[Letter] 1842 Mar. 6, Lowndes County, [Georgia] to Charles J. McDonald, [Governor of Georgia], Milledgeville, G[eorgi]a / Maj[or] G[enera]l Levi J. Knight

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Lowndes County
March 6th 1842

His Excellency Charles J McDonald
on the Night of the 28th Ulto [Ultimo] Mrs Olgesby was Murdered by the Indians and burned in her home about fifteen Miles from fort Gilmer in Ware County on Toms Creek this is in confirmation of my report to you that the indians have not Left the Country but are prowling about in small parties on the borders of the Oakefanokee Swamp, and as soon as the Companies under Capt Johnson and Morgan was discharged again are committing depredations. the Citizens in the Neighbourhood [Neighborhood] of Mrs Oglesby assembled on the second days of the Inst. [Instant] and appointed William Paggett, Capt and pursued the Indians Two days when Mr Pagget Left his men still hunting them and Come to see me I gave him an order to continue searching for them until Mr Pagget informs me the Regular officer in Command at fort Gilmer was also at Mrs [deleted text: [illegible text] ] Oglesbys [added text: place ] with him and followed the Trail of the Indians to the swamp but would not go into the swamp I am informed by him and a number of the Citizens that this Company affords the Country no protection whatever as they only Ride about in the open Country never search a swamp or hammack [hammock] where the Indians invariably take shelter and if some other and better protection is not afforded, the Country must suffer greatly. I learn from Mr Pagget that it was a small party of Indians not more than five or six that Murdered Mrs Oglesby, while hunting for them he found the sine [sign] of a Much Larger party in Sawanoochy Creek swamp within three miles of fort Gilmer, I hope your Excellency will order our Company of about sixty men at Least to be stationed on sawanoochy Creek under the command of some energetic officer. I know that such a force is absolutely necessary, to protect the Country and

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keep the swamp, free from the savages in my former repot [report] I begged you would call the attention of the Secretary at War to this subject and cause a better Regular force to be sent here, but I am certain from experience that a compay [company] of Militia would be preferable, I sent an order to Capt Johnson yesterday to take his company and search for Eight days, I dislike to give such orders immediate after I am ordered by your Excellency to dischare [discharge] but as it is impossible you Could contemplate such a result I think the circumstances Justifies the Cause at this Crisis I send you this by express as our mail does not come to this office,

I have the Honor to be your Excellency Obedient and humble Servant
[Signed] Levi J Knight
Maj Gl. [Major General]
To his Excellency Charles J McDonald}
by James L Kirkland Esqr
NB [Nota Bene] I am informed that Mrs Tillis and Three Children was Murdered on the 22nd Inst [Instant] Eight miles from Mineral Springs on Sawanee Near the Road leading from that place to Nemansville in Florida supposed by the Indians whose sines [signs] Mr Pagget found Near fort Gilmer,

[Signed] L. [Levi] J. K. [Knight]

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His Excellency Charles J McDonald Milledgeville Ga

Levi J. Knight