[Letter] 1799 Oct. 11, Flint River [to] Capt[ai]n Span or Capt[ai]n [John?] Swelley, Montgomery County, Georgia / Timothy Barnard

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flint river
11th octr. [october] 1799
Captn [Captain] Span
I have Just arrived at home a few dayes agoe [days ago] after been abstent [absent] for above these three months with the Commishsioners [Commissioners] of the U: [United] States and Spain runing [running] the boun [added text: drey ] [boundary] line betwen [between] the two governments they are now gone on to the head of St maryes -- were [where] I expect they will finish there [their] Busine [added text: ss ] before they leave that place. this day little Sam an ussechaw Indian and his cumra [added text: de ] [comrade] Billy arrived here on there [their] way down to your Settlement with two horses one the [document damaged: y ] say was Stole from you and the other is the horse his Excellency Governor -- Jackson paid the Chehaw King too [two] Dols [Dollars] for last winter that was Stole by White people and the horse made his Escape and got home again and as he was paid for by the governor he is Sent to be delive [added text: rd ] [delivered]

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to his Excely [Excellency] plese [please] have him Sent on and git [get] a receipt for the delivery that I may certifye [certify] to the Chiefs of the nation that he is deliverd [delivered] -- the dogg Lieutnt [Lieutenant] Sayes [Says] he talked last winter to Young Captn [Captain] Swelley and told him not to be in dread of there [their] horses been [being] Stole that if any of the red people Should Steale [Steal] any and bring them into the Indian towns that he would be Sure to take them and Send them back he Sayes [Says] its much against the heads of all there [their] town that horse Stealing Should Still be pracktised [practiced] on your Settlement [unclear text: [document damaged] earetheless [nevertheless] ] he Sayes [Says] there is but two bad -- young men that keeps it up wich [which] if they doe [do] not Quit they meain [mean] to punish the dogg -- Lieutenant Sayes [Says] there is two or three horses Stolen more aboute [about] belonging to your Settlements but they are taken in the woods as Soon as they are brought

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in he meains [means] to have them taken and Sent down and is determined as he Sayes [Says] he told Captn [Captain] Swelley that no Stolen horses from the white Settlements Shall be deta [added text: ined ] in his town [deleted text: [illegible text] ] take uppon [upon] my Self to inform you Gentlemen on that part of the frontiers that the whole of the Chiefs of the nation Seem desireous [desirous] to take Ste [document damaged: ps ] to put a Stop to Steeling [Stealing] from the whi [document damaged: te ] frontiers as you all know those two [document damaged] to be well behaved men wile [while] in your [document damaged: Sett ] lements it will be necessary that you that are leadeing [leading] men in that quarter will be carefull [careful] in Gaurding [Guarding] against there been [their being] molested, I Expect they will require Something for there [their] trouble --

remains Sir with respect your most Obdt [Obedient] humble Servt [Servant]
[Signed] Timothy Barnard

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Timothy Barnard
Flint River
11 Octor [October] 99
Ordd [Ordered] to be filed

22 Octor [October] 99

Florida line


Captn [Captain] Span or Captn [Captain] Swilley [illegible text] In Montgumrey County Oconee Georgia for Indian Sam and billy