[Letter] 1829 Nov. 2, Lawrenceville, [Georgia to] George R. Gilmer, Governor of Georgia, Milledgeville, G[eorgi]a / John G. Park

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2nd November 1829
Dear Sir
I have today had some conversation with Mr Wofford -- a resident of the Cherokee Nation (the father of Colo [Colonel] Wofford of Habersham) on the subject of the disputed line between the Cherokee & Creek Nations otherwise the line which Georgia is endeavouring [endeavoring] to Establish as the proper line between the two nations -- he informs me that there are a number of Cherokees who are now about to assemble at the Cherokee agency for the purpose of going from thence to Arkansas - they contemplate on assembling at that place - between this & the twentyeth [twentieth] of this month where they are to start - amongst them he states that there [deleted text: is ] [added text: are ] a number of witnesses by whom Georgia can at that place (if the State authorities think it necessary) have such facts established as will conclusively show that the line contended for was & is now the original boundry [boundary] between the two Nations the reason which he gives for its being most advisable to take the Testimony of those witnesses at the agency is that they are now unprotected & when they have assembled there for the purpose of Emigrating they will be under the protection of the Government & will be out of danger from the Creeks & Cherokees who are not disposed to Emigrate. he states also that the Cherokee Council is now in Session in which

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Several persons from the Creek Nation are associated with the Cherokees for the purpose of raising dificulties [difficulties] & objections in order to defeat the Establishment of the line - & the intention of those in the Nation who are inclined to treat for their Land [deleted text: in that Nation ] Should it be thought proper for the State to endeavour [endeavor] to procure further Testimony in relation to this line I have no doubt but that it can be had if immediately attended to & from what Mr Wofford States should be done before or by the twentieth of the month he states that so far as he has it in his power to aid in procuring this Testimony he will cheerfully use every Exertion - & will at any time disclose the names of witnesses who will Establish the line -- to such agent as the state may appoint for the purpose of Taking their depositions -- for the purpose of procuring these depositions he states that Mr Charles [unclear text: Gates ] of this county will be the most suitable person that the state could employ as its agent- as he is probably better acquainted & has more influence with the indians of that Nation than any other man in Georgia - Mr [unclear text: Gates ] resides immediately on the Cherokee line & should the state from the information (herein given), or [added text: from ] any other source see proper to appoint such agent I conceive there can be no other man found who is more capable of Effecting the objects of such agency or who would more willingly attend to it --
I have sir thus hastily given the foregoing [deleted text: [illegible text] ] information at the request of Mr Wofford and because I believed it to be such [deleted text: information ] as might be relied upon - in a matter of [deleted text: considerable ] interest to the State -

I am Sir very Respectfully yours
[Signed] John G Park
His Excellency George R Gilmer Governor of Georgia

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NB.. [Nota Bene] I have since writing the above seen Mr Wofford & he request that should your Excellency see proper to cause any thing further done in the matter that his name should not be disclosed, as he will probably be endangered by its being understood that he had given such information I have also seen Mr Gates & he informs me that he has conversed with some of the [document damaged] named to him by Mr Wofford & that he has no doubt but their Testimony will be conclusive as to the matter [document damaged] that they are men of as much Respectability as any in the nation
[Signed] JGP [John G. Park]

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John G. Park

His Excellency George R Gilmer Milledgeville Ga

Creek & Cherokee Boundary.

2 Nov 1829