Letter: [Marion, Alabama?] to Callie [King], 1853 Feb. 10

Joseph Henry Lumpkin Family Papers
Letter: [Marion, Alabama?] to Callie [King], 1853 Feb. 10
King, Porter, 1824-1890
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Marriage--Southern States
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Alabama--Social life and customs--19th century
King, Callie, 1826-1905
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Porter King, lawyer, future judge and Perry County representative to the Alabama legislature, writes a letter dated February 10, 1853 to his wife Callie King that expresses his longing for her. He is worried that she will not receive his letter due to some flood waters on the road. He informs Callie that he has gone hunting for Mrs. Perkins who requested him to get some birds and advises her to write a letter to the Perkins family. Porter also describes a day dream he had about their future children.
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Thursday night -- Feby [February] . 10th 1853
My dear Callie,
Again seated alone in our room I enjoy the pleasure of communing with my darling -- I sent Steve to fathers [father's] yestarday [yesterday] for my carpet bag and dog and charged him specially to examine the Office, confidently expecting a letter from my love -- the high water caused a disappointment, "no mails east of Selma" -- I know you have written -- I fear you will feel uneasy and anxious about me, not receiving my letter and you being ignorant of the impassable state of the roads -- I hope the waters have abated ere [before] this & I shall send to the road tomorrow evening confidently expecting to hear from my darling -- I rode over my farm yestarday [yesterday] and find that they have gone on tolerably well -- some things not done exactly as I would have done them -- on the whole Fitz has done very well -- To day [Today] I have been hunting, Mrs Perkins having requested me to kill some birds for Daisy -- for whom the Dr [Doctor] prescribed game -- I killed three doves and sent them over by Booker -- he says they seemed mighty proud of them & sent all sorts of thanks &c [et cetera] in my letter of yestarday [yesterday] I told you how kindly they inquired after you & their message about your writing -- Callie you [deleted text: [illegible text] ] ought to write to Mrs P.

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Dear Callie, I do miss you so much -- I feel so lonely and desolate without my sweet comforter -- Your dear image is ever present to my mind -- be where I will, engaged at what I may, alone or in company, my thoughts are about my little wife -- Ah Callie could you but know the depth and intensity of my love -- I know darling that you appreciate me above my deserts, that you love me sincerely and devotedly -- still I can't think it possible for mortal to concieve [conceive] of the intensity of my feelings -- how supremely I love you -- Callie, dear Callie, you are the best and purest of earth -- I have learned no news to day [today], been nowhere, seen no-body [nobody], so you must excuse my dull letter -- I went into your new store room to day [today] to get some candles and how vividly was your dear self presented to my mind as I looked upon the lobster, sardines & pine apple [pineapple] &c [et cetera] how I recollected the precious hugs my darling gave me, when she opened the box of "goodies" threw her arms around my neck and called me her dear Porter -- how refreshing and pleasant it is to dwell on such scenes -- I find something in every corner of the house, yard, garden field and woods to bring up the recollection of some endearing expression, some tender and kind word, which fell from my Callie -- how I rejoice that you went about with me every where [everywhere] -- to day [today] at the brick yard well I could see my little nymph playing in the water spout -- Do you want to know what other thought

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came across my mind as I stood viewing that sacred spot, sacred in memory because Callie had sported there -- Can you guess whose little boy I, in imagination, saw rolling and wallowing in that trough of clear pure water, whilst his happy parents were ecstatified in looking at his childish sports -- or whose little girl that was running after flowers and chasing the gilded wing butterfly, the very idol of her papa because [deleted text: so] she resembled so much her mama? Now Callie if you ca'nt [can't] interpret this my daydream, I must look out some other sooth-sayer -- Dear Callie you must not be sad on my account -- cheerfulness my dear wife is all in all to you in your situation -- we shall soon again be united and oh the bliss, we will forget then that we have ever been seperated [separated] -- Write me often, fully -- tell me all about your own condition and our own dear little one -- Callie don't you love it?
Remember me kindly to all your relatives -- How is little Buddy Cobb?

Your fondly attached & devoted
[Signed] Porter --