[Resolutions] of the citizens of Benton County, 1836 June 6, Jacksonville, [Alabama to Clement C.] Clay, Governor of Alabama, Montgomery / [signed by] W[illia]m Wood ... [et al.]

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
[Resolutions] of the citizens of Benton County, 1836 June 6, Jacksonville, [Alabama to Clement C.] Clay, Governor of Alabama, Montgomery / [signed by] W[illia]m Wood ... [et al.]
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Cherokee Indians--Treaties
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Creek War, 1836
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resolutions (administrative records)
This document is a copy of the proceedings and resolutions of a committee of citizens in Benton County, Alabama, dated June 6, 1836. The committee was organized as a result of alleged persistent threats by Creek Indians in the area around Terrapin Creek, Alexandria, and White Plains, Alabama. They deliberated on proper means of defense and here transmit their resolutions to Clement C. Clay, Governor of Alabama (1835-1837). In addition to the Creeks, the committee reports that certain "disaffected" Cherokees are dwelling in the vicinity, having left Georgia after the ratification of the New Echota Treaty (signed December 1835). The proceedings are signed by William Wood, chairman of the committee, as well as several others.
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6th June 1836
at a large and respectable meeting of the citizens of Benton County in relation to the hostile movements of the Creek Indians
The following proceedings were had
On motion the Revd William Wood was called to the Chair and Doctor Milo Smith appointed secretary
On motion of Doct M. Burt. a committee of six persons were appointed to draft and report the sense of said meeting and also the most advisable means of defence [defense] ; whereupon John M Crook Esqr, Col. Benj [Benjamin] Hollingsworth Saml. [Samuel] Boyd Esqr; Col T.C Hindman, Majr. [Major] M M Houston and Washington Allen Esqr. were appointed said Committee who made report as follows:
Whereas, from the depredations which have been lately committed by the Creek Indians on the lives and property of our Fellow Citizens in various parts of the Creek Country of Which Benton County is a part, we are fully satisfied that nothing but the most prompt and vigerous [vigorous] efforts on the part of our citizens can stay the progress and prevent the intrusion of this savage warfare amongst us; we do therefore recommend the adoption of the following resolutions: to wit.
Resolved, That the citizens of Jacksonville proceed forthwith to put the Town in a state of defence [defense] ; and it is further recommended, that the different dense neighborhoods in the County of Benton

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use the same precautions: to wit, the nighborhood [neighborhood] of Taripen Creek, Alexandria and the White plains; and that each forthwith raise a company and put them under the command of good and efficient officers whose integrity can be relied on; and that the companies when organized proceed to elect a Major Commandant; and that the Committees of safety; petition his excellency the Governor to have said officers commissioned
Resolved, That the committee of safety in Jacksonville be authorized to employ an express, Who shall proceed forthwith to the head quarters of his excellency Governor Clay and deliver the dispatches prepared by said committee, in which the citizens present request, that Governor Clay be informed that they have from reports entitled to credit, reason to believe that a constant communication has been and is now kept up between the hostile Indians in the lower Country where hostilities are now raging and a portion of the Creek Indians who have located in the Cherokee Nation and within the limits of the Counties of Cherokee and Benton; and that we have reason to believe from information entitled to credit there are about fifteen hundred Warriors in said Counties and for the purpose of ensuring the safety of our citizens, a committee of suitable persons be appointed by his excellency to visit the Indians in this quarter and endeavour [endeavor] to collect all who may profess to be friendly and assemble them at such place as the Governor may direct and that said Indians

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When so assembled be subsisted at the expense of the state; and that a proper guard be kept over them untill [until] such time as we may consider our selves safe.
And be it further Resolved, that his excellency [added text: be requested ] to forward copies of his Proclamation requesting the Indians to assemble, so that they may be read and explained to the Indians; and in the event any refuse or fail to assemble and surrender their arms, they will be considered as hostile and treated accordingly.
The foregoing resolutions were unanimously adopted:
On motion of Col William B. Martin the following resolutions were adopted:
Resolved, that we the citizens of Benton County have the most implicit confidence in the patriotism and integrity of our present chief Magistrate When called upon for protection; but at the same time believe the company of Infantry which he has ordered to be raised incompetent to the protections and defence [defense] of said county. Therefore, Resolved, that his excellency be requested to order Col. Turner to raise a company of mounted Infantry in stead of the company of foot men as now ordered; believing it was his excellencies [excellency's] intention that said company should have been mounted men, from the fact that the troops raised in Talladega County whose situation is no more dangerous than that of Benton, have been ordered to be mounted and that the citizens present requested Col. Turner to raise a company of mounted men

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in place of foot believing that the Governor will sanction it; and that we pledge ourselves to sustain Col. Turner in doing so untill [until] the express returns from Governor Clay.
The foregoing are the proceeding of the meeting of the Citizens.
The committee of safety met and proceeded to take into consideration the matters confided to their direction.
The committee would respectfully suggest to the Governor; that they do not think our company sufficient owing to the local situation and large extent of Territory of our county; they would therefore request His excellency, to order three more companies. one at Tarepin Creek one at White Plains and one at Alexandria to be raised officered and equiped [equipped] and held in ready for service if necessary.
The committee would also say to the Governor: that the number of Indians stated in one of the foregoing resolutions, is not less than there represented. It is also reported that there are some disaffected Cherokees which in all probability may be true -- Owing to the late treaty having been ratified to which a party of said Indians are opposed.
The committee would respectfully suggest to your excellency the great necessity that all the Indians in the late creek nation should at as early a day as possible be enrolled and transported west. And the committee regret that the agents heretofore appointed to perform that duty have not been successfull [successful]

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The committee are of opinion the [that] the failure in a great measure is owing to said agent being entirely unacquainted with the manners and customs of the Indians and that to ensure their speedy removal it will be necessary to select some person in whom not only the Government may have confidence but the Indians also and by selecting such person to discharge that duty there is great probability we will shortly be relieved from the trouble and danger we as a community now feel. And the committee take pleasure in recommending to your excellency C A Green of this place as a person in every way qualified to perform said duty successfully. Judge Green has had a long acquaintance with the Creek Indians and we have every reason to believe has their confidence and we are authorized to say he will accept said appointment if reasonably compensated for his trouble.
The committee are also requested to say that in the event the Indians are directed to assemble in a body as expressed in one of the foregoing resolutions that your acquaintance Majr. [Major] Washington Allen and the bearer Richard Kelly will undertake to collect them and when collected to furnish provisions, and so far as we have knowledge of the men we believe

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they are persons capable of discharging said duty satisfactorily

With sentiments of esteem we Remain your obt Servts [obedient Servants]
[Signed] Wm [William] Wood chairman
[Signed] Thos [Thomas] C Hindman
[Signed] Benj [Benjamin] Hollingsworth
[Signed] Edward Elam
[Signed] EL Woodward

[Signed] Milo Smith, secty [secretary] to committee

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His Excellency the Governor of the State of Alabama now at Montgomery