Petition of the frontier inhabitants adjasent [sic] to Andrew [?] Armor['s] / J[oh]n Wallace ... [et al.]

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We the Subscribers being desirous of promoting the Intrust [Interest] of the frontier Inhabitants adjasent [adjacent] to An [document damaged: drew ] Armours being Eight Miles below Fort Phillips and on the Oconee River, do recommend that a Block house & fort be erected at said place as it appears to be the wish of the inhabitents [inhabitants] near there who have Large farms & this being Granted will enable them when Supported by Men to carrey [carry] on there farm [added text: s ] as at present they have evacuated and left [deleted text: the ] the Savages to burn & destroy those crops of small grain, and your petitioners shall ever pray &.

[Signed] Jno [John] Wallace
[Signed] L Jenkins
[Signed] Rene Fitzpatrick
[Signed] Jno [John] Harrison
[Signed] Pyton T. Smith
[Signed] Geo [George] Phillips
[Signed] Jos. Patrick
[Signed] Thos [Thomas] Owen
[Signed] Little B Jenkins
[Signed] John Jinkins
[Signed] And [Andrew] [unclear text: Armor ]
[Signed] Jos Fitpatrick
[Signed] Elihu Lyman J.P.

[Signed] [illegible text] W. Foster J.P.

[Signed] Wm [William] Scott
[Signed] Jno [John] McAlister
[Signed] Dan J. Young
[Signed] Jno. [John] Blair
[Signed] John [unclear text: Amor ] Capt

[Signed] Wm [William] Hill
[Signed] R. McAlpin J.P.

[Signed] James [unclear text: Armor ]

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Peyton to [illegible text]