Letter: Athens, [Georgia] to Callie [King], 1856 Mar. 17

Joseph Henry Lumpkin Family Papers
Letter: Athens, [Georgia] to Callie [King], 1856 Mar. 17
Bird, Sallie, 1828-1910
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Women--Health and hygiene
Athens (Ga.)--Social life and customs--19th century
Cobb family
Church, Alonzo, 1793-1862
Venable, Margaret
King, Callie, 1826-1905
United States, Georgia, Clarke County, Athens, 33.96095, -83.37794
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Letter from Sallie (Baxter) Bird, wife of Hancock County plantation-owner Edgeworth Bird, to Callie King, daughter of Joseph Henry Lumpkin and wife of Porter King, dated March 17, 1856 about her and her sister's return to Athens because of their mother's illness. While there, Sallie visits with the Cobb family, Margaret Cantey McDowell Venable, the wife of new University of Georgia professor, Charles S. Venable, and other Athens friends and has dinner with Alonzo Church, president of University of Georgia. She gives news of her husband and their two-year old daughter.
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Athens March 17th/56 [1856]
I received your short letter dearest Callie, before leaving home. It is six weeks now, since Sister & I both came up to see our beloved Mother, who has been confined to her room since the 1st day of January, & the greater part of the time to bed. She has had a violent attack - the result of a long neglected cold. But I gratefully announce her convalescence. She improved slowly - yet I trust none the less surely. I have enjoyed (as none can imagine better than you) the reunion at home - the long evenings slipped delightfully away, while Sister & I had long chats by Mother's bedside. For the past two weeks Mother is up & able to go out for a few minutes, each day - to look at the spring work in the garden. Sister & I returned calls, & I have spent some pleasant

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days & evenings out, while my birdies entertained Mother. [unclear text: None ] [unclear text: pleasanter] - [unclear text: few] as pleasant as a day with Marion. She gave us a charming dinner, & above all, both Mr Cobb & herself were so agreable [agreeable] - that the day was delightful. I so enjoyed a loving talk, with her remarkably sweet toned Piano! - Like the girl in "Festus" (You've read Festus?) I felt like addressing it, in tones of love. Lucy's undisguised & child like admiration of my performance was really sweet. She has great promise herself. Her touch is good & I hope she will not tire of practice. Your Sister Lucy I am sorry to see so ill. She is better, as of course you know. Her condition seems variable, but your Mother, who I called on a day or two since, said that she then thought, without further "backsets" - she would recover. How my thoughts flew back dear Callie, to many, many scenes of past days, when I went into the parlor at your Father's. After all Cal, we've had our share of girlish enjoyments -

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and must be content to take our trials as they come. I hope your dear little boy continues bright & beautiful to gladden your heart. I think I see Cousin Porter's proud look now as it rests on the little fellow. My baby is still my pride. Edge, in horse - I ought to say - turf parlance, calls her his "two year old" & vows - "she can't be beat." I am very proud of her sweet caressing ways - dearest friend - & when I say that even to this day, she has never had a sick hour, you'll realize how her life has been [unclear text: ever] a pleasure.
As to news, I've heard much up here - but of course with your large family, you are kept posted up, in all village "ondits." I spent an evening at Dr [Doctor] Church's. Mrs Craig was very pretty. I scarcely think her as beautiful as for two years past. She is a little too stout. [unclear text: Sue Carr] gives a very large party soon, so she tells me. Of course I do not attend large parties & therefore did not see Mrs Venable - the bride of the new

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Professor - [added text: in her bridal dress] when Dr [Doctor] & Mrs Church were "at home" to all the world in their honor. But I have met her frequently, more privately. She is very pretty & very agreable [agreeable] - while her husband, is I think very handsome, with his redundancy of beard; & excessively Shanghai coats! The Wares - are the Wares!! They had a nice [unclear text: little] evening soire, as they always do, for my benefit & I really feel grateful for their uniform attention. [unclear text: Arrie] is quite proud of the little Elephant your baby sent her. Mrs Hill had a dinner party the other day - much to the surprise of most people. Mrs Maxwell continues very unwell - but is able to sit up. She [unclear text: designs] adding to the literary world, another book - sometime - during the present year. As was the case with "Miranda Elliott," so with this, I have [unclear text: been] favored with a perusal of the manuscript - & like this much better - than that --
Your brother [unclear text: Jimmy] is expected daily I believe - & my brother John not for two weeks yet, as he intends awaiting the election of offices for the hospital. He is very anxious to secure a place as [unclear text: one] of the attending physicians - but fears the great number of candidates will defeat him. I have gossiped on to the end of the page - so I must wind up --

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I hope you like your new horses - Cousin Porter's elegant gift. Present me very kindly to him & assure him of Edge's & my good feeling.

I hope to see my "cara sposa" next week. I shall leave for Sparta then - and hope he'll come for me. It is somewhat doubtful - for he is very busy - & stays with Father at night. [unclear text: Eddy] may come for me. My little ones send love to Mama's friend - & my dearest Cal - you need no assurances - of the unwavering love -

of your ever attached
[Signed] Sallie
Don't neglect me now Cal - but write me often - & as of yore - heart whole & loving narratives of yourself

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Mother says I shall not close this letter 'till I add her affectionate love to "Callie"