Ball's Ferry historical marker

Georgia Historical Markers
Ball's Ferry historical marker
Seibert, David
Date of Original:
Historical markers--Georgia--Washington County
United States, Georgia, Washington County, 32.9695357, -82.7958992
Location: East end plus 100 yards or so east of the eastern-most part of the bridge on Ga. 57
Text of marker: "BALL'S FERRY. On Nov. 23, 1864, Maj. Gen. C. Wayne, Adj. Gen. of Georgia, was in Oconee (No. 14, CRR), 10 miles N., with a mixed force [Confederate] of 1200 men and 6 guns (including the Corps of Cadets, Georgia Military Institute) to defend the RR bridge over the Oconee River against forays from Gen. Sherman's army [Federal]. Learning that enemy cavalry had reached Ball's Ferry (1/4 mile N.), crossed on rafts, and driven back the Confederate pickets guarding the stream, he sent Maj. A. L. Hartridge, CSA, with 2 companies of cavalry, 80 infantry and 2 guns to drive the enemy back across the river. Hartridge reached the vicinity about 3:00 P.M., deployed his small force and, after fighting through the swamps east of the river, routed the enemy. He entrenched a position along the east bank, then returned to Oconee with part of his command. On the 25th, Lt. Col. Andrew Young, 30th Ga. Bn., arrived with a detachment of Gaines' Alabama cavalry and assumed command. The works were strengthened and skirmishers were deployed on both flanks, but the arrival on the west bank of strong enemy columns, with artillery, soon made the position untenable. Upon reporting that the enemy was crossing the river below and above him, he was ordered to extricate his command and withdraw to Tennille. There he was joined early on the 26th by Gen. Wayne and the main body, which had been flanked out of its position at the bridge. 158-11 GEORGIA HISTORICAL COMMISSION 1958 Note: this marker was previously located in Wilkinson County, before being moved because of road and bridge construction."
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