[Petition] 1793 Jan. 1, Franklin County, [Georgia to] Edward Telfare [i.e., Telfair], Governor of Georgia / [citizens of] Franklin County

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To his Excellancy [Excellency] Edward Telfare Governor & Commander in Cheif [Chief] in & over the state of Georgia
We your humble Petitionors [Petitioners] do once more presume to beg from your mercyfull [merciful] hands, some protection for our Disstress'd [Distressed] women & Children, as their Lives With our own are dayly Expos'd [daily Exposed] to savage Barbarety [Barbarity], It is not long since we ware [were] Leaping with Joy, by reason of the Encouragement You gave us, Even went as far as to pass an act for our Relief, with the Aprobation [Approbation] of your Honnor [Honor], & the particulars Came to us in the publick [public] papers, and from all this Encouragement, we have embodyed [embodied] our helpless famelies [families] and Stood Sentry Around them, Impatiently waiting your good aid & assistance (as we thought an assurance of it) but Alass [Alas] what is the Last Account Lementable [Lamentable] indeed to people in our situation the former orders Countermanded by Your Honner [Honor] What Cou'd [could] be worse to our feelings than this or what must be the Concequence [Consequence], Why, Undoubtedly Death must be the [unclear text: fetal [fatal] ] Concequence [Consequence] ; if not by the Tommehock [Tomahawk] by famine for when Our Small stake of Provitions [Provisions] that we are Hudled [Huddled] [added text: round ] is Exausted [Exhausted] where is the Support of an other year why none maid [made] nor any likelyhood [likelihood] of makeing [making], We further wish if it be your Good Pleasure to inform us who or what person or persons have been the Instigation of Removeing [Removing] Your Good Will from our Relief it must Certainly have been some ill minded person or Raskill [Rascal] that have self Interest in Veiw [View], & Not a feeling for the innocent Fronteers [Frontiers], but their Reward is pointed out & the [unclear text: black ] Account of Murder, Stands Charg'd [Charged] Against them
Since Mr Wafford Started Last to Augusta with the Talke [Talk] of that Noted Villain [unclear text: Shuagee ] their [there] has been A Number of Horses taken by the Indians from our fronteer [frontier] Settlements five of Which ware [were] taken from his fort, & [unclear text: a Bundance [an Abundance] ] of Indian Sign Seen by our Spies Which we have to keep out at Our Own Exspence [Expense] Whilst the fronteers [frontiers] of South Carolina are well garded [guarded] with men & a Sufitient [Sufficient] Supply of every nesecery [necessity] of Life & all at the Publicks [Public's] Exspence [Expense] where their Nesessity [Necessity] is none in Comparison to Ours.
Three Companies of Horse men wou'd [would] be Sufitient [sufficient] to Gard [guard] our Fronteers [Frontiers], Stati on ed in three Different Places, one at a place know [known] by the Name of Bowens Place, an other at Norris,es Place & a third at the Corokee Mountain at Each of thos [edge of document: e ] Places their [there] is a sufitiency [sufficiency] of winter food, to support their Horses, with a Carefull [careful] Conductor
Shou'd [Should] it Pleas [Please] Your Excellancy [Excellency] to Grant Our Request. we shall try to Stand our Ground, Other Ways [Otherwise], we must of Necessity fly for our Lives, The Westorn [Western] fronteers [frontiers] of Franklin Cty [County]

from Sir Your Humble Servants
By the Bareor [Bearer] Capt Phillip Martain Who can inform you Particulars

Jany [January] 1st 179 [deleted text: 2 ] [added text: 3 ]
[Signed] [unclear text: Majr ] Terrell
[Signed] William [unclear text: Varn [document damaged: e ] ll ]
[Signed] Elijah Martin
[Signed] Moses payn
[Signed] Ely Savage
[Signed] John Barnett
[Signed] John [unclear text: Ray ]

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[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth
[Signed] [unclear text: Mal. ] Jones
[Signed] Owen Bowen [added text: 10 ]
[Signed] William Allred
[Signed] Rueben Shields
[Signed] John Martin
[Signed] William Norris
[Signed] John Trimble
[Signed] Moses Trimble
[Signed] Danl [Daniel] Bush
[Signed] John Turk
[Signed] William Jones
[Signed] William [illegible text] [added text: 20 ]
[Signed] Saml [Samuel] Reed
[Signed] Thos. [Thomas] [unclear text: Raborn ]
[Signed] Philip Martin
[Signed] [unclear text: Jo lian ]
[Signed] [unclear text: Enrique Martin ]
[Signed] Joel Raborn
[Signed] Simon Terrell
[Signed] Francis [illegible text]
[Signed] William [illegible text]
[Signed] Jacob Hollingsworth
[Signed] [unclear text: Jarred ] Hollingsworth
[Signed] [unclear text: Thomas ] Hollingsworth
[Signed] George Vaughn
[Signed] Geo [George] Cockburn
[Signed] [unclear text: Tho ] Hallcom
[Signed] Joseph Hallcom
[Signed] Solomon Huitt
[Signed] Archibald Cockburn
[Signed] [unclear text: Sherod ] Halcom
[Signed] James Huitt [added text: 40 ]
[Signed] William Huitt
[Signed] John Hall
[Signed] [unclear text: Robert ] Young
[Signed] James Young
[Signed] Andrew Glenn
[Signed] William Glenn
[Signed] Jas [James] Terrell
[Signed] Nimrod [unclear text: Flaure ]
[Signed] Elijah Banks
[Signed] James [unclear text: Caggburn ] [added text: 50 ]
[Signed] John george Riner
[Signed] John shipply
[Signed] Thomas Raborn
[Signed] Robert Shipley
Jan. 1 [1793]
[Signed] Robert Shipley Junr. [Junior]
[Signed] Mathew Shipley
[Signed] Ezra Owens
[Signed] [unclear text: Johan Ramer ]
[Signed] George [unclear text: Hening ]
[Signed] Peter Williamson
[Signed] Jos Dabbs
[Signed] Richard Williamson
[Signed] Robt. [Robert] Williamson
[Signed] [unclear text: George picket ]
[Signed] William quillen
[Signed] Joshua [unclear text: Sled ]
[Signed] [illegible text]
[Signed] Peter Jones
[Signed] [unclear text: M. Gathright ]
[Signed] Florce. Sullivan
[Signed] Philip J. Stark [added text: [illegible text] ]
[Signed] John [unclear text: Truball ]
[Signed] Wm [William] F Mann
[Signed] John Starks
[Signed] [illegible text] [added text: 5 ]