[Deposition] 1798 July 16, Montgomery County, Georgia / [given by] Demsey Wood

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State of Georgia Montgomery County
Demsey Wood pearsonally [personally] appeared before me and being Duly Sworn Sayeth that on the twelfth of this Instant at night their [there] [unclear text: come ] in to his field a partie [party] of Indian as it appeared to him by the Sign [unclear text: that ] the [unclear text: Left ] and plucked the ears of [unclear text: corn ] and pulled up other [unclear text: Stalk ] of corn also pulled up Stalks of Cotton & [unclear text: Likewy [Likewise] ] pulled up Vines of potatoes Left his [unclear text: fenc [fence] ] Down in Several [unclear text: plases [places] ] which has proved very Fetal [fatal] to his Crap [Crop]
Likewise near about the Same time he found a worker Steer of the Deponant [Deponent] Shot which he has Reason to believe was shot by the Indians further the Deponant [Deponent] Saying not

[Signed] Demsey Wood [unclear text: sworn ] to before me
16th of July 1798
[Signed] Jesse Embree J:P [Justice of the Peace]