Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 2020 October 30






: Fifth District Congressman
Weltner set the record straight

a figures taken from
ecords of the U. S. Department of




5 Wildlife Management Short
Course, ABAC, Tifton.

Commercial Eqg Production
Short Course, ABAC, Tifton.

Broiler Short Course, ABAC,

Nov. 7-9 14th Annual Convention, Geor-
gia Livestock Association, Geor-
gia Experiment Station, Experi-
ment. Nov. 8 Program Day,
"Livestock and Youth.

22 Third Annual Sweet Potato
Festival, Sponsored by Georgia
Sweet Potato Pripre yement Ass'it.,

Nov. 23-24 Annual Cenvention, Georgia
_ Sportsman oon Dempsey
Hotel, Macon. :


Nov. 6

Nev. 7


million from the support program.

Jy designed for the benefit of the big

growers outside of the Southeast, chiefly

_ those from the far West.

In his speech on the floor of the house,
Congressman Weltner presented figures,

for the record, obtained from the
U. S. D. A. to prove that a relatively
small number of farmers are receiving a_
huge share of the total support money. -
According to Weltner and thes
U.S. D. A.s figures, there are 322 farm-

ers in the U. S. receiving $36,590,760

each year, with several of these receiv-

- ing well over-a million dollars a year and

one getting as much as two and a half

This presentation by Congressm n-
Weltner once againmore dramatically
than everproves the need of a new cot-
ton program such as that described is
Senator Herman Talmadges Farm Bill. _

The Talmadge Farm Bill, especially
as it applies to cotton, would not allow

a few big farmers to receive the most _

benefit from the support program as the
Georgia Senators program provides for
direct subsidy with a built-in check

against a situation, such as Congressman

Weltner has described, arising.

to move anytime.
. 2, Norman

~ drive tractor.
or $12. wk. and
or will batch. Experi-
ced with laying hens and
Simon EH: Drury, .
ynolds St., Brunswick

31520 yi

38 ie old white man wants
ork tending layers (hatch-
: ) on poultry farm, no
farm work. ~ Sober,
dependable and ex-
iced. Will work for rea-
le. weekly salary for
y who does not drink;
pore to be moved to 4- 5
wired for elect.
start work anytime.
Murdock, Shallow-
. 2, Kennesaw (Li:

work on
with nice Christian,
uple for room, board and
salary. Will go
here. Mrs. Fred H.

- Ph. 746-9818
no collect calls).

id wife with 6 child-
b on dairy or
. Can milk 90-

.| Prefer near Atlanta.

Middle - aged white man
wants job with nice people
doing light work, looking af-
ter country place. Do not use
tobacco or whiskey. Thomas
Welch, Oglethorpe Homes,

=| 15-A, Macon.

B32r y

- White woman, age 43, wants
job on poultry or dairy farm.
Write stating salary. Want to

*|live in, weekends off. Majorie

Simpkins, c/o E. A. Simpson,
Rt. 2, Hwy. 138, Stockbridge.

White, male, age 30, good

health, with young son 12 yr.

old, wants job on stock farm.

Luther Smith, 304 Pine St.,


Man 65 yr. old and wife 30
yr. old, want job looking after
hogs, cattle or chickens, ex-
perienced in cattle and hogs
and can build pasture fences.
6 in family, 4 can work, do not
ee or smoke. Mr. J. is Ellis,
Rt. 2, Box 19A, Hahira.

Middle-aged bachelor wants
job on farm helping elderly
couple with light farm chores,
for room, board, laundry and
$5. per day. Honest and reli-
able with no bad habits. Olin
McLenden, Rt. 3, Carrollton.

White woman and family (2
boys ages 10 and 13), willing
workers, want job on farm
taking care of cattle, hogs or
chickens. Have license to
grade eggs anywhere. Will
need furnished house and will
have to be moved. Want to be
near church and on_ school
route. Mrs. Ernest Bowles, Rt.
1, Jonesbridge Rd., Norcross.

_ Man, age 25, with wife and
3 children, wants job on dairy,

| brother-in-law to help, good

-| workers and _non-drinkers.
Will need 4-5 R. furn. house
on school bus and mail route.
Bates, 312 oo St..S. E.,

| Atlanta, a

White Christian woman,
middle-aged with 3 children
(10-15 yr.), wants job on farm
in So. Georgia. Mrs. M. E.
Sheffield, 841 Poplar St.,

White man, 47 yr. old, 8 in
family, children ages 6-14 yrs.
Can drive truck and tractor.
Prefer job as caretaker on
poultry farm, grove man or
dairy work. C. M. Powell, Rt.
1, Ochlochnee (Z. C. 31773).

Man and wife, 2 grown sons
and 2 grown daughters, want
work for the rest of year and
for next year. Will take crop
with 5-6 acres of tobacco or
part crop and part straight
wages. Familiar with all kinds
of farm mach. and know how
to work on them. Sons can
drive tractors. Will have to be
moved, can go
Richard Knowelles, c/o Wadie
Lee Ferguson, Rt. 1, Box 362A,
Claxton (Z. C. 30417).

Farm Help


Want working foreman with
small family for So. Georgia
farm, knowledge of general
farm. equip., experienced in
corn, peanut farming and with
sufficient education to figure
payrolls. No drinking consid-
ered. Have house with plumb-
ing and elec., on school bus
and mail Rt..Give age, num-
ber in family and references
in first letter (write in-own
Ee Lester Varn,
Rt. ~Box 530, Albany, Ph.
HE. 5-8621 (no collect calls).

Want middle-aged white
man, good health, for farm
chores and to work with
flowers in exchange for board
and aeons $5. wk. No drink-
ae J. G. Davis, 5339 Tilly

ill Rd., Doraville, ;

Elderly widow wants nice
white woman, with own in-
come, to live with her on farm
and do light farm chores. Will
give home in exchange. for
work (cant pay wages). Mrs.
W. M. Watson, Rt. 1, Box 85,
Rebecca, (Z. . 31783).

Want middle age man, good
health, living near Cleveland,
for farm work. Reasonable
salary paid every Saturday for
5 days a week. Give all de-
tails in first letter. J. H. Street,
Boe teks Station K, Atlan-

Want working foreman
with small family to maintain
Angus herd. Right man knows
what this includes. Permanent
job. Do not apply unless well
qualified thru experience.
Must have good references. J.
M. Henson, 673 Wells St., S.
W., Atlanta 10; Ph: CH. 3-

anywhere.'| g006

Want--reliable family to
work on turkey farm, capa-
ble of taking care of laying
turkeys during hatching sea-
sen. Someone with sufficient
help to grow approx. 20,000
turkeys. Would consider 2;
small families. Reference re-
gee P. M. McIntosh, Rt.

, Covington, Ph. 786- 2784.

Want good handy man to
do farm chores for room,
board, tobacco, clothes, Jaun-
dry and small salary. No age
limit, white or colored, good
health and no heavy lifting,
no drifters or drinkers. Must
furnish reference in first let-
ter. Mrs. M. C. Chesterfield,
Rt. 1, Glenwood.

Free rent for someone to
look after farm near Stone
Mtn., nice lake, lg. spring; nice
garden, ent: house with elec-
tricity, on asphalt rd. near
church, school, and - stores.
Man can hold other job if
someone is left to keep out
trespassers. W. TT. Johnson,
1609 Emory Rd., NE, Atlanta
0306, Ph. DR. 3- 2238,

Want man and wife with
couple of children, old enough
to help care for laying hen
farm, and help in hatchery.
Have some rich land to cul-
tivate with tractor on halves,

if desired. Must be _ honest,
sober, and in. good health.
Year around work, weekly

salary, nice 5 R. house, water
and lights, wired for stove.
Marie Finley, 967 Chattahoo-
chee Dr., Gainesville, Ph. LE.
2-6470. (no collect calls).

Want man with small fam-
ily to work 2500 turpentine
faces, and work by day bal-
ance of time. Must be exper-=
jienced in tractor farming. L.
Williamson, Rt. 2, Box 171,

Widow, age 63, wants mid=
dle-aged white woman to live
in farm home and help with
light farm work, for room,
board and salary. Mrs. W: Hi.
Owens, Rt. 2, Pitts.

Want dependable Christian
white woman to live in and
help with light farm work
and chickens. Room, board
and $50. a month. Mrs. Oma
Chambers, Rt. 1, Smyrna.

Want middle-aged white
woman, nice, clean and re-
liable to live on farm with
a family of 3 and do light
farm work. Room, .board and
$35 a month. Mrs. Bunice Dil-
lard, Rt. 3, Cummins.

Want settled white woman
for gardening work on farm.
Will provide home. Write for
detailed information. Mrs. E.

O. Bridges, Rt. 1, Lexington,
Ph. SH. 3-5720.

Allis-Chalmers planter and
guano distributor in gooc
cond. Joe Clark, Rt. 2, Fort
Valley, Ph. 5-5808.


Georgia Depariment of Agriculiure
Agriculture Building
Capitol Square
Atlanta 3, Georgia
Phone JAckson 4-3292
D. A. Pullin, Editor
Helen Spicer, Editor of Notices



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| 887-4662.

10 kerosene brooders,
less, now in use, 2 yr
and 200 feet of a ineline that
eS with them, good cond.,
mer B. Smith, Rt. 1, Canton
(near Free Home store), pehs

ea., or $100. for all, Bl-|

O: Box 86, Ceonien

Want silage cutter, the kind |

that sets beside pit, in good

cond. and reasonably priced. | gn

Rubin Hogg, Rt. 2, LaGrange.

Allis - Chalmers 100 corn

combine with good 6-ply
tires, ready to 0, cheap.
James Holton, Rt. 1, Wrights-

ville. Ph, UN 4-3772 (after 6

10 disc Athens ome bog
harrow, new disc with hy-
draulic ram, like new, $375;
Athens 2 disc plow, semi pick-
up, perfect shape, $125; 2
combines, one run just a few
days, the other in running
condition, $800 for both. John
Golden, Rt. 2, Temple, Ph.
562-3463 (after 8 P.M.).

1960 Jeep frontend winch,
free wheeling. front hubs, 4
wheel drive, power take-off,
good shape, like new, $1,250.

9: Intn Lh

Want to trade large tractor

with trail-type cotton plow for

small. 3 point hitch tractor
with equipment. Tractor is W-
with tractor-fuel
burning engine in very good
cond., plenty of power for

heavy job. Plow is an Oliver |!

4-bottom, can be operated
hydraulically or with trip rope
by hand, first class cond. Art
Lamb, Rt. 2, Vienna, Ph. 273-
3832 (Cordele, no _ collect
calls). .

Want to buy small size chain
saw and lg. size Roto-tiller in

good cond., priced right. If.
lecated in north Georgia write. |

A. A. Kizer, Rt. 3, Cleveland



160, 5 ft., chicken feeders,
excel. cond., priced for quick
sale. Write for full informa-
tion. Lindon D: Hix, Rt. 2,
Dallas, Ph. 447-2294 (after 6

One 2 wheel farm trailer,
body 68 in. wide, 120 in. long,
used only 4 months, 825 x 30
in. tires, $265., or will trade
for 1955 half - ton pickup
truck. Jack Erwin, 3641 Ha-
bersham St., Brunswick.

McCormick combine No. 62
for sale or will exchange for

1960 Farmall 140 tractor
with cultivators and planters,
used slightly, $1,000. Charles
R. Cole, Rt. 2, Temple, Ph.
459-4375 (Villa Rica).

52 poultry laying cages,
reasonably priced; built by
Hartford Metal Co.; practi-

cally new and equipped with
feed and water troughs. Ben
F. Hartfield, 3916 Land O
Lakes Dr., NE, Atlanta (Z.C.
30305), Ph. CE. 3-0502 (Res.).

Ford 9-N. tractor and 2
bottom plows for same, $475;
also, John Deere B. tractor
with starter, lights, cultiva-
tor and planters, all in good
shape except needs battery,
$650. at my place. H. E. Akins,
Register, Ph. PO 4-9243.

Irrigation. system, Chrysler

tor, Marlow pump, 600

yearlings. . Anderson, GPM 2000 ft 2s
a aaluVirs . of pipe and
Speen ice ge Rd., Norcross, Ph. fittings, 2 volume guns, used
: : very little, $3,000.; also,
C, Farmall tractor with til-|Intnl. Harvester hay baler
Jer and mower, $485. Mrs.| No. 46, P.T.O., like new, $1,-
George B. Gregory, Rt. 2,| 250. E. T. Spieks, 3180 Panola

Comer. Rd., Lithonia.

Intnl. 12 dise grain drill, 12 Purina farrowing erates,
Farmall H. tractor, Ezee-flow | used very little, like new, half

fertilizer spreader, and feed
mill, good cond., good price.
Hayden Peavey, Unadilla, Ph.
627-3351 (day).

48 Bailey electric brooders,
used very little, 750 capacity,
$25. ea. at farm. Sell one or
albony Ke Davis, Rt 1,

Clark- |

Two 2 horse wagons, one
with body and one with frame,
good cond.; Garber seed sow-
er G3-B953 for tractor, holds
2 or 3 bu. seed, used one time;
also, several 2 horse plows,
corn and cotton planters. Ti:
M. McDowell, Rt. 1, Mec-
Donough Rd., Conyers.

60 H.P. Allis-Chalmers ir-
tigation engine with shaft,
$350. Gene Dally, Social Cir-
cle, Ph. 464-3428.

Used Jet pump, 1 H.P., used
only 3 months, $60. Eugene
Rowland, Route 2, Fort Val-
ley, Ph. 825-5817.

Allis Chalmers W. D. trac-
tor and Taylor-way harrow,
for sale or will swap for smal-
ler tractor, or take good mule
or cattle on trade. S. C. (Chet)
Waddell, Rt. 1, Bremen, Ph.
3690 (Buchanan).

3 roller canemill and 50
gal. boiler, $35. B. H. Sam-
ples, Rt. 1, Box 99, Wrights-

price. Wm. A. Luly, McDon-
ough, Ph. 423-3621.

14 gas brooders, 1000 ca-
pacity, good cond., cheap.
James B. Donaldson, Rt. 1,
Metter, Ph. 685-3028.

Black and Decker, 7 in.

power saw, 7 in. sander and
5/8th drill, reasonable; also,
industrial vacuum cleaner.
Mrs). Wana. thomas. Rt. 2;
Brockett Rd., Stone Mountain,
Ph. 938-4728.

Surge pipeline with auto-
matic system and 4 DeLaval
units with 2 H. P. DeLaval
compressor, excel. cond.,
$1200. Henry A. Winn, Rt. iL:
Dallas, Ph. 447-3690.

Athens disc tiller with
seeder box; 2, two horse, wa-
gons, and 4 disc John Deere
ae with seeder box. Homer

. Chafin, Rt. 2, McDonough.

Super C. Farmall tractor,
excel. cond., new tires on
rear; also, wide frontend and
bogs, harrow for same. E. B.
Blair, P. O. Box 511, Lithia

Irrigation system, 920 ft. of
4 in. pipes, 12 small sprink-
lers, 1-3 acre gun, 6 cyl.
Chrysler industrial motor.
Talmadge Bunn, 90 Church
St., Palmetto, Ph. 463-3167
(call before 12 P.M.).

Russ Brown, Newnan, Ph.| Gf in Atlanta area Ph. 634-
AL, 3-2681. 3197 Atlanta).
Onan eran generating Want good used tractor tire |:

plant OFA-2, 4 cyl. opposed
air-cooled gasoline engine, 60
cycle, 120 volt, 40 amp., 12
volt self-starter. Ideal for lg.

chicken raiser as emergency |


power supply, $360.

Reid, 1699 Bell St.,


10 sine eee: ease reall
with screens and sacking at-
tachment; also, Bear Cat
in. hammermill with sacking
attachment, both in good cond.
T. H. Hubbard, Rt. 2, New-

inan, Ph. Alu. 3-5185 (no col-

lect calls).

Ideal American chicken
house boiler No. 364 W, all

/good except back section. Will

sell one section or all sec-
tions. Junior Underwood, 506
Teasley St., Dalton, (see after
5. PM.), Ph. 278-0034.

Chicken house equipment:
40 gas brooders, Bramco,
R. Wood and Warners, 900
trough feeders, and 60 baby
chick feeders, all in good
cond. Some used only one
year. C. R. Prosser, Mansfield,
Ph. 786-6244.

Plow points, scooters and
scrapes, and parts for mule
turning plows, all new, 50c
ea.: tractor sweeps, $l. ea.;
cotton mule collars, 50c ea.;
also, mule shoes. Bobby Jack-
son, Woolsey, Ph. HO. 1-2593.

Cub 60 tractor, 5 ft. cut
rotary mower, side plow, cul-
tivators, harrow; also, nice
farm utility trailer; also, 10
Jamesway gas broiler prood-
ers $50.: 3 oil brooders, $10.,
or all for $55. cash, all ther-
mostat controlled. Grady Har-
ris, Box 409, Quillian Rd.,
Dalton, Ph. 278-7987 (no
collect Calls) See aie

New Holland 68 Senne
baler, $1,000.; New Holland
side delivery rake, $250.; New
Holland 6 ft. pull type mow-
er, $250.; Sub-soil plow, lift
type, 3 point hitch, used one
day, $100. All in excel. cond.
and at my farm near Mad-
ras, 6 mi. N. Newnan. R. B.
Bowen, 316 Peters St., SW;
Atlanta, Ph. 688-1428 (until
5 P.M).

Propane LP gas tank, 500

gal. Cap., above or under

ground, perfect cond., $125.
Can be moved on half- ton
truck. I. C. Hintson, 3730
Honeysuckle Lane, Doraville,
Ph. GL. 7-2412.

4 Hudson and 3 MaKomb
gas brooders, 1000 cap., good
cond., $100. for lot. Elzie
Barrett, Rt: 1, Box 144, Alto,
Ph. 869-3697.

John Deere
fertilizer See
little, $200. J. E. Brown,
. Box 8, Monroe, Ph.
6226. : ;

model LF-10
used very




Want front-end loader for
Ford tractor, Wagoner oF
Dearborn, must be in geod
cond. W. T. Daniel, Rt. 3; Jeff-

Want John Deere or Fox
chuck wagon for hauling sil-
uge, must be in good cond. and
reasonably priced. R. L. Mc-
Kie, Rt. 3, Augusta.

Want planter and cultiva-
tors for Farmall Cub in work-
ing cond., or good tractor with
all equipment for cash. C. J.
Benfield, Rt. 2, Box 351,
Brunswick, Ph. 265-2768.

size 13 X 36. W. B. Shupe, Rte.
a eee 110, Eatonton, Ph. 485-

Want belt pulley with gear
box for John Deere 40T tr-
actor. L: W. Osborne, Rt. 1,
Palmetto, Ph. 463- 5434,

Want to trade Taylor 5 disc
tiller, 3 point hcok-up, practi-
cally new, for Pasture Dream,
Grassland Drill, or corn
shucker and sheller with 3
point hookup. Willard Wilkes,
Rt. 2, Lyons.

Want 20 to 30 gang opening
dairy barn stanchions in good
cond. Sonny Stark, Rt. 3, Me-
Donough. :

Want to buy Ig. can type
Beacon, Warner ocr Hudson
broiler feeders, gas brooders,
waterers, and inside bins; also,

A. | used tin roofing in lg. or small
lots, and manure spreader in.

fee eond. Frank Hulett, Rt.
, Milan (Z. C. 31060).

Want electric egg washer,
basket type with agitator.
Hugh Shever, Jr.,
Ph. 263-4462.

Want Allis Chalmers Model
G. tractor with plow and cul-
tivators. Enfield Griffin, Rt.
1, Box 186, Tunnel Hill, eae
673-4621 (Dalten).

Want Dearborn Model 20-7

spreader. for parts. Need good | -

wheels and hubs and other

parts. Al Ward, 6245 Camp-
bellton Rd., Atlanta, Ph. 344-
4748 (no collect calls).

Want med. or small crawler
tractor with angle blade for
farm clearing. Must be in good
eond., and not older than 1950
medel. Prefer Case or Allis-
Chalmers. Must be reasonably
priced for cash- Billy Sanders,
Vienna, Ph. 268-4716 (no. col-
lect calls).

Want bush hog in good con-
dition and reasonably priced.
Pilot Filmore, Rt. 3, Box 172,
College Park, Ph. 478-7050.

Want small farm tractor
with cycle bar. Robert Luns-
ford, 1142 Atlanta Rd., Mar-
jetta, Ph. 428-5719 (no collect

Want old type hand itt.

Farmall A. tractor, cheap for
cash, within 50 miles of Cal-
houn. Millard E. Greeson, Rt.
3, Calhoun, Ph. MA. 9-629A.




15 Reg. polled Hereford hei-
fers; 6 mo. old, daughters of
SHF Beau Victor 4th and
breeding of SHF Beau Dom-
ing 14th and CMR Rollo Dem-

ing 24th, $175 ea. J. C. Brown, |

Ri 1; Helena, Ph; 867-3017
(no collect calls).

Any one of 3 reg. horned
Hereford bulls, calved 2/27/63,
12/3/63 and 6/19/60. Carl
Roberts, Ball Ground.

Reg. Angus bulls, 2 yr. old

}and younger, $300, $225 and

$180 ea., all good bloodlines,

clean and C. V., guaranteed |.

breeders; also, reg. Angus hei-
fers, open and bred, $225 and
$250 ea., cows with and with-
out calves, C. V. and clean. F.

W. Phillips, c/o Westover
Be Kennesaw, Ph, 428-
29. Re

Quitman, |

excel. Conta TGR
bloodlines, from clear
calfhood vaccinated.
Crowley, 129 B.

: Lit
(Klondike), Ph. 482- 8433

Milch cow, cross b
Guernsey and Ayrshire, du
freshen now, $150. J. H. M
Ae Rt. 1, Roswell, h.

Dbl. reg. polled Heref
bulls and heifers, exec
Po good range


Valdosta, Ph.
2491, Ae

ford hetter calf, $220
calf; without calf $150
stamped envelope for
mation. P. B. Brown,
Ball Ground.

Roan Shorthorn bull, 19 3
old, purebred and reg., i
price. Clyde Fortner, Rt.
Dahlonega (4 mi. N.), Ph. 8
8788 (no collect calls).

Black Angus bull, |

Black Angus bull, wt. app:
600 Ibs., 7 mo. old, d

Handy Farms Grit a
goed conformation, CV, s
halter: broke, Eilleenm:
bloodline. W. S. Bailey, Rt.

Ph. AL, 3-4788 (Newn
collect calls). oS


or will consider trade
fers of equal value
Brown, Rt. 5, Pair
ietta, Ph. 435- 1007.

2 Jersey milch cows
sey heifer, and Jers:
also, 2 nice shoats,
milk goat, one Saanan
and one Holstein heifer. -

venit Meet: Claud J. Me:
Neely, 2025 Tuxedo Ave. N
E., Atlanta 7, Ph. DR. 3-5417

Reg. Black Angus bull, 3 yr yr
old May 1964, very gentle
good ccendition. C, L. Perdue
3227 Flat Shoals Rd., Decatur

Polled Hereford bull, 5 mo
old, perfectly marked, can be
reg, $100. Located 14 ey
LaFayette. Miss Jessie
Shaham, LaFayette and
ton Hwy., LaFayette.

9 Purebred Black An
heifers, approx. average wt
350 Ibs., promnens bloodlines
$900. for the lot. E. H. Ensz
Louisville, Ph. LL T-B79E

20 res. Rranes COWS, 5 12 yr
cld some with calves, |
$275 without calves; ci
with calves, $250- $350. Ohi:
Milner, 204 Timothy Ave.
Rome, Ph. 232-3014 (no col-
leet calls).

Dbl. reg. polled. Hereforc
cows, bred with calves by side
open and bred heifers, all wel
marked, Domino breeding. M
F. Hammock, Jefferson, Ph
367-8673 (no collect calls).

Reg. polled Hereford bull
$250. Sane to prevent in-
breeding. J. SEN Rt 2

Holstein heifer, Jersey hei.
fer, and Jersey male, all ir
good shape, $300. for all. Pau
Clayton, Ri, 1; Kingston, Con
mi. E, Hall Station).

Thoroughbred Santa Gert.

|rudis cows and bulls; also, few

second cross cows. J. W. Mor-
ris, c/o Double M Farms, Box
a Carrollton, Ph. aS 2-
B52. =!

Black Angus_ heifers, pred t:
reg. Busts bull . Wheel
er, Rt. 3, Clevela:

24 reg. Black Ang
with papers, 9 calves, t
to ecalve soon, avg. wt. a
1000 Ibs., selected her
reg. bull, oe ea.

Collett, Rt. 1

Sony (no-

i pshire

ol andrac
-|also, crossbred pigs, no eereone

able offer refused. Jim Hop-
kins, Rt. 2, Clayton (Tate City

5 i eset ise polled
ereford bulls, 7-12 mo. old,
built and oa Come

Fiecd Hereford cows,
condition, True Mold
well marked, fine con-

on, good breeders, both |

One: aan saa well

alt at side.

son, Ge Holly Oak Ranch,
ox 26, Alpharetta, Ph.
5960 . pharetta).

igus he: mos reg., 3 10
sia. $100 ea. at farm. W.
pee ulon. Ph. 567-

-|417, Douglasville,
4259. :

500 nice meat type feeder
pigs, $10. ea. Curtis Collier,
321 Walton St., Monroe, Ph,
267-9405. 7

Reg. Spotted Poland China
soe: 8 males, large enough
for service; several open gilts
and weaned pigs, life treated,
see at farm or write. No Sun-
tay. sales. Lamar Altman, Rt.

, Alma.

Pigs, 6 wk. old, $10. ea. Lo-
eated 2 mi. E. of Douglasville
(follow signs), Hwy. 78.
Leonard Pittman, Rt. 1, Box
Ph. 942-

Duroe boars and gilts, 4-6
mo. old, treated for cholera

|and erysipelas, can be reg. in

buyers name, $30-$35- ea.;

-| large boars $55. ea. Located 15

mi. S. E. Guyton on Hwy. 30.
Frederick .Zipprer, Rt. 1, Box

-|182, Guyton, Ph. 772-3345.

Reg. or entitled to reg. S. P.
C. service males, proper age,
ete., from prolific sows of the
finest bloodlines and sired by
2 of the outstanding boars of
the breed; also, bred SOws,
gilts and fine 2 mo. old pigs.

Morris Sanders, Glenwocd.

Reg. Black Essex pigs, 10

o. | wk. old, $25. ea. Will be avail-

about 550 Ib.,


Reg. Landrace Bese hog;
also reg.

vn, 1418 on, Mrs. Hen-
SE, Allanta 16. Ph.

See Poland ;

Iso, pigs,
mo. old, lone
out $50 ea., pigs
buyers. name if de-
Knowles, Mil-
8578 (McRae).


long meat type, per-
ilts will make fine
{, some choice boars
boars See at my
N. McCords Cross
D,. Peeper,

8 | Hampshire = nee pigs,
0 wk old, $10 ea, Hugh

. male, 2 yr. ola. wt.
$25; brood sow, O.1.C.

See sow, Po-

. ina and Duroc, 2 yr.

F "300 dib., $50; 18 pigs, 6,
old. $10 ea. W. A. Wilson,

, Roswell Rd., Marietta
ee. - about 8 mi. E,

i oman, good healthy pigs,
10. ea. Howard Robbins, Rt.
_ Woodstock, Ph. GR. 5-7424.

arge black English swine,
orted from England, ser-
V age boars and gilts. Mrs.
fubert Smith, hitad Box 129;

Purebred eee Poland
I a5 ales: ready for service
ller, open and bred

Christmas or board them

able Nov. 5th, booking orders
now. Wiley G. Dampier, Rt. 1,
Boe aie, Valdosta, Ph. CH. 2-

12 purebred Hampshire
shoats, mostly males, good
| breeding stock, $15 ea.; $160
for all; also, 3 nice sows, best
Hampshire blocdlines, . pred to
reg. Hampshire boar; reg, gilt
for sale, reasonably priced.
GarleC Smith, Rt. pee
Ph. ME. 5- -4548. :

Black Poland China service

| age boars; also, open gilts and

weaned pigs, treated for Cho-
lera, reg. in buyers name,
Bangs free herd. W. T. Jenn-
ings, Rt. 2, Americus.

2 sows, 7 shoats and 8 pigs
for sale or trade for calves,
Shetland ponies or saddle hor-
ses. C. J. Jones, 2285-4 Lane
Hwy., Smyrna, Ph. 436-3247.

2 purebred Yerkshire gilts,
wit. around 200 lbs. ea., from
Sears bloodline, can give pap-
ers on each one, bargain pr-

iced. H. Hoofner, Rt. 1,

6 mo. old Duroc boar, sub-
ject to registration. Bruce

Wilder, Rt. 2, Juniper.

Horses, Mules & Ponies

Nice gentle ponies for sale
or trade; also, want old horses
and mules, highest price
paid. Will pick up 5-75 mi.
of Augusta. EH. J.
1929 Cherry: ne


.| Ph. RE. 3-3710

Jenny, 5 yr. old, wt. 500-
600 Ibs., gentle, works to cart,
can plow and ride, children
ean handle, bred to foal in
April, good shape. Lon Carn-
es, Rt. 1, Lithia Springs, Ph.
942-3889 (no collect calls).

. Black mule, some age but
spirited, good plow mule,

gentle, works anywhere; also,

mule drawn farming equip.
Bobee Scarbary, 4095 Pio-
nono Ave., Macon, Ph. 788-
5876 (no collect calls).

At Stud: Reg. Appaloosa;
also, several 3 gaited bred
mares, some ree for sale or
trade. Mrs. E. M.
1, Rising Fawn, Ph. 632- 3175,
anea code 205.

15 nice
mares, some
side, one reg.,
children to ride, $100-$150
ea.; 10 nice colts, 8 mo. old,
S60. ea.; also, saddles and

Shetland pony
with colts by
all broke for

McMahon, |

Brooks, Rt. |-

Ly Siok 3 i
PLOTS, white mane oak
tail, broke, 4 yr. old; Palo-
mino stud, 2% yr. old, broke.
All young and beauties, chil-
dren can handle. Will con-
sider trade on larger gentle
Bore that works and rides.

M. Moon, Hamilton, Ph.
MA. 8-4478.

At Stud: golden Palomino
stallion, reg. Walking horse,
and in Palomino Assn., and
jet black Arabian stallion, fee
$25., will pick up mare, breed
until caught; also for sale reg.
American saddle breed mare,
Sugar Lee King, blaze face,
stocking feet, blue ribbon
winner; pleasure mare, bay
with black mane and tail;
purebred stallion chestnut
with flax ae and tail, 2%
yr. old. J. W. Van Horn, 4457
Coven ics Hwy., Decatur, Ph.
BU. 9-5798.

Bay horse, Vin =< Oldy..3
galled, with ae and bridle,
$200. W. H. Malphurs, 1410
North Jeffe:: on St., Albany,
Ph. HE. 2-1721

Reg. aS Walkers: 8
yr. old Palomino brood mare,
in foal; 15 mo. old Palomino
colt; 24 yr. old Albino: stal-
lion. Paul J. Brown, 507_N.
Atlanta St., Smyrna, Ph. HE.

Shetland ponies: Stallion
and mare with colt, bred
back, all untamed. All letters
answered. Raymond Caldwell,
Rt. 1, Box 195, Senoia. Ph.
AL. 3-6928 (Newnan, no col-
lect calls).

Good gentle mule, works
well. J. M. Scarbrough, Stone-
wall-Tell Rd., College Park.

Gray horse, wt. 800 lbs.,
10 yr. old, rein broken, will
cut curves, barrel race, gentle
for children, quick . sale at
$125.; also, good Guernsey
cow, 2 gals. milk a day, bred
to peut bull, $100. Roy West,
Rt. , Senoia.

ae 2% yr. old: gelding,
wt. approx. 900 Ilbs., straw-
berry roan with white mane,
tail, and stockings; also, black
parade saddle, bridle and
martingale, 4 wheeled, 20 in.
buckboard, harness and hack-
ney gelding. H. L. Strickland,
432 Oakland Dr., Gainesville,
Ph. LE 2-6399.

~ At Stud: Playboy, mice 5
gaited ehestnut with white
mane and tail, blaze and two
rear stockings, excel, confor-
mation and disposition, $25.

with 2 return privileges this |

season. Can haul stud rea-
sonable distance or will board
mare. Jerry Brown, Rt. 5,
Pair Rd., Marietta.

Beautiful Tennessee Walk-
jing mare, 9 yr. old, gentle
but spirited, no bad_ habits,
wt. about 1050 Ib., $250. Mrs.
E. W. Hall, 500 Stewart Ave.,
Marietta, Ph. 428-0955.

Work horse, $50. See by
appointment. Curtis McLeroy,
Jr., Rt. 2, Box 386, Riverdale,
Ph. 478-6623 (Gate) collect call).

Quarter horse stallion, Resta
Bar by Tambo Bar out ,of
Flutter Lady; reg. Quarter
horse stallion, Ranaco, by Po-

co Rancho, out-of Aco-P-52,

298 from Fort Worth, Texas,
red dun, dorsol stripe; also,
dark golden Palomino stallion,
Little Warrior. Jimmy Rich-

ard, c/o Circle R. Ranch, Rt.
3, Conyers.
3 yr. old. gaited mare,

chestnut color, partially
broke, about 15.3 hands high,
reasonably priced. Estes E.
Ree Conyers Rd., Rex, Ph.

5 gaited gelding, 7 yr. old,
dark brown with white blaze
and stockings, spirited, $200.
Joyee West, 1531 Centra Villa
ee W., Atlanta i Pine Pie

3 yr. old gelding, gentle and
in perfect condition, ideal for
about L6: yr: or older rider,

ies, $50. ea.;
mo. Feld Palomino WMT stud

ceclt, $60., good breeding.
Robert E. Burns, 1010 E. Mc-
ee Rd., Griffin, Ph. 227-

Shetland ponies, will sell
cheap or trade in on nice
Walking horse, garden tractor
or dozier blade or scoop for
Farmall Cub. Jim Bishop,
Box 24, Red Oak, Ph. 6-5889

5 gaited American saddle-
bred gelding, excel. parade
horse, gentle but spirited, rid-
den in Shrine parades in
Georgia and southeastern
cities, a beauty. Harold J.
Henderson, Rt. 3, Dublin, Ph.

Saddle mare and 3 mo. old
mare colt, $350. at my home,
located 3 mi. W. of Blairsville
on Hwy. 76. Worth Plott,

Shetland ponies, bred
mares, filly colts and nice
stallion, $65. and up, small
and large type, different col-
ors. Marvin Newsome, Jordan

Mill Rd., Sandersville.

Nice Shetland pony, black
and white gelding, 4 yr. old,
gentle for children, saddle
and bridle included, for sale
or trade for beef. H. J. Zappa,
2956 Snapfinger Rd., Decatur,
Ph. 284-5187 (no collect

Sheep & Goats

Reg. French Alpines: one
7% mo. old debudded buck,
ready for service, $50.; one
dee, debudded, porn Feb. 25;
1962, bred for second freshen-
ing, $45, Both from heavy milk
strain does. Cannot ship. Nel-
lie M. Mingledoff, Rt. 3,

7 nannies and 4 bucks, all

milk goats, part putt-headed |

and part with horns. Located
5 mi. N. Acworth on old Dixie
Hwy. (near Allatoona Land-

ing). J. S. Morgain, Rt. 2,

Nubian buck, nat. butt-
headed, ready for service,

young, healthy, deep brown to
cherry red in color, $17.50 at
my place. Joseph Abernathy,
Yatesville Rd., Barnesville.



Want milk goat, white Saa-
nan, French Alpine or Nubian,
hornless, fresh or giving at
least 12 gal. milk daily. With-
in 85 mi. of Fairburn. Joe
Phillips, Rt. 1, College Park,
Ph. 964-6118.

Want red Angus calves, both
parents must be reg. Black
Angus. Letters answered. Otis
Milner, 204 Timothy Ave.,

Rome, Ph. 232-3019 (no col-

lect calls). ~

Want good spotted mare
(work or riding), 6 or 8 yr.
old for 7 yr. old girl, must be
gentle in every. way, and lo-
eated around Waynesboro or
Augusta. Give full details,
price, ete. in first letter. Odell
Richardson, Rt. 2, Box 172,

Want Tennessee Walking
horse, prefer 4-8 yr. old, wt.
800-1000 Ibs., for 12 yr. old
girl who is an experienced
rider. Ray Howard, 3318
Whitney Ave., Hapeville, Ph.
PO. 1-1816.

Want gentle horse for young
girl, 14 hands high or taller,
mare or gelding, not over 10
yr. old, and not over $100.
Mrs. Wideman, Rt. 1, Conyers,
Ph. 483-7152. :

Seed and Plants

children, with saddle, $225; 2
lyr. old Shetland stallion, flax-

en mane and tail, $100.; also,
2 yr. old brown and white
Pinto, $100. Will hold ee
3590 Evans Rd,

|B. Hunt,

4 Doraville.

beville, Ph. 467-4633.

Little red racking mare, wt.
about 850 lbs., a little thin,
$65., or trade for mule. She
will ride on pick-up truck.
Lon May, Rt. 4, Eastman, Ph.

374-2682, : d

bridles for sale. See and make for sale or trade for horse
ues wil oe prone | or suitable for 8-10 yr. old ie
ogetner ess oO roo riders. J. W. Weekes, c/o Bar FOR SALE
Jonesboro, Ph. GR. 8-6771. Rest Ranch, Warm Springs.
. Work mare, used for farm 10 Shetland pony mares, Bronze Scuppernong un-
jor woods, 10 yr. old, very|will foal in spring, gentle|rooted cuttings, $1. doz., plus
gentle, eheee: Mrs. Hubert|and broke for children to ride, | 60c postage. Permit 386. Miss
Smith, Rt. 1, Box 129, Pear-|$150. ea.; also, 3 horses, 2 Ardelle Segler, P.O. _ Box
son. mares and gelding, gentle and/1814, Ochlochnee (Z. C.
a SESE emeeeeeeneee broke to ride, $100- $150. A 31773) Ph. GL. 7-8211 (no
Dapple grey Shetland mare} small deposit will hold until] collect calls).
with colt, gentle for small| Christmas. Dick ues eA S| eee

Florida 90 strawberry
plants, $1.50 C.; 500, $6.; $10.

. All large, well rooted,
damp packed, and shipped
postpaid. No checks or C.O.D.
orders. Permit No. 444. Fred-
rick Smallwood, Rt. 1, Box
140. Attapulgus,

Cert. pecan pees of Se

8| Desirable, and Farley varie-

ties, 3 to 6 ft. Write for quan-
tity prices. Permit 496. Fred
Voight, Waycross.

Ann Moore strawberry
plants, $1.50 C.; 500, $6.; $10.
M. Add postage. Permit 491,

Mrs. Wincy Eller, Rt, 3, Elli;


Garlic, mint, 10@c doz.
plants; winter cabbage, Red
Rock and Jersey Market, 80c
C.; few*shailot buttons, 65c;
few collards, ae C.; Damson
plum bushes, 4, $2. Add post-
age. Permit 137. F, J. With-
erspoon, 308 Holderness ae
eee Atlanta 10, Ph, PL. 3-

Hazlenut and Blueberry. ee

bushes, 12, $1.; Blue Damson
plum, Peach plums, and chin-
quapin, 4, $1.; muscadine and

scuppernong grapevines, 6,
$1.; catnip, balm, tansy, 6,
$1.; garlic bulbs, 3 doz., $1.

Permit 278. Mrs. F, M. Eaton,
Rt. 1, Dahlonega.

Ga. Jet Barley grown from

Cert. seed, Germ. 95 pct.
purity 99.62 pet., $2. bu,
cleaned, treated and in new
bags. Robert Eavenson, Dew-
ey Rose, Ph. 283-3519 (El-

pce een LOIS HS SiS rete aii ce ae

Wheat 1123, pure seed, 97.-
63 pet., Inert matter, 2.37 pet.,
Germ. 92 pct., no. noxious
weed, $3 bu. FOB; also,
Suregrain Oats, pure seed,
98:39 pct., Inert matter, 58
pet., weed seeds .03 pet.,
Germ. 96 pct. no noxious


weed, $1.30 bu FOB? sAs Gia

Scarboro, Rt. Montrose,
Ph. HO 3-4315 (Gedo:

Healthy So. Ga. Buckeye
plants, 3, $1.;
rabbit tobacco, Jerusalem
weed root, red oak, dogwood,

hickory, and persimmon bark,.

$1. half gal. box; sumac ber-

ries and pokeberries, 50
match box full; very best
buckeyes, $1. doz. Add full

amt. postage on all. Per. Na
471. Hurschell Phillips, Rt. 1,
Box 130, Wrightsville (Z. CG

del.; hot Cowhorn red pep=
per, 2 doz. pods, 35c del.; also,
7 or 8 fine pumpkins, 50c to
$1. ea. FOB my home. Per-
mit 128. Ho Fo Say, Rt?
3917 Panthersville Rd., El-

Ogallala everbearing straw=

berry plants, 25, $1.10 del.
These bear from early Spring
until frost..Permit 427. B.
Scroggs, Rt. 1, Alto z Gs

Latham red raspberry
plants, $2. doz. P.P. in Ga.
Permit 312. Joseph Aber-
mathy, Barnesville.

Charleston Wakefield and
Early Jersey Wakefield ecab-
bage plants, 300, $1.50; 500,
$2.: $3.50 M. delivered in Ga.
Per, No. 38. R. Chanclor,
Pitts, Ph. MI. 8-2035.

Charles Wakefield cabbage
plants and N.C. Short Stem
eollard plants, 50c -C.; red,
dry, hot pepper and dry sage,
30c qt., or $1. gal.; garden
sage plants 10c ea., or $1. doz.

Permit 16. Mrs. Leilar Phil- .
B. 214, Royston -

lap Shu. de
(Z.C. 30662).

Superfection everbearing

strawberry plants, $2.50 C.;
mint, 40c doz.; garlic, 50, $1.;
parsley, 50c doz. Damp pack=
ed. Add postage. Permit 429.
Mrs. F. H. Keys, 873 East
Confederate Ave., SE, At-
Lanta ral.641GZ7. 1C. 2 30316). IPAs
622-0448 (no collect calls).

Little white Nest and red
Seallion onions, and buttons
from same, $2. gal.; dried ap-
ples, 50c Ib., not less than 2
lb. sold. Add postage. G. T.
Brown, Rt. 1, Ball Ground.

New everbearing Ogallala
strawberry plants, bears all
summer, $3. C.; also, Pre=
miere strawberry plants, $1.-
7) C. P.P. in Ga. Permit 487.

Mrs. A. M. Grier, Rt. 2, Alto.
One doz. bunches sage
plants for sale at farm, one

bunch, $1.50; entire lot, $15.
Permit 432 L. Douglas. Grif-
fith, Rt, A, Dallas ce

30132) (located 8 mi. N. of
Dallas, 1% mi. off Hwy. 92.
Inquire iS: Jack Grogans

Gro. for directions).

Missionary and Klondike
strawberry plants, oes
packed, $1.25 C.; $10. Add
25e per 100 for es and
handling charges. Minimum
shipment, 200 plants, Geor-
gia shipments. only. Permit
319. No C.O.D. orders. Mrs:
Luther S. Butler, 466 Page
Ave., NE, Atlanta (ZG
30307). Ph, DR. 3-1846,

Collard cilants, $1. Cc.

also, elder bark,

Page 4


Seed and Plants

Huckleberry bushes, bear-
img size, $1. doz.; old fashion-
ed blackberry and dewberry
bushes, 4, $1.; yellow root, 50c
doz. ; tame cherry sprouts and
black walnut sprouts, rooted,

$1. Add postage. Permit 9.
Biss Frank Parks, Rt. 3, El-

200 bu. Georgia Jet Barley,

Germ. pet., purity 99.4
pet., raised from certified
seed, cleaned, treated, and

s bagged, $2.25 bu. Lester Varn,
Rt. 3, Box 530, Albany, Ph.
HE. 5-8621.

Explorer rye, certified,
Purity 98.74 pct, Germ. 87
pet., Inert 1.26 pet., no noxi-
ous weed, $3.50 bu.; also, Reg.
Ga. 1123 wheat, Germ, 91. 90
pet., Purity 99. 92 pet., Inert
-74 pct., other crop, 04 pet.
(2 Rye per lb.), $3.50 a
Harry Willison, Rt. 1, Albany,
Ph. 436-5654.

Wheat 1123 seed, Germ. 90
pet., purity 99.19 pct. inert
81 pet. test wt., recleaned and
bagged in 2 bu. bags, $3. bu.
at my farm. Charles H. Foun-
tain, Rt. 6, Box 27, Dublin,
Ph. 272-4463.

Charles Wakefield and
Round Dutch cabbage plants,
5c C.; 500, $2.; $3.50 M. de-
livered. Permit 217. H. E.
Smith, Box 82, Baxley.

Sterns plum size strawber-

ry plants, $2. C. postpaid in
Ga., 100 minimum _ order.
Prompt del. Cello air-tight

wrap, lg. orders 10 pct. off.

Permit 97. Mrs. Z. D. Dodd,
Rt. e Box; 223, Alpharetta
(4: -C: 30201).

Watercress plants, $1.25 C.
plus postage. Orders shipped
promptly. Permit 110. Mrs.
Cc. C. Gentry, Rt. 3, Red Bud
Rd., Calhoun (Z. C. 30701).

Truckers favorite collard
plants, $3.25 M. P.P. in Ga.;
$3.75: out of state. P-P.; 75c
. out of state; G5ens-bPs
an Ga.; horse- radish roots, 3,
$1.25 Pp. P.; Russion comfrey
herb, 15 Ig. leaves! glace
Permit 474. F. M. Abie, Dah-

Hay, Feed, Grain


Choice Coastal Bermuda
and Fescue hay, square bales,
priced right. Richard H. Mit-
chell, Mgr. Tara Farms, 1509
Calhoun St., Rome, Ph. 234-

Coastal Bermuda and Soy-
bean hay for sale at barn.

Maurice Jackson, Rt. 1, Camp-

ton (4-%4 mi. out of Monroe
on Gratis Rd.), Ph. 267-9326.

45 bales good Bermuda hay,
$1. bale in barn, located at
Jacksen. Mrs. Henderson, 1418
Metropolitan Ave., SE, At-
danta 16, Ph. 378-8717.

. Choice Coastal: Bermuda,
Bahia and common Bermuda
hay, 75c bale at barn. Satur-
day sales only. James R.
Woods, Rt. 2, Box 166, Pine
Mountain, Ph. 882-6580 (La-

New crop hay, about 800
ales. Charlie Shirley, Smyrna,
Ph. HE. 5-8117.

Several thousand bales good
mixed grass hay, mostly Ber-
muda, baled from highly ferti-
lized and limed fields with no
rain, 1963 crop, square bales,
$28. ton at barn. James T. Mc-
Kinley, Yatesville Rd., Thom-
aston, Ph. MI. 7-3805 (nights

75 bales Fescue hay, 60c
bale at barn. D. D.: Still, Jr.,
Loganville, Ph: 826-4897.

New crop Sericea - John-
songrass pasture mixed hay,
75c bale at farm, Madras, 6
mi. N. Newnan. Contact me
before you pick up. R. B.
Bowen, 316 Peters St., SW,
eae Ph. 688-1428 (until 5
p. m.).

Coastal Bermuda hay, well
fertilized and put up without
rain, and Lespedezia, fertili-
zed and put up without rain.
Pick up at barn, or will de-
liver in 5 ton loads at small
extra charge. R. L. Jackscn,
c/o Flint River Farms, Jones-
boro, Ph. DR. 8-2245,

18 shocks of stalk feed with
some cane in it; also, 6 pr. of
used strap hinges used on
farm. R. H. Pace, 4819 Glen-
wood Rd., Decatur (VARIN Gr
30032). Ph. BU. 9-5152.

Pecans, Peanuts
& Walnuts


1963 crop nice black walnut
meats $1.50 qt. plus postage.
Miss L. M. White, Rt. 1, Box
57. Dahlonega.

1963 well matured Stuart
Pecans, 30c lb. plus shipping
aes. Mrs. W. H. Bell, Rt.

. Charing (Z. C. 31010).

Black walnuts, $1. bu. at my
home 3 mi. S. of Warm Spr-
ings. Mrs. J. L. Barrett, Rt. 1,
Box 108, Warm Springs.

Poultry & Eggs


Young turkey hens, giant
broadbreasted white variety,
wt. avg. over 15 Ib. $4.50 ea.
your selection, or lot of 7, $28.
Will lay in early Spring 64.
No shipping. Joseph Aber-

nathy, Yatesville Rd., Barnes- |

Pure wild -stock Mallards
(no tame blood), very good.

flyers, small size, true color,
$5. pr.; $7.50 trio; White Eng-
lish call ducks, $6 pr.; Mus-
eovy quackless ducks, $4 pr.;
extra drakes, $1.50; wild Flor-
ida ducks, $20 pr., 1-% yr.
old, Federal Per. 4-834, State
Per. 310. Ship express collect.
Paul W. Barwick, Rt. 3, Thom-
asville, Ph. CA. 6-4402 (no
collect calls).

Roundheads, pure: Dr.
Saunders bloodline; Branden-
perrys, pure, South Georgia
bloodline; also, Roundhead-
Hatch crosses, very nice, stags
$7.50: pullets $5.; 2 blinkers
$10. ea.; hens $10. Come select
what you want. Mrs. A. L.
Hill, 312 Warren St., S. E., At-
lanta. Ph. 378-2990.

Purebred Pit Game chick-
ens, dead game, but crossed
with Warhorse Blues, Travel-
ers, Greys and Muffs, 75c ea.
Will not ship less than 10. S.
G. Lang, Jr., Rt. 4, Box 30,

Silver Duckwing Old Eng-
lish Game Bantams,
birds from some of the best
matings, 2 cockerels and 2
pullets, $7. Shipped express
collect. G. B. Stahlkuppe, 2455
Union Rd., S. W., Atlanta 11,
Ph. 344-6747.

12 Anconas pullets, laying,
and one rooster, $15. for all.
H. B. Schumpert, Rt. 1, Stock-
bridge, Ph. GR. 4-7391.

Purebred show stock Silver
Lace Wyandottes,. Bantams,
one cock and hen, $10.; also 5
young birds, 4-4 mo. old,
$1.50 ea.; 8 small birds, 3 mos.
old, $1. ea., or $20. for all.
Cannot ship. Will ans. letters.
Gene Lane, P. O. Box 163,
Mableton, Ph. 948-5149.

Pair of thoroughbred feath-
er-legged Cochin Black Ban-
tams, one pair grown and
young, blue ribbon winners;
also, 4 half grown chicks, all
for aS buyer pay expense, or
come for them. Mrs. Zelma
Flowers, 489 Broyles St., SE,
Atlanta 12.

4 nice Game pullets, about
grown, half Clarets and half
Heatherwood, $5.; pr. Game
cocks, wt. about 5 lb., $5.; full
Claret hen, $5. C. L. Griffin,
Oak St., Gainesville.

Few trios quail size stock in
pure Frithiof Clarets, Math-
esius hatch: Frithiof Claret
crosses and pure Mathesius
hacth, $15. trio. Will ship in
light crates. A. R. McBride, Rt.
1, Box 219A, Lithia Springs.

Guinea pigs (cavies) for
sale or will trade for chickens.
Ivey L. Cellins, Manassas.

Silver Duckwing, Old Eng-
lish Game Bantams, choice
birds from good show type
stock, $2. ea., or $5. trio. E. G.
Holbrook, 230 Lee Rd., Mable-
ton, Ph, 948-1539,


: ed a
hens (20), and 3 r rs
young, and good layers, all for

$10. Mrs. J: A. Smith; Rt3
Douglasville, Ph. 942- 4078.

Blue Bantam pullets, 3 mos.
old, and Blue cockerels, all
from heavy laying stock, $6.25
for the eight; 2 single comb
White Leghorn Bantams, 3
mos. old, 2 pullets and cock-
erel, $2.50; 2 Rosecemb White
Leghorns, 3 mos. old, 2 pullets

_}and cockerel, $4. Will ship exp.

collect in Ga. for $1.-extra. P.
B. Brown, Rt. 1. Ball Ground.

Bantams, purebred show
type, 3 pr. black Rosecomb, 3
pr. Golden Sebrights, pr. O. E.
Silver Duckwing Game, pr.
Dk. Cornish ea., $2.50 pr.; 4
pr. B. B. R. Modern Games, 2
pr. Blue Laced Cornish, $5.
pr.; 2 Black-tailed Jap cock-
erels, $1. ea.; pr. Lakenvelders
(Standard), $3. All 1963
hatched. Will ship. E. B. Jones,
Jr., Rt. 1, Hahira.

Game, Fowl,

& Eggs


Extra large
quails for restocking, breed-
ing, or for eating purposes,
$1. ea. Permit 61. W. H. Sow-
ers, Rt. 1, Box 7, Blue Ridge,
Ph. 632-7268. .

Northern Bobwhite
from improved stock, 5 wks.
old, 50c ea.; others at 5c in-
crease ea. week; also, dressed
birds on order. Cannot ship.
Permit, 22. W. W.
307 So. Lee: St., Americus,
Ph, 924-2349. : :

Improved Northern Bob-
white quail in flight pen, now
day old, 25c ea.; 12 wks. $1.
Have some at 3, 6, and 12
wks. old. Permit 32. A. N.
Reeves, 7866 Ae Rd., Rt.
ae Dunwoody (A226 30043),
Ph. 993-4020.

Several thousand Bobwhite
quail in flight pens. Will de-
liver. Permit 49. Dewey H.
Pendley, 904 Frazier Dr., Dal-
ton, Ph. 278-6078.

Early 1963 hatched Chukar
partridges, $1.75 ea.; adults,
$2.90 pr. Orby Southard, 210
5S. Grove St., Dahlonega, Ph.
864-3765 (evenings).

Several thousand Bobwhite
quail in large flight pens. Per-
mit 10. J. L. Tade, 1328, 21st
St., Columbus.

Ringneck pheasants, 14
grown hens and 6 grown
roosters, $7. pr.; 4 hens and
rooster, $15.; also, 75 young
Ringnecks of different ages,
priced according to age. Reva

Clements, Jacksonville, Ph.
833-9230. 3
Pheasants: Silvers, $7.50 | 4
pr.; 6 mo. old, $2.50 ea.;
Ringnecks, 6 mo. old, $1.50
ea.; White and Ringneck
doves, $1. ea.; also pigeons:

Bald - head tumblers; Red
Fantail and Racing Homers,
$1. ea.; some pens free. O.D.
Tolleson, 2412 Baxter Rd.,

SW, Atlanta 15.
50 white King pigeons,
$75. Charlie Crowder, c/o

Melody Brook Farm, Windy
Hill Rd., Rt. 3, Marietta, Ph.
HE. 5-8656.

Pigeons, Racing Homers,-
mated and workins, $5. pr.;
single birds, $2.; solid black,
$7.50 pr., will ship 6 or more

birds. Ray G. Glasco, 4041
Weelaunee Rd. Ellenwood,
Ph. 241-1181. 2

3 common Homing pigeons,
$4. for lot. Express collect.
Billy Townsend, Rt. 2, Fair-
mount (Z. C. 30139).

White Fantail pigeons, $3.-
50 pr., shipped by express
collect; also, California rab-
bits, bucks and does, good
stock. W. W. Capes, 2197 Co-
lonial Dr., Atlanta 19, Ph.

19 white doves, 6 Ringneck
doves, sex not guaranteed,
$1. ea. if sold in one Jot. Will
ship express collect. Curtis
Murphy, 1 E. Monroe St.,

White King pigeons, very
good quality, $1. ea.; pure-
bred Racing Homers, $10. ea.;
Wallace Neal, 530 Sandtown
Rd., Marietta, Ph. 428-2025.

New Zealand white rabbits ||

and several young does, some

bred, and some are_ frying

ee rabbits. Glenn Thurber,
t 2, Temple (Draketown).


quail |

Brennan, | '

CE. .

: 0 vi,
trade for 3 pr
Chukar qua oF : Bol

| white quail. George Reed,
1781 Austell ay Marietta,

Ph. HE. 5-5325.

White King pigeons, 150 to
200, $2. pr. in 10 pair lots or
$150. if all are taken. Would
consider selling house nest
flight pen, could be moved to
your location;. would trade
for milch cow, beef yearling,
or anything that I could use
on farm; also have pair Ca-
nadian geese. L. C. Hintson,
3730 Honeysuckle La., Dora-
ville, Ph. GL. 7-2412.

Dutch Californians. New
Zealand Whites
and ages, purebred and from
show stock, $3.
price on trio. Will ship exp.
collect. John Carroll, 117 Pol-
lard Dr., Augusta.

~ New Zealand White and |

California rabbits, healthy, lg.

type. Nice bucks and does, all|-
lsizes and ages, $2. to $10. ea.

Marie Finley, 967 Chattaho-
ochee Dr., Gainesville, Ph. LE.
2-6470 (no collect calls).

Buck rabbit, black and =|

and doe rabbit, white with}.
gray, black ears, of breeding
age, $3. for both; or would
trade for pair of white Pekin
ducks or pr. of geese, any
color. Bring ducks or geese
and get rabbits. Mrs. Zora
Brown, 101 River Circle, Con-

yers ee 2 aa from Conyers, off |

Hwy. No. 20).

New aaa white rabbits
from pedigree parents, wt. to
14 pounds; ~also, rabbit fer-
tilizer for warm blower beds,
and gardens. C. W. Page, 149
North Ave., NE, Atlanta 8,
Ph. TR. 4-6452. ;

8 Guinea pigs (cavies) $1.
ea. if all taken at once. Mrs.
Coe McClure, Star Route

, Ellijay.

Game and Foal


Want pair of common pig}

eons (prefer white), cheap.
Elaine McDonald, 929 Par
Terrace, College Park, Ph. 761-
5747 (night, no collect calls).



Yellow root, fresh dug ae

washed, 4 lb. lard box mea-
sured full, 85c; also, fresh long
red hot pepper pods for home
use, 25 doz..
$1, Add postage. Mrs. Dewey
ee Rt. 5, Box 58, Ellijay
(Ze . 30540). ;

Nice hand peeled and, eed
dried horse apples, 65c ib. plus
postage. Mrs. Ider Parker, Rt.

, Box 184, Calhoun.

Buckeyes, 40c doz. for Eee
ae 35c doz. medium,
small, plus postage.
Dixon, Rockyface.

6 ft. leather bullwhips, all
rawhide covered, $4. P. P. Earl
Stuckey, Blackshear.

Yellow root, sassafras, ee
apple queen of meadow, yel-
low dock roots, wild cherry
bark, alder park, ratsbane, ea.
4 lb. lard box full, $1., plus
35c postage; peppermint, 30c
bunch; 3, 60c; martin gourd
seed, 25e pkg., and stamped
env. Mrs. Freeman Long, Rt.
5, Ellijay, (Z. C. 30540).

New crop buckeyes, 50c a
doz., or $4. gal. P. P. Mrs. A.
D. Mitchell, Rt. 2, Rockmart.

Buckeyes, large or medium
size, 25c doz. any amount, plus
postage. Willie Boswell, Rt. 1,
Box 287, Greensboro.

in- all sizes:

ea., special

~30 |.
Frank |

good size ears gr

nice colored gra:

10c ea. plus post
COD, prompt deliv.
Mae Wagoner, eae

Georgia oun
a ea. ges ;

cross on Hopkins
He ee Rte

Gordon. Rt.

Extra nice a
of worms, cores, and
65c lb. plus postag
supply. Ruth Sher
Box 44, LaGrange,

10 pele oe dried

Hot Cowhorn pep:

Woodward Ave. }
-12, Ph. MU, 8- 485)

Red sassafras

or 5 doz. pods;

Saturday Fi

. mares, colts, stallio
geldings all to sell
pr . Se

Fuller, Rt.

: Dublin Agric Le x

head meat type
treated and prade oy
90 lb. W. H. Cook,
Swine Growers, Inc.,

Pecan auctionsStat

ers Market, Cord

A.M. each Thursday -
ginning Oct. 24,

Dec. 19 except wee

Thanksgiving, auction wil
__be on Wednesday, No ve 7


area of Columbus.


per animal.


WHITE-FRINGED BEETLE revered for the fi rst in
from Chattahoochee County.

EARWIG moderate ifestatlane: in nomen i
of Columbus. This insect is sae over

HORN FLY treated beef cows, crverage

Report any unusual insect or insect usr
Agent. See your coe Agent for late:

infestations | in lawns