[Letter with enclosure] 1842 Aug. 16, Lowndes County, [Georgia to Governor] Cha[rle]s J. McDonald / Levi J. Knight

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Lowndes County
August 16th 1842
His Excellency Chas. [Charles] J McDonald
Sir enclosed I send you the copy of a letter from Lieutenant Thos [Thomas] S T Knight informing me of a desperate outrage committed upon the Citizens of this County, I also Send enclosed an extract of a Letter I Recd. [Received] from Capt [Captain] Johnson two days ago -- stating a large body of Indians had escaped from Col [Colonel] Worth, or a report to that effect had reached them from the U.S. Post if this should be true, much trouble may be expected on the frontier the Indians has never left the section of Country where they committed the late depredation since they murdered Robesons family on the florida side of the line, but from Leut. [Lieutenant] Knights letter they must have been reinforced or at least got a supply of ammunition for at the time they murdered Robesons family they appeard [appeared] chiefly to be armed with bows & arrows, they now have guns & ammunition. them Indians no doubt stays in Ocilla Swamp as it is immensely large, below the Ga. [Georgia] Line and unless they are routed from there will continue to annoy our frontier in that section, I have again ordered Majr [Major] Deas to place a detachment of [added text: 30 ] men in that neighbourhood [neighborhood] and continue them untill [until] I can hear from you, Some protection must be afforded this section or they will entirely be broken up I send this by express, and will cheerfully do anything you may direct for the protection, of the people on the frontier I have sent to Capt [Captain] Johnson and directed him to send immediately and Let Capt [Captain] Jernigan know of the outrage

I have the Honour [Honor] to be your Excellencys Obedient and Humble Servant
[Signed] Levi J Knight

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Lowndes County
August 14 1842
Sir I have this day visited the place of a most dareing [daring] outrage committed committed [committed] on the Citizens of this County by the Indians five men Killed and six mortally [added text: wounded ] and some Slightly wounded, On Thursday the
11th Inst [Instant] five men Thos [Thomas] F McMullen, John Sandrich, David Rowell, John Pender and George Sessions went out a driving for deer when near [unclear text: Gum ] Swamp Rowell Pender and Sessions stoped [stopped] a while and McMullen and Sandrich went on to a Lake where they were to meet, and alighted from their [unclear text: horses ] to wait until the other three should come up, McMullen states they had not got off of their horses more than a minute and sat down when they were fired on by Indians killed Sandrich dead McMullen Rose up and fired at the Indians saw three Indians rushing on him he jumped on his horse and dashed off the Indians Continued firing shot him through the body and shot his horse through but he made his escape to Col. [Colonel] Baileys in Florida where his horse died, Sandrich's horse took fright and ran off towards the other three men they thinking the horse had escaped from his master led him back, and when near the place where Sandrich was killed the Indians fired on them shot Rowell Down, and shot Pender through and broke Sessions arm, Pender & Sessions broke on their horses Penders horse was shot through and he went a few hundred yards and dropped dead, and Pender went a short distance further and died also. Sessions made his Escape, the Indians went from where they killed these men into the Plantation of A J Lee, whose Negroes were working in the field and a white man by the name of Keneda they Killed Keneda and our Negro man and Mortally wounded another Negro man, the Citizens assembled on hearing of the news and went in search of them, the same day and where they went through the field they counted 22 diferent [different] tracks in the field there was 17 men in the Company and about sun set they overtook the Indians near the swamp they fought for some time

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but the Indians was to [too] strong, and Drove them back a short distance but a reinforce coming up the whites renewed the attack and drove the Indians into the swamp. Three of the men, James McMullen, John Pinkston & Walter Blackburn was dangerously supposed mortally wounded Several others slightly wounded This depredation was in this County a few miles above the Line I did not hear of it untill [until] too late to join the Company Citizens that has gone after them, there is about fifty men who started yesterday in pursuit. I have not heard from them yet, it is supposed that there is at least 40 of these Indians The Citizens Pray you to send them relief if in your power

I am your Obt Srvnt [Obedient Servant]
[Signed] Thomas S T Knight
To Gl. [General] Levi J. Knight

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Levi J. Knight