Francis Settle's acco[un]t ag[ain]st the State of Georgia / [signed by] Francis Settle

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The State of Georgia to Francis Settle Dr.

To supporting five Indians prisoners to the said State, four of whom Grown, and the fifth a Child, from the
12th. Sepr. [September] to the
8th. Octr. Inst. [October Instant] 1782 -- -- with common Rations -- 26 days 5 persons a [at] 7 d. Each is 2/11 d. [illegible text] 3/ [illegible text] Days -- £ ,, 3,,18 --

Recd. [Received] an order on Mr. Frederick Rolfes for Six & half Bushels of the Public Salt which when paid will be In full of the above account

[Signed] Francis Settle

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Francis Settle's accot. agst. [account against] State of Georgia