[Land grant with map for plot in] Cherokee County, Georgia, 1834 Aug. 7 / [authorized by] Wilson Lumpkin, Governor of Georgia

Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
[Land grant with map for plot in] Cherokee County, Georgia, 1834 Aug. 7 / [authorized by] Wilson Lumpkin, Governor of Georgia
Georgia. Governor (1831-1835 : Lumpkin)
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Lumpkin, Wilson, 1783-1870
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United States, Georgia, Cherokee County, 34.24393, -84.4762
United States, Georgia, Walker County, 34.73566, -85.30098
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This document is a land grant, including a map and survey report, for a plot in Cherokee County, Georgia, granted to Alexander Greenway of Hall County, Georgia on August 7, 1834. The land was obtained by the state of Georgia from the Creek and Cherokee Nations in unnamed treaties and distributed by acts passed in the Georgia Assembly on December 21, 1830, and on December 22, 1831. The plot was granted by Wilson Lumpkin (Governor of Georgia, 1831-1835), and it was surveyed on July 6, 1832. 832 miles of Cherokee County became Murray County in December 1831. In 1833, a portion of this county became Walker County.
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Page: [1]

[ Note: This document contains both written and printed text. ]
MAGNETIC VARIATION [written text: 5 ] [printed text: deg. [degrees] ] [written text: 00 ] [printed text: min. [minutes] ] EAST.
[ Note: A printed map appears in the center of the page. ]

[printed text: SCALE OF 20 CHAINS TO AN INCH. ]

[printed text: THE above Plat is a representation of that Tract or Lot of Land, drawn by ] [written text: Alexander Greenway ] [printed text: of ] [written text: Martins ] [printed text: District ] [written text: Hall ] [printed text: County, ] [printed text: situate in the ] [written text: Seventh ] [printed text: District ] [written text: fourth ] [printed text: Section, in Cherokee County, containing One Hundred and Sixty Acres, which is known and distinguished in the plan of said District by the number ] [written text: 30 ]
[printed text: Surveyed on the ]
[written text: 6th ] [printed text: day of ] [written text: July ] [printed text: 1832 ] [printed text: . By ]
[Signed] [written text: Horace R Ward ] [printed text: Surveyor. ]
[Signed] [written text: John Bethune ] [printed text: Surv. Gen. [Surveyor General] ]

[Signed] [written text: Fernando Underwood ]
[Signed] [written text: Newnan Lane ] [printed text: } C. C. [Clerk of Court] ]

[Signed] [written text: Wilson Lumpkin ]
[written text: Entd. [Entered] ]
[Signed] [written text: Wm W. Carnes ] Comp. Genl. [Comptroller General]
Recd. [Received] Ten dollars.
[Signed] [written text: T. Haynes ] [written text: Tr [Treasurer] ]

[ Note: Pendant seal. ]

Page: [2]


[printed text: BY His Excellency ] [written text: Wilson Lumpkin ] [printed text: Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of this State, and of the Militia thereof: ]
To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting:

KNOW YE, that in pursuance of the several Acts of the General Assembly of this State, passed the
21st of December, 1830, and the
22d of December, 1831, to authorize the survey and disposition of the Lands, within the limits of Georgia, in the occupancy of the Cherokee tribe of Indians, and all other unlocated lands, within the limits of said State, claimed as Creek lands, and forming the County of Cherokee, I have given and granted, [printed text: and by these presents, ] do give and grant [printed text: unto ] [written text: Alexander Greenway ] [printed text: of ] [written text: Martins ] [printed text: District ] [written text: Hall ] [printed text: County, ] [written text: his ] [printed text: heirs and assigns forever, all that Tract or Lot of Land, containing O ] [printed text: NE ] [printed text: H ] [printed text: UNDRED ] [printed text: AND ] [printed text: S ] [printed text: IXTY ] [printed text: acres, situate, lying and being in the ] [written text: Seventh ] [printed text: District of the ] [written text: fourth ] [printed text: Section in the County of Cherokee in said State, which said Tract or Lot of Land, is known and distinguished in the plan of said District by the Number ] [written text: thirty ]
[printed text: Having such shape, form and marks, as appear by a plat of the same hereunto annexed: ] TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, [printed text: said Tract or Lot of Land, together with all and singular the rights, members and appurtenances thereof, whatsoever, unto the said ] [written text: Alexander Greenway his ] [printed text: heirs and assigns; to ] [written text: his ] [printed text: and their own proper use, benefit and behoof forever in fee simple. ]
GIVEN [printed text: under my hand, and the Great Seal of the State, this ]
[written text: Seventh ] [printed text: day of ] [written text: August ] [printed text: in the year eighteen hundred and thirty ] [written text: four ] [printed text: and of the Independence of the United States of America, the Fifty- ] [written text: Eighth ]
[printed text: Signed by His Excellency the Governor this ]
[written text: 7th ] [printed text: day of ] [written text: August ] [printed text: 183 ] [written text: 4 ]
[Signed] [written text: Wm. J W Wellborn ] S. E. D. [Secretary Executive Department]

Page: [3]

[written text: GRANT ]

To Alexander Greenway for Lot 30-7th-4th Cherokee Secretary of States office
7th August 1834
[written text: Registered in Book Cherokee7-4th page 34 &151; ]

[Signed] [written text: W. A. Tennille ] [written text: Secy [Secretary] ]