[Affidavit of] Need[ha]m Norris, 1799 Jan. 16; [Affidavit of] Need[ha]m Norris [and] Samuel Knox

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State of Georgia Oglethorpe County
I Do hereby Certify that [unclear text: Archer ] Norris was Under my Command as One of the Militia with a small Escort in Company with Lieut. [Lieutenant] Thomas Hay Commanding a Part of Capt.n [Captain] Charles Williamsons Militia Dragoons on the
fourth day of May 1794 when we came up with a Party of Indians that we had Pursuid [Pursued] from the Frontier Inhabitants with a Number of Stolen Horses Whereupon an Engagement took Place Between the Parties in which the said Archer had his Horse Kill.d [Killed] by the Enemy on the Ground And Lost said Horse Saddle & Bridle Saddlebags & Blankett [Blanket] by the Enemy Given under my hand this
16th day of January 1799.

[Signed] Needm [Needham] Norris Captn [Captain] of the Militia

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Need.m [Needham] Norris

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State of Georgia Oglethorpe County
This day Came Before me Wm. [William] M. Stokes one of the Justices of the Peace for said County Needham Norris and Samuel Knox And After Being Duly sworn as the Law Directs Deposeth and Saith that on the
fourth day of May in the year 1794 the said Deponents saith that they were in Company when Lieut. [Lieutenant] Thomas Hay was Kill.d [Killed] by the Indians and that Archer Norris then and there [unclear text: then ] had his Horse Kill.d [Killed] by the Enemy on the Ground in said Action Whereby said Norris Lost his Horse Saddle & Bridle Saddlebags & Blanket & that the said Horse in Our Judgment was worth Ninety five Dollars Including the Saddle & Bridle &c. [et cetera] and the Deponents Saith that they have Just Reasons to believe that said Norris has Never Received any Satisfaction for the same
Sworn to before me this
16th day of January 1799

[Signed] Need.m [Needham] Norris
[Signed] Samuel Knox
[Signed] Wm. [William] M. Stokes J.P. [Justice of the Peace]

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[illegible text] petitions your [unclear text: Committe ] are of opinion, the prayer of [unclear text: Archer ] Norris is Reasonable and that the Treasurer be directed to Issue a Certificate for Ninety five dollars to your petisioner [petitioner]

disagreed to

A. Norris Appraisment [Appraisement] of a Horse

ninty [ninety] five dollars