[Letter] 1842 Dec. 17, Camp McMullen, Georgia, [to] Charles J. McDonald, Gov[ernor] of Georgia, Milledgeville, [Georgia] / Capt[ain] Aaron Jernigan

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Camp Mcmullen Ga
December 17th 1842
I have again thought it expedient to address you and inform you that in compliance with your wishes; I have this day discharged the detachment at this place and on the 14th instant I discharged the two detachments at Fort Gilmer and Fort Jackson. I also forward my Rolls with as little delay as possible; but by having no blank forms they may not be made correct but I hope will answer. --
as the citizens in this part of the country would be desirous that [deleted text: that ] the troops [deleted text: now in ] would be continued in service until it was certain that a lasting peace was concluded betwixt the Federal force and the Indians, and for my part I Should recommend a force kept in the field, Least as heretofore when the troops are [deleted text: disch ] all withdrawn the Indians may come and murder and burn all whom they might find unprotected. I have been recently informed that the Indians have left South and is on their way in this direction and have committed Several murders down in florida.
If it Should meet your Excellencys approbation to have troops continued in the field under existing circumstances it would not be

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convenient for me to Serve; But would recommend either Lieut [Lieutenant] [unclear text: Burnside ] or Lieut [Lieutenant] Clyatt as a fitting person [deleted text: to ] for to take the command. --
I also wish [deleted text: to ] to inform your Excellency that there has been no depredations committed by the Indians Since I have been in Service in the Section of country assigned to my command

I have the honor to be your Obt Servt [Obedient Servant]
[Signed] A [Aaron] Jernigan
His Excellency Charles J McDonald Gov. [Governor] of Georgia Milledgeville

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By Express
His Excellency Charles J. McDonald Gov. [Governor] of Georgia Milledgeville

Capt. [Captain] Jernigan