[Letter with enclosures and] map of the defencive [sic] plan of the western frontier [of Georgia], 1793 Feb. 2, [to] Edw[ar]d Telfair, Governor of Georgia / Adj[utant] Gen[era]l Augustus C.G. Elholm

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Febr. [February] the 2d
To his Excellency Edwd [Edward] Telfair Esqr. Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over the said State.
from the Adjt. Genl's [Adjutant General's] Office

I repaired to the Western Frontier for the purpose of Causing four Block Houses to be erected at Such place or places thereon, as should be found best calculated for protecting the Inhabitants, from the ravages of the Indiens [Indians] : And in further observance to General Order has not applied a Sum: exceeding one hundred Pounds for the purpose aforesaid.
I have also in Observance to General Order (issued the
31st December 1792.) Confered [Conferred] with the Major General of the 3d Division. on the subject of erecting Block Houses on such places as will admit of Famelies [Families] occupying the Same: And

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To comply with said General Order the honble [honorable] Major General Clark made a Tour with men on the Western Frontier attended by his Aids: --
Where Stations had already been erected on eligeble [eligible] places for the Common defence, as well as [added text: for that of ] the Local situation of the Settlement we had the Work so erected [added text: appraised ] in concurence [concurrence] of Sentiments that it would meet the approbation of Your Excellency (ever zealous for the Benefit, and encouragement of the respective Families occupying Such Stations) and the appropriation distributed [added text: thus ] on the Line of defence [defense] . Considering the Stations within said Line to be greatly secured by the Stand, and bravery of the Famelies [Families] in the former.
Barnet's Station
This Fort is situate on a rising Ground and Contains ten Families: Its strenght [strength] of Garison [Garrison] is about fifteen Men, with ten fire Arms chiefly Rifles: this Building being situate near Fort Mathews it was not conceived much exposed and therefore not appraised
Norris's Station
This Fort is Occupyed [Occupied] by one Famely [Family], consisting of eight Persons its strenght [strength] of Garison [Garrison] is four men with four Guns: It is situate near an Indien [Indian] path: (see Map) They have a Fort Convinient [Convenient] for a Few Families and have erected a Block-House for its

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Support that Commands a Spring, It is appraised (see appraisement) was [added text: there ] another Block house erected on the opposit [opposite] Corner of the Fort it would make said Station Sufficiently secure, and Convinient [Convenient] for twelve or fourteen Families.
From the best information I have been able to obtain the several Famelies [Families] who have moved of [off] . would perhaps return was another Blockhouse erected on Public Expence [Expense]
About twelve Famelies [Families] have moved of [off], from the Neighbourhood [Neighborhood] but none left the State. They have moved from six to twelve Miles below the Station.
Knox's Station
This Fort is Occupied by two Famelies [Families], and below it the Inhabitants remains at home.
Hill Houses Station at the Furnace
This Fort is advantageously situate, and commands a Spring but Carelessly built, and it is occupied by Six Famelies [Families] : And as their bravery ought not to be neglected and the Building of Public Utility it was appraised (see appraisement)
There is a Station below this at Hillhouses Forge but the Inhabitants who Built it live Generaly [Generally] at home.
Five Famelies [Families] have left the Setlement [Settlement] at the Furnace, and moved to south carolina and Long Creek: NB: [Nota Bene] the Land about is Rich.

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Black's Station
This Fort is badly situate for it is Commanded by a Hill, but has a Spring convinient [convenient] ; It is occupied by seven Famelies [Families] : its strenght [strength] is Seven Men with seven Gunns [Guns] .
As this Fort is [added text: of ] no farther utility than what a blind Confidence will produce from those who occupies it; it has been excluded from the Benefit of the appropriation Fund (see Letter to Col James Little) But Yet as the patriotic will and not [added text: the ] folly of Our distressed Brethern [Brethren] ought to be considered; I had the Building appraised; thereby to recommend the Virtue of those Famelies [Families] to the Philanthropy of the Commander in Chief (see appraisement)
Wilkin's Station.
This Fort is well situate and Commands a Spring; it is occupied by nine Famelies [Families] ; and its Strenght [Strength] is fifteen Men with 19 Gunes [Guns] of which 16 is Rifles besides 6 Pistols and it is Commanded by Col James Little who faught [fought] twenty two Battles in the Late War. this Building was appraised (see appraisement)
The Famelies [Families] in the Station recommanded [recommended] a Blockhouse to be Built in their Front which was agreed to (see Letter to Col Little Dated
January the 23d 1793.)
Trumple's Station
This Fort is occupied by three Famelies [Families] . Two Famelies [Families] have moved away.

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Jones's Station
That Fort is occupied by two Famelies [Families] .
Bushes Station.
This Station is Built by a Guard ordered formerly by Major General Clark: But Captn [Captain] Bush has Built a Blockhouse [added text: since ] in that place and being [unclear text: centrical ] in that Settlement and occupied by industrious Famelies [Families] it was appraised (see appraisement.) It contains 7 Famelies [Families], and its Strenght [Strength] is three Men With Seven Gunes [Guns] .
Norris's near Bushes Station.
This Fort is advantagiously [advantageously] situate and is occupied by two Famelies [Families] sixteen in number its Strenght [Strength] is three Men with three Gunes [Guns] ; the Building erected and the courage exhibited by so few Men Claims the peculiar Notice of the public, this Work was appraised (see appraisement) NB [Nota Bene] :there is a Cain [Cane] Break near it to be claired [cleared] .
But to Notice the Vigilance and Bravery of the Men in Norris's Fort and pass in silence the same Mirit [Merit] unnoticed of those is Captn [Captain] Bushes Station would be unjust, and as those two Stations is situate nearly on a Right angle on the Line of defence [defense] ; and consequently the most exposed to inroads of the Savages: [added text: therefore ] besides the peculiar Esteem their Constancy and conduct acquires of the Government they Claims also the greater attention of the Public.

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Woffort's Station.
This Fort contains 5 Famelies [Families], and Commands four Rifles, 3 Muskets, and two [unclear text: Tusees ] ; It is Built on a Rising Ground, but Commands no Watter [Water] ; therefore a Well is immediately to be [unclear text: Diched ] this Building was appraised (see appraisement.
Ward's Station.
Here was a Fort Commenced on a Hill that Commands a Spring and a Mill five Famelies [Families] were collected at the place, and their strenght [strength] is four Men with four Gunes [Guns] . here is plainty [plenty] of Provision the Famelies [Families] agreed to finish and occupy the Building (see appraisement.
By a recommandation [recommendation] of the Inhabitants on the North Fork of Broad River a Block-house has been directed to be Built on Donnagan's Plantation (: See Letter to Mr George Henning) and as Col Woffort and [added text: some of ] the Men of Wards' Station were present at [added text: the place of ] agreement (at Franklin Court) It was considered and Consented to; by the Concerned that; the sum allowed for the Building of said Fort; should be taken from the appraisement of Ward's, and Woffort's Stations.
Fielders Station
This Fort is not Marked on the Map but from information it is situate Middle way between Fort Mathews, and Greensborough, It is

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Considered by the adjacent Setlers [Settlers] to give security to their Setlement [Settlement] and thus I have the honor to recommend [added text: it ] to Your Excellency in my Report: but to observe at the same that any Sum appropriated to the aforesaid Building can not be conceived, part of the sume [sum] allowed for the defence [defense] of the western Frontier.
Having thus reconnoitred [reconnoitered] and regulated the Line of defence [defense] on [added text: the ] Frontier the draughted [drafted] Militia on duty were aranged [arranged] [added text: suitable to the Plan of defence [defense] ] and recommended accordingly (see Letter to Major Gaither writen [written] by the honble [honorable] Major General Clark.)
A Woman was Murdered by the Indiens [Indians] the
fourth of January Last in Wilkin's Station Siting [Sitting] in her Room the perpetrators Shott [Shot] her through a Small opening bitween [between] two Logs and were so near that the unfortunate Victim was burned with the Charge of the Gunn [Gun] ; being since convinced that an affirmation of the Fact is requisite I have taken the necessary Steps to obtain circumstancial [circumstantial] Depositions see Letter to Majr Genl [Major General] Clark, and Col James Little dated
2d Febr. [February] last.
The subsequent Map is a deliniation [delineation] from Notes taken of the Computed Courses and Destances [Distances] : But altho' [although] [added text: this ] Method is [unclear text: inseparable ] from Geographical errors Yet the Draught [Draft] is sufficiently Corect [Correct] to give your Excellency a ful [full] knowledge of the situation of the Western Line of Defence [Defense] ; And to arrange what encouragement

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You may deem requisite to be given to the respective Stations: for the Sum alloted [allotted] to destributed [distributed] on a Line of defence [defense] Seventy three Miles and a half in extent for to erect Sufficient Buildings for that purpose so much exposed to inroads of the Savages (see Map) Can but at most be concieved [conceived] as assistance given by Government: -- And having made You a Competent Judge of the exposed [added text: Situation ] of Our Suffering fellow Citizens I have the honor to rest their Wellfare [Welfare] with your Patriotic Care! And the Patronage of Government.
As a faith in the readiness [added text: of Government ] to protect its Citizens is requisite to act in conjunction with the efficacy of the community every means has been used to preserve the mutual Confidence that gives Strenght [Strength] [added text: to ] States! and all Laudable Care has been observed to acquire the Fronteer [Frontier] Inhabitants what relief (from this apprehension) the appropriation Fund Could afford; and made the concerned sensible that it is meerly [merely] the United Effort of their immediate Vigilance joint with that of Government that can at present secure the Line of Defence [Defense] ; and not the influensive [influential] Power of the Contingent Fund alone: -- That the Governor of the State knows this: -- And that he watches the Danger of his exposed fellow Citizens on the Frontier every Moment, that his plan for promoting public Safety is formed to sooth [soothe] the inefficacy of the Treasury; and so [deleted text: adated ] adapted

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As to make the capacity of the Fund aloted [alotted] for the defence [defense] of the State, And the spirit of the Inhabitants to go hand in hand: -- That he is entitled to the esteem and confidence of his fellow Citizens, as a political Freind [Friend] that has proved a faithful Pilot to the Nation from its Infancy, and led the State a prosperous Voyage, and remarked further that as there is a natural tendency in all men; to pursue a Renown thro' [through] a Chanel [Channel] Where Our ability bids fair to lead us with success; it must be his [word omitted] as a States-man to See his fellow Citizens happy, firm in Powr [Power], wealthy and splendit [splendid] in Glory! as a Nation.
In respect to the honble [honorable] Major Genl [General] Clark justice leads me to Observe, (not as a recommendation for the former action of that Personage has made that needless but as a statement in my Report) that he has carefully, and Freindly [Friendly] attended to Your Excellencys wish! that on his Tour he has met that ful [full] approbation which You expected the Inhabitants would shew [show] toward that good Man, and that he opportunately [opportunely] assisted to promote the requisite confidence which the importance of my Office requires for the execute General Orders.
As this is the first Report which I have the honor to lay before [deleted text: Your ] the Commander in Chief of the State I must solicit a moment to observe: That as the honor which Georgia has confered [conferred] on me, has placed me

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A Partaker in an extensive Sense of the Glory of its Community; I have a share of happiness in Common with every individual; resulting from the Liberty of the State, and that of the Citizens: And as the means to preserve and indulge the benefit of that Confidence! is left to my Conduct a Steady patriotic pursuit to deserve the Consending [Consenting] approbation of the Commander in Chief, with a testimony of the [added text: applause of ] good Citizens throughout; is become my Inherent first Care!

I have the honor to be
with due observance
Your Excellency's most Obdt [Obedient]
[Signed] Augustus Ch: Geo: [Christian George] Elholm Adjt Genl [Adjutant General]
his Excellency Edwd [Edward] Telfair Esqr Governor and Commander in Chief

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Feb the 2d 1793.
As his Excellency has signified, that it is requisite the Commander in Chief of this State, Should have [added text: a ] deposition or depositions, containing the circumstantial Manner in which the woman in Your Fort was killed; It falls within my Line of Duty to procure the Same.
I therefore take the Liberty to request the favor of the Famelies [Families] who lives in Wilkin's Station; with that of Your Own: -- in that Manner to send me the Strongest proof which can be produced, including the preceedings [proceedings] of the Indiens [Indians], after the much Lamented unfortunate Victim had fell a sacrifice to their Savage mind.
As I conceive that the Governor intents [intends] to foreward [forward] the requisite depositions to the honble [honorable] the Congress; I need not further to urge your Vigilant Patriotic Care!, or remind you how much you will oblige Your fellow Citizens by complying with the earliest speed.
And as his Excellency is ever watchful for the safety of the Frontier Inhabitants, no circumstance that may concern the common

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Welfare must be withheld from his knowledge, I therefore flatter myself that Your Love to the Country will give it in My Power to Report to him every information that may from time to time come within yours: -- And also recommend the same Freindly [Friendly] endeavor to the rest of Our fellow sufferers on the Fronteer [Frontier]

I have the honor to be
your most Obdt Servt [Obedient Servant]
[Signed] Augustus C: Geo: [Christian George] Elholm Adjt [Adjutant] General
Col James Little
Do not forget in your contemplative moments, and Remind the same to your Freinds [Friends] also: -- that the smallness of the Funds alloted [allotted] by the Legislators for the defence [defense] of the Frontier: binds (as it were) the hands of the Governor from doing, what would acquire the acclamation of good men.
His Excellency is not come from savanah but is expected dayly [daily] ; And as soon as I have reported to him I shall write to those concerned on the Frontier.
Address Your Letters for me; to the Governor for fear I might not be in Augusta
[Signed] A:C:G: [Augustus Christian George] Elholm

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State of Georgia

Franklin County
January 23th 1793
In observance to Genl [General] Order issued the
2d of January 1793 by the Commander in Chief of this State The Adjt Genl [Adjutant General] has Confered [Conferred] with Major Genl [General] Clark, for the purpose of pointing out proper places whereon to erect Block-Houses for the safety of the inhabitants on the Western Frontier, convenient to be occupied by Famelies [Families] : And from an attentive Survey, it is found necessary that there must be a Block house erected on Mr Donnagan's place near the Curawhee Mountain.
The Inhabitants are therefore jointly called on to erect a Block house on the above mentioned place; to be two Story of convinient hight [convenient height], the Lower to be twenty Feet in the Clair [Clear] ; and the upper twinty [twenty] two, well flored [floored] and covered; and suplyed [supplied] with a Door four Inches thick made of Oak: And the further condition is such, that if a Famely [Family], or Famelies [Families] will built [build] and occupy the said Blockhous [Blockhouse] they shall receive eight Pounds in Cash from the Public.
It is our joint wish that you will oblige us in superintending the Building directed above and your Speedy Compliance will Further Oblige the Public in general.

[Signed] Elijah Clark Majr Genl [Major General]

[Signed] A:C:Geo [Augustus Christian George] Elholm Adjt Genl [Adjutant Geneal]
George Henning Esqr.

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Franklin County
January 23d 1793
In observance to Genl [General] Order issued the
2d of January 1793 by the Commander in Chief of this State; the Adjt Genl [Adjutant General] has confered [conferred] with the honble [honorable] Major Genl [General] Clark for the purpose of pointing out proper places whereon to erect Block houses for the safety of the Inhabitants on the Western Frontier; convinient [convenient] to be occupied by Famelies [Families] ; And from an attentive Survey it is found necessary that there must be a Block House erected, either a little above, and within the confluence of Grove Fork, and that of Hudson's or else one to be occupied at Wilkin's Station; But as there is already a Station Built at the Latter place by the Case of the brave Inhabitants (adjacent) that may answer in some respect, and which is judged by Col John Steward, Major John M: Whitney, and Captn [Captain] F: Phinizy as appraisers called on for that purpose by Major Genl [General] Clark, and the Adjt Genl [Adjutant General] of the State to be worth twelve Pounds ten Shilling, the Inhabitants of the said Station are entitled to draw by this the said Sum; from the Public: with condition that they do continue to occupy the same.
Should the Famelies [Families] at Wilkins' Station or adjacent thereto wish to have a Block

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House erected in mentioned Fork, we leave it at their Option to do so,; And for doing that four Pounds Shall be allowed in addition to the above Mentioned Sum : With condition that it will be occupied by Famelies [Families] : -- And as Captn Black's Station is very disadvantagiously [disadvantageously] situate, the Famelies [Families] there; if they will join with those in Wilkin's Station (in the common defence [defense] ) Shall be entitled to a due Share of the above Mentioned Sums: --
It is Our joint wish that you will Supperintend [Superintend] on the occasion as above directed and your Speedy Compliance with assistance will Further oblige the public in General.

[Signed] Elijah Clark Major Genl [General]
[Signed] Augustus C: Geo [Christian George] Elholm Adj Genl [Adjutant General]
Col James Little Commander in Fort Wilkens

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Hickory Grove Wilkes County
Jan: the 25th 1793
Observant to General Ord [Order] issued by the Commander in Chief of this State I have reconnoitred [reconnoitered] the Western Frontier accompanied by the Adjt Genl [Adjutant General] And from the attentive survey it is Our opinion (jointly) that the Number of Mounted draughted [drafted] Militia now on duty; must be continued to patrol along the Frontier to secure the inhabitants against the inroads of the Savages; and recommends it strongly to you; that half a Troop of Mounted Militia be stationed at Ward's Mill on Tugaloo; of which one half at a time is to patrol from thence alternately to Woffords Station Visiting Donnagan's Station on the way; And that the remaining half of the said Troop may be stationed at Norris's near Bushes Station, and in a like manner to patrol to Woffort's Station.
And that another Troop of Mounted Militia, may continue at Hillhouses Iron Work Station, one half of which to patrol from thence to Norris Near Bushes, divided into two divisions, and alternately on the Scout Carefully Visiting the respective stations situate on the way: -- And that the remaining half do patrol in a like manner from the Iron Work to Fort Mathews Visiting also the respective Inhabitants stationed on the way; And that part of a Troop of Militia do patrol between Fort Mathews and Greensborough.

I am Your most Obdt [Obedient]
[Signed] Elijah Clark Major Genl [General]
Major Gaither Commandant

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[ Note: This page consists of a large map.; A Map of the Defencive [Defensive] Plan of the Western Frontier planed [planned] in Observance to Genl [General] Order issued by the Commander in Chief of this State to the Adj Genl [Adjutant General]
December the 31st 1792 (Governments house Augusta ]