[Letter] 1842 June 15, Fort Jackson, Georgia, [to] Governor Charles J. McDonald, Milledgeville, Georgia / Aaron Jernigan

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Fort Jackson Georgia
June 15th 1842
I respectfully report to your Excellency that I have kept up regular Scouts and have thoroughly examined the exposed district without [added text: making ] any discovery of Signs of a later date [added text: then ] the murdering of the old lady [deleted text: lady ] in ware county which you have been heretofore informed of the Indians have recently been doing their work of havock [havoc] on the citizens of florida, by killing of eight or ten persons and burning of Several buildings, this happened in about thirty five or forty miles of the Georgia line near on their route when on their way to visit the Georgia frontier and I believe had it not been for the Scouting kept up on the line that they would of made another venture on the Georgia inhabitants. I will continue in the performance of my duty as long as the protection of the Georgia frontier is intrusted to me

I have the honor to be your Obt Servt [Obedient Servant]
[Signed] A. [Aaron] Jernigan
His Excellency Charles J McDonald} Gov. [Governor] of Georgia}

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June 21
His Excellency Charles J. McDonald Governor of Georgia Milledgeville Georgia

18 3/4

Capt. Jernigan