[Petition] 1792 Jan. 1, to the Gentlemen of Martin's Station / [signed by] W[illia]m Wofford

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1st January, 1792
About 11 o Clock this morning four men went out to Spy -- at Nancey's Town, about a mile and a half from my Fort two Cows, (the property of William Denson) were killed and skined [skinned] ; done yesterday afternoon or last night. One of the Beaves [Beeves] chiefly carried away both hides was carried off; and the Guts Rid. By the best discovery, they think there was six or seven. So that the Ridding of Guts is no evidence that white people has [have] done it for it is my opinion that it was Indians therefore I conclude that it was Indians that kill'd [killed] that Beaf [Beef] that the Guts was Rid, which was found on [unclear text: Tockoee ] near Tugalo.
I think that if some active men would turn out and track them immediately, it might be discovered who they were, if not give them Sour Sauce to their Sweet Meat. We had to [too] few men to have followed them. I apprehend it would be necessary to send this Information to the [unclear text: Cap.t [Captain] ] of the Horse Company and also to General Clarke.

To the Gentlemen of Martin's Station &c [et cetera]
[Signed] [unclear text: Wm. Wofford ]

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Petition of Sundry Inhabitants of the County of Franklin
Order taken
9th Jany [January] 1793