas Hawkins dated at
Westminster the I9 May 1738-
I laid before the Trustees your Letter of November 28 last.
They are very well pleased with the Account You give of the great
Harmony amongst the People of Your Part of the Piovince. As this in
some mea-sure must depend on the Conduct of the Magistrates, they have
no doubt of it*s Continuance from Yours and the other G-entlemens
The Trustees desire You will omit no Opportunity of writing to
them, and that You will acquaint them with whatever occurs worth your
Notice; You cannot be too Particular in vrriting to them, since they can
only govern themselves in their Care of the Colony by the Accots. which
they receive from thence. The Improvements in Building and Cultivating
of the Lands, the Births and Peaths of the People are what they -want to
be Constantly informed of. as likewise of their Behaviour in general.
And as they think that Sobriety and Indxastry are the properest means to
make the People quiet and happy, they are determined to shew the greatest
Marks of their favour to those Who shall be found to be the most Sober
and Industrious.
Tne Trustees have ordered the Drugs, of which You sent an
Invoice, to be sent over to You.
I am
Your very humble Servant
87 (209)
Copj of a Letter from I'tr. MEXtjm to the Reverend tir. George hlaitefield
dated at WestTainster the 19th. May 1738
In your Letter to Mr. Verelst from Gihraltar dated Fehrupry 20th.
You take Notice of Mr. Wesley's Return to England and desire to know
whether the Trustees would ha,ve You alter the Measxrres which they pro
posed- They ha,ve ordered me Sir to acquaint You, that they are Pleaeed
with the Zeal which appears in you and they do hy this Permit You to
Perform all Religious Offices as Deacon of the Church of England at
Savannah as well as Frederica, until another Minister is provided for
the Town of Savannah.
The Trustees have no Douot hut hy your Prudence every Spirit of
Dissention will he laid amongst the People as far as You can Contribute
to it; And that Sobriety and Industry, and a due Reverence to the
Magistracy will he constantly recomraended hy You to them, e,s the most
Effectual means to make them quiet and happy, and to Qualify them for a
just Observance of the Worship of God.
The Trustees ha,ve ordered another a Box of Stationary Ware to he
sent to You as You desire hy the first Opportunity.
I am
Your most Obedient Servant
(213) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to Wm. Stephens Bsqr. dated at
Westminster the 19th May I758.
88 (213)
The Trustees hr-ve received Your Letter dated Janry. 19tli. last
with yoior Journal. Tliey have Ordered me to acquaint You that they are
very much Pleased with Your heing so Pf.rticulsr in your Accots. And
they hope You will go on to Communicate "by all Opportunities every
Circumstance tha.t appears worth Your Ilotice.
In your Letter You take Notice of a Dissatisfaction among several
Persons upon the Ten\ire of their Lots, being confined to the Heirs Male.
And You make an Observation on the great A.dvantage of their going to
the Heirs General. The granting of Lots to the Heirs General The
Trustees are perswaded will appear to You on a second Heflection to be
taprasAx impractable as the Colony will consist of People of so many
different Countries, -^nd to Convince You that the Trustees have
always had, and still have a Disiposition to make the People Perfectly
easy in this Particular, and to grant the Lots whenever there is a
failure of Male Issue to the Daughters of any Proprietor; They have
ordered me to inclose to You a Clause in the Printed terms (which are
always offered to such Persons who go at their own Expence) relating to
the Females which is as follows.
Wlien the Land reverts to the Tiust on the Determination of the
"Estate in Tail Male; It is to be nted a.ga.in to s^uch Persons as the
"Common Gouticil of the Trustees shall think most for the Advantage of
"the Colony And the Trust will have a special Regard to the Dau^ters
"of those who have made lEiprovements on (2l4) their Lots, not already
"provided for by having raaxried or marrying Persons in Possession or
"intitled to Lands in the Province of Georgia in Possession or
89 (214)
"And the k Wives of such Persons in Case they shotild survive
their Hushands, are during their Lives intitled to the Mansion house
"and one half of the Lands iarproved hy their Hushands, that is to say,
"Inclosed with a fence of Six feet hight.
The Trustees have likewise ordered me to acquaint You That they
thiuk Proper to adhere to the Covenants which have "been made in their
several Grants, and that they are determined to take the forfeit of
Grants of those who neglect to cultivate their Lands
I am
Your most OLedient Servant
(21?) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Ceuston dated at
Westminster the 19th. day of May 1733* with the following
The Trustees received your Letter dated the l4th. Janry. last
with the Accompt of Captain Thomsons Arrival with Servants for the
Trust and others at his Owners Risque together with the particular
Dispositions of those at the owners Risque; Whereof only 10 Women, 1
Boy and 1 Girl are in that Disposition charged as "belonging to the
Trust, end all the other at the owners Risque being 44 in number are
chargeable on other Proprietors; Yet in another List of those Servants,
You gave the Captain with a Receipt at the bottom You ecknov/ledge to
have received them all for the use and Accot. of the Trust and quote
90 (217)
the Trustees Orders of the 20th of May 1737 for that Purpose, \\liich
Orders were That if any of the Servants sent at the Owner's Bisque
should not he paid for at the end of Tliirty Days from their Arrival
the Captain hE,d Leave to deliver such Servants and their Indentures to
You for the Trustees Use to he employed in the Puhlick V/ork. But such
Servants v;ere not to he disposed of to private Persons upon Credit, hut
were to remain the Servants of the Puhlick for cultivating Lands for
the Use of the Colony, and to save the Expence of hiring Servants for
Puhlick V/ork, which has heen so great a Charge. As You have therefore
without any Authority brought this Charge upon the Trust, the Trustees
have determined that You must ansvier for the Charge of the said 44
Servants making 431- heads at ^ p head demanded of the Trustees hy
Virtue of Your Eeceipt to Captain Thomson, they being all hy Your Dis
position become the Property of private Persons on Credit; Which Charge,^
(218) amounts to L 3^- Sterling. Against which they will allow for
the Man sick at Savannah, if he shall appear to remain the Trustees
Servant; As also for 1 V/oman Servt. to V/illiam Stephens Ssqr. and 1
Vioman Servant to Mr. John Brov/ne of Highgate, on their Certifying their
having received each of them such V/onen Servant brought hy Captain
Thomson. As to all the others the 8. p head must he mp.de good to the
Trustees, and not in the hire of Servants to work it out, for that
would he an extraordinary Proceeding to Pay for indented Servants lent
to Private Persons and he repaid hy the hire of them out again to the
Trustees themselves who paid for them.
The Trustees fxirther Observe that You have taken 9^ heads of
German Servants brought hy the Ship Three Sisters on your own Accot.
91 (218)
without any Permission from the Tr^istees, for whose Passage the Trustees
have paid, inclusing the Charge of delivering them at Tyhee i 6:2:6
Sterling p head amounting to ii 5813:9 which You are further Chargeable
with. And on Inspecting the Accots. Currant you lately sent them, They
Observe that large Credits had been given to several Persons for which
they cannot find ar?'^ Orders sent by them to You for that Purpose; And
herewith You receive a List of the Ballances stated due from those
Persons on their said Accompts Currant amounting in Sterling Money to
the Sim of L 890;7:8|- They therefore call upon You to know the Peason
why such Credits were given.
The Trustees are very sony to find all their Endeavours hitherto
so ineffectual for obtaining a regular and known Essence of the Colony
and their provideing a proper means of defraying it; Which have been so
much kxK hindred by that (219) Surprizing Liberty You have taken of
receiving every Ship*s Cargoe brought to Georgia, end the Certifying
the Eeceipt of them to demand Payment in England, even when their
Cargoes were not wanted; As in the Case of Robert Ellis so lately
Certified as the 3<1* of February last While at the same time the
Trustees were calculating to Provide for the E:^ence they ordered to be
made, and sending their Sola Bills to defray them; Yet they not only
find their Sola Bills come to Englaud for Payment without any Cash
Accots. of them shewing when received and to whom and for what Issued,
This Conduct of Yo-urs is so disatisfactory, Tliat the Trustees
find it high time to put an End to all Credit whatsoever, and have
therefore preparatory in England given Publick Notice in several
different Gazetts ^ printed in April last, one of which is Inclosed to
92 (219)
You "That all E3q)ences xsxSQpa^xisx. they Order, shall he paid for in
"their Sola Bills, end that no Person has any Authority from them or in
"their llame, or on their Account, to purciiase or receive any Cargoes of
"Provisions, Stores or ITecessarys, or to Contract any Debt, or create
"any Sxpences whatsoever in America."
The TriJ-stees have sent You the annexed Accompt of the Escpence of
the Colony paid for in England and accrued since Midsummer last, of the
Sola Bills sent You since that time amoxinting in the vrhole to 11152:2:1
Sterling, which Surprising Amount has been owing to this unrestrained
method of Your Receiving of every thing brought You and making the
Trustees Debtor for the Conveniency and Encouragement of Ships to Over
stock tlie Colony with their Cargoes.
(220) These large Qoantitys of Provisions and Goods must richly
Provide for all Espences in the Colony before the Receipt of this
Letter, and produce a great Surplus for the Maintenance of the Trustees
Servants who are the only Persons now on the Trustees Expence to
maintain, And for which they appropriate this great Remain of Provi
sions and Goods as their Surpluss Fund to do so.
All the Established allovfances sent over by Mr. Stephens and
directed to continue to Lpdy Bay 173 every Article of Expence
contained in the Trustees Letter by him Do upon the Receipt of this
Letter entirely cease and determine, and the Trustees will allow and
defray no other Expenses but those which are now sent in the annexed
Accompt of Expences in America Estimated for the Service of the Colony
for one Year from Midsumr. 1738 io Midsumr. 1739* Copys of which
Accot. of Expenses are also sent to illiam Stephens Ss<ir. and Mr.
93 (220)
Henry Parker, who are directed with. Yoiorself; That any two of You are
to defray those Ejqpences from time to time either with the Eemain of
Sola Bills still in Yotot hands or with those which any two of You will
be empowered to Issue; And as such Sxpences shall he defrayed, that the
two of You who defray them are to Sign the Account thereof and send it
from time to time to the Trustees, Specifying the Services for and to
whom such B^qpences were paid agreee,l)le to the said Expences so estimated,
v/ith a. List of the Bills as Issued.
Your Cash Books for A'ugust September and October 1736 are Still
wanting as also the Particular .Answers to the Qaerys on Sums not
explaining the Services they were paid for, and the most effectijial way
to come at the Proper (^21) Answers, is by sending the Trustees Copies
of all your Journals or Daj,'' Books and Leidgers from Lady Lay 17J^, from
which time you are accomptable; And which they now direct You to do, and
to en^loy some of their Clerks in making them out; For with those
Copies and the Cash Books I have, the above Three months Cash Books
when sent, and your Accompts Cuirant of all the Sola Bills Issued by
You, v/herev/ith You have never yet Charged yo-urself, will enable me to
clear up those blind Entries of Payments which do not Specify the
Services for which they were made; And for want of which You are
returned Accompta.ble for a very large Sum of Money.
Your Cenh Books from 1 November I736 to the last of Leer. 1737*
except for the first month, are more properly monthly Books for taking
Eeceipts in for Money paid than Cash Books there being no Entrys of
Money received or of Sola Bills which is equal to money.
The Trustees having paid L 250 of Bills You have drawn on
94 (221)
G-eneral Oglethorpe at severe!, times, have eo paid tnem in Discharge of
Yom- Allov/ances of i 40 a Yeer as Storekeeper end i 10 a year as Magis
trates, which pay those Allowances to Fehruarj'" last; And they agree
that You should have the Allowance of i 40 a Year* as Storekeeper con
tinued until one month after the Receipt of tnis Letter, and no longer;
There "being very little Business for a Storekeeper now excepting the
proper Care and Issuing of what shall remain in the Store: And that
they do not intend to trouble You with, because they tnink tnat your
Attendance upon the Court and other Avocations will fully take up your
G?he Trustees therefore direct You to make out an Accompt of the
Remain of Stores and of what Demands, if any there are upon the Store;
and forthwith to Send such Accompts Certify'ed by Mr. William Stephens
yourself and Mr. Henry (222) Parker. And they further direct You to
send yoijr Cash Accompts up to the Receipt of this Letter, to be
followed with the Copys of Your Books beforementioned with all 0 con
venient Speed; That they may examine your whole Accompts and judge of
the reasons that may support your Conduct. For on their Approving of
Your Accompts and t'nereby being enabled to Satisfy the Publick in a
Clear and regular manner of the ^articular Services that these great
Bxoences have been consumed in, the Trustees will not be unmindfull oj.
the great Em-then that has lain upon You for these several Years
passed, and therefore only want An Opportunity by Your accompting for
these Expenses as You ought to do, to further consicer your past
Services as Storekeeper when that is done.
The Trustees have received a Letter from Mr. Bradley and an
95 (222)
Accompt from him, v;hich You was very prudent in not entering into.
They have referred them to Mr. Thomas Jones now going over with General
Oglethorpe, to Examine into what just Demands if any he may h've upon
the Trust and what Demands the Trustees have upon him in Virtue of his
Contract; and to Eeport the same to them.
The said Mr. Jones being appointed Storekeeper for the Care and
Issuing the Remain of Stores which shall be delivered to him, his
Salary of A 30 a Year is to Commence at the Expiration of one month
after the Receipt of this Letter, and he is to have one of the Trustees
Clerks to assist him.
Abraham Delyon's Petition for an Encoura^emt. to propagate Vines
in Georgia having been read and approved of in Coinmon Council, General
Oglethorpe will pay him on the Trustees Accot. the 200 Sterling, for
which Rond is to be given to the Trustees and their Successors in the
Penalty of L 40of Conditioned for Paymt. (223) the said 220.
without Interest to the Trijstees and their Successors in Six Years from
the Date; and the Bond is to be taken from the said Abraham DeLyon, Dr.
Samuel Nunes, Mr. Daniel Nunes and Mr. Moses Nunes jointly and
Major V/illiam Cooks two Daughters having been proposed to the
Common Council for the joint Proprietors and Successors of the House
Ganden Lot and Farm Lot at Savannah lately belonging to Peter Gordon
and by him Surrendered to the Trustees; They have been approved of an
Leave given for his Eldest Daughter when of Age to StoxAat Surrender
her Interest therein to her Sister the Rent of Mr. Gordons House there
fore from Lady day last belongs to the said I'*ajors Daughters.
96 (223)
John Desxne the 3d. Bsiliff heing deed, the Common Council have
nominated Robert Gilbert to Succeed him; And Mr. Charles Wesley*s
Health not permitting him to return to Georgia with General Oglethorpe
the Common Council have appointed Mr. John Clarke who goes over with
the General to be Secretary for the Indian Affairs.
John Coates the Constable and one of the Trustees for the
Orphans having deserted the Colony; You are desired to move The Town
Court to name another Trustee for the Orphans in his room and to call
upon the Trustees for the Orphans to send an Account of their Proceed
ings to the Trustees from time to time
The Trustees are much concerned That Savannah is at present
destitute of a Minister, and they hope the Magistrates will by good
Exaji^les and a due Care of the Morals of the Peojjle do whet in them
lyes to Supply tha,t present want; Which the Trustees are very Anxious
to have removed by the first Opportunity. And (224) that in the mean
time the Magistrates are desired not to absent themselves on Sundays
but to Assemble together and cause Prayers to be reed to the People by
some decent Person who can read.
The Trustees f'arther direct that all unlicensed Publick Houses
be immediately Suppressed.
The Trustees having taken into Consideration the Services of Mr.
Henry Parker the Secind Sailiff have Ordered That he be allowed two
Men Servants belonging to the Trust under the Care of Mr. Bradley, such
as Mr. Parker siiall chuse to be for his own use and maintained by the
Trust until further Orders; and if the said Two Men are married, their
Wives are to go with them and be maintained by the Trust as above.
97 (224)
Aad in Case Thomas Christie continues his Office of Hecorder
he shall be allowed Two Servants belonging to the Trust now under Mr.
Bradleys Cere which are to be for Mr. Christies own Use and maintained
by the Trust until further Order.
Captain To.nas an Ingineer going over with General Oglethorpe
lias been desired to maJce an Estimate when at Savannah for building a
Church there which he is to send over together with a Plan for tne
same by the first Opportunity; And You are to let Captain Tomas know
what ITumber of the Trustees Servants can be spared for that Work.
There is on board the Transport Ships 85 Tons of Flint Stones
and 5 Tones of Dantzick Stones 7? Bars of Sweeds Iron containing
lb s 5 ^ 14
32;2;l6 at 15/6/pK wt. 100 Barrs of Eussia Iron containing
s lb s
at l4/6 p f. wt- and 6 Faggots of Steel containing 4;1:4: at JG/ p f
wt. All for the use of building the Church at Savannah, besides the
(225) Beal Boards used in building Cabins on board the three first
Transport Ships which Sailed in January last and part of those used in
building Cabins on boerd the Transport Ships nov/ departing for Georgia.
The several other Parcels shipped for the Trust and the use to bemade of them are described and included in the annexed Invoice and
consigned to General Oglethorpe. Gopys of which Invoice are sent to
William Stephens Esqr. and Mr. Henry Parker who with your Self or any
tv/o of You are to direct the Storekeeper in the Application of them,
except those Parcels which are for Presents to the Indians which
General Oglethorpe will please to direct the Disposition of.
The Trustees who are very desirous to have the 300. Acres of
Land granted to your Self, Eenry Parker, Thomas Obrietie and John West
98 (225)
31 Ifejrch. 1736 In Trust to "be Cultivated for the Religious Uses of the
Colony, have therefore directed that seven of the Trustees Servants he
immediately Employed in the clearing and cultivating thereof in order
in the first Place to provide thereout for the Maintenance of a
Minister at Sa,VBnnah; And Wm. Stephens Ssqr. and Mr. Henry Parker are
acquainted tiierewith to cooperate v?ith You in the proper employing the
said Seven Servants for that Purpose. And there is another Trust Grant
now goes over for 300*^ Acres more to he set out in the Southern part
of the Province to he cultivated for the Religious Uses of the Colony,
and in the first place to provide thereout for the Maintenance of a
Minister at Frederica.
There is a Trust Grant comes over with this Letter (226) for
3,000.^ Acres to the Bailiffs of tlie Town of Savannah to he set out hy
Win. Stephens Esnr. your Self, William Horton Esqr, and Mr. Tiiomas
Hawkins or any two You, In Order that every Man of Twenty one Years of
Age and upwards being a Protestant who shall within Three Years from
the Date arrive in Georgia with a Desire to settle and inhabit there,
should have an Allotment of Fifty Acres of Land Gr?nted to him as
therein is mentioned; Those Lots whidi ere desired in the Horthern part
of the Province being to he set out hy W'illiam Stephens Esqr. and Youi*
Self, and those Lots which are desired in the Southern part of the
Province being to he set out hy Wm. Horton Esqr. and Thomas Hawkins.
As this Letter contains Matters of the highest Importance to
the Welfare of the Colony, and to the Satisfying of the Trustees who
take so much Pains to Establish it. They have affixed their Seal
hereto end the annexing of ell the Iapers herewith sent you, and they
99 (226)
ejcpect due Cbedlence be paid, to these their unsmmous Resolutions, And
Mr. Thomas Jones who delivers You this Letter has the Trustees Orders
to take Your Receipt for the same.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant.
P. S.
The Trustees have since the writing this Letter rec'd Advice of
Two more Accots. Certifyed by You 23d. Janry. 1737 for Provisions and
necessarys from 7 ITovr. preceeding rec*d of Messrs. Minis & Salomons
amoting. together to the Sum of L 532:14:6. which being s.dded to the
L 11,152:2:1 the Amount of Your Receipts since Midsummer 1737 will
increase the same to the Sum of L 11,684:16:7
(Pages 227 throi:igh 236 cover various accounts which have not been
copied here.)
(237) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to William Stephens Bsqr.
dated at V/estminster the 20th. May 1738
The Trustees received yo\ir Letter dated 19 and 20. January last,
as also yoTir Journal and the several Lists and Iapers therevfith sent.
Your Conduct being quite agreeable to the Instructions they gave You,
the Trustees very much approve of it.
99a (227)
A List of the Ballances Stated due from the several Persons hereafter
named on their Acconrpts Current, sent hy Mr, Thomas Causton to the
Peter Appy
Thomas Antrohus
Sir Francis Bathurst
Eohert Bunnian
Margaret Bovey
Michael Bourghouter
Widow Bowling
William Cookesey
Jacob Charles Charles
Peter Coble
William Cross
Thomas Christie
James finp Camplell
John Coates
Peter Dechler
John Davis
Andrew Duchee
Patrick Eoustoun
Richard Hu^es
William Harris
Currency Sterling
L S d L s d
209: 5:7
186: -:3i
15: 7:14
3: 2:6|-
114: 6:10
941: 3:-
237: 2:10-3/4
99^ (227)
Youst ^enry 36; 1:2-1
Eoger Lacy 1.542; 8:7
Eogers and Clark
David Peters
Vfhich at 750 p Cent is
L 6,482;5; 10-3/4 ii 26;l;8i
Sterling L 890;7;8J
(228) An Accorapt of the Ea^jence of the Colony of Georgia paid for in
England and accrued since Midsummer 1737% of the Sola Bills
sent to Mr. Causton, and also of the Provisions and Effects
received hy him since tha,t time.
i> S d
Cash remaining in Mr. Causton's hands a,t
Midsummer 1737, s hy his own Accompt of
Payments between the Eeceipt of the
L 1,000 Sola Bills he received 5 June
1737 hy the Ship Peter & James Captain
Lymond and Midsumr. following. 509: -
11. Jialy Eeceived from Daniel Provost Provisions and
^ iJecessarys amounting to 43:16; 4
Demanded for Pettia.ugua hire to James SeaJils
at L 10 a month for ^ 23 days from Midsummer
1737, part of a Certified Accompt for L 62:16:5
Certified 20 Septemr. 1737 7:13; 4
99c (228)
23 Eeceived from Pras. Johonnet Provisions &c
amotuating to.... 38^! 5
26 Eeceived from Benjamin AppelBee Provisions
amounting to....**.. .1^: 2: 6
1 August Eeceived from Win. Bellinger Steers to the
Amount of.... 491s Is
10 Eeceived from Messrs. Minis and Salomons,
Provisions &c to the Amount of . 141;18*.10
carried forward L 1,872:16: 5
(229) Brought forward I 1,872:16: 5
10 August Eeceived from Messrs. Minis and Salomons
Provisions &c to another Amount of . * .
317:15: 8
. / m
Eeceived from Olios. Ware, Provisions to the
Amount of.. ..^26: 4; 9
15 Eeceived from Messrs. Montaigne and Co.
Necessaries "between Midsumr. 1737 15
August following to the Amount of.... 285: 3* 9
22 Paid Samuel Lacy for Pettiaugua hire Freight
and Provisions since Midsummer 1737* part
of L 166:19:4 Certified 22 August 1737 . 33:18: 8
99a (229)
7 September Received from Willxpm Clay, Provisions &c from
13th. July proceeding, to the Amount of .... . 1^9:l6; -
27 Received from Benj. ilppelbe. Provisions to the
Amount of.-.138:12:11
29 Received from Wm. Van Der Speigel, Provisions
and Recessarys to the Amount of. 293: 3ill
Received from Csptn. James Me pherson. Cattle
to the Amount of ii 198:7:6, and demanded for
the Pay of the Rangers from Midsummer to
Michas h 122*8:- part of an Acconpt Certified
2 October 1737 .320:15: 6
Demanded for the Pay of the Rangers at Port Prince
George from Mxsac Midsumr. to Michas, part of
a Certified Accot, dated ih October 1737 .... 6O: -: -
Carried over la 31698: 7: 7
(230) Brought Over ii 3.698: 7: 7
29 September Received from the Warehouse of Messrs. Pytt
and Tuckwell between Midsr. and Michas,
Recessarys to the Amount of. Ill: 3
Received from Messrs. Montaigne and Co.
between 15 August J737 and Michmas, following
Recessaries to the Amount of. 166: 3:11
99e (230)
7 OctoTaer Received from Messrs. Minis and Salomons, Pro
visions &c to ttie Amovint of
Received from Do. Provisions &c to another
Amount of...*
Received from Wm. Clay, Steers then delivered
and the Balance thereof demanded, amounts to. .
Received from Roht. Ellis, Provisions and
Kecessarys to the Amount of
1 November Received from the Warehouse of Messrs. Pytt and
Tuckwell since Michas 1737 Necessarys to the
28 Decemr. Received
Amount of
Messrs. Montaigne & Co. a Cargos
of Provisions from Philadelphia to the Amount
January Received from the Ship Georgia Pink a Cargos
of Beef, Butter and Tallow from Ireland, which
the Freight
from Isaac
Henriques, Provi
sions and Necessaries in Deer, last, and
certified 5 January to the Amount of .
Received from the Warehouse of Messrs. Pytt &
Tuckwell since 1 Novr. 173? Necys. to the
Amt. of... .'
395: 8: 4
78: 9: 6
65:10: 5
384: 7: 9
90: 9: -
847: 5: 8
1,168; 8: -
160:11: 5
81:15: -
Garrd. forward 7.245:16:10
99f (231)
16 Janry.
3 Febry.
Brough-t forv/ard i 7.245:16:10
Received from Messrs. Montaigut end Co.
Necessaries "between 2d. October 1737 &
23d. Deer, following, and Certified I6
Jentiary to the Amotint of.. 282:14: 3
Received from Captain Wm. [Thomson, Provisions
& Necessarys delivered in November & Jannary
1737 Besides 54-1/3 heads of Servants
whereof 43-1/2 are not on the Tr\istees
Accot., end for which 8 a head is
demanded Amounting to 3^* which
Mr. Causton must be answerable for.
Received from Robt. Rllis the 30bh. Janry.
Provisions & Necessaries certified Jd.,
Pebry. to the Amot. of. 504: 9:11
mhe Sola Bills received since 1st. Novr. 1737
amount to.2,650: -: -
11,152: 2: 1
An Accoiapt of the Expences in America Estimated hy the Trustees
for the Service of the Colony of Georgia for one Year from Midsummer
1738 to Midsummer 1739*
S s
Eor the Services of the three Bailiffs and Recorder at
Savannah, and the three Bailiffs and Recorder at Erederica
a.t L 10 a year each ..80;
Eor the Services of the Six Constables and Twenty four
Tythingmen in the said Towns, for Six V/ards in each and a
Constable and four Tythingmen in each Ward at Sj-S a
year each.... 300 s "i
Eor the Service of a Storekeeper at I 30 a year and a
Clerk to him at L 10 a Year, and 8 a year more in lieu
of Provisions ..... ..........
Eor the Services of Two more Clerks engaged by the Trust,
to be employed as the Trustees shall order, at 10 a year
each and 8 a year each in lieu of Provisions ......
To an Overseer, for his Services in looldLng after the
Millwrights, &c..... ...
Por the Maintenance of the Secretary for the Affairs of
the Trust in Georgia and his Son at 10 a year each, and
of his ten Servants at 6, a year each, and for his
extraordinary Charges at 40 a year..
120; -1.
99h (232)
iFor Poirp Ministers in Georgia at L 50 s, year each. 200: -
For the necessary Support of the Sick, the Widows & Orphans;
in the Northern part of the Province.100: -: -
Por the necessary Support of the sick the Widovfs & Orpha,ns;
in the Southern part of the Province. 50:-:-
Por a Messenger to keep a Correspondence between Savannah
and Charles Toxvn. 50:-:-
Por a Messenger to keep a Correspondence between Frederica
and Savannah. 80: -
The two Millwrights to be paid a,t enployed at a
Bate not exceeding a day eanh, and to be hastened in
bringing their work to a Conclusion..
(233) Mr, Auspourger the Surveyor, to be enployed in Surveying
the Land at.5^:15: -
And f. an Assistant to him, as occasion shall require at
a day .
for Repair of the Indian Arms and other Repairs
at L 25* a year for each. 50:-:-
The Charges of the Italian Silk Winders .. 70:12:11
s d
The Gardiner in the Publick Garden at 1 /6 for each
Working day 23: 9: 6
99i (233)
A Cowkeeper at Elieneser. 24:12: 7
And if a Cow for all to a hundred, but all above to be
sent to Ebenezer.
A Sea Boat at Tybee ) Instead of the hire of two Pettiauguas wch.
A Sea Boat at Frederica ) Charge amotmted to I 113:9:5*
IThe Expence of the Georgia Scout Boat consistiiag of a
Patroon and ten Men, and Provisions for them. 258:15: 1
And for Contingencies to inclxide all Charges of the
Indians (except Presents, which are to be sent from
England only) and all other accidental, except extra
ordinary Occasions, not exceeding i 5 a month for the
Northern part and i 5* a month for the Southern part of
the Province. 120: -
Which Estims-ted Expences were approved of and
agreed to by the Common Co-undl of the Trustees
for establishing the Colony of Georgia in
America upon the 10th. and 17th. Days of May
99j (234)
An Invoice of the several Parcels from the Trustees consigned
to General Oglethorpe, end Shipped on hosrd the Transports now on their
Departure for Georgia, with the use that each Parcel is to he applied
to vizt.
Por Sant Building the Church at Savannah.
85 Tons of Flint Stones ) g
) at 15. a Ton
5 Tons of Dantzick Stones )
77 Barrs of Sweeds Iron containing 32:2:16 at 15^/6 p i wt.
100 Barrs of Eussia iron containing 54:3!10 at l4/6 p i wt,
6 Faggots of Steel containing 4:1: 4 at 30? p wt.
And Deal Boards used in building the Cabins on board the Amy,
the Lightfoot and the Whitaker Transports, and part of those used on
board the present Transports.
Working Tools for the Trtxstees Servants.
G X C Ho, 1 to 9* Small Casks of Wrought Iron
10 A Small Chest of Saws
A Bundle of Saws, and
2 small Baskets of Planes, &c.
Which Package contain as follows.
6 5 feet crosscut saws whet and sett at 12.
6 6 feet Do. Do. 14?
4 7 feet Do. Do, l6?
12 Steel Whipsaws Do. l6?
1 Doz. Tellers and handles t 1:4;~
4 Doz: Steel hardened hand Saws Do. at 5?
99k (234)
4 Doz! "best Steel Saw Sets
A Box 3?
3 Doz: crosscut ssw Files at 3*/^
2 Doz: h,ipsaw Do. at 5/
6 Doz handsaw Do. at 1/10?-
4 Doz Do. for the Mill Saw 64* l4? a doz.
10 Setts of Splitting Hedges
12 "broad Axes 5^ each at 3
(235) 20 Carpenters Hammers at 11?
6 Strong Claw Do. large at l/4^
6 Carpenters Mallets
6 one Inch Augers at 1?
6, 1^ inch Do. at l/3^
15: Doz: "best Gimhlets at 15^ a doz.
1 Doz Spike Do. at 2/ a doz.
1 Doz Do. larger at 2/6
1 Doz "box handled Do. at l/3
6 Smoothing Planes fixt with Irons at 11^
4 Jack Do. Do. l/3^
4 Fore Do. Do. 2?
4 long Do. Do. 2/3^
2 Joynter Do. Do. 2/6
1 Doz. best Steel square Compasses 4?
4 2 ft. figured Sq^uares at 11?'
37 "m 3^^^ 3/4 Hose at l/9^
30 m 7^ 1/2 Do. at 2/8^
99-1 (235)
20 m 11.
22 nri3.
10 m 21.
20 Mortice Axes
10 large Peakes
10 Do, Chizells
100 Hew England Axes at
6 Crow Leavers ^ron 19 at
1 Doz: Cane hook hills 14/*'
50 round eyed hatchets each 8^
Whetting and Setting 28 Saws at 1? each
16 pair of handles for the Cross Cut Sa.vrs at ^ a pair.
3 Doz. hlackscore Gimhlets 2/6^
12 Whipsaw Boxes ^ each
(236) For the Trustees Store for the use of the Colony a Box
containing 40 pd. of Turnip Seed at 6^ a Pound.
In a Box G x C 1^^ of Dr. Cockbxirns Electuary for the Flux
In a Brown Paper, two Brass Cocks for Salting whole.
For presents for the Indians.
295 Guns in List Cases contained in 12 Chests marked G x C, from
No. 1 to 12.
A Box G X C Paint containing
8 pds. fine Yermillion at 5/^
8 Do. Smalt blue at 2f
8 Do. Eose ColoTxr at l/6^
8 Do. Yellow at l/6^
8 Do, Green at 4f
And 20 pds. of Nergo Beads in Box No. 8.
f.B. to he delivered hy John Brownfield.
100 (237)
The Present Hurry on General Ogelthorpes Departure has pre
vented the fully talcing your Journal into Consideration hut they will
the very first Opportunity They in the Strongest mpuner recommend to
You to enquire and send them a particular Accot, how and on vrhat Lahour
the Trustees Servants are employed; for the "benefit of their Lahour
mast appear not only to answer the great Charge of them, hut also to
produce a Surpluss Benefit for the use of the Colony; V/hicir was tne
cheif end of sending them.
The Trustees notwithstanding their Endeavours to regulate the
Sxpence of the Colony and provide the proper means of defraying it,
have heen greatly prevented therein hy the IJumher of Certifieo. Accon5)ts
for Cargoes received in Georgia, wnich have heen sent over to England
for Payment; At the same time tiiat their Sola Bills were sent to
Georgia for defraying the Expences they ordered to he made. They have
therefore given Puhlich Notice in the London Gazette, which I have
inclosed to You; "That all Sjcpences they order, shall he paid for in
their Sola Bills; and that no Person has any Authority from them, or
in their Name, or on their Account, to pi-irchase or receive eny
Cargoes of Provisions Stores or Necessaries, or to Contract any Deht,
"or Create any Expence whatsoever in America." and You receive also
two Notices Signed hy the Secretary, whereof Mr. Thomas Jones who
brings You this has two others, One of which is to he affixed on (238)
the Door of the Storehouse at Savannah and the other on the Door of the
Storehouse at Erederica and to remain thereon; Wherefore as he has two
and You two, they will Supply the want of one in Case either shoiold he
taken down, both the Storehouses Doors being to have the Notice remain
on them.
101 (238)
Mr. Tliomas Jones is appointed Storekeeper in the room of Hr.
Ci^uston, whose Attendance on the Sovirt and other Avocations will fully
take up his time, And Mr. Jones is to take Possession of the Remain of
Stores in the Custody of Ifr. Thomas Causton in one month after he has
delivered Mr. Causton the Trustees Letter he brings over to him, and Is
to Issue them piirsuant to the Orders he shall receive from Yourself
I>Ir. Causton and Mr. Henry Parker, or any two of You; which Issues the
Trustees direct in the first place to he made for the Maintenance and
providing for the Trustees Servants, who are the only Persons now on
the Trustees Expence to maintain.
All the Established Allowances sent over by You and directed to
continue to Lady Lay 1738, and every Article of E::Q)ence contained in
the Trustees Letter to 14r. Causton sent by You Bo upon the Receipt of
the Letter now sent by Mr. Jones to Mr. Causton entirely cease and
determine; And the Trustees will allow and Defray no other Expences
but those which by the Copy thereof herewith sent You are Estimated for
the Service of the Colony in America for one Year from Midsummr. I738
to Midsumr. 1739* And You together with Mr. Causton and Mr. Henry
Parker, or any two of You are directed to defray those E::iQ)ences from
time to time either with the Remain of Sola Bills still in 14r. Causton*s
hands, or with those which any two of You shall be empowered to Issue
and as such Expences shall be Defrayd those teo of you Who defray them
are to Sign the Accompt thereof and send it from time to time to the
Trustees Specifying the Services for and to whom such Expences were
paid, agreable (239) to the said Expences so estimated; with a List of
the Bills as Issued.
102 (239)
Mr. Bradleys Accompt and Demands and Conduct is referred to
Mr. Tiiomas Jones to examine and Report upon,
ABraham Delyons Petition Being granted. General Oglethorpe
vT-trl? will advance him the 200. Sterling on the Trustees Accompt.
EoBert GilBert is appointed Third Bailiff of Savannah in the
room of John Dearne deceased and herewith You receive his Constitution,
which You are desired to deliver to him v/ith proper Advice for his
Behaviour in the Discharge of his Duty.
The Trustees have desired Mr. Causton to move the Town CoTort of
Savannah to name a Trustee for the Orphans in the room of John Coates
the ConstaBle, and that the Trustees for the Orphans may Be called upon
to Send an Account of their Proceedings from time to time to the
The Trustees have sent to Mr. Whitefield and permitted him By
reason of Mr. John Wesleys Return to England to perform all Religious
Offices as Deacon of the Church of England at Savannah as well as
Erederica, until another Minister is providee for the Town of Savannah;
.fhich they are very Anxious to have provided By the first Opportunity:
And they have desired the Magistrates in the mean time not to ABsent
themselves on Sundays, But to AssemBle together and cause Prayers to Be
read to the People By some decent Person v/ho can read. And Being
equally desirous to have the 300.*^ Acres of Land granted 3l3t. March
1736 In Trust to Mr. Causton and others, to Be Cultivated in the
Northern part of the Province for the Religious Uses of the Colony;
They have Ordered that Seven of the Trustees Servants Be erployed
immediately therein and that your self and Mr. Henry Parker are to
103 (239)
Cooperate with Mr. Causton in the proper eii5)loying of the said seven
Servants (24o) for that piorpose; of which please to acquaint the said
Mr. Parker.
Hie Trustees having considered of Mr. Henry Parker's Services
have orderd him two Men Servants such as he shall Chuse, and now under
the Care of Mr. Bradley; and if they are married their Wifes are to go
with them, and to he maintained hy the Trustees until fiirther Orders
end they have also Ordered me to Send Jiim the Value of B 20 Sterling
in Gloathing and necessaries for him, which I will do hy the first
OpportTinity. And in Cp-se Mr. Cliristie continues his Office of
Recorder, The Trustees have allowed him two Servants, -under Mr.
Bradleys Care, to he maintained hy the Tiustees until further Orders;
which please to acquaint him of in Case he is still Recorder and will
continue so to he.
Tlie several Parcels Shipped for the Trust, and the Use they are
to he put to are descrihed and particularized in the Invoice herewith
sent You; They are consigned to General Oglethoin)e/ and Yourself, Mr.
Causton and Mr. Henry Parker, or any two of You are to direct the
Storekeeper in the Application of them; except those Parcels which are
for Presents to the Indians which General Oglethorpe will please to
direct the Disposition of.
I am
Your most Obedient Servant
P. S.
There is a Trust Grant sent You herewith, the Coonterpart of
104 (241)
which. You are to get Executed hy the of Savp,nnah, it (24l)
contaiiis 3000.*^ Acres of Land in Trust that every Kan of Twenty one
Years of Age and upwards heing a Protestant who should within three
Years from the Date arrive in Georgia should have an Allotment of Fifty
Acres of land gr.^nted to him as is therein mentioned; And those Lots
which are desired in the Northern Part of the Province are to he set ou
hy Your self and Kr. Causton, and those Lots which are desired in the
Southern jjart of the Province are to he set out hy William Eorton Ssqr.
and Mr. Thomas H,owkins; whereof please to give them Notice on your
Eeceiving and Perusing the said Trust Grant.
(245) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Eenry Parker dated at
Westminster the 20th. Kay I738.
The Trustees having been informed of youi' good Behaviour and
tliat Yo\ir time has been greatly employed in the honest Discharge of
Your Duty of 2d. Bailiff of Savannah, have Ordered me to hu^' for You
Cloathing and Necessaries to the Yalioe of L 20 Sterli.ig, which I will
do and send You hy the first Opportunity. They liave also allowed You
two Men Servants now under the Care of I4r. Bradley, such as You shall
Chuse to he for your ov/n use; And if they are married their Wifes are
to go with them, and they are to he maintained hy the Trustees till
further Order; Kr. Bradley has Directions sent him for that purpose.
The Trustees have appointed Eohert Gilbert to he third Bailiff
of Savannah in the room of John Dearne deceased whom they hope v'ill
105 (245)
believe v<ell and assist to lessen the Eard Duty You have lately hed.
Hr. Ceustons Attendance on the Court end other Avocations fully
taking up his time, the Trustees have eppointed Mr. Thomas Jones who
brings you this to be Storekeeper in his Boom; Who in one month after
the Eeceipt of the Trustees Letter to Mr. Causton is delivered by him
he is to take Possession of the Remain of Stores which sue to be
Issued which are to be Issued in the first Place to maintain and pro
vide for the Tr^astees Servants who are the only Persons now on the
Trustees Exigence to maintain, and he is to Issue then pursuant to the
Crcers he shall receive from William Stephens Esqr., (246) Mr. Gauston
and your Self, or any two of You.
The Trustees having Estimated the Expences they have Ordered to
be made in the Colony for one Year from Midsummr. 1738 1 Kidsumnr.
1739, the Accompt thereof is herewith sent You; And Williams Stephens
Esqr. Mr. Gauston and Your self or any two of You The Trustees have
directed to defray those Expences from time to time either with the
Remain of Sola Bills still in Mr. Caustons hands or with those which
any two of You will be impowered to Issue; and as such Expences shall
be defrayed, those tv/o of You who defray them are to Sign the Accompt
thereof and send it from time to time to the Tmistees, Specifying the
Services for, and to whom such Expences were paid, agreeable to the
said Expences so Estimated with a. List of the Bills as Issued.
The several Parcels Shipped for the Trustees, and the uses they
are to be put to are described and particularized in the Invoice here
with sent You and consigned to Genl. Oglethorpe And Wm. Stephens Esqr.
Hr. Causton a.nd Yourself, or any two of You are to direct the Store-
106 (2^6)
keeper in the Applic^^tion of them, except those Parcels which sre for
Presents to the Indians, wch. Genl. Oglethorpe will please to direct
the Disposition of.
Youi most hxunhle Servant
(249) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. m. Bradley dated at
Westminster the 20th. May 1738.
The Trustees received Yonr Letter dated tne 1st. of Deer. 1737l
and I laid before them Your Letter to me of the same Date with the
Papers and Accompt inclosed therein.
As to the Trustees Agreenient with You, they were out of the
Produce of 100.*^ Acres cleared Cultivated and Improved in one Year
with 30 or more of their Servants under Your Care to pay L 100 Sterling,
and they were to furnish You/xx Your Arrival with Ten Servants for your
own use to he provided with Tools & provisions for one Year, and also
to Maintain You and Youf Wife and Children for one Year after your
Arrival according to the Custom of the Colony.
As to the forty Shillings an Acre You mention. That was a for
feiture deductable from You out of the L 100 payable from txie Produce
of the Land for every Acre of the 100. Acres uncultivated at the
Expiration of one Year.
Which Agreement on the Trustees Part has been so far performed
107 (249)
as to maintain You and Yoiu" Family even beyond their Agreement, and to
let You have the Ten Servants they engaged for to your own Ose; i^ho
have been provided for also beyond the said Agreement.
hpt You mention of their being imployed in the Trustees
Service and not in your own, lir. Thomas Jones who brings You this nas
the Trustees Instructions to enq[uire which of the Servants that went
over in the Ship with You, or what other Servants, were the ten Alloted
for your own Use on your Arrival; and when that is adjusted, he is to
enjQ,uire how those very Servants so Alloted to fou have been iii^iloyed in
the Publick Service and by whose Order and for what time.
(250) As to the other Servants over and a.bove the Ten allotted
to You, their Labour is the Trustees own, and Mr, Thomas Jones is in
structed to enquire in what Labour they have been employed and how for
the Benefit of the Trust.
The Trustees have not only directed this Inquiry to be made by
Mr. Thomas Jones, but also Instructed him to examine into Your Demands,
as well as into the Demands on You; For which purpose he lias Copies of
Your Accompts with the Store from February 1735 to November 1736, the
further Acconrots since tha.t time he will be furnished with from hr.
Causton; and the Trustees have directed him to Keport tne whole to
them, that they may do to them selves and You eqisl Justice.
The Trustees having Ordered the following Uses for some of their
Servants to be put to; You are directed to Comply therewith as unnsr.
Seven Servants to be enroloyec. in the Clearing and Cultivating
300.^ Acres of Land in the Northern Fart of the Province for the
Heligious Uses of the Colony; to be such of them and in such manner
108 (250)
employed as Mr. William Stephens Mr. Thomas Ganston and Mr. Henry
Parker or any tv/o of them shall think fitt.
Ten Men Servants under your Care such as Mr. Henry Parker shall
chuse, axe allovred to him hy the Trustees in Consideration of his
Services as 2d. Bailiff of Savannah And if the said Two Men which he
shall chijse are married, their Wifes are to go with them.
And tv/o Servants more under your Cere in Case Mr. Thoma.s
Christie continues in his Office of Recorder of Savannah, axe allowed
to him hy the Trustees for his own Use.
I am
Your most humhle Servant
(253) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to General Oglethorpe dated
at Estminster 31st. day of May 1738.
I Got to London yesterdaj'' about 2, and at 5 attended the Earl of
Egmont, Mr. Thomas Tower and Mr. Letpostre in a Committee of Corres
pondence, where several Letters from Georgia were under Consideration,
among which were more Certified Accompts arrived since you left
London; The last Date is the 20th. of March, wherein Mr. Causton states
his Reason for taking these Cargoes to he for the Encouragement of the
Persons who bring them.
The ftrgRt further Certified ^ Accoroj)ts received yesterday and
today amount to L 707:16:7 Sterling, and thereby the Amount come to the
109 (253)
hands of Mr. Ca.uston since Midsr. last is increased to 12,^92:13:2,
and the Certified Accots. unpaid amount to L 4,5^2:3:11* Tlte Trustees
therefore are quite at a stand until and End is put to all Credit in
Georgia, and their Expenses defrayed in their Sola Bills, and until
they know on your Arrival how their Affairs stand in Georgia.
Mr. Vernon broT:ight with him to the Common Coimcil today the order
of Council relating to the Carolina Ordinance; of v,hich I have inclosed
you a Copy; As to the Carolina Petition there will he no Directions
upon that only an Instruction to both Provinces amicably, to concert
Measures in the executing the Law for regulating the Trade with the
Indians, which may be for the mutual Advantage and Safety of both
Provinces, but that is not yet Settled. The Trustees have an original
Order to forward to Carolina (254) relating to the Ordinance, which
they will do by Captain Peircy who Sails next week; end they think it
right that this Copy of the Determination of the Council should be
publickly read in the Court at Savannah.
I have bought for you to Quarts of Spirit of Salt which I have
sent by the Gosport Waggon in & Box, as also some farthings in a Bag
put into a Box and a Letter from Justice Elackerly both directed to
You at Gosport; Please therefore to Send for them if You are on Shore,
but if not I have desired Mrs. Philpot to Send them you on board The
Waggon will be at Gosport on Saturday.
The Trustees are obliged to You for letting them have your two
Boats for Sea Boats, which they thankfully Pay You for, the Expence of
them being now known and no other Charge but that of working them for
Pilotage of Shipping in the Northern and Southern parts of Georgia.
110 (254)
I waited on Colonel Cecil who hopes to hear from You,
I am
Your most Ohedt. Servant.
(257) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Ceneral Oglethorpe dated at
Westminster the 3^- June I738.
I must Leg the Trustees and your Pardon for not inclosing a Copy
of the Report of the Committee of Council on the Petition of the
Lieutenant Governor and Council of South Carolina; But the Hurry to
dispatch the weighty matters of last Mght m\ist he my Excuse. I have
therefore now inclosed You a Copy of the said Report, upon which you
V7ill receive Instructions as soon as ever the Kings Pleasure Signified
in Form.
I also forgot to acquaint You that the Trustees desire that the
tv/o Boats which You bought and have consented to let them ha.ve for Sea
Boats may he immediately sent to their respective Stations, to he
employed for the Services for which they were bought
I am
Yr. most Ohedt. Servant
Ill (261)
Copy of a Letter from 14r, Verelst to Andrev; Stone Ssq.r. dpted at
Westminpter the 7fh. J'one 1738*
The Copy of an Affidavit of James Howell coming to the Hands of
the Trustees which they look upon to he of great Importance to the
Welfare of His Majesty's Colonies in America, they thought it their
Duty to desire You would ley the inclosed Copy of it before his Grece
the Duke of Newcastle, tho-ugh he may have had it from other hands.
I am
Your most Ohedt. Servant
(265) Copy of a Letter from Ilr. Verelst to John Crosse Junr. Ssqr.
dated at Westminster the 7th. June 1738.
The Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America
have read your Letter with great Pleasure and are very sensible of your
kind Expressions to the Colony of Georgia. They should be very glad to
encourage your Thought of restoring the Canary Islands to their ancient
Reputation end Commerce. At present they are provided with Wines, by
Reason that the Fleets which are ordered by His Majesty for the Pro
tection of Georgia are to call at the Madeiras to take in a sufficient
Supply of Wine there, whereby the Freight will be saged. The Vidonia
Canary recommended by You is a Wine which they very much approve of.
112 (265)
end would rather make use of it out of regard to You thaa they would of
any other Wine if Occasion offered; Youjr other Eeaeons, oy which it is
proved to he both cheaper and more sscxssXx^ advantagious to England
than the 3rirar-rWg Madiera, are of very great force and so convincing
tliat nothing would prevent the Trastees from sending for a Cargo thereof,
hut that at present they have no Occasion for it; But if they shou3.d
have Occasion hereafter, they will address themselves to You. In the
mean while they intend to recommend to the Merchants who trade to
Georgia (266) this Hatter, and will acquaint them with the Reasons
which you have urged.
I am
Your most humble Servant.
(273) 2opy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to William Stephens
Esqr. dated at Westminster the 12th. of June 1738*
Herev^ith You receive a. Duplicate of the Trustees last Letter
dated 20. May 1733; which they sent by Mr. Jones. The Trustees now
acknowledge the Receipt of your Letter dated the 27th. of Rebruary last
and your Journal from l8th. January proceeding, with v/hich they are
very well Satisfied.
The Trustees having received a Representation from the Inhabi
tants of the Village of Highgete concerning the Land on which they are
Settled (a Copy of which is herewith transmitted to You). They
113 (273)
therefore Order thst You with Mr. Henry Perker do upon Eeceipt hereof
view the Several Lots set out for the said Inhabitants in Order from
your Observation on the different Soils to each Persons Share, that You
both r^ort to the Trustees how far their Complaints are grounded; And
if it shall appear to You That ary one of the said Inhabitants has not
in his Allotment a sufficient CJpantity of good Land whereby to raise a
Subsistence for himself and his Stock, that You then Order the Surveyor
to set out for every such Inhabitant Pive Acres of the best Land tinset
out ^d nearest his Lot, he resigning the like quantity of Acres of the
most unprofitable Land lying the least convenient for him. And you are
then to P.eport your Proceedings herein with ell Convenient speed.
And as to the Cows and Calves mentioned in the said Representa
tion, if they have not before the Receipt of this Letter been dilivered
to them; The Trustees direct that You signify their Orders to Mr. Brad
ley or who else may have (274) the Care of the Trustees Cattle, that
they may be immediately Supplied there^irith.
The Trustees for the Convenience of a safe and regular Corres
pondence having directed You to give ITotice to the Inhabitants of
Georgia to bring or send tiieir Letters to You once a fortnight to be
forwarded to England by every Opportunity that next offered. They
now repeat the same Direction that Mr. Csuston and every one else
should bring or send their Letters to You to be put up together in one
Packet or Box to be Sealed with your Seal and forv/arded regularly to
Charles Town (when Opportunities for England directly do not then
offer) directed to James Abercromby Esqr. His Majesty's Attorney General
of South Ca.rollna, who has accepted of the Care of the Trustees Packets
114 (274)
and Letters to Le forwarded to and from Snglsiid. And Mr. AjmsancsaaliJi
AbercromLy will let You know what Charges he may be at, which must be
defrayed out of the Contingent Expences of the Colonj^^.
If You have Letters for Gliarles Town brought You to be forwaorded,
please to keep them out of the Packet for Engla^^d; for that Packet must
be directed to the Trustees ^nd is not to be opened after you have
Seeled it until received in Englaud. But let such other Letters for
Charles Town be in a seperate Parcel directed to lir, Abercromby.
And when Opportunities offer of acax sending to England Lirectly
the Trustees desire you will make up your Packet and Seal it as abovementioned and deliver it to the Master of the Ship taking Two Eeceipts
for the same, the one to be forwarded in a Letter by the same Ship to
demanded the Packet here, the other by the next Opportunity.
The Tr-ustees have desired lir. Abercromby to direct the publish
ing in the South Carolina Gazette for a month together the llotices sent
to be affixed on the Storehouse Doors at Sa.vBnnah and Erederica, the
Expence whereof must (275) also be defrayed to him; hich he will
acquaint You of, that You and Mr. Henry Parinr may Pay the same out of
the Contingent Expences of the Colony.
The A-ccots. You have sent the Trustees from Frederica and the
Southern Settlements are very pleasing and Satisfactory; They wish
there could be the least Resemblance of the like Accots. from the
Northern Settlements.
The Trustees observing by the List of Servants imported by
Captn. Hewett that several of them are enployed in working at the
Crane; they desire to know Wh^t Allowances are made by Persons landing
115 (275)
or Lending of Goods on their own Accots. which ou^ht to he if it has not
been made, towards the Sxpence of maintaining the said Servants. And
the Trustees further desire You will see what Servants are en^iloyed in
the Garden and in Case there are not sufficient hands already en^loyed
that the Fumher he made up. 4 out of the Trustees Servants now under
Mr. Bradleys Care; of which you are to give Mr. Bradley Notice
The Trustee.s also desire to ha.ve some further E:!ralanation wiiat
Endeavoiirs have been used and by whom to Seduce Mr. Camuse away from
the Service of the Colony in the Managemt. of the Silk; They are very
glad to hear that that evil Intention is timely Stopped.
The Trustees desire you will in your future Journals have a
Margen on both sides, that they may be bound together.
You are desired to deliver the Letter to Mr. Causton herewith
sent You, and take his Receipt for the same.
The Boats which are mentioned in the Estimated S35)ences from
Midsummer 1738 to Midsummer 1739 to be en^)loyed as Sea Bo'^ts at l^bee
and Frederica, General (276) Oglethorpe will deliver when he arrives,
to be en^)loyed for the Service for which they are intended.
Please to acquaint Mr. Henry Parker that the Trustees advanced
another Years Rent to Mary Cooper (besides that in March 1738) being
L 10:10:0 for her House rented by ^h'. Parker from l6 June 1735f Which
Mr. Causton has a Letter of Attorney from her to receive, and which if
not already paid him that L 10:10:0 be applied by Your Self and Mr.
Parker in Repayment to the Trust towards defraying part of the Estab
lished Allowances from Mids'umr. 1738, which I have acquainted Mr.
Causton of.
116 (276)
John West having nsmed David Provoost Junr. of New York Merchant
to Succeed to the Lot late Joseph Hughes's and Captn. Thomson Mving
agreed thereto; He will "bring over with him the Approbation of the
Coramon Council to the said Nomination, I am
Your most Obedient Servant
Mr. Gauston having sent akt the Trustees
further Accots. of Ih:. Bradley's; Please
to deliver the Copys of them herewith
sent You to Mr. Jones, to whom Mr.
Bradley's Accots. are referred.
(277) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thos. Causton dated at
Westminster June the 12th. 1738*
Mr. Thomas Causton
Since the Trustees Letter of tlie 19th. of May last the following
certified Accompts have been brought to the Office for Payment, which
the Trustees have absolutely refused, vizt.
An Acconpt certified the 28th. of Pebruary 1737 to David )
) 348:2:1
Provoost for.)
An Accomot certified the 7th. of March 1737 to Messrs. )
) 124:2:8
Minis and Salomons for )
117 (277)
Another Accon5)t certified the same Csy to the ssme Persons for )
) 90:15:5
An Accompt certified the 8th. of March 1737 to Messrs. Woodward)
) ^50:1 ;3
^ and Flower for.)
An Acconrot Certified the 9th. of March 1737 to John Provoost )
) 296; 9:10
An Acconipt Certified the 15th. of March 1737 to Messrs. Ellis )
) 243:15:^
and Eyan for.)
And An Accompt certified the 20th. of March 1737 to Samuel )
) Ih4;l6:5
Tinsley for.)
\<hich several Values being added to the Sum of L 11,684:16; 7 make
13, 382:19:7 come to your Hands since Midsummer 1737 Of the Applica
tion whereof and the Necessity of such Ezpences, the Trustees have not
received any Account, But on the Contrary Your Letters of Advice of
many of these Certified (278) Acconmt mention the Parcels being taken
by You for the Encouragement of the Persons bringing them.
The Trustees cannot conceive any Possibility of consuming these
vast Quantities of Provisions while they are good and those Spoild
will be a dead Loss. They are much Siirprized and cannot imagine what
could induce you to receive every thing that was brought You in the
manner You have done not only without Orders from them, but without the
things so received being sent for or wanted; And also many of the
Cargoes containing Parcels among them in no manner fit for the Trustees
to concern themselves in buying; Their Business being only to provide
the proper Species of Provisions fit for those they Contracted to
118 (278)
provide for, who were not to be fed with Dainties, but with Food agree
able to what they were afterwards to raise for themselves by their
The Trustees wait with Impatience to knov/ the Eeceipt of their
Orders for your certifying no more Accon^jts, and to know from you how
many You have Certified, lest there should be any Outstanding which
have not yet appeared; For they can form no proper Resolutions until
the whole is knov;n.
In the meantime Captn. Thomson will bring You back for Payment
the Accompt You Certified to him the 21st. Janry. last ajnounting to
i h69!lil', vjhereof 183:8:1^ jbsxS is Stated for Parcels received in
, s d
tne Trustees Store, of which Parcels the Paint is over coi^puted 5 /? -|-
and reduces the said Amount to L 183:2:6. And the other part of the
Accot. is all for Parcels sold to Private Persons, which You State the
Trustees Dr. for to (279) Captn. Thomson although the several Amounts
axe all entered as advanced to the said Private Persons, and that not
by the Trustees but yotorself, which make in the whole L 285:13:0
whereby the said certified Accompt amounts to t 468:15:6 which the
Trustees have also absolutely refused the Payment of, and Captn.
Thomson must seek Payment from You. As to what was received in the
Store, it was so received without the Trustees Authority; But if the
Parcels are in Store and not Spoiled, or have been applied in the
defraying any E3q)ences the Trustees ordered to be made. Then You may
apply the Tr-ustees Sola Bills in your Hands in Payment thereof; But as
to the Values of the Parcels advanced to private Persons, You must take
care to make those Persons pay the Captain for the same, he saying he
119 (279)
tniBted them on. yonr Credit; And if pny of them ere Intitled to any
Payinents from the Trustees, pursuant to Orders already given, the
Captain may receive such Payments on their Accots. in Sola Bills, in
Discharge of their Debts to him. This certified Accompt is besides
the L 13,382:191? Stated come to your hands since Midsummer last.
The Trustees having directed William Stephens Esq,r. their
Secretary to give Notice to the Inhabitants of Georgia to bring or send
their Letter to him once a fortnight to be forwarded by him to England
by every Opportunity that next offered; You are desired to send Your
Letters also to him, as well as any other Person in the Province, that
Mr. Stephens may put them up together in one Packet or Box to be Sealed
with his Seal & forwarded According to the Instructions he has received-
(280) The Trustees have advanced to Mary Cooper another Year's
Bent for her House inhabited by Mr. Henry Parker smoting. to L 10;10;0
which You may have received of him by Virtue of her Letter of Attorney,
and if so You must not remit it to her but Account to the Trustees for
it. They have also paid the Rent of Peter Gordon's House to Lady Day
la,st being used for their Service; But the Rent due from Lady Day is
payable to Major Cook's Daughter.
I am
The Trustees received your
Letter dated 1. March last, and
Your most humble Servant
ha.ve sent Co'pys of Mr. Bradley's
further Accots. to Mr. Jones, to whom his
Accots. are referred. Your Reasons for
receiving Provisions and certifying Accorapts,
as in yoiir said Letter is mentioned is no way
satisfactory to the Trustees; What yoijr further
Answers on this Occasion may be is a future
120 (281)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to James AlercromLy Esq.r. dated at
Westminster the 12. J\ine 1738.
The Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America
desire You vdll on your Arrival at Charles Tovm cause the inclosed
Notice to he published in the South Carolina Gazette to be continued
for one month, as it was in the London Gazette for the Month of April
last herewith serit You.
You having been so obliging to accept the Care of the Trustees
Packets and Letters to be forwarded to and from England, The Trustees
have directed their Secretary in Georgia. V/illiam Stephens Esq.r. to put
all Letters for England in one Packet or Box directed to the Trustees
to be sealed with his Seal and regularly forv'arded to Charles Town
directed to You; And if any Letters shall be brought him to be for
warded to Cliarles Town thej'' ai-e to be put up in a Seperate Parcel
directed to You.
When you receive any Packet for the Trustees please to note upon
it the Day you receive it and by schi what Conveyance; And please by the
next Opportunitj'- for England to forv/erd the same taking two Eeceipts
from the Master of the Ship, the one to be inclosed in a Letter by the
same Ship to demand the Packet here and the other to be sent by the
next Opportunity.
And the same Method the Trustees will Observe in (282) the
sending their Packets for Georgia to Your Care to be forwarded from
Charles Town.
The Expences You shall be at on the above Occasions please to
121 (282)
acquaint Mr. William Stephens of at Savannah in Georgia., who has
Directions to defray them.
I am
Yr. most Olaedient humhle
(285) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to General Oglethorpe dated
at Westminster the l4th. of June 1738-
The Trustees knowing hy Captain Dsuduz who left Savannah in
Fehniary last, that unless there is Speedy Care taken hy Weather
Boarding ^ainting ^ of the Light Eouse at Tyoee, it will fall. He
says he has talked with Mr. Brovmjohn about the Hxpence of that neces
sary Work being done, who thinks it will not exceed L 100.
The Trustees theiefore desire You would give Directions that the
great Expence of this Light House should not be lost for want of this
Preservation of it.
I am
Your most Obedient humble
122 (289)
Sopy of a Letter from Benj. Martyn to Andrew Stone Esq. dated at
Westminster the 21st. of Jnne 1738*
The Trustees for estehlishing the Colony of Georgia in America
have received the inclosed Copy of sn Affidavit of Joseph Preu from the
Magistrfites of Savannah; And as they look on it to he of great Impor
tance, they desire You will ley it before His Grace the Duke of New
I am
Your most Obedient humble Servant.
(29^) Copy of Letter from Benj. Martyn Esq. to the Sight Reverend
The Lord Bishop of London dated at Westmr. the 28th. June 173*
My Lord
Mr. William Norris recommended by the Primate of Ireland and
snproved of by your Lordship, having offered his Service to go Mis
sionary to Georgia, and Officiate as Clergyman at the Town of Savannah;
I am ordered by the Trustees to acquaint your Lordship, that they have
come to a Eesolution to employ him, and for that End to desire your
Lordship to Ordain him Deacon and Priest. And as there is a great
Necessity of his Presence there, and an Opportunity offers within Ten
days or a fortnight at furthest of sending him, they pray your Lordship,
if You continue yoiir Favourable j Thoughts of him, to ejqieditehis
123 (293)
several Ordinations with all Convenient Speed.
The Trustees further desire the favour of Your Lordship to recomrnend Mr. Norris to the Treasury for the usuaJ. Allowance made to Mis
I am
My Lord
Your Lordship's Most Otedt.
and most humtle Servant
(297) 17 July 1738 proposed ty the Trustees of Georgea, to he
tender'd to the Lds. of his Majys. Privy Council
Heads for Instructions to the Governor of South Carolina, and
the Trustees for the Colony of Georgia.
To prepare Acts for Settling the Indian Trade, to the mutuad
Benefit and Satisfaction of both Provinces.
To / appoint Persons to Settle the Boundaries of each Province,
and the Nations of Indians within each Boundary.
To compute the Number of Traders against the Number of Indians
in both Provinces, & settle the Nations which one Licensed Trader can
Supply and the Nations which require more Traders than one to Supply
them. That one half of the said Traders may be Licensed by the Com
missioner for South Carolina, and the other half by the Commissioner
for Georgia.
And in the mean time the Commissioners for each Province to Act
12k (297)
in Concert with each other in the Licensing proper Persons, and taking
such Security as they shall approve of; for carrying on a mutual Trade
to the Indians in both Provinces, as near as may ce consistent with the
Acts now in being
(301) Instruction to Our Eight Trusty and
Well beloved the Trustees for estab
lishing the Colony of Georgia in
George E.
America^. Given at Our Court at Kensing
ton the Twentyfirst day of July 1738
in the Twelfth Year of Oxir Eeign
Whereas several Disputes ha.ve arisen between the two Provinces
of South Carolina and Georgia in relation to the Trade carried on by
the said two Provinces with the Indians; We have taken the same into
Our Eoyal Consideration and do recommend to You to prepare a proper Act
or Ordinance for Settling that Trade on such a footing as may be for
the mutual Benefit and Satisfaction of both the said Provinces; V/e
have at the same time given an Instruction to Our Trusty and Well
beloved Samuel Horsey Esqr. Our Governor and Lieutenant General of
South Carolina to recommend to the Council and Assembly there to pass
a Law for the like purpose in that Province, And in the mean time it is
Our Will end pleasure that You direct Your Commissioner in Georgia to
grant Licences to all Persons who shall apply for the same and bring
(302) Certificates from the Governor end Council of South Carolina,
that they are proper to be licensed to trade with the Indians, such
125 (302)
Persons giving reasonatle Security to demean themselves well towards
the Indians in Amity with the Crown of Great Britain and that You and
yoiir Commissioner and all others concerned Do forteer as it is alledged
they have hitherto done to Levy the Sum of Five pounds or any part
thereof upon any of the Carolina Indian Traders Ly Virtue of an Act
passed Ly You Entituled An Act for maintaining Peace with the Indians.
(305) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to His Excellency General
Oglethorpe dated at estmr. 28. June l??^*
I received yours dated 26th. instant, and am glad you were
under Sail after so long a Detention, tho* I fear You will not get far
without Anchoring or putting hack.
The certified Accots. unpaid now amount to L 6,352:6:1, to
which L 1000. mast he added for Expences in England, consisting of
the Office Charges, Mr. Paris's Bill, Freight of Goods going hy Captain
Thomson and unforeseen Escpence; All which must come out of the L 8OOO
Granted for this Year. So that there is not much shove L 6OO
unappropriated, and part of that will go to pay the Balances due to
Mr. Chardon's Executors and Mr. Jenys's Executors. Your Eesolution
therefore of not Issuing any of the Trustees Sola Bills without further
Directions, is very well grounded.
The Trustees are very sorry this Method of certifying Accots. was
ever introduced, and that they ever consented to pay any of them; That
126 (305)
Consent was occasioned by the representg. to them the want of the
Arrival of their Sola Bills, and was fotinded upon Expectation that such
Methods of certifying Accots. could not have Subsisted after Sola
Bills had been recei wd to defray the Expenses of the Colony. But the
Contrary appearing appearing gives the Trustees the greatest Uneasiness
not loiowing how many more may come before Your Arrival in Georgia
(306) The Trustees are very well satisfied with your intended
Endeavours to put their Affairs in Georgia in the best Situation for
preventing as much as possible any Inconvenienses to them from Mr.
Caustons past Conduct; and they heartily wish it may be in Your Power
to do so.
I received a Letter from Messrs. Crokatt & Seaman dated 22d.
April last with a Bill of Parcels for the Osnabrigs they sent to
Georgia for the Trustees Servants amoimting to L 38:5:^* They write
that the 500. Men lately arrived at St. Augustine with their families
were to build Barracks on the Island of St. Johns to the Northward of
Augustine, and settle there.
I am
Yr. most Obedient Servant
(309) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to Josiah Burchett Esqr. dated
at Westminster the 3^* of August 1738.
Captain William Thomson of the Brigantine Two Brothers Burthen
127 (309)
150 Tons, having sevenal g** Foreign and other Passengers rea-dy to
emhark for the Colony of Georgia in order to Settle there; and they
lying now at a gres,t Expence; The Trustees for settling the Colony have
ordered me to desire You will lay "before the Et. Eonhle. the Lords
Commrs. of the Admiralty their SsBpdoc Eequest that a Protection may he
forthwith granted for the Ship Two Brothers Captain William Thomson,
and Eleven Men, and the Passenvers on hoard the said Ship.
I am
Your most Ohedt. humhle
(313) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Messrs. Crokat and Seaman
dated at Westminster 4. Angst. 1738*
I received your Letter and have paid Mr. Pomeroy Your Account of
the Oeenhrigs &c. Give me leave to trouble you with the inclosed
Gazette, wherein you will see an Article published by the Trustees for
Georgia. Which Mr. Abercromby the Attorney General who sailed on board
the Samuel Captain Peircy for Charles Tovm undertook to have Published
in the South Carolina Gazette and to be continued for one Month In
case he is arrived and it is Published the Trustees Expectations are
answered, but if he is not arrived The Trustees desire you will immedi
ately cause the said Article which relates to Credit to be published
in the South Oarolina Gazette as above, and the E:q)ence thereof shall be
128 (313)
paid to Mr. Pomeroy on Notice thereof; And if "by Accident it has "been
omitted hy Mr. Atercromliy to he published.^dtaataat please to wait on him
v/ith the Trustees Service and a Eememhrance of him to have it done.
The Pecquet herewith sent You, please to forward to Georgia hy
the first Opportunity, wherein you will much oblige the Trustees.
I am
Your most Obedient
(317) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thos. Causton dated at
Westmr. 4th. August 1738.
The Trustees received yoxix Letters dated the 20th. of April and
26th. of May last and I received your Letter dated the 28th. of May
last with the Copys of Your Journal from 24th. of May 1737 fo 24th. of
July following; VJhereby the Trustees have Saggpcy Copys of Your Journal
from Lady Day 1737 to the said 24th. of July; And no other Copys of it
On my presenting your said Journal to the Trustees they could
not but observe; Thai instead of its being carried on to the Late of
your Letter, some part of it contained Matters of a Year before.
In your Letter of the 26th. of May, You acknowledge the Receipt
of the Trustees Letter dated the l4th. of December last which came to
your hands the 30th. of March following; By which You was directed to
129 (317)
dischaxge the Demands abroad with the Provisions Uecessarys and Sola
Bills You then had/, without Certifying any more Accong)ts. Yet You
have presumed to disregard the Trustees Orders and Certifyed the
following Accots. vizt. 7th. of April 1738 for i 129:S;4-3/4 to Captn.
James Maclspherson the Balance of ]a his Accompt to Lady Day 1738, the
17th. of the same month for L 3^9:17:6 to Robert Williams & Co., and
the 28th. of the same month for icdSkii L 241:19:9 to Messrs. Ellis
and Ryan maMng together L 721:5:7-3/^* Thereby dispensing with the
Trustees Commands at Your Discretion, which it was your Dutj'' to have
punctToally obeyed.
(318) By this extraordinary Conduct of yours, you have taken
Cere to certify all the Trustees Money away, without leaving any for
the present Year; What Applicelion You have made of the Effects received,
and of the Trustees Sola Bills which You have acknowledged the Receipt
of. You have sent no Account nor so much as mentioned what Bills re
mained unissued.
You aclaiowledge the Receipt of the two other Letters of the
11th. January and 17th. of Pebruary last, v/hereby the Trustees renewed
their former Orders, forbidding Your certifying any more Accompts; To
which by your Letter dated 26th. May last. You have promised an
Obedience But you are <iuite Silent as to what Accots. You have Certi
fied and may be still outstanding. T\:o Accompts came lately for Payment
since this Letter was ordered, they appear Certified the 7th. of March
1737 for L 57:17:0-3/4 to Recon^ence Standbery And the 25th. March
1738. for L 772:4:7* to Messrs. Montigut A Co.
The Certifyed Accots. brought for Payment since the 12th. of
130 (318)
June Ipst (when the Amount of Effects and Sola Bills received hy You
since Midsummer 1737 was i 13,382:19:7) axe as follows.
7 March 173? To Eecompence Standhery for
25 Do. 1738 o Messrs. Montigut and Co. for
27 Do. To Benjamin Munro for
7 April To Captn. James Mackpherson for
17 Do. To lohert Williams & Co. for
28th. Do. To Messrs. Ellis & Eyan for
i 57:17:0
772: 4:7
129: 8:4
i 1,779: 5:8
(319) Which increases the former Sum to i, 15,162:5:3 a very large
Amount come to Tour hands since Midsummer 1737* You have therefore
possessed yourself of what must answer all Espences of the Colony to
Midsxnnraer 1739- I'or the i 8000 received from Parliament this Year, if
the Certified Accompts yet unpaid of those sent over which amount to
li 7311:16:0 ("besides that to Captain Thomson of "k 469:1:1) should "be
paid, and for Won Payment whereof the Merchants now grow very clamorous;
There is not Money sufficient to Pay them and answer the Charges in
England. What is therefore deficient for that purpose and to answer any
Outstanding Demands must "be sent over to Georgia to "be paid "by the Sale
of some of the Effects in Store; For the De"bts are of Your contracting
without the Trustees Authority, and must "be paid with what the Trustees
have a"broad; Since they have nothing left in England "by Yoiur most
unaccountable Management.
You mention your making up General Heads of Accot. for the Year
1736. which would represent to the Trustees the Seasons for the General
Sspence; Wherety they might with more Certainty fix their Estehlishment. But you h^ve not thought fit to send them that Accoinpt, and have
hy the Debts You have contracted, put it out of their Power to Estab
lish any thing; and necessitated them to put it out of Yours and every
other Persons Power to contract anjr more Debts for the future, to
make them answerable for.
As to the extraordinary Charges You mention (320) on the Arrival
of Col. Cochran and part of General Oglethorpes Eegiment, The Trustees
have nothing to do v;ith it. The Regiment being payable by the King, and
all Charges relating thereto. The Trustees received their last Money
only for the Settling the Colony and they can bring nothing to Accompt
in their Discharge which relates to the Military part of the Colosay
after the said Arrival of Col. Cochran and Part of the Eegiment;
Therefore whatever those Charges are if paid by You, must be repaid by
the Eegiment; For the Trustees cannot be justified in allowing it
The Trustees received your Letter on the Stating the late Mr.
Jenyss Accompt with his Brother wherein you mention "That it stood
"Blended in Mr. Jennyss Book v/ith That of the Rum Diuty, which occasioned
"Delays so that the Accompt could not be settled in Mr. Jenyss Life
"time." And now You have sent the Trustees an Accompt without taking an
Notice of the Rum Duty, as if the Money received for that Dirty was not
to be Accoted. for. Mr. Paul Jenys charged himself with the Quarterly
Accots. of the Eum Duty end took Credit for so much of it as by his
Accompts he had paid to You; And it d.oes not appear to the Trustees
that any more has been paid to You of that Duty tlian what Mr. Paul
Jenys took Credit for. If there really had been any more paid to You,
132 (320)
You ought to have acquainted the Trustees therewith, end brought the
sajne to their Accompt. And as by the Account herewith sent You of the
said Duty, there is a Balance (321) of ii 3703!6j0 Currency due to the
Trustees which neither Mr. Jenys nor You ta.ke any Notice of; The Trus
tees cannot pay the Balance You have Stated of L 4,270:0;72 Currency
while by their own Papers and Acconq)ts from Mr. Paul Jenys himself
there is a large Balance due to them; they therefore ordered me to
State the Accompt as it appeared by MrJ Paul Jenys*s own Accompts which
rgdmnnrirtriro reduces the Balance to i 566:l4;4-^ Currency and is in
Sterling at 740 p ct. i 76:11:8 Vfhereout L 3*310 is to be deducted
for the Consideration Moneys end Registering the tv;o Grants of 500.
Acres of Land each to Messrs. Jenys end Bgker and makes the above
Balance further rediiced to L 73*8*8 . Copy of which State is herewith
sent You; Which Stim I have offered by Order of the Trustees to Messrs.
Bonovrier and Smith, to whom Ihr. Jenys forwarded the Accot. You settled
in Order for Payment; But as they had aat no Authority to receive less
than the Sum You Stated; they will send it back to Ihr. Jenys, to whom
I have also wrote. You are therefore to Apply to General Oglethorpe, or
to Mr, William Stephens and Mr. Henry Parker; That so much of the
Trustees Effects may be disposed of sufficient to Say what shall really
appear due to the late Mr. Jenys*s Executors, for which purpose I have
wrote to the Genl. and to Mr. Stephens.
What pretence could You have for Charging the Trustees with the
Bill drawn by Mr. Bradley on me for L JO with the Charges of Protest
&c. Who are no ways concerned with Mr. Bradleys transactions with (322)
Mr. Jeny*s. Mr. Bradley drew a Bill on me in Expectation I should have
133 (322)
received xxa: some Money for him; But I never have received any, nor
don't know I ever shall. I did not therefore acc^t the Bill, hut it
was immediately returned to Mr. Jenys with my Answer, "That I had no
'Money of Mr. Bradl^'s in my hands, hut if ever I received for Mr.
"Bradley more than he was indebted to the Trustees, it sho\ild he
I have inclosed You a List of Letters sent You hy the Trustees
since General Oglethorpes last Arrival in England and of the Letters
the Trustees have received from You; 'itfherehy You will see if you have
sent any which Imve not been received, and if You have, let the
Trustees know and hy I/hat Conveyance such Letters were forwarded, and
send them Copies of such Letters if there has been any so sent.
I have also extracted from your Certified Accompts since Mid
summer 1737 the Accompt herewith sent you of the different kinds of
Provisions and Necessarys you have received, and for which you are
accomptahle; The Amount whereof appears to he much more than suffi
cient to answer the Ordinary Consumption of the Colony, which has
alarmed the Trustees the more at Your receiving Provisions and Eecessarys in such large Qaantitys, and giving Credit to Persons vrithout
the Trustees authority; You must in your Discharge thereof therefore
State to the Trustees to whom they have been respectively Issued, or
how other ways applied. And in ('^23) your Remain of Stores on Genl.
Oglethorpe's Arrival, You are now directed to State the Prime Cost of
each to let the Value of the whole Remain appear; And Mr. William
Stephens and Mr. Henry Parker must join in the Certifying the good or
had Condition of the Stores so remaining.
134 (323)
The Distance the Trustees are from You is so great, and so much
time lost in writing and receiving Answers, You should always endeavour
to bring forv/ard, ns well your Accots. as Journal, as near to the time
of Your Letters as possible; Your last Journal being near twelve months
in Arrear. And in your Letter of the 1st. of March last You mention
that Harriss behaviour will appear in your Journal, altho such
Journal has never yet been received which ought to ha,ve come with the
You must be particular in your answer to the several Matters
herein talcen Hotice of, which at present appear so much to your Dis
In your Jo-omal of the 19th. June 1737 You mention certain
French Prisoners brought down by 4 Chickesaw Indians in Order to be
paid for taking them. The Trustees desire to have the Occasion of their
bringing them, and of their Demand particularly explained; For they
know no Eeason why they were taken, or brought to Georgia; and know of
no Orders given in relation to that Matter, The King of Great Britain
being at Peace with France.
(324) The Trustees cannot but observe in your said Journal
wha.t they think very extraordinary; That in several Places you mention
the Payment of Money to Persons without putting down the Sums paid and
yet leaving Blanks for them. They desire to be informed with the
Occasion of such Omissions. You having left the Blanks thus L
with a Space for the Sum.
The Trustees having been made acquainted with Mr. Elliss bad
Cargo of Beef which he deposited with you for Sale the 6th. of April
135 (32^)
last arii^ which on the l8th. of the same month was discovered -unfit for
use, hy the Return of severel Casks you issued which were not eatable;
and That on a Survey of the said Damaged Beef 280 out of 290 Casks
were obliged to be buried. They ordered me to let You know that this
Transaction is a Matter between Mr. Ellis and Yo-urself as his Factor,
and which the Trustees has not nor will not have any Concern with.
Richard Lobb was at the office the 21st. of last month and says
That You had no Money left in Georgia when he came away in May last,
not even so much as to Pay him a small Balance which he was obliged to
come over without. What then is become of the Trustees Sola, Bills,
and for what Services have they been issued? No Accot. thereof has
been ever yet received. The fut-ure Support of the Colony to Mids-ummer
1739 must therefore arise from the Effects you have bought, which must
be applied or sold again for that Purpose, and from the Credits you
have given; For the Trustees have nothing left to ansvrer any Eatpence
(325) There is lately received from John Brownfield two Accots.
Signed by You the 29th. of April last for the several Amo-unts of
Particulars received by You of Messrs. Pytt and Tuckwell, the one for
it 102:550 between 17th. January 1737 2nd Lady Day 1738- end the other
for L 79:13:7* between 10th. and 26th. of April 1738. And the writes
that you very soon expect Sola Bills sufficient to Pay all the Publick
Demands, and that You will then pay theirs. From what Grounds could you
expect such Sola Bills, if You expected the great Number of Certified
Accots. You sent over wo-uld be paid? Consider the Expences You have
crea,ted, far exceeding your Authori-ty and the Trustees Abilities; and
136 (325)
Consider also this Method of receiving things in Store in the Trustees
Uaiae to Contract Debts on their Accot. without any Direction from them;
hut that will he SE^ly provided against before you receive this
Letter. It is only mentioned. That these Particulars so received from
Messrs. Pytt and Tuckwell must he paid by Way of Barter or Sale of
other Particulars which you have Certified for, and received of others
without Orders from the Trustees, and more than the Services they
directed to he performed had Occasion for,
Mrs. Watson has been with the Trustees desiring You would send
her hack a Letter of Attorney which she says She sent You to Georgia,
when she thought, that her Husband was dead, as also a Defeazance of
Judgement; V/hich the Trustees would have You send her hack; And they
desire to know whether Mr. Watson her Husband has any Accon^pt with the
Stores unsettled.
(326) The Common Council on the 6th. of June 1737 on the
Application of Mr. John Vat did direct. That the L 46;8;7 So. Carolina.
Currency Stated dtie to him should he paid to ks his Servt. Euhrecht
Kalcken in Georgia. Which Direction not being then sent You, if the
said Sum has not been yet paid, it must be now paid out of the Eemain
of Stores.
I am
Y. most humble Servant
137 (329)
Copy of a Letter from Mr, Verelst to The Honhle, Genl, Oglethorpe dated
at Westmr, 4th, Augst, 1738,
Herewith You recei ve a Copy of the Trustees Letter to Mr,
Causton which went hy Col, Stephens, and of the Allowances then estahlisted to Lady Day last which You desired should he sent You; The
Trustees have also sent You two Letters returned from Portsmouth after
You was Sailed,
They have sent you a Copy of their present Letter to Mr, Causton;
whereby You will see the unhappy Situa.tion they should have been in,
had they not taken the measures they have done to destroy all Credit,
and prevent any Expence being made except what is immediately defrayed
when they are in Cash to direct any more Sxpences.
In Confidence of Your not Issuing any of the L 500 in Sola
Bills You carried with You, which the Trustees desire You will not,
and to prevent any f\irther Uneasiness from the Merchants who Possess
the Accots. Mr. Causton has Certified and which amount now to I 7,311il8:0
besides the Demands of Mr. Jenyss and Mr, Chardons Executors, which
are very large. The Common Council have agreed to Pay these Accots.
as far an they can; And what they are deficient in Cash for so doing,
some of those Accots. received latest will be sent back to Georgia to
be paid out of Sale of the Trustees Effects there (whereof one for
L 772:4:7 belongs to Mr. Simond which did not come to the Trustees
Office xmtil 24th. of last month) And the Balance due to Mr. Jenyss
Executors must be paid in the same manner.
(330) You will observe by the Accoinpt herewith sent You what
138 (330)
lar^je Quantitys of Provisions and Hecessarys Mr. Causton has received
in Store since Midstommer 1737, and the large Amount of Credits he has
given the Inhabitants purchasing other Provisions and Hecessarys from
the same Persons as he did, and for which he has made the Trustees
Debtors in his Certified Accompts. These Sums thereby due to the
Trustees, together with their Effects in Georgia is the only Fund to
Answer all Expences in Georgia to Midsummer 1739t besides Pay all Out
standing Demands there, and what is deficient to answer the Certified
Accots. sent over; The Trustees being in the first Place obliged to
provide for their Expences in England, the Payment of the Outstanding
Bill of I) 200 You drew to Paul Jenys Esqr. the 27th. of April I736
which >1?^ never been brought for Payment and of the Balance due to Mr.
Chardons Ex:ecutors which Mr. Simond desires may be paid him here.
The Trustees therefore desire That You will give Mr. Wm. Stephens
and Mr. Henry Parker such Directions as you shall think necessary for
receiving the Moneys as are still due in Georgia, and for the Sale and
Application of the Trustees Effects therqtor these Purposes. And
the Trustees are very sorry there is so much Occasion to trouble You
hereupon. You having so full Employment in Your Military Concerns.
As there is no Establishment for this Year to take place for
Want of Money to answer one; The Trustees recommend it to You in the
directing the Application of their Effects, after their Debts are
paid: That the Surpluss may be used for defraying only the (331) ost
necessary Expences which may best conduce to keep the industrious
People from any real Want, until the Trustees can acquaint You what
further Supply they shall have in the next Session of Parliament.
139 (331)
Eie Trustees long for the News of Your Arrival in Georgia and an
Account of their jJ. Affairs thereupon; Which when received, together
with your Opinion of what Articles of Expence in the Civil Concerns of
the Colony for the further Settling it, and the Encooiragement of
Produces from it to maintain it Self hereafter shall he necessary,
which is now the only Business of the Trust; They will he furnished
with proper Materials for urging to the Minister that a Stun may he put
into the Estimate in the next Session to answer such Expences; Which
if Obtained and voted, the Trustees will on the Credit of such Vote
malce out their Sola Bills, and Send them for defraying the Expences
they shall hereafter order; and the Money for Payment of them v;ill he
in Bank before their Return from Georgia, in Order to have an early
Supply and to answer such Expences at the time of creating them. By
reason no Debts can he hereafter contracted to make the Trustees
Col. Stephens in his Journal of the 20th. of April last Mentions
that the Minister at Darien had wrote to desire his and Mr. Causton's
Opinion whether he might exceed the Dimensions of the Church intended
at Darien, Those given being too little. The Trustees thereupon
desired me to acquaint You That they cannot he at the Escpence of build
ing a Church at Darien for the Scotch, and therefore it must not go on
at their Charge.
(332) Captain Thomson will Sail next Week with foreign
Servants for Georgia at his o\m Risque; Several of them come recom
mended to You by Mr. Van 5Ek Eicchen the Kings Hanover Secretary. By
that Ship You will receive a Duplicate of this letter, and a full
140 (332)
Letter from myself of such. Occurrences since your Sailing worth your
notice from.
Your most Ohedt, humble Servt,
(333) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Willm. Stephens Esqr.
dated at Westminster 4th. August I738.
This acquaints You of the Eeceipt of Your Letter to me dated
the 15th. of April last with a Duplicate of a Letter to the Trustees
dated 29th. of March last, and your Journal to the said 15th. of April;
and also of the Receipt of Your isjcJcdc Letter to me dated the 27th, of
May last and your Journal continued: And incloses You a Duplicate of
the Trustees last Letter to You from me dated 12. June 1738
The particular and intelligent manner of yo-ur Journals, your
sensible Letters, and regular Correspondence, fully answer the Trustees
Expectations, and prove very Satisfactory to them.
They have the Pleas\rre nov/ to send you over by the Two Brothers
Captain Thomson a young Gentleman well ed\icated at the University of
Dublin, whose Character has been strongly certifyed by the Primate of
Ireland, whereby he obtained Ordination of Deacon and Priest, and is
appointed by the Trustees to perform Ecclesiastical Offices in the room
of Mr. & John Wesley: He comes with well adminished Dispositions And
the Trustees recommend him to You for advice on all Occasions, desiring
your introducing him to the Magistrates to have all due Countenance
141 (333)
agreealjle to his Fuaction; The Trustees are well Satisfied You will
find h-ttr. a Man after your own Heert, capable of doing Good} (334) And
whose Behaviour it is to he hoped will exceite a sutahle Return from
the Inhabitants
Mr. Causton having by his Certifying so many Accoi^ts made the
Trustees lyable to such Surprizing Demands as have swept away the whole
Money granted by Parliament; And having in his Settling the late Mr.
Jenyss Accompt omitted to Charge him with the Money he received at
Charles Town for the Duty on Enm the said Accompt is sent back, and
wha,t shall appear really due to the said Mr. Jenyss Executors must be
paid by the Sale of some of the Trustees Effects in the Store, they
having no Money left in England to defray the Expences of the Colony to
Midsummer 1739. Which must therefore be defrayed by applying or Sale
of their Effects in Georgia, as well as all Outstanding Debts under
yours and Mr. Henry Parkers Directions. The Trustees have wrote to
General Oglethorpe on that head also.
The intended Establishment for this Year not being able to take
place for want of Money to Answer it; The Trustees recommend it That in
the Application of their Effects, after their Debts ar^ paid, the
Surpluss may be used for defraying only the most necessary Expences
which may best Cond-uce to keep the Industrious People from any real
Want, until they shall have a further Supply in the next Session of
Mr. Oakes one of the Kings Coachmen, whose Son was bound to the
Trustees and sent to Georgia, having a.ttended the Trustees on a Com
plaint of the cruel Usage given to his Son by Young, the Wheelwright,
142 (335)
to whom the Trustees had assigned the said Lad as most proper "by
reason he had Served part of his time to that Trade in England; The
Trustees desire You will send for the Young Man and enquire into the
Treatment he has received from his Master, and of his Masters Neglect
in employing him in the Business of his Trade. And in Case You shall
find just Eeason for Complaint, the Trustees who are desirous tha,t all
Masters shoiild he d\xly punished who use their Servants Ill, hut parti
cularly Mr. Young for using this Lad who was a Servant assigned to him
from them for better Purposes, and as Matter of favour being bred to
his Business; and therefore they think him a proper Example for PTinishment. And they further direct You that if the had is desirous to
retiirn horn to his friends in England, rather than Serve his time out
and have the Benefit of Settling on Land for himself in Georgia; You
have the Trustees full authority to vacate the Lads Indenture, and
send him home by the Two Brothers Captn. Thomson who Sails for Georgia
next week with a freight of foreign Servants at his 0\mers Eisque.
In your Journal of the 20th. of April last You mention that the
Minister at Darien had desired yours and Mr. Causton's Opinion whether
he might exceed the Dimensions of the Church intended at Darien, those
given being too little. The Trustees thereupon acquaint You that they
cannot be at the Expence of building/ Church at Darien for the Scotch,
and therefore it must not go on at their Charge.
(336) The Trustees as you desired to now acquaint You, That the
Grand Jury has no Eight by Law to Administer Oaths.
The Trustees desire to know whether the Inhabitants have a
prudent Caution of Saving the Timber they fell from their Lands, in
143 (336)
Order when the Sap is out to meke proper use of; The Trustees finding
tha,t last Yeex Robert Willisitis brought Sawed Timber from Carolina;
^fhich it might have been expected from the dumber of Sawyers in Georgia,
the Inhabitants mi^t have furnished themselves with.
I am
Your most Obedt, Servant
(337) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Genl, Oglethorpe dated at
Westmr. 11th. August 1738.
Herewith You receive /. a Copy of the Trustees last Letter dated
the 4th. instant. They now send you the following Accot, of the Dis
position of their Servants in Georgia as it appears to them; And of the
Directions they have given concerning them.
The 40 Men Servants sent to the Darien Under the Care of Lt.
John Moore Mackintosh, the Trustees have directed an Accot. of them to
be sent from him and certified by the Magistrates at i^'ederica shewing
to which of the Freeholders at the Darien any, and how many of the said
40 Servants have been disposed of; and also shewing in what Service
the others of the sa.id 40 Servants and the 10 Women 1 Girl and 1 Boy
(part of those at the Owners of the Two Brothers Eisgue put under the
care of Lt. Mackintosh) have been enployed, and how the Profit of their
Labour is Accoted. for to the Trust. And as the Grant for 300*^ Acres
of Land in the Southern part of the Province for the Religious Uses of
144 (337)
the Colony went over with You, the Trustees desire that the said Land
may he set out; and have directed that seven of the Servants now under
the care of Lt. Mackintosh should he immediately employed in the
Cultivation thereof. And that the then residue of all the said Servants
at the Darien should he offered for Supplying the People at Frederica
who want Servants, on their giving Bond for L 8. the Expence of
each head, to he paid in Twelve months from the Date: Unless the
profit of their past Labour (over and above the Charges of their
Cloathing and Maintenance) being (338) Acconroted for to the Trust can
reduce tha.t Sum; And in that Case the Bond is to he given for so much
For the follov/ing Servants the Trustees have paid 1 8. p head
to Captn. Tliomsons Ovuer, which must he repaid to the Trustees by the
Several Persons hereafter l-Jemed, they having been Creditted with them
by Mr. Causton; or Mr. Causton must he ans\irerahle for what may he not
paid. y vizt.
6^- heads in the Service of Mr. ^homas Causton being 4 Men 2 Women and
1 Boy.
2 Men in the Service of Archibald MacBean
1 Woman the Wife of Laughlan MacLean
1 Woman the Daughter of Benjamin Mackintosh
3 Men )
) in the Service of St. Jolm Moore Mackintosh
1 Woman )
1 Man in the Service of William Mackintosh
1 Man in the Service of Kenneth Baillie
T Men )
1 Woman ) Service of James Anderson
10 Men )
1 Woman ) Service of John Bradie
32^' heads at L 8. each L 260.
145 (338)
The Women Servants "by Ceptn. Thomsons SMp in the Service of
Mr. Willisjn Stephens, Mr, John Brown and John Vanderplank*s Widow, the
Trustees hear the Charge of.
The Woman Servant to Nathaniel Polhills Widoxir hy the said Ship,
Sir John Lade will pay for.
And the Trustees have directed me to call upon Miss SapaDSx:tiB3s
L Upton the Sister of Mr. Upton's Wife to try if She will pay the L 8
p head or any part thereof for the 3 Men and 3 Women Servants hy the
said Ship Mr. Causton creditted Mr. (339) Upton with A Otherwise he or
Mr. Causton must he answerable to the Trustees for that i 48:-:-.
The Servants hy the Ship Three Sisters amounted to 121-^ heads
whereof 9-| heads Mr. Causton took into his own Service and for wMch he
is Debtor to the Trustees at L 6:2:6 p head L 58:3j9*
And 29 Men, 2? Women 16 Boys and 15 Girls making 71-2/3
heads vrere put imder the Care of Mr, Bradley with Leave for Masters in
Georgia to R^sy ioKX Ii 6:2:6 p head the Charges of sending them
within 6 weeks, and thereby free them from the Trustees Service.
The rest of the said Servants were en^ployed or disposed of as
10 Men 10 Women 7 Boys end I3 Girls making heads were
appointed to work at the Crane, and in the Garden.
2 Men 2 Women 2 Boys and 2 Girls making 5-i/6 heads were
appointed to the Millwrights at Ehenezer.
And 2 Men 2 Women and 1 Boy making 5 heads were assigned to
Captain Gascoigne.
Mr. W'ragg has received from the Trustees the Balance of his
146 (339)
Accot. of the Freight and the L 100. for delivering these Servants at
IJy'bee; hut as to the extraordinary Demand of L 87:16:0 (over end above
the i 100) for want of a Pilot coming off from Tyhee when the Ship
Three Sister*s first arrived; the Trustees, without you can furnish
them on enquiring into the Case with further Peasons, than the Captain's
Protest and Certificate, cannot enter into it. The I. 37:7:9 Sterling
received of the Passengers in Holland and made good to them hy Mr.
Causton, Mr. (34o) Wregg is still answerable for; And Govr. Horsey will
be made acquainted therewith, that it may be paid to the Trustees . . .
.out of the Money due to Mr. Wragg from the Province of
South Carolina, by Virtue of the Duke of Newcastle's Letter now directed
to Govr. Horsey.
The Trustees have ordered That out of such of the 71-2/3 heads
of German Seriraats not freed within the 6 weeks granted for that pur
pose, and who still remain under Mr. -Bradley's Care, Seven of them
should be employed in the Cultivation of the 300.' S Acres of Land at
Savannah for the Eeligious Uses of the Colony. Two more of them with
their Wives, such as Mr. Henry Parker shall chuse, to be assigned to him
from the Trustees in Consideration of his Services as -Bailiff; and two
more to be assigned to Mr. Thomas Christie, if he still continues in
his Office of Recorder. And that the then Residue of the said 71-2/3
heads should be en^Dloyed in the Cultivation of Bouverie's Farm, which
must be set out and cultivated to Discharge the Trustees of Sir Jacob
Bouverie's Benefaction for tha,t purpose.
The Moravian Brethren having laboured in Georgxa to the Amount
of i 260:0:10 Sterling as Certified by Mr. Causton in two Accompts
14? (340)
dated 10. August and 25th. Fehry. 1737; eud one of the said Brethren
having delivered those Accompts to the Trustees, they have balanced
their Bonds hy that Labour, and the Trustees have delivered them up.
The incorporated Society in Scotland for promoting Christian
Knowledge being willing to bestow a Sum on their Missionary at Darien
(over and above the Annual (341) L 50 paid him) to Enable him to pro
cure Servants to cultivate the Daxid allowed him on Condition that the
Land so improved be declared by the Trustees to belong to the said
Societys Missionary at Darien. The Common Council have resolved That
on the Surrender of Mr. John MacLeods fifty Acres Lott at the Darien
to the Trustees the said Lott shall be granted for or towards the Main
tenance of a Missionary Minister at the Darien for so long time as the
incorporated Society in Scotland for promoting Christian Knowledge
shall continue to send and Support a Person to be a Missionary there;
The said Missionary to be approved of and authorized by the Trustees.
Mr. John West having named Mr. David Provoost Junr. of New York
Merchant to Succeed to the Lott at Savsn^ah late Joseph Hughess, and
Captn. Thomson having consented thereto; The Common Coiincil have
agreed to the same, bliereby it is to be hoped Mr. West will be enabled
to pay his L 10. Note to me for the Trustees Use dated 26th. Septemr.
1735 payable in Two Years; and the Trustees have directed him to
be called upon for that purpose, and also to know if his Draught on
Mr. Causton to you the 27th. of October 1735. for D 60. Sterling has
ever been paid; and if it has not, that it may be.
Mr. William Norris having been very well recommended to the
Trustees to Succeed Mr. John Wesley at Savannah, and having received
148 (341)
the Ordination of Deacon end ^riest, comes over hy the Two Brothers to
take upon him the Ministry at Sevannah; Of whose Beha,viour the Trustees
have ^reat hopes.
On the 21st. of last month the King Signed the Instruction to
the Trustees relating to the Trade with the Indians in Georgia, Which
will he taken into Consideration as soon as Mr. Vernon (342) comes to
Town; That if any part of it shall appear to want an Ejcplenation, the
Trustees may Apply for that purpose. The Lords of the Committee pre
sent when that part of the Report was Settled were the Speaker, the
Master of the Rolls, and Sir Charles Wager, As soon as the Trustees
have come to a Resolution hereupon You will he acquainted with the
Mr. Eyre and Mr. Thomas Tower met last Monday to Consider of
the most effectual Method to Enforce the Execution of the Act prohibit
ing Rum in Georgia; And they are of Opinion That one proper Method
would he. That on the Summing up of the Evidence to the Jury on any
Tryal it should he general, whether they should find it Rum Brandy or
any Spiritous Liquor, if they heleived it to he a Spirituous Liquor
sold used or hro\ight into the Colony, it vras within the Act, and hy
Virtue of their Oaths they would he obliged to give a Verdict and find
the Offence.
The same Gentlemen also considered of the most effectual way for
preventing private Credit; and are of Opinion, Thpt a Law should he
prepared hy the Trustees on the foot of the Irish Law for Recovery of
small Debts, which has been regularly executed and without any Incon
veniences. But that instead of confining theDehtor, there should he a
149 (3^2)
Clause giving the Creditor power over his Debtor to make him labour
and work out his Debt at certain times, computing a proper Humher of
Days Lahoxir p pound Sterling; And on the Debtor's Non Compliance, he
should be obliged to work for the Publick or be confined. And some
thing of this Nat-ure will be fxirther considered of.
The Trustees have sent the Surveying Instruments You desired for
Mr. Augspoxirguer the Surveyor in a Case, and 1,000.^ Gun Worms in a
Box, the Gun Worms being part of the Presents designed for the
(3^3) 40 pieces of Duffils and 6 pieces of Strouds in 9
Bales and a Cask with Pocket Knives Looking Glasses &c. for the
Indians and a Box of Matchets will be Shipped next week on board the
Minerva Captain Nickleson, Captn. Thomson not having room for them, and
no other Ship going to Georgia this Year. They will be forwarded to
Mr. Thomas Jones at Savannah, or in his Absence to Mr. Wm, Stephens
and Ml. Eenry Parker with other Parcels on board the said Ship, which
are sent to John Brov/nfield by Mr. Taclwell; and Lt. Colonel Cocliran's
Serjeant going over in the said Ship will take Care of them.
The Trustees received a Letter from Mr. i/hitefield relating to
the building a Tabernacle Minister's House And School House at Frederica,
which they think necessary to be done out of the Fund for the Religious
Uses of the Colony; But as he is coming over for Priest's Orders, there
is time for doing it aga.inst his Eetxirn. Mr. Charles Wesley thinke of
returning as soon as his Health will permit him.
Mr. Whitefield writes tha.t he desires an Order from the Trustees
to have Money to bear his or Mr. Habersham the School Master's Expence
150 (3^3)
in their Voysge hack to England v/hen they shall have a Desire of
retxirning; As to Mr. Whitefields coming hack for Priests Orders it is
no douht necessary, hut for Mr. Hahershsms return the Trustees dont see
any immediate necessity, if He is of any use in Georgia; But the
Trustees refer that to You, v;ho can judge better on the Spott.
The Trustees have paid for Mr. Brailsford's Pa-ssage hy tne Two
Brothers, and the Common Council ordered him L 25. for his Attendance
on the Dispute between South Carolina and Georgia, which has been
paid him.
Mr. Amos Callsrd sent to me this morning to attend him about
the Money for Georgia, and altho he fully depended (3^4) on i 400.
it is reduced to 300. which is ordered to be paid into the hands of
the Secretary to the Trustees; and I have given Mr. Martyn llotice to go
and receive it.
I am
Your most Obedient Servant.
(345) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to btoocS Wm. Stephens Esqr.
dated at Westminster 11. August 1738*
Herewith You have a Copy of the Trustees l^st Letter dated 4th.
instant. And they have ordered that out of such of the 71-2/3 Heads of
German Servants not freed within the six weeks granted for tha.t purpose,
and who still remain under Mr. Braaleys Care; Seven of them should be
151 (3^5)
employed in the Cioltivation of the 3OO. ' Acres of Land at Savanneh,
for the Religious Uses of the Colony. Two more of them with their
Wives, such as Mr. Henry Pej'ker shall chuse, to he assigned to him
from the Trustees in Consideration of his Services as Bailiff; and tv/o
more to he assigned to Mr. Thomas Christie, if he still continues in
his Office of Recorder, and that the then Residue of the said 71-2/3
Heads should he employed in the Cultivation of a Farm which the General
is wrote to to haJ?e set out, and to he called Bouverie*s Farm.
The Trustees having consented to the Nomination of Mr. David
Provoost Junr. of Nev/ York Merchant to he the Successor of the late
Mr. Joseph E-ughes*s Lot, they hope Mr. John West v.'ill he enabled to
pay his Note of L 10. dated 26. September 1735 Michaelmas
1737. and ha.ve directed You to call upon him to pay it into the Trustees
Store to he Accoted. for to them, and they desire to know v/hether Mr.
John Wests Draught on Mr. Causton for i 60. to James Oglethorpe Esqr.
dated the 27th. of October 1735 has ever been paid; and if not, they
have directed that he should he called upon by You for that purpose;
his Accot. with the Store from February 1735 not taking any Notice of
such Draught. (3^6)
As the due Execution of the Act prohibiting the ^se of Suirituous
Liquors in Georgia will greatly contribute to the Welfare of the
Colony; The Trustees are of Opinion msxs. one effectual Method towards
it would he, the general Summing up the Evidence to the Jury on any
Tryal, That if th^ heleived the Liquor sold used, or brought into the
Colony, to he a Spirituous Liquor whether Rum, Brandy or ai)y other
Spirituous kind; The Offence \f8S within the Act, and by Virtue of their
152 (3^6)
Oaths they were obliged to find the Offence and give a Verdict
The Trustees are considering of proper Lav/s relating to private
Credit, which will he Settled as soon as possible
There comes consigned to You and Mr. Henry Parker (in case Mr,
Thos. Jones should be absent from Savannah) by the inclosed Bill of
Lading the following Parcels whicia please to forward and deliver as
1 Chest and 3 Boxes for Mr. Carteret
2 Boxes for Mr. Henry Parker at Savannah
1 Box for Ihr. William Williamson at Bo.
1 Box of Surveying Instmunents marked GxC for Mr. Augspourguer
1 Box for l>Ir. Thomas Eyre a Cadet in Genl. Oglethorpes
1 Box to Thomas Young at Savannah
1 Box to John Coolen at Do.
1 Box of Stationary Ware for Mr. V/hitefield
1 Box of Gtoi Saxk Worms for the General to dispose of in
Presidents to the Indians.
(3^7) 1 Case with a Mace for the Town Court of Savannah.
& 2 Boxes directed to Your self at Savannah. One of the Boxes
to You contains Daily Advertizers for the use of the Colony end two
Percels whereof 1 to lieutenant Colonel Cochran and the other to Mr.
Francis Moore. And the other Box contains Letters.
I am Six
Yr. most Obedt. Servant.
153 (3^9)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Thomas Causton dated at
Westminster the 11th. of August 1738*
Herewith You receive a Copy of the Trustees last Letter dated
4th. instant. And they having paid L 8. p head to Captain Thomsons
Ovmer for the following Servants, the several Persons hereafter named
must renay the same to the Trustees, or You must he answerable for what
may not he paid, they ha,ving been creditted with the said Servants
by You. vizt.
6-^ heads in your Service being 4 Men 2 Women & 1 Boy.
2 Men in the Service of Archibald MacBean
1 Woman the Wife of Laughlan MacBean.
1 Woman in the Service of Alexander MacLean.
1 Woman the Daughter of Benjamin Mackintosh.
3 Men )
) in the Service of Lieutenant John Moore Mackintosh.
1 Woman )
1 Man in the Service of William Mackintosh
1 Man in the Service of Kenneth Baillie
3 Men )
) in the Service of James Anderson
1 Woman )
10 Men )
) in the Service of John Bradie
1 Woman )
32^ heads at L 8. each.L260
The Women Servants by Captain Thomsons Ship in the of Mr.
154 (349)
William Stephens, Mr. John Brown and John V&nderplank*s Widow, the
Trustees hear the Charge of
The V/oman Servant to Nathaniel Polhill*s Widov^ hy the said Ship
Sir John Lade will pay for.
And the Trustees have directed me to call upon Miss Lupton the
Sister of Mr. Upton*s Wife, to try if She will pay the (350) L 8 p
head or any part thereof for the 3 3 Women Servants hy the said
Ship you creditted Mr. Upton with; Otherwise he or You must he answer
able to the Trustees for that L 48.
And of the GeEman Servants by the Ship Three Sisters You took
into Your Service 9s heads, which at L 6.2.6 p head You are L 58:3i9
further Debtor for to the Trustees.
The Trustees have ordered That out of such of the 71-2/3 heads
of German Servants not freed within the 6 Weeks granted for that pur
pose, and who still remain under Mr. Bra,dleys Care; Seven of them
should be employed in the Cultivation of the JOO. Acres of Land at
Savannah for the Religious Uses of the Colony. Two more of them with
their Wives, such as Mr. Henry Parker shall chuse, to be assigned to
him from the Tiaxstees in Consideration of his Services as Bailiff; and
two more to be assigned to Mr. Tliomas Christie if he still continues in
his Office of Pi.ecorder. And that the then Residue of the said 71-2/3
heads should be en5)loyed in the Cultivation of a Perm which the
General is wrote to to have set out, and to be called Bouveries Farm.
The Trustees having consented to the Nomination of Mr, David
Provoost Junr. of New York Merchant to be the Successor to the late
Joseph Hughes's Lott, they hope Mr. John V/est will be enabled to pay
155 (350)
his Note of L 10 dated 26. Septr. 1735. s^d due at Michaelmas 1737 end
have directed Mr. Wm. Stephens to call upon him to pay it into the
Trustees Store to he accoted. for to then. And they desire to know
whether Mr. John West's Draught on You for L 60 to Janes Oglethorpe
Esq^r. dated the 27th. of October 1735 has ever been paid; and if not
they have directed that he should be called upon as above for that
purpose; His Accompt with the Store from (35l) february I735 not taking
any Notice of such Drat:ight
As the due Execution of the Act prohibiting the use of Spirituous
Liquors in Georgia will greatly contribute to the Welfare of the Colony;
The Trustees are of Opinion one effectual Method tov,'ards it would be
the general Summing up the Evidence to the Jury on any Tryal; That if
they beleived the liquor sold, used or brought into the Colony to be a
Spirituous Liquor, whether Hum, ^randy, or any other Spirituous Kind;
the fchtwi-rtrg Offence was within the
Act and by Virtue of their Oaths they were obliged to find the Offence,
and give a SS Verdict accordingly.
The Trustees are considering of a proper Law relating to private
Credit, which vdll be Settled as soon as possible.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant
(353) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mr. Henry Parker at Savannah
dated at Westmr. the 11. August 1738
156 (353)
The Trustees loaving taken into Consideration Your Services have
Ordered that two Men Servants helonging to the Trust under the Care of
Mr. Bradley such as You shall chuse should be allowed you for your owa.
Use; and if they prove to be married Men, their Wives are to go with
them and are to be maintained by the Trustees until further Orders;
Whereof Mr. Stephens and Mr. Causton have been made acquainted
They have also sent you in a Box by the Two Brothers Captain
Thomson the several particulars in the inclosed Contents which amount
to l4;15:0 part of the i 20. they ordered me to lay out for You in
Cloathing and Uecesseries at their Expence The remaining L 5*5*0 You
may Suppljr your self with Shoes Stockings and Hatts from Captain
Thomson, and draw uq)on me for it; without you would have tha.t Sum paid
here to Mary Crooper your Landlady for ^ a Years Bent of her House at
Savannah from 16. June 1737* instead of Your Paying it und.er her
Letter of Attorney, if it is unpaid, or in discharge of any future half
Year; the 2 Years Bent from 1735 to 1737- the Trustees have at twn
different times advanced her for Ihr. Causton as her Attorney to receive
of You, and place it to their Accot.
I am
There is a, China Mug in the
Yr. most humble Servant
Box which you are to Deliver
to Mr. Stephens.
157 (357)
Copy of a Letter from I-!r, Verelst to The Reverend Mr, Whitefield dated
at Westminster the 11, Avignst 17j8
I received Your Letters of the 6th. loth, and 27th. of May last
which I laid hefore the Trustees, They are very glad You had so
plea-sant Voyage, and of the Concurrent Circumstances which made it so;
But they are sorry that Pleasure was Superceeded with your own and the
Passengers Illness.
I received yonr Letter from Gihrrslter also and the Trustees
have sent You hy this Ship the Two Brothers, the Stationary Ware you
General Oglethorpe sailed from Plymouth the 4th, of last month,
and I have wrote to him about the Tabernacle Ministers House and
School House at Frederica; For which there is time while you come to
England for Priests Orders and return
By this Ship the Reverend Mr, Eorris comes to Officiate at
Savannah in the Room of Mr. John Wesley, and very seasonable for the
time You mentioned ,f Your Return to England.
The Expences of yoxxr Voyage back I have wrote to General Ogle
thorpe and Col. Stephens about; But I hope Mr, Habersham will continue
the Care of the School until your Return, wlien may remove with You to
Frederica; and the Care of the School at Savannah will then be Supplyed
by Mr. Norris, if Mr. DeLaMott should not return. Yet if it is
necessary for Mr. Habershams retijrn with You, the Expence thereof on
that Necessity being represented to General Oglethorpe or Mr. Stephens
must also be defrayed.
158 (358)
Mr. Chaxles V/esley intends to return to Georgia ?!S soon as his
Heslth vfill permit him to he itinerant Minister.
I am
Yr. most humhle Servant.
(361) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Lt. John Moore Mackintosh
dated the 11th. August 1738.
In Noveraher I737 You having 40 Men Servants put under your care
and 10 Women 1 Girl end 1 Boy; The Tri:istees desire an Account from You
certified hy the Magistrates at Frederica to show them if any and how
many of the 40 Men Servants have been disposed of, and to which of the
Freeholders at the Darien; And also to show them in what Service the
other of the 40 Men and the 10 Women 1 Girl and 1 Boy have been
employed, and how the Profit of their Laboiu* is Accoted. for to the
Trust. Which Accotjl. You are desired to transmitt them by the first
The Trustees also direct that Seven of their Servants now under
your Care should be immediately employed in the Cultivation of 30.
Acres of Land in the Southern part of the Province which General Ogle
thorpe is desired to Order to be set out for tne Eeligious Uses of the
Colony; And that the then Residue of all the said Servants of the
Trustees at the Darien should be offered for supplying the People at
Frederica who want Servants on their giving a Bond for L 8; the Expence
159 (361)
of each head, to he paid in twelve months from the Date, unless the
Profit of their past Labour (over and above the Charges of their
Cloathing and Maintenance) being Accompted for to the Trust, can reduce
that Sum; And in tha,t Case the Bond is to be given for so much less.
And the Trustees expect that those Preeholders at the Darien who
were Supplied with Servants in Hovr. last, will be carefull in repaying
their L 8. p head when the Year is up. I am
Sr. to
(365) Copy of a Letter from Benj. Martyn Esqr. to Mr. Andrew Millan
ds-ted at Westrar. 23d. of August I738.
The Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia have
received Your Letter dated 26th. of May 1738> and have ordered me to
acquaint You that as You are Apprehensive thR,t You cannot be of any
farther Service to the Trust by continuing in the Spanish Settlements,
and are desirous of quitting the way of Life You are in, and propose
Your going to Georgia with what Eippocacuana. You have got. They are
very willing You should go to the Colony with it, and indeed think it
reasonable; Lest the planting of it should suffer by the want of Your
Inspection. But as nothing appears to have been done for the Money
which they have already paid, they cannot Charge themselves with any
farther Expence upon that Account.
The Trustees are sorry to find that You dont mention any other
160 (365)
Plants tut the Hippocacxisna for the Colony of Georgia. They hope if
You have any others the Colony will ha,ve the Benefit of them, as well
as your other Suhscriters; Since the PrincipaJL Intention of Your going
was for the benefit of thaf Province.
I am
Yr. most burntle Servant
(369) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to His Excellency General
Oglethorpe dated at Westrar. 25th. August 1738
Herewith You receive a Copy of the Trustees last Letter the
11th. of this instant; and they acknowledge the Receipt of Yours from
the Madeira with great Pleasure.
The 19th. Instant Governor Horsey after a short Illness died,
and the Dioke of Heiv^castles Letter relating to Mr. Hraggs Demand on the
Province of South Carolina will now stand directed to Lt. Governor
Bull, out of which Demand the Trustees are intitied to L 37:7:9 Sterl
ing received of the Passengers on hoard the Three Sisters in Holland
and made good to them in Georgia, Waich Mr. Wragg agrees to te ensweratle for out of that Money when received from South Carolina. Whereof
the Trustees desire You will acpuaint Lt. Govr. Bull.
Last Wednesday the Trustees mett and Considerd of His Majestys
Instruction relating to the Trad.e with the Indians in Georgia, and
herewith you have a Copy of their Minutes and Resolution thereupon.
161 (369)
Which the Trustees recommend to You to get adjusted with the present
Lieutenant Govr. that Amity may he settled to the mutual Interest and
Benefit of both Provinces. Had Govr. Horsey lived they did not doubt
of tha.,t end being obtained, nor have they less reason to doubt of the
good Will of Col. Bull to Co-operate with You in those Propositions
which may be (370) best Conducive to an happy Union v/ith the Provinces
and Preservation of Peace with the Indians.
The same day which Governor Horsey died; His Honour the Master
of the Rolls died also in Hertfordshire. As he was a grea.t Benefactor
and Friend to Georgia in his Life time, it is possible he may have
remembred tha.t Province in his Will, which will be examined for that
Purpose when brought into Doctors Commons.
Lieutenant Colonel Cochran's Serjeant Mackenzie taking his
Passage to Georgia on board the Minerva by the way of Charles Town and
taking care of those things shipped for the Trust. The following are
the Particulars under his Care for Georgia to be delivered to Mr.
Thomas Jones or in his Absence to Mr. Wm. Stephens and Mr. Henry Parker
to be applied as follows. vizt.
G X C.
No. la Chest )
) containing the Medicines in the Invoice herewith
2 a Barrel )
sent which Mr. Hawkins wrote for. Whereof part
for the Northern Settlemts. if v/anted.
No. 1 ) Groce
) Cases containing ZkfSaauss. of Hunting Pipes for Presents to
2 )
the Indians, as You shall direct
162 (368)
No. 1 )
to ) Beles contsining 40 peices of Buffill Blankets. Do.
8 )
9- A Bale containing 6 Peices of Strouds Do.
10. A Barrel containing vizt.
600 Box handles Butchers or Pocket Knives )
& Sheaths )
10 Doz. Buck horn Clasp Knives )
(369} SDdbczsKi:
a Parcel of Gun Hammers & Plyers )
6 Doz. of Looking Glasses )
10 PoTinds of small Beads )
) Do.
6 Bunches of Red Beads )
24 small fine Yellow Necklaces )
& 10 Doz. pair of Stone Ear rings )
No. 11. A Box of Machets )
) for the Trustees Servants
Loose 6 Bundles of Spades & Shovels )
I am
Tr. most Obedient humble Servant.
(371) Copy of ^ Letter from Mr. Verelst to Wm. Stephens Esqr. dated at
estmr. the 25th. Atagust 1738
Herewith You receive a Copy of the Triistees last Letter dated
11th. instant; And inclosed You receive a Copy of a Bill of Lading of
163 (371)
62 parcels consigned to Messrs, fis Crokatt & Sesjnan at Charles Town hy
the Minerva Captain Nickleson who was desired to forward the same to
Mr. Thomas Jones at Savannah, or in his Absence to Yonrself and Mr,
Henry Parker. hereof 21 Parcels are for the f Trust marked G x C
which I have acquainted General Oglethorpe off. The Chest and Barrell
Ko. 1. and 2 contain Medicines which Mr. Hawkins wrote for, hut such of
them as may he wanted in the northern parts of Georgia must he supplied
thereout. The Gases Ho. 1 and 2 contain Hunting Pipes for the Indians,
the Bales No, 1. to 8. contain Ihrffill Blanketts for Do, the Bele
No. 9 contains Strouds for Do. and the Barrell No. 10 contains Knives
Looking Glasses &c for Do. All which are to he applied in Presents to
the Indians as General Oglethorpe shall direct. The Box No. 11. con
tains Matchets, and those and the 6 Bundles of Spades and Shovels are
for the Use of the Trustees Servants.
Tne 39 Parcels marked i.G. belong to James Carteret Hsqr. at
Frederica, and are to he delivered to him; and the 2 Boxes to Mr.
Proctor and Mr. Burnside as directed.
The Trustees condole with You for the Loss of Your sincere
Friend Govr. Horsey.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant.
(375) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to the Eeverend Mr. hOiitefield
dated at Vestmr. 2d. October 1738-
164 (375)
My last to You were of the 11th. and 25th. Axigast hy the two
Brothers and the Minerva, This waits upon You to acknov/ledge the Eect.
of two Letters from You dated l4th. June and 1 July last. The Trustees
are ^vell pleased with your Accot. of the People's behaviour at
Savannah, and they hope for as good an Account from Prederica vfhere
your future Station is intended; And hy your speedy Eeturn to England
expect the same in Person.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant
(379) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Mx m. Stephens Esqr.
dated at Westmr. 2d. of October 173
The Trustees not hearing from you since your Journal and Letter
of 27th. May last when Opportunitys have occasioned their hearing from
Mr. V/hitefield twice, vizt. By Letters dated the l4th. of June and 1st.
July last makes them fear you vfere indisposed. You always having been
so regular in Your gnmrgir Corespondence. And they desire that in
ca.se of Indisposition at any time happening to You, that You son may
in that case keep up the Correspondence with them.
Please to take care that the several Persons to whom the
Letters herewith sent You, have them delivered.
I am Sr.
When the Eeverend Mr. llorrie has
Yr. most humble Servant
occasion for his Salary of 5C^ a Year
from the Trust. Please to Assist him in the Application for it, out of
the Trustees Effects in Georgia.
165 (383)
Proposals from the Reverend Whitefield to he considered upon
Wednesday the 20 of December 17^8.
1. If Mr, Westley does not return Mr. Whitfield would Chuse Savannah
for his Residence. The Inhabitants and he being endeared to each
other, and he thinking he can be of most service to the Colony there.
Agreed to
2. He desires an Orphan house may be set on foot, for it is greatly
wanted. And if the Trustees will let him have the Management of the
money he shall Collect, he will immedistly begin to preach at Bristol
Bath and London, and he hopes to engage Parsons to go as assistants in
that work for a very Small considerations.
He shall have a Commission to collect in the Common
Form, according to his letter to the Trustees of
16 Decj
3. He desires tlxat he may have a general grant to have what he will
out of the Stores for those that Shall go with f, him as well as him
self. The allowance made to his friend Mr. Habersham being too Scanty.
And if they ever give Just occasion to the Trustees to complain of
sending for too much, that moment he desires they mey be restrained.
Tlie Trustees intend to Shut up the Stores and pay
in money.
4. He desires that orders may be given him to have the Ministers Lott
fenced round immediatj^ly, and Servants to clear some part of the Land,
and also a few Cattle to put in.
This shall be done as far as the appropriated money
for religious uses will go.
166 (383)
5. He desires that orders may he given him to have those persons whom
he is obliged to Employ to do things for him paid in money, if they
desire it; and that whenever God shall call either himself or any of
his friends home they may he furnished for their Voyage, and also that
he may have some Cash if at any time he wants it
His own passage shall he repaid, and when we know
wlia.t number they are that go with him it shall he considered of.
6. He desires to have Six pounds to buy Mr. Habersham necessarys for
the year ensuing.
(384) Six pound shall he ordered for Mr. Habersham
7. He desires the Trustees, as in all probability he shall continue a
long while at Georgia; to pay his Mother yearly during his Absence Ten
This he has declined
8. He desires Orders may be given to have the Church Yard of Savannah
to be new fenced. That two Christening Basons may be bought for Savannah
and Frederica Church, Two black Burying Cloths, and some handsome brass
Candlesticks to hold the Candles at Evening Public Worship
The banons, biorying cloths, and Candlesticks shall
be provided: and Mr. ^fhitfield is desired to
acquaint Mr. Verelts what is prouer on this
9. He desires the Trustees would Strengthen his hands by enacting some
particular Law for restraining Fornication and Adultery. For people
Come to Georgia now he would think to have License for Such crimes.
The Trustees are much concerned to See Virtue
encoTiraged and Vice represt; and will come into
167 (38^)
any lawfull measiires for those ends, "but they
cannot direct any thing Contrary to the Law of
England; They will order the Magistrates to put
the laws in execution which they hope will in a
great meastire discoxarage these Sins, vrith Mr,
Whitfields effectual labour and preaching added
10, He desires to know whetlier masters have povrer to forbid their
Servants Banns,
Masters have not at present power to forbid their
Servants Bands, nor do the law allow it. Besides
the Comand encrease and multiply (by Marriage) is
a particvilar advantage to an Infant Colony,
(385) The above were made in writing and the following by word of
a Young Gentleman from Bristol is proposed to be an universal Apothe
cary having Sxx Drugs and food and Raiment Serve the Poor gratis, and
those that can pay at prime Cost,
The Trustees have no objection to this.
(387) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to His Excellency General
Oglethorpe dated at Westmr. the 22d, Deer. 1738
The Trustees thank You for pleasuring them with Your Letter
168 (38?)
dated the 13th. of September last, and long to hear of Yoiir V/elfere by
the next Letters. Eiey have heard of Yo\jr safe landing, by the way of
Charles Toim and New York, and hope soon to have particnlars from
Mr. hitefield on the 13th. instant brought them Letters from
Mr. Stephens and Mr. Causton in July and August last, end two more
Certified Accots. have been presented to the Trustees which we re
certified by Mr. Causton the one the 5th. of August last for 426:0:2
to Messrs. Sami. Montaigut and Co. and the other the 20th. of the same
month to Messrs. Eobert and John Williams for L 58?:13i0 VThich are
both sent back to Georgia for Payment. These were certified long
after Mr. Causton promised to obey the Trustees Orders, and certify no
more Accots.
The Trustees have received the So. Carolina Gazette wherein a
Stop is put to further Debts the Notice published therein on the
7th. of September last.
The Parliament meets the l8th. of next month and the Trustees
hope to have a further Supply, they having nothing left; And if the
Effects in Georgia dont Answer the Accots. sent back for Payment, they
will be much in Debt. The Accots. sent back amoTonting to upwards of
L 3000
(388) The Trustees have paid Mr. Simond every thing due to Mr.
Chardons Executors.
I am
Yr. roost Obedient humble Servant
169 (391)
Copy of a Letter from Mr, Verelst to Vm. Stephens Esqr. dated at
Westmr. the 22d. December 1738*
Mr. Whitefield being so long in his Passage the Trustees did
not receive your Letters of the 25th. of J\jly and 26th. of August last
until the 13th, instant; which made them so uneasy at Your Silence, as
in my Last Letters to You I have mentioned. And to prevent the like
for the future, the Trustees desire you may write to them by the way of
ITew York when Sloops give You an Opportunity as well as by the way of
South Carolina.
The Trustees have received your Journals from 2?. May to 26
August which accompanied Your Letter's, and a Committee meet next
Wednesday to consider them end the other Papers and Letters before
them; You give them an entire Satisfaction in Your- particular and
honest Accot. of things, their Ears desire to be open to Truth only,
and Your Adherence to the Principles you have hitherto continued to
show in their Service will, as well as has, convinced them, that they
vjere not mistaken in the E:3q)ectations they had from your engaging in
their Service.
Give me Leave to acknowledge the Receipt of Your Letter to me
and to Acquaint You that the Letters You forwarded were carefully sent
as directed.
Mr. Joseph Wragg's Accot. of the Charges when Mr. Thomas
Stephens arrived at Cha.rles Town in December last (392) haa never been
sent to the Trustees, but I have by this Ship wrote to him to Charge
170 (392)
the 50}^ Currency he supplied your son with to the Trustees Accompt.
I am
Yr. most Obedient Servant
Captn. Shuhrick who is to sail next Month will "bring very full Letters
from the Trust. And Mr. Whitefield intends to return to Georgia soon
after that Ship.
Inclosed is a Copy of the things sent "by the America Captn.
Gerald, which Mr, Abercrom'by is to forward from Charles Town to You;
and which please to take Care they are delivered as directed with the
several Letters herewith sent according to the inclosed List of the
said Letters.
You are desired to make inquiry if one Mr. We"bster Taylor for
merly an Attorney in Hew Inn he in Georgia or not, he being a Witness
to a Will, and his being alive to be examined a Matter of great
Service to the Person who desired this Inquiry to be made.
The "Vine Cuttings in the inclosed Bill of
Lading are sent to be Planted in the
(395) Copy of a Letter from Mr. "Verelst to Mr. Thomas Caxiston dated at
Westmr. 22d. December I738.
On the 13th. instant the Trustees received your Letters dated
171 (395)
25th. July and 26th. August last with the fix Continuation of Your
Journal to 24th. of September 1737, the Issues of Stores for November
1737 and the Duplicate of Receipts for Money paid from Christmas 1737
to Midsummer I738, and those Receipts as far as they are intelligible
for what Service the Moneys were so paid, shaill be Posted off to Your
Credit; But those which are not must remain a Charge on You Tintil they
are erplsined as the former Queries on your Payments have been made for
want thereof.
These Letters Journals and Papers You have transmitted will be
taken into Consideration next Week by the Committees of Correspondence
and Accompts. But the Trustees are much Surprized at Your breaking
your Promise to them which You made in Your Letter of the 26th. of May
last, to Obey their Orders and not Certify any more Accompts. And
instead thereof dared to Venture to Certify an Accot. the 5th. of
August last to Messrs. Samuel Montaigut & Co. for L 426:0:2 and another
the 20th. of the same month to Messrs. Robert and John Williams for
L 587:13:0 both of which are returned to Georgia for Payment, whereby
the Accompts sent back amoiint to upwards of L 3OOO to be paid out of
the Trustees Effects in Georgia. What those Effects are the (396)
Trustees are ignorant of, but by the Sums the have paid and the Orders
they have given they know what they ought to be.
In your Letter to me of 26th. July last You Mention that You
had taken an Inventory of Stores to Midsummer 1736i 3-^*1 lY taken, sure
a Copy might have been made, which was so necessary a Work to have been
done and sent, that no Multiplicity of Business could have prevented
it; And the not sending it, the Trustees blame You much for.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant
172 (398)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Lieutt. 'Willisin Horton dated at
Westmr. the 22d. Decemher 1738*
The Trustees received your Letter dated 28th. Augrist last on the
13th. / instant, end they are obliged to You for the Accot. You gave
them of the Situation of the Southern part of the Province of Georgia,
and for the Pains You have taken with the People at Prederica.
Your Conduct relating to the Spanish Launce the Trustees very
much approve of and they are glad to congratulate You on your Promotion
to a Lieutenancy in General Oglethorpes Regiment, which they think You
very deserving off.
I am
Yr. most Obedient Servant.
(403) 23 Jany. 1738-9
Reasons for preserving and Supporting the Colony of Georgea
1. Georgea is nov/ become a Barrier to all his Majestys Plantations on
the Continent of America, and if Supported by her Mother Country
for a time, as ell Colonys in their infancy require, will be in
vincible from the number of persons Settling there, and the Indian
Nations brotight into allyance Since the erecting this Province.
2. It hath already encreased the produce of South Carolina very con
siderably by the lands taken xqj in the South and Nest parts of that
173 (^03)
Province, which were not ventured upon hy the Inhaoitsuts whilst
they ley exposed to Indien incursions.
3. It is an Asylum for persecuted Protestants abroad, and for undone
Subjects at home, rendering them usefull to their KadfeMEEKS Mother
Country who before were a burthen to it.
4. In a few years it will consume greet quantities of British manu
facture, and much encrease the Navigation of great Britain.
5. The Manufacture of Baw Silk alone (the Success of which is certain)
will Save to great Britain the Specie or bullion carried to Italy
to purchase the Same, emoianting Com. Anns, to 200.000 > as Sr,
Thomas Lomb a confessed Judge of the Silk trade affirmed, who
offered to prove at the Bar of the house of Commons if called on,
that the Silk of the Produce of Georgea is better than that of Itp.ly
or any other Country in the world.
6. Numbers of unliappy persons who are gone over to Settle in fiteauEgi
Georgea upon the Pu.blick faith, and have Spent their little fortunes
there will be utterly undone if obliged to remove; for the removing
them to South Carolina or any other region and giving them new lands
will be of no service to them, when they have not wherewithal! to
hire and maintain Servants to cultivate those lands.
7. The honour of his Majesty and of the Parliament is concerned to
Support this Province, after a Charter granted wherein the limits
are described, and annual Sums given by Parliament to Settle and
defend it.
8. It is so conveniently and happily Sitviated, as to be a protection
to otir trade and a bridle on the Spanish trade in case of a War as
17^ (^03)
also on their pyratical Skk Seizxrre of OTor Merchant Ships: for to
the Southward of this Province are (4o4) within the hounds of it, ^^e
xxxkaxaxa, have a Port capable of receiving Ships of 4o/at low
water, and of 50 guns at high.
9- The advantages Great Britain will lost by quitting it will be so
many advantages gained upon as by the Spaniards, which were not
known or thought of by them before this Province was erected.
Hitherto they have only Port Augustine on the Bast Coast of Plorida
to which there is but a bad harbour, and worse riding out at Sea;
but sk Should they possess our harbour abovementioned, their
biggest Ships will ride there, they will comrnand the mouth of the
Allatahama river and be masters of the inland trade thereof, they
will expell the neighbouring Indians or gain them: they will be
able to dislodge his Majestys Subjects Settled to the Northward
and Strike Carolina it Self with terror, and the Guardo Coasts
'v'ill iotxHacs be nearer at hand to molest our trade and secure their
Should Georgia fall into the Spanidards hands, a part of South
Carolina must be involved of Course, Georgea being but a percell
tnereof, and not the utmost bounds of his Majestys possessions
Southward, which may be justly asserted to extend even to all the
Eastern Coast of Florida, comprehending Fort Augustine now in the
Spanish possession.
11. The Indian Nations brought into our Allyance by the reputation of
this Settlement, will if it Shall be abandoned, be prevailed on to
ally themselves to the Spaniards or French, and add such increase
175 (^04)
of Strength to them as aksaisdfefiEi ahsolutly to destroy oxir other
Plantations in case of a V/ar, without an infinite expence to
defend them, or recover them when is lost. At this very time the
most powerfull Nation of Indians in that part of America making
mani" thousand of Warriours, h^th detached it Self from the French
interest, and Sent deputies with offers of friendship to the
English. This Providential occtrrrence if lost can
never he regained, and if Cherished will Save large disbursments
on forts and Standing Forces which otherwise will in a little time
be found necessary to defend the back of our Settlements, from the
invasion of the French: But when these Indians shall See the
Province of Georgia abandond, and their proffer'd friendship
Slighted, they will reconcile themselves to the French. The Creek
Nations will do the Same, and the Chickesaws who have ever been at
enmity with the French, will be forced to follow the Torrent, so
that Carolina will not be able to defend herself against either the
Spaniard or the French, having now even with the additional Strength
of (405) Georgea not 4000 fighting men to oppose any attempt that
Shall be made, or Insult committed upon her, by double that number
of veteran troops and their Confederate Indians. The Representa
tion sent over to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle by Col. Bull
Lt. Govr. of South Carolina the 25 May 1738 makes this plainly
12. Sk His Majestys Title to Georgea can be evidently proved; but the
bare Suffering his Majestys right to anj' part of his Dominions to
be questioned or debated by Plenipotentiaries b?. appears to be
176 (405)
intended, gives Suspicion thet we pre not confident of his Majestys
title, end f-urnishes hopes that it is not to he insisted on, which
cannot hut make the Spaniards obstinate to refuse giving Satisfac
tion in other particulars of our differences, unless they have
private assurances previously given them that their Claim to
Georgea shall he allowed good, or at least Some part thereof Surrenderd to them, which may he apprehended from this, that it is
very rarely Seen, when Mens titles to their Estates are Submitted
to a Reference, hut that Something is yeilded up to Satisfy the
Contentious party. But if this should he done in the case of
Georgea, the most fertile parts of it, and the hest of its harbours
will fall to the Spaniards as lying nearest to them,
13. If the Spaniards claim to Georgea he allowed good, as being part
of Elorida, they may as well csiz claim both North and South Carolina,
for all these Provinces are insisted on by Spain to he parts of
Florida: and indeed the Spanish Minister did in his Memorial
claim all the Country as far as Charles Town the Capital of South
Carolina, adding that England should
he s-ufferd to keep Charles town Since they were possest of it;
But it is to he hoped his Majesty will not hold any part of his
Dominions by the Curtesie of an other Prince; that ridiculous
donation of America to Spain by Peper Blex, und.er the 6th was never
regarded by any State, and Henry ? S- of England Shew*d his con
tempt of it by tvro years after comissioning John Cabot to make
discoveries in that new World, it is ye rig^t of Conquest,
Purchasse, Possession, and Confirmation by Subsequent Treaties,
1?7 (^05)
"by wch. all Europesn Princes hold their Dominions in America,
and all these Eights center in Georgea, which Province if given
up, may revive the pretentions of Spain to other parts of his
Majestys Dominions, not only in America hut in E\irope too. The
Pope gave Ireland to Philip the King of Spain.
14. It may he hvimhly doubted whether Plenipotentiaries can lawfully
ohey directions to part with any part of Georgea or treat about it,
Hsi without an Act of Parliament for that purpose, the Seme being
purchased of the late Proprietors with Publick money for the use of
the Publick.
Lastly. The French were the first discoverers of South Carolina from
the Eivdr May in 29 degrees and half IT. latitude to Portroyal, and
they built a fort there. Georgea lyes between the two. Should
the Spaniards possess Georgea and be obliged or induced hereafter
to part with it to France, \fha.t must become of our West India
(407) 23 Jany. 1738-9
A Short Account
Of the difficiulties and discouragements
the Adventurers were under, in establishing
The Province of Virginia
Extracted from Sr. Willm. Keith's history of
Virginia with an application to the Colony of
178 (407)
1584. In the year 1584 Queen Elizfeheth erected a. Company hy Letters
Patents granted to Sr. Walter Ealeigh and others, for discovering
lands in America: which Company sent tv^o Ships the same year, iinder
the Command of Captn. Philip Amidus, who took formal possession of the
small Island Wokoken, helonging to that part of the main land, since
called Virginia.
1584 The following year, the Company sent 7 Ships with 108 persons to make a
Settlement near tha,t Island, and left them there:
1586 but in 1586 they all deserted the Colony, and embarked again for
England. Nevertheless, before that year was out, the Company who knet/
nothing of their peoples retnrn. Sent 4 Ships more with recruits, and
50 men were left with provision for Wo years to renew the Settlement:
1587 But the next year they were all dispersed or destroy'd by the Indians.
This likewise was unknoim to the Company who the same year sent 3
Ships with further Becruits who rf^eopled the Colony.
1589 In 1589 the Con^eny sent 3 Ships more to carry on the Settlement, bxit
at their arrival they foTinfi it entirely broke up, and not one Soul on
the place or any tidings of them; upon which discouragement the ships
returned with their people to England, and the Company despairing of
any Successj^, dissolved. Thus ended the first attempt to people
Virginia, after a perseverance of 5 years, the loss of many mens lives,
and of very greet Sums of money in freighting 19 Ships with men. Pro
vision, tools end other necessarys for making a Settlement, and thus
matters rested for 17 years.
1606 In 1606 King James the first granted new Letters (408) Patents
to the Lord Arundal of Wardour p.nd other Nobility and Gentry to
179 (^08)
re-settle a Colony in Virginia, end established them in form of a
Company under certain rules of Government, by s Standing Council at
home, and an inferior Council abroad; and in December that yean, 3
Ships were sent which arrived the May following. This was the first
regular Settlement by Publick Authority in Virginia, In June those
Ships returned leaving 100 persons, of whom 50 died in 3 months time.
The miseries of the remainder of them thro bad Government and want of
food, and by the opposition the Indians gave them is scarce to be
expressed, which it v;a.s not possible for the Patentees at that distance
to remedy in proper time, altho before the year was out they Sent a
Ship with fresh Supplys of Provision and men, Bixt the Governor and
his Officers v;asted the provisions, Selling the publick Stores for their
ovm use, while others were half starved.
In Se]btember 1608 the number in the Colony were 130, and Soon after a
Ship v/as Sent with 70 more, chiefly Artifficers, end particularly
certain Polacks and Dutchmen to make pitch, tai', pot ash, Glass &c. to
build Mills and other Machines for carrying on these severall manufac
tures, and such were their immaginery hopes of an immediate immense
profit from these commodities, that they forgot to begin with the
necessary precaution of either causing to be raised in the Country, or
sending from Europe provisions Sufficient to maintain so great a number
of people, which occasioned faction and discontent, discouraged the
most industrious, and rendered the greater number lazy and unwilling to
work, about 4o of them were industrious to Cultivate the land, but the
rest Stood still.
The famous Captain Smith their New Governor endeavoured to remedy
180 (408)
this, hy holding a Sttrari-crt: Strict hand on the mutinous, encouraging the
lahorious, pujiishing the Sloathfull, and keeping an exact acct. of
every mans v/ork, each individual "being sure to he treated according to
his merit, at the Same time he vTote to the Patentees, that they
shcuLd not e3q)ect the poor people under his charge, could under their
Circumstances, and in a wilderness, make such dispatch (409) in Manu
factures, and such Speedy returns as might he done in other Countries,
where that Sort of business was hy long eacperience brought to perfec
But after all, the adventurers finding themselges consioerahly out of
pocket, and tired out with factious divisions, as well as the Con
tinual demands for more Supplies of money, men, and es^ectation of
immediate returns of immense riches from thence, petitioned the King
in 1609 to recall his Letters Pa.tents, and alter the form of that
Government, hy appointing a Sac Govr. in Chief and other puhlick Offi
cers for the better administering affairs under the Royal Authority.
Thus after 3 yeajs new tryal a second attempt to Settle this province
failed, end had mankind been at that time as indifferent to American
Colonys as they are in these days, "Virginia had been forgotten, ajid the
great advantages both the Crovm and the Subject now draw from thence
been lost, and flung into the hands of the french. But tho the
Colonies, to Speak of them in general were not then knoivn to be profit
able to "England, by Experience, yet King James and those about him,
had riaht notions of this in Speculation; and therefore notwithstanding
the proceeding discouragements. He pawned his credit, if I may use the
expression, in forming a Goverment for establishing a Colony in this
181 (409)
Country, wherely mpjny persons of figure and fortune were invited to
renew the attempt at a greater expence than it cost "before.
Accordingly, all matters "being Settled to the mind of that Prince, he
appointed the Lord Delawar Govr. Sr. Thomas Gates Lt. Govr. Sr.
Thomas Dale Genl. of the Horse, Sr. George Sommers Admiral, and Captn.
Hewport "Vice Admiral; from whence may ""oe inferd the great expectation
that prince was under, tliat Virginia would one day become a consider
able Province, and his Zeal to promot it, when in the very Infancy,
and before a Man was sent. Such honourable Posts were erected, and such
persons of rank appointed to have the conduct and Administration there.
In May that yean, the Company sent out 9 Ships, 7 of which
arrived and landed a considerable n-umber of men. Governor Smiths
Commission being thereby Superceded, he ret\arned with those Ships to
England which proved of fatal consequence, (4l0) for whithin 6 months
after his departure, all things went into confusion; the hoggs,
poultry and Sheep v'ere in a very short time consumed by the Officers,
and the Colony reduced from above 500 persons to no more than Sixty
odd men woman and Children, who had nothing to Subsist on but wild
herbs, roots, and a little fish; at lenght the famine was so great,
that they eat the very Skins of their horses, and fed on the body of an
Indian that was killed, which they dug out of the ground after it had
been buried; and one man killed his V7ife, Salted her body, and had eat
good part of it, before the raurther was discovered; So that a resolu
tion was taken by all the remaining Inhabitants to return to England,
end had been accortplished, but for the opportijne arrival of the Lord
Delawar who till this time had been missing in one of the Ships that
182 (410)
ceme not with, the other seven: He exercising his authority of G-ovr,
in Chief, obliged them to ley their piirpose aside, to which they were
encouraged by a large Stock of provision he brought with him.
1610 In March I6IO that Lord returned to England, leaving 200 people in the
1611 In May I61I Sr. rnomas Dale who had a consieerable time before left the
Colony, returned with the Commission of Govr., and with 3 Ships laden
with recruits of Men, provisions for a. year &c who finding the people
v-ere returned to their former Idle course of life, obliged them to
plant a good deal of Corn on a rich and fertile Spot, from whence they
had a tolerable crop, and afterwards he kept such order among them,
that all the Laws were punctually executed, and no delinquent could
hope to escape pionishment.
The same year the Company; intent to forward the plantation. Sent 6
more large Ships with 30O men, together with a great Supply of Amunition, live Cattle and all manner of Stores, and the Governor Settled
many Plantations.
1612 In the begining of the year l6l2, two more Ships arrived from England
with provisions, and 80 men, and the Colony went Smoothly on till the
1616 begining of the year I6I6, when Sr. Thomas Dales administration ended,
who then returned to England f, being Succeeded by Captain Argal. (4ll)
1617 In March lol? Captn. Argal the new Govr. arrived, but found the
Settlement in a miserable condition; for in the short interval of Sr.
Tnomas Dales absence, of 400 people he left at his departure, one half
were unfit for any manner of Service, and not above five or 6 houses
standing in James Town the Capital of the Province. The Church was
183 (^11)
fel.len down to the groiond, the pelisadoes and bridge quite Broken, and
the well of fresh water half filled up and spoiled. The market place
and Streets were planted v'ith Tobacco, but the raising com neglected,
and the Indians become expert in the use of fire Arms.
This is the first time we read of tobacco raised in this Colony:
a plant not thought of by any thing tliat appears in the Instructions
given by the former adventurers to their managers, but which afterwards
proved the great Staple Commodity of the province: from whence may be
observed, that tho the motives on which Colony's are founded may fail
(as here they did with respect to the manufactures of pot ash, glass,
pitch, tar, frankinsense and the production of gold, returns of which
were the original inducements for Settling this Colony) yet unforeseen
profits may arise as will aa^ly repay the expence of making such
In l6l8 the Lord Lelawar was again sent with 200 men, of whom
30 died in the passage and my Lord himself.
In 1620 Captn. Argals Commission of Govr. ceased, and Sr. George
Yardly was sent to succeed him: who calling an Assembly of the
Burgesses, made Laws for the regulating property: a Certain portion of
Land was allov/ed for the importation of Servants and effects into the
Colony, and a form was agreed on for issuing Patents for grants of
lands, so that many new Settlements were mace this year. The people
began to take pleasure in working for themselves and improving their
own estates, which created a. Strong inclination for industry and
Improvements all over the Country, and the English became so numerous
that the tobacco they made over Stocked the market in England.
184 (411)
Yet after all, the Company finding the returns hear no proportion to
the great expence they had teen at, many of them flung up their In
terests, and animosities arising. King Charles the 1st, ty a Quo
Warranto dissolved it in 1626, and took tloe Country under his ovm
immediat direction: from vhich time^ the province grad gradually rose
to such a pitch of wealth & inprovment as to become of great advantage
to its Mother Country, and repay her a f hundred fold all the expence
the Settlemt. had cost the private Adventurers.
How they who shall reflect on the difficulties and discourage
ments this now flourishing Province Virginia met wth. in the course of
42 years, for so long it was before it was settled and became advantagious to England: what vast Sums must have been disburst in sending
within that time no less than 49 Ships at the Adventurers expence laden
with provisions, tools, utensils, clothing Amunition &c for many
h-undred persons, who for so ma,ny years were not able to Subsist them
selves: what numbers of those unhappy people perished by Idleness,
famine and war with Indians: the indiscretion of Governors and offi
cers Sent over, and the factions that arose, all which i^as inpossible
for the adventurers to prevent or remedy in due time by reason of the
distance: the Small returns, if any, made towards reimbursing the
heavie charges they had been at, which threw three Sets of them into
such dispair as to make them abandon their designs and Surrender their
Letters Patents; whoever (I say) reflects on this, and coiipares the
Settlement of Virginia with the Settlement of the province of Georgea,
must in justice own, tha.t either the Trustees of this New Colony have
been more fortunate or more wise in doing more within 7 years than the
185 (no number)
pdvent-urerfs did in forty, for since the date of their Charter on the
9th of June I732 they have at the expence of the Trust Settled near
l400 people under equitable and Satisfactory grants, Some hundreds of
whom are Saltsburghers and other foreigners persecuted for their
Heligion; have never Sioffered them to \vant for provision or encouragment of any nature; have provided for their defence against Sudden
attacks of Indians Subject to other European powers, and brought divers
nations of them to befriend the Colony and enter into Allyence. They
have prevented any faction from taking head to the destroying the
publick peace or bringing dishonour on the Magistracy. They have by
one good lav; regulated the Indian trade the defect of which has proved
the most frequent cause of war between those Nations and our other
provinces. They by another have put down the use of Spirtuous liquors,
(new page - no number) which rendered men idle, weak, poor, mutinous
and finally destroyed them; and by a third have obliged their people
to work for themselves by not suffering Negroes in the Colony, which in
other Provinces makes their Masters lazy, proud and cruel, end will in
time endanger their Safety. They have encouraged the industrious
planters, and after long trysl in hopes of smendment. Struck off the
Idle from further expectation of Support.
They have to their best provided for the religious concerns of
the people, and encouraged Manufactures that do not interfere with those
of Great Britain. In a word they have done all tha.t could be expected,
with the most frugal manag:ement, and have received repeated assurances
from the most Sober and knowing persons in their Colony, that in time
Eiigland will become Sensible, that the money disburst in rearing it.
186 (no nuniber)
will "be Biiroly repaid, tho for some years it still will be necessary to
support the industrious inhabitants, by reason of many unforeseen
accidents and disasters that disable them from yet Subsisting them
selves, Such as Summer droughts and winter frosts which destroy'd the
fruits of their labour, and the frequent alarms and real intention of
the Spaniards to invade them, which called them from their work to
Stand on their defence, and for several years retarded their new
planting the ground until the proper Seasons were past. Neither was it
to be expected that new comers Settled in a wild and unknown Country
could be Sufficiently acquainted with the nature of the Soil, end the
-oroper for Sowing, untill experience had taught them, which is
always bought dear, more especially as there is no proportion of Skilfnl1 husbandmen among them, the greatest number by far being poor
mecloenicks and broken Shopkeepers, for the Trustees were very backward
in sending over such hands as were most usefull to their Mother
In a word the Trustees cannot reproach themselves with having
omitted on this side any tiling, or with having given improper orders to
be nut in Execution on the other, but what directions they have sent
were well calculated for the good of the Colony, and if not duely
there conply'd with, which may have been sometimes the case, no
reflection can ly upon them, for upon notice of s,ny failure therein,
they gave the speedyest reme^ they could, (412) tho by reason of the
great distance, their instructions could not always arrive so eanly as
they hoped for; Nevertheless in the end, they have seen obedience paid
to them.
187 (^12)
But whatever merit shall he allowed the Trustees for their dili
gent disinterested and hopefull laoours in the puhlick Service; the
honr. of erecting a new Province, and thereby of encreasing in a
short time the trade and consequently the wealth of great Britain hy
the production of raw Silk, (of which there is a moral certainty that
it will prove a Staple Commodity) of Cotton, of wine and pottery
ware, (which attempts promise Success) of lirmher, and a large extention
of the Indian trade for Hides, of which last we are informed some
thousa-nds have been la.tely Ship*d in exchange of British Manufactures:
the blessing of providing for so many hundred indigent poor to the ease
of Great Britain, and the comfortable Subsistance of their families if
industrious, and of many hundred more of persecuted Protestants abroad
who have found, and still v;ill find an Asylum in Georgea: and the
Policy of Securing the utmost bounds Southv/ard of his Majestys American
Dominions from Spanish claims, French encroachments and Indian depreda
tions, whereby lends have since the erecting this Colony been taken up
by the Inhabitants of South Carolina, which before they dared not
venture upon:
(The honour and glory of all this is due to his Majestys providerttial care countenance, and to the Generous Support the parliajaent of
Great Britain has annually given the Trustees for furthering this
Settlement: in carrying on of which, as they have no Interest to
impose upon the Publick by false and idle talkes, so hrve they been
free to let every one know the grounds they proceeded on, the Steps
they have taken, the disappointments they have met with, and their
certain hopes of Success. They have kept annual accounts of their
188 (412)
Receipts and dislnjrsments in the most exact and particular manner, and
printed therryl^or the styytirgig'iz-fci: satisfaction of the world, nor have they
heen v/anting to contruhute money of their ovm: and tho they have under
gone the censure of Some who are not duely apprised of their proceed
ings, and look upon the whole as a chimerical project: the Olamoirrs
of others who proposing nothing more than to eat the bread of Idleness,
have neglected to cultivate (413) their grants, and are returned to be
a fresh burthen on their STative Country; and the ill will of Neighbour
ing provinces who are jealous of being deprived of Some share of the
Indian trade, altho there is enoiogh for all; yet they h^re persisted in
one uniform conduct, and resolve to do so, v;hile they shall be SupTjorted
being assured tliat in the end, George? will become a flourishing Pro
vince, end in all liklyhood as beneficial to Great Britain as Virgina
her Self, and this by the Silk Manufacture alone, Sr. Tlaomas Lomb
lately deceased (the best Judge of that matter) having offered himself
at any time when called upon, to prove at the Bax of the House of
Commons, that the Silk of this province is better then that which grows
in Piedmont or is brought from other Countrys; and that v?hen it shall
become a Staple Commodity, more than 250,000 i Sterling will be annually
Saved to this Nation, which now goes out in Specie or in Bullion to
purchass raw Silk in Italy. This Surely deserves attention, and the
more, if what was published in the last years News paper be true, that
the present King of Sicily had on heavy penalties forbid the esportation of TiTTiryarTgarwT un-organzined Silk out of his dominion.
But if it should happen tliat the Parliament of Great Britain
change its politick (which cannot be Supposed of so wise a body, the
189 (^13)
guardians of the puhlick) ard should think they have overvalued the
secui'ity of his Majesties American dominions, the influence this Colony
has by the Situation of her Ports over the Spaniards trade from the
Havannah, and the sure prospect of enlarging the commerce of Great
Britain, by the Sums already advanced; and thereupon refuse fxurther
Supplies, The Trustees will readily acquiesce; for Gentlemen who sexve
the publick for nothing, have no reason to wish they may be continued
in a trust, that is not approved of by the Legislature; Only it will be
a concern to them to find so much of their time and of the publick
money thrown away, to the dissapipointment and ruin of so many familys,
who went over relying on their honour and the publick faith; and this at
a time when after many difficulties Surmounted, they have all the
reason tha,t can be to extpect that the Province will with so small a
charge as 5,000 L ann. for the maintenance of an orderly Civil Govern
ment be able to Support it Self and enrich her Mother Countrie
. Turn Over. P S.
t S.
(4l4) The only objection ever made to the Trustees conduct, is the
Teiaure of their Grants of Land, whereby Pemales are not permitted to
inherit on fa.ilure of Issue Male. To those who are ignorant of the
provision for Females Substituted in the room of Such inheritance, this
carrys the face of hardship & injustice; V/herefoce it is fit that
provision Should be known, as also the reasons that induced the
Trustees to Settle the Subjects property in the manner complained of;
And then it will appear the most prudent measure that could be taken
for the effectual Settlement of an infant Colony (the frontier of his
Majesties American dominions, and thereby ejqxosed to the insults &
190 (4l4)
fplse claim of the Spaniards) and even the most heneficial for the
females themselves.
The Trustees have in all their grants of Land kept the following
points in viev;: the Cijitivation of the land, the encrease of the
people, and defence of the Province.
These they thoioght would he promoted in the hest manner hy making the
Settlements on the heirs male; with these Provisoes however. That the
value of the Improvments of the Land in failure of Male Issue, Shall
go to the Females; one third to the Widow, and the remainder to the
daughters: and in case there are no da.ughters, the whole to the
widow, & So vice versa to the daughters. And if the eldest daughter
marries a man not possessed of any Lot, and willing to reside in
Georgea, the husband will he entitled to the Lot of the deceased; and
the other daughters, marrying husbands under the Same provisions, will
be entitled to new Lots.
This method will make the Females more desirous of manuring, as their
Subsistence will depend upon it, and will make them and their Parents
more Studious to qiialify them for it.
This must likewise make the men more industrious, when they know that
the Improvements to their Lands, and their personal Estates will be all
tinat they can leave to their wives & daughters.
If a Lot Should descend to a Female, who has no husband to cul
tivate it for her, the improvements which had (^15) been made on the
Lands must consequently for want of culture decrease in their value,
and that pert of the land which was before uncultivated, must Still
continue So, and will be of no use to her; She will therefore be no
191 (415)
gainer by keeping it in her hands, and the adjoining Lots must at the
Same time he very much prejudiced for want^txag of cutting down the
timber, making drains^ &c.
By confining the Inheritance of Lots to the Mgdes, there will be a
greater Security for the Colony, by having a Sufficient number of Free
holders in every Town or Village kept in discipline for the defence of
the Publick, v^ithout which the possessions both of Males & Females will
be very precarious in this exposed Province, and the Females the first
to desert it.
This method prevents the accumulating of Lots, aud thereby preserves
that ^ equality, which will be the greatest Strength of the Colony:
and for want of which, in their first Settlements, Jamaica, & Some of
om- other Colonies have Suffer*d So very much.
As this on one Side prevents the uniting too many Lots into One, by
marriage or otherwise. So, on the other it prevents a division of those
Lots which are not more than a Sufficient maintenance for a family.
For the Lots which the Trustees give to those who axe Sent on the
charity, are but 50 acres. If a Lot of 50 Acres Should be divided into
tvro or more parcels, these would become too Small a Subsistance for
each of the Possessors: The Trustees therefore, thought it more for
the advantage of the people, to give the improved Lot to the eldest
Son (the other cliildren however to be maintaind out of it, or at the
Trustees kS expence till they come of age); to give to the other Sons at
their coming of age each of them a Lot of 50 a-cres; and to Shew their
care of the widows and daughters, they give to their husbands (if not
already possest of Lots) each of them a Lot of 50 Acres.
192 (417)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to His Excellency General Oglethorpe
dated the 5* Eehmary 17389
On the 29th. of last month and not before the Trustees received
Your Letter dated the 19th. of September last, giving an Account of yo'or
Arrival in Georgia.
They had applied for a Supply to Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer,
and prepared a Petition to Parliament before the Receipt of that
Your Letters of the 7th. and 19th. of October were received on
the 22d. of last month, which occasioned the Trustees to resolve to
amend their Petition, and apply for the Pajrment of Debts by unforeseen
Accidents, and therefore not provided for in the Grant of the last
Session of Parliamt. Resolving to get as much as possible granted this
The Papers You sent with your Letter of the 7th. of October
were also received. And the Trustees, out of a due Concern for the
Welfare of the Colony, and to Ease You as much as possible under the
great Weight you labour, in that faithfull Discharge of the Trust
reposed in You, have Agreed to Your directing the Issue of the Five
Hundred Pounds in Sola Bills which you took over with You, and are to
be so Issued for the Support of the most necessitous Objects, and for
Assistance of the Industrious Inhabitants. And the Trustees nave
reserved Money in the Bank for the (4l8) Psyment of them on their
Return to England.
They have also agreed to send You by Captain ShubricK (whom Mr.
193 (^13)
Revel hps engaged to go to Georgia the 15th. instant with Forty Tons of
Provisions for Your Regiment) Fifteen Tons of Beer in Barrels the Use
and Produce whereof is to he applied for the Trustees Servants to he
euroloyed in c\iltivating Lands for the Religious Uses of the Colony;
being to he paid for out of tha.t Money.
They have also agreed to send You hy the same Ship Six hundred
pounds more in Sola Bills for the use of their Servants, and have
resemred L 400 out of the Money for building Churches, and L 200 out
of the Money for Religious Uses, to answer them. And the Servant's
Labour in those Services, or the Produce thereof, must he so applied.
The Trustees when they know their Success in Parliament intend
to send over a Commission to State end Determine the Puhlick Debts in
Georgia and for that purpose to ITame Vi'iHiam Stephens Esqr. Mr. Henry
Parker and Mr. Thomas Jones, vdio are to sign to eanh Account wh^t shall
appear due to he pa,id in England. And thereby to discharge the Effects
in Georgia from any Claim; That they may he applied for the Service of
the Colony, vintil the Arrival of the Sola Bills to he sent after the
next Supply is Voted, for the Support of the Colony for the ensuing
The Trustees are very sensible of the DifficTiltys (419) You
labour voider, end the Dangers You are exposed to; And Bless God for
your great deliverance in the late Mutiny. They much approve of your
Conduct voider these Hardships, and are trvily animated with a most
commendable Zeal for the Preservation and Welfare of th t Province
v'hich you have endured so many Fatigues, and gone thro so many eminent
Dangers in the establishing of.
194 (419)
Tliey are very sensible of the Spaniards Desire to Possess it;
But as it never has been (to the Trustees knowledge) possessed by them;
They have reason to hope it never will.
As to Ml-. Causton^s and Mr. Bradley's severaxl Conducts, the same
Commissioners i\ull be impowered to Examine and Determine thereupon.
And the Trustees expect, th.at the same Cere should be taken for Mr.
Bradley's giving Security to Ansv^/er the Event, as well as Mr. Ca.uston.
This Comes by the way of New York, in hopes to reach You before
Captain Shubricks Ari'ival.
I am
Yr. most Obedient Servant.
(421) Feby. 26, 1738/9
Extract of the Votes of the E. of Comons
A Petition of the Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in
America, was presented to the House, end read; Setting forth, that his
Majesty, by his Royal Charter bearing date the 9th day of June 1732,
granted to the Petitioners and their Successors for ever. Seven undi
vided parts of ell those Lends Countries and Territories, In that part
of South Caroling in America, which lies from the most Northern Stream
of the Savannali River, all along the Sea Coast to the Southward unto
the most Southern Stream of the Alatamah River, and Westward from the
heads of the Said River in direct lines to the South Seas, with the
195 (421)
Islends in the Sea lying opposite to the Ea,stern Coast of the Sa.id
Lands, v/ithin 20 leagues of the Same; all which His Majesty thereby
made erected and created one independent and Separate Province, by the
ITame of Georgia; tha.t John Lord Carteret (the proprietor of the other
undivided eight pert of the said lands, Co-ijn-ftries and Territories,
which his Majesty granted to the Petitioners) by Indenture bearing
date the 28 day of February 1732, granted and released all his Eight
and property in tne undivided eighth part of Georgea in the Same manner
to the Petitioners and their successors for ever; and that the Province
of Georgia was granted to the Petitioners in Trust for Settling and
Establishing a regular Colony in the Southern Frontiers of Carolina end
not for any benefit or profit whatsoever to the Petitioners; and that
by divers Sums of money granted by Parliament for this purpose, and by
vol'untaxy Contributions, the Petitioners h-ave been enabled to send at
Several times poor British Subjects, and Foreign persecuted and other
Protestants to Settle in Georgea, who b.s well as others that went
thither at their ovm expenee, have erected Houses and cultivated Lands
in Se'veral parts of the Province, and particiilarly in the Northern and
Southern Parts thereof; and, whereas in a letter from Monsr. Geraldino
(then Agent for the King of Spain) to his Grace the Dulte of Newcastle
bearing date the 21st Septbr. 1736, (a Copy whereof was sent to the
Petitioners by Command of her late Majesty when G\iardisn of the
Kingdom, for the (422) Petitioners answer thereto) it is asserted, that
the Colony of Georgia, being to the Southward of the Colony of Carolina,
is without dispute on the Territories of the Zing his Master, end
whereas by a Convention between Great Britain and Spain concluded the
196 (^22)
14th of Jany. last, U.S. it is s^^reed that the regulation of the limits
of Florica and Cexolina should he committed to Plenipotentiaries to
confer and final]y regulate the respective pretentions of the two
CroTOs, according to the treaties therein mentioned; that therefore
the Petitioners, in discharge of tha.t great trust, which his Majesty
has heen graciously pleased to repose in them, and being fTolly Satisfied
of the undoubted Eight and title of the Crov-n of Great Britain to the
said Province of Georgea think it their indispensible duty to lay this
State of their Case before this House, and to implore their Protection
in behalf of this part of the Dominion of the Croim of Great Britain in
America, intrusted to the care of the Petitioners; and also in behalf
of his Majestys Subjects in Georgia; for whose Safety and Welfare the
Petitioners are deeply concerned.
That the said ^etition be refered to the consideration of the Comittee
of the whole House, who are to consider of the Convention between Great
Britain and Spain, concluded at the Pardo Jan;"'. 14, 1739, N. S. and the
Seperate Articles belonging thereimto, with the Several ratifications
(425) Copy of a Letter from IJlr. Verelst to Mr. Thome.s Jones dated the
3d. March 17^8-9
I received your Letters dated I9. & 20th. October and 12th.
November last, and several Accompts orawn out which Hr. William Stephens
197 (^25)
sent me. The Trustees will apply to Psxlisment for Money to discharge
the Dedt incurred, and for further settling and improving the Colony
which when Voted they intend to send over a Commission to State and
Determine the Puhlick Debts in Georgia, and the Commissioners will be
enabled to Sign to each Accot. the several Sums which sliall appear to be
due to the respective Persons intitled. And such Debts is intended to
be made payable in England, and Sola Bills will be sent as soon as the
Sum is Voted; Which are to be issued for the Service of the Colony
according to the Eegulations to be sent with them, whereby all future
E3$)ences will be defrayed with ready Money and all Occasions of contractiiog nev^ Debts avoided, pursuant to the Publick Notices affixed on
the Store Houses in Georgia, and published in the London end South
Carolina Gazettes
The Trustees have sent over to General Oglethorpe by this Ship
i 710. in their Sola Bills consisting (426) of 3I 10?'^ each and 400
of L 1 each, which by Indo^ments thereon are to be issued by William
Stephens Esqr. Mr. Henry Parker and your self or any tv<o of You for
the following Purposes, vizt. L 6OO. part thereof to be applied in
Cloething and Maintenance of the Trustees Servants whose Services are
to Answ^er the Bacpence thereof as far as L 400 towards building a Church
at Savannah, and L 200 in cultivating Lands for Eeligious Uses in the
Northern and Southern parts of Georgia, and the remaining L 110. is to
be Issued as follows, vizt. L 40 part thereof to the Eeverend Mr.
John MacLeod the Scots Minister at Darien in Georgia in Discharge of
the like Sum received by the Trustees for his Use from the Society in
Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge L 30. other part thereof
198 (426)
to the Reverend Mr. Gronau at Ehenezer in Georgia, to make up the Charge
of huilding his Dwelling House from i. 10. to L 40. pursuant to his
Request to the Trustees hy his Letter dated the 6th. of ITovemLer last,
ajid L 40. the Residue to the Revd. Mr. Bolzius at Ebenezer to be applied
by him towards the Maintenance of Saltzburgh Widows and Orphans.
The Trustees have sent by this Ship and consigned to Genl. Ogle
thorpe 15 Tons of 0 strong Beer in 90 Barrels, (42?) which by the
Invoice herewith sent You amounts (with Freight and Insurance) to the
Sum of L 160;10:6 the Produce whereof is to be applied for the
Cloathing end maintaining the Trustees Servants to be employed in
cultivating Ls.nds for Religious Uses besides the abovementioned L 200
in Sola Bills, some tv'o of You three before named are to Accot. to the
Trustees, and shew thereby in wha.t Services agreeable to the foregoing
Instructions the said Prodnrce of the Beer and the said Sola Bills have
been applied. And as You Issue the said Sola Bills You are to make out
an Accompt shewing to v;hom and for v;hat Services agreeable to the above
Directions each respective Issue is made, which You are to send over
to the Trustees Signed by the two of You who issue them together with a
List of the Bills so issued in order to be discharged therefrom
I am
Yr. most humble Servant
(429) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to Wm. Stephens Esqr. da-ted
at Westmr. the 3^* March 1739
199 (^29)
The Ohservations and Directions arising from the Trustees
Perusal of Your Journal to the 21st. of ITovemher last, which they
received 29th. January foil- will he sent You hy the next Opportunity,
they not having time at present fully to determine thereupon.
The Trustees have desired General Oglethorpe to order the
Issuing t 500. in tiaeir Sola Bills consisting of 100 of 5>^ each, which
hy Indorsements thereon are to he Issued hy Your Self Mr. Thomas
Causton and Mr. Henry Parker or any tu-o of You for defraying the most
necessary Services of the Colony in tne Supporting and yyyxyiz assissting
the Industrious and Helpless. Therefore You and Mr. Parker are desired
to he the two Persons who Sign to the Issue of them, and as you Issue
them you are to make out an Accot. shewing to w'hom and. for v;hat Ser
vices agreea.hle to the ahove Directions each respective Issue is made,
which you are to send over to the Trustees Signed hy hoth of You
together with a List of the Bills so issued in Order to he discharged
therefrom, and to enable the Trustees to Accot, to the Fahlick in what
Services the Moneys granted and given have been applied.
The Trustees have sent over to Genera.l Oglethorpe hy this Ship
L 710. in their Sola Bills consisting (430) of 31- of loP each and
400 of 1^^ each, which hy Indorsements thereon are to he issued hy your
Self Mr. Henry Parker and Mr. Thomas Jones or any two of You for the
follov/ing purposes, vist, L 600 part thereof to he applied in
Closthing and Maintenance of the Trustees Servants whose Services are
to answer the Ejqpence thereof as far as L 400. towards building a
Church at Savannah, and L 200 in cultivating Lands for Heligious Uses
200 (430)
in the Northern and Southern parts of Georgia, and the renaining L 110
is to he Issued as follows, vist. L 4o part thereof to the Eevd. Mr.
John MacLeod the Scots Minister at Darien in Georgia in Discharge of
the like Sum received hy the Trustees for his Use from the Society in
Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge L ^0. other part thereof
to the Eevd. Mr. Gronau at Ehenezer in Georgia to make up the Charge of
building his D^^elling House from L 10. to L 4o. pursuant to his Eeouest
to the Trustees hy his Letter dated the 6th. of Novemher last, and L 4o
the Eesidue to the Eeverend Mr. Bolzius at Ehenezer to he applied hy
liiin tov/ards the Maintenance of Saltzhurgh Widows and Orploans.
The Trustees ha.ve sent hy this Ship and consigned to Genl. Ogle
thorpe 15 Tons of strong Beer in 90 Barrels, which hy the Invoice here
with sent You amounts (with Freight and Insurance) to the Sum of
t 160:10:6 the Produce whereof is to he applied for the Cloathing and
(431) maintaining the Trustees Servants to he employed in cultivating
Lands for Eelig'ious uses besides the ahovementioned L 200. in Sola Bills
for that purpose, of which Produce and issuing the said L 7IO. in Sola
Bills some tv/o of You three before named are to Accot. to the Trustees,
and show thereby in what Services agreeable to the foregoing Instruc
tions the said Produce of the Beer and the said Sola Bills have been
And the Trustees have desired Genl. Oglethorpe to direct a
House to he built at Frederica for Mr. Norris the Minister who is (on
the Arrival of Mr. Whitefield at Savannah) to he Stationed there, and
also to have a Five Acres Lot to he fenced and cultivated for the
201 (431)
Minister at Savannali, as near as may be to the Minister's House there.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant
(433) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to the Reverend Mr. Horris
dated at Westminister 3 Mardh 1738-9
Reverend Sir
Though the Trustees have received no Letter from You, yet they
hear of your safe Arrival by their Secretary Mr. V/m. Stephens, and by
his Account hope you will be an accei^table Pastor to the People at
Mr. Whitefield who arrived here in December kH last has been
ordained Priest and intends to return soon for Savannah The Trustees
on that Occasion have agreed to your being Minister at Prederics. after
his Arrival at Savannah, end have ordered a House to be built there
for your Reception and a five acres Lot near it to be fenced and culti
vated for You at their Espence, wch. will be a very commodious Situa
tion for You; They desire to hear from you by every Opport\inity.
I am
Yr. most humble Servant
202 (437)
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to the Eeverend Mr. Bolzius dated at
Westminster 3^* March 1738-9
Eevd. Sir
On the 23d. of January last, I was favoured with your Letter
dated 6th. of ITovemher proceeding, which I laid before the Trustees who
have been pleased to direct ths.t L 40. should be paid into your Hands
to be applied tovjards the Maintenance of yoxr Saltzburgh Widows and
Orphans, for which purpose their Sola Bills are sent over by this Ship,
and by applying to Wm. Stephens Sso^r. Mr. Henry Parker and Mr. Thomas
Jones or any two of them Tou will receive the said L 40. which on
Heceipt thereof please to Signify to the Timstees.
The Passage of the two Pamilies of Palatine Servants consisting
of 5 heads by the Two Brothers will be a future Consideration, to which
the Trustees Inclinations appear very favouraJble, Mr. Gronau's Eequest
has been also granted, of which I have acquainted him by this Oppor
tunity. You may assure your Self, Sir, that nothing in my Po\?er shall
be wanting to the encouraging that Industry and good Harmony subsisting
your Congregation, and that your self and Mr. Gronau will always find
your Letters kindly received by Sir
Yr. most Obedient Servant
(44l) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Verelst to the Reverend Mr. Grenau
dated at Westminster "d. March 1738-9
Eevd. Sir
203 (441)
On the 23d. of Jsnxisry last I received your Letter dated 6th.
of ITovemiber proceeding and laid it "before the Trustees who are Tifell
pleased that your House is huilt strong and convenient to yourself; and
in Consideration of its remaining a Dwelling House for a Minister of
the Gk)spel for the time "being, they have consented to paying You the
L 30. to make up the Deficiency of the Charges of ""Duilding the same,
and you may apply to m. Stephens Esqr. Mr. Henry Parker and Mr.
Thomas Jones or any two of them for the Money; Sola Bills being ""oy this
Ship sent over for that purpose: Please to Signify your Account of them
to the Trustees.
I am
Your most hum"ble Servant
(445) Copy of a Letter from Mr. "Verelst to His Excellency General
Oglethorpe dated 3 March 1738-9
Herewith You receive a Copy of the Trustees Letter dated the
15th. instant, sent "by the way of Hew York.
Your Letter to me of the 22d. of Novr. last I received the 15th.
of last month, and laid it before the Trustees; they are thereby as
well as by Your former Letters furnished with reasons for their in
creasing of their first Demand, and they are proceeding with all
Possible Diligence to obtain the wanted Supply.
The Trustees having received L 40. for Mr. Jolin MacLeod the
204 (445)
Scots Minister at Dai-ien, they have sent over Sola Bills for that
Purpose; They have also sent h 70 more in Sole Bills, whereof i 30*
is to he paid to Mr. Groaau to make np the Charges of building his
Bxfelling House from t 10 to t 40., and & 40 to Mr. Bolzius tovrards
the Maintenance of Saltzhurgh Widox^s and Orphans, which & 70. is out of
Money epprooriated for the Use of the Saltshixrghers.
The Trustees desire also that out of the Sola Bills now sent You
and payable with the Money appropriated for the Religious Uses of the
Colony, You shotild direct a House to be built at Frederica for Mr.
Norris the Minister, (446) who is (on the Arrival of Mr. Uhitefield
at Savannah) to be stationed there, and also to have a five Acres Lot
to be fenced and cultivated for him; And a five Acres Lot to be fenced
and cultivated for the Minister at Savannah as near as may be to the
Ministers House there.
Herewith You receive an Invoice of the 15 Tons of Beer amounting
(with Freight and Insurance) to the Siam of L l60:10:6. The Produce
whereof is to be applied for the Cloathing and Maintaining the Trustees
Servants to be employed in cultivating Lands for Religious Uses; VThich
William Stephens Esqr. Mr. Henry Parker and Mr. Thomas Jones or any
tivo of them are to Accot. for to the Trustees in the same manner as
they are to Accot. for the Sola Bills they are directed to Issue.
The Sola-. Bills sent You vmich the Trustees now desire You to
Indorse amount to L 710. And herewith You receive an Indemnity for the
Indorsements of them under the Seal of the Corporation. They are to be
Issued by William Stephens Esqr. Mr. Henry Parker and Mr. Thomas Jones
or any tvfo of them in the following Manner, vizt. L 600 part thereof
205 (^6)
to tje applied in Cloething and Maintenance of the Trustees Servants
whose Services axe to Answer the Ejspence thereof as far as Ii 400.
towaxds "building a Church a,t Savannah and L 200. in cultivating Lands
for Religious Uses in the Northern and Southern parts (44?) of Georgia.
And the other i 110. to Mr. MacLeod, Mr. Gronau and Mr. Bolzius as
"before mentioned; And they axe directed tha,t the two of them who shall
Issue the said Bills do send an Accot. Signed to the Trustees shewing
on every Issue, to whom and for wnat Services, agreeaole to the ahove
Instructions each respective Issue was made, together with a List of
the several Bills so Issued.
The Trustees take this Opportunity of acquainting You, That the
Lords of the Admiralty instead of s small Sloop to attend on the
Settlement of Georgia, have ordered the Phoenix and Seaford Men of War
"both 20 Gun Ships alternately from South Carolina to Georgia to attend
upon and Secure Georgia from any Attempts.
I am
Yr. most O'bedient Servant.
The Sola Bills sxe in a small
Box directed to You & marked
GxC and consist of Jl, of 10.^
each No. 201. to 231. & 400 of L 1.
each No. 2,501 to 2,900.
205a (449)
Q> coo
i>- chKS
a> p6o
Vt o
Q> NaOg
4^ VO
f: H
P! O
P! o
P! H
rH ifJ C C 3 pi oO Vto
P Pha
Common Council 'Trustees when Elected when Resigned
205b (449)

O rH
Q> H

r-t -H N O 0} p
si a
cd a
0) m
<l> P
<l> 4^
<i> Po
D3 <l>
<l> goo
*tii p
^4<l> P
*til o

CD 5e W0
CD w
<l> 4^OO
<D m
d0) 4^
b TO <D S O 0) d
0 r-i *b <!
ct *d ^ G)
Q> 4^

4^ 'S t4
o nd iJ
CO po
<l> 4^

Common Council Trustees when Elected when Resigned
205d (450)
rti ^
Q> 0) i i
rC c
,0a> n
jdoHIt S
43mda> Pd
0) w
Pi TOd
tifl m
Pi 43
X M. Sidney Beauclere 15 March 1738/9
Mem'bers of the Trustees not of the Common Trustees who had been of the
Common Council. 15 Council 15 March I738/9 Common Council but resigned
March I738/9 x In Parliament
In Parliament
205e (451)
Chandler (Rich) Bsq,r. x Philips (Sr. Erasmus) Bt.
X Erederick (Thos.) Esqr. Gonson (Sr. John) Kt
Lapotre (Henry) Estir. Tyrer (George) Aldn. Liverp.
Mem'bers of the S Trustees not of the Oommon Trustees who had "been of the
Common Council. 15 Council 15 March 1738/9 Common Council hut resigned
Maich 1738/9 X In Parliament
In Parliajnent
205f (451)
CS 0> I

PI o
-p> mu
ce s
P^l o
Pi O
Pi (DSo
Pi Ooo
Pi O
Pi 0) ?o
Pi O
xa m
CQC6 6oou
<D wpt/3 IO
CO K4:
0^IS^ s
0> CUu
-p> n
0) ci>
> 4
<D&CC c?
Ih04: d0
Pi O
<D rHfflIOP
GOr^\ is^
K) 4^
Pi ffl O%
ffl po
will he filled up next
Common Cotmcil Trustees, formerly of the Comon Council
h (453)
(Pages 4^9 throu^ 453 consist of various lists and were not copied.)
(Inserted loosely among these jajusacs pages is a copy of a Letter from
the Eevd. Bolzius to Mr. Yerelst dated at Ehenezer 14 March 173S/9,
which has alrea.dy been copied from pages 402 through 404 of Volume
(457) Parliamt. house 15 March 1738/9 P^st 3
Monsr. Gersldinis Speech
My Lord
I liave left the Shoemakers for a few minutes whose Councel are
now Speaking; to give your Lordship an acct. my Self atacxa; of a pretty
extraordinary nature, and psrticula^rly relating to Georgia; the Genera,!
has given me leave to make use of his Heme; he tells me there was a
report industriously spread hy Mr. Vane that Geraldino should tell Lord
Lovell, that the King his Master would sooner part \-ith Madrid than give
UT5 Georgia.. The General went on purpose to Court this very Morning to
enouire into this affair, it heing the day of the foreign Ministers as
soon as the Kings Levee was over, he took Geraldino aside, and told him
ke was reported to have said; he protested it was rea-t injustice
done him, -irwar-te That all the foundation he presumed there was for it,
was 8 Conversation he had at Mr. ilugents khere Lord Lovell was present,
my Lord Mr. llugent and some others talked a gooa deal upon Several
points in the Convention, and at last came to Georgia, Geraldino says
till then he sat Silent; Sxk hut then was celled upon to give his
opinion, upon which he declered to Mr. Wa.de, that he only said he
apprehended his Master had hy the Treatys of 67 end 70 a right to a
great part of Georgia, hut that he (Geraldino) had said it in Several
places, and particularly to Sr. Eoht. Walpole that if the English would
207 (457)
not extend their ITew Settlement heyond the River Alateraaha. and keep to
the northern side, the King of Spain would he contented that his
Dominion should extend no farther than to the Southern side of that
River. I think this in effect is giving up the point, and as I appre
hend all that the Trustees desire, your Lordship may if you please
communicate this to the rest of the Gentlemen, if you think it of
importance enough, hut if it should not prove any thing material, my
zeal for the Colony to which I have the honour of being a Trustee vri.ll
I hope he an apology for this impertinence in
My Lord
I heg my respects to (458) your Lordships
all the Gentlemen that Most Ohedt. humhle servt.
are with you, and am sorry Eoht. Tracy
I was so unfortunately engaged as
not to have the pleasure of dining with
them. General Wade heard this report of
Mr. Vanes too day at the Diike of Richmonds,
and went immediately to Court.
15 March 1738/9
Your 5iex letter has given the Trustees and me great Satisfa,ction,
and I am extreamly obliged to you for it. I am only afraid that if the
lands hoi'dering on the Southward of tne Allatahama he left in the power
of the Spaniards to occupy, that by building a fort on the hanks they
208 (458)
msy coramp.nd the entrsoice or navigation of that Eiver; therefore in my
opinion the most thr=.t can he conceded to the Spaniards is that the
Lands to the Southward should he left entirely desert, and uniidishited
hy Spaniards or English. I Speak as a Georgean, hut whether the
Ministry will assert the right of his Majesty farther Southward}^, or
the Parliament acquiesce in yeilding up any part of our possessions
tho no part of Georgea is what it is impossihle for me to know and very
unbecoming me to Speak to. In the mean time I cannot help observing
that our Petition and honest resolute and falthfull declaration of the
Trustees to the Ministry on the occasion, together with the great
Minority has produced this declaration of Geraldino,for I believe my
Lord Batlmrst and Mr. Blaclwood told me true, that Geraldino did say
to them his Master would Sacrifice the Indies before he would Suffer us
to keep asHKgx Georgea. I am with greatest respect
I iirrite this only Yr. most humble & Obedt. Servt.
to your Self
(46l) Copy of a Letter from Mr. Martyn to the Reverend Mr. ITorris
dated at Westminster the "^Oth. March 17?9*
The Trustees have received your two Letters of October 19th.
and 12th. December last. They are very much pleased with the Zeal
which appears in the prosecution of your Duty, which the Trustees have
heard by other Hands is very great. They are very sensible that you
209 (^61)
must have met with ^rreat difficulties, hut they hope hy your Prudence,
and the Restoretion of Affairs there (which will soon take Effect)
that every thing for the future will prove easy to You, especially as
You are placed at Frederica in a more healtliy Climate than Savannah
is, and among a People who hy Accounts which heve been received lead
sober and orderly Lives.
The Trustees hope that Mr. Verelsts Letter to You of the 3^-
March instant he.s reached your Hands. You was informed therein that a
House is ordered to he built for Your Rec^tion, and a five Acre Lot
near it was likewise ordered to he fenced and cultivated at the
Trustees Expence.
You'll receive hy this Ship a Box of Rooks containing jo Bibles
51 Common Prayer Books 88 Lev?is's Catechisms and 20 xS of the
Duty of Man. The Box is directed to You and the Books are for the use
of the People at Frederica to he distributed as you think proper.
I am
Yr. most Obedient Servant
(465) Queries put to Capt- Thompson arrived from Georgia in April
1739 and his answers thereto 5 Way following.
Trust Servants 1. What wages diem is a Sufficient allowance to Trust Servants, they
being no long Supply'd from the publick Store, hut paid in money,
& they to find themselves in every thing Tools excepted?
210 (^65)
It is "better on all Accts. to psy them in money than to Supply them from
the pu'blick Store; For then they were idle, and had more than neces
sary, Sometimes; at other times less.
8^ a day will maintain a Trust Kan Servt. in every thing
6^ a day a woman Servant
4. a day children 6 years old & unv/ard
Children under 6 years old may "be mainta,ind "by their Parents
KB. 6^ a day may "be first tryd for men Servants, and to advance
if needfull 7^
A F3. the women to "be ahated in proportion from 6. a day to ten according
as the Men are. i.e. one foiirth.
He thinks if good Overseers could he found, that the best way would be
to have the Servants labour Set out by talks, So much work to be per
formed in a week, and then, if 5 seres of land or any other q^oantity
were given them out of hand to be their own, they would be encouraged
to hasten the finishing their task, that they might have the remainder
of the Week to themselves.
2. Are there private Storehouses in Georgia that cm Supply Servants
for their money?
There are, & will be enough when they Shall See money circulating.
3. What publick Lycensd victually houses in Savannah & Frederica have
most business?
Jenkyns, and Penrose at Savannah
fe. Bennet at Frederica
211 (465)
Bailif 4. Who he knovjs at Savannah fit to he made a Bailif?
Puhlick gsrd.
Mr. rallowfeild. Navel Officer: a Man, of good Sence, and industrious.
5- Is the puhlick garden well taken cere of?
Answr. No
6. do the Mulberry trees thrive?
Answr. Yes: & there are a good many
7. Were there Tines in it.
Answr. yes.
8. Were there Cotton trees in it.
Puhlick Post
Roht. Williams has cotton trees, v;hich thrive at his pla.ntation hy
Josephs to\m on the Savannah River
9. How are the Orphans taken care of?
Well. The Trustees of the Orphans Set their Lots to others for Rent,
& keep them out of it. Jenkins is carefrill.
10. Would postage of letters he willingly paid?
By very few, till there he Trade.
11. Is there a land Post between Savannah & Frederica, & Savannah &
A Land Post does for the North & South, hut is only necessary to Shew
the comionication hy land. Boats will do the whole, & more expeditiously.
212 (466)
Indian Trade
Publick Well
Light House
(46?) Cow pen
at Savanna
Saw Mill
12. Vrno is nov/ Ireasr. of the Licence Money for the Indian Trade, &
how is it accoimted to the Trustees?
He knows not who: hut believes theie is none comes in.
13. Is the publick Well at Savannah usefull & in good 0 order?
Tery usefull & good water, but not in order
14. What condition is the light house in, and what will it cost to
repair it: & v/hether usefull
The Light house will fall this Summer if not repaird; it will cost
150 L to do it; It has already preserved 7 Ships from perishing.
15. Whether Timber fell'd be carefully piled up, to preserve it from
the Wet?
Most people pyle it.
16. Wop-t use is it put to?
It is fenced in, and Serves to turn Cattle into for the general benefit
of the people.
17. Vfimt would be the properest method of agreeing with a mill right?
To engage with him for ... n every 1000 sq. foot of board to be
paid him and he find every thing; thicker boards & Scantlings to be
proportion'd accordingly. He ought to deliver 100 sq. foot at Savannah
at 5 Shill, that he may afford it as cheap as from Carolina, and a
213 (^67)
Who follows the
Is there much
good Fish?
pilot hosts.
Cost of a pilot
Where to he
Here of
Coasting Vessel
proportionshle increase for thicker hoards & Scantling. He ought also
to keep ye passage of the river open at his own expence as well as pay
his Servants &c
18. Answr. Peter Emory, a very industrious Han.
19. Very much, & much Sturgeon; hut the people are idle
20. Vhat hanos are necessary to Pilot boats, and hov/ to agree for them.
Three hands with a Pilot boat will do because they Sail; The best way
to deal for them is to agree with the Pilot at 4o Sterl. ann., for
which there are enough will engage to keep boatmen and repair the boat,
out of the pilotage fees. So that the Trustees need be at no further
expence than the first finding the boat, & payg. the 40 >. The reason
able fee of a Pilot bringing in and conducting out is 2 guinea.., and
no Mercht. will Scruple it, or 4 Shill, for 4 Shill, for 11 foot water
craft, and 15 Shill, for draft exceeding 12 feet.
The Same as at Charlestown v/ill cost 50 or 60 i Sterl.
Answr. One in the South at Jekj^1 Isld. or St. Simonds Isld. the other
at T^bee, and to be always in readiness for duty.
Answr. The general price is
From Savannah to Charlestown-4 guineas
to Frederica -4guineas
22. What is the Gliarge of a Coasting Vessel between Savannah &
21^ (468)
Gentlemen Free
holders Servants
Eegisterd Grants
Lots laid out
Tenure of lands
ye Vessel
Repair .
i Sterl.
t) month 2.0.0 )
- ^>0.0 )
10 L
Per Ann. 12 celendr. months
84. 0.0
86 .10.0
23. Hov/ do gentlemen freeholders pay their Servants?
They feed them, & give them 4 or 5 S' in lieu of Clothes, and their
victiials may he computed at 4.a day.
24. Did he hear of Any complaints for grants not registerd?
Answr. Ko.
25. Were there any complaints of Lots not Surveyd & laid out?
He believes they are Sa^tisfied as to that.
26. V/ere there conplaints concerning the Tenure of their iam lands?
Answer. Yes very general
27. Were the people industrious?
No, hut especially Since it was infused into their heads to have
Negroes which expectation made them quit cultivating this year, hut
Mr. Oglethorpe came lately to them from Frederica, and ordering them
Seed, many were returnd to cultivation.
28. Wha,t is his opinion of introducing Negroes, and how came So many
persons to Sign the petition for them?
215 (^68)
(469) Foreigners
Season for Sowing
Price of things
It would endanger the Colony, the greater numher followd the weJm
Sticklers for Fegroes as Sheep follow one another, regardless of the
had conseq\iences. So as for the present they might have lahour cheaper
than white Servants.
He helieves the refusal of them, together wth. poverty & debt will
drive a great many away, and it will he a good riddance, for they will
prove of the proudest or idlest Sort; and it was an Error we Sent So
many broken trades men, who were never used to hard labour, or above
it, and lived luxuriously in England.
29* Are not the Foreigners Industrious?
Yes, above ell; and we Should have Settled the Colony with none but
Such, especially at first.
30. -l^heat
- Barley
- Indian wheat
Knov;s only of Ird-ian wheat, that the Season is from teby. till Jione,
according to the rains, which if they come within that time unseason
ably, they Sow again.
31. What is the price of the following things to be bought at private
216 {Ur69)
Pd. by Mr. Oglethorpe 1739
Thin linnen 0. 2.8
checqued Shirt 0. 1.5i'
yd. 0. 1.5^
0. 3-9
0. 5.7j
dirffel blanket 0.12.6
. yard 0. 7.6
0. 3-9
0. 0.1-3/4
0. 6.3
(470) 0. 1.6-3/4
s d
Of linnen for womens Caps.l/6 yd.
Of Shifts or Shirts each.3/6 or 4
Of linnen for aprons, osnabrigs. 9 2.
Of Stockings a pair.l/4
Of Sn:lish Shoes a pair ( Men.4/6
( Women.2/9
Of Country Shoes a pair.2/6
Of blanlcets each.8/6
Of Eats,
felt. 2/6
Of Mens Capps (Single. 8
Of fresh beef . . . n noTond
Of Salt beef . . . n pound
Of Milk, Scarce Saw any . .
Of Salt butter pound
Of fresh butter. Saw none .
Of Cheese. pound
Salt bushel.
All Spice called Piemento
Of Strong beer qt. . .
Of MoIosstxs pint . . .
of Eice t) nound under . .
Of Do. pan bushel . .
d d
6 to 8
21? (470)
Of pease "bushel.
Of wheat bread 2, pd.0.1^
Of Indian Corn p pound under.0.0-^
Of Do. n bushel .2.0
Of Wheat flower o po\md.0.1-^
Of V^orking Tools - Ke Icnew not
Of Cattle - Fat Cow & calf.i.2.0.0
- An Ox, Sold by ye pd. weight
(alive & the Same as fresh
- Boars & Sows & pigs, )
weighd alive & Sold ) . . - 0.0.1
by the pound )
Of Fowl - A chicken at market . . . . 0.1.0
bought in ye plantation . 0.0.6
A duck, the Same
A Turkey.0.2.0
Of Greens.He knows not
At Cockspur Low Water fathom
At ifybee - Low Water Do.
At Jekyl Harbour Low Water Do.
At Frederica or Amelia Low Water Do.
3i to 4.
2- upon the bar
From Savannah to Thunderbolt
Miles by water
. . 12
to Skidaw'ay 17. point . . . I6
218 (470)
to Nev.' Ebenezer.25
to Josephs town.. . 12
To Sterlings hliiff.90
To Augusta. .150
From Frederica to St. Andrews ....... 25
to the darien now New Inverness 25
to Jekyl I
to Aioelia.
Prices pd. by Mr. Oglethorp I739
Russia drab coat - 1.12. 6
a yard of gartering 0. 0. .73
a payr of buttons - 0. 0. 1^
Silk handkerchiefs - 0. 3* 9
1 yd. of plain -0. 1.104
1 yd. Irish Sheeting 0. 1. 8
holland n yd. -- 0. 4. 0
a q.t. of Cyder- 1. 6-3/4
Best Spring Knife - 0. 5*10
Xat Gomon knife- 0, 0. 8
Best payr of Surers 0.12. 6
horn Spoon- 0. 0. 5
pd. of best leaf tobacko 0.0.11^
pd. loaf Sugar-- 0. 0.10
a hog--- 0.15. 0
iland ....... 2
......... 40 & more
Mr. Tho. Stevens computation of
cloathing a White Servt. 1739
p. ann.
3 Osnabrug Shirts . . 0.2.6/0. 7*6
2 payr of Trowsers . 0.2.6/0. 5*0
3 payr of Siioes . . . 0.4.0/0.12,0
a hat ........ 0.2*6/0. 2.6
a payr of Indian boots 0.3*0/0.3*0
a Woollen Cap . . . . 0.1.O/O. 8.0
a handkerchief . . . 0.1.0/O. 1.0
a knife Spoon & buckles O.l.O/O.l.O
L 1.13.0
Feeding n week
4 pd. of beef at l/-|- 0.0.6
1 peck of Indian corn )
or pease & potatoes in) 0.1.6
1 Pint of Molossus . . 0.0.4-i^r
0.2.4-1/ 6..?'3*^
a Steer 2.10. 0 7.19.6
219 (^70)
a "bushel of potatoes-- 0. 3- 9
a q:t. of wine-0. 1. 3 wch. must he q,dded )
a flock hed, a rug & ) 0.17.0
brass kettle n P^--0- 2. 6 hlsnket.)
looking glass-0. 2. 6 And coat wastcoat and )
breeches omitted by )
pd. of Candles---0. 1. 0 him wch. will cost at )
least.) _
Trading gun -0.18. 9
Other gun-1. 5* 0
Indian gun-0.12. 0
100 flints-0. 1. 0
50 pd. weight of gunpowder 3*15- 0
a falling Axe---0. 5 0
Do.---0. 3. 9
a hatchet--0. 2. 6
a Small hatchet-0. 1. 0
Saddle & crusper --- 1. 0. 0
a bridle---0. 2. 0
(Pages 473 through h8l comprise an Estimate of the Ezpence for the
Colony of Georgia, for one Year to commence from Michaelmas 1739f
and were not copies.)
219a (473)
EB. The Expence
of the Minister
Savannah will
he Saved this
Year. Mr. V/hite
field going at
his own Expence.
Estimate b of the Expence for the Colony of Georgia for one Year to
commence from Michaelmas 1739
At Savannah
Salary to the first Magistrate.3^:
Eo. to the second & third Magistrate and the Recorder
at 2oP each. 60:
Eo, to the Secretary and Postmaster for himself
Clark &c. 100:
Eo, to the Register, upon transmitting an exact Account,
of all the Grants pursuant to his Instructions. . . . 20:
Bo, to two Ministers, Vizt. One at Savannah and one
for the Out Settlements at 50. each.. 100:
Eo, to the Schoolmaster at Savannah in lieu of Food ... 10:
Eo, to the Schoolmaster of the Saltzhurghers a Gratuity . 5;
Eo. to the Parish Clerk at Savannah
Eo, to the puhlick Midwife at Savannah for the Poor,
and Trust Servants, besides five shillings p Laying;
and to be obliged to go on all Occasions when required.
Bo. to the publick Overseer of the Garden and Mulberry
Trees, for keeping an Horse to see what Plantations
are made, and to attend the Garden at Transplanting
time; and for taking an Account of every Mans
Planting, and sending the same over.. . , 10:
2191) (473)
Do. to the Heed Gardiner, having no land and to find himself;
besides having Liberty to sell the seeds at rates to be
enrunerated, but not Plants.20:
365. 0.
(474) Salary to the Overseer of the Trust Servants employed in
cultivating Trust Lands, and Lands for Religious
Uses; to have no Land and find himself, to keep
a weekly book of Labour by Taskd Work, and make
monthly Returns to the Secretary in the Province . . . 3^
Ho. to the publick Blacksmith for mending Militia
Arms L 15 nd for mending Indian Arms L 20 . . . . 35?
Do. to the Italian Family employd in the producing
Raw Silk.... 20;
Alienee to tbhe Reforder for aClerk.20;
Do. to the four Constables at Savannah their Duty
frequently calling them away from their Occupations.
1 T-.,
In lieu of Provisions formerly given them } 10.
ea.ch.... 40:
Do. to the chief Magistrate for publick Rejoj/cings,
Anniversary Days&c.. 4;
Do. to the Cowpen keeper for the Trust and Peoples Cattle
for Cloaths Wages and Provision L 25 and for
keeping two Horses, Farrier ALIO.35:
219c (47^)
Do. to the Pilot at Tubee, to he obliged to give strict
attendance to have the Boat and sufficient hands
always upon the Spot (not less then two besides the
Pilot) and to keep the Boat in repair; being first
supplied with the Boat and its Appurtenances, and to
be allowed besides for Pilotage in and. out to Sea
again by the Captain of each Ship so piloted as follows
Vizt. for every Ship (475) drawing eleven feet Water
and under twelve feet Four Shillings p Foot Draught,
and for every Ship exceeding twelve feet draught Five
shilling p foot Draught for every foot so exceeding,
besid.es the four Shillings p foot voider twelve feet
draught ...........40
Allowance for the care of the Widows of Trust Servants, till
married or in Service due regard being had to their Age
and Infirmities) not exceeding. 100
Allowance for the care of the Sick Vizt. Food
Apothecary*s Drugs, Attendance, Midwife, Wurses burying
the dead &c. being for such only as ane on the poor
Account, and Trust Servants, not exceeding.150
Allowance to the three Magistrates for the Maintenance
and Cloa.thing of two Servants each in Sickness and in
health at 12:3:4 a year each . .. 73
219d (475)
II:B: the Servant Allowance to the Recorder, tv/o Ministers the Italian Pamily
to the Minister
will he saved for the Silk and to the V/idow Vanderplank v/hose husband was
this year by Mr.
Whitefields late Haval Officer for the Maintenance and Cloathing of one
going at his own
Expence Servant each in Sickness and in health at the sane rate . . , 60;l6: 8
Allowance to the Cowpenkeeper for the Maintenance and Cloathing
of an Helper at the same rate.12: 3j 4
Eor the Charge of sixty Men Trust Servants to be enployed as
follows. Vizt. Hine at and for the Saw Mill, four in the
publick Garden, seven in cultivating Lands for Religious
Uses, and forty in cultivating Bouveries Farm for the use of
the Colony And these Servants to have Lands set out for
themselves, & to labotir by weekly Task work to be settled
by their (476) Overseerp to encourage them to fini^ such
985: 0; 0
Task Work and have the remainder of the week to them
selves. To be paid by the week after the rate of eight
pence a day each to maintaun themselves in Provision &
Cloathing therewith, but upon not performing their weekly
Task Work, then to be paid in proportion to the Work
they do.......................... 730:
The Women Servants to be employed in labour as the Ovdrseer
shall direct, and to be paid by the week after the rate of
Sixpence a day each, to maintain them selves in Provision &
Cloathing therewith; but upon not performing their Work as
then to be paid in preportion to the Work they
219e (476)
The Children of six Years old ajid upwards of such
Servants, to he employed as the Overseer shall direct; and
the Maintenance of them for Provision and Cloa.thing to he paid
hy the week after the rate of fotir pence a day each one with
another, hut those Children of such Servants under six Years
old are to he maintained hy their Parents out of their
MB The Charge of the Servants for ciiltivating the Lands
for Religious Uses, and Bouveries Land, will (it is hoped) if
good Seasons happen gradually he eased; hy the Produce, or hy
the reduced Lands to Parmers at settled Rents.
HB All Savings on the head of Trust Servants for Nonperformance of
their Task Work hy Idleness Burning away. Sickness &c must
he accoted. for to the Trust; which the Overseer is to he
carefull of, and keep a weakly Acot. thereof
1715: 0; 0
(477) Por Grindstones, Saws, Plains, Hails and other Tools and
Necessary Materials. 15:
Por repair of Tools.. 5:
Por repair of the Houses and Machines used Encourage
ments and other Incidents, on the Production of Raw
Silk 50
219f (^77)
Total E3!i>ence of Savannah Division (besides the
Purchase of the proper Pilot Boat at Tybee Value about 60.
And the Amount of the Charges of the Women Servants & _
Children of Trust Servants) amounts to.I 1785 1785
At Frederica
Salary to the first Mggigtrate & Correspondant with
the Secretary of the Province. hO
Do. to the Second & third Magistrate @ 15 each. ^0
Do. to the Recorder. 20
Do. to the Minister. 50
Do, to the Overseer of the Trust Servants en^jloyed in
cultivating Trust Lands & Lands for Religious Uses;
to have no Land and find himself to keep a Weekly
Book of Labour by Task'd work, and make monthly
Returns to the Secretary in the Province. 25
Do, to the publick Blacksmith for mending Militia arms , 15
Do. to the Schoolmaster at Frederica.' 10
Do. to the Parish Clerk at Frederica. 5
Do. to the publick Midwife at Frederica for the Poor &
Trust Servants, besides five Shillings p laying: &
to be obliged to go on all Occasions when required . 5
219g (^77)
Allowance to the chief Magistrate for ptihlicfc Rejoycings,
Anniversary Day &c.
Do. to the two Constables at Frederica, theiry Duty
frequently calling them away from their Occupation
10 each.
(478) Allov/ance for the Care of Widows of Trust Seirvants till
married or in Service (due regard being had to their Age
& Infirmities)
for the
of the
Sick. Vizt. Food
Apothecarys Dyugs, Attendance, Midwife, Nurses, burying
the dead &c: being for such only as are f. on the poor
Accompt. & Trust Servts. not exceeding.
For a Coasting Boat to be worked by a Coxon @ 2^"^ a month
fotir hands @ 25 a month each, for Repairs of the Boat
50. a Year; and for the Pxirchase of the Boat value L 10 .
Allowance to the Pilot at Jekyll or St. Simons to be
obliged to give strict attendance, to have the Boat &
sufficient hands always upon the Spot (not less then two
besides the Pilot) and to keep the Boat in repair; being
first supplied with the Boat & it's appurtenances. And
to be allowed besides for Pilotage in and out to Sea again
by the Captain of each ship so Piloted as follows Vizt.
For every Ship drawing eleven feet water and under twelve
feet Four shillings p foot draught, and for every Ship
21911 (^78)
exceeding twelve feet draiight, Five shillings p foot draught for
every foot so exceeding "besides the four shillings p foot under
twelve feet draught
Allowance to the first Magistrate & the Minister for the
Maintenance & Cloathing of one Servant each in Sickness &
in health 12:3:4 a year each.* . . 24; 6; 8
Por the Charge of Twenty one Men Trust Servants to te
employed as follows "Vizt. seven in cultivating Lands
for Eeligious Uses, seven in cultivating ifflfflsx&ixxft
Trust Lands at Prederica, and seven in cultivating Trust Lands
at St. Simons SlTiff for the use of the Colony, And these
Servants to have Lands set out for them selves, and to laUour
"by (479) weekly Task work to "be settled "by their Overseer,
to encourage them to finish such Task work and have the
Eeraainder of the we^ to them selves. To "be paid "by the
week after the rate of eight pence a day each to maintain
themselves in Provision and Cloathing therewith; But upon
not performing their weekly Task work, then to Be paid in
proportion to the work they do. 355:^0:
To seventeen Women Servants to "be emploii^d in lahour as the
Overseer shall direct, and to "be paid "by the week after
the rate of six pence a day each, to maintain themselves
in Provision and Cloathing therewith; But upon not per
forming their Work as directed, then "be paid in proportion
, , . 155; 2; 6
to the work they ao..****
219i (^79)
IIB The Children of these Servants are all under six Years old,
& are to he maintained hy their Parents out of their
KB The Charge of the Servts: for cultivating the Lands for
Religious Uses & the Use of the Colony; will (it is
hoped) if good Seasons happen gradually he eased hy the
Produce, or hy Settling the reduced Lands to Parmers at
settled Rents.
KB All Savings on the Head of Trust Servants for non
performance of their Task work hy idleness Running
away. Sickness &c. Must he Accorpted for to the Trust,
which the Overseer is to he carefull of, and keep a
weekly Accot. thereof.
Total Ejqpence of Frederica Division (besides the Purchase of the
proper Pilot Boat & JekyU or St: Simons Value about L 60)
amot, to L 1020:9:2
General Charges
Surveying Lands to he paid p Acre not exceeding.50
Incident Essences Vizt, erecting puhlick Buldings &
Bridges, raising Banks purchase of new Boats (h80) when
lost or worn out, occasional Piettiaugu a hire to Frederica or
Charles Town from Savannah at four quincas each hire to each
Place, purchase of seed for Trust Lands, supply of Trust
219S (480)
Cattle Hogs Ponltery &c. Excess of dearness of Provision
which may make it necessary to encrease Servants allowance
Eepair of Mills Light House, Crane, & all puhlick Civil
Buildings & works; not exceeding. 500:
Towards huilding and repairing ChurcheB, Btiying Furnit-ure,
Books for the School &c not exceeding.100;
To execute Justice, pursue fugitive Servants & Felons;
not exceeding ...... .......... 100;
For Paper Books and other Stationary Ware for the Colony,
with Charges of sendg; not exceeding.. 30s
For Presents to the Indians including the Charges of
sending and Insurance & for entertaining them when they
come down; not exceeding.. 500:
For encouraging usefull Inventions Parts, as Silk wine
Potash Pottery Ware &c not exceeding.314:10:10
Charges in England
Salary to the Secretary.150:
Bo. to the Accoinptant.150;
Wages to the Messenger at 4 a week. 10; 8;0
Bo. to the Housekeeper at 2/6 a week ..... 6:10;0
220k (480)
Extraordinary Clerkship one Year with another . 48: 2:0
Eeifard to the Accoinptsnt for hie extrordinary
Trouble in attending the Trustees Business at
the Coustom house & in making checquing &
accenting the Sola Bills; & other Business not
relat; to the Office of Accomptant; being the
same as allowed in each Year, for tifo Years
passed.... 100:
Stationary Ware & Printing one Year with
Incident Charges one Year with another ..... 40:
House Eent.. 301
Sola Bills one year with another.25;
* 600:
(481) further General Charges for the Colony
For the Georgia Scout Boat consisting of a atroon & ten men
& ^revision for them ..258:15: 1
For Provisions & Shoes for the Cock swain and seven Bowers
for the Boat at St; Andreifs at 6 ea. .. 48;
ToxMxixS Wm; Stephens Esqr. for his Services from Midsr.
1739 to Michas foil before the Estimate take place. 25J