Account [of expenses of] the State of Georgia related to the holding of Indian prisoners, 1793 [to] 1795

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Acct. [Account]
[unclear text: U.S. with the ] State of Georgia

1793 &

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[unclear text: Dr. ] the United States in a/c [account] with the State of Georgia

1793 [unclear text: Novem ] 4 To Cash [unclear text: for ] Ensign [illegible text] it being for the pay of a Guard over the Indian prisoners 42. .

1794 Jany [January] 3 To Do. [Ditto] Paid Do. [Ditto] for Do. [Ditto] 49.7.6

May 22 To Do. [Ditto] paid Majr. James Pearre for the rent of a House for the Indian prisoners 15.15.
" To Do. [Ditto] paid [illegible text] Cooper [illegible text] Clothing for the Indian prisoners 13.5.3

July 22 To Do. [Ditto] paid Abram Mordecai an Express for Timothy Barnard 7 "

Aug 30 To Do [Ditto] paid Do. [Ditto] for Do. [Ditto] 16.6.1

Octo [October] 18 To Do. [Ditto] paid [unclear text: Arania ] Cooper [unclear text: & Co ] for Clothing for Indian prisoners 6.12.6
To Do. [Ditto] paid Majr. James Pearre for House rent for Indian prisoners 13.1.6

22 To Do. [Ditto] paid Smith an express from Tim Barnard 6.13.4

1795 Jany [January] To Do. [Ditto] paid Capt. Harrison for provision furnished the Mad Dog and his party 2.13.5
To Do. [Ditto] paid Timothy Barnard for an Express 6.13.4

Carried forward £173.7.11

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Amount Brought Over 173.7.11
To Cash paid William [unclear text: Irwin ] an express 1.17.4


1795 Jany [January] 25 To Cash paid Samuel [unclear text: Nunes ] an Express from the Nation 4.13.4

May 20 To Do. [Ditto] paid Majr. [Major] James Pearre for Clothing House rent & for Indian Prisoners 22.10.7 1/2

£202.9.2 1/2