[Petition with report] 1789 July 25, Savannah [to] the Governor and [Executive] Council, Augusta / Owen Owens

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July 25, 1789 Georgia,

To the honorable the Governor and Council, sitting at Augusta.
The Petition of Owen Owens, Sheweth,

That your Petitioner received from the County Surveyor of Glenn, a Plot & Warrant for 2,000 acres of Land in said County, regularly executed in the different County Offices, which he forwarded to the Surveyor General, who returned it to your Petitioner informing him at the same time that there was a law now in force, by which no more than 1000 acres could be carried into a Grant.- Your petitioner then dispatched a Mr. Thomson (who surveyed the Land) to Glenn County to make the necessary alterations; who on his return inform'd [informed] your Petitioner that he had divided & run the Line of the 2,000 acres, into two equal Parts of a 1000 [unclear text: each ], (which he said he had done at a great risque from the Indians)- but that he had failed in two different attempts to call a Land Court to get the Warrant divided, from the County's being altogether deserted by the Inhabitants, who had dispersed so much over the Country, that it was impossible to get a sufficient number together, for any public purpose.- Your Petitioner therefore seeing that there was little probability for a length of time, of being able to succeed in getting

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the Warrant divided, petitions your honorable Board to allow him two Grants of a 1000 acres each, for said Land according to Mr. Thomson's last Return.

And Your Petitioner, as in duty bound,
Will ever pray, &c. [et cetera]
[Signed] Owen Owens
July 25, 1789

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The Committee to whom was referred the petition of Owen Owens

That as the County of Glynn it abandoned and the inhabitants thereof drove from their respective places of [unclear text: residance ] [added text: by the ravages of the Indians ] and no Land Court can possibly be convened in said County
Therefore recommend that two plots of 1,000 acres each be passed [illegible text] Surveyor Genls [General's] Office on the Warrant of 2,000 Acres, and on the return of [unclear text: Mr ] Thomson the Deputy Surveyor of said County
[illegible text] Mr. [unclear text: Clay ] Wylly [unclear text: Wm. [William] ] Gibbons

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Owen Owens
Mr Gibbons
[unclear text: Christmas ]
[unclear text: Irwin ]
Order taken
14th August 1789.

Petition of Owen Owens