Farmers and consumers market bulletin, 1948 January 7

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Jommerce and the Attor-

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e@ Secretary of Com-


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criticises the opera-
Commodities: Ex.

lifference between legiti-
TS and gamblers or specu-

m ple of the dumbness of
He is fairly illustrated by
1g paragraph from an editor-
uthern newspaper.

ST OF THE names so far
the Senate Thvestigat-
nittee as heavy dealers in
Se odity futures are of

id. firms who were mak-
use of the exchanges.

,ere writ-

r out of Washington.: |
en cotton, | corn, wheat _
$ advanced i in price |

esident, the Secretary of
Pearson and other.

tors, are so exercised
let us |

, Congress, the Pres-
States himself is
operation of futures -

responsible because.
etary of Agriculture,

_Ington was interested. It was

torney General are

regulations of futures ;
m it be approved by THE

Te Truman and other
nd newspaper editors

merchants, pro-

cessors or manufacturers who took
the gamble out of their business by
hedging their purchases or sales
commitments. Hedging is a proper
function in such circumstances.
Now aint that some punkins.? How
can a cotton spinner, for instance, sell
a thousand bales of futures to take the
gamble out of his business unless there
is a gambler on the other end of the
line to: buy that thousand bales of


The original and fundamental pur-
pose of. selling futures was-to satisfy
the demand of speculators and keep

_ those speculators from bidding on the
actual crop of the farmer.

Before there were any futures ex-

changes, the speculator went out and
bid against the spinner for the farmers
_ cotton.

When the futures market made it.
: possible _ for the speculator to buy fu-

tures, then the speculator ceased to bid

on the farmers cotton and left the

farmer with nobody to sell to except
the spinner.

This was not only true of cotton, it
awas also true of corn, wheat and other

farm crops.

- So long as the selling of futures had
the effect of holding the farmers price
at starvation levels, nobody in Wash-

when prices began to rise and the

farmer began to receive more money
that Mr. Truman and THE BOARD
found out that the pene a
they control were evil.

There is only one trouble with fu-

tures exchanges and the

very simple.
The only trouble with futures -ex-

changes is short selling.
A farmer who grows

remedy is

cotton. and


Last week the Market Bulletin car-
ried the article FATHER TIME, writ-
ten by Honorable Thomas E. Watson.

Through an error of the printer a
few early copies went out without
credit being given to Mr. Watson for
the article. |

As soon as I discevered the error I

called the printer on telephone and
' had the correction made giving Mr.
Watson full credit.
__I am carrying this notice for the
| benefit of those who may have receiv-
ed early copies without credit being
given Mr. Watson.


pose that Anderson,

wishes to sell it for future delivery has
a perfect right todo so. Any one,
wishes to buy the farmers cotton for

future delivery has a perfect right te
buy it.

The spinner who sells cotton goods

and who does not have the cotton on

hand out of which to make those goods
has a perfect right to buy cotton for
future delivery against his sale of cloth.

Any one who has cotton on hand or who

will have cotton at a future date has a
perfect right to sell to the es for
future delivery,
If a speculator believes that cotton
will be higher next week or next year
and wants to buy cotton for speculation,
he has a perfect right to do so.
In none of these transactions is there

anything that will hurt the farmer who

grows the cotton. | ;

It is selling the market short that is a

the great evil of futures.
Selling short consists in selling that
which one does not have either on hand

or in prospect.

_ As an illustration, no speculator
should be allowed to sell a future con-

tract unless he has first purchased a

futures contract. If he buys a contract,
it is then legitimate for him to sell a
contract. If he sells a contract in his
initial deal, he is Selling the market


Selling the oe short has exactly
the same effect upon the farmers price
as the importation of the same number

- of bales of cotton from a foreign coun-

Let us suppose that the 1947 crop of
cotton is eleven million bales and the -
price is 35 cents per pound, Let us sup-
Clayton Cottoa
Company and McFadden. & Brother
imported three million bales of Bra-
zilian cotton into the United States.

Then, instead of a supply of eleven
million bales, there would be-a supply
of fourteen million bales. Instead of
cotton being 35 cents a pound, it would
go. down to 20 cents per pound.

Well the same thing will happen if
you offer to sell three million bales
(short) on the futures exchange. If you
offer to sell three million bales (short),
those three million bales must be ab=-.
sorbed by buyers of. futures. In order

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speculator or otherwise, who



Address al] items for publication and al! requests to be put
_un th nailing list and for change of address to STATE BUBEAD,
OF oo 222 STATE CAPITC.. Atianta.

) Member

Notices of farm produce and appurtenances admissable |
ander postage regulations inserted one time on each ~equest
and repeated only when, request is accompanied by new copy
of notice.

Limited space wil] not permit insertion of notices centain-
ing more than 30 words including name and- address.

Under Legislative Act the Georgia Market Bulletin does.
not assume any responsibility for anv tice annearing in the
Bulletin. ' ;

Tom iinder, Commissioner. s

Published Weekly at
_ By Department of Agriculture
114-122 euce St. Covington, Ga.

Notify on FORM 3578Bureau ot
Markets. 222 Siaie Capifol.
; Ailanta, Ga.

Entered as second class matter
August 1, 1937. at the Post Office
at. Covington Georgia, under Act
of June 6. 1900. Accepted for
mailing at special rate of postage
provided fcr in Section 1103. Act

|ney iggag os

of October 8, 1917
Executive Office,

State Capitol

Ailania, Ga.
Publication Office
114-122 -Pece St.,
State Capitol. Atlanta, Ga.

Covingion, Ga.
ana Executive Offices



25 Boxwood, 3 to 4 ft. high,
ait my home. No. del. Mrs. W.
H. Hawk, Social. Circle, Rt. 2,
_e/o Brumby Queen.

300 giant yellow canna bulbs,
$1.00 doz. postpaid. Mrs. H. Ths
White, Stockbridge. f

Blue Michaelmas Daisies, red
ciuster chrysanthemums, shar-
ta daisies, lavender phyphoste-
gia, 30c doz; mix col. chrysan-
themums, 25c doz; mix col. dbl.
hollyhocks, five cents ea. Mrs.
W. A. Gray, Swainsboro, P. O.
Box 191. |

Hedycheicum, Coronarium,
ginger or butterfly lilies, pure
white fragrant, $3.00 doz; Zeph-
yranter, pink fairy or rain lil-

les, 75c doz., $6.00 C. No less
$1.00 order. Mis. G. R. Thig-
pen, St. Marys.

Red Dogwood, 4, $1.00; Swede
. Fragrant Lemon Lilies, White
Tris, with pale purple border,
60c doz; Dbl. Yellow Thornless
Rose, 60c a; Peach, Rose, and

Red Summer Rose, 25 ea. Miss 2

Mary Ruth Silver,
Rock, Rt. 2.

Pink, Red, White Monthly,
White Thornless, White Ameri-
can Beauty Rose, Easter and
Milk and Wine Lilies, Blue Hy-


drangeas, Snowdzop, Baby
Breath, Spiree, Bridal Wreath,
50c ea. Mrs. V. M. Johnson,

Abelia, $2.00 doz; Cameo
Pink Azaleas, Mums, 85 doz;
Daffodil Bulbs, Je doz; City

of Portland Cannas, $1.00 doz.;
Mixed cols. small size Tulips,
0c doz. No order less $1.00.
No checks. Add postage. Mrs.
Miles Tanner, Sandersville.

1000 Abelia, 5 yr.
3 ft., $10.00 C. Exp. col.; Dbl.
Oleanders, Mystery Fla. Gar-
denias, Swedish Junipers, 3 ft.,
$1.10 ea; Blue, White, Rose
Thrift, $1. 00 C. Mrs. J. W. Ed-
wards, Springvale, Rt. 1.

300 Boxwoods, 2-3 ft. high,
down to little plants, also Gar-
denias for sale at my home on
Suwanee. and Cumming Hwy.
Miss E. L. Roberts, Suwanee,

Azaleas, Red, Yellow Cannas,
Glad. Bulbs, White Pines, Hem-
Jocks, $1.50 doz; Yellow Japon-
icas, 75c C; Rooted Boxwoods,
2-3 yrs. old, $1.00 ea; Dwarf
Boxwoods, $1.50 ea; Snowballs,
25e. Add postage. Mrs. L. F.
Evans, Talona.

Birdseye, Red Dogwood, Brid-
al Wreath, 25c ea; Dbl. Orange
Lilies, Tame Violets, 8, 25. Exc.
for print sacks. No checks, Miss
Audrey Silver, Talking Rock,
Re 2.

plants, cut

Dbl. tuberose bulbs, medium,
50c doz.; $2.20 C; larger, 70
doz., $3. 30 Ce pulblets, 2. ins
long, 85c C. Del. 2nd Zone. Add
de on chks. Miss Mittie Collins,
Smithville, Rt. 1.

Iris, Juniper, Boxwood, Wei-
gelias, Golden Bell, Hibiscus,
Altheas, Velvet Roses, 25 ea;
Blooming size Daffodil Bulbs,
$1.50 C; Blue Iris, Day Lilies,
Foxgloves, 50c doz. "Add Postage.
Tamar Teem, Talking Rock.

Jonquils, Fall Phlox, 75c doz;
Yellow Iris, Aug. Lilies, $1. 00:
doz; Yellow Japonica, Lady
Washington, 3, $1.00; Bowl, 50c
doz; Exc. for print sacks. No
checks nor stamps. Add post-
age. Jemima Crump, Talking
Rock, Rt. 2.

Bridal Wreath, Red Flower-
ing. Quince, Red Dogwood,
Peach. Tree Rose, 25e ea; Dbl.
Orange Lilies, 2, 25c. Exc. for
print sacks. No checks. Mrs.
Malva Silver, Talking Rock, Rt.

Day Lilies, $1.00 C. Exe. for
print sacks free of holes and
mildew. Ea. pay postage. Mrs.
Ben H. Silver, Talking Rock,

Purple Iris Lilies, $1.00 doz;

Bridal Wreath, 3, 60c; Dbl. Yel-
low Japonicas, of $1. 00. PP.
Miss Velma Silver, Talking

Rack,.-Rty 2.

Chinese Umbrella Trees, 25c
ea; White Dogwood, 30c ea;
Pink Crepe Myrtle, 50c ea: Pur-
ple, Blue, White Iris, 25c doz;
Tame Box Fern, 30c doz. Add
postage. Rosie Smith, Talking
Rock, Rt. 2.

Dbl. Yellow Japonicas, 3,
$1.00; March Flowers, 50c doz;
Purple, Lavender Iris, 65 doz;
Also White and Yellow Pop-
corn on cob, 10c Ib. No checks.
Add postage. Mrs. Edgar Silver,
Talking~ Rock.

Cedars, 1 and 2 ft. high, $1.50
ea; Winter Pinks, 75 bunch;
Yellow Japonicas, 50c ea; Red
Climbing Roses, $1.50 ea; Large
Red Roses, $1.75 ea. Exc. for
sacks. Mrs.
Talking Rock, Rt. 2

Apr. blooming Narcissus Bulbs
$1.00. Mrs. John Weaver, Tem-
ple, Rt. 1. ~

Shasta Daisy, Hardy Phlox,
Lemon Lily, Dbl. Lily, Hardy
Sweet Peas, asst., 50c doz; Li-
lac and Purple Butterfly, Spi-
rea, Red and White, 3, 25c.
Myrtle Pace, Temple, Rt. 1.

Good home priced shrubbery:
Crepe Myrtle, Boxwood, But-
terfly Bush and many other va-
rieties, for sale. Mrs..C. E. Britt,

Tucker, 833 Lawrenceville: Rd.

j Swe

Catherine Chastain, |



25. or more dif. var. Gladi-

assorted only; doz.


Miss Jean Richards, Care Syd-

pRt. 1 e
|. 108 nice Holly sushes, "24-48 |
in., $1. ea; Boxwood, 25c-$10.,

few other shrubs at,my place.
T. E. Eeson, Decatur, 320 Mead

zaleas, Rhododendron, Dbl.
Yellow Kerria, Japonicas, Mtn.
Laurels, White Weeping Cher-
Vee Tsvcel Bush, Ivy, Pines,
Dogwood, Red Maples, Trailing
Arbutus, 325) 365.00: Dutch,
Spanish Iris, Golden Glow, $1.
doz. Moss Packed. Grace Eaton,
Dahlonega, Rt. 1.

Red, Pink, White Spireas,
Azaleas, Snowballs, Golden-
bells, Red Honeysuckle, Kerria |.
Japonicas, Star Jasmine, Crape
Myrtle, Bridalwreath, Weigelas,
Almonds, Mtn. Laurels, Rho-
dodendrons, Spruce and White
Pines; Your collection 12, $1.50,
ee M- L. Eaton, Dahlonega,

Boxwood, good roots, mixed
sizes, 618 in, 25c ea: Blue
Ridge Azaleas, 25c ea; $2. doz.
mixed, $1. doz. Add postage.
Mrs. Presley Fowler, Diamond.

Mums: White, Yellow or
large 2 tone Red. and Gold, 25c
doz. bunches; Pink and White
Hibiscus, 15c bunch; large
flowered Iris, Blue 10: bunch.
PP. Exe. for feed sacks. Each
pay postage. Mrs. Arthur
Grant, Ellijay, Rt. 5.

Ripened Dried Chinese and
Paper White Narcissus Bulbs,
50c doz; Long Cup White and
Yellow Dbl, Cream, Short Cup
Daffodils, $2. G; Jonquils, Sie Gs
Pe ae J. J. Bond, Elberton,

Snowball, Spirea, Forsythia,
Weigelas, Arborvitae, Boxwood,
Butterfly, Altheas, Almonds,
Japonicas, Laurels, Hemlock,

Dogwoods, 30c ea; Mixed cols.,
blooming size Azaleas, Sweet
Shrubs, Strawberry, 75 doz;
Perennial Phlox, 35 doz. Mar-
tha Eller, Ellijay, Rta: 2.

Perennial Phlox, Blue Tris,
35c doz; Altheas, Forsythias,
Japonicas, Golden Bell, Arbor-
vitaes, Boxwood, 30c ea; Sweet-
shrubs, Laurel, White Pine,
Hemlock, 25 ea; Hlggaund size
Azaleas, 70c doz. Add postage.
Decy Stanley, Ellijay, Rt. 2.

Magnolia, 15, 25, 35 ea: Tea-
olives, Holly, "Yellow Jasmine,
Live Oaks, Elm, Sweet Merckle,
25c ea: Dbl. Orange Day Lilies,

6, 50c. Exe. for sacks. Mrs.
Grover Lewis, Toomsboro.
Hardy Thrift, 50 C; Mag-

nolia, Holly, Teaolive, Dogwood,
St. John's Wort, Crabapple,
Sweet Bay, Beauty Bush, Spi-
reas, Sweetshrub, Grey Beard,
Willows, Ashley Merckle, 20c-
30c ea. Add postage. Exe. for
et Mrs. Wavy Lewis, Tooms-

Royal Poincianas, 4, $1; 35
ea; Bird of Paradise, Cape Jas-:
mines, 50c ea; Pink and Orchid
Thrift, $1 C; Iris, $1 doz; Fig
Sprouts, 6, $1: Green Century
Plants 25c. Send postage. Mrs.
Annie West Crawfordville.

Mixed col. Tulips extra large,

$1.doz; Blooming size, 15, $1;
Jasmine, Lilac, Bridalwreath,
Weigelas, Cedar, Easter Rose,

Calycanthus, Silver Maple, root-
ed, 25c ea; Camellias. No Fla.
orders. Gladys, Duran, _Cum-
ming, Rt. 1.

Giant Flowering Red Thrift,
rooted, 30 plants, $2; 50, $3.00;
$5 C. PP. No order less than
$2. W. T. Williams, College
Park sPOB 225;

Mixed Iris, $1.20 C; Black
and Purple Prince, White Swan,
50, $1.20; Rose Evergreen Aza-
lea Cuttings, 25, 60c; Virginalis
Red Cedar, 60c GOzZ2 eins 6;
$1. a Mrs, ve M. Hall, Calhoun.

Red Glaa and Amaryllis
Bulbs 50c doz; 8 Garlic Bulbs,
25c. Send postage or coins. Mrs.

W. H. Eell, Carnegie..

-olus, ruffled and plain in col-
|bulbs. Add postage. All orders,
|filled promptly. Stamps or MQ.

Donaldsonville, |
cece ten, Chua,

jage. Mrs.-D.

eee HG Age yllis, es
colors, 50c ea; large blooms Per-

vender, Rose, White,

Memorial Day ao Plants, 3
doz. $1. Del Mrs. W. H. Whit-


Holly sprouts, $1 ea. Add post-


ming, Rt. 1.

Rooted Holly Trees, $1. ea.

trell, Cumming, his Sew Focus
Camellia Japonicas, all Fees.

Ces DO 10m $14.; Indica
Azaleas, blooming. size, 5, $5; 10,
$9.50. Exp. Col. Balled and bur-
rapped. W. J. Pearce, Cairo, Rt.


Milk and Wine Lily, Jonauil,
Daffodil, Glad, Narcissus, Iris,
Cannas, rooted, Dbl. Crape Myr-
tle, Waxleaf - Ligustrum, Oak
Teaw Hydrangeas, Searlet Red
Dahlia and Pink Tubers. Mrs.
B. Brady, Cairo, Box 343.

38 20-yrs. old Boxwood and lots
of shrubbery for sale. Mrs. T.
J. Wilson, Clarkesville, Rt. 1.

Cannas: City Portland, Pink
Hungarian, Madame Canard,
Giant Red, $1 doz; Dwarf Yel-|
low, Variegated Allemania.
President 75ce doz; Eureka, Red
King Humbert, $1 doz: Pink and
Red Crape Myrtle, $3 doz. Mrs.
J. R. Camp, Cordele.

Thornless Yellow. Pink Ram-
ea; Mixed col. Fall Pinks, Blue

Yellow Jris, 50c doz; Altheas,
Lilacs, Tame Locust, 30c ea.
Rooted. Gov. insp. Add postage.

Mrs. W. J. Reece, Cartecay.

Chrysanthemums, Shaggy
Bronze (5 in. diam.) 50c doz;
Small Mums :d - Daisy Type,
35 doz; Glad Bulbs, 25 doz.
Postage 5c on order. Miss Eula
Cox, Canton, Rt. 2.

Pink Christmas Cactus, Ver-
benas, Hibiscus, . Jasmine, Lilac,
15e ea; 7, $1; Weigelas, Rose
cut., Tris, Sweet Williams, 35
doz; Tuberose, Tulips, 80c doz;

age. Mattie Duran, Cumming,
Rt. he

Red Seven Sister Running
Roses. 25c; 4 cols. Cannas, 60c
doz; Milk and Wine Lilies, 20| 2
ea; Dipper Gourds, Mrs. W. E.
Wooten, Camilla.

, Large ~ Dahlias, mixed, $1.50
doz; med. type, mixed, 75c doz;
Large and Blue Siberian Iris,
Purple Lilies. Phlox. Moms,
mixed~ cols. Thrift, Pink Yar-

gea, Hibiscus, 6, 50c. Add post-
age. Mrs. Willis. Grindle, Dah-
lonega, Rt. 1.

35. Boxwood, about 2 ft. high,
and 70 about 4-6 in. Cheap. J.
W. Callahan, Doraville, Rt. 1.

Snowballs, Pink Peachtree
ae Yellow Thornless Roses,
Bridalwreath, Purple Lilac,
Trailing Arbutus, 30e doz. Exe.
for print sacks. Miss N. A. White,
Dahlonega, Rt. 1.

Pink Peachtree Rose, Snow-
balls; Yellow Thorniess Roses,
Bridalwreath, New Years Vine.
$1 doz; White Narcissus Bulbs,
Te ailing Arbutus, Day Lilies, 30c
doz. Mrs. Martha White, Dah-
lonega, Rt. 1, Box 37.

Red Hot Poker, Hibiscus,
lies, Cannas, Flag, Dahlias, 4,
60c; Fall Pinks, March Flowers;
Butter and Eggs, 50c doz; Crape
Myrtle, 75c ea Colts Foot, win-
ter bearing, $1 doz. Dollie Per-
son, Dahlonega, Rt. 1.

Rooted Boxwood, 6-12 in. 25
ea! Butterfly Bushes, $1.50 doz;
Pink, Yellow Variegated Aza-
Jeas, $2 doz; Purple Lilies, 25c;
Yellow Thornless Roses, New
Year Vine 25c ea. $2 doz. Mrs.
Mae Turner, Gainesville. Rt. 6.

Red Holly, Teaolive, Dog-
Honeysuckle, Graybeard, Red
Cedar, 1 ft., 10c; 5 ft., 60c But-
tercup, Jonquil Bulbs, 25c doz.
Exe. for sacks. Add postage. No
orders less $1. Mrs: Mrs. James
Conneil, Dublin, Rt. 1.

Ligustrums (Japanese), a
br8ad leaf evergreen, tall ver
3 yr. plants,.2-3 ft, 10c ea; 3-4
ft. 15. ea.. Add postage. Miss|

Ray ellis 7 Gs ecules a

ennial Verbena, Red, Pink, La

mixed or separate colors, White

Bennett. Cum. |3
Add_ postage. Mrs. TT. nt

3 yr. size. some blooming. $1.75}

blers. Pink Monthly Rose, 15c} a

Boxwood cut., $5 C. Add post. |

row, 50c doz; Oak Leaf Hydran- |:

Williams, $1. dez;
Pansy Plants, 50c


thias, Weeping and 1]

Bulbs. Write

Miss Mary Cc.

price here at

come for and dig ther
vet Hedge Plants. :
Greenville, Rt.

Old Englis W
several -yrs old}
full. compact, fie
in, 50e ea: 4-6
in. 2, a old,

ee: ; Naty
lendulecea, 2- 3 ft.

and. Red Verbe
50c doz. Add po
Crowe, _Gainesvi

Sweet William
speon: Pink TI
.bena, 40e doz;

ay $1 00 Al PP.

Extra nice

ee Re Pi

doz. Exe. f
thrift. Lee
Rt. 2. Box 143.

Fancy, Leaf Cala
15 ea. W. P. Fra

- Dbl. White
doz; 10 doz, $:
Brown, Hartwell.

Bird of
Thrift, 50c doz.;
Hyacinths, $1. 5 doz;
lis, this years bulbs,
Miss Mattie McCu
Rte 2s

Bird of | Dare
low, White Jonqui
ter and Eggs, $

50c doz;

cil McCu rey, Ha

Blooming size
Yellow Butter and
grant White, Yello
$1.75 C; 50c doz; Blue
$1.25 doz:; Bird
ea; D; $2. 60. Mrs. ei
ley, Hartwell, RES

Rooted Pink Thri
Long Trumpet Daf.
C; Yellow Narcissus,
Missionary Straw e
75c C, Mrs. Crome
Hartwell, Rt.

Pink, Blue. White
and Yard Hydrange

lows, Gardenias,

White, Red Suireas,
Eegonias, _ Boxwoods,
blooming Jasmi
Mrs. John My

All day Gi
Morning Glories
open all day),
same vine, roo


Wedeuptal! fied
Seed. Exc. Or nge
Bulbs at rate of
the seed, or pay
is ee pee

ee Oe
oe i ; afr Bre) lay s
fe FOR tie -- FOR SALE d FCR SALE ear SALE

Wisteria. Ad- A Shaubs, Holly. Plants, Purple wisteria beans, 6, for} Old fashion Purple Neroene Be swon: Pines, 3 cols. re
Cs te Red Crape Myrtle, 3, $1. All| 25c postpaid. J. A. Reese|$1.25 doz; Running Priv.t| leas. Mt. Laurel, Crabapple, Red
rooted. Add postage. J. A.| Rome, Rt. 1. Hedge, 25c ea; Long Straw} Maple, Hemlock, 2-3 ft., $1.5@
Thomas, Blackshear, Rt. 1. tastings. (Di xi. brifiant Pine, 3-4 ft. 50c ea; Bridal} doz; Sweet Shrub, Pussy Wil-
-Small Palm, 75e ea; 6, $3; 14, ETE e ECHO Wess s large as 50e Wreath, 25c ea. Rooted. No or-| low, Cherokee Roses, Rhoden-

$6y Banana, $1 S. M. Seabon, pieces), $1.50 doz; rosey pink ders less than $1.00. PP. Mrs.|drons, 20c ea; Trailing Arbutus,

Bulbs. State
aters, Louisville.

e & of Red Multi-

ets, 25-30 to hill
or Dahlia Tubers,
4 Peonie Bulbs.
ollo ay, Cobbtown,

ow Cannas, 50e
md White Daffo-
Dbl. Jonquils, 50c

tage. Mrs.
men, Rt. ae BOK 66.

ota Tu-

s, and ae boners
treated | for preven-
ases. Leading
med. to large
izes, 25, $1; 50, $1.75;
ial price 500 or more.

Blue, Pink,
ie ea; Small
according to size.
er, Atlanta, 1009
_S. E. Ma. 1586.

size Glad Bulbs,
Lemon Lil-|
50ec doz.

se in, oe

, yellow and pink)
ants, $1; Tube
r exc. 100) bloom-
ae size
jt. Dew,

le Buddleia; 3 cut-
Christmas Honey-|
yi tre Pink Glad

g size bright scarlet
bs, 6, $1; Milk and

23% $1. Mrs. Mes
Ibany, Rt. Ye.

ming Cereus, nice
ngs, from old stems,
1.25. Mrs. Carl. Hut-

Jue Hyacinth Bulbs:
ize, 2 doz. $1; Small
1; Royal Robe Vio-
8, $1; $2 orders PP.

ong Trumpet, 60c
emons. Lilies, Deep

Tris, Blue
; Red Crape Myrtle,
BGs Ey

o Alfred Soria, $3
fred Jonquils, $2.50
arcissus, $2 C; Pur-
Royal Blue Easter
ge Day Lilies, $1 doz.
Mosley, Bremen, Rt.

Native Azaleas, Dog-
oralberry, Crabapple,
kee Rose, Laurels, 3

6 im, $4. doz.; Bird-
ol. Violets, Snowdrop,
Sadie Wilson, Blue!

B wood, $3 doz;
_ Pyramidal Arb.,

ea. Flowering : size


vondale Estates.

Boxwood and Globe M


Small Magnolias, $1 ea. Mrs.
B. O. Fussell, Atlanta, 889 Edge-
wood BS:

Red, Validw pantie: $2 doz.;
White Paper Narcissus, $2.50 CG
King Alfred Jonquils, $314 C-
Chrysanthemums, $1.75 doz; Red
Cannas, $1.50 doz; White Moss,
$1 doz.; Boxwoods, 2 $125, Add
postage. Mrs. Florence Leathers,
Buchanan, Rt. 1.

Want White Sweet Rocket and
Pink Hardy Amaryllis. Advise.
Miss Grace Kint, Bainbridge
200 Evans St.

Royal Poincianas, 3, $1 Exc.
for others flowers. Miss Josie
Hamilton, Baxley, Rt. 2.

Dbl. Jonquils, Garlic Plants
|50c doz; Purple Iris, Yellow Can-
na, Orange Day Lilies, $1. doz.;
|for sacks. Martha Womack,
-| Buchanan, Ruta de

Yellow and White Narcissus,
20c doz; Pnk. Running Roses, 25c
ea; Purple Tris, Red Cannas
Jonquils, 25 doz; Add postage.
Mrs. Otis Mashburn, Cumming,

Azaleas, 75 doz; Mums, 50c
doz; Snowball Lilies, -Velvet
Roses, 50c ea; Sweetshrubs,
45e doz; Yellow Japonicas, 50c
ea; Golden Bells, 25c ea.

age. Mrs. Elsie Cantrell, Oak-

Azaleas, 75c doz; Mums, 50c
doz; Japonicas, 50 ea; Golden-
bells, Snowballs, Lilies, Velvet
Roses, 50c ea; Sweet =
75 doz. Add postage. Roote
Mrs. Janie Wadell, Oakhill.

Purple Thrift, good roots,
wie. C;- King Alfred Daffodils,
blooming size bulbs, $1.50 C;
Altheas, dif. cols., 8, $1; Blue
Violets, 60c C. Add postage.


Glad Bulbs: Mixed Picard
1910. Rose, Yellow and Red,
1V4-2%% in. dia., 50c doz; %-
Wale ane 20c~ doz: $1.90 | C;
Bulblets, $1.40 qt. 4qts., $5.
Add postage. Miss Emma Dug-
Ser, Oliver.

Picardy Glad Bulbs, 7 qts.
nice hand cleaned bulblets,
300 bulbs, 4-14 in. dia. 40
bulbs, Beau, in. dia., entire lot,
$20. PP. Miss Ivey Dugger,

| Picardy, salons Margaret. Ful-

ton, pink, King Lear, purple,

Berty Snow, (lavender), Gar-
ys.| denia, white, Blue Beauty,
|large, 18, $1; $5 C; Rainbow

| mixture, 20, $1, $4. 50 G. S. R.
Potts, Porterdale.

Mixed Spring blooming
bulbs: Butter and Eggs, But-
tercups, Jonquils, white and
Hyacinths, Snow drops, $1 C;
Add postage. Mrs. B. T. Echols,

old and some younger, cS) and
$3 doz. Add postage. M. M.
Cochran, Pisgah.

well rooted plants, 15-25c ea;
rooted Boston ferns 10c ea;
all col. Balsam seed, 15c tbls.
Mrs. J. B. Stow, New Holland.

Pink, white orange red, yel-

low and variegated cannas, 25

bulbs $1; Amaryllis, Milk and
Wine and Orange lilies, 6, $1;
red and white spider lilies, $1
doz. w. wisteria, 35c ea. 3, $L.
Mrs. J. E. Harrell,

Giant pansies, delphenium,
snapdragons, nice plants 35
doz. 3 doz. $1; larkspur, 25c
doz. No. 1 all col. large Glad
bulbs, 65 doz. $5: C; pot plants
ferns, ger., cactus, etc. 25 ea.

rs: Greene, Quitman,
Box - 534.

Large monthly pink rose and
cape jasmine cuttings, 25c ea.
Exc. for print sacks. Add car-
rying chgs. Mrs. J. E. Sore,

' Seven pakwbods: abut 4 ft.

high, $30: or $4.50" et Mrs. C.
car | Wright)

M. eeldwite Rome, 3

"| King Alfred Jonquils, $2 C. Exc.

Rooted. No checks. Add . oo

| Miss Hattie Mae Huff, Philo-

yellow Narcissi, pink and blue}

$9 M. Cannot ship separately.

300 English Boxwoods, 2 yrs..

Red, pink, salmon and pur-
-|ple Geranium qittings, 10c ea.

Quitman, )

$1. a ea ;small size, 35c ea. Del.

flowering locust; 50c ea. 3 for
$1; Eng ivy, well rooted, 3 for
25c. Add postage. Mrs. Sarah
Weems, Riverdale, Rt. 1.

Daffodil and Jonquil pee

25e doz, $10 M. Mrs. B.
Osborn, Roy.

Pink flowering Almond
sprouts, 4 for $1; Damsen,

Wild Goose plum and cherry
sprouts, 3 for $1. Postpaid in
Ga. Jennie .Campbell, Rising

Giant Pansies, Rose Thrift,
Gaillardia, Purple Violets, Red
Pink Purple, Verbena, Lark-
spurs, Pink, Yellow, Bronze
cushion Mums, 1c ea; Petunias
Johnnie Jump Up, 25 C. Add
postage. Mrs. Lester Phillips,
Royston, Rt. al.

Mixed cannas, $2 doz; Or-
ange Day Lilies, 2, 25c; Blue,
Purple, White Butterfly Cut-
tings, 2, 25c; Ageratums, 25c
bunch; Pink Peonies, 50c ea.
Add postage. Mrs. H. H. Thom-
ason, Roekmart, Rt. 2.

De col, Mums, Nandina, 10-
12 35c ea;-.3, $1; Rose
Thrift, "$1 C. Mrs. Lee Cee
Royston, Rieets

Mt. Laurels, Honeysuckle,
65c ea; White and Spruce pine,
50c ea; Velvet Rose, 40c ea;
Flags Fall pinks, March Flow-
ers Mums, Red, 50c doz; Mary

- Giant Pansy and Snapdragon
Plants, 25c doz; Pint Thrift,
Pink and purple Verbena, 10
bunch; Scotch Broom, 25c ea;
Annual Phlox, 10c doz. Well

rooted. Miss Fannie ~Eason,
Royston, Rt.
Cannas, White Iris Lilies,

50c doz; Butter and Egg, and
yellow Jonquil Bulbs, Pink
Oxalis, Violets, 40c doz; Sword
Fern, rooted, 50c ea; Wander-
ing Jew, 30c. doz. cuttings.
Mrs. J. TT! Bullington, | Rebecca,

Rt ieBox 61.

Teaolive, Dogwood, Evergreen.
Sweet Bay, Umbrella ina,
Crabapple, Hydrangeas, 10c ft.,
1-3 ft.; Butter and Eggs, Jon-
quils, 25c doz. Exc. for sacks.
Add postage. Mrs. R. C. Wom-
ack, Toomsboro, Rt. 2:

Old Time Red Cypress Vine

Seed, 10c doz; Blue Physoste-
gia, 20s doz; Blue Hydrangea
cuttings, 2, 20c; Jasmine, 15c
bunch; Queen Anns Lace, 2
bunches, .25c; Sweet Shrub!
Bushes, 20c ea. Mrs. .E B. War-
ren Toomsboro Rt. 2.

' Magnolia, Teaolive, Grey
Beard, Crabapple, Red and
White Dogwood, Red Holly,
Crape Myrtle, 1 ft., 10c; ft., 50c
Mrs. Georgia Hunt, Toomsboro,
RFD 3.

Teaolive, Crabapple, Red
Holly, White, Red, Green Dog-
wood, Yellow Jasmine, Umbrella
China, Magnolia, Press Peach-

es} al toro ft, 10e:= 0c. Add
postage. Exc. for sacks; Also
Rain Lilies, 30c. Mrs.. Alma.

Colson, Toomsboro, Rt. 2.
Silver Leaf Maple, Rose Ma-

rie, Umbrella China, Yellow
Jasmine, Sweet Bay, Sugar
Peach, Holly, Teaolive, Ever-
green, W. Dogwood, Woods

Vine, 1-3 ft., 10c ft.; Buttercup,

Jonquils, Butter and Egg
Bulbs, 25c doz. Mrs. David Col-
son, Toomsboro, Rt. 2,

Magnolia, Teaolive, Red,
White Dogwood, Sweet Shrub,
Grey Beard, Crabapple, Um-
brella China, Red Holly, 1 ft.,
10c; 5 ft., 50c. Exc. for sacks.
Add postage. Mrs. Mattie Lue
Colson, _Toomsboro, Rt. 2.

Red Holly, Crape Myrtle,
New Years Lightning Rod,
Red and Pink Roses, 1, 2, 3 ft.,
20, 35 and 50c. Exe. for print
sacks. No stamps. Mrs. J. C.
Combs, Toomsboro, Rt. 2.

Magnolia, Red, White -Dog-
wood, Crabapple, Red Holly,
Teaolive, Umbrella China,
Rain Lilies, Yellow Jasmine,
1 ft., 10. Add postage. Exc.
for print sacks. Mrs. Otha Col-

son, Toomsboro.

- Large blooming size Beteh
ells dbl... flowering Crab Trees;


ofloueiy, Waco.

J. L. Fordham, Toomsboro.

i Sarah Frost Camelia, 8 ft.
tall, 5 ft. diameter, | $35.00.
Blooming. now. Purchaser. to
remove. Mrs. R. M. Harman,

Peruvian Daffodils (Ismene),
bloom in June, large white
blossoms, on Amaryllis like
stems. Limited amt. Large
blooming size bulbs, 3, $1.00;
$3.00 doz. Mrs. Rosa G. Poole,
Valdosta, Box 112..

Snapdragons, rooted Red
Thrift, 75c doz; Sweet William
(Red, White and Pink), Stocks,
Per. Sweet Peas (1 yr.) Carna-
tions, Pink Iris, Summer Pinks,
60c doz; Per. Blue Salvia, 50c
ea. Mrs. K, M. Combs, Sts Wash-

Mixed Per. Phlox, Pink, Blue
Tris, Centaurea, Clove Pinks,
Queen Anns Lace; Sweet Will-
iam, Gaillardia, Stocks Verbe-
na, Purple, Pink, Red Memorial
Day Daisy, 60c doz; rooted Dbl.
Pink Oleander, 50e ea. Mrs. M.
P. Combs, Washington.

Seed: Sunset giant Marigolds,

dbl. Zinnias, Mix. Col: Fall
Blooming Hedge Marigolds, 10c
cupful; Hibiscus, mix. col,

white, dark red, pink, 10c tea-

spoonful. Vivie Smith, White,
RFD 1.
Mix Col. Dahlias, including

Jane Cowl, White Snowball,
Yellow Pom Pom, Jersey Beau-
ty, 12 bulbs, $1. 00. Mrs. W. M.

Coulon, Zebulon.
Sweet Purple Violets, 50c C;
Also well rooted, large Sage

plants, 5, 50c; $1. 00 doz. P.P.
Damp Packed. Mrs. A. Horsley,
Waco, Rt. 2, Box 40.

bo Pansies, 50, $1.25; $2.10 C;
Calendulas, Daisies, Pink Thrift,
60c doz; Rosine Violets, $1.00
doz; Large Easter Lily - Bulbs,
$1. 50 doz; Nandinas, all sizes,
also Abelia and Spirea. Mrs.
Will Wise, Wadley.

Pink Thrift Plants, rooted,
$2.00, C. P.P.- No stamps. Mrs.
Milton T. Phillips, Wrens.

CORRECTION: 200 Garden-
jas, rooted, 6-18 in., $70.00 or
45c. ea; Silver King, 30c doz;
Red Cluster Spirea, 30c ea; Pink
Cannas, $1.00 doz. Exc. for oth-
er bulbs and flowers. Write
first. Mrs. J. H. Pyles, Whig-

10c cupful seed, Mission Giant,
Sunset Giant and Hedge Mari-
gold, % cup, 10c; Pink Hibis-
cus and Blackberry Lily, 10
seed of either, 10c. Postpaid.
ae aus Har cdin, White, Rt.

6 Deep Red and 6 White
Crepe Myrtles, 8-10 in. high,
25 prepaid; Pink Thrift plants,
60c C. Mrs. Julia Marchman,
White Plains.

Butterfly Bush, Golden Bells
Spirea, 3 kinds, Bridal Wreath,
Peachtree Rose, Flowering
Quince, Winter blooming Jas:
mine, 20c ea; 2, 35c. Mrs. J. A.
Wilson, Martin.

White Dogwood, Azaleas, Mt.
Laurels, Red Maple, $1.25 doz;
Pink and Yellow Thornless
Roses, Birdseye, Sweet Shrubs,
25c ea.; all cols. Fall Pinks,
Snowdrops, Orange Day Lilies,
Blue Iris, 50c doz. Mrs. A M.
Roper, Mineral Bluff.

Azaleas, Dogwood, Crabapple,
Maple, Pines, $1.25 doz; Yellow
Thornless, Cherokee and Pink
Roses, 25c ea; Blue-Iris, Orange
Day Lilies, Fall Pinks, 40c doz.
Add postage. Mrs. Ernest
Barnes, Mineral Bluff.

Mt. Laurel, Hemlock, Pines,
Dogwood, 3 cols. Azaleas, Crab-
apple, Red Maple, 2-3 ft., $1.50
doz; Rhododendrons, Cherokee
Roses, Sweet Shrubs, Pussy
Willows, 20c ea; Trailing Ar-
butus, Galax, Heartease, 40c
doz Mrs. W. D. Davis, Mineral

Mt. Laurel, Dogwood, Azal-
eas, Maple, \ Crabapple, 2-3 ft.,
rooted, $1.50 doz: Mrs. Dortha

jSaine, Murrayville, Rt. 1.

| Tulip Poplar, Holly Bush, Cher-

Large dbl. Zinnias, mix. col.,

Clofton Davis, Mineral Bluff.

Mt. Laurel, Rhodendrons,
col. Azaleas, Pink, Yellow Dog-
wood, Coral Berry, Red Bud,

okee Rose, 2-3 ft., $2 doz; Skhas-

eral Bluff.
3 col Axaleas, Pink, Yellow

dodendrons, Coral Berry, Tulip
Poplar, Cherokee Rose, Red.
Bud, 2-3 ft., $2 doz; Pink Phlox,
Shasta Daisies, $2 C. Prepaid.
Roy H. Wilson. Mineral Blutf,
Box 150.

$1. doz;
Snowball, 30c ea. Rooted. Govt,
insp. Add postage. Mrs. J. Ha
Evans, Ellijay, Rt. 2. 5

50c doz;
doz; White Narcissus an@ Daf
fodils, 50c doz; Peachtree Rose,

Yellow Japonicas, 6-10
rooted, 75c ea;

Boxwood, 1, 2, 3. ft.,

- Yellow, Purple Iris,

"15e ea; few Peony Roses, $l.
ea; Yellow Arbor Vine, 35e,
Mrs. Pearl Duvall, Ellijay.

Large Trumpet Daffodils,
Purple King Iris, Orange Day
Lilies, Leopard Lilies, 65 C;
Yellow Texas Roses,
Linda, Big Red Roses, Pink
$1. Add postage. Mrs.
Parks, Ellijay, Rt. 3.

Large Purple Iris with Yel-
low throat, 50c doz. Prompt
Clyde. Waldrip,
Branch, Rt.. 1.

Mt. Laurel,
Dogwood, Redbud, Crabapple,

Red, Yellow Azaleas, White
Pine, Holly, Tulip Pople,
Maple, Pink Cherokee Roses,
2-3 ft, $2.75 doz; Phlox, Snap-

dragon, Fall Pink, Blue Teis,
Daffodils, $2.50 C. Bonnie Ab-
ercrombie, Mineral Bluff.

Rooted cuttings
10, $4.00; Dixie, Sarah Frost,
Rose Emery, Mrs. Abby Wild-_
er, Gloire de Nanter, Brilliant
Jarvis Red, Mine-No-Yuki
Azaleas, 5-10 in. transplanted.
Indicas, 25c ea; $20. C; Fielder
White, Daphne, Salmon, Bril-
liant Pink. Mrs. J. L. Wea

Large Dbl. Red Poppy seen
24c tbl, all cols. Shirley Poppy |
Seed, 50c teaspoon; Calif. Pop-
py and Shirley Mixed, 25c tea-
spoon. Mrs. .A. F. Chee

cas, Gardenias, Baby Spire,
Spreading Juniper, Pink Al-
monds, Pink Altheas, Red Bud,
Boxwood, Butterfly Bush, Red :
Crape Myrtle, Pink Dogwood,
2 yr. plants, rooted, 50c ea; $1.
ordets: PP in Ga. Josephine Ra-
ley; Mitchell.

Dbl. Japonica, 6 yrs.
rooted, 75c ea; Crape Myrtle,
75e ea; Dogwood, Easter Lily,
50c doz; rooted Hedge, T5c ea;
Paper Narcissi, 50c doz. Misg
Etta Barrett, Ellijay, Rt. 2. s

6 yr. old Dbl. Japonicas,

rooted, 75c ea; Glad., $2. doz;
Easter Lilies, 50c doz; Cannas,
$1. doz; Dogwood, 4, $1.00;
Hedge, 75c ea; Crape Myrile,
rooted, 75c ea. Mrs. J. C) Keen-
er, Ellijay, Rt. 3.

Daffodils, Poeticus,
Narcissus, Parma and _ Calif.
Violets, Shasta Daisy, $3. C;
Flame Azalea; Yellow Thorn-
less Rose, Spruce, Dogwood,
Laurel, Japonica, Forsythia,
Althea, $3. doz. Mrs. J. H. Pen-
land, Ellijay.

Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Dog=
woods, Crabapples, Sweetshrub,
3-4 ft. $1.50 doz; Snowballs,


_|Altheas, Lilac, Hibiscus, Bridal-

wreath, 40c ea; Yellow Thorn-
less Rose, Tiger Lilies, 50c ea;
Iris, Purple, Blue, 50c doz. Mrs,

W. . Plumley, Ellijay, Rt. 2.

Galax, Mt. Ferns, 40c doz. Mrs,


ta Daisies, Phlox, Snowdrop, Ce :
C. PP Mrs. Boon Wilson, Min- :

and Dogwood, Mt. Laurel, Rho-


$3. and $5.; Purple Lilacs,

Butter and Eggs, 35


Azaleas, 2, 40c 4 Pink Weigelas,


Camellias, =

Wax Leaf Ligstrums, ues? a



Add postage. Mrs.










drangeas, Weigelas, French Pus-

Eng. Dogwood, Spirea cuttings
0c doz. Damp packed for print].

> per, Rt. 2.

~ . Several hundred Seedling Pri-
vet Plants, 1-3 ft. Make offer.|

ville, Rt. 2, Box 18.

-Josan Geia,

~~ Qt. No chks. nor COD. Mrs. H.


_ gins, Flowery Branch.


age. Mrs. Azzie Farist, Elli-
jay, Rt. 2.
Rhododendrons, Holly with

- Red Berries,
. Jeia, 30c ea;
$1.00; Yellow Kerria Japonica,

Williams, Ellijay, Rt. 2.

50c doz;

Jets, 60c C; Orange Day Lilies,

- Weeping Mary, Lilac, Pink Al-

_ Pines,
thea, 35c ea; White Dogwood,
- Red Maple,

Hilijay, RFD 2.

Sweetshrub, $1.
bell, Bridalwreath, 50c ea; Iris

Snowballs, Yellow Japonicas,
~ White Hydrangea, Justicia,
Oak Geranium, 35c ca; Privet
Hedge, Blue Violets, 60c C;
Mixed col, Iris, Foxgloves, 40c
doz. Exc. for sacks. $1. and
over PP. Mrs. W. D. Ralston,
Ellijay, Rt. 3.
Azaleas, blooming size, 60c
doz; Pink Almonds, 50c doz;

: ae ee t an : oe
aaa FOR SALE ' FOR SALE -. Re Boye a one eae
- - | - ate Elliott's home grown tobacco :
Wax Leaf Ligusirums, Abelia,}. Chrysanthemums, $1. doz;|-seed, 50c ounce, $6 lb. Rush or- 35 pu. White. Srowne 4

Junipers, Arborvitaes, Dbl.
Pink and White Altheas, Hy-

sy Willow, Wisteria, Buddlea,

sacks. Hattie Kimsey, Hiwas-
Bee. Ge oe :
Altheas,' Yellow ~ Jasmine,

Dokwood, 15c; Butterfly, Lilac;
25e; Day Lilies, Vinca, 30c doz.
Others. Exc. for flowers I dont
have. Mrs. Perry Medlin, Jas-

Mrs. J. B. Atkinson, Lawrence-

Red Glad Bulbs, 40c doz; Apr.
rooted, $5 ea. Mrs. J. C. Way,

looming Narcissi Bulbs, 25 doz.
PP, Mrs. L..D. Elliott, Lavonia.

- Kerria Rose, Olid Fashion
Rose, Scotch Broom, Coral Ber-
ry, many other shrubs, 4, $1;
Jarge, 50c ea; 2 yrs., No. 1 graft-
ed. everblooming- Roses, 75 ea.

Glad bulbs, 60c doz. PP. in
-Ga., $30 M. not PP. also white,
pink, peach, purple, yellow, red;
white with purple bulblets, $1

-L. Fields, McDonongh, Rts: 3.

Large Red Blooming size
_ Amaryllis Bulbs, 40c ea; Sin-
gle Red Altheas, 25c ea; Large
Dbl. Yellow Lily, 2, 40c.- Add
postage on all orders. Mrs. J.
Jones, McIntyre, Rt. 1.

Fine Roses, Shrubbery, Pe-
yennials and Annuals for sale.
Write for price list. Pearl Hud-

Azaleas, 75 doz; Pink Crab-
White Dogwoods
Spruce, Seven Sister Rose
Bush, $1. doz;
Pink Mums, 65c doz. Add post-

Dogwood, Budd-
Wild Azaleas, 4,

35c ea; Boxwood, $1.40 ea; PP.
No orders under $1. Mrs. J. B.}
Blue, White Iris, Jonquils,
Privit Hedge and
White Narcissus, ,$1.50 C; Vio-

40c doz. Mrs. Robert Stem-
bridge, Ellijay, Box 307.


rooted, 75c


monds, 60c ea; 2, $1. Exc. for
print sacks in Ga. only. Mrs.
Monroe Barnes, Ellijay, Rt. 3.

Azaleas, blooming size, 65c
doz; Mt. Laurel, Rhodendrons,
25c ea; Boxwood, Al-

Bushes, 20c ea;
Tris, 50c doz; Chrysanthemums,
75c doz. Add postage. No
Mrs. Henry Waddell,

_ Azaleas, 75 doz; Pine, Maple,
White Dogwood, Crabapple, Mt.
Laurel, Holly, Indian Arrow,
doz; Golden-

50 doz; White, light Yellow
65c doz. Add _ postage.
Gertrude Reece, Ellijay,

Altheas; 30c ea; Rhododendrons,
Mt, Laurels, Pine, 25c ea; Box-
wood, Japonicas, 35c ea; White
Dogwood, Red Maple, 20c ea.
f#:dd postage. No stamps. Mrs.
Mabel Aaron, Ellijay, Rt. 2.

Pink Iris, Shasta Daisies, 65
doz; Orange Lilies, Purple Fox-
gloves, $1. C; Snowball, Broad
Leaf Ivy, Green Bo wood, 50c;
Golden Bell, Yellow Jasmine,
Weeping Mary, 3, 50c. Add.

Purple Arrow, :

Crimson Japonicas, $1. ea; Gol-
den Chain, 50c ea; 3, $1.00:
Lemon Lilies, Blue, White Tris,

'75e doz; Rd Dogwood, 5, $1,

Daffodils, Jonquils, 60c doz, No
checks, Mrs.

jay,. Rt. 3.
Azaleas, 75 aes Snide Pine
Maple, Pink Crabapple,. Mt.

Laurel, $1. doz; Golden Bells,
Bridal Wreath, Weeping Mary,
50c ea; Pink, Purple Iris, Mums,
60c: doz. No Fla. orders. Add
postage. Mrs. Maude pas EL
lijay, Rt. 2.

Azaleas, 75c doz; White Dos!
'wood, Red Maple, Spruce and
White Pirie, Pink Crabapple,

Mt. Laurel, Sweet Shrub, $1.
doz; White, Yellow, Bronze,
Rust; Purple Mums, 60c_ doz.

Add postage. Mrs. Mina Farist,
Ellijay, Rt. 2.

Lavender Foxglove, Lemon
Lilies, Dusty Miller, 15c- ea;
Spirea, 65c ea; Pink Almonds,
Forsythia, Snowdrop, Dorothy
Perkin Rose, 35 ea; Dbl. Yel-
low Thornless Roses, 75c ea.
Add postage. Mrs. T.H. - Wade,
Ellijay, | Rito :

Daffodils, Orange pies; Star
of Bethlehem, Tame Violets,
$1. C; Boxwood, Snowball,
Purple, Pink Altheas, Yellow
Forsythia, White English Dog-
wood, Bridalwreath, Weeping
Mary, 25c. Add postage. Mrs.
Mollie Henderson, Ellijay, Rt.
3) BOX2 495

Weigelas, Altheas, Dbl. Ja-
ponicas, Almond, Boxwood, Ar-
borvitae, Red Hibiscus, Spirea,

Shepherd, Ellijay,

Add postage. Lora

Rits- 223



Striped Half Runner Bean
Seed, guar. tender, 40c cup; 70c
lb. Bonnie Sey Gainesville,
Rt. 2.

Old Time Little White Ten-
der Half Runner Garden and
White Tender Cornfield Beans,

| free of weevils, 50c cup. Plus

postage. Mrs. T. H. Wade, Elli-
jay, Rt. 3.

Improved, Striped Half Run-
ner Bean Seed (old - fashioned)
hand cleaned, 75c 1b; Pink Wool
Poppy Seed, 25c spoonful. Tom
DeLange, Athens, Rt. 1.

White Nest Multiplying Oni-
ons, $1 gal.; Frostproof Eng
Peas, 35c cup. Cash or MO. Mrs.
English Roach, Royston, Rt. 1

400-500 bu. Orange and Blue
Ribbon Cane Seed, in 2 and 2%
bu. bags, $2.65 bu. Del. Can see
sample. Frank Young, Blairs-
ville. :

Large Red Indian Peach Seed,
50c doz; Small Clear Seed
Peach Seed, 50c doz; Small Clear
Seed Peach Trees, 30 in. high,
35c ea; Purple Hull Table Peas,

|25c ib; Early Green Okra Seed,

35c teacup; Red Sugar Crowder
Peas, 25c lb. Add postage. Rosie
Crowe, Cumming, Rt. 1.

250 lbs. Cannonball Water-
melon Seed, $1 lb. J. C. Bivins,
Haddock, RFD 2.

Large tender White Half Run-
ner Bean Seed, free of weevils,
40c cup. Add postage. Mrs. Ger-
trude Reece, Ellijay, Rt. 2.

Blue Ridge Mountain Climb-
ing Tomato, runs to 15 ft., 100
lbs. to, vine, 200 seed with 200
seed colosal, largest grown, Rut-
gers Culture Inst., all 25c. W. C.
Smith, Roy.

30 lbs. salad top turnip seed,
$7.50; 20 lbs. long green okra,
$8.; also Kudzu crowns, 3 yrs.
old, $7.50 M. S. D. Harrison,

120 bu. good seed peas, treat-
ed and not mixed, 30 bu. Crow-
ders, 90 bu. Brabs for sale to
highest bidder. C. L. McMikle,

Large and small white Half
Runner garden bean seed, 45c
large cup, del. pp., or exc. for
sacks: 3 cups for 4 Print or 1
cup for 3 white, sacks. Ea. pay
postage. Mrs, . C. Ss

postage. Mrs. Nancy Henderson,
Jlijay, Rt. 3, Box 49.

Talking Rock, Rt.1. ait

o> Gable, Als

Davis, Milledgeville, Rt! 5; Box

30c ea; Pink Crabapple, Dog- of
+\vood, Sweetshrubs, Strawbery,

| Chas. W. and Early Flat Dutch

ders. H. H. Elliott, Jesup, Rt.

3000 lbs. Kobe -Lespedeza|-
Seed, extra good, clean, com-
bine run, 15c lb. FOB. Sample}.
on -request.;: Also 4 bu: Blue)
Ribbon. Cane Seed, $4 bu. Her-

pe C. Brewer, Danielsville, Rt.

Gold Dollar Tobacco Seed,
pure and sound, 1947 crop, $1
cup (standard measure). Mrs.
A. W. Atkinson, Valdosta, Rt. 4.

Chambers' Special Tobacco}
Seed, 4 ozs., $1.60; 12 lb., $3; $5
IpSeeP: Earl Stuckey, Black-
shear. :

500 Ibs.: Higeria Seed, vesleai:
ed, Kobe Lespedeza 2 or 3 tons.
Ww. H. Simpson, McDonongh. :
. Copenhagen Cabbage, White
Bermuda Onion and _ Collard
Plants, $1.50 M. W.-W. Williams,

Gem Everbearing Stranbeucy
Plants, $1 C. prepaid. Mrs.

George Bulgin, Cleveland, Rt. 3.}.

Open grown Chas. W. Cab-
bage Plants, 30c C; 500, $1.; $1.75

M; Everbearing Strawberry, 70c} =

C.; 300, $1.85; $4.75 M. PP. Moses

Millions large tech ea :

extra early J., Chas. W., Copen-
hagen Cabbage, White Bermuda
Onion pencil size, Plants, 500,
$1; $1.50 M; 5M, $7. Prompt del.
Satis. Guar. F. F. Stokes, Fitz-

Certified Missionary Straw-
berry Plants, $1 C.PP. No chks.
om Kittle, Carrollton.

Finest Gem. fiverbearing:
Strawberry Plants, $1.25 C.;

Cabbage, 500, $1.25; Asparagus,
Boysenberry, Garlic; $1 -doz.;
Red Abundance, Blue Apricot
Plum Trees, $1 for 3: Mrs. a
Myers, Hartwell.

E. J. and Chas. W. Cabbage,
Ga..Heading Collard and White
Bermuda Onion, damp moss-|
packed 50c C; 500, $1.50 PP.
Leroy Lightsey, Baxley, Rites:

" . J. and Chas. W. Cabbage, |

Ga. Heading Collard and White}

Bermuda Onion, 50c C; 500,
$1.50 PP. Damp moss packed,
- Lillie a Tene, Baxley, Rt.

hes imp. early everbearing
Strawberry Plants, rooted, also
some flowers for sale at my
home. Mrs. G. E. Brooks, East
Point, 403 Thompson Ave.

Klondike Strawberry Plants,
500, $2.50; $5. M. J. H. Durand,
Flowery Branch.

Nice Strawberry Plants, 45c C.
Del. in Ga. PP. A. D. Luckey,

Thornless Boysenberry, $1
doz; 30, $2; Extra large 2 and
3 yr. Kudzu Crown, Semesan
treated, $1 doz; Lucretia Dew-
berries, $3 C. PP, J. W. Toole,
Macon, 410 Burton Ave.

Chas. and Copenhagen frost-
proof Cabbage Plants, 500, $1.25;
$2 M; White Bermuda Onions,
$2.50 M. Del. Ovie Conner, Pitts,


7 or 8 bu. Crowder peas, new
crop, weevil-treated, 20c lb. in
bu. lots. A. J. Adams, Ashburn,
Rt. 2:

White Purple Hull Brab and
New Era peas. Lewis Easterlin,

8 bu. New Era peas, $7.50 bu.
Ted Cox, Canton, Rt. 3.

Old Time Half Runner Beans,
very tender, 40c large cup. Mrs.
Wicked Herron, Martin, Rt. 1.

Hasting Half Runners, Old
Fashion Deep String, and Crease
Back Beans, treated for weevil,
ea. kind 40c cup. Add postage.
Mrs. R. N. Brown, Cartecay.

White and Striped Half Run-

ner and White Tender Cornfield |.

Beans, 40c cup;.3 cups, $1; 5 lb.

| Buena Vista, Rt. 3.
Blackeyed Calif. Peas, around }

Crowder - Peas, sound, $11- bu.
Sample if desired. W. H. Cook,

8 bu.,..sound and well cleaned,

'Mulkey, Quill.

Hand shelled tender White|:
Half Runner, Beans, 7 Sister!

Thomas, Crandall, ent: to

peach, No- stamps nor checks.
Mrs. . WwW: Owes Cartecay.

Cokers 100 wilt dedistane. ist
bu. W. H. Smith, Sandersville.

Cotton Seed, Ist. yr., $10 C. FOB}:
Be CG Smith, Wrightsville,, Rt.

sistant cotton seed, Ist. yr.,
in 100 1b. even wt. bags, tagged,
showing germ. and purity, $10
per Cwt. FOB. R. E. Aycock,
Monroe. : 3

Pure D. P.\L. No. 14 Cotton
Seed, ginned on 1 variety gin,
$9. CWT. FOB. E. H. Cheek,
Lavonia, RFD 1.

3000 Ibs. D. P. L. Cottonseed,
ist. yr., 44-45 lbs. per bale, 7c
lb. at my barn for lot only.}
ee J. McCarty, Bethlehem,

t-1 :


pers 100 bu. Gorn: ae
bu. Mrs. B. J..Chester, Alpha-
retta. oe : ;

200 bu. Corn at my barn 2 mi.
across river from Suwanne, $2.50.

Seed._I. D. Martin, Sr., Atlanta,
826 St. Charles Ave. N. E.
Phone Ve. HLS! a


Chas. W. and Early J. Cab-
bage, and White and Yellow
Bermuda Onion, ' Mees 5 7c;
$1.15; $1.85 M; 5 M, $7.50.
Write for prices on larger lots.
Prompt shipment. PP. Wee F.
Rowe, Abbeville.

Copenhagen Market Cabbage
Plants, 35 C; $2.25 M. PP.
Plants shipped same day order
received. Mrs. Etta Durham,
Sale City.

Copenhagen, Chas. W, Early
Jersey Cabbage Plants and
fresh, frostproof, White Ber-
muda Onion, 500, $1.00; $1.50
M. Quality, count, satis. guar.
H. J. Puckett, Fitzgerald.

Now booking orders for to-
bacco plants on contract basis
for del. March and early April
1948. J. C. Hinson, Pelham.

- Klondike Strawberry, 300,
$1.50; $2.50; Kudzu. Crowns,
rooted, $12.50 M; 5 M or more,
$10. M. No checks. Ethel
Crowe, Gainesville, Rt. 2.

Klondike strawberry plants,
50c C. Prompt shipment. Add
postage. Mrs. Clyde Waldrip,
Flowery Branch, Rt. 1.

Giant Mastodon everbearing
strawberry plants, $1. C;
gooseberry bushes, $2. doz;
black. haw, $1.50 doz; garlic
bulbs, $1.50 doz. Mrs. Mae
Turner, Gainesville, Rt. 6.

Klondike strawberry plants,
500, e 25; $4. M. No checks.
Mrs. G. L. Durand, Gainesville,
Rt. ge

Thornless Boysenberry plants,
1 yr. old, 90c doz., $6. C. del.
2 yr. size, $1.50 doz. Prompt
del. Tom H. Graves, pe

2 to 3 yr. old Reciaus

crowns, |

'20c Ib., FOB for lot. Miss Ophia 1

Cornfield, Red Valentine Bunch, Rt
40c large cup; nice bright Dried :
Fruit, 40c Ib. Add postage. Fred |

Big and little White Half 3
Runner Beans, White Cutshorts, *
tender and sound, ea. 45c large|_ ~


yr. Cotton seed, germ. good, $3 |.

"1500 bu. Coke 100 Sale re- M

grown and ginned pure, sacked |.

pu.; Also some Hay and Cotton |]

Summerours Half and. Half|s-

Plants Aste y
500. ae

|stamps. Horace

ville, Rt. 7.

Strong Blake
berry Plants, 75
depeoyes 65 C;

mde pee
Mrs. Leilar
te dc :

proof Cabbag'
een Plants, 300, $
M. Prepaid. Odis Con

Siietodots Everbear

|berry Plants, $1

$5. M. PP. in Ga.

laccepted. Mrs. J. .

lam, Blue midge

Mastodon Strawberr

70c C; 500, $3.00;

Klondike, 60c C
$4.25 M. Mrs. A.
Cumming,. Rt. 1.

Sage Plants, - $1
PP, L, J. Ellis,

Kudzu Crowns,
M. C. E. Parrish,

500;< $3:20%; Sos
Strawberry, 60c
$4.50 M; Sugar
Woods Cedar; $2
age. Mrs. Lee
ville, Rt. de ;

$15. -M;.10 M. up,


Dried Apples, a 50: Mrs. - eg

PHer Seta

ae Ground,

Old Fashion Half -
5|Beans, 45 cup. Mrs. J. M. Hall,
|Calhoun,, Rt. le

5) Sage, dry garden, ;
pathered $1. lb; nice plants, 15,.
.| Rt. 3.

i Shade Died ee 25e at: 90
gal. Del. Mrs. Leilar Phillips,

hite Royston, Rt. 1.

|| . Fresh Ground Sage, $1.50. 1b; :
5 Ibs.,. $1.45 1b; 10 Ibs., $1. 40
; Ib. Aldora. Keith, Gay, Rt. ks

: Sage, hand picked, 90c Ib. Mrs.
ROY Blalock, Canton, Rt. 3.


New pecans: Stuarts, 35c lb;
Success, Frotscher and Money
Maker, 30c.. Shipped 25 Ib. lots
up. Money back guar. F. Gar-
|rett, Fort Gaines.

1947 Stewart pecans, full of

| meat, 50c Ib. Over $ Ibs. postage

| paid; also bunch butter-beans

mix. col. and. white> small, per-

~ | fect cond. planting or eating,
| 35c lb. over 3 lbs. postpaid.*Mrs.
H. S. Mullins, Milner.

to 1 big size, reduced price of
38c lb. del. by ins. parcel post
in Ga. Orders filled promptly.
BM M. Moorman, Lovett.

Nice Pecan, large, 35c lb:
Small, 20c lb. No orders less $1.

Add postage. Lucille~ Pittman,

~ Shelled Pecans? $1.10 Ib. PP.
Not less 2 lbs. shipped. D. F.

XC.| Crosland, Midville.

<| 200 Ibs. Seedling Pecans, 18
|b. Add postage. Mrs. Virginia
_| Bryant, Luthersville. sae


:| Good, sound Hickory nuts, 35c
>| gal. also Kudzu Crowns, -500,
eed, | $6. Add postage. Mrs. W. H
. J.| Bell, Charing, Rt. 1.


Pure, new, Ga. best grade
syrup, in No. 5 cans, 75c can.
_-|Money Order. W. L. Dasher,

Lake Park, Rt. 1.

800 gal. -Ga. .cane_ syrup,
evaporator cooked, , 1947 crop,
or |$1.25 gal. Can at farm. Cannot
25|ship. E. L. _Shumans, Hazle-
ell, |hurst, Rt. 3.
-| Sev. hundred gal. improved
,|Ga. cane syrup, $1.15 gal. H. A.
-|Hornbuckle, Omega.
e|. 300 gal. new Honey Drip
|gal. at farm. Cannot ship. Jim
L. Riggins, Molena.

1100 gal. Feed (for chicken,
hog and cow feed) syrup, 40c
gal. Ship in 56 gal. cap. Bbls.
O. E. Norton, Fairburn. ;

-Pure Ga. Sugar Cane Syrup,
|A-1 quality, $7. cc-e; 6 gal. in
No, 10 cans, $7.25 case, 6 gal.
in No. 5 cans. FOB. Cairo. K.
H. Merritt, Cairo, Rt ele Ox

Several hundred _ gals. new
Ga. Cane Syrup, put up in new
No. 10 cans. Write for prices
in big lots. M. F. Jones, Met-
ter; Rt. 1 Box 111;

Black Molasses, 35c gal. J. H.
York, Atlanta, 1619 Piedmont:
Ave. N. E.. Phone. He. 6955.

1800 gals. new crop Pure Ga.
Ji/Cane Syrup, A-1 cond. in
cases, at my place. Cannot ship.
oo Chasen, Whigham, Rt.

Good new Sorghum Syrup,
G,|table variety, $2.50 gal; $2.
i gal. if you pay postage. Mrs.

G. H. Smith, Gainesville, Rt. 1.
_ 40 Cases No. 1 grade syrup, 6-1
gal. cans to Cs. $8 Cs. FOB. Frt.
: prepaid up to 300 miles, L. F.

"| Harrel, Whigham, Rt. 1.

Pure Ga. Sugar Cane syrup,
1 f

cress, {
Horehound, ea a0e doz; : -Ever-
blooming Gaillardia, 35 . doz;


$1. Mrs. a: 2 MeDaris, Canton, i

~ CORRECTION: Dry Garden ;

Iso| Few hundred Ibs., best Ste- |
2g.| Wart pecans, hand culled, graded

ee syrup in cans, $1.50)

-/to name, Stuarts, Schleys and
| Moneymakers,

I 2-3 ft, 3-4 ft.
4-5 ft. 5-6 ft, 6-8 ft. 8-10 ft.
Write for prices. Calvin Har-
man, Stovall.

Schley and Stewart Reuse
Toor aS eco stco tts
$1503) 824) tts el. 00; 4-D itsy
$2 ea. FOB. State Insp; R. ie
Adkins, Cordele, Rt, 3..

Imp. Muscadine or Scupper- |

|nong Grape, 2 yrs. vines, Hunt,

Dulcet, Yuga and Male, 40
ea. FOB. S. B. Black, Decatur,
ane Clairmont.

State insp. fruit 2-4 ft. trees
Pact 2 ea. May Flower,
Mikado, Carmen, Hale, Indian
Cheese Apple, and Red Delici-
ous, and 1 Nectarine, $5. ONeal
Hitt, Jasper, Rt. 3:

Mixed Var. Peach, Japan

|and Old Fashion Plum Trees,

3-4 ft., 6 $3.50. Del Govt. insp.,
moss packed. - TALS Ji Griffis;
Patterson, Rt. 1. :

', State insp. leading var. Ap-
ple Trees, 4-5 ft. 50c ea; 3-4
ft., 40c ea.; Peach, 2-3 ft., 30c

Vines, Concord, Niagara, Lutie,
20c ea; Scuppernong, 50c ea.
W. H. Alexander, Cleveland.

State _insp. leading var.
Stewart Pecan Trees, 1-6 ft.,

more 10 per ct. off. FOB. 7 mi.
E. Sandersville. M. M. New-
some, Sandersville

Tame cherry tree bushes,
6, for $1. Add postage. M. M.
Cochran, Pisgah.

Elberta peach, 25 for $3;
Fig cuttings, Imperial (large)
brown turkey. (medium) . and
black Italian (small) bear 2-3
yrs. 25 for $1; 3 var. grapes,
$1.50 GC. Prepaid W. L. Rogers,
Atlanta, 176 Decatur St.

Original Pecan, Young trees,
from seed, 2 yrs. old or more,
largest var. known, $5 ea. PP.
in So. States. F. W. Maddox,
Stone Mountain.

Scuppernong and eee cadence
Grape, Crabapple, Gooseberry
Everearing Red and _ Black
Raspberry, $1.50 doz; Garlic,
Peppermint, 25c doz; Hazel>
nut and Blueberry, 75c_ doz.
Grace Eaton, Dahlonega, Rt. 1.

Sweet Pomegranate, and
Cherry, $1 ea; 6 Red Plums,

| $1. Mrs. V M OuUSC Shell-


Several hundred Pinedale
Pear Trees, rooted, 2 and 3
yrs., 50c ea. Del. Mrs. B. F.
Latham, Ludowici; ed.

Scuppernong Vines, rooted,
large white variety, 50c ea;
3, $1.25. Isla Hamilton, Alamo,

Prolific Fig Trees, 60c ea;
3, ue 25, $12.50; 50, $22.50;
3-5 ft. Limber Apple, B5 $1;
Blue Goose Plums, 4,

Scuppernongs, 2, $1.50; Ever-

.|bearing Strawberry, $5.50 M.

Del. Mrs. Bessie
Douglasville, Rt. 1.

Leading var. Peach Trees,
$3.75 doz; $35.00 .C; Grape-
vines, $3 doz; $25 C; Black
Walnut, $7.50 doz; $37.50 -C;
Seedling Peach, $1. 50 doz; $15
C. Mrs. E. B. Travis, River-

Muscadine, Black ahd white
Scuppernongs, 6, $1; Hazelnut
Bushes ,$1 doz; Lemon Bushes,
6, $1; Sugar Pear Trees, 3, $1:
Turkey Figs, 3, $1. PP. -Josie
Huggins, Waco, Rt. 2.

Apple Trees Red and Yellow
Delicious, Yates, Winesap,
Hackworth, Red, Yellow June,
Grimes Golden, Tenderine,
Chattahoochee Green, Winter
Banana, Red Silver and Red
Flesh Crab, 2%-4 ft, 1 yr,
35c ea, Del. A. J. Willoughby,
Waco. :

Hazelnut Bushes, $1 doz;
Figs, 4, $1; Black and White
Scuppernongs, Fooke. Jaime
Bushes, 8, $1; Pear Trees, 4,
$1; Figs, 4, $1;Muscadine Vines
i $1. Seabron Huggins, Waco,

eae 2



1200 to 1500 Ibs. Artichokes as

$7 Case 6 gal. Ni cans; $7.25| dug, now ready to. ship, nice,
fi No ve. large size, 12c lb. FOB here.:M.
rr tt, Cairo, B x 308.14 ). W. P. Franklin, a

ea; Pear 3-4 ft., T5. ea.3 Grape |

$1-$3 ea; order of 100 trees or

| 16 Ibs., $10; 24 lbs,

L. Red and S. Red Figs, |

Country butter, 60c. Ib. plus
10c postage. Mrs. Clarence Mc-
Millian, Dacula.

CORN: Lot Hastings

ton: Rt; 2.

Corn, $2 bu. at my home. G.
A. Scott,*Jesup, Rt. aes

BUTTER: Country butter,
fresh, firm,, 60c lb. postpaid;
also. white. half ,runner. bean
seed, 35c large cup, or exc,
for print sacks: 1 cup per
sack. Mrs. W. J. Taylor, Dem-
orest, Rt. 1. Box 98.

CORN: 600 bu. ear corn, $2
bu. FOB farm. J. D. Sowart,

300 bu. Whatley s white corn}

$1.75 bu. at crib, 2 mi. No.
Vidalia on. hard road. Write
before coming and bring load-

ing help. A. F. Saver Vi-

; dalia, Rt. 1.. 2

Good, nice, fresh ground

eracklings, no skins, 40 lb. PP,
or exc. 4 lbs. for 4 well rooted
brown scuppernong _ vines.
Clarence McMillian; Dacula, Rt.


Want 3 bu. pure Summerours
cottonseed. G.-O. Warren, Adel,
Rte 2:

Want 100 Ibs. Stoneville, cot-
tonseed, Ist yr., from breeder
and treated. State price. C.
Wade, Demorest, Rt. 1

_EGGS: Bronze turkey fer-
tile eggs for sale, at standard
prices. Mrs. L. A. Broome, At-

ianta, 417 Calhoun St. N. W.

He. 5293.

FEATHERS: Some feathers:
$12; also
B. R. Cockerel and Pullets,
$1.50 ea. FOB. Mrs. R. L. Clay-
ton, Roy.

Turkey and Capon feathers,
dry, ~picked free of wing and|
tail feathers, 40c lb. del. Z. J.
Lee, Red Oak.

New, nice, white, aay fea-
thers, $1 lb. del. Sample on re-
quest. Mrs. Mary Collins,
Gainesville, Rt. 1.

Goose feathers, $1 lb. Mrs. C.
C. Beasley, Adrian.


Want 8 lbs., new (never ed
duck or goose feathers. Advise,
Mrs. A. M. Brackett, Hemp,


Different kinds of Gourds,
five cents ea. Mrs. John Wea-
ver, Temple, Rt. 2. Martin, Dip-
per and others gourds, for sale.

1;| Mrs. L. M. Wooten, Camilla.

GOURDS: Want doz. old fash-
ioned Martin gourds. O. C.
Bradberry, Covingion, Rt. 1,
Box 135.

Want doz. gourds, size 26-27
inches in Cir. D.C. Strother,
Fort Valley.


Pure Ext. honey: 6-10 lb. pails,
ae 6-5 Ibs. glass jars, $9; 12-

2-1Ibs., glass jars, $10. 60; 200
Tbs. beeswax at 50c lb. for $100.
Pohn A. Crummey, Jesup, P. O.
Box 117.

Six 5 lb. glass jars, Pure Hon-
ey, No. 1, $9, A. N. Hammond,


Want 1 or 2 country cured
Hams or Shoulders. G. H. Gow-
der, Powder Springs, Rt. 2.

Want 5 or 6 tons good, bright,
non-poisonous Peanut hay, del.
my barn. J. F. Wellborn, Rock


Walnut Meats, 1 qt., $1.50; al-
so artichokes, 15c lb; chewing
tobacco, 10 twists, $1. R. C. Sto-
ver, Pisgah.

This years walnut and pecan
Meats, 75c pt. Add _ postage.
Stamps accepted. Tamar Teem,
Talking Rock,

Black walnuts; hulled, $4 bu:

J qellou?
prolific corn, 50c gal, $3 bu. not
* shelled. W. L. Yates, Carroll:

Black walnuts, this yrs crop,
hulled, dry, clean,

botton, Rt. 1; Box 61.


walnut bushes, $1 ea; also, col

exe. for print sacks. Add carry-
ing chgs. Mrs. J. E. Sorreliee

Black walnut Meats, $1.50
quart. Prompt shipment. Mrs

Nice 1947

checks. Mrs. Frank D. SheH,
Vere Rt 2.
200-300 lbs. Sugar Cured

Hams, shoulders and Sides Ba-
con ready by Ist. January, 55
Ib. O. C. Robinson, Navlet Rt
Ls Bowel(s.

Fresh cured and
country Hams, 60c Ib; Sides and
Shoulders, 50c lb. FOB. Av. wt.,

sugar cured Hams, 75c lb. Add
| postage. L. H. Edenfield, Still-

MANURE: 3 large drums of
pure chicken manure for sale;
also trade poultry equipment
for young, ready to-lay friers or
pullets, All at my home. J. H.
Felker, Atlanta, 625 Cooledge
Ave., N. E. HE 341 J.


Yellow yam sweet potatoes,
for seed or eating, $1.50 bu. at
my home at Edgar Kimbells
place. Mrs. Emma Young, Ce
quitt. Rtas:

POTATOES: 125. buy: P: Re
Potatoes for sale at my place.

Ames Burkholder, Marietta.
Rt. 4. :
500 Ibs., clean, shelled, So.

American pop corn, 20c lb. A.
D. Giles, Douglasville, Rt. 2.

postage. Mrs. Jas.
Ball Ground, Rt 1.

eorn, shipped COD, 25c lb. Chas.
Carlton, Canon, Rt. 2.

Dynamite pop corn, sound,

or more Ib. Tots. Mrs. J. L. Shel-
ton, Dial.

Want 5 bu. eating peanuts.

| State best price at once. T. A.

Rylee, Commerce, Rt. 5.

Want some Hot pepper, 1947
crop. State Brice or both ground

and in pod. T. F. Watson, Thom-
aston, Rt. 1, Box 399.

Sev. lbs., Red Hot Pepper,
five cents ounce. Mrs. J. B.

Atkinson, Lawrenceville, Rt. 2,
Box 18.

Quince (cydonias), five cents
pound, del. Ready to ship. Mrs.
W. B. Hurst, Mansfield.

Want dif, herbs and roots.
Write. Horace G. Colbert, Rey-
nolds, Rt. 4, Box 113.

Red Sassafras, Blood, Yellow

land Willow Root, Yellow Dock,

Queen of the Meadow, Shoe-
make, 30c lb; Spruce Pine, Hol-

ly Twigs with Berries, $1. lb;
Hazelnut Plants, 5, $1. Virnie
Stover, Pisgah.


Want Print sacks, Cheap. Ad-
vise price, etc. Buy or exc. Boyd
Jones, Rossville, Rt. 3, Dbl. S

Exe. tender pink and striped
Half Runner garden and corn-
field creaseback beans and En-
glish peas (salet kind): 2 cups
of either for 3 sacks. Dessie Vick,
Ellijay, Rt. 3.

Want 1000 Ibs., dodder-free
Kobe Lespedeza seed, also some
baled Dallas Grass hay. Advise
price, del. Atlanta. S. C. Noland,

FOB. Wm. B. Crawford, Wet

: Evils Rt 2.

Atlanta, 567 Linwood Ave. N

Black walnuts, $1 bu: Black

bunch butter-beans; 75 Iporens

Otis M. Cowart, Summit, Rt:.2,

Black Walnut!
Meats, $1.25 Ib. Add postage. No

smoked |

8-12 lbs. ea. W. H. nee Has
hiras Rt. 2:
15 to 20 lbs. last February

Shelled pop corn, 25c lb. plus ~
C. Lawson,

Shelled, yellow, Dynamite pop

elean, 1947 crop, 20c Ib: Del. 5

uo ms ee . nat Gi ee . en
pitas fi. reas 5 125 eee ie an eS . 7
Bs pendde: aried sage, 300 cup;| ~~ Ries - : : 2
: aoe 2 sy-| Govt.insp. Pecan Trees true| BUTTER: | MEAT: ; alk

large size, el e
$2:50 bu. Prompt shipment, Noses
chks. Mrs. J. N: Marshall, Tale |




ete L:

_baceo, chewing or



5: print sacks, washed, ironed
free of holes, ig0 lb. cap. Mrs.
Wm. T. Smith, Sr. Middleton

Want some Print sacks. Ad-

_ vise. Mrs. M. L. Duncan, Cairo,

343-3rd Ave.,

' Want 1947 temato seed, clean,
good. Send small, true sample
and price. Mrs. P..R. Arnold,


Want several Catawba trees,
6-8 ft. high. J. A. Jackson, At-
Janta, 842 Ozark Ave. S. W.
Want 200 Peach trees, cheap
for cash; maybe other fruit
trees. Advise what you have. D.

N. W.

Burnham, Eastman.
Tobacco, not trated, this

years seed, 50c for al0e snuff
box. No checks. -H. H. Elliott,
Tesup, RFD 2. Q

Tobacco for sale or exc. 2 Ibs.

for. dt Ie. dried apples or
peaches, or 1 feed sack, Print
or white. Sample on request.

M13. J. D. Black, Baxley, Rt. 2.

TOBACCO: Flue cured To-
smoking, 5
tbs Stes 14 Ibs., $2 postpaid.
Exe. for print or white sacks.
No. chks. Mack Harper, ee


MEATS: 1947 crop walnut
Meats, $1.25 lb. Add postage.

Mrs. F. D. Shell, Senoia, Rt. 2.

400 Ibs, black walnuts, in
lots of 10 lIbs., 10e Ib. 25 lbs.,
pee ..D: Shipp, Hiram Rt. 1.

Large black walnuts, hulled
and dried, 15 Ib. Add post-
age. Edwin sane Buchanan,

Black walnuts in hull, $1 bu.

fmy farm. Jas. A. Manry, Jr. |

_ Fortson. RED.

Black walnuts, junshelled, $2.
bu; also 2~full Guinea and 3
Guinea-OIC mixed pigs, $11.
ea. my place. Wont ship. Her-

shel Blalock, Alto. Box 22.

Walnut Meats, $1. Ib. and
postage. No stamps. Mrs. Mary
Ellis, Rolston. atte

Black walnuts, 90c Ib. not

. A. Stone, Dallas, Rt 2.


MEATS: 2 nice, hickory
smoked hams, 60c 1b. Send $2
with order, bal. COD: also/
. Shoulders, 50 lp Ja te Smith,
Manassas. Ro 2

HONEY: Quite a lot of No.
Georgia mountain Honey for
sale... O.. H.. Bradbury, Sr.

POTATOES: 200bu. good P.
R. Sweet Potatoes, four cents
pound at my home. No mail
- orders. an W. Williams,
Oglethorpe. Rt.

e walnut meats,

90c 1b; also selected hand
shelled popcorn, 40c 1b; sun-
dried apples, .40c Ib. Add post-
age small lots. Miss L. M.
ae Dahlonega. Rt. 1. Box



new goose feathers at not over
$1 lb. Advise. Mrs. W: S. Evans.
@geechee. Rt. 1.

FRUIT: Want some peaches,

sun-dried. ~ Advise particulars.
Mrs. W. J. Boyd, Griffin, 120
Wheeler St.

HAY: Want some good pea-

nut hay. Advise. J. M. S.
Greene, Zebulon. Rt. 1.
PEAS: Want 15 sacks of

white black- eyed, purple hull

sed peas, in 100 Ib. sacks.

Must be sound. All offers ans.

D. a Cobb, Savannah, 666 E.

Exe. few doz. nice 1 yr. old
. Apple and Peach trees, grape

vines, lead, var. for good
large pecans: 1 tree for each

pecans: - sack for ea. Ib. Mrs.

J. E._ Winkler, Dawsonville,

Rt. FE. s
PLANTS: Exc. Mastodon or

| Bermuda onion, few Heading

| E. Dunbar, Byron, Rt. 1.

| Kennemore,. Alpharetta. Rt. 1.

and you pay express.

washed, ironed, for peanuts or

Red Gold Strawberry, Black
cherry, Red Plum, Columbia
poplar or white .althea for
White blackberry, Raspberry,
or - Dewberry plants., Write
first. F: M. Neal, Atlanta, Re: 3s

Want fr eshly grown cabbage

collard, and lettuce plants.
Will exc. 3-4 yr. scuppernong
at 50c vine or strawberry
plants $4 M. Advise. Mrs. J.
L. Burk, Ttfton. Rt. 3.-

POTATOES: Want about 3
or 4 bu. old fashioned pump-
kin Yam, also known as Pat-
tischall or Pattishaw Yam,
Potatoes for seed. Advise R.

Sacks: Want some
feed sacks. State
have and price.

what you
Nets) 2 Bisby,

Exe. Speckled Runner gar-
den butterbeans for Print
sacks: 2 cups for 3 sacks. Mrs:
J. L. Buchanan, Pineview,

SEED: Want Bene seed for
1948 planting. Quote price per
lb. FOB shipping point. A. J.
Carter, Hoboken. Rt. 1.

BEES: Want 100 colonies
Italian bees; in 10 frame 2
story hives, State insp. for
Conyers plantation. H. G.

Vaughn, Atlanta, 23 Highland |


CORN: Want 15-20 bu. good
corn within 15-20 mi. Buford,
for cash. Advise. J. J. John-
son, Suwanee.

shelled corn, sound, also good
hay in 5 ton lots. Describe and
price del. to Ellijay. oe R. |
Mooney, Quill.

SEED: Want 2 or 3. tons
Kobe Lespedeza- and 1 ton
Sericea seed, del. my farm,
near Jonesboro. Advise.

Want 10 Ibs. Bermuda, or
other early grass seed for up-|
land pasture. State price, in-"
cluding shipping chgs. Wes-
ley Gowens, Felton. Rt. 1.


150 print sacks, Been: at. my
home 10 mi. W. Cornelia. Mrs.
R. D. Saville, Cornelia, Rt. 1.

400 print sacks, washed,
ironed, good cond. 30c ea. Add
Postage. No ehexs. Mrs. R. E.
Lovelace, Ball Ground, Rt. 2.

Sacks, 100 lb. cap. Print,
35 ea; $3.90 doz; White, 25c
ea. Del. Lee Crew, Gainesville,
Ris 2 Box 143

Print sacks, 100 Ib. cap., 3
for $1 White, 20c ea. Add
postage. Good cond. Mrs. M.
L. Crew, Jr., Gainesville. Rt. 2.

Print feed bags, washed and
ironed, 35 ea. COD. Mrs. H.
R. Roper, Gainesville. Rt. 1.

Print sacks, extra large, no
holes, washed, ironed, -35 ea.
plus postage. Ship COD. Mrs.
Jodie Wilson, Gaimesville. Rt. 8.

100 Ib. cap. print sacks, good
cond. 3, $1. Add postage. Mrs.
Guy. Chambers, Gainesville,

White sacks, good cond. 100
Ib. cap., 12%2 ea. Add postage.
Miss Lena Clark,
Ree 2: ;

Print sacks, washed ironed,
free of holes, large, Ist class,
35 ea. Add postage. Mrs. A.
E. Nix, Gainesville, Rt. 5.

Print sacks, washed, good
cond. 3, $1. PP. Miss Lucile
Wilson, Murrayville, Rt. 1.

Print sacks, 100 Ib. cap.
washed, good cond. 3, $1. Add
postage. Mrs. C. R. Garrett,
Gainesville, Rt. 5.

Print sacks, washed, good
cond., 35 ea. Add postage.
Mrs. Lucius Nix, Murrayville,
Rta L

Print sacks, free of holes,

washed, $4.20 doz. -PP.-5,
Elis, Cumming.

Print Sacks, 100. Ib. cap.,
washed, ironed, good, cond,

Rene Ea. pay postage. T. M.
ebb, Ellijay. .

hanan, Flowery Brapeh, Rt. 3s

Gainesville, Rt. 9, Box 122.

Nice White Sacks, 20c: ea.
Add postage. Mrs. Alton Grin-
dle, Gainesville, RES b:

White Flour Sacks, 50 Ib.
size, most all without letters
and some bleached, 20c ea.
= Mamie Stone, Adairsville,


100 Ib. cap. print sacks,
good cond. 3, $1. Add postage.
No COD. Mrs. Eugene Chamb-
res, Gainesville, Rt. 5.

New 100 Ib. cap. White
Sacks, some lettered, .$15 C.;
Print, $15. for 56. Prepaid. Joe
Ingram, Waverly Hall.

50 White Sacks; $10.50, or
25e ea. Washed, no holes, 100

Ib. size. Ancil N.. Stewart,
Cumming, Rt. 2. y
Print sacks, large size,

washed and ironed, -good cond.
3, $1. Add postage. Ship COD.
No cheeks. Mrs. Grace Wilson,
| Gainesville, Rt. 8

Print Sacks, 100 Ib. cap.
washed and ironed, 35c ea;
3, $l. Mrs. M. B. Scroggs,
Alto, Rt. 1.

Print Sacks, good cond. 30c
ea. Add postage. M. C. Cole-
man, Flowery Bronch, Rt. 3.

Print Sacks, good cond. 30
ea. Add postage. Jewell Buc-

Print sacks, 100 Ib. eap., wash-
ed, free of holes and mildew, 3;
$1 PP. Order filled promptly.
Mrs. Pete Kemp, Murrayville,
Rts T.

50 White, free of holes, 100
lb. cap., and 30 burlap sacks,
15e ea. Wilma Hachtel, At-
Janta, 2603 Buford Hwy.

100 white sacks, unwashed,
free of holes, 100 lb cap., 20
ea. Mrs. J. D. Kersey, Thom-
-aston, Rt. 3.

Print Sacks, washed, 100 Ib.

icap., 3, $1.-Add postage. COD

if preferred. Mrs. T. T- Can-

-trell, Cumming, Rt 1.

Print Sacks, washed and
ironed, 35 ea. No checks or
COD. Miss Katie Mae Hub-
bard, Gainesville, Rt. 5.

Print Sacks, free of holes
and washed, 4, $1. Add post-
age. Mrs. w. Hi Sutton, Cleve-
land, Rt. 4..

Print sacks, oe
of holes, 3, $1; No less than
9. Add postage. No checks;
Also 50 washed but small.
holes, 25 ea. Mrs. Norman
Bennett, Acworth, RFD 1.

' Washed and ironed print
sacks, good cond. 40c ea. PP.

Miss Lula Cook, Canton, Rt. 2.|

Print sacks, good cond., 3, $1.
PP. Mrs. Roy L. Bennett, Cum-
ming, Rt. 1.

Print sacks,
20c ea.

3, $1; Whites,

Add Postage. Mrs.
Mashburn, Cumming,
et 5 :

White sacks, 100 lb. cap.,
free of holes, 20e ea. Add post-
age: Mrs. Charles A. Bruce,
Dawsonville, Rt. 2.

Washed White sacks, good

, cond. 20c ea. Add postage. Mrs. |

H. H. Richardson,
ville Rt. 4.

Print. sacks, 100. lb. cap;
washed, 3, $l. Add -postage.
Mrs. A. K.. Gried, Gainesville,

Print sacks, 35c ea; White,
30c ea. All washed, good cond.
COD if preferred. Add postage,
Mrs. Hoke Martin, Gainesville,

ee :


Abbeville, | Rt

Extra large 100 Ib. white
sacks, washed, good cond., 25c
ea; unwashed, 20c ea. All PP.
Mrs. R. H. Clark, Gainesville,
Rigs %

Print. sacks, good cond. 3,
$1. PP. Mrs. Emmett L. Cox,
Woodstock. .

White Sacks: 100 lb. cap., 25c
ea; 25 or more, 24e ea; 100 at
22c ea; Print, 100 Ib. cap., $4.-
65 doz; $36 C. All shipped par-
cel post. Prepaid. MO preferr-
ed. Major Crow, Gainesville, Rt.

Print sacks, washed, free of
holes and mildew, 3, $1. Mo.

J.| Add postage. Mrs. Charles Sto-

wers, Gainesville, Rt. 1.

Print sacks, 100 Ib. cap., rip-
ped and washed, . 3, $1. Prompt

extra large, PP, 35c ea. Cdie
Lee cae: Dawsonville.

attention. Mrs. L. R. - ysis
Gainesville, Rt. lL,

jreg., dbl. standard, Prince Dom-
E. T. Newton,
'+Choctaw Ranch, Madison.

free |.


cond., 35c ea. PP. Mrs. Pearl
Waters, Dawsonville, Rt. 2.

Large 100 lb. cap print sacks,
washed, free of holes and mil-
dew, 33 $1 PP. Mrs. Gordon
Kemp, Murrayville.

Print and White Sacks;
washed, good cond., eithed kind
35 er $1. Mrs. J. B. Crowe,
Dougherty, Rests

White Sacks, washed, 25 ea.
FOB. Mrs. R. W. Wingo, New-
nan, Rt. 4.

we ot Longe Sie ert ay APY 10 oder
emg ee oS howe 100 ib. sacks, print, 30c' ea.| Nice Print Sacks.
\! Exe. black walnuts, hulled for} Exe. Prints. 100 Ib sacks, | Add postage. Lou Ellor Daniel, | and ironed, 100 Ib, cap., Sood


4 mice, Jersey Heifers 32
freshen Jan., other 2 in Spring,
$100. ea.; or the 4, $360.
my barn just outside City Lim-~
its. J. EB. Caudell, Athens, |a
Phone 2026 R. i Mate

One of 2 Shorthorn Bulls,
18 and 36 mos. old, a Roan and
a White one, both reg. Burt
Bennett, Moultrie, Rt. 3. |

1 Jersey and Guernsey Cow,
freshen last of Feb. with 3rd)
calf, $130. now or $145. when
fresh. J. T. Prophitt, Chipley,
Ri 3:

Polled Hereford Bull Calves,

ino bloodline.

217 mos... Old, thoroughbred
Guernsey Bull, for sale or trade
for baled hay. A. K. Ramsey,
Stone Mountain, Rt 22.5 Phone
Clarkston 3942.

4 Guernsey: and Jersey Holt. :
-jers,-freshen within 30 or 60
days, $100. ea. at. my place

Union City: J. N. Hose, Col-
lege Park, Rie 2, sBox 332.

Guernsey Bull, coming 3 yrs.
old in gpring, reg.,. Dawsons |.
Pride; also Half Guernsey, half
Jersey Milch Cow, just fresh-|
ened, (3rd calf) giving 4 gals.
daily. a Stowers, Dougher-

22 Milch Cows,
Calves, various ages. and com-
plete dairy equipment
producer. Cantact. C. H. Sey,
Reidsville, Box 123.

Young Guernsey Milch Cow
with 2 mos. old Heifer Calf. W.
J. Snelling, Cataula.


Yorkshire Gea meat type)
Northern Reg. stock: Sow 17
mos. old, 13 pigs Ist. litter,
ready for 2nd. breeding, also
6 pigs, both sexes, 12 wks. old,
Geo. W.. Tyler, Atlanta, 1246
So. Moreland Ave. Phone Cr.

OIC Boar, short nose, blocky,
10 mos. old, 250 lbs.; cheap for
quick sale. 5 mi. E. Daniels-
ville. Mrs. Ruth Collins, Comer,
RFD 1. :

2 large brood Sows, farrow
about 3 wks., also 12 shoats, 4
sows, and 60 pigs, OIC and PC
mixed. Cannot ship. M. T: Mor-
row, Newborn.

Broke nose Berkshire Male, | |
2 yrs. old, 350-400 Ibs. $75.
Thoroughbred but not reg,
male, 100 lbs. and 2 Gilts, 75-
100 Ibs., $35.-$40., also Black
mare mule, $250. my barn, 7
mi. E. Ocilla on Spicer farm. }
Henry Broome, Ocilla, Rt. 2.

Nice Hereford Boar, 19 mos.
old, about 350 lbs., $80. at my
barn, $90. crated. Letters ans.
C. E. Wilson, Screven, Rts 2:

Considerable amt. purebred
SPC Pigs of fine blood line,
over 3 mos. old, inoculated and
reg. in buyers name, gilts, $20.,
boars, $25. FOB. R. E. Cotton,
Milledgeville, 207 North Co-
lumbia St. Phone 6586.

SPC Sow, bred for 2 nd. lit-
ter, 3 SPC Boar Pigs, all of
very best bloodlines, reg. in
buyers name, sow, $150.00;

all s


iz Heifer ;

for al

bred, been farroy
ters, $150. 0; xu :

be reg. Buyel
barn. Mrs. Har iy

: a


ieee cro;

and White wae
$12.50 ea. Call |
Orr, Atlanta,

Creek Rd. N.

about 25 Ibs. e:
ship. N. R.

and Jersey
White Fac
Heifer, $75.

Ben Hill, Box
16 cross-bred |

well grown and
rowed Oct. 22 a
ea. at 8-10 wks.
and ship for $5.
Sanders, Eatonto

papers. Clinto!
wks. old, 1 mal

with papers.
Giles Cheek,

Ibs., $50. Hora

Pigs, ~$30.- George Ray, Cuth-
bert, Phone 1412, | floes Wi
Reg. Duroe gilt, ut 400 ec
oe i

es, weil match-
sts CC eae 8-


sell with
At my barn. Os-
arm Springs.

re, sweet tem-

ects, work any-
, also 1 H wa-
ape, both, $175.
in fair

cS Granger, oe

yrs. old, sell

: old, 2 lewis
2 RN:

_ $300. for

Ye ae: old, 900
ond., bridle broke,
een. at my heme.
man, Monticello,

Mare Colt, 2%
50 lbs., partly.
k, Guyton.

d 6 yr. old mules
W. L. Oglesbee,
S Horse. good
work anywhere.
. Smith, Chipley,

are mates, about
12 yrs. old, made
ey worth $1500,
BY RL #B. pe

1ed mun3s, 7 yrs.
lbs. good work
| Fabits, $500. Lo-
Corner. Cecil

I trained, 5 yrs.
Id 3 gaited sor-

pwithin 25. mi,

re, 4 yrs. old,

H S. Harris St.

,|fer cash;


1100 lb. Mule, good cond.,

|$100. W. C. Wilkerson, Adel, Rt.


Red Mare Mule, 900 Ibs.,
1900 lbs., 9 yrs. -cld, Black
|Mare Mule, 800-900 lbs., 8 yrs.

old; both, with gear, $150. ea.

See at my home ear Gold

Mine School. Mrs. J. Lester

{Hays, Canon, Rt. 1.

Horse about 1300 lbs:5.8. yrs;
old, gentle and easy to handle,
sound, work anywhere, del
for $75. D. A.
Law, Chula.


Reg. and ped. Angora Rabbits
at reasonable prices. Exc. for
IN. Z. Whites of like quality. A.

L. Thompson, Washington,
Box 386. Pasa
NZW_ Rabbits, irom _ ped:

; stock, 1 ~pr. 4 mos. old, $3.65;

10 wks. old, $3.50; 6 wks.,
$3.25 pr; 4 mos. Bucks, $1.35
ea; 10 wks., $1.25 ea. Exp. col.
Mrs. Otis Mashburn, Cumming, |
Rie oe

N. Z: Red Rabbits, 4 mos.
old, ped. stock, healthy, nice
speeimens,. $2.75 ea; $5. pr.

Shipped by express. R. Lamar
Brantley, Wrightsville, Rt. 2.

Trio Giant Chins, 6 mos. old,
from ped. stock, $14.00; trio 7
mos. old, $12.00. Satis. guar. B.
H. Holsombackt East Point, 302


30 Rabbits, $30. or trade for
young sow. H. H. Wimpee,
Marlow, Rt. 1.


'.3 Dry Tog Does, sell reason-
able. S. T. Humphries, Decatur,
313 Fifth Ave.

1 Tog Nannie to freshen in
early spring, gave 3 qts. Ist.
kidding, $25. Joel Bobo, Hart-
well Ree ee,

Extra fine Tog Buck, 6 mos.

told, $7. Cannot ship. Mrs. N.

Ww. Harper, Ocilla, Rt. 1.

Young Work Billy Goat, also
|mixed R. I. and Game Laying

: ae for sale. P. W. Wills, Sr.

Conley, Rt. 1.

2 reg. Nubian does (twin sis-
|| ters), hornless, freshened once,

breeding, 2 yrs. old February.

Sacrifice pr: for $125. No.
shipping. F. W. Mauldin,
Sparks, Box 108. i

- Toggenburg milk goat and 2
kids. Rasonable price. S. B.
Ryals, Waycross, 1508 Ben Hill
St. "phone No. 1734. J.




Want Gilt, about 4 mos. old,
subj. to reg: Advise. Hoyt
Moss, Lula. .

Want 3 or more thorough-
bred Big Bone Guinea Pigs, 8-
10 wks. old, prefer males, and
not too far distance, adjoining
county of . Barrow. Marvin
Maddox, Winder, Rt. 4.


Want mare mule, 1000-1100
Ibs., good worker, good cond.,

Ireasonable. E. J. Hart, East
Point, 107 W. Weaneen Ave.
Ca. 7798.

Want fresh milk goat, cheap

or 4 aqts. daily, Tog preferred
leas cons. others. Mrs. S. A.
Wright, Cedar Springs.

Want reg. Tog. ore Nubian

|Does giving minimum of 3 ats.


W. R. ae ee Ath-
Of :

_1 Stags,

milking some, now ready for |


must give not less 3].




._ Pr. Common Bantams, $1.00.
Randall Griffin, Gainesville,
Oak St. i

Red and Black Game Bantam
Rooster, White Bantam Hen,
$1.50 for pr.; Also want Guinea
Pigs, any size. Butler Smith,

Cornish Bantam Hens, Pullets, |

Cocks and Cockerels for sale.

H. L. Farmer, Albany, 801
Hinds St. ;

Pit Game. Cocks: 2 _ Irish

Gray and Gin Gray Crossed,
5 and 6 lbs., $12.00, or $4.50 ea.;
2 pure Game Stags, 2-2% lbs.
not crowing, exec. for guineas.
C. L. McArthur, Ellijay, Rt. 3.

Trio White Laced Red Corn-
ish, 1 male, 2 females, 9 mos.
old, $15.00. MO. J. C. Herron,
Martin, Rt. 1.

Pit Games, 1 cock, 2 hens,
-$10.00. C. H. Baldwin, Atlanta,
Rt. 8, Box 589.

Triple AAA, blood - tested,
heavy type, Dark. Cornish Cock-
erels, ready for service, $3.00
ea. MO. Mrs. R. C. Sanders,

3 direct Carter. Champ Cock-
erels, AAAA grades, $2.00 ea;
pure Sniders Warhorse, $15. 00
trio, 2 pullets and stag; single
stags, $10.00;.Pullets, $5.00 ea.
Frank J. Watkins, Rolston.

_ Trio large type Dark Corn-
ish, $10.00: C. O. Sikes, Sylvest-

Pure S. A. Ginn Spangle
1947 early hatch, $5.00
ea. L. T. Vaughn, Royston.


50 big Eng. W.L., 44.strain,
10 mos. old Pullets, $2.00 head.
Cash. FOB. Coops to he re-
turned at once. Mrs. G. W.

| Jackson, Baxley, Rt. 3.

Rices White Leghorn Pullets,
Feb. 1947 hatch. Some laying,
$2.00 ea. Mrs. Steve Gray, Ocil-


Disease free mixed chickens:
fat hens, some laying, $1.50 ea;
Roosters, this years, $1.00; Pull-
ets, Grown size, $1.25; not grown
but large 3$1.00 ea. Plus trans.
charges. Mrs. H. E. Richard-
son, Bowdon, Rt. 4. :


Yellow Buff Orpingtons, 10
pullets, $15.00; Rooster free
with each ten; Single Roosters,
$2.00 ea. Mrs. Marie Holland,
Dalton, Rt. 2.

ETC: :

- Pigeons, per pair, white show
type Fan Tails, mated, $5.00;
Eng. Trumpeters, $7.00; Racing
Homers and nglish Barbs, $3.-
00 - $3.50 pr. Purebred and
banded. E. H. Morgan, College
Park, 231 E. Cambridge Ave.

Roller Pigeons
stock, $4.00 pr. Common, $1.00.
Billy Turner, Union Point.

About 15 prs. and some odd
birds (pigeons) cheap; Barbs,
Homers, Kings, Fans, Rollers,
Toy Crested, 50c, 75 and $1.00
ae Mas. Helen Street, Atlanta,



60 N.H. Red, Apr. wane
$1.50 ea. W. C. Wilkerson, Adel,

3 fine NH Red Cockerels, $2.-
50 ea; 30 Hens, 16 mos. old,
1 $2.50 ea. All 4-A Grade. will
ship not paid. No checks. Mrs.
G. C. Clifton, Millen.

2 purebred 3A N.H. Red Cock-
erels, pullorum tested, from
high laying strain, Mar. hatch,
$3.50 ea. Crated and shipped
exp. Guar: to please. R. J. El-
lison, Girard.

RI Red Chicks, dark strain,
.blood tested, $5.00 for 25; $18.00
for 100. PP. Mrs. Don Donald-
son, Decatur,
.DE. 2405.

N.H. Red April Pullets, pull-
orum passed. Write for prices;
Also White Sacks, 20c ea. in
lots of 100. FOB. Cash. Chas.
T. McMillan, Gainesville, Rt. 3.


Black Spanish Turkeys, 1
gcbbler and 3 hens, $25.00. FOB.
Clyde H. Barnes, Grayment.

-Extra large White Turkey
Gobbler and 1 Bronze Hen and
7 purebred Plymouth Chickens,
for sale. E. H. Houseworth, At-
lanta, 661 Gresham Ave.

Bronze Turkey Gobbler, Wag-
on Wheel type, wormed, 26 Ibs.,
5 mos. old, 55 lb; also 3 White
Pink Eye Buck Rabbits, $2.00
ea; Exc. 2 for same breed. Come
after. Mrs. E. Blackstock, Doug:
lasville, Rt. 4.

1 pr. large white ducks for
sale or exc. for 2 hens. Mrs.
Hoytt Stone, Smyrna.


May 1947 hatched purebred
R.C.S.L. Wyandotte Cocks, $2.-
00 ea. Docia Harris, Lula.

*10 S.L. Wyandotte Young
Hens and 1 Rooster, $22.00 or
exc. for Jaying, Rose Comb,
also. want good young milch
cow with Ist calf, Guernsey
preferred, reasonable. Mrs. Eth-

from good

el Jones, Lula, Rt. 2.

Towns Must Help Farmers.
Grow Food, Says Expert

Farmers can grow their own
food. But, Charles F. Brannan, as-
sistant secretary of agriculture,
told-a Freedom garden conference
at New Orleans, La., so can town
and city folk, as the Victory garden
campaign proved,

Our task of helping provide
enough foodat the right place
and the right timeis too big to
be done by any small group, he
said. Every American must con-
tribute. For those who can grow a
garden, there is a0 more important
| way.

True, we cannot actually grow
wheat in home gardens, but their
produce will increase the national
food supply. By substituting home-
grown and home preserved foods
for part of our usual purchase of
cereal products, we are in a very
real sense producing more wheat
for export.

Home vegetable gardens must be-
come a permanent source of food,
if America is to realize economy
of abundance, said Mr. Brannan.

They can play an important role
in our efforts to place a floor under
food consumption in this country,
{o maintain and even increase the
wartime gains we have made nu-
(rition-wise. Many Americans are
not eating the kinds of food that
make for good diets. They suffer
from hidden. . hunger, which causes
lack of vigor and mental alertness,

high infant mortality, and: low lite

expectancy. This is true of school
children in Maine, factory workers
in California, college women in the
middle west.

Home gardeners increase the
consumption of fruits and vege-
tables, and teach better food habits,
he said. A survey in 1944 proved
that families owning gardens actu-
ally bought more fruits and vege-
tables than others.

Thus the home garden program
can help us realize an economy o!
abundance. It can help overcome ,
the effects of limited food budgets,
it can help to overcome indifference
and poor food habits. It can provide
a growing and more stable market
for commercially-produced fruits
and vegetables.

Gardening can do much to im-
prove the surroundings in which
we work, live and play. It can im-
prove the setting of our homesen-

jJhance the value of the home it-

self. A gardener who starts grow-
ing a few vegetables will soon
broaden his ectivitics. A few flowers
at first, and then a more ambitious
job of landscaping. When he fin-
ishes his home, he is apt to look at
his community with a more dis-
cerning eye. Pride in ones home
will lend to pride in ones commu-

The immediate anh is to help
inereese our domestic food supply.
In meeting todays problems, the
home gardener also will be con-
tributing to the nation s an

bo PARE piel


| pullets,

726 S. Candler St. |,


Want 10 Cornish Pullets' and
2 Cockerels, reasonable; Also
want 10-50 Guinea Pigs, 8-16
oz. Advise. Mrs. C: A. Te

Want 6 or 8 pure Dark Cornish
Pullets, no culls, AAA, yellow
legs, broad breasted, uniform
in color and size. E. M, Lee,



2 hens and IJ rooster, or 2 hens.
Lawrence Harris, Uvalda.

Want 8 or 10 good layne
any standard breed.
State best cash price. Jas. A.
Wood, Fairburn, Rt. 1. -


Want 5 grown Bob White
quail, 4 hens and 1 rooster,
reasonable. Quote price. Ruth
McBride, Rockmart, Rt. 1.

Want pair Ringneck Pheas-
ants, Pigeons or Bantams. State -
price of each. Bobby McCall,
Lyons, Rt. 4. es

Want several prs. mated pig-
eons. Common breeds preferred.
Reasonable. Mrs. R. S. Gordon,
Richmond Hill, Rt. 1. Box 100-A.


Man with small fami}, wants
perience. Move any time. E. |
Puckett. Atlanta, 539 Windsor
St. S. W.

White couple wants place on
general or poultry farm at once, |
Years of experience at both
Have to be moved. House and
wages or 50-50 b sis. George
Mitchell, Atlanta, 3355 Stewart
Ave (at Cleveland Ave.).

Want work as caretaker on
farm for room, board - and
laundry. Jim Drake, Rome, 305
W. Sth St.

Young married
job as herdsmen
ger. Capable and familar with
ROM, DHIA, and HIR test.
Graduate of Graham Breeding



croping. References and furnish
ether high class heip. Cons.
dairy on shares. E. L. Bese.
Newnan, Box 252.

60 yr.
wents job as caretaker small
place with light work. Can do
garden and patches, also drive
ear. Have no bad habits. S. C.
Elrod, Fortson, Rt. 1.

Want job with good people.
Willing to werk but cant da
heavy job, nor milk. Board,
Jaundry andsmal) salary. D. W.
Sutton, Care D. M. Emmett, At-_
Janta, Rt. 4, Box 18.

Want to get a good place
with good farmer dwing light
work on farm, care or poultry
and stock. Room, board, and
small salary. Prefer piace in
Screven or Effingham Co. A. J.
Hodges, Savannah, 222 Liberty

Want small farm, good house,
5 or 6 R, elec, for standing
rent, within 25 mi. Atlanta. W.
D. Cantrell, Powder Springs,

Want good imp. 2 H farm on
or near paved read within 50
mi. Macon. Want good bidgs.,
and water and pasture. Cotton
rent. Write J. F. Little, For-
SythiecRia 3: ;
Want by elderiy couple small
place as caretaker. B. W. Wills,
Sr., Conley, Rt. 1. On Rt. 54 at
Fulton and Clayton Co. Line.
Man wants job on farm driy-
ing tractor and doing other
farm work, 10 yrs. exp. Handle
any kind farm machinery. 29
yrs. old. Have wife and 4 child-
ren. Letters ans. Jack Martin,
Tallapoosa, Rt. 2
34 yr. old man wants job on
farm as tractor diver, 15 yrs.
exp., married, 5 in family. State
salary paid. Rayford Greene,
Warner Robins, 508 Lynwood

40 yr. old white man, sober
and honest, wants cr: p or hire.
Go anywhere. Roy Wee ey:

ington, RFD 2.

Want White Guineas, pe


farm mana-

School. Exp. also in actor row

old man and wife


work- on farm. Lif time ex-



(Continued from Page One)

~~ to sell three millior. extra bales of fu-
tures, you must sell at a reduced fig-

ure. When the reduced figure is posted

on the Board in New York and New

Orleans, then the buyer of actual. cot-
ton reduces the price to the farmer in
the same proportion.

~ It is likewise true that if you offer
to buy three million bales of futures you
must pay a higher price in order to get
three million bales. The speculator
will not take a chance on selling three

million bales of cotton futures which he

does not have unless he gets a Se

- increased price. :
with an eleven cod.

As aresult,

bale crop, if the speculator buys three

' work. Give

~ million bales of futures, the price will

go up from 35 cents to 50-cents.

So long as (short) selling carried

prices down on the farmers crops, no-

body was worried in Washington. When
buying sent prices up on the farmers
crop, then Mr. Truman and his co-
horts became very much excited about
the game which they themselves were

The same rules were in

force, the

Same men were playing the game at

both ends. The same THE BOARD
Was supervising the operation. It was*
not the evils of speculation that wor-

ee Mr. Truman and THE BOARD,



it was simply the fact that prices went.
up that bothered them.


According to International -
Service. under a head-line dated Wash--
as December 22, 1947, we read:
Among cotton traders listed was
Anderson, Clayton and Co., Hous-
ton, the firm which former Under-
secretary of State
once headed. Classed as hedging,
the firm dealt in 20,000 bales (long)
and 3,020,000 pales ee)
From the above, you see that. An-
derson, Clayton and Company
short three million bales of cotton in
The sale of. three million bales
(short) had the same effect on cotton
prices to the farmer as the importation |

Will Clayton


of three million bales of Brazilian Cot--

ton. Where the farmer
cents, he would have received 45 or 50
cents had it not been for the (short)
sales of these three million bales.

' It cost farmers of the United States
at least $75. per bale on ten million
bales or seven hundred and fifty mil-
lion dollars for Anderson, Clayton &
Company to sell the market (short)
these three million bales.

were not concerned with those traders
who were selling the farmer down the

- News


received 30-

Truman and THE BOARD |

those traders

-(short) sales by rader;

formed at all times of th
by the big operators ee
jaw, mie operators: are eq

Z set-up, i is permitting foreign

American farmers crop
lustration, according to

- wheat on the Chicago Board

0 the pieniou of those 1

_ these futures eS is p
| fort of the National Adminis:
befuddle the minds of the
that the Administration car
sponsibility for its own acts

They -

Mr. Truman and mpany

~ Another great evil, oe

come ine and manipul

port, Nacional Distribuid a,
City, dealt in 4,925,000 b

ot have never howl Pp
ren! of any commodity 01
change. I have tried diligen 1.

_Commissioner of Agricul


26 yr. old man wants job on

farm as tractor driver, not exp.

School graduate,

_ Martin, Decatur,


row crop. Can help in Dairy
as needed. O. H. McLendon,
Hilton, Rt. 1.

Want crop 50-50 basis, 4 in
family to work, can tend 25 or
30 A. Have to be moved and
furnished. Or take job at day
references. Bill
Shirley, Care B. Crowe, Carnes-
Wille> Rt 1:

Want 3 H farm with tractor,

5 large enough to work, one
boy 18 yrs. old. Need $15. wk.
to run on. George Hamage, Ray

Family wants to farm small
place near Atlanta, Standing
rent. Write. Paul Collett, Ac-
worth, Rt. 1.

Unmarried young man, High
can do most
anything on farm, drive car
and tractor. Board, laundry and
good salary. Will not work with
hard drinker. Make best offer.
L. Blackston, Camilla, Rt. 3.

. Single man, 19 yrs. old,
wants job on farm, 4 yrs. exp.,
tractor and truck driver. Room
and board. State wages when
writing. Letters ans. Loyd
850 Columbia

Want good truck garden, 50-
50 basis, with not less 4 R
house, lights and good water.
H. . Hardin, Reeves.

White man, alone, wants job
on farm. for home and small
salary. A. C. Amerson, Atlan-

ta, 369 Grant St. S. E.
Want at once -position on
farm, as overseer or wage

hand. Lifetime exp., live as one
of family, $15. wk. straight
time. Satis. guar. or not pay.
Can drive tractor and handle
Avery Walking Cultivator. Pre-
fer year around jo. M. I. Mor-
gan, Savannah, 1916 Barnard

Want small house, 1

or 2
with caretakers job for
elderly couple with smail in-
come. Can work.6 or 7 A or
keep large garden. Preference,
Fulton or Dekalb Co. John H.

Milligan, Stone Mountain, Rt. 1. |}

farm, -
tures. Can furnish reference. L.

| time.





Family (2 boys,
yrs.) want job dairying, or
_50-50 basis. Good pas-

E. Morrison, Macon, Rt. 2. -

Exp. farmer wishes to rent 1
H farm, 50-50 basis. Carl E.
Smith, Carrollton.

Slightly crippled 53 yr. old
man wants light work on farm,
$5. wk. board and laundry.
Paul Bennett, Temple, Rt. Te
Care C. H. Venable. :

Want good 1 H. farm. Pee
to move and start work at any
Write. Grady Phillips,
Atlanta, 353 Pulliam St.



Want colored couple without
children, to live on place in
separate 3 R. house (modern
conveniences), 10 mi. No. At-
lanta. Light farming. Nominal

_|}salary for both. Woman to help

with the light chores (NOT
house work as ERRONEOUSLY
stated in issue of Dec. 24th.). S.
D. Wall, Atlanta, 47 Forsyth
St. N. W. MA 1132. (The Bul-
letin, in accordance with Postal
Ruling, does not intentionally
at any time carry notices for
HOUSE or other work than

Want good man o farm 50-
50 basis on 75 to 80 A land, 20
A extra good bottom, 5 R.
house, lights, water, J. Deere
B Tractor with all equip. Write
E. Thompson, Cataula. (12 mi.

N. Columbus on Atlanta and|

Columbus Hwy.)

Want family or fainilies to
work on farm, cut hay, etc.,
about 1000 A more or less,
about 65 A in lespedeza. Stand-
ing rent. Writ: for full partic-
ulars. Estate of O. H. Arnold,
Jr., 925 Milledge Ave:, Athens.

16 and 13)

_ | White,

Want at once middleaged
lady for light truck farm, look-

ing after chickens and other

light farm chores. John D, An-
derson, Dalton, Rt. 1. ~

Want: sober, reliable family

for 1 or 2H farm, 50-50 basis,
3 R house, elec. 6 mi. S. Doug-
lasville. School bus, church,
stores handy. F. W. Scofield,
Douglasville, Rt. 2.

Want good farmer to culti-

vate few acres near Scottdale

-\for one-third crop. Must have

a mule. John S. Ward, Atlanta,
2326 Westminister Way,

Want farmer for farm on

shares. Good 5 R house, elec.,

good barn, good water, on rural
and school bus Rt. Fred. L.

Want white woman to do
light work on farm. Room and
board, $25. mth. Salary. H. H.
Wimpee, Marlow, Bite le

Want reliable man, woman
or couple on farm. Small house,
elec. lights, running water,
garden, chicken yard on shares.
All conveniences. Cons. stand-
ing rent. Miss Jane M. Maddox,
Stone Mountain, POB
Phone 3591.

Want unencumbered middle-

aged woman for light work on|

small poultry farm near At-
lanta, $45:.mth. 190m and
board. Call or write. Mrs. -Or-
lando Haygood, College Park,
203 E. Mercer Ave. Ca. 9008.

Want at once white middle-
aged woman for light work on
farm: Modern conveniences,
$25. mth., room and board. Mrs.
H. P. Bruner, Cataula.

Want farmer, white or black,
for 1 H farm, locatec 2 mi. S.
Conyers and Stockbridge Hwy.
4 R house, barn and other out-
bldgs., 3rds. and 4ths. or stand-
ing rent, or
aah Barbers Atlanta, 470 Sin-
clair Ave. N. E.


We will hold only ONE MORE Pecan Auction
Sale, Tuesday, Santen 13th. Georgia Pecan Auction,

Vidalia, Ga.

|Rt. 2.

Want colored man oga (Gate
to keep grounds and tend small}

wk. J. B. Mosley, - Austell.


other satis. basis.

Phone 3896 Ww. ge it

Want reliable white woman
to do light work on farm for
home and mthly. salary. J. H.
Todd, Perry, Rt. ale

Want good man for. 2H crop

or big 1H on halves. Good 4 R}

house, barn, good. land, on mail
and school bus rt., near church
and store. Expect to have elec.
soon. J. A. ney Buford,

acreage. House with elec. and
bathroom furnished. C. Cc, ot
dens, Jr., Adel.

Want woman, ~30- -50 yrs: a

unencumbered, for light work
on farm. Room, board and $10. |

Want exp. tractor driver for |
Intl. A. Model, 1 row Tractor

for 1948. State salary wanted. |,

All letters ans. Single
only. C. A. Franklin, sacheye,
yille- Rt: 1. >

Will furnish land ana equip
and . go
party to operate
vegetable farm
limits of Forsyth.
proper backing
party. Good place i man with
small family to make money.
See C. J. Yates, Forsyth.

Want reliable party for 2 H
farm, 6 R_ house ceiled, barn
outbldgs., well, running water,
pasture, rent for 2 bales cot-|<
ton; also man for 2 H farm, 4
R house, barn, outbldgs., run-
ning water, 1 mi. off hard sur-
faced Cornith | Rd. W. W.
Thompson, Newnan, Rt. 4..

truck and

Pua _ give

* Jant col: couple to work on
farm, milk 2 cows. Man exp.
pasture, grain and stock rais-
ing, able - drive tractor. Suu
house, runaing wate: and elec.
furnished. Paved rd., city kus |i
line, $20. wk. wages yr. round ||
to reliable party Mrs. G. Paul
Jones, Macon, Forsyth Rd.

50-50 with reliable |,
city S

reliable |

Want | small
iately, col. 0)

streams, 4.

Want dry hand milker to}tractor.
milk and care for reg. Guern-| markets.
seys on official test, milking | churches. . Ee
twice daily. State exp. andipt 9. 4
wages expected. John W.

Harms, Savannah, Harms

H. crop or be
mules and ~

paved road, 6 ni A
Edgar Fowler, At er

for. good: so

ing rent,or 3rds_ ae
W. eS. aa ret!

aut Good h
hall, lights, - Bo ni