Petition of [the] inhabitants of Burke County, [Georgia], 1787 Oct. 18, to [the] Governor [of Georgia] / Jesse Inman ... [et al.]

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
Petition of [the] inhabitants of Burke County, [Georgia], 1787 Oct. 18, to [the] Governor [of Georgia] / Jesse Inman ... [et al.]
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Indians of North America--Warfare
Georgia. Militia
Military assistance
United States, Georgia, Chatham County, Ogeechee River, 31.833554, -81.0276046
United States, Georgia, Burke County, 33.06115, -82.00078
This document dated October 18, 1787 is a petition from the inhabitants of Burke County, Georgia to an unnamed Governor (probably George Mathews, 1787-1788, 1793-1796) and the Executive Council. The petitioners indicate that they have been engaged in fortifying a location known as Wood's Fort on the Ogeechee River. They request fifty men and horses to assist them in repelling unnamed Indians in the vicinity. The petition is signed by about 50 individuals.
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To The honourable [honorable] the [deleted text: [illegible text] ] [added text (appears to be different ink): Governor ] and [deleted text: other ] members of the [deleted text: General Assembly ] [added text (appears to be different ink): Executive Council ] now Siting [Sitting] in augusta
The humble petition of the Subscribers residents of Captain [unclear text: Lett ] s, Green's & Whitakers districts shew [show]
That your petitioners are (at their own expence [expense] ) [document damaged] finishing a fort on the North Side of Ogeeche abou [document damaged: t ] One mile from the lower Corner of Washington County Known by the name of Wood's Fort, The daily and alm [document damaged: ost ] hourly alarm hath made this (in our opinion) a necessary Work. And as there is a large space of uninhabited and unguarded land, lying between us and the Indians, we therefore pray Your honourable [honorable] body to grant us the priviledge [privilege] of having fifty men and horses, for the Sole purpose of Guarding the aforesaid Fort and districts, and this we [document damaged] lling to do at our own expence [expense] (arms and ammunition [document damaged: Ex ] cepted)

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever [document damaged] pray --
[Signed] Jesse Inman
[Signed] Dannel Inman
[Signed] Stephen Powel
[Signed] John [unclear text: Write ]
[Signed] James Cent
[Signed] Arthur Lott
[Signed] William Roberts
[Signed] Simon Shepard
[Signed] James Tindel
[Signed] James Johnston
[Signed] Mark Lott
[Signed] Nathan Lott
[Signed] Absolom Lott
[Signed] John Lott Junr [Junior]
[Signed] Jese Wiggians
[Signed] Arthur moore
[Signed] Wm. [William] Lott
[Signed] Hughes Pattin
[Signed] William Downs
[Signed] William henson
[Signed] John Gilstrap
[Signed] John Johnson
[Signed] John tendel
[Signed] Thomas Spikes
[Signed] Simeon Gandries
[Signed] William Nelson
[Signed] James Hendly
[Signed] David Hinds
[Signed] William Hinds
[Signed] Timothy Sharp
[Signed] John Greyham
[Signed] Georg Hendry
[Signed] Charles McCullers
[Signed] William Wood
[Signed] Willis Wood
[Signed] George Hendrey
[Signed] Joshua Wood
[Signed] Moses Spence
[Signed] Tharpe Spenc [document damaged: e ]
[Signed] John Spence
[Signed] Samuel Braswe [document damaged]
[Signed] William Newman
[Signed] Joseph Floydd
[Signed] Charles Hendry
[Signed] Jacob Hendry
[Signed] Christopher Snell
[Signed] Samuel Kirkland
[Signed] Andrew Grant
[Signed] James Sartain
[Signed] [illegible text]
[Signed] John Bryan

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Sundry Inhabitants
Burke County
Order taken

18 Octob [October] 1787.