[Sworn statement], 1794 Sept. 30 [?], Greene County, Georgia / [sworn to by] John Mikal Wagonman and Davis Starrisson

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State of Georgia Greene County
The year and day hereafter Specif [document is folded] came before me Messrs. [Messieurs] John Mikal Wagonman & Davis Starrisson of aforesaid State & County and after being duly Sworn declareth that on the
[unclear text: 30th ] of September 1794 they both were near Fort Fabius, where a young lady of the name of Catharina [unclear text: Cissena ] had been just shote [shot] down & on examination found a shote-gun [shotgun] wound through her body of which wound she died, and had been Scalpt [Scalped] -- they also declare having seen a [unclear text: negres ] wench which had received two gun shote [shot] wounds, was scaplt [scalped] but had yet life in her; that by [document is torn] they have reasons to believe these horrid [document is torn] Indians; that the [document is torn] saw five [document is torn] by them [document is torn] [unclear text: deponents ] [document is torn] says nothing.

Sept. 30th 1794

I do Certify the above to be the truth [unclear text: being ] there Shortly after [unclear text: and ] Seeing the Dead and Wounded and followed the trail of Sd. [Said] Indians Some Distance --
Sworn to the above on the above Date
[Signed] [unclear text: Geo. Reid J. J. ]