[Letter] 1793 July 9, [to] Gen[era]l John Twiggs, Augusta [Georgia] / Timothy Barnard

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9th. July 1793
Dear Sir)
After I finished my dispatches by August his horse was taken very Sick and I belive [believe] with the distemper that I lost near all my horses with, if he Should recover Shall Send him down to the rock [document damaged: landing ] or Cows Bluff by the first oppertunity [opportunity] . The day before yesterday an Express arriv'd [arrived] for Majr. [Major] Segrove in Consequence of the death of young Cornel, who was murdered by one hamton that Come there some time ago from Georgia, and brought of [off] through this Nation a very fine darke [dark] Bay more upwards of Fifteen hands high, which I have heard Since he Stole from his Excellency Governor Telfair, this reached hearing by the fellow thus went in a head that Cornels was on his way down, gathered a [unclear text: parcel ] of Vilions [Villains] like him Self, though he new [knew] he was on Business

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and went out on purposs [purpose] to kill him, I Set of [off] this day into the Town to Strive if the Indians can be pasified [pacified] about it (though am very [unclear text: unwell ] ) which I hope may be Effected tho [though] it was a Vilinous [Villainous] piece of Business as the [they] were all from Majr. [Major] Seagrovs [document damaged: station ]

Yours Sincerely
[Signed] Timothy Barnard
a True Coppy [Copy]

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Genl. [General] John Twiggs

Timothy Barnard

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