Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 1954 February 10

Tom Linder Commissioner


st tie oon in that
orgia city. Mr. Fred Scott,
station kindly invited me to
views on more pressing agri-
lems. The very gracious lady
* the program was concerned
a parity and price supports.
her concern, I was moved to.
eeting on that subject.

f farm production, the fixing
prices _ and the setting up of
not a problem peculiar
gaged in farming. It is of as
rn to other segments of our
he farmer, and this, I think,
ustrated by the following

SB hitae of goods ntodaged
ation ona consumed within


lose of the War. Bata,
865 until 1915, a period of
United States was a debtor
ing those years we used our

ope to borrow capital on
and develop our agri-
ry. During those years
and meat was in effect
the winter and spring months
ms of capital i in Europe. At
ne "season our cotton, wheat and
. Europe i in payment of those
east a large portion of them.
were a debtor nation which
dy market for our crops in
were able to develop and
continental railroads, packing
ton and steel mills, skyscraper
i in our cities, telephone

murder of the Archduke
as was used as a




from other lands.

War -

ing the akapoly of Great Britian in +
world trade.

: The international bankers loaned
large sums of money to England, France,
Italy and the Netherlands. Finally, in
1917, it was necessary for the interna-~

a tional bankers to induce America to-come

into the war to save the loans they they
had made to the Allies. It was at that
time that Bernard Baruch became the

* go-between man between the White

House and the international money len-
ders. He has occupied that position from |

then until this good day.

When World War I came to an end,
the United States opened our doors to
foreign trade on the pretext of collecting
war debts and this country was flooded

with foreign goods to the amount of forty-
_ three billion dollars. .

In other words, so long as we were
indebted to Europe, we created a market
in Europe for our products. But, when we
became a creditor nation and loaned
money to the nations of Europe, we re-

-versed the situation and created a market

in the United States for the products of.
one countries.

"Many people in this country wondered

during the years of the 1920s why farm

prices were so low when the world was
at peace. They wondered why industry
continued to lay off workers to swell the
ranks of the unemployed when we had
bountiful production of farm crops. Peo-
ple wondered why farmers were losing
their farm, businessmen were going

_ bankrupt, and banks were closing their

doors when conditions were such that
this country should have been prosperous.

. They wondered all these things because

they did not know or understand that
these things were happening because of
money loaned by the international bank-
ers to warring nations; and, they did not
understand that because of these loans,

-- we had become the consumer of indus-

trial goods and farm products shipped in
This condition con-
tinued until 1929 when the economy of
the United States was no longer able to

| carry the load of unemployment and
~ surplus farm products and surplus indus-
trial products.

In 1929, our economic backbone gave
way and the American people, in suffer-
ing and hardship, paid again for World

which they had paid for already


in money, in goods and in blood and lives .

of our young men.


After } if: Hoover went" out of office,

- the most discredited Presilent in the

minds of most Americans-of any man who
ever sat in the White House, the new
administration that had promised to drive
the money hangers out of the temple did
exactly the opposite and lined up with
the money changers.

Catch phrases which appealed to the
emotions of our good people were used.
such as having a Good Neighbor Policy.
The Administration instituted Reciprocal

_ Trade Agreements, so-called, under which

we have continued to import goods of
all kinds for which we had no earthly
use. We had no need of the goods but we
did have need of the jobs to produce these
goods in this country for our own people.
Nobody gets any benefit out of imported
goods except those licensed importers
who buy them in cheap markets, bring
them in this country and sell them at the
American prices and make the enormous
profit between the foreign price and price
in the United States. Everybody else helps
pay those profits without receiving. any
benefit in return.

In order to continue buying foreign
goods and agricultural products, the Ad-

ministration recognized the necessity of

reducing American production.That is
why limitations were put upon farmers
and why the Administration undertook
to limit and control the production of all
domestic goods.
Eagle came into existence in an effort to
hold prices up in spite of competition
from these imported goods and that is
why support prices were made for agri-
cultral crops in the effort to hold prices
up in spite of agricultural imports.

The spending of taxpayers money ta
arbitrarily support prices was but a sub-
terfuge on the part of the Administration
to fool the people into thinking they were
being given real relief when, in fact, they
were receiving no relief at all. The farmer
did not create this condition any more
than the local merchant or local banker
did. All of them are simply victims of
the same foreign policy of the national

Back in the old days when the United

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That is why the Blue






sis As




Address all items for publication ana requests to be put

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1 (Qn

| sy al saa

. Notices of farm produce and appurtenances admissible

under postage regulations

inserted one time on each request

and repeated only when request is accompanied by new copy

of notice.

Under Legislative Act the G

not assume any responsibility for

eorgia Market Bulletin does
any notice appearing in the

Bulletin, nor for any transaction resulting from published


Limited space vill not permit insertion of notices contain-

ing more than 35-40 words,

Tom Linder, Commissioner

Published Weekly at
114-122 Pace St. Covington, Ga
By Department of Agriculturc
Notify on FORM 3578--Bureau 0!

Markets, 222 State Capitol
Ailania, Ga.

Entered as second class matte
August 1, 1937 at the Post Office
at Covington, Georgia under, Act
of June 6, 1900. Accepted for
mailing at special rate of postage
provided for in Section 1103 Act
of October 8, i917.

Executive Office State Capito
Editorial amd Executive Offices

not including name and address.

| complete,


State Capitol, Atlanta, Ga.
Publication Office


114-122 Pace St. Covington, ta o



2% HP Bready New Model
AR Garden Tractor with re-
verse, cultivator, disc harrow,
plow with coulter, 32 in. field
mower, 42 in. bulldozer blade,
spike harrow, power driven
mower, used 1 season. W. R.
Beck, Jr., Sandy Springs. 145
Mt. Vernon Hwy. Ch. 8883 (At-

1 Feed Mill, good cond., $50.
FOB,-Comer. Ralph S. Collier,

* 30 in. Mill Rocks, belt and
pulleys included, $45.; One Cut-
off Saw with shafting, $10. I. L.
Long, Austell, Rt. 1., Box 120.

2 Horse Equipment: 8 Disc
McCormick-Deering Cutaway
Harrow, $40.; J. D. Hay Rake,
$35.; Oliver Mower, $48.; Heavy
Mogal Wagon, with bed, $68.;
Iron Wheel Roller Bearing Mc-
Cormick-Deering Wagon with
oak body, $68.; Oliver Stalk
Cutter, $37. Herman Grogan,
Marietta, Dallas Rd., Rt. 5.

Farmall A Tractor, A-1 cond.,
harrow, plows, planters, culti-
vators. Mrs. Wallace Carter,
Plains, RFD 2

One 28 ft. grist mill, rock
grinders, and machinry in ex-
cellent condition. Dismantled
and ready to transport. Can see.
F. E. Colvin, Buford, Rt. 3.

Large farm bell with slight
crack in yoke, $6.50 FOB. Will
ship if interested. Mrs. Lon
Ashworth, Dacula, Rt. 1.

Farmall B Tractor, planters,
cwitivators, distributors, tractor
has new rubber on rear, com-

lete outfit, $450. Henry L.

osey, Bartow, Rt. 1.

Allis-Chalmers PTO, driven
two speed and reverse side del.
rake, used 2 seasons, very good
cond., $225. at my farm. after
4:00 P.M. John C. Reid, Zebu-
Jon. Phone 85J11. :

2 Roller Syrup Mill with 8
ft. copper pan, cheap. Se near
Cold Mountain, or write. Carl
J. Roper, Cumming, Rt. 1.

Sears Incubator, around 85
or 90 egg cap., $8. Will not
ship. C. S: Winn, Dunwoody.
Phone 47-2617. ;

1950 Ford Tractor with bush
and bog harrow, rear mount
mowing machine, and mechani-
cal bar for hoist? good cond.,
all for $1050.00.-M. A. McCloud,

Clarkesville, RFD 3. (1% mi.
W. Turnerville).
D-6 Caterpillar, Bull Dozer

Tractor, less than 2 yrs. old, 1st
class cond., $9000.00. Can see at
my home on 29 Hwy., 10 mi.
@it of LaGrange. D. G. Tyler,

1952 Ford Tractor, pan, field
harrow, pulverizer and trailer,
$1375.00 for lot. Excellent cond.
See 1 mile E. Glover School,
Rockbridge Rd., Cor. Dickens
Rd. Or write. Mrs. Velma Hale,
Norcross, Rockbridge Rd,

One Letz Feed Mill No. 140,
$65.; Power Pulpwood Saw on
rubber, $75. R. R. Alexander,
Athens, Rt. 2.

One 1 H Wagon with bed and
seat, good running cond., at
my place, $35. Theo Wood, Can-
ton, Rt. 4.

2 H Wagon, $20. Stalk Cut
ter, $15.; Mower, $15. A. E.
Smith, Powder Springs, Rt. 2,
c/o Little Acres.

1 mule drawn Covington Cot-
ton Dropper, very good cond.,
Bl. cash. Bob Lane, Franklin,

tL. ;

Farmall Cub Tractor, com-
plete with 2 disc plow, 2 sec.
16 disc harrow,
planters, power take-off, good
cond., $700. Ben Murphy, Spar-
ta, Rt. 1. (10 mi. South Sparta,
2 mi. off Sparta-Sandersville
paved road). C

14 in. Bottom Plow for Ford
Tractor, reasonable; Also want
one 2 disc plow for Ford Trac-
Le is M. Harris, Thomaston,

Good Allis-Chalmers Tractor,
excellent cond., Athens 4 disc
tiller, on good rubber, 2 row
John Deere Stalk cutter, 1 mule
mower, cheap for cash; Also a
Farm Master:Elec, Brooder, 200

cap., used one season, Mrs.
Louie Combs, Sparta, Rt. 2.
Phone 2064.

John Deere Automatic Pick-
up Hay Baler (wire tie) with
engine, used 3 seasons, Reason-
able. Write or call. Ray E. Tid-
well, Douglasville.

1950 Ford Tractor, 2 disc, til-
ler, and Sub Plows, bush and
bog harrow, for sale. Mrs. Ellie
Mitchell, Decatur, 2404 Oak
Grove Dr. Tel. Cr. 3522.

One Allis-Chalmers Model C |

Tractor with plow and culti-
vator,~ perfect cond., $595.00.
Ross Loughridge, LaFayette.
Phone 4-1192.

New 5 - 16 John Deere Sub-
soil Plow, no wheels, penetrates
to 18 in., $40. Will Ship, Milton
P. Minchew, Jr, Macon, Rt. 3.

McCormick O-6 Tractor, good
cond., 1 - 26 in, dise B & B
harrow, 8 hp garden tractor,
nearly new, priced to sell, all
or separately, Call any day ex-
cept Saturday. .W. @, Byington,

Pe. Intl,

cultivators, | Make offer.


1.1952 John Deere B Tractor, |

bought new, used very little,

lights, starter, power-trol, cul-|

tivating equipment, Graham
Hoeme Plow, 5 teeth, practic-:
ally new, @bl. sec. tractor a
row, used very little, sacrifice
price. Sell separately or togeth-
er. E. G. Perryman, Benevo-

Model M Crawler Allis-Chal-
mers Tractor, track and motor,
$750.; Speed Sprayer outfit,
good -cond., $1500.
Roy Fowler, Manchester, Rt. 1.

2 Elee. Brooders, reasonable
price. Come see. M M. Minor,
Roswell, 1067 Canton St.

One old regular Farmall
Tractor and 20 dise harrow,
(just put new dise on front sec-
tion), good shape, both $100.00
cash. See me at Crisp Theatre
every evening from 2:30-11:00
P.M. S. H: Bowen, Cordele, Rt.


JD Two-~Row Tractor, start-
er, lights, power take-off pul-
ley, cultivators, planters, ferti-
lizer. attach., dbl. sec. disc har-
row, 4 disc tiller, used 3 yyrs.,
$1500.00. See Powells Farm, 7

Have been used for-a saw mill
at my place. Alton Stewart, Ad-
rian, Rt. 2. mE.

Turner Hay Baler, good run-
wheels, has pully for power, $75;
Also 1+5 in. endless belt, 40 ft.,

Buena Vista, Rt. 3. *

seeder box attachment, new

cap. elec. chick brooder, hover

and good used rotary mower.
C. B. Skipper, Macon, Rt. 2.
Phone 3-5964. 5

Practically new Allis-Chalm-
ers 3-14 in bottom plow, trail
type, good-rubber, $250.00; 1950
Allis Chalmers. G Tractor with
2 row planters and disc, recently
overhauled, $500.00; 12 Disc IHC

dilla. Phone 2434. - :

2 Tow planter and 1 row fer-
tilizer attachment for Gravely
Garden Tractor. Make offer. M.
B. Welsh, Macon, Rt. 2,' Heath

mi. No. Fitzgerald on old Ab-|Rd

beville Rd. E, F. Boyd, Sr.,
owner, Adel,

One H Farmall Tractor, start-
er, lights, power take-off, ex-
cellent cond., $950. R. M. Davi-
son, Woodville. Tel. 36320.

Heavy duty Tractor Wagon,

'$150.; One Power Unit, $800.;

2 Power Saws, $150. and $250.
E. K, Fowler, Athens, Rt. 2.

New Massey-Harris No, 44}

Tractor, gas, used only 50 hrs.,
A-1 cond., like new, lights,
weights, etc., for sale or trade
for smaller tractor; Also- Mas-
sey-Harris 6 ft..Clipper Com-
bine, PTO Bagger, reasonable.
Rear Meeks, Carrollton. Phone

1947 - T6 Intl. Crawler Trac-
tor and Athens 8 disc roller
bearing harrow, both $700.;
Minn. Moline Combine 69 in.
width, auxiliary motor, $350.;
Long Wheel Base,
$300. F. M. Gazaway, Decatur,
Rt. 1, (2556 Clifton Springs Rd.)
Ev. 2971. 5

Used Berkley Deep Well
Pump, $50. W. C. Aycock, At-
lanta, 491 Peyton Rd., S.W.

One Man Chain Saw, 30 lbs.,
with 18 in, blade, McCulloch
make, good cond., $150. Scott
Bingham, Nachoochee.

One O. 8. Steel 20 in. Farm
Bell without frame, for sale.
Mrs. Julia K.
Lucky, Grovetown, Rt. 1.

~ One 1952 Intl. Combine, 6

ft. blade, with motor, good as

new, for sale. Ralph Duncan,
Dacula, Rt. 1, Hog Mtn, Rd.

D2 Caterpillar Tractor, with
Laplant Choate Angle Dozer,
Rome Dise Harrow, Taylorway
Subsoiler, all good cond., $2200.
Or. sell separately. Thomas
Randolph, Gillsville, Rt. 1. (11
mi. S. Gainesville).

One Electric Seed Grader and
Cleaner, good cond., for sale.
Mrs. Avis McDaniel, Glen-
wood, Rt. 1.

402 Clipper Seed Cleaner
with or without elec. motor,
has feed roll, bagging attach.,
treated, asst. 12 screens, per-
fect cond., $350. Will deliver.
ee P. Minchew, Jr., Macon,

' Complete set John Deere MT
Cultivators for sale or exch. for
anything can use. Only used
little one season. R. 8S. Dean,
Alma, Rt. 1.

Incubator, elee., 100 egg cap.,
used once, $12.50 We place, or
can ship, Mrs. J. H.
Fitzgerald, Rt. 2, Box 8.

8 ft. Keilefer Tandem Har- |-

row for sale or exch, for 6 ft.
harrow; Jacques HP Pulp-
wood Saw, for sale, H. L. Bai-
ley, Roswell, Phone 5515. |

uh Tractor, good cond., fully
equipped with dise for break-
ing land, power lift harrow, Du-

plex planter, guano distributor,
gang plows, pulley, purchased
new Feb, 1958, used very little

Newnan, Rt. 3.


} wick,

Talon Sse, Vs =F ete Rug te pecs

$1850.00. J. M. Goolsby, Bruns-
2000 Reynolds St

all A Tractor, never been used,
for sale or, trade for anything
ean use on farm. J. M. Stringer,


2 good steam engines for sale: ie

used 2 weeks $25.00 W. H. Cook,| ,

type, $25.00; Also want for cash, |
Graham Hoeme Plow, 5 tooth,,.

Single Sec. Harrow with 18 in.|
disc, $40.00. G. A. Lewis, Una=4;

Exhaust Power Lift for Farm-_

ning cond., rubber tires on back| M

John Deere 4 Dise Plow with
paint, good shape; $150.00; 1000| 92 -

load at farm, un
M; 50 M or mor
express in bags o
$1.90; 20. M, $1
Begin digging Fel
Harrison, Blackshe

$1. doz, Del. in

postage out of
. V. Frankl

Dillard, |2

Middleton, Rt. 1. 4 :

Good as new two hooper Cole
corn and bean planter, never
used, $27.50. C. B. Hicks; Rey-| p:
olds. . t :


Want used Riding Garden| ~
Tractor, good cond; cheap for Jersey
cash. J. W. Johnson, Lithc#ia,| and White and Yello
Rt. 1. Phone Stone Mtn. 3454. | Onion Plants, 500

Want an old Ideal Binder with aoe Fa pe a
8 spoke bull wheel; Also for Pp
sale, good Ledbetter corn and| py 4
cotton planter with guano hop-
he Or exch. planters for nice
heifer yearling. J. F. Wellborn,| ing Sti ees
Rock Springs. Yellow May Ph

Huck -
Want used cultivator and o i P
planters for Ford Tractor, good
cond. Vicinity of Palmetto. Joe}
Harrelson, Palmetto, Rt. 1. Tel.|.

6845. - ; :

Want 2 used troctor tires, good

fair cond., size 9 or 10 x 24.

W. F. Hardison, Savannah} mj
Beach, P. O. Box 2. ee SSS

. gst

Want to buy cultivators for
L. A. John Deere Tractor, or
cultivators and planters, Con-
tact Marian Elliott, Meansville..

Want one David Bradley Gar-
den Tractor, 2 1/2 hp, some
implements not over 100 miles.
Must be a bargain. H. J. Young,|
Sumner, Rt. 1. 4

ke Straw

Want tractor, reasonable price;
Also cultivators, planters, mow-
er, near Atlanta or Fayetteville.
Pay Cash. Contact H.- R. Ander-
son, Fayetteville, Rt. 2.

Want -one used side delivery |
hay rake, the new wheel type.
Gontact Roy Allgood, Atlanta,
494 Boulevard, S. E.

Want one cultivator for 1953
Farmall Tractor, new type. State
condition and price. J. C. Holt,
Lenox, Rt. 2. i

Want good, used Farniall| doz.; Dewb'
cub tractor, with or without at- |]

cuttings, k

bunch; | pern
Add poStage. I
Gainesville, Rt.

tachments. No junk. Joe G:
Thomas, Cartersville: Rt. 3. posta,
phone 1478. :

Henderson, E:

Want a 300 cap., Elec. brood-
er, at reasonable price and close
by. Advise. W. P. Colvin, Mil-
ner. Rt. 1. :

Want a 1 or 2 cow Elec. Milk-
er to be used on myfarm. Ad-
vise. C. W; Jackson, Marietta. Rt.

Hazlenut Bushs
Mtn. Huckleber
ing size, 85e d

berry, 3 doz.,
Hoyett pote

3, Box


Large berry Strawberry
Plants, $1.50 C; Blue Damson

Plum, 3, $1.35; -Garlic, 10| 8 $1.; Also Cit
head; $1. doz; Large Blue| Colored Bunch
Plum, 50 ea. Exch. for print i)

sacks. Miss Cecile McCurley, s
Hartwell, Rt. 2 - :

Strawberry plants, 50c C; alse

|May cherry trees, 25 ea. .
postage. Mrs. Rade!
F sie

leberry, bearing
ushes, 85c doz.;

- Plum Sprouts,

low Root, rooted,

id postage. Mrs. Man-
on, Ellijay, Rt. 3,

Sprout Plants, 35
Ga. Vernon D. Judy,

i. Jumbo Strawberry,
d postage. No COD
Prompt shipment.
oo Gainesville,


00 doz.; Black
Red Raspberry, |
ooseberry, Plum, $2.
1erry Seed, 10c pod.;
urd Seed, 20c pack.
d and damp packed.
Lov man, Ellijay, Rt.

sh, $1.00 doz.; Black

Red Raspberry,
Gooseberry, Plum,
Also Cherry Pepper

ack. All plants rooted,
. Add postage. Mrs.
Ellijay, Rt. 5.

alks Old Fashion Su-
and Govt. Red Cane,
ce; 500 at 4c ea.; 1 M
Poe Te Glt:

Two Crop, Early
Red Hull Speckled
1 cups, $1.25.
de for White

ice Popcorn,

eas, spineless or
Seed, Eng. Garden
shipping chrgs.

ts, $12. for


een Glaze Col-

$1: 8 Thls.,
1 40 Ibs. Mrs.

pepper in pods, $2.
before ordering.
Smi , Arnoldsville,

Cayenne_ Pepper,
*kshot, 15 pods, 25c.
sie Barfield, Shell-

_ Pepper, 8-10
eal hot, 25c large
Thls., $17; Send

oney. Or trade seed
seed. Write first.

Brunswick, Rt.

Leaf Bull Face
75 Thi.; Giant
ft. diam., 40c
lb.; Also Sage

Plants, $1. doz.

J. Ellis, Cum-

;|Peas, 80c cup.

| Crowder: Peas, 50c cup; Dried

d/100 Ib. bags, $23. Cwt. FOB.

| Beggs, Lavonia.

|. Calif. Multiplying Beer Seed,

+| qt. Add postage. Betty Mew-

.| cup. PP. All 1953 crop. Mrs.

A,| Gourd Seed,

:|Bean Seed, Hasting Cornfield

ittle. Pink Beptut Bean| 150 bu. each Red Ripper Peas,} Good tender garden bean seed,| 35 bu. good sound Velvet

White Salet
Good, _ tender.
No chks. Mrs. Doshie Hensley,
Ellijay, Rt. 3. poh

Eng. Pea, and Purple Hull

Seed, 60c cup;

Hot Pepper in pod, 50c aqt.;
Icebox Watermelon Seed, 25c
doz.; Okra, 50c cup. Add post-
age. Mrs. Samuel Caine, Cum-
ming. : ;

Tender large White Half

Runner Bean, and large White}:

Pole Bean Seed, 60c cup. PP.
Mamie Anderson, Ellijay, P. O.
Box i377.

Ky. 31 Fescue Seed, 99 pct.
pure, $18. Cwt. Cecil Travis,
Riverdale, c/o Pine Crest Acres.
Tel. Fayetteville 5581.

1953 Okra, 45c teacup. Add.
postage. Mrs. Edna Hooper,
Hiawassee, Rt. 1. .

_ Calif. Multiplying Beer Seed,
20cstart;. 12 starts; - $12." PP
Mrs. Earl Fincher, Rockmart,
Rt. 2; =

1953 Pensacola Bahair Grass
Seed, recleaned, in new 100 lb.
bags, 20clb. Virgil T. Barber,
Nashville, Rt. 3..

Recleaned Kobe Lespedeza
Seed, 98/90 test, bagged in new

Joe D. Murrow,
Tel. 2948. .

_ Calico Bunch Butterbeans, 35c
cup. PP. Exch. for pecans. W.
eS McWilliams, Lithonia, Rt. 3.

Old Fashion Eschelott and
Red Nest Onion Sets, $1. gal.
Prepaid in Ga. Mrs. W. C.
Byington, Newnan, Rt 3


Jimpson Seed for tomato
grafting, 25c pkt. and stamped
envelope. W. C. Aycock, Atlan-
ta, 49t Peyton Rd., S. W.

Giant Long Green Pod Okra,
hand ~ picked, kept pure, 40c
cup, Add postage. James V.
Bennett, Screven. :

Several bushels good cane
seed, combine run, 10c lb. Plus
shipping chrgs. No COD. Cleo

Good citron seed, $1.25 Ib.
Ralph Jones, Cadwell.

Extra early White Bunch*
Bean Seed, tender, large cup,
50c. Add postage. Mrs. Levi
Barron, Gainesville, Rt. 1:

30c_ start. Mrs. R.
Rockmart, Rt. 2.

3000 bu. oats, bulk $1. bu.
FOB farm. SJight charge for
sacking if desired. L. E. Akins,
Macon, Rt. 3. Phone 57981.

_ White Half Runner, Pink
Peanut Bean Seed, and few
cups tender Salet Peas, 60c
cup. PP. No chks. Eula Beal,
Ellijay, Rt. 3, Box 132. :

Green Pod. Okra, Yellow
Crok Neck Squash, Black Dia-
mond, Blecklee-Kleckley Sweet
Watermelon, Rockyford and
Hales Best Cantaloupe, and
Citron Melon Seed, 25c cup; $1,

A. Nolen,

born, Bolingbroke, Rt. 1.

Tender Hull English, and
Gray Sugar Pea Seed, 40c cup;
Mustard, smooth ruffle leaf, 2
Thls., 15c; Colored Pole Butter-
bean, bears until frost, 40c cup;
White Blackeyed Peas, 20c cup.
Add postage. Mrs. C. D. Sellers,
Ellijay, Rt. 2,

Yellow Meat Watermelon, 40,
10c; Martin Gourd Seed, 10c
doz. ahd stamped envelope;
Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe, and
Okra, 25c cup; White Nest On-
ion, $1. gal. Add postage. Mrs.
P. E. Traylor, Rebecca.

Butter Pea Seed, 50c cup.

es|Mrs, Lula Hawkins, Alpharet-|

tay Rt..3. d

White Multiplying Nest On-
ion (cleaned) 35 qt.; And old
fashion long green Okra, 55c

George Floyd, Rockmart, Rt. 2.
Dipper, Nest Egg and Mixed
; , also Castor Bean,

15e pkg. Mrs. John Weaver,
Temple, Rt. 2.

White tender Half Runner
ean, 55 large cup. PP, Mrs.

A. W. Mulkey, Ellijay, Star Rt.

| Hardman, Commerce, Rt. 2.

| Seed,

$5.50 bu.; .Brown Gaton Soy
Beans, $6.50 bu.; 40 bu.. New
Era Peas, $5. bu.; 12 tons Brown
Top Millet Seed, recleaned,
8'6c Ib.; 2000 lbs. Shogoin Tur-
nip Seed, 99.79 pct. pure; 92
pet. germ. W. H. Norris, Zebu-
lon. 7

Colored and White Bunch
Butterbenas, 50 Ilb.; Prolific,
bearing until frost, long green
Okra Seed, $1. lb. All new seed,
hand gathered, and_ shelled.
Add _ postage. Mrs. H, G.
Greene, Carnesville.

Few thousand stalks Green
Cane for planting, good lengths,
$25. per M stalks. W. W. Wil-
liams, Quitman.

8000 lbs. Cattail Millet, 8c lb.;
500 lbs. Brown Top Millet, 10c
lb. Both cleaned, in 100 Ib.
bags. Germ, and purity guar.;
100 bu. Iron and Clay Peas, $6.
bu. Cleaned, 2 bu. bags. See
Sankie Powell at farm near
Wrens, or contact M. T. Cour-
son, Hazelhurst.

300 bu. Coker Oats, $1; bu.
Willie Nix, Commerce, Rt. 2.

Pure Pride Watermelon Seed,
50c oz.; % lb., $1.85 PP.; Pure
Midget Icebox Watermelon, 60c
0z.; 4 lb., $1.50. PP in Ga. Mrs.
W. Y. Summers, Newnan, Rt. 5,

1800 Ibs. recleaned pasture
grade Kobe Lespedeza, in new
bags, $15. Cwt.; Several tons
Lespedeza, $30. ton. W. H.

Dixie Crimson Clover, 15c
lb.; Chapel Hill Rescue, 8c Ib.;
Rescue 6c lb.; Brown Top Mil-
let, 9c 1b.; Star Millet, 20c Ib.;
Kobe Lespedeza, 28c lb. Tel.
2131. C. D, Wood, Bowdon.

50 Ibs. Black Diamond Wa-
termelon Seed, $1.25 lb.; 3 mi.
Palmetto. H. D. Wilson, Pal-
mete. Ri 1.

Gimson Weed Seed, 50c Tbl.;
Cinnamon Vine, and Gourd
15 doz.; Blue Tender
Peas, 5 cups, $1.; Also 2 lbs.,
Yellow Root, $1.25. Mrs. L. E.
Sanders, Buchanan, Rt. 2. e

Seed: Watermelon, Pumpkin,
Hot Pepper, all, 15c pkt.; Green
Glaze Collard and Hastings
Heading, 20c thls.;- Peach seed,
10-doz.; also onion plants, 20c
doz. Add postage. Mrs. Viola
Brady, Cairo. Rt.-17 -

Long green (without fuz) ok-
ra seed, 50 cup; white butter-
bean, 60c cup; Purple Hull or
Brown Crowder Peas, 3 cups,
$1.; 12 garlic bulbs, $1.; 6 Mul-
lein plants for.$1. Add postage.
Mrs. V. M. Johnson, Shellman.

Garrison watermelon seed,
50c large pkt.; $1.50 Ib.; Can-
taloupe, tomato and _ gourd
seed, 3 pkts. 50c. Postpaid. Earl
Stuckey, Blackshear.

Cleaned, white multiplying
nest onions, ready for setting,
$1.50 gal. PP. No COD. Mrs. S.
H. Browning, Ailey.

Blackeyed Two Crop Crowd-
er and Mixed Peas, Okra, and
White Bunch Lima Bean Seed,
for sale. John B. Horne, Fort

Valley, Rt. 1. %Highway Haven
Store. e :
Brown Speckled Cornfield

Beans, also Okra, each 50c cup;
Small Pole Lima Butter beans,
35c cup; White Cornfield Beans,
50c cup; Mixed Peas, 25c cup.
Add postage. Cora Mae Ham-
montree, Chickamauga, Rt. 2.

Pure -Honeydrip Cane Seed,
10c Ib.; Green Pod Okra Seed,
50c Ib. Fob. J. F. Farlow, Bow-
don, Rt. 2. Tel 3488.-

Clemson Okra, 1954, gatherd
without rain, $1.00 lb Miss Annie
E. Jones, Fayetteville, Rt. 3.

300. bu. oats, $1.00 bu. FOB,
bulk. Will sack for hauling. L. E.
Akins, Macon, Rt. 3. Phone
57981. \

Green Glaze Colard Seed, 1953
crop, 25c Tbl.; 6 Thls., $1.00; $5
lb.; Martin Gourd Seed, 15 doz.;
2 doz. 25c; Jumbo Pumpkin,
15c.; 2 doz., 25c; White Butter-
beans, 35c lb. Mrs. J. A. Wilson,

600 lbs. good grade Sericea
Lespedeza Seed, combine run,
15c Ib. at my place 5 mi. E. Mon-
toe, just off Athens Hwy, near

bee Vernon Church, W. M. Cook,

Little White, Big White Half

Runner, Pink Peanut, Brown 6
Week Speckled Cutshort Beans,
60c cup. Or exchange 2 cups for
4 print sacks. Add _ postage.
Dessie Vivk, Ellijay, Rt. 3.

5000 lbs. Kobe Lespedeza, re-
cleaned, in new bags, free of
noxious weed seed. Joe A.
David, Dewy Rose,.


20 bu. Dixie Lee Peas from
certified seed, 20c lb. FOB. No
less than a bushel sold. Harvey
C, Jordan, Buena Vista.

White with Blackeyed Peas,
1953 crop, 10c lb. Jud Roberts,
Carters, Rt. 1. /

Tender, * White and Striped
Cornfield Beans, 55c teacup;

Blue Java Peas, 25c lb. in 5 Ib.J

lots; also Pumpkin Seed, 15c
Tbl. Add postage. Mrs. Mattie
Little, Ball Ground, Rt. 1.

White and Colored Bunch
Butterbeans, 25c cup. Exchange
for print sacks: (1 cup per 1 sack
Ea. pay postage; Also White
Butter Peas, 40c cup. Add post-
age. Ethel Crowe, Gainesville,
Rt.-2: 3

Tender Speckled Half Run-
ner, and Blue Pole Bean, 3
cups $1.50; One bushel White
Crowder Peas, clean, for table,
$12.00:; 5 cups, $1.50. No chks.
Mrs. Lon Ashworth, Dacula, Rt.

Large White Speckled Run-
ning Butterbeans, heavy bear-
ers til frost, 35c cup; 4 cups, $1.
25; Prepaid; Red Crowder, White
Blackeyed, White Purple Hull
and Peanut Peas, 35c cup; 4 cups
$1.25. Mrs. H. E. Richardson,
Bowdon. Rt. 1.

Good tender, high land, mix-
ed Cornfield Beans, 60c cup; 2
cups, $1.10; 3 cups, $1.45.| PP;
Also Watercress peas, 40c doz.;

Adairsville, Rt. 2.

Old time Little White Tender
Half Runner, and White Tender
Cutshort Cornfield Beans, free of
weevils, $1.00 cup. Plus postage.
Mrs. T. N. Wade, Talking Rock,

GoodMay English Peas, 75c
cup. PP; 2 cups, $1.25. Mrs. Hen-
ry G. Parks, Ellijay, Rt. 3.

60 bu. good 90 Day Velvet
Beans, $12.00 bu. J. B. Mullis

Old, Time White, and striped
Half Runner, Pink Peanut White
Hull 6 Weeks, and Speckled Cut-
short Beans, 60e .cup; White
Salet Peas, 85c cup.. No chks.
Ople Gable, Ellijay, Rt.'3.

50 Day Black Crowder Peas;
5 Ibs., $1.25; No less 5 lbs. to a
ustomer. PP in Ga. Also
White Peas, good to eat dry or
green, $8.00 bu. Exp. collect.
eae J. E. Meeks, Bethlehem,

tos ;

Tender Speckled Cutshort
Cornfield Beans, 65c cup; Mixed
Cutshort, 60c cup; White salte
Eng. Peas, 80c cup. PP. No chks.
Mrs. Preston Southerland, Elli-
jay, Rt. 3.

White and Speckled Tender
Half Runner Beans, 60c cup;
Red Speckled. Crowders, Blue
Java Peas, 25c lb. in 5 lb. lots;
Tender Hull Salet Garden Eng.
Peas, 60c teacup. Add postage.
Mrs. G. T. Brown Ball Ground.

White brown-eye Crowder
and Florida Crowder peas, each
$10.00 bu. Add postage. L. D.
Todd, Danville. ;

Purple Hull Peas, large run-
ning kind, brown when dry,
45 lb.; $4.-pk.; $15. bu. Del.
Mrs. Geneva Chanclor, Pitts.

Beans, $10, bu. Cecil Jennings,
Soperton. .

Little Old Fashion White
Hull Half Runner Beans, sound
tender, and White Seeded
Green Hull variety, 75c cup
Orders promptly - filled. Mrs,
J. M. Hall, Douglasville, Rt. 4,
Box 133. :

Velvet Beans, ready, sacked
clean, for sale. See. Oathet
Carver, Wray, Rt. 1.

Tender White Cornfield Bean,
large, small White Half Run-
ner, Early Brown Bunch, 50@
cup; 3 cups, $1.35; Lima Bunch
Butterbeans, 30c cup: 3 cups,
75c. Mrs. J. G. Whitfield, Jas~

per, Rt. 3.
No. 1 Ninety Day Velvet
Beans, gathered before frost

or freeze, in 4 bu. lots or more,

$8.50 bu. A. D. Ringwood, Dan-

ville, Rt. 2.
Several buhels Early Purple
Hull Crowder Peas, 25c Ib,

del. in Gai; $8. bu. FOB. No
less than 8 lbs. shipped. Geo,
W. Howard, Cedartown, Rt. 2,

Gay Tan Beans, cleaned, bag-

ged, for sale. W. M! Harris,

Thomaston, Rt. 1.

Good tender Old Fashion
Cutshort Cornfield, and White
Half Runner Garden Beans, 55
cup. No chks. nor stamps. Add
postage. Pearl Wilson, Carters,

Early Cream, Blackeyed Spot-
ted Crowders, Pole Cat, 5 Ibs.,
$1.; Tender Half Runner, White
Bunch, Cream Color, and 6
Weeks Pink Beans, large cup,
50c. Add postage. Mrs. T. L.
Lawson, Gainesville, Rt, 8.


Plum and Sage Plants, 6, $1.3
Scuppernong Cuttings, 75c doz.;
Blueberry, Yellow Root, an
Garlic Bulbs, 50 doz; Kudzu

Plants, $9. C. Add postage. Mrs. -
3 doz., $1.10. Mrs. Paul Hogan,| J

. C. Eaton, Dahlonega, Rt. 1.

Govt. ,insp. Moneymaker,
Brooks ahd oore Pecan Trees,
4-5 ft., $1.25;5-6 ft., $1.50. L. E.
Brown, Baconton.

Oct. Yellow Indian Peach
Trees, Large Purple Fi
Sprouts (rooted), $1. ea.; 6 ol
fashion Cling Stone and Clear-
stone Peach, $1.; Sweet Pome-
granate Bushes, $1.50 ea. Add
postage. Mrs. V. M. Johnson,

Scuppernong Grape Vines,
35 ea.; Red Sugar Fig Trees,
45 ea. Mrs. J. R. Brannen,
Statesboro, Rt. 1.

Crabapple, Currant, Black
and Red Haw, Black Walnut,
Catawba, Mulberry, Cherr yy
Himalaya Blackberry, 2-4 ft,
40c ea.; $3. orders PP. Mrs,
Thurman Todd, Mitchell.

Crabapple, 2-3 ft. 5, $1.; Red
and Yellow May Plum, 6, $1.3
1 and 2 yrs. old Peach, $1. ea.;
Persimmon, 35c ea.; Muscadine
Vines, 8, $1.; Purple-and White
Fig, 50c and $1.; State insp.
Add postage. Exch. for sacks
Mrs. Grady Brewer, Tooms-

Red-and Yellow June, Red
and Yellow Delicious, Yates,
Stayman, Blacks, etc. Apple
Trees, 1 yr. size, 35c; Large 2

tyr. 45c; Pears, Cherry, Plum,

Apricot, 1 yr. size, 65c;. Grape
Vine, 25c; 3 ft. size Stuart Pe-
can, $1.75; 3 yr. Blight Proof
Chestnut, $1.50 ea. State insp.,
del. T. M. Webb, . Ellijay.

Apples: Everbearing, Yellow
Delicious, Red Delicious, Red
June, Yellow June, Horse,

Grimes, Winesap, Black Twig,
grafted, insp., 1 yr., 40c ea. All
orders $3. up delivered. A. J.
Willoughby, Waco.

Dr., N. By


The Georgia Hereford Assn., Annual Spring Show
and Sale will be held in Atlanta at the Southeastern
Fair Grounds, Saturday, February 20thShow begins
9:30 A. MSale, 1:00 P. M. Both horned and polled
Herefords from 16 Georgia Herds shown and _ sold.
Write. Ralph W. Cammack, Atlanta, 599 Morningside






: Black Walnut Sprouts, 25 ea.;

den, Hapeville, Box 127.


Muscadine, Scuppernong Fall
and Fox Grape Vines, your col-
lection 12, $1.75; Bearing size
Blueberry, $1.25 doz.; Hazel-
nut, 75e doz.; Early May Cher-
ry Trees, Damson Plum, 6, $1.;
Dif. var. Peach, $1.50 doz. Mrs.

_M. L. Eaton, Dahlonega, Rt. 1.

Concord Grape Cuttings,
rooted, $1. ea.; 6, $5.; Also Stone
Mountain Whtermmsion Seed,

Dynamite by 25 teacup.
Add postage. E.


State insp. Apple Trees, lead-
ing var. 2-3 ft., 30c ea.; 3-4 ft.,
35c ea.; Peach, 2-3 ihe 30c ea.;
Grape Vines, 2 yr., 20c ea. PP.
A Be Alexander, Cleveland,


Dewberry, Blackberry, Cran-
berry, Sugarberry, also Persim-
mon, Red, Orange, Yellow,
May, June Plums, Cherry, all

6, $1.; Red, Black Mulberry, 5
$1: Red, Black Muscadine, $1.
doz. Add postage. Mrs. Thos.
ais Lithonia, Rt. 3, Box

Seeding Peach Trees, old
time red, 6, $1.35; $2.50 doz.;
PP in Ga. Out-of- State, add 25e
for postage. Mrs. Vada Bla-
lock, Adairsville, Rt. 2.

Celestial Sweet Fig, and
large Lemon Settings, inspect-
ed, 4-5 ft., $2. ea.; 3-4 ft., $1.50;
2-3 ft., $1. Small Stuart Imp.
Pecan, Lyr., $1.; 2 yr., $2.; Nuts

for planting, 5e ea. B. O. Fus-

sell, Atlanta,
Ave., N.E.

Walnut Trees, well branched,
8-4 ft., $1.25 ea.; 5-6 ft. $1.75
ea. All prepaid. Prompt del.
Mrs. H. E. Richardson, Bow-
don, Rt. 1*

Hazelnut Bushes, Red Rasp-
berry, $1. doz.; Chestnut with
roots, 50c ea.: Wild Gooseberry,
Muscadine Vine, ea. 6, $1.; Also
Sassafras with roots, 4, $1.;
Huckleberry, Garlic, Ye llo w
Roots, 50c doz.; and Walnut
Meats, $1. lb. Mrs. D. M. Hollo-
way, Dahlonega, Rtj1.:

889 Edgewood

Muscadine Vines, 45c ea.;
Also White and Colored But-
terbeans, 40ce cup; Colored Half
Runner, 50c cup. Add postage.

Ezra Caine, Cumming. :

Old Fashion Limber Twig
Apple Sprouts, 50c ea.; 3, $1.;
White Eng. Peach Sprouts, 50
ea.; 3, $1. Mrs: A. D:; Jones,
Cumming, Ria:

May Cherry Trees, Catnip

_ bunches, Crabapple Trees, Ha-

zelnut Bushes, Garlic Bulbs,
each 6, $1. Add postage. Mrs,
Mae Turner, Gainesville, Rt. 6.

Fig Sprougs,

50c ea. at my home. J. D. Dur-

Tame Gooseberry, 6, $1.;
Black Walnut, about 2 ft., 35c
ea.; Raspberry, 60 doz.; Pep-

permint, 40 doz.; Yellow Root,
50c lb.; Queen of the Meadow,
75 Ib.; Jimpson Weed Seed,
50c Tl. Add postage. Miss
oe Patterson, Halking Rock,


New Peat Meats, clean,
shelled halves, $1. lb PP. No

chks. Miss Orene
Flowery Branch, Rt: 1.

1953 crop (not shelled) Pe-
eans 30c lb.; Shelled halves. $1.
qt.; Broken, 90c qt.; Also Peach
Seed, Old. Time White, and
Yellow Elberta, 25 doz.: Half
ee mixed $1. Add postage. Mrs,

an Terry, Quitman.


Peanuts, large, pink skin,

2. 4 in hull, washed, dried, fine

for seed or eating, $2. pk.: $6.
bu.; Also Blue Java Peas, 25c
in 5 lb. lots; White Tender
Half Runner Garden Beans, 55c
teacup. Add postage. P. B.

. Brown, Ball Ground, Rt. 1.

1953 crop Pecans, Stuarts or
Schleys, 5 Ib., $2.; also Dill
seed, 4 0z., $1. PP. Send check
or currency. J. W. Lang, Omega.

Red Peanuts, 3-4 te hull,
washed; selected, $6. bu.; Also
Shelled White Rice Popcorn,
_ lbs., $2. Add postage. Mrs.

B. H. i. Holland, Dalton, Rt. 2.

. E. Kurtz, Ma-| J:

|Harold Hayes,

4-6 ft., rooted,-

80 lbs. Schley Pecans, 98 pct.
sound, 22c lb. at my barn. E.
H. Toole, Midville, Rt. 1.

Stewart Pecans, 5 lb., $1.50.
PP! No: chs: sseMicn Deans
Danielsville. f

Stuart Pecan Meats, in halves
$1. Ib. Add postage; Imp. Seed-
lings, 20c lb. FOB. Crawford-
ville. Geo. Nunn, Crawfordville,

Shelled pecans, $1. lb. Mrs.
L. Burk, Tifton, Rt. 3.


New crop Peanut Hay in truck
load lots, del anywhere. Write

for prices. J. M. Bryant, Syca-
more, Rt. 1, Box 151.

3 1/2_tons baled eno hant Hay,
$30.00. ton. 3 mi. NW Douglas-

>| ville. Robert E. Foran, Douglas-

ville. Phone 2515.

Unbaled Shucks at barn. Make
offer. C. V. Allen, Stone Moun-
tain, Rt. , Box 38.

A-1 ae mixed grass hay,
$30.; Sericea Lespedeza $35.00.
Del in 5 ton lots. L. C. Curtis,
Watkinsville, Phone 3431.

5 tons hay for sale at barn.
R. O. Stodghill, Jackson, Rt. 1.
Good peavine Hay, baled, $35
ton at farm. J. F. Lowe, Fort
Nanos .

- Kudzu Hay, 10 tons, top quali-
ty, baled with pickup baler,
chopped for easy feeding, cut,
baled, stored without rain, $35
ton my barn, 4 mi. E. Buford.
Buford, Rt. 2;
Phone 3865. P

Lespdeza Hay or Baled Oat:

Hay, 80 bale; Oat, Wheat, Rye
Straw, 50c bale. 6 mi..So. town
on State Hwy. .281 (Wildcat
Bridge Rd.). See T. J. Rousey,
Royston, Rt. 2. ~

100 tons bright baled hay, bal-
ed without rain, combination of

Bermuda, Crab and Dallas Grass
-| no weed, $25.00 ton FOB my

barn. J, Lynwood Bentley,
Thomaston, Rt. 2. Phone 3697.

Several tons bright Runner
Peanut Hay, no rain nor posion,
lots of peanuts in hay, i 00
ton.; Near Charing Ga. , A.
Welch Jr., Mauk.

Top Seales sericea Jespedeza
Brown Top Millet or Grass. Hey,
verieties baled sPparatelyi: $35;
$30:00; $25.00 ton. E. T. Newton,
Madison, Che Ranch. Tel.
157-J- or 113.

Lespedeza Hay for sale, James
Nutt, Luella.

New crop Peanut Hay deliver-
ed in trailerload lots.. Write for
Re V. H. Burke, Cacao


24 tons excellent quality Pea-
nut Hay, peanuts taken up after
storm rains, $23.00 ton at my
farm 7 mi SE Cuthbert. D. Don-
ald Peavy Cuthbert, Rt3., Tel:

Best quality Lespedeza Hay,
baled without rain. with pick-up
baler, 85c per bale in truckload
lots at my farm. See Bud
Thompson, Dawsonville. (4 mi.

10- tons baled Bermuda dnd
Lespedeza Hay, $35.00 ton. L. P.
ingleton, Fort Valley, Rt. 3.
Phone 772. ~

Few hundred bales Kobe Les-
pedeza, and some lespedeza an
Fescue Hay, heavy bales, $35.00
ton; $1.00 bale. One mile Bag-
well Truck Stop. Mrs.
Dilworth; Canon, Rt.
Redwine Farm,

pie 0

15 tons Runner Peanut Hay,
$18.00 ton at my place. Leroy
Shiver, Camilla, Phone 4612.

150 bales good mixed. Grass
and Lespedeza Hay, 80c bale at
my farm. R. L. Estes, Rex.

Grass Hay, 85c bale; Lespede-
za Hay, $1.15 bale; 5 mi. N. Ros-
well off 140 Hwy, Ralph -Dan-
gar, Woodstock.

50 tons new crop Soybean Hay,
$40. at barn. Lynn Borders,
Fort Valley. Phone 614.

Excellent Grade So oy ong
Cane Hay, $35.00 ton FOB
S. Collier, Madison,


Boyd |

(Wheat, Oais, et

Bright baled oat straw, $20. 00
ton, FOB; Also have oats for

jsale Fred Benton, Jr, Monti-


75 tons good Runner Peanut
Hay, $15. ton at my barn. Will
help load. Write, or. phone 161.

Frank F, Alston, Jr., Parrott, |

Box 111.

Few tons good Kobe Lespe-
deza Hay, $35. ton; Also good
bright grass hay, $25. ton.
Phone 85J11 after 4:00 P.M.
John C. Reid, Zebulon.

25 to 40 tons Lespedeza Se-
rieca Hay, baled without rain,
$25. ton FOB barn, 9 mi. South
Barnesville, U.S. 341. W. P.
Elder, Jr., Culloden. Phone
Thomaston 3472 night.

300 bales clean good Sericea
Hay, bri ight, $32.50 at my barn,
2% mi. Kast Lithonia, at Gaines
ae M. A. Gaines, Lithonia,


500 bales Tepes: Hay, sun
cured, has some straw, 65 per
bale; 100 bales Fescue, sun
cured, tender, 80c bale; 200
bales Vetch and Wheat Hay,
85 bale. Will help load. Jack
Barnette, Colbert. Phone 4372.

40 tons good, bag peanut
hay for sale. A. Dale, Par-
rott, Rt. 1, Box a Phone 823.

Good bright grass hay, $25.
ton; Peavine and soybean hay,
$30. ton at farm. Will deliver

-for reasonable amount. We H.

Norris, Zebulon.

Excellent Soybean and Cane
Baled Hay, $35. ton. FOB Com-
er, Ga. Ralph S. Collier, Madi-

16 tons good baled Gaytan
Bean. Hay, $40. ton. Harvie E.
Bickers, Hiram. Tel. Powder
Springs 4764. .

About 300-400 bales nice bal-
ed oat straw, never rained on,
50e per bale. Ww. T. Allen, Dan-
ielsville, RFD d

10 tons Alfalfa Hay, $35. ton.
Also 1000 bu. good clean oats,
90e bu. in bluk. BE. -V. Janets

20 tons exellent ality | pea-
nut hay (peanuts gs up af-
ter storn rains) $20. ton. at my
farm 7 mi. SE Cuthbert. D.
Donald Peavy, Cuthbert, Rt. 3.
Tel. 2320.

-Several tons. good Runner
Peanut Hay, and several hun-
dred bushels each of White and
Yellow Corn. Will not deliver.
Write. Frank Pearman, Chula,
Rt. 1. Phone 1428R2, Tifton, Ga.

1200 bales choice Gpastal

| Bermuda Hay, $35.; and $40.

ton; so Coastal Bermuda
Grass Stolons, 40e cu. ft. Dig--
ging days Monday and Thurs-
day. J. P. Morris, Baxley, Tel.


Best grade high protein Se-
ricea Hay, bright, 1st. cutting,
large bales, #1. Ht Moo $30. ton

at my barn. re, Mil-
ner, Rt. 1.


_ Dixie 18 Seed Corn, 1st. year
plane: eee shelled, $6.00

FOB. E. W. Benhardt, Aus-
aL Rt. 3.

Limited amount of truckers
favorite corn, slightly mixed
with Golden Batham Sweet corn,
$1200) qtigs Pea Also Clemson
Okra, gathered without rain, 50c
large teacup. PP. No stamps nor
chks. Mrs. Valley Berden, Roys-

150 bu. White Corn at my
barn, $1.75 bu. 4 mi. So. Brook-
let. Mrs. J. W. Forbes, Brooklet,
Rite 2;

200 bu. Holcombe Prolific
Corn, good heavy variety, for
sale. E. C. Denton, Hiawassee.

100 bu. Ga. 101 Corn, ggod for
mileing or feeding, for sale. 2 1/2
mi. So. Cleveland, U. S. Hwy.
129, 23 miles North Gainesville.
Come see. Make offer. W. M.
Hamilton, Cleveland, Rt. 2.

Several haundrer bushels
Whatileys red cob seed corn.
Special price per quality, FOB
barn, Chas, Pagel ee
% sain es Ranch.

tonseed, Siren. big

grown from foundation seed
picked and ginned dry on .one

var. gin, 7c lb. Riley c.
IMTS eeerat

D&PL No. 15 Cert. cottonseed, |
delinted and treated, Ist yr.
breeder, bagged in new, 100 lb.
bags, $7.00 CWT. FOB, Roy)
Ward, Watkinsville.

1500 lbs.. Cokers 100 wilt- -re-
sistant cottonseed,
staple 1-3/32 in., and
nearly a bale to acre.
CWT at my barn, 7 mi. W. Lum-
ber City on Jackson Rd. L. H.


Calhoun, Lumber City. Rt. 1,|

Box 120.

Cokers 100 wilt resistant |.

Cert. cottonseed, Ist yr. breeder, |

delinted and Ceresan treated,
bagged in 100 lb. cotton bags $7
CWT: OB. Cun: ee eg Wate
kinsyille, .


Shed from. pure Yellow Skin
Vine Cuttings, Yellow Yam Po- |.
tatoes, $3. bu.; Also Money|
Makers from vine cuttings, 35

to Hill, $2.50 bu. at farm. Ber- a

Ty cbs Morgan, Clyo.

a - a
No. 1 Bunch Copperskin PR, :

vine grown, certified sweet po- |

from lint|

100 lb. s
feed sacks, un
nor milaaw. Hl l
age; a ea

5.00 per|

nor mildew, a a le,
25, $4.75; 50, $9. |
| through 3rd zon x

Mrs. W. B. Skinner,
ville, Rt. ae ee

Good w.

}100 Ib. cap.,
. Mrs

tato seed, $4. bu. Olin Harrel- ; Br :

son, Helena, Rte:

Excellent quality coeited|
Bunch P. R. Sweet Potatoes
for sale. Write for price and
1000 E. 2nd Ave. Tel. 30390.

600 bu. certified Bunch P. R.
Seed Potatoes, for sale. Place |-e
orders for future delivery. J.
B. Savage, Montezuma.

400 bu. Certified Bunch P. Be

Seed Sweet Potatoes,

FOB... 5: ee Cordele, Box

49. ers ;
400 bu. ee Px Ri. ;

Sweet Potato seed, $4. bu. also| 1

75 bu. 3-crop peas, $6. bu. At
my place. E. D. Dickerson, ee

vania, Rt.ds ae

Sig, Tease

WALNUTS. AND wer tare


Black watt = none ach
and large pee $1. pint. Add
postage. Mrs. John R. Brown,-
Dewey Rose. Rt. 1. oo!

1953. new walnut raat. $1.
lb.; Also large and clean Red
Sassafras -Roots, r -
low Root, Yellow Dock 30c Ib.;

Blakemore Strawberry Plants, |.

25c lb. Yel-|.

A. K. Harwell, Rome, |p

he postage
Mashburn, Le

$5. bu.|/ea.: W

$2. M. Add postage. Mrs. Mary Fara

Ellis, Ellijay, Rt. 5.

Black Walnut Meats, 1953

crop, $1. lb.; Chestnut, China- e:

quapin, 16-24 in., 50c ea. Add)
postage. Mrs. Viola Holloway,
Dahlonega, Rt IS i

Clean Walnut Meats, 60c pt.;

$1. Ib. Cash or MO. Add. post.|

age. Mrs. Mary . Stephens,
Dahlonega, Ri. 1 Box: SO Se

Clean Black Walnut Meats, |

$1. Ib.; Also Red Sassafras,
Sarsaparilla Root, 3 Ibs. $1.

Add postage. Mrs. Sibley Rich- f

ardson, Hartwell, Rt. Bs


Giant S. C. Black Minocra| gum

Setting Eggs, $2.25 per 15. Pre-

paid. - Insured ~ pareel post.

Prompt del. L. B. Millians, New- ;


Hatching Rgs from prize Buff |
Cochin, S. Comb, and RI Red
parcel post. C.H. Overby, ae
umbus, 3609-14 Ave.

Purebred heavy type Dark
Cornish Hatching Eggs, $1.80 set-
ting of 15. Carton to be returned.
at once. MO only. Miss Cora B.
Patterson, Ty Ty, Rt. 1, Box 35.}

Hatching Eggs of Pheasant,
Quail, Ducks, Peafowl, Guinea
Fowl, and Bantams. Place order
now Eggs shipped parcel post
prepaid. Ne Helge Street, At-
lanta, Rt. 2.


Extra nice print sacks, wash- a

setting of 15. $3.00)

ed, pone. on holes ni

3, $1.5

mers, N Cina

sot ' we

Dipper gourds,
50c and

seed, $1. cupful.
Mrs. W. E. Woot-

65e,1b;-C. -C:
ceville, Rt. 4.
Ib. plain and

90c lb. Write

ter. Glenn

safras, Wild Cher. f
ttle Weed, 3 lb., $1.

sellow root, Queen
101 Yellow dock,

, 50c thls.; also
-25c ea. Add

permint, bale
bulbs, 50c doz.;
plants, $1.- doz:;


5 50c lb. Mrs. |

Dahlonega, Rt.

a 5 ty
eked, dry leaf

5 Ib. lots, |

us Brannan,
Phone 2311.

shade dried
pint cupful; 3
Holland, Dal-

cker, shade dried
Cash .or M.O. No
Davis, _Dah-

Day Velvet
iod and sound.

ore Bunch
. State kind,

ship same. Joe
Ri 2

the Govt improv-

00- 0-150. bu. good
market rice.
yy ols

'p.| mos.

a bins

a Ryasae
Want home - raised Rice,

eared and ready for use.

| Advise. R. C. Rozier, Quitman.

Want a lot of roots, barks

.|and herbs of all kinds. Advise
{what you have and price with

amount. Miss Janette Bohan-
non, LaGrange, 1101 Baldwin
St. Apt. E. .


Want a saddle, prefer horn
type or English type, cheap
for cash. Advise. T. E. Terrell,
ae. Rt 72.

Want good, used saddle and

: bridis. Advise. , Dr. John Cox,


Exch. good 1 H. mowing
machine and good 2 H. wagon,
for 300 dbs. reseeding Crimson
Clover and 300 lbs. Ky. 31
Fescue grass seed. Contact.
Letters ans. W. S. Mitchell,
Cairo. Rt. 2.

Want some Beka of the large
half Bushel cap. gourd. Advise
at once .R. C. Little, ean,
2337 Camellia Dr.

Want some of the old time
'Red Springle head (grows very
tall) syrup Cane Seed. Advise
what you have and price. Reece

Simmons, Baldwin. Rt. 1.
Wants white shallots for
planting, also bi-color Lespe-

deza seed. Advise fully. F. W.
Maddox, Stone Mountain.


Want 5 gal. Green Cane
Syrup. Advise at once. R. H.
Norman, Atlanta, 2440 Peach-
Cee Rd. c/o Mrs. Bing, Apt.



ond Milch Cow, i Calf,
$95. Mrs. Myrtle. Summers, Tic
thonia, Rt: 1, (Near Center-
ville). : ees

3 reg. Guernsey Male. Spall
marked, good bloodlines, one
month to 5 mos., and 14 mos.
old, for sale or exchange for
heifers of same breed. H. W.
Thurmond, Farmington,

Reg. Young Brown, Swiss
Bull, out of BHIA tested dams,
for sale. T. B. Clower, Doug-

3 good milch cows, Ist and
2nd calves, due to come in first
of Feb. No reasonable offer re-
fused. Located near Water
Branch Church on Fury Ferry
He Jesse cone: Martinez, Rt.

10 head of cattle: 1 pure-

{ bred Heretoxd Male, 2 vrs. old,

3 milch cows, 2 heifers (milk
type) and 4 beef type heifers,

Contact. S. E. McGinnis, Al-
pharetta, Rt. 1, Cogburn Rd.
Phone 4194, - t

- White Face Calf, $150. 3%
mi. Luthersville, on Rocky Mt.
Rd. John Will Foster, Luthers-
ville, Rt. 1, Box 85.

Reg. Polled Hereford Bull,
very gentle, 5 yrs. old, around
1250 Ibs., good color, well mark-
ed, for sale to prevent inbreed-

| ing. Consider trading for hay

-if price is right. L. B. Hunt,
Macon, 447 Buford Rd. Phone

Polled Hereford Bulls,
Victor Donimo bloodlines, 6-9
old, several to choose
from, or will exchange for grain



lor small calves of equal value.

Letters ans. M. F. Hammock,

_| Jefferson, Rt. 3. Phone 122J4.

One Ayshire Bull, subj. to
reg., 15 mos. old, paid $75. when
| baby calf, for sale or exch, for
White Face Bull. J.B. Easter-
Jt, _ Montezuma. Phone

Reg: ee Milch Cow, 5
yrs. old, 18 heifers, bred to
freshen Aug. and Sept.; Also 1
yr. old artificially sired unbred
heifer Health certificates. James

i Pace, Rex. Phone Stock-
tooa 3082.
_ pagh blooded reg. Polled
atl out 3 yrs. old, soline
|to prevent inbreeding. Dr.
: Floyd, Loganvi %

4 Heifers, White Face, grade,

: Springers, $75, ea.; Also Heif-

alves and Steer Calves, $50.

- $60 M.. B. Welsh, Macon,

Rt. 2, Heath Rd. Phone 3- 3983
(Except Sundays):

Reg. Horn Type. Hereford
Bull, 4 yrs. old, also bull calves
for sale. W. J. Lyle, Lilburn,
Rivets C0. oe Farm. At-
lanta, Tel. De. 0957.

3 good milch cows, Ist and
2nd calves, at reasonable price.
Or trade one for young pullets,
any good breed. My place.
Stevens Creek Rd. near Water
Branch Church. Jesse Corley,

Reg. Polled Hereford Bull, 7
yrs. old, excellent individual,
grandson of famo.s Domestic
Mischief 6th, $350. Exch. for
polled or horned bull of equal
breeding. Do not apply for ex-
change unless have animal of
equal quality. T. R. Cowan,

Purebred Hereford Bull Calf,
about 7 mos. old, no horn type,
for sale or exchange for heifer.
J. M. Stringer, Middleton, Rt. 1.

One Brahma Bull, 6 yrs. old.
Guar. Reasonable price. Jack
Livingston, Brunswick, Rt.

Box 168.

Several nice milch cows,
fresh in, for sale. Come see. Mrs.

Fred Atkinson, Valdosta, Rt. 4.|%

558 R4,

5 mos. old Horned Type Here-
ford Bull with papers, $100.00;
Milch Cow, (White Face) Calf,
$110.00; 5 gal. Milch Cow, $150;
2 Springers, $70.00 ea. Glenn
Norton, Fairburn.

1 Reg Angus Bull, ready for
service, good bloodlines, $125.00
at my farm. See me after 5
OClock week days; Anytime on
weekends. J. C. Herron, Martin,

Fine Jersey 4 Gal. Cow with
2nd. calf. gentle, best quality,
reasonable price. Lamar Wood-
liff,, Alpharetta. Phone 3861.

5 Reg. Hereford Bulls, 1 and 2
years.-old, sired by CVH Domes-
tic Mischief 3rd-and HSF. Beau
Victor 16, ready for service,
$150.00- $180. 00. Jonh T. Cline,
Covington, Rt. 3.

Moody Field). Phone

Good Guernsey Cow to freshen
about Feb 12th., wil give plenty
of milk, for sale. J. A. Crook,
Ranger, Rt. 2.

Natural Polled Reg. Ayrshire
Bulls up to seven months, out of
top cows, good for improving
herd. Sell very reasonable or
lend free to party who will pro-
vide insurance coverage and as-
sure good care. L. H. Tice,
Americus, Rt. 2, % Bretagne

One Reg Black Angus Bull, 4
yrs. old, for sale or trade for
puresred Black Angus treifers of
equal value. Lee Campbell, Ben
Hill. Tel. Ra. 7850.

Young Grade White Face Cow
to freshen in spring, $90.00; 2
White Face Heifers, $75.00 "ea.
See only. M. B. Welsh, Macon,
Rt. 2, Heath Rd.

Reg. Bulls Poll Herefords: one
20 mos. old, $200.00; Three 12
mos. old, $100.00 ea. All Domino
and Rollo breeding, well mark-

ed, dark red. Phone 1045. J. S.

Upchurch, Thomasville, Box

296. Phone 5123.

Bred and open grade Here-
ford Heifers, from disease free
herd, good type, excellent cond.
P. T. Patton, Shady Dale. Tel.
Monticello 5123.

Polled Shorthorn, and Short-
horn Bulls, 9 mos.13 yrs old, $100

$350.00 Burt Bennett, Moul-
trie, Rt. 3.

Jersey, Guernsey, and Hol-
stein Heifers, leach, soon to

freshen, $100.00 ea. Come see
before 8:30 A. M. 2 1/2 mi. NE
Alma. Deen Boatright, Alma,
Rt. 4.

Reg. Holstein-Frilsian, Bull,
Canaan Roamer Buster, reg. No.
11671161, born Sept. 6, 1951,

\ready for heavy service, $300.

Letters ans. Mrs, T. B. Lane,
Franklin, Rt. 1.

Reg. Hereford Buls, horned
type, 12-36 mos. old, $15, 00-$225.
Cecil Travis, Riverdale, % Pine-
erest Acres. Tel. Fayetteville



about 3 wks. old, also Holstein
and Jersey Heifer, around 2 yr.
old and purebred Jersey Bull 3
yrs. old, Guernsey Bull 1 1/2 yr.

head, $375.00. J. P. Bacchus, Ma-
con, 5314 Bloomfield Rd.

Reg. Hereford Bulls, 4 polled,
1 horned, all from finest blood-
lines, Aster Domino 2nd., RCM
Rollo Domino 43, and BHB Do-
mino Santa Fe, calved 1948, 1951,
and 1952. Contact for details.
George T. Oglesby, Elberton,
Hartwell Rd.

3 yrs old., will weigh 900 lbs.,
bred to reg. Jersey Bull, to
freshen, around Feb. 15th. Lo-
cated Hwy, 12, at Robinson, Ga.
6 mi W. Crawfordville. Contact.
J. O. Burton, Robinson.

One Reg. Brahman Bull, born
Mar. 8, 1950, gentle, halter broke,
can be petted, $325.00. Robert L.
Garrison, Atlanta, 1525 Fairburn
Rd. S. W.

3 excellent yearling bulls, sir-
ed by Circle M Rollo Domino,
fine prospective herd bulls, dbl.
standard polled with no scurs,
for sale or trade for good polled

12 City Cleveland Rd.

One Cream Colored Jersey
Cow, Calf 1 week old, 4 1/2 - 5
gal, milk daily, priced to sell.
R. M. Blackwell; Chamblee.

Horned type reg. Hreford Bull,
5 yrs old, excellent cond., for
sale. Write. Mrs. Wallace Car-
ter, Plains, RFD 2.

Springer Heifer, to freshen in|
March, for sale or trade value
for pigs. State kind of pigs and
age. My place 1 1/2 mi, E. Holly
Springs. C, C. Brookshire, Can-
ton, Rt. 4.

Jersey-Guernsey Milch Cow to
freshen Feb 15th., 2nd calf, good
qualities. T. W. Simmons, Doug-
lassville, West Broad St.

Proven Dbl.Standard Reg. Pol-
led Hereford Bull, born Jan. 10,
1950 Rollo Domino bloodlines
reasonable, to prevent inbreed-
ing. Consider trading for reg.
polled heifer or young cow of
equal value. Live on highway.
Will show any time. Mrs. Doro-
thy C. DeLaPerriere, Hoschton.

2 polled White Face Bulls,
Domino Anxiety stock, Domino
Anxiety 7 D, May 27, 1954,
P-7471065. $250.00; Leroy, June
8, 1948, No. 5499572, $300.00. D.
H. Dailey, Flippen. McDonough

Fresh Cow and Calf, 1 week
old for sale. Hwy. 41. J. W. Tay-
rics) Riverdale Ri 1, Besw 10%
Tel. 4701.


35 pigs, 6 wks. old, Feb. 15th,
reg. Hampshire Cross with Reg.
SPC. Priced right. See at my
farm on Gee Mill Rd. Chas. I.
hoe Conyers, Rt. 3, Box

Reg Hereford Boar, a proven
sire of excellent Pigs, 2 yrs. old,
gentle, $125. Mrs. A. Ward,
Jr., Marietta, Rt. a Paper Mill
Rd, c/o Ward Meade Farm.
Phone 8-8772.

Cherry Red Duroc Boar, 275
lbs., about 9 mos. old, papers
furnished, $50. Will not ship.
ony Coker, Social Circle,


Holstein Cow with 2nd. calf

old. Can be registered. All 5!

One high grade Jersey Heifer, |

cows. Horace B. Smith, Dalton, |


2 Duroc Boars, 12 wks. old,
round 80 lbs., blocky type, $30.
at barn. Can give papers
wanted. Jimmy Earl Hill, Mauk.

One purebred 10 mos.
Tamworth Boar for sale. Hugh
T. Davis, Williamson.

1 fine broke nose OIC Boar,
subj. to reg., 2 yrs. old, 350-400
lbs., selling to prevent inbreed-
ing, $60. at my barn. Ernest A.
Smith, Ben Hill, Rt. J. Tel. Fr.

Reg Tamwerth Pigs, out of
production record ifvter, 8 wks.,
$25. ea. John P Dempsey,
Rome; Bells Fer, scd.. Rt. 2,
c/o Belfair Farm.

Purebred Duroc Pigs, either
|sex, 3% mos. old, $25. ea.;
| Papers furnished; 4 1/2 mos.
| old, $35. ea.; Bred Sow, $85.;
/Male Wf ines, old, about 5hH%
lbs., $75. or exzh. for good bred
male, _ Wavemiaster
Star breeding. M. M. Newsome,
| Sandersville.

1 Reg. Duroc Boar, 1 yr.
old, grand chimp. Macon area
pig chain shov?, for sale. Franks
lin Thornton, Monroe, Rt. 3.

8-12 wks. olit OIC Short Nose,

blocky type pigs, treated, reg.
| buyers name, $25. T. C. Bur-
nett, Quitman, % _ Moss Oaks

Reg. Essex Pigs, $24. at my
farm. or ship for $25. Ready to
;move Mar. 1-15. A. P. Chap-
| man, Moultrie, Rt. 5. (Near
i Berlin),

12 reg. SPC Pigs (9 boars, 3
gilts), backed ly champ. boar,
life treated for cholera, about
10 wks. old, about 30 Ibs., $35.
ea. Will get papers. See at my
place 12 mi. N. Alma, Or will
re Lamar Altman, Alma, Rt.

Qne OIC Maile Hog, 1 yr.
old, very gentle. Can. give cer-

300 lbs., ready for service, with
papers, "$50. Write. Melvin Mc-
Coy, Mitchell. Phone 421R4.

Reg. SPC Males, 18 wks. old,
wormed, treated, for sale. H.
Talley, Lyons, Rt. 1. (Res.
Ohoopee, Ga.),

Purebred Duric, 4-5%
old, either sex, $25.-$40.


March., $100.; Male 16 mos. old,
500 lbs.; $75. Exhange for male

of good breeding, Med. blocky
type. Marvin : Newsome,

Reg. Varcoe Figs, Mom prize
winning stock,out of litter of
fourteen, $35. ea. Jerry Andel,
Perry, Rt. 1.

2 hogs, absvut 300 Ibs. eaeh.
Ready Feb. 25th., 35c lb. on
foot at my placeMrs. D. G
Taylor, Kennesaw. Phone Mae
rietta 9-5098.

Reg. SPC Pigs, med. blocky
type, from grand champ. blood-
lines, 8 wks, old; Exch. one of
either sex for male pig of same
breed. Will not ship. G. E. Cor-
nelius, Hahira.

12 reg. SPC Pigs, about 11
wks. old, 35-40 lbs., range in
color 50-50 to 20-80. $35. ea. at
my place. Or will ship. All pigs
are backed by champion blood-
lines. Lamar Altman, Alma, Rt.

Get your sweetpotato
avoid delay in getting your

your Growers Affidavit,
have been properly dipped


in your territory certify your sweetpotatoes to be free
of insect infestation and plant disease, please fill out

_of bushels bedded, and send this affidavit to:

C. H. Alden, Director
Georgia De
432 State

tape orders in early and
tape. As soon as inspectors

showing that the potatoes
before bedding, the number

artment of Entomology
apitol, Atlanta, Ga.



and- Red

tificate of registration. L. P.
Mills, Brooklet, It. 2.
Reg. OIC Male Hog, about

Papers; Bred Sow to farrow in ~



NO. 2


January 25



1 Wayne Co, Stoskyard,

_NO.1 NO.3 NO.4 | Clotham Co, Stockyard, Savannah :
Bleckley Livestock Auction, Cochran 25.40 24.75 uh Columbus Stockyard: Colahibult: aan ee
_Craj : . 5 i i aes BC =, ae : ; Ss
Japeway-Craig Com. Co Ruel 25. ad 24.60 24.25 23 80 Dodge Ce. Stock Ram, Eastman ; 2435, 23.30,
Shuman's L/S Market, Hagan, Ga, 25.30 24.78 23.76 22.80 | Ga. Farm Prod. Sis. Corp., Thomaston 24.50 23.75
- January 26 Jesup Stockyard, Jesup aS 23.81, Sigs
Jencs-Neuhoff Com. Go;, Meson = 20,90 (25:20. 24.00. 0880 ae
Metter L/S: Market, Metter 20:60. 28.00. 24.00. aaao | MUSHY PNteeh roe et
Ocilla Livestock Co., Ocilla 24.35 : 23:50:
January 27 \ 2 se _
Claxton L/S Mkt., Claxton 26.02 25.00 23.98 Seningig L/S AS te ee
Coosa Valley L/S Com. Co. Rome 27.80 26.20 28.70 20.00. | oy Shue Seon ee |
KKire Stockyord. Kite 23.50 22.50 Sutton Livestock Co., Ges ebel : 24.62 ee : .
Moultrie L/S Co., Moultrie 25.80 25.25 Swainsboro Stockyard, ee : ao Set
Pulaski Sale Barn, Hawkinsville 25.90 25.50 25.00 24,00 | ebruary 2 oS
Ragsdale McClure Com. Co., Rome 26.40 25.00 23.28 , nPPlins Co: Netto OO
Wrightsville Stockyard, Wrightsville 25.40 24.25 Coffee Co. Livestock Co.,Douglas 24.41 24,28
Dawson Livestock Co., Dawson --24.27--=23.80_
January 28 : ee epee eee oe
Bulloch Stockyard, Statesboro 25.72 28.11 23.67 | 22.00 Eiberr Livettork Aust Pore, See ee
Pau _ 2480 | ~ Caos = Wee
24.00 | Farmers Livestock Auct. Co., Nashville 24.52 23.85
blin L/S Com. Co., Dublin 25.52 24.84 24.67 23.67 Pe gis : See
Pets Som Po uk oe Farmers Stockyard, Arlington 24.37 23.90
Pelham Stockyard, Pelha ; 85 23. me i. eg
oe ee se Se _ | Farmers Stockyard, Sylvania = 24.28 = 23.50
Ragsdale & Long Com. Co., Qui : 1S a 4 ao ee
om ale & Long Com. Co., Quitman 25.49 25.15 MeRee Stockyard, McRae 24.50 23.56
Effingh : ; i 3 50 : : a 2
ingham Co. Stockyard Springfield 25.35 24 = 23 75 : Meier Livestock Ge; ae a 3.59
Sumter L/S Assn., Inc., : 95 23.60. : ; : Tay
umter L/ ssn a Americus. _ 25.56 24 = 23.60 22.80 Mitchell Co. L/S Co., Camilla ee 24.35 24.00
Valdosta Livestock Co., : . a
: aldos vestock Co., Valdosta _ 25.14 24.70 23.05 22.25 Smith Stockyard, Augusta 24.28 23.60
Wayne Co. Stockyard, : 4 80-21. Re 2 a3 >
meee So. Steck vers: Sete ae ane cae - | Tatimall Livestock Co., Glennville -24.75 05
J 29 Z ee
, ariel f S Troup Co. Sales, LaGrange 26.00 23.90
Candler L/S Mkt., Metter == 25.00 24.26 23.40 , Farmers Market, Soperton 24.80 23.90
_ Co-op L/S Exchange, Hawkinsville 25.00 24.10 23.60. 32.10 | February 3: eee
f 23.70 | Black's Com. Barn, Gainesville 24.78 23.28
Cordele Livestock Com. Co., Cordele 24.10 22.90 22.70 2s Coe
zi Claxton Stockyard, Claxton 24.25 - 23.50 -
Smith Bros. Stock Yard, Bartow 25.30 24.05 22.65 ; 7 ae a
Hazlehurst Livestock. Mkt., Hazlehurst 24.01. 23.57
Smith Stockyard No. 3, Thomson 25.70 24.70 24.00 23.60 . ; Sy cose Laat
: Moultrie Livestock Co., Moultrie 24.53 24.00 ~
ae Aree (25.45 24.658 23.50 22.00 | peoples L/S Mkt., Cuthbert 2442 24.10
Thomasville Stockyard, Thomasville 24.80 24.45 Ragsdale Long Com. Co., Lakeland 24.43.
Tifton Stockyard, Tifton 24.38 23.82 22.50 Turner Co. Stockyard, Ashburn 24.76
Toombs Co. Stockyard, Lyons 25.00 24.70 23.60 ~21.88 | Union Stockyard, Albany 24,36
January 30 Vidalia Stockyard, Vidalia (24.05 23.
Bartow Livestock Com. Co., Gartersville 25.60 24.80 23.00 February 4
Emanuel Co. Stockyard, Swainsboro 25.00 24.25 23.50 21.75 | Fitzgerald Livestock Auct., Fitzgerald 24.71
. 24,25 mee
23.00 | Pelham Stockyard, Pelham - 24,58.
*Rebruary 1 Valdosta Livestock Go., Valdosta 24.69
Carroll Co. Sales, Garrollton- 28,10 24,00 Jesup :

Duroc-Jersey Digs:
ae around 100
. So. Brook-

5 Brooklet, Rt.

Teg. Duroc Boar,
aoe treafed,

r, about 240 lbs.,
place, 3 mi. Pal-
wae H. D. Wil-

a ea. 3 Bik

gilts, 5 males, a-
bs., $25. ea. treated.
klet, on Brooklet-
Arthur Sparks,

yrs. old, work any-
tle, 90 Tbs. ea., 8
00 a1b White. Horse
low, hitch to bug--
iar., $100. ea.; Buggy
fop or 2 persons, with
_A-1 cond., $50. Mrs.
D ee ty, oo

ules, one 7 yr. old,

both gentle, $300.
win Hobgood, Can-
wells Cafe).

ee Mules, ii ad

Sam R. Row-
Rt. 3, Box 123.

tle oe Shetland
Pony. Jes. R.|
Marietta, Rt. 2,
. (Near Johnson
120). Phone

rm mules for sale
ace. Can see any
mi. W. Powder
c. sae Powder

eraniiles: ta oid:
ork ywhere, for sale
cow or calves. In-
ction 75 and 76. E.

or sep-
ro B,C} Aeron

any morning.
Daewead Springs.

-|Point Rd.Mrs. G. W. See
1. | Roopville, Rt. 1.

| Will not ship. Trade for any-

> Ground Rd., 10|-

Rt. 4.

_ Rt. 6, Box 81.

_| laying, $1. 50 ea.; $40. for lot,
, | or trade for et scoop for Ford

t| Douglasville, Rt. ai - Box TWD.)

Good mule, smart, good work-
er, $50.; Also nice OIC Boar
Shoats (pigs) ready for service.
Can be registered. -O. M. Moody,
Waycross, Rt. 4, Box 586.


5 White Rabbits, 2 grown, 3
almost grown, $1.50 ea.; $5.00 for
lot plus postage. or come after.
About 2 nii. Roopville on Stoney

21 New Zealand Does, bred, 3
bucks, $2.00 ea.; $30.00 for lot;


thing can use on farm.
Bennett, Kennesaw, Rt.
Re oH, Bennett. !

Angora, New Zealand White
Rabbits for sale. J. C. Fields,
Griffin, 1018-W. Popular St... 4

breeding. stock, ped., reg., al
ages, bred sha and bucks ready
or service. S. . Slade, Vienna.

Purebred NZR, Black Check-
ered Giant Doe, Several col.
Dutch-Std. Chinchillas. Reason-
able. Douglas Bass, Atlanta, 754
|Pulliam St. S. W.

Purebred Chinchilla Does, 8
and 12 mos. old, reasonable;
have 15 that are 4 mos.old Make
best offer. O. P. Foster, Good
Hope. Phone 5246. .

Nice white and tan young
buck rabbit for sale or exch. for
another buck for new bloc.
Contact. Mrs. N. T. Ryan, Talla-

Dutch rabbits; $1.00 each J.
Wagener, Lawrenceville. Rt. 4. -


Carefulle selected


4 Toggenberg Milk Goats, 2
are registered. Will come in
fresh about 15th, Feb. Sell or
trade for pigs or calves, etc.
Leon Watson, Unadilla, Pp, oO.
eens 214. eS

ak purebred Sena Buck, 7
mos. old, $25. at my barn. Miss
Kate West, College Fark, Rt.1,
Stonewall-Tell Rd.

White Goats, 1 nannie, 2

Hardman, Commerce.

Tog Nannie, dry, needs breed-
ing, $15 at my barn. Exchange
for heifer calf, young hens,
oe guineas of same value.

W. Flynn, Alpharetta,
Rt > Box 236,.

2 Milk Goats, one freshen Ist.
time, Feb. 15 Mar. 20th. from
5 qt. mothers. Other 9 mos. old,
not bred. $65. for both. Or will
sell separately. Mrs. S. A. Hud-
gins, Jonesboro. (West side of
54 Hwy. at Smith St.).

Milk Goat, freshened Jan.
22nd., twin kids, one each sex,
mother gives 4 qts. daily, Saan-
an stock, gentle, easily milked.
Mrs. L. OF Ellis, Marietta, 121
heeey St. Phone 9-6384.

; Fresh In Goats, also some
that will come in soon and
castrated males and some for
breeders, for sale. Will not
*|ship. Phone Douglasville 2744.
Mrs. R. L. Smith, Douglasville,


5 wks, old Toggenburg kids,
from 6 Quart, reg. does. Can
be reg. buyers name. Nannies,
$35. ea; males, $15. ea. Will
ship. W. A. Roach, Savannah,



Andalusian: 2 Cockerels,
$2.50 ea.; 19 Pullets, 8 mos. old,
*| ready. to lay, $1.65 ea.; Also 2
NH Reds, 5S. L. Wyandottes,

Tractor. Mrs.- C. Eubanks,

Lily yr; old,






20 N. H. Red young heat all
laying, and one nice young Red
Rooster, about 5 lbs., $2. ea. for
lot. Cannot ship. G. i. Roberts,

75, AAAA grade NH Red
Pullets; 7 mos. old, laying,, $2.
ea. J. L. Long, Austell, Rte i
Box 120. ae


Silver Lace Wyandottes, over
year old. Best offer over $1.50
ea. Louis D. Sisco, Clarkesville,
P.O. Box 344,



show birds, dark

-| Cornish, also. mixed hens for

setters. E. I. Wix Atlanta, 331
Josephine St., N.E, Wa 0566.

Golden Sebrights, - Dark Cor-
nish,'O. E. Game, and Brown
Leghorn Bantam, $3.50 ea. up;
Also eggs. Bob Clark, Macon,

|| 372. Sprigg St.

Few good Bantams, - Black
Tail Jap., White Jap., Jap.
Silkies, Dark Cornish; Also 1953
Silver Pheasant Cocks, for sale.
W. O. Thomas, Savannah, 1205
East 40.

23 RI Red Bantam Hens, und
4 roosters, show type, $35. for
lot. Will not ship. M. L. Craw-
ley, Griffin, Ww. vagy Rd.,

ty 5,

Bantams: Trio Buff Cochin,
$7.50; 3 Pairs, $5. pr.; 30 White
Leghorn, $1. ea. All good show
stock. Lloyd Beck, Lithia
Springs., P.O. Box 73: ae

8 mixed Bantam Hens, ready

-to lay, $1. ea.; $6. for lot. At my

place, Jennie Jolley, Atlanta,
1338 N. Hightower Rd., N.W.

Trio of each: Black Cochin,
Black Tail Japs, Black Japs,
and Partridge Wyandotte Ban-
tams. No culls, Letters ans.
Fred N. Henderson, Albany, 312
Residence St.

White Leghorn Bant a ms,

os stock, $8. pr, FOB. C.

Winn, Dunwoody, Phone


White Cornish Hens and
Roosters, from prize winning
stock, $2.25 ea.; Also White Af-

Saanan bucks. Best offer over} rican Guineas, . @a.; Ring-
$10. for all. Will not ship. L. D.| neck Pheasants, ea. Mrs. O.
.| Sisco, Clarkesville, Box 344. | L. Craft, Lavonia, Rt. 2.

| Reg. Hampshire Rams, 1-2 2 Game Stag Olaret-RH,
yrs. old, $50.-$100. ea. C. J.| ready to walk, ea and one

Grey Muff-Shawlneck $4. R. L.
Griffin, Gainesville, Oak St.

2 Blue Cuban $tags, 1 Pul-
lets, also 1 White Speckled
rig 1 Hen, 3-4 Ibs., lot for
$8. W. H. Wright, Hemp.

Purebred Dark Cornish Roos-
ter, 2 yrs. ie $8.; Rooster, 3
Hens, $8.; s) hipped, $10. 00;
Also 2 a young cockerels
large eno agen for service, $3.
ea.; 2, $5. Mrs. Maude Granger,

Pit Games: 9 Shawlneck
Hens, 1 Rooster, $50.; Also Jap
Silkie Bantams, 2 hens, 1
rooster $8.50; one yr. old
roosters, $3. ea. et William-
son, Commerce, :

Dark Cornish Rooster, near-
long yellow leg
type, Sept. 4 hatch, $2.50 ea.;
Cockerels, same breed, $2. ea.
FOB. Mrs. Mamie Stone, Adairs
ville, Rt. 2. - S

Pit Games, Battered Cock,
2 Hens, Cuban Doms, $10.; Bat-
tered Cock, 2 Hens, Clairborne,
$10.; Young mature trios in Vy
Negro Roundheads, % Jap, half
Ansel, Half Falcon, Muggh, $10.
Blue or Red Falcons, $15. trio.
H. Clayton Garrett, Gainesville,
Box 56.


10 hens-and 1 rooster, $1. ea.
Hamp Cooper, Roswell, Rt. 1.

4 pure strain Golden Buff
Orpington Pullets, 1 Rooster, 5
mos. old Feb. 14th, $2. ea. Will
ship exp. collect. Mrs. Dan Ter-
ry, Quitman, 910 W. LaFay-
ette St.

10 Giant Black Minorca Hens,

-| beginning to lay, 1 Rooster, 10
| mos. old, $16. Will J. Britt, Lil-

irn, =Rt.- -1. Phone Lawrence-

918, -


| $2.50 ea.;

4 Grenville 5 et

ae ss Reece dy ah RAE

5 Yellow Buff Orpington
Roosters, $2. ea.; 3, $5.; 10 Pul-
lets, $22.50 with 2 roosters free
with lot. Mrs. B. H. Holland,
Dalton, tases

About 30 heavy mixed breed
hens and pullets, just starting
to lay, $2. ea. for lot. Claude
Ferguson, Stockbridge, Rt. 1.


One pair 4 yr. old India Blue
Peafowl, and one pair 1 yr. old,
for sale. Mrs. W. A. Biggers,

Racing Homer Pigeons, band-
ed, mostly 1952 and 1953 birds,
12, $7.50; Eng. Trumpeters, $6.

pr.; Show type Hungarians, $4.
i E. Dooley, Gainesville, 336
Oak St. Call Lenox 2-6112 day
time; Le 4-5036 nights.

Chukar Partridge, breeders,
$8.50 pr.; Eggs, 35c ea. Limited
number available; Mallard
Ducks (domesticated), from cul-
led flock, $12, trio. Cash with
orders. Shipping extra. Jas. R.
Johnston, Jr., Marjetta, Rt. 2,
Providence Rd( Near Johnson:
Ferry Rd. and Ga. 120.).

Chukar Partridge breeders,
large fine birds, in excellent
plumage, $3.50 ea.; In lots 12
or more, $3. ea.; Northern Bob
White Quail, $5. pr.; , Domesti-
cated pure Greenhead Mallard
Ducklings, $1. ea.; Eggs, 20c ea.
HOB:-C-D: Ward, Marietta, Rt.
3, Paper Mill Rd. Phone Mari-
etta 9-6986.

Large Bob White Quail, any
number or pairs. Letters ans.
Joe Collier, Arlington.

Pheasants: Silver, Golden,
Lady Amherst, Mongolian,
Reeves, Whites, Swinhoe, Cheer
and Chinese; plenty of Northern
Quail. Mrs. Helen Street, At-
lanta, Rt. 2.

35 mixed Pigeons, good num-
ber mated and working, 50c
ea. J. W. Stephenson, College
Park, 106 W. Walker Ave.

Select purebred large Utility| H
Royal White King Pigeons, di-
rect Rice strain, mated, banded,
working producers of nice large
healthy squabs, $5. pr. George
Bell, Shellman.

Racing Homer Pigeons,
pr. to $10.
488 R.

r.; Young birds,
rover C. Piper,
15-5th. St. Phone

Common Pigeons, mated and} Rt.

working, $1. pr.; Also Muscove
Ducks, $3. pr. Exch. one duc
for one Pekin Duck, or pair
ducks for pair of Bantam
Chicks, any stock. Ea. pay post-
age. Starling Yawn, Byromville.

Northern Bob White Quail,
strong birds, $4. pr.; Chukar
Partridges for breeders, $7.50
pr. Zack Collins, Atlanta, 1879
North Ave., N. E. Be. 2855.

.1 India Blue Pea Hen, 1953
hatch, $15.; also 6 Reeves phea-
sant hens, $8. ea. D. Kennedy,
Quitman, Rt. 2.

Quail. $3. get Ss. J. Jordon,
Macon, Rt. phone 2-5692,

2 Ringneck pheasant hens
and 1 cock, 1952 hatch, $10.;
also purebred Game chickens:
Ginn Reds and Striplings Blue.
Roosters, $5. ea; hens, $3.50 ea,
Will ship. W. A. Roach, Savan-
nah, Rt. 6, Box 81 (LaRoach
Ave.) x

White Beltsville Turkeys, 3
Toms, 3 Hens, $20. pr. No chks.
Mrs. John A. Davis, Sr., Pel-

ham, Rt. 1, Box 108. Phone

Twelve 1953 hatch Guineas,
mostly hens, $1. eat; Also two
52 hatch Turkey Hens, $5. ea.
Cannot ship, Russell McGukin,
Bremen, Rt. 1. Tel. 3101.

2, large Ganders (cross White
Ambden-Toulouse), $5.00 ea.;
$10. pr.; White Pekin, Indian
Ducks, large Drakes, $3.; Ducks
CO pr Wis. Mee,

Gaddis, Quitman, Box 124,

One pair Mammoth Bronze
Turkeys, unrelated, suitable for
breeding, $30. Cannot ship. Mrs..

Turkeys for sale. Mrs. J.
Davidson, Pineview, Rt. 1. ,

One Turkey Hen and 9 young
13 wks. old, $33. for lot. Come
after. E. H. Clarke, Macon, 2560
Bloomfield Dr.

$3.50 ea. Will ship at buyers
expense, but prefer not to ship.
/See at my place. Russell W.
Zears, Maysville,
Lenox 4-5720.

6 Geese, 1 White-Gander, rest
Blue and White, $3. ea. Will
ship if buyer pays shipping
Ae Sell oneor all. Clemon

. Wilbur, Acworth, Rt. 1.

Nice young Bronze Turkeys
for breeding purposes. Mrs. Js
J. Davidson, Pineview, Rt. 1.

-5 Ducks, 1 Drake (2 ducks
domesticated Mallards;. others
including drake large quackless
hybrids). Lot $10. See at our
home on Jo\sasons Ferry Rd.,
N.E. Cobb (s., 6 mi: Chatta-
hoochee River. J. D. Jordan,

ta 8-1802.


Want 12 mixed breed Bantam
hens for 50c ea. Will pay
freight. Write or call. Charlie

N.W. Be 4959. -

Want 200 Baby Chicks to
raise on halves until 8 or 10
wks. old.. You furnish chicks
and feed. Consider any breed
ood layers. Write ist. Mrs. J.
Barry, Esom Hill, Rt. 1.

2 Cockerels. State price. Edgar
Peterson, Cedartown, 409 Col-
lard Valley Rd.


Want 12 or 15 Brown or

White Leghorn, and one roost-

er, not over 18 mos. old at $1.50

abi ped at my expense. W.
arley, Dalton, Rt. 1.


Want 2 or 3 pairs Valley
quae L. M. Bonner, Buchanan,


Want to exchange 3 rabbits
(Calif. Pink Eye), 1 buck,
does, for Geese: 1 gander,
hens, Donnie Cochran, Ellijay,


Want 2 or 3 geese and 1 gan-
der. Make best price FOB ex-
press office. Geo. W. Howard,
Cedartown, Rt. 2.

Want 150-200 Ducklings de-
livered to me April 5-12. Advise
what kind, price, etc. E. C.
Kidd, Milledgeville, Box 263.

Want 2 or 3 turkey hens and
tom. Advise price, etc. Matthew
M. Murray, Jr., Americus, Rt.
1, Box 19.

Want 1 or 2 trios old time
Cotton Patch Geese. State price
in Ist letter. B. W. Hancock,
Stone Mountain, Rt. 1.



Want 4 reg. or purebred Black
Angus Bulls, about 400 lbs.
600 Ibs. State description and
price. H. J. Parrish, Cairo.

Want purebred Black Angus
Bull, about 8-12 mos. old. Must
be reashonable, within 50 mi.
Macon. Milton P. Minchew
Macon; Rt. 3.

Want to exchange about 2
tons baled hay for young cattle

or hogs. Thad S. Oliver, Sr.,
Jonesboro, Rt. 1, Thomas Rd.
Tel. 6317. ae

Want reg SPC Boar, 75-100
Ibs., 4-5 mos. old. Advise. Lewis
Lindsey, Silver Creek.

Want Little Bone SPC Gilts at
once. Contact. W. E.
Palmetto, Rt. k


Want to buy i mare mule,
1200-1400 Ibs., gentle work any-
where. Contact. James Waller,

Sallie Mae Sims, Newnan, 126

_ Soperton.

A. ek

spring hatch Bronze ~

2 pair Grey and White Geese, |

Rt3,2. leks

Marietta, Rt. 2. Phone Mariet- 3


Vaughn, Atlanta, 670 Alta Pl.,

Want 10 young Bantam Hens,

Want 6 Bronze Turkey hens,
1 tom. Advise. J. E. Ladson, .
Sr., Moultrie.

Varner, 47 ~





(Continued from page 1)

States was a debtor nation, Congress
realized that we could not have a free
economy if we permitted the development
of monopolies in money or commodities
or transportation or communication or
in any other field. Any citizen who is
forced to pay the other fellows prices
when he buys and forced to accept the
other fellows price when he sells is in
a hopeless situation. This, of course, in-
cludes the farmer. But, the farmer is not
alonein this category. The ordinary mer-
chant, banker, packer and other small
businessmen are caught in the same trap.
Businessmen generally have not realized
that this is true. They have thought of
their own problem and the farmers
problem as being two separate problems.
Actually it is one and.the same problem.

When the ordinary merchant goes to
buy goods, he has no say as to the price
he pays. He must pay the price fixed. by
monopolistic control and influence. When
the little merchant goes to sell his goods,

he must meet prices d by great chain
establishments ow and financed by
the same internatlonal money lenders.
The little merehant has little more to say
about the priee he pays and the price he
receives on his merchandise than the
farmer has on the crops that he grows.

Small business people, white collar |

folks, small bankers and farmers gener-
ally realize that all is not right; but,
generally, they do noterecognize what is
wrong. The setting up of parity and price
supports for farmers, the setting up of

government loans, the establishment of
loans for small business, government un-

derwriting of home building, government

- loans to move people from the cities back

to the farm, government subsidies for
hospitals and schools, and write-off allow-
ances in income tax to charitable institu-
tions and many other thingsare all a part
and parcel of the attempt to use the tax-
payers money to build-a giant camouflage

to hide the damage that is being done to
this country by our foreign policy and our |

which we ie It is the effort
kind of curb on the unlimite
the President to destroy our
economy and to surrender t
the American people thro
treaties and executive agre
which our Constitution is ov
This is too much. power fc
men to have and certainly i

though he be Reeser of t
States; si

-worse than an infidel.

oe Commissioner _


Want a Burro or Donkey. Ad-
vise 2 and details in {st let-
ter. T. A. Curry, Oconee.


Want 2 (only) young Gaines
Pigs (eavies). Will pay $1.00 ea.
and come after within city. of
Atlanta or Decatur. Advise or
contaet John L. Meek, Decatur,
88 Forest Court.

Want Angora Wool Rabbits,
10 does, 2 bucks. Advise. D. J.
Green, Griffin, Rt. C.

Want to exchange one small
buck rabitt, 3 mos. old, for bred
doe, Gray Belgian or Red Roof-
ers. Desire them for new blood.
-Mrs. N. T. Ryan, Tallapoosa.


Want Billy Goat, wagon, and
harness. State price. L. B. Stey-
erman, Thomasville,*RFD 2.

Want male goat for breeding
purpose. State age and price./S.
F. Humphries, Scottdale.

Want trio goats (not milk), re-
asonable; Also good mule, cheap;
and reg. Hainpshrire Male Pig,
2 mios.-10 wks. old. W. P. Col-
vin, Milner, Rt. 1.


Want family at once to farm
on 50-50 basis Can furnish all
day work desired until crop
time. 4 R house, lights, water,


Want reliable white farmer
with force to cultivate 25 acres |

land, 30-50 basis. Good settle-j

ment on mail and school bus
route; Good pair mules, plenty
farming tools; 3 R house, spring
in yard, plenty wood, 10 mi. W.
Ellijay just off Chatsworth Hwy.
on all weather road. Letters ans.
A. W. West, Ellijay Rt. 1.

Want man and wife, or single
man or woman to- cultivate 5
or 10 acres good land. Can fur-
nish small house. Extra day
work. See or write. W. W. Wil-
kinson, Villa Rica, Rt. 2.

Want small family, white or
eclored, to tend 30 A- land on
halves. I furnish land, fertilizer,
good house, lights, etc. and
arty to furnish self and stock.

chool bus; church route. 6 A
cotton allotment, pepper and.
corn land. W. P. Colvin, Milner,
Rt. 1.

Want man or woman with boy
large enough to work, to work,
to run tractor, work by day with
with patches (garden) on farm,
for 3R house on mail and school
bus rt. W. M. Mansfield, Wash-
ington, Rt. 2. -

Want reliable farmer for 1 H|=
farm in Gwinnett Co., on stand-
me rent basis only. Good land,

house with elec., plenty of
water school bus route. Contact.
W. A. Pate, Atlanta, 1019 West
Peachtree. At-0613.

Want good 1 H farmer, 50-50


White, single man, .43 yrs.
old, wants job on dairy farm.
Experienced. Reasonable sal-
ary, home, board. Prefer near
Atlanta. Sanborn Cooper, At-
lanta, 200 Montgomery Ferry
Dr. Em. 6909.

Want 2 H farm on_ halves.
Elec. Church nearby, 5 or 6 R
house. Prefer near or below
Atlanta on Highway. Call: 4-
1554, or write.
Kingston, Rt. 1.

Woman with 3 children want
job on farm. (2 sons, 32; and
17; One girl, 12). Oldest son
can drive truck or tractor, or
operate any kind farm machin-
ery; Others do just regular farm
labor. Have to be moved at
once. No drinkers. Ruby Pat-
terson, Rome, Rt. 3.

White man and wife with 3
children want job on chicken
farm. Good pay. Sober. No
experience but willing to learn.

A. C. Duckworth, Jr., Blairs-
ville, Rt. 2, Box 142 A.

P H. Earley,


White, 39. yr.
wife, 3 children, wants job on
farm or dairy and _ poultry
work (either one, or both). Will-
ing-worker. Sober, honest. Need
3. or 4 R house, lights, water.
Have to be moved. Write or see.
W. C. Chappell,
Capitol Ave., S.W.

wants job looking after beef
cattle and. chilckens. Can hand-
le 2 brooder houses. Have wife,
6 children (1-15 yrs. old). Pre-
fer North Ga. T. F. Teal, Sr.,
| Boustasvale, Rt: 4,0; Box

job on farm, 50-50 basis. Con-

ae experience. Willing work-

Also drive truck and trac-
ne. Ready. to start now. Buford
. ae Atlanta, 481 Crew: St.

Want job on oak dairy farm,
or working with cattle. Farmed
most of life. 55 yrs. old, wife,
1 girl.- Desire good house. rea-
sonable salary. Write. W. A.
Bolenger, Carrollton, 3 ie,
Ave.. Tel. 972 J. y

old man with :

Atlanta, 498

X-GI coming off GI training

28 yr. old-married man wants |

sider day work for salary. 11.

36 yr. ale man,
work on farm,
cattle, repair
ect. Need house,
Both raised on farm.
ary in letter. Olon
Woodstock, Ri

E on
enced milking, hc
etc. Have daughte
can pick cotton,
who can learn te J
Need good ney ;

F.M. Powell, Talla Lp!

Want job driving
tractor. 10 ve
farm with farm
Marvin Koon, Ft.
1, Box 69.



mail and school route. Joe! basis, tend crop and do some day meee 33 ay
Wheless, Crawford, Rt. 2. labor. Good land, good house, %
; : lights, near school and store. : :
Want single, sober, middle| Ww. Braswell, Loganville, Rt.| STEERS & HEIFERS
aged white man from farm for] 1, Choice 21.50 : ; : Sst a Ts a rea
poultry farm in Atlanta. No : | Good 17.75 17.59-19.59 16.50-17.00 -16.75-17.50 ~ _17.75-20.00
poultry experience necessary.| Want married farmer to drive! Com, 14.00-16.50 -:13.75-17.00 -13.50-15.75 -'14.00-14.50 -14.00-17.50
Good room, board, salary. C. F.| truck, tractor, and pick veget-| ypitity 12.00-13.75 -:12.09-14.00 -'12,00-13.50 =-12.00-12.50.-=-11.75-14.00
McGouirk, Atlanta, 151 Harris}ables on large vegetable farm | Cutters 10.00-12.09 10.00-12.00 -10.09-11.50 -10.00-11.50 -10.00-12.
St. N. W. near Atlanta. a. ey .00 sien, : : ae
house wi elec arden, . 5 s :
Want large, reliable family to Acai co R. fF. . Sams, | CALVES : :
share crop, 4 1/2 acres tobacco,|Clarkston. Phone 43- 7322. Good & Ghoice -:17.00-19.25 16.50-19.25 15,50-19.25 -
cotton, tomatoes, and regular Util. & Coml. 12.00-17.00 11.50-16.75 -11.25-15.75 -11.00-16.00
wage work on farm. Elec., plenty| Want dependable, smart man| Good & Choice Vealers 20.00-26.00 19.00-20.00 19,00-25.50-
water, wood. Mail and school|and wife for work on 1H farm. 3 i zi
bus route. 7 mi. Odum. Winton| Must have own farm equipmegt,| cows * Sas
seed copia) lata and able finance self. Mrs. C. A. | Gritty 10.00-12.25 10.00-12.00 -10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00 _10,50-12.
Wie iking. toremnat ~for Phillips., Vidalia. CG. & G, 50-10.50 7.50-10.50 7.50-10.50 _._ 7.50-10.50 7.50-10.75
cattle farm. Must be e zeeenaed Want white, single, reliable
giving shots, also with tractor,|man for 1H farm on shares. 1/ BULLS Se ae
combine. etc. When ae room over garage furnished for! util, & Coml. 11.75-13.00 12,00-14,50 12.50-14.25 -11,75-14.25
state age, number in fa ex- - t house keeping Some work! Cutters 10.50-12.00 10.50-12.25 10.50-12.00 = 10.25-12.00
perience, people Woteed for,|when not in crop, Must have -
salary wanted, Apply: D. C. Col-| good references. jill board in STOCKERS ; x i es
lier, Barnesville. epenee ee a? an Me Steers & Heifers 11.00-17.00 -11.50-17.00 _11.00-16.75 -11.00-16.75
Want reliable, : Calves 12.00-21.00 12.00-16.50

man with help to raise poultry
and tend 1 H crop on share pa-
et. ped R house with lights

bis, He Re. 1, Cf rebar see

Want unencumbered middle
woman with no bad habits
r light farm chores on farm.

x Wallace Carter, Plains,



Source of Information

Federal State Market News Servise

50 Seventh bath N.- bod

Atos eee

gad op he

ON ee as lee a corey