Letter [with certification] 1800 Aug. 17, St. Marys, [Georgia] to William A[ugustus] Bowles / Richard Lang

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
Letter [with certification] 1800 Aug. 17, St. Marys, [Georgia] to William A[ugustus] Bowles / Richard Lang
Lang, Richard, fl. 1800
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Creek Nation
Seminole Indians--Wars
United States, Georgia, 32.75042, -83.50018
United States, Florida, Fort St. Marks, 30.444932, -86.631579
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This is a certified copy of a letter from Richard Lang to William Augustus Bowles, self-proclaimed Director General of the Creek Nation, dated August 17, 1800. Lang discusses raising arms and ammunition in support of Bowles' efforts (ostensibly an invasion of Spanish Florida). In 1792, Bowles and his associates captured Fort St. Marks (Wakulla County, Florida) and raided the stores of Panton, Leslie & Company. Lang alludes to the recapture of that fort earlier that year by Bowles and a group of Seminoles. Included in this document is a statement made by William Gibson, a notary public, confirming the authenticity of the copy of Lang's letter.
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Copy of a letter / certified / from Richard Lang to William A Bowles Dated

St Marys
August 17th 1800
I wrote you by Robert Allen, that if [deleted text: you ] [added text: we ] could be furnished with arms and ammunition, I did not think you would want men. I then had it not well in my power to consult so many of our friends as I have done since I now am certain that if you should come so near [added text: as ] that our friends could get to you without running the risk of being embarrassed with those unfriendly Indians that Governor White has been tempering with, you would not want men. The Grand thing is, getting to you and putting our lives immediately under your command! this seems to be the general wish of most of our friends, hearing that you had left St Marks has occasioned us to send the bearer, Mr William Tally express to you, to be informed where you are, and what is to be done.
My particular friend and brother sufferer Mr Wm [William] Jones, is now with me and has wrote you also by Mr Tally.
Were you to come this way and arrange matters and leave some of your people with us, we could then go on without your remaining with us, but there seems a difficulty in getting a sett [set] of men together, without their seeing & knowing who is their head. Your showing a friendly disposition towards the Government of the U.S. is a grand thing for us, as it enables us with more boldness to espouse your cause.

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for a number of our friends and some of them high in Office are hearty friends to the Government of the U.S. and by no means wish to give cause of offence to that Government. There is a report that Allen and the few men that went with him, took away some horses from some of our friends if so, it was badly done, it makes some of our friends enemies, Allen is an active young man and may be of service to us, but must be kept within bounds -- dispatch the bearer as quick as possible, as our friends want much to be in motion & let us know what is to be done. If you conveniently could bring on a few arms and a little ammunition it would be well, but perhaps we could make out without, we shall be making all the preperations [preparations] in our power, against the bearer returns, We have a number of friends in Florida, that nothing prevents their joining us but the want of a sufficient force to protect their families at the first set out.

I am Sir, with the utmost esteem Your Oblgd. [Obliged] & most Humble Sert. [Servant] /Signed/
[Signed] Rich: [Richard] Lang
Wm. A. [William Augustus] Bowles Directr Genl [Director General] of Muskugee

I certify the foregoing to be a true copy, of the copy of a letter sent to Mr Wm A [William Augustus] Bowles by Mr Richard Lang handed to Major Thomas King by said Richd. [Richard] Lang.
St Marys
October 13th 1800. (Signed)
[Signed] William Gibson N. [Notary] Public

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Copy of letter from Richd. [Richard] Lang

17 Augt. [August] 1800