[Letter] 1786 July 28, Savannah, [Georgia to] Jacob Read, Charleston, [South Carolina] / W[illia]m Stephens

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28th July 1786
Dear Sir
Mr Wood is frequently enquiring [inquiring] after you, and the State of the debt due by him to your Father, and the particulars of the Sale of his (Wood's) Lands on Canouchie and which were sold to pay all his debts, the [unclear text: Surplus ] to be returned to him; I will thank you to look over your papers, and write me some information on the Subject.
Mrs. Stephens and myself, are obliged to you for your enquiries [inquiries] after the Spoons and Knives, I gave you a Memorandum of, and will thank you for your trouble in procuring them -- Let me hint to you, the new form of Common prayer, from Dr Purcell.

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Mr. Wylly has been with me on the Subject of your Houses, and House rent, he says he is but one of three attornies [attorneys] appointed by Mrs Wylly, and cannot submit to any Surrender of property, without the determination of a jury, to which appeal I shall concede.
We have had some very hot days, and a great deal of rain, especially up Savannah River, and on Ogeechee, The planters on Little Ogeechee, and indeed on all the Island Swamps, have very fine prospects of a Crop: Our Sea Islands have Suffered for want of Rain.
The Assembly are now sitting at Augusta, we [added text: have ] had no news from thence since they made a House -- except much talk about an Indian War, and paper money to Support it -- I hope, our wise men from the East, will avert, Such evils.

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Mrs. Stephens joins me in respectful Compts. [Compliments] to Mrs. Read, Miss Eliza, and good Wishes to all.

Dear Sir
Yrs. [Yours] very truly
[Signed] W. [William] Stephens
P.S. can you let me know, when, and where the [unclear text: attacht. Hart, agt. [agent] ] J Houstoun is to be tried?

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Jacob Read Esqr. [Esquire] in Charleston
Capt. [Captain] Conyers

answd [answered]

28th; July 1786
Wm: [William] Stephens Esqr. [Esquire]
20th &
21st; August wrote pretty fully --