Petition of Thomas McDanell to the Governor [and] Executive Council [of Georgia], 1789 Apr. 17 / [signed by] Thomas McDanell

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Apr. 17, 1789
To his Honor the Governor; & the honorable, the members of the Executive council the petition of Thomas [unclear text: Mcdanell ] humbly sheweth.

That your petitioner, zealous to defend his country under the command of General Clark in the fall
eighty seven in a battle with the indians was [unclear text: grievously ] wounded and over time has been unable to provide for a wife & children whose support [unclear text: entirely ] depended upon his [deleted text: [illegible text] ] [added text: industry ] ; and to add to his distress he is obliged to live [leave] from home at considerable expense to attend a doctor, whose care is yet absolutely necessary to preserve a life which however important to his family is indeed burdensome to your petitioner. Who therefore humbly prays that whatever relief your Honors humanity & his distress call for may be obtained by your petitioner who as in duty bound will ever pray -

[Signed] Thomas McDanell
The above [unclear text: [added text: We ] believe ] is a True State of [unclear text: facts ] --
[Signed] John Talbot
[Signed] A Bedell
[Signed] Jesse Heard
[Signed] Jno [John] Bush
[Signed] John Clark
[Signed] John Freeman
[Signed] [unclear text: N ] Williamson Senr [Senior]
[Signed] Mathew Talbot
[Signed] Walton Harris
[Signed] S Blackburn

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Thomas McDanell
referred to Mr [unclear text: Weed ] Mr Thomas Mr Hillary

17th April 1789.
Report not acted on