Petition of the inhabitants of Burke County, [Georgia], 1789 Jan. 28, to the speaker and house of assembly [of Georgia] / William Allen ... [et al.]

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
Petition of the inhabitants of Burke County, [Georgia], 1789 Jan. 28, to the speaker and house of assembly [of Georgia] / William Allen ... [et al.]
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Indians of North America--Warfare
Georgia. Militia--Appropriations and expenditures
United States, Georgia, Burke County, Waynesboro, 33.08987, -82.01567
This document dated January 28, 1789 is a petition from the inhabitants of the Rocky Comfort settlement of Burke County, Georgia to the Georgia Assembly complaining of having to send payment for their specific tax, ostensibly for support of soldiers fighting unnamed Indians, to either Waynesboro or Buckhead instead of keeping it in upper Burke County.
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To the Honourable [Honorable] the Speaker and House of Assembly
The Petition Humbly Sheweth that we the Inhabitants of Rockey Comfort and the upper part of Burke County do Labour [Labor] under a Grieveance [Grievance] in Regard of Sending our Specific Tax to Waynsborough or to Buckhead which is (30 or forty miles from the before mencion,d [mentioned] upper End of Burke which in all probability for are to be dispos'd [disposed] of for the Support of our Army against the Indians and as the before Mencion,d [Mentioned] distance is a Contrary way from Where in all probability it will be wanting,
Last year we paid in Rockey Comfort Settlement and it was Brought from near the before Mencion,d [Mentioned] distance here you may be well Assur,d [Assured] we do not by this presume to oppose the Laws of our Country or Refuse to pay watever [whatever] the Legislator [Legislature] Should Inflict on us but Considering it So Very disadvantageous to our Inhabitants and Noways advanceing the the publick [advancing the public] Interest we thought it most advisable to petition to you on the Ocation Hopeing [Occasion Hoping] your Honourable [Honorable] Body will take it into Consideration and in Consequence of which we may have permision [permission] to give in where may be Considerd [Considered] Most advantageous for publick [public] & private Interest all which we Humbly Submit to Your Judicious Judgement [Judgment] and waits in Expectation that you will Condesend [Condescend] to grant the [deleted text: [illegible text] ] Request of your Hbl [Humble] peticoners [petitioners]

& we will Ever pray
[Signed] William allen
[Signed] Soloman Wifleay 1
[Signed] [unclear text: Thos Tonnell ] 2
[Signed] Wm. [William] A. Burton 3
[Signed] Blass: [Blassingame] Harvey Junr [Junior] 4
[Signed] Thos [Thomas] Drake 5
[Signed] Tom. Jones 6
[Signed] Blasg [Blassingame] Harvey 7
[Signed] Robert Spullock
[Signed] Tandy C. Key
[Signed] John Ford
[Signed] Wm. [William] Blackmon
[Signed] William Pollard
[Signed] Elijah Bragg
[Signed] [unclear text: Walthall ] Burton
[Signed] D Harris 8
[Signed] Robert French 9
[Signed] Pollard 10
[Signed] Thos [Thomas] Harvey 11
[Signed] Augustus Easter 12
[Signed] Jno [John] Darbey 13
[Signed] [unclear text: Champness ] Terry 14
[Signed] Henry Cocks 15
[Signed] Saml. [Samuel] Ratilliff 16
[Signed] [unclear text: Champness ] Terry 17
[Signed] Saml. [Samuel] Boasman 18
[Signed] Chapmon Talor 19
[Signed] Nicholas Currey 20

Page: [2]

[Signed] Stepen Morgan 21
[Signed] Charnol Hitower 22
[Signed] Morris Murphrey 23
[Signed] [unclear text: Peter Kolb ] -- 24
[Signed] Elisabeth Scott 25
[Signed] Saml. [Samuel] Andrew 26
[Signed] John Roughton 27
[Signed] Wm. [William] Clarke -- 28
[Signed] [deleted text: ] 29
[Signed] Wm. [William] Thomas 30
[Signed] John [unclear text: Moreland ] 31
[Signed] John Dennis 32
[Signed] Cader vining 33
[Signed] Thomas Clark 34
[Signed] Wm [William] [unclear text: Rowe ] 35
[Signed] Jesse vining 36
[Signed] James Hodges 37
[Signed] Abram Dennis 38
[Signed] John Martin 39
[Signed] Matthew Carswell 40

Sundry Inhabitants
Burke County to the Legislature and
referred to this Board
Order taken

28th Jany [January] 1789.

Jan. [January] 28, 1789

This Petition is referred by the Legislature to the order of the Executive as they are fully empowered by the Act of Assembly for laying a Specific tax to appoint places for the reception of the Specifics

[Signed] Jas. [James] M Simmons Clk. G A [Clerk General Assembly]

[deleted text: [illegible text] ] referred to the Executive